Audio: Challenging weekend begins in Buffalo

The Canadiens are off to Buffalo this afternoon, ready to begin a back-to-back Friday-Saturday weekend against the Sabres, then home to the Boston Bruins.

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey caught up to one head coach and two players in the Canadiens’ dressing room after today’s practice in Verdun for these comments:

Head coach Guy Carbonneau on changes to his lines, among other things, as he shuffles his deck by switching Michael Ryder for Tom Kostopoulos on his No. 1 line. Clip runs 5:00.

Goalie Cristobal Huet on starting tomorrow in Buffalo, and on back-to-back games. Clip runs 2:24.

Forward Christopher Higgins on his new linemate, Kostopoulos, and on the challenge that awaits in Buffalo. Clip runs 3:12.


  1. Chuck says:

    Chorske, you forgot to mention “elementary school” in your description.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  2. Chuck says:

    Trading for Doan is the kind of thinking that has the leafs where they are.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  3. Chorske says:

    LOL, Naila’s got her first crush. An all-caps-typing Leafs fan troll crush, but hey! 😉

  4. Chorske says:

    Uh, NO. You’d trade our number one goalie and best scorer for the past two years AND a couple of draft picks for DOAN? I dropped him from my fantasy pool team, for petes sakes. 😉

    Here are the ground rules as I see them:
    1. winning teams dont trade their #1 goalie. EVER.
    2. smart teams don’t trade proven scorers in the middle of a slump, when their stock is artificially low.
    3. the habs aren’t in the habit of trading draft picks

    Come on, our goalies and our prospects are our biggest assets and you’ll throw a bunch away for DOAN? At least go for Malkin or Kovalchuk or someone of that calibre.

  5. Chorske says:

    I seriously doubt Huet is on the table. How many times does Carbo need to say Huet is the team’s #1 goalie before you guys believe him? I’d be willing to believe Halak or Danis might be on the table, but I think the Habs would need to slide to .500 before that trigger got pulled.

  6. Chorske says:

    Holy crap, that’s AWESOME. Nice photoshop on that one. Met him in a bar in Quebec City a couple summers ago- he’s a friend of a friend of a friend- and he seemed decent enough. Definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Habs uniform- too bad he’s signed for a couple more years.

  7. Habsfan39 says:

    Go get your head checked

  8. Naila Jinnah says:

    Ha! Higgy peaks, it’s true 😛 But usually, I have to pump the audio to hear everything he says, so good call by Pat! I’d rather have the peaks 😉

  9. Lee Hayes says:

    Sorry chum, no IT guy here.
    perhaps you need to install Quicktime?

    Go Habs Go

  10. Naila Jinnah says:

    Out of curiosity, why was that comment addressed to me?! :S

  11. teamplayer says:

    mmm having a beer and watching the leafs lose, I couldnt have had a better night.

  12. Proudones says:

    I can’t seem to get the audio. Can you offer any suggestions?

  13. calvee123 says:

    I just cringe every time I read “Trade Huet” I sincerly hope they don’t trade him. We will need both goalies come crunch time Feb-March. Mark my words all. I just don’t see how trading Huet can benifit us. The Canadiens need to have a mentor for Price, and they need to have someone who can back up Huet. I just pray they keep both.

    I hope tomorrow the Habs come out flying and moving the puck like they can. They will not fair well playing slow against a fast team like Buffalo if they don’t play a high speed tempo game with lots of dumpins and crash and bang enthusiasm.

  14. Lee Hayes says:

    Gives me Goosebumps!

    Go Habs Go

  15. Lee Hayes says:

    Talk about great motivation though, He doesn’t want to have to listen to every source of media that squacks horse$%!&, blaming him for all their troubles. So he preforms, secretly hoping that his stock will rise high enough for a cup contender to consider working a deal with Fooljr.
    Waddaya think about them apples?

    Go Habs Go

  16. Lee Hayes says:

    I thought maybe the mic was a little close to Higgy’s mouth. LOL. The sound was very rich though.
    It’s neat having met a few of the reporters, being able to put the faces to the voices.

    Go Habs Go

  17. ClaytonM says:

    and the laffs 2nd goal was another sundun special BS rebound. I can’t wait for his little hot streak to dry up, so every laffs fan can go back to whining about him.

  18. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oooh! The first audio since the upgrade!

  19. Lee Hayes says:

    I think Scotty90 is a beer rep.
    I had to go crack one!

    Also the laffs lost! Hurray!

    Go Habs Go

  20. A. Berke says:

    Earlier I had suggested Marek Svatos from the Avs for Ryder + ?

    Svatos is good and will be a very good match for our first (or any other) line and apparently he’s not happy there.

    But now that Theodore is doing well there, they may not need a goalie but someone else? Or a 3-way trade?

    Something is in the air anyways. we shall see soon.

    Ali B.

  21. says:

    Huet will kick the crapo out of the Sabres. We have the best tandem in the NHL! Go Canadiens!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  22. CH1909-2009 says:

    I hear ya but I’d say Atlanta is more likely: a team that probably won’t end up biting us in the ass later in the (post)season… western conference more likely but I just don’t know enough about the West in terms of who needs goaltending and could part with a top-6 forward….. Los Angeles?


