Audio: Canadiens arrive in Philadelphia

Canadiens forward Michael Cammalleri goes for a late afternoon stroll, Philadelphia’s City Hall in the background.
Pierre Obendrauf, Gazette

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Tomas Plekanec | Hal Gill | Michael Cammalleri

The Canadiens are in Philadelphia, having chartered here this afternoon.

Goalie Jaroslav Halak went for a stroll outside their downtown hotel and came back with a bag containing maybe a half-dozen bottles of sport drink; important to stay hydrated on the eve of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final vs. the Flyers.

Michael Cammelleri also went for a short walk, then was one of three players who appeared before a handful of mostly Philadelphia media at a short opportunity organized by the NHL.

Head coach Jacques Martin, Cammalleri, defenceman Hal Gill and centre Tomas Plekanec all had a brief turn answering questions late afternoon. The audio offered here is excellent in a less formal setting than usually happens in Montreal.


  1. HabFanSince72 says:

    Laraque is still on the roster.

  2. HabFanSince72 says:

    Since when do we have four lines?

  3. roblack says:



    A lot of the Flyers look hurt,,in that 7th game. Betts has a seperated shoulder,lots of them banged up worse than we are. They have a good PP so we have to stay out of the box.

  4. Tis Himself says:

    Any truth to the story that Jack “Toolus Maximus” Edwards — the Bruins’ announcer on NESN — was taken to Mass General last night after the game?  Someone told me they saw footage of him strapped to a gurney with his body immobilized.  He kept twitching and mumbling “the horror, the horror!”

  5. Fenrir767 says:

    Also don’t forget one thing, analysts, former players, people that may have watched more sports in your life don’t know anything. In reality none of us knows anything. The only thing I do know is I have seen the best TEAM version of hockey from the HABS in years and when your a TEAM and you believe great things happen. So GO HABS GO!

  6. MontrealAtheist says:

    Some of the dialogue in the movie sounds familiar: “he’s been playing great … we should trade him” … That might as well have been Gainey talking about Halak … lol

  7. MontrealAtheist says:

    As fans we are supposed to support our club regardless of what the so-called “hockey experts” and analyzers have to say, eh? I don’t think the players let themselves get distracted by what those guys have to say, so why should we?

  8. terrygain says:

    Thanks Ian. But how ironic that it would be you to tell us. Did you notice that when Coach  Irvin told  the Rocket that he was sitting this one out the Rocket stomped out of the room? Irvin turned to the players in the room and said: this is what I want.   

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