Audio: Cammy on IR, White called up

POST-PRACTICE AUDIO: Michael Cammalleri 1 and 2 | Scott Gomez | Benoit Pouliot | Andreas Engqvist | David Desharnais

The Canadiens have placed Michael Cammalleri on their injured reserve list and called up Ryan White from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Although Max Pacioretty and Jeff Halpern are skating in Brossard this morning, they are day-to-day. But Benoit Pouliot is back at practice.

The lines: Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Eller; Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta; Pouliot-Desharnais-Darche; Pyatt-Engqvist-Moen.

The team announcement:

Ryan White will join the Canadiens in Ottawa, for tomorrow’s game against the Senators at Scotiabank Place.

6-foot, 198-pound centreman, aged 22, played 16 games with the Canadiens
last season, including his first game in the NHL on November 5 at
Boston. He recorded two assists and five shots on goal, while averaging
11:09 minutes of ice time per game.

White totals 10 points (2 goals, 8
assists) in 28 games this season with the Bulldogs. One of his goals
has been tallied on the power play. He has collected 55 shots on goal
and served 64 penalty minutes. White missed 14 games earlier this season
due to a lower-body injury incurred on November 19 at Rochester.

A native of Brandon, Man., White was the Canadiens’ fourth pick (third round, 66th overall) in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.


  1. TomNickle says:

    If Pouliot and Kostitsyn played to their capabilities we would be a top 3 team in the NHL, just my opinion.  But a lot of teams can say that about underachieving players realizing their abilities.

  2. shiram says:

    I guess the Leafs can still see us as rivals, but as long as they are bottom dwelling, and the Habs are not, well that rivalry doesnt bring much to the table.

  3. habs001 says:

    in any key situation gion,gomez over ak46,pouliot…it is a no contest…these two are way over rated by many posters..ak46 and pouliot… what we have seen from them is pretty well what we will get while they are in montreal..some very good games and streches but also long disappearing acts and rarely coming thru in the clutch or in a pressure game…yet if somehow they were able to utilize their talents on a regular bases we would be much closer to an elite team

  4. joeybarrie says:

    You think AK and Pouliot have played better seasons than Gomez and Gionta? Are you aware Gionta is our leading scorer?

    While I have high hopes for Pouliot, AK has been his normal .6 pts per game self that he has been for 4 years now. Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri were the reason this team went to the 3rd round in the playoffs for forwards.

    Also what labelling have the Habs management done?

    You need to stop looking at salary when you judge how a player is doing this season.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  5. TomNickle says:

    In the pre-season he was more physical and effective physically than he had been at any point since being drafted.  There really isn’t a place for him on the roster right now though, the bad thing is, unless there’s a significant injury(Gomez,Gionta,Eller) he won’t get a call up.  And those guys are under contract or have their rights held(Eller’s case) for quite some time, at least four years.

    People often say we have very little in the cupboard but if I’m a pro scout I’m recommending him to my general manager as a guy who could be a good third line centre project with the potential to develop into a really nice second line centre.  He really reminds me a lot of Plekanec, he lacks the intensity that Pleks plays with and doesn’t have the quality of shot that he does but there are striking similarities in their games overall, and the intensity issue comes with being accustomed to the speed of the game at the NHL level.  With some better production in the AHL and getting rid of the snake bite with the big club at one point he could fetch a nice return somewhere down the road.

  6. krob1000 says:

    Whie is a character guy…guys will feel comfortable on the ice with himout there…if he were on the ice the other day when Cammi got hi I promise yu he goes after Weber, if he were on the ice when Wiz got hi, he’s have went after him, etc…..that goes a long way in the room…..and on the ice.  White is not a fighter…he is a stand up teammate…a guy like Moen but younger and hungrier.  White is not a huge upgrade…nobody said he was…but he is definitely an upgrade phsyically and right now we need that too….the fact White also has some opffensive potential as well and won;t hesitate to go to the net, the fact he probablys hould have made the team out of camp, and the fact that hard work is contagious could make a bigger impact than one may think…..still not like a top six scoer …but an impact I gladly welcome the opportunity to see….I liekd what I saw before and hoep his injury issuse this year haven’t set him back too much.

