Audio: Canadiens on a sort-of off day

The Canadiens were in the gym today, having enjoyed a day off on Sunday with Tuesday through Thursday to prepare for back-to-back games Friday and Saturday in Columbus and Toronto. Some audio from the Bell Centre:

Georges Laraque on the team, fighting and politics;
Christopher Higgins, an American, on not voting in Tuesday’s presidential election;
• Higgins countryman Mike Komisarek on the same election topic;
Carey Price on the wild night on Long Island, finally a 5-4 Canadiens win, and more.


  1. Robert L says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and good wishes.

    I’m in communication with Mirtle right now, haggling over trying to keep the site name. 🙂

    Eyes On Stanley’s Prize….nah!

  2. CHsam says:

    Congratulations on your new challenge!

  3. 24 Cups says:

    Bryan – two quick points. Parrish comes back for $500000 grand yet we give Brisebois $750000 with a possible bonus of another $750000 for games played. That cost factor could hurt us in the new year.

    Secondly, let’s forget that we are all Hab fans for a moment. If I had to choose another jersey besides our historic uniform, then it definitely would be the Black Hawks. I have loved it ever since I started following the game.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  4. 24 Cups says:

    Blitzen – I hear what you are saying – democracy is far from perfect, but then so are the alternatives. Truth be told, democracy will always be a work in progress.

    What I find interesting about today’s election (on a very slow day in Habland) is that Obama might win it based on his organizational structure and fund raising abilities, rather than party platforms or policies. Obama’s Democrats have out financed and out organized the Republicans by a wide margin. If they can get the vote out today, it will be a testament to their well-run campaign on the ground. It appears that Obama has outfoxed McCain at every turn. He may be preaching about change, but he’s also very good at rolling up his sleeves. Just ask Hillary.

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  5. Blitzen says:

    I always vote but I have to say that after having worked in a Minister’s office at the Federal level, you lose every little bit of doubt as to why politicians are there. And it ain’t to serve.
    Mad Pax…Beyond Powerdome

  6. nightmare_49 says:

    Stop crying in your corn flakes, Joe the plumber.

  7. Blitzen says:

    I know exactly what democracy is all about but the politicians have already figured out that the vast majority of people will not get involved, thereby giving them free reign. And even when they do get involved, politicians often will just create systems to make them go away or simply ignore what they say. Look up the Bureau des Audiences Publiques en Environnement for a great example of the former. For the latter, you may or may not have heard that US politicians were getting thousands of calls from Americans during the time leading up to voting on the bailout package. Insiders have said that over 90% of those calls were from people telling the politicians to not bailout the banks. And well the rest is history.

    You may tell me if you want that politicians had to bail out the banks but there are many experts who’ll tell you that it may not have made that much of a difference. And did they really have to add all that pork to the bailout package? Have you heard that one of the organizations that was bailed out then made a large donation to the McCain campaign?

    Some people I know in the States told me that all the calls would force politicians to change their minds and I told them that the only hope people had of that happening was for a few million people to show up on the White House lawn on a few occasions (a little like what happened to cancel out the Suroit deal in Quebec). And then again, I’m not even sure it would have had an impact. Politicians know that media, and the people who use them, get tired of an issue after a while. They are masters at waiting out the public to push through an unpopular decision.
    Mad Pax…Beyond Powerdome

  8. HabFab says:

    Congrats Robert ,always felt your writing was good enough to bring you commercial success.

  9. johnnyhab says:

    Congrats! Robert

    Hard work does payoff

  10. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Excellent interview with Big Georges. He’s well-spoken, articulate, and enjoyable to listen to. While I’ve been leery of his play contributions, he’s a quality character on the team who can give a morale boost on & off the ice.

    Good stuff – thanks HIO team!

  11. HabFab says:

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill ” Our form of government (democracy) is the most ineffective ever created by man and if you don’t believe me then just compare it to the others.”

  12. Jim M says:


    You miss the point of what democracy is all about. It’s not just about voting when it’s time. It’s about being informed and getting involved. If people don’t, then they will get the government they deserve.

    As for Obama out-spending McCain, Obama raised more money at the grass-roots level, partially due to his platform, but mostly because a lot of Americans are fed up with the Republican party right now. It is not a gauge of how he will spend if he wins because the U.S. has no more money to spend right now due to Bush/Cheney emptying the vault.

    As for the tax reform, you mentioned earlier that Obama had changed the figures based solely on Biden’s mis-speak. However, Obama has not wavered from the policy of returning to Clinton’s idea of giving the middle-class a better deal. And maybe you didn’t notice, but McCain has changed his ideas and platform on a daily basis.

  13. twocents says:

    Robert, Congratulations! This opportunity could not have happened to a more deserving and hard working person. It is wonderful to see good work be rewarded in this manner. You have developed a unique voice and perspective on the Canadiens and have maintained a very high standard of content. I am really happy for you and look forward to what comes next. Way to go Robert!

  14. nightmare_49 says:

    The Empty Netters : Yotes re-call Garth Murray, Stars sign Mark Parrish and the Black Hawks Third Jerseys .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ……………………………… Islanders blow 3 Goal Lead but Win in OT .. by Mark Herrmann …..,0,2537671.story

  15. thirdstone says:

    Laraque’s respect for his NHL experience as well the experience of other NHLers is great. Love to hear him speak.

  16. Blitzen says:

    Why do people choose not to vote? How about being fed up with politicians who promise one thing and do the opposite? Rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

    McCain is senile and has a stunned running mate and Obama is about change, which may explain why he was at first promising tax cuts for people making less than $250K, then switched to people making less than $200K, then Biden said for people less than $150K, and then apparently someone else said it was actually for people making less than $130K. Once elected, he’ll prolly say it’s for people making less than $50K or just cancel the cuts completely.

    Golly Gee I wonder why people are cynical about their choices.
    Mad Pax…Beyond Powerdome

  17. Blitzen says:

    And you’ve just encapsulated what is wrong with politics. He’s winning based on campaigning not platforms. So a good portion of what people are voting for is image. He is already outspending McCain during the campaign. Imagine how willing he’ll be to spend to keep power.

    Look at Charest. What has he or his government done in the recent past? Yet the less he does the more his popularity goes up. Nice message to send to politicians.

    I’m guessing voter turnout will be very good today for the US since it’s been shown that many people only bother to vote when they figure there’s a reason for it. We had lousy voter turnout federally and will likely see the same provincially. Politicians will make a good show of talking about reforming the system to get more voters to turn up and you’ll not hear about that again until the next time there’s low turnout.

    Democracy is great but it could be made better through some electoral reforms. Not all proportional representation systems are great (some countries could attest to that), but I once heard a debate about the topic where some of these systems were discussed and there are systems that wouldn’t result in having 20 parties sitting and where you would get a better representation of the voters. But like the issue of getting more people to vote, politicians will talk about it but as soon as elections are over, it’ll swept under the rug. Yet I’m willing to bet that voter turnout would be much greater if you had such a system in place.
    Mad Pax…Beyond Powerdome

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Steve – The old boys club. I hate that signing and the bonus and if we had done our job right at the trade deadline we would have been in far better shape on the blueline, i’ll stop there before i wake up Jim M again. Teppo at 1.1 million is the steal of the summer. The Hawks jersey is my favourite.

  19. Robert L says:

    Turn And Face The Strange CH, CH, Changes (A Canadiens Blogsite Metamorphasis)

    Dear readers and supporters of my site,

    It is with much excitement, anxious nervousness, and a regret or two, that I am announcing that Eyes On The Prize, as it has been known in this space for over two years, will be going dormant in about three weeks time.

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