  23. Rugger says:

    They will never trade Huet within the Conf. especially to a team that should finish high but is struggling.

  24. CHcoach says:

    I would like to think a trade could be imminent. Moving Huet,Begin/Dandenault and Ryder can certainly bring a very big impact player a la Kovalev. It would also free up space to bring up Sergei Kostisyn and Lapierre. I can see a Mtl Pittsburgh deal happening, M.A Fleury is not doing the job and Huet would certainly move them closer to the top.

    Your comments apprciated.

    CH Coach

  25. A. Berke says:

    Nightmare_49 & Scotty90:

    I think it’s the subliminal message that the beer mug is sending out :-)
    BTW I feel thirsty now as well.

    Congratulations to TK, I hope it works out well for him and his “new” linemates, he definitely deserved this with his hard work. I’m sure he’ll do a lot better and be more contributing overall than Ryder has been this year.

    On the other hand, like some other posters mentioned above, I too, am a bit worried about being out-shot by the opponent teams lately, and frankly we were over-played by the laffs (IMO, we stole that game which makes things even). The team needs to keep the intensity and the discipline at the highest level (hint hint Markov!). No sense looking down upon the sabres, they are a decent team that can surprise us if we are not careful.


    Ali B.

  26. CH1909-2009 says:

    I share your worries on that front: they have seriously fallen into a defensive shell lately, a great shell but a shell nonetheless. I think, though, that it has more to do with the slumping first line than wth a greater change in team tactics or philosophy….


  27. CH1909-2009 says:

    Interestingly I heard Lever saying S. Kostytsin seems like he needs a lot better work ethic. Lapierre was just told to find an apartment in Hamilton according to rumor. I’d say possibly Lahti could be called up: he has size, speed and hands, was just a little overwhelmed at camp by the new situation….


  28. CH1909-2009 says:

    Yup. Nice eh???


  29. Higgins21 says:

    Just checked the Bulldogs’ stats. Surprised and disappointed to see that D’Agostini is -8. Looks like S. Kostitsyn and Lapierre are leading the race to be first call-up.

  30. Higgins21 says:

    Winning teams are built from goal out. We have arguably the best one-two goaltending punch. On D we have Norris candidate (Markov) and a future (Komisarek) along with the veteran presence of Hamrlik. With some additions and subtractions on the front lines, I see no reason why we can’t be legitimate contenders.

  31. showey47 says:

    We have got to have a better solution than t.k. on the first line. I like the guy but it has already been proven that he is much better on the fourth line than anywhere else in the lineup. I know lats doesn’t deserve to play on the top line, but he has proven that he is most effective there and would add the physical dimension the koivu line lacks.

    How about we finally call up lapierre and try him on the wing, he can skate with these guys, be physical and is defensivly responsible. Does anyone else think lapierre could possibly become a bigger,faster version of ryan smyth? Just a thought

  32. Justin says:

    Is that Lecavalier in a Habs uniform (in your picture)?

  33. Scotty90 says:

    The Teacher… absolutely! lets not forget Ferguson. he played on the same line as Beliveau and even with his cement hands he’d net 20+ goals a year(i think they played under 60 games/year back then?). Its all about who you’re playing with. Who knows, Kosto may be a diamond in the rough! what a Cinderella story it could be for him. wish him all the best!

  34. The Teacher says:

    Scotty90 I do agree with your assessment that it will provide protection for Koivu…and possibly spare him the pounding he takes since he always goes into the corners (don’t forget, giving hits is hard on the body too).

  35. CH1909-2009 says:

    I don’t disagree but I’d also like to see Dandy given a chance up there, call me crazy…


  36. CH1909-2009 says:

    We are too well organized in the back for these guys. 4-1 Habs!


  37. Scotty90 says:

    Nightmare_49 …. its making me thirsty too!

  38. Leo Zaharatos says:

    I wouldn’t stress this issue right now. Let them experiment a bit. It’s a good time to do this.

  39. drecha says:

    Sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with you, Huet shutout the Sabres the last time they played. They are doing the right thing putting him back in nets tomorrow.

  40. Keg says:

    Hasn’t Huet shut out Buffalo and almost single-handedly beaten Ottawa in his last two starts? I’d say both goalies are going pretty well right now.

  41. Scotty90 says:

    Buffalo will have a handfull trying to contend with a new producing line… because I am sure that we will see the first line on the scoreboard tomorrow night..and maybe more than once! The Spartan will give it the kick-start that it needs.

  42. godinr says:

    Have to agree with the starting of Huet. Huet is still the number 1 goaltender for the habs as Carey continues in his development. What a great situation we are in, Two quality goaltenders with tough calls on who gets the start on any given night. Looking forward to seeing the PKK line in action. Not sure on the Ryder replacement on the first line but will make for some interesting chatter.

  43. Cable Guy says:

    I’m confident with either Huet or Price starting, were getting grade A goaltending from both of them.