  7. Bill H says:

    I think we are doing surprisingly well these days, although the upcoming month will no doubt be a challenge.  We have taken 14 points in the last 10 games, following that mid to late December funk.  The team remains within striking distance of Boston in #2 spot and we can quickly leap-frog over NYR again.  We are 8 points over the pace we set last year when we just squeeked into the playoffs, and we are only 4 points off the pace we set the year before when we finished first in the East.  All this while we are down 2 of our top 4 dmen.

    If the team shows up with any fire at all in Ottawa, we should be able to pull off a win, although we never seem to do well in back-to-back away and home games.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Saku and Lapierre score 2 goals apiece, 2 points out of 4 would be okay, 3 points would be a dream come true.

    We will need AK46 and Pouliot to step up their game if we are to get through the next month with our dignity in tact.  That is clear.  But more than that, we will need some great team work because let’s face it, we won’t be averaging 4 goals a game for the next while.

    At least with these injuries we have the opportunity to test our organizational depth.  The youngsters are getting more ice time and will mature more quickly.

    We have a long way to go of course, but I think we are starting to look pretty good for the playoffs.  If a few key players can get their game going we could go deep.  But I am not looking forward to facing the Flyers.  They are awesome this year.  So we need to catch Boston for that #2 or #3 seeding.


  8. Hobie Hansen says:

    As long is this guy is capable of playing 10mins a game on the 4th line I’m happy. Is he a heavyweight fighter, no! At least he’ll defend himself and drop the gloves on occasion. Maybe if he were in the lineup when Cammelleri was pushed into the boards he would have at least done a little something, unlike anyone else on the team…

  9. habs001 says:

    it is frustrating that we struggle vs the leafs…some posters say the players dont care about the leafs but i find that hard to believe just based on the buzz when the two teams play each other…the players must realize that these games are important for the fans…i would venture the most comments on a team on this site is about the leafs ..even on other boards hab fans write a lot more about the leafs than boston etc…

  10. joeybarrie says:

    I always like D’Ags, but like SK his production here wasn’t great. He is doing well on a team where he makes the top 2 lines. He wouldnt here in Montreal. There is only so long you can keep a player before letting him go if they do not develop into a top 2 line player on your team, but will on another. Palushaj is younger and is going to go thru what D’Ags went thru 3 years ago. Hopefully he will develop into a player for us, but maybe not. Try to rememebr St. Louis has similar offensive production as us, but they are not as good a defensive team.

    Easy to say we made mistakes with SK, D’Ags, and the like, but what would our top lines look like if we kept them???? Should SK take AK’s spot? Gionta’s??? Cammi??? or who?  D’Ags, and Gomez, with Pouliot and SK, with AK and Pleks?

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  11. avatar_58 says:

    In the sense that he agitates and has a scoring touch. Much like Lappy he *could* be amazing one moment, invisible the next. Unlike Lapierre though he backs up his shite disturbing with a fight or two.

  12. Mattyleg says:


    I larfed. Nice.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  13. Mattyleg says:

    Way to take things seriously, Brady.

    You probably can’t even understand what’s a joke. Probably.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  14. TomNickle says:

    I can’t speak for Pat Hickey but Gomez and Gionta are consistent in their play defensively which allows them to get a pass when scoring isn’t going their way.  Andrei and Benny are huge liabilities when they aren’t involved defensively and can’t be trusted to play significant minutes during those stretches.

    Cammalleri I will whole heartedly agree seems to get a pass on this issue because he is also terribly inconsistent in his effort.  His defensive play is consistent though, just consistently terrible.

  15. Mattyleg says:

    Looking forward to seeing White back in a Habs jersey. I hope he rises to the occasion.

    I hear he hasn’t been tearing up the AHL…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  16. CBrady12 says:

    I love how everyone thinks that calling up White is going to make such a big difference…hes gonna play 10 minutes max and maybe throw a couple of good hits…but NOONE in the NHL is intimidated by him and if he struggles in the AHL he aint gonna be a game changer in the NHL


  17. TomNickle says:

    Maxwell’s assignment to Hamilton out of training camp was explained to him in a simple way, you need more confidence.  Bringing him up to play on the fourth line isn’t going to establish that confidence.  If it had been Pleks or Gomez that had been hurt(knock on wood), I’m certain Maxwell would have gotten the call.

  18. KenD29 says:

    There is only 1 Lappy !


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  19. mjames says:

    I read Hickey’s column today on the Habs injuries. In it he infers that AK46 and Pouliot might be moved up to play in place of Camilleri and Max Pac. He stated that while they have played as top six forward they have been plagued by inconsistent play. Hickey’s comment annoyed me. He like others, including Habs management are attracted to “labelling”. It is my view that if you are going to label people be fair and consistent and don’t employ a double standard. As an example why is it that Gionta , Gomez, and cammileri all get a pass on their play. Why is it that only these two get labelled for their inconsistent play. 

    I know we can all point to deficiencies in AK46’s and Pouliot’s play but these guys have been far more consistent that the “smurfs”. I never see the press , except maybe the French press, comment on the inconsistent play of the “smurfs”. We are paying AK and Pouliot a combined $5mm while the other three take home $19mm.   


  20. krob1000 says:

    Tom Pyatt was went to early on for the PK(and he’s third and being quickly closed in on by Moen(3 minutes less) and Gio (16 min’s less))…he earned that opportunity last year in the playoffs….since then his role has nearly evaporated unless Pleks and GIo’s lines have just played long shifts.  He does not take ANY important faceoffs…NONE. Moore was a better alternative to HAlpern IMO…added grit, speed and could still skate well enough to play the PK, Sergei….that one will always bug me…and now witht he PK and Gomez thing going on and the Sergei?Gomez thing last year I am starting to wonder who is really running this team..maybe money talks? Boyd IMo adds way more tha Pyatt…not sure what happened there but something weird went on becuase OByd is a better player than Tom Pyatt no doubt about it. IF Pyattt were to emerg into the layer he looked like hemay be capable of being and IF he were to reduce Pleks and Gio’s PK minutes it would be a value that I could appreciate…it doesn’t appear (right now anyway)that is going to be the case. I ope it does…I like the underdog…but it isn’t looking good for Tom pyatt right now.  White IMo can play Tom Pyatts role better than Tom Pyatt…..and we lack grit….we don;t lack small forwars…and of our small forwards Pyatt is the only one that offers nothing offensively.

  21. 24 Cups says:

    jb – I go to see the Bulldog games when they play the Marlies.  White hasn’t looked that great but an early injury can screw up a guy’s year.   I guess he’ll play on the 4th line with Pyatt and Engqvist.  That’s pretty sketchy no matter how you look at it.  It’s not a stretch to say that there’s not a NHL player on that line.  Limit their minutes and hope they don’t have too many breakdowns.  They certainly should be ready to give their all which should compensate somewhat.

    I imagine that Eller will go with Pleks and AK while Pouliot and Moen would be split on the 2nd and 3rd lines.  I’d let Moen go with Gionta and Gomez (I realize he’s not top line material) so that we have three well balanced lines.  We’re in a pretty tight spot so I say to hell with it as I’d give DD as much ice as possible.  Dress Weber instead of Picard and hope for some PP goals.

  22. habs001 says:

    it will be interesting to see how many games auld plays the remaining of the season…some posters have suggested he should play vs the weaker teams which makes sense…but even vs the weaker teams we usually dont score goals so auld has to play well vs any team as most games will be tied or one goal games in the third..

  23. CBrady12 says:

    I’d love to see you take a 100 mph slap shot to the ribs…too bad you probably can’t even skate…

  24. bwoar says:

    JM wants a guy he can trust to follow orders and play the system.  This is smart, since we’ll have to win a bunch more 2-1 games before the end of the season.  White’s not gonna break any scoring records but he may take a shift or 3 with Gomez + Gionta to add some muscle on ice.

    It’s not like Cammalleri has spent the last month scoring bunches of goals.  “The System” will have to take over, so I hope your hearts are in good shape!

  25. habs-hampton says:

    If there’s a bright spot to all this, its that these 2 guys get a chance to show their stuff at the NHL level and get to do it against Ottawa. Better than Philly or Detroit.

  26. Gormdog says:

    I’m a fan of White but you have to figure, considering our offensive woes, wouldnt it be tempting to bring up Maxwell to play 3rd line?

    Thats DD, AE, and RW all called up before BM. He can’t be feeling very good about his hopes with this club at the moment!

  27. TheDagger says:

    I am guessing playing in front of the Bell Centre crowd will snap him out of any laziness habits he may have had.

  28. Storm Man says:

    Cough Cough…… Say what? White is nothing like Lappy. Just say no next time ok.

    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

  29. Chorske says:

    Two years ago, I wrote that “picking on the Leafs is getting to be like booing at the Special Olympics”.

    I’m not sure I feel that way any more. I figured that after their management reorganization, and the attempted rebuild around guys like Kessel– I always thought Kessel was more of a Hab-style player anyway, and a poor fit in gronky plodding truculent Toronto– fell completely flat, and handicapped the team with an empty farm system… that there would be some modesty, some mea culpas, some honest soul-searching. But I haven’t seen much of that. Instead, they still act like they are legit contenders. In their heads, they honestly think they can win with THAT team. And the Canadian sports networks drink that Kool Aid year after year.

    I used to feel sorry for them. But now the fontrum has turned to schadenfreude. The only downside to their suckitude is that they keep spotting two points to division rivals.

  30. joeybarrie says:

    I dont understand what your saying here. Pyatt IS one of our top PK players, his time is second only to Pleks on forward. He is almost 53% on faceoffs and doesn’t take penalties. He does his fair share of hits, blocks, and is among the lowest number of giveaways on the team. He also has a few takeaways as well.

    Moore would have cost us too much. SK is a top 2 line player or he is useless. He isnt good enough for our top 2 lines. Don’t know whats wrong with Boyd, he is doing fine in Hamilton. Laps wasn’t getting enough ice time here, and asked to go somewhere else. We didn’t really need him anyways. Pyatt does a better job for less.

    And the fact that he is one of our TOP PK players and we have one of the best PK in the league, that’s saying alot about him.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  31. avatar_58 says:

    He’s Lapierre part deux

  32. krob1000 says:

    his issue from what i have seen is all physical…he appears to be less phsyically developed than other guys his age…maybe he just needs more time? don;t know..will they give him more time? I think he is one of those guys who has the NHl head, skating and playmaking,etc….but until the physical strength is on par he won’t cut it…..once it does I can se him making a go of an NHL career

  33. Bill H says:

    JD_: Seeing as I live in Toronto and pretty much ignore the exploits of the home team, they are way off my radar.  Okay, well I do notice when they drop one by a touchdown.  LOL  I hold them no ill will, but I will look forward to your comments nonetheless, given that you will no doubt write them with flair, style and ample use of imaginative metaphor.  Oh, and I’ll wear my Wellingtons next time I am down on Yonge St.  I am sure those tortured tears are running about shin deep.

  34. Mark C says:

    I don’t know, if the question is who better helps the 3rd/4th lines, isn’t White the simple answer?

  35. avatar_58 says:

    It’s also a pain that Palushaj isn’t lighting it up. Especially since his trade partner is

  36. anotherhab says:

    A few years back I watched White play while he was with the Calgary Hitmen, he really impressed me — leading the team in points and not afraid to mix it up.  I know he’s fighting for a job with the big club but I’d wish he slow the fighting routine down. He’s capable of putting the puck in the net and adding some much needed grit, sticking up for his team mates —hopefully he doesn’t think he has to fighting every game!!

  37. avatar_58 says:

    No, I’m referring to the games he actually played. Pacioretty and Desharnais were the real sparks on the team. Maxwell, Russel and Wyman make more sense.

  38. Gormdog says:

    Except for the Hamilton Circus is now woefully understaffed…

  39. twocents says:

    Ah, you never know. Maybe they’ve tagged him as a late bloomer and will be willing to sign him for another two years and see what he amounts to during that period.

    Either way, he has been a disappointment.

  40. Say Ash says:

    Hey, so it’s all upside from here

  41. Storm Man says:

    Im sorry to point out a touchdown is 6 points not 7.

    It is written, That is how it is done.

    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

  42. Gormdog says:

    Neither Pyatt nor White produce much offence.


    Pyatt is a solid penalty killer (dime a dozen on this team).


    White is an agitator/hitter (scarce a la max, no pun intended).


    Pyatt has value but replacing him with White gives us a potentially invaluable upgrade. I like it.

  43. KenD29 says:

    Would be nice but he will turtle or run behind one of his teammates or linesmen. 


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  44. KenD29 says:

    Darn right. Guess he did not consider his Leafs performance last night “fragile”?! At least the Leafs were good for something last night, they were the leaders in Canadian teams being outscored last night.


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  45. krob1000 says:

    so were Moore and Lapierre…..the only people calling him “the steal” of the Gomez trade were the people who are always trying to justify the Gomez trade….they still do…so I don’t think it is them doing it.  I don’t dislike Pyatt….I just think he has no place on this team if he isn’t good enough to be one of our top 2 penalty killers and shut down guys….he adds nothing physically, nothing offenseively…so if he is not one of our best two options to put on the ice in pk situations, doesn’t take key faceoffs, doesn’t play a big shutdown role…what exactly is his role? I would much rather have White in the lineup…who skates very well also, plays a d role as well, can play physically and can stand up for teammates…i don’t see a drop in offensive production happening but several other pluses…Pyatt is dirt cheap though and Martin likes him …Martin has never appreciated the physical players…and I tend to agree with him on goons….but guys like White? they are awesome guys to have around…..and he is a far cheaper and more youthful and hungry Travis Moen.  I can hardly remember a situation this year where Pyatt played in a role other than just eating minutes on a fourth line….I can’t remember even one game this year that was close to his playoff games….he was a throw in…and I wouldn’t recommend getting too attached to Pyatt because unless last years playoff Tom Pyatt returns for a very sutained amount of time I can’t see him staying with the club beyond next year…..unless he is content to just keep signing very, very cheap deals and doesn;t mind being essentially a roster filler and injury sub….in that case…..fine….but if Laps, Sergei, Moore, Boyd,etc aren’t good enough to keep long can Tom Pyatt stick?

  46. Gormdog says:

    If there ever was a sign that maxwell is absolutely DONE with the Habs… this is it…


    He’s “supposed” to be a potential top 6 guy, but he also has that Higgins esque quality that makes you believe he could also be a 3rd line guy with some skill…


    That was, uh, before we found out he’s at least 4th on the Habs forward depth charts…

  47. Storm Man says:

    I do see Lappy taking a run at someone Saturday… Not sure who yet but it would be funny if it was G-Love and he gave Lappy his lunch gerber style.


    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

  48. shootdapuck says:

    Invisible? Possibly it was the 14 games he missed while injured?




    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  49. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    No kidding. Friggen pussy went down like he was shot.

    To paraphrase Peter Worrel, “I’ve hit my girlfriend harder than that and she didn’t go down…” Funniest “dumbass thing to say” EVER!

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  50. joeybarrie says:

    I don’t get the hype about White. Dont get me wrong, Im not bashing him. But last season White couldnt outscore Pyatt in the AHL and he had 20+ more games. This season his production is even less. So why do we simply think he can do a better job than Pyatt?

    PLUS bringing him up to replace a top 2 line player isnt going to help us. I like his style of play and the physical side he brings. I absolutely think we need it, just not in place of Cammi or MaxPac.


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  51. Storm Man says:

    I see White wanting to stay with the big club and will do whatever it takes to stay… Btw no weight class in hockey;).


    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

  52. avatar_58 says:

    White? He’s been pretty invisible this season with the dogs, the games I went to he seemed slow and lazy on plays. Not the same guy we saw last season or pre-season with the habs.

    I’m guessing this is due to Pouliot/Eller having a larger role on the top lines, keeping White to the third/fourth with Engvist.

  53. KenD29 says:

    That’s what I meant by “Dance” !  lol


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  54. Cool Ice Price says:

    The bigger they are the harder they fall. One good pop under the chin.


    Habs Passion unites us all

  55. StevieRay says:

    I’m a big fan …6 ‘ 200 lbs ..but plays quite bigger …that’s what I’m talking about . I hope he doesn’t think he has to be our new ” heavyweight ” …he’s probably a good scrapper with guys his size and I know from watching him before he doesn’t take no sh*t.. but I’m hoping he plays his role ..that of a hard nosed 3 or fourth line guy who doesn’t mind going into the corners and plays that tough brand of hockey the WHL is famous for . If he does this I think he’ll be OK ….but a heavyweight…he is not .


  56. Storm Man says:

    Lappy won’t fight… He will talk trash in french all night to White.


    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

  57. twocents says:

    Stride fearlessly into the darkness and summon the collective bile of our brethren…

    … and puke it all over those maggoty marble loafs.

  58. Chuck says:

    Had a Leaf fan co-worker yesterday making fun of the ‘fragile Habs’ and how he was glad to see them drop like flies in Buffalo, then proceded to talk up his team’s chances in MSG.

    Dude, karma’s a bitch.

    Centre Hice: Shocking photo of Cammalleri injury

  59. Kooch7800 says:

    I would not say he is a goon by he does play an energy role.  Gets physical and plays well defensively

  60. Cool Ice Price says:

    WOW, the Habs are going to the Dogs. 


    Habs Passion unites us all

  61. KenD29 says:

    Maybe the question should be   at what time in the games does White and Lapierre dance on Saturday night?!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  62. habsruleworld says:

    I am with Ya, Here, Here and CHEERS!

    Nothing I enjoyed more last night than to watch the Laffs lose,

    as I sat laughing like Vincent Price and lovin every minute of it.


  63. Chuck says:

    Apparently there’s more to Cammy’s injury than meets the eye: Centre Hice: Shocking photo of Cammalleri injury

  64. Mrhab24 says:

    Is there a fee to join this club?


    …I’m on a horse!

  65. forskis says:

    I do not get all the Tom Pyatt hate…last season and in the playoffs he did well for his role and many were calling him the steal of the Gomez trade…now we cannot wait to be rid of him…he is still doing his role very well with the PK and forechecking (especially lately), so I do not get it…his job is not to light up the scoreboard as much as the other guys.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  66. 123456 says:

    In a joking manner of course, someone has got to call out Max Pac and say “Geez dude, you went to the hospital on a stretched while getting an I.V., all for a little bruise??”

    On my team he would be buying a round of drinks for everyone!!

    Glad he is not badly hurt, looking forward to him with the G’s and hopefully if Pleks plays with AK and BP they really click.

  67. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Agreed. White needs to be smart and pick his spots. Hard to get any momentum from watching your rookie get his lunch of bloody chicklets handed to him his first game up.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  68. Timo says:

    we have finally run out of midgets.

  69. Maksimir says:

    I guess I am missing something here.. is White a goon? His numbers on the Dogs don’t look that great.

  70. JD_ says:

    I’ve been doin’ some serious introspection over the last little while and recently realized somethin’ very important.

    For, decades, I have been mockin’ the Mopey Loafs, whether it be the team, its management, or its fans. It has come to the point where I consider myself fully versed in the ways and means to deride and ridicule the entire Loafs movement, able to debase the team’s good moments to the point of ridicule, and capitalize on its moments of weakness in order to colour them even darker.

    Like the loss by a touchdown last night.

    I’ve come to realize that the entire pursuit is without any real base in anythin’ meaningful. I don’t personally dislike most of the players who’ve worn the colours and I certainly do not begrudge the city of Toronto anythin’. It is purely sport, an arguably juvenile one at that, whose genesis is ultimately unclear to me. In other words, as far as I can tell, I have no real basis for pursuin’ the agenda and recognize that it is ultimately puerile and jejune.

    So, I’ve decide to make a change. No longer will I mock the Mopey Loafs.

    No, I’m gonna get much, much worse. I am wholeheartedly endeavourin’