  44. nightmare_49 says:

    Everytime i see Scotty90 posts i get thirsty.

  45. Chuck says:

    Anyone else going to be in Buffalo tomorrow? I’ll be in section 120 if anyone wants to hookup for a between-period brew!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  46. Habsfan39 says:

    Ill be there, see ya there.

    Ill be the guy by the bar.

    (im seriously going but unfortunately im in the 300s)

  47. Proudones says:

    Can anyone tell me why I am unable to get any of the audios?

  48. kevin m says:

    I think it’s a good thing moving Kostopoulos to the top line. It sends a message to the rest of the team that if you work hard no one will be overlooked for much sought after ice time. Kostopoulos has brpought his “A” game to the rink every night since his blind clearing pass eons ago.

    Others who have revved their games up a notch or two are Plekanec & Kostitsyn & have been rewarded as a result.

    Our regulation scoring during the Leafs game came courtesy of our Russian Connection… Markov, Kostitsyn & Kovalev. So much for that Russian player theory, eh!

    The confidence is emerging and the cream is rising to the top. Our future looks bright indeed.

  49. Scotty90 says:

    Shaun, Kostopoulos showed a couple of times in the last 4 or 5 games that he can set up and finish a play. Actually one of those goals was highlite materiel. Now couple him with the likes of Koivu and Higgins… and who knows! A by-product is also some protection for Koivu.

  50. Naila Jinnah says:

    I think Huet’s commentary about the team not being satisfied about the way they played in Toronto is interesting. Unless I missed it in my euphoria at beating the Leafs at home (but not on HNIC – the trend there still needs to change), I don’t recall anyone else mentioning that. It’s good to know that they talk about stuff like that… and can see flaws even when they get the 2 points!

  51. teamplayer says:

    alright so I ve probably voted about 35-40 times today, for koivu, markov and huet, also split up half and half votes for kovalev and plekanec (figured they be the next two on the habs. Its just so easy to vote and vote again, hopefully I win something, that would be awesome. Anybody want me to vote for a diff hab player, or just stick to one of them. dont let me by the only one voting for them, please join in!!

  52. Chuck says:

    I’m doing my part to get Kovalev in. Actually, I’m splitting my write-in votes between Kovalev and Hamrlik, because he also deserves to be in. And Brisebois got a vote, too. :)

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  53. Da Hema says:

    Anyone with a functioning brain stem–which includes some Leaves fans–knows Markov is one of the best defencemen in the NHL. I loved how he smacked around Tucker the other night. The Habs are employing the right strategy against Toronto–hit Tucker hard. It is a pure pleasure to watch the little rat looking around the ice all the time wondering when the next hit is coming.

    If Carey Price keeps playing the way he has been playing, he should be the rookie of the year.
    “All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.”
    –Gordie Howe

    “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.”
    –Yogi Berra

  54. Chuck says:

    I can’t wait to see Kovalev dump the puck into Tucker’s feet again. :)


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  55. Chorske says:

    You again?

    Didn’t we discuss this in another thread?

    We ARE better than Crosby and Malkin. Check the standings much?

    Oooh, while you’re at it, check the other team stats too.

    I mean, the thing is, you’re clearly keeping track of the picks and their progress and you’re doing research online, but it’s all just so you can come on here and spout the same thing over and over again?

    Maybe, instead, we can have a constructive discussion about the merits of having four solid lines that get more or less equal time (to paraphrase Carbo from today’s audio), versus having two guys who score and that’s it.

  56. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Another quiet & peaceful night in Windsor as the Leafs fall to the Bruins. It doesn’t get much better than this. GO HABS/LEAFS SUCK.

  57. Chuck says:

    We’re going to have a tough couple of games this weekend. the BuffaSlugs looked pretty darn good against the Sens, and we’ll be getting a Bruin team on a high from taking apart the laffs. Back-to-back games suck. We had better not take either of them lightly.

    And never mind Alfreddson, Gerber is the true monster on the Sens. He’s something rediculous like 21-1-3 in his last 25 games going back to last year, and his save percentage is sitting at .945. He’s the REAL reason that they’re off to such a good start. Someone might have to pull a Tonya Harding on his knee to cool that team off.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  58. says:

    We have the best tandem in the NHL, no need to shake things up until crunch time, and that’s Feb/March!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  59. JasonM says:

    Non-stoppulos has been growing on me but I’m skeptical on him being on the Habs #1 line. Lats has ALWAYS played great with Koivu and I think he’d be a good fit. He’s been playing better as of late and has excelled in physical games. He’s what 35th in the league now in hits? That’s pretty impressive.

    I also thought that Dandy can do a few shifts with them, he’s been asbolutely deserving and his speed is great.


  60. linp says:

    I strongly oppose breaking up the teaming of Dandenault with Smolinski and Kostopoulos with Begin. With all the discussion on Ryder’s problem, we should not forget our PK, which has been improving steadily. Keeping the above pairing in the same line should help the chemistry of the PK. You only move player when a line is not functional. Don’t dream for a miracle from mixing players while destroying the team chemistry.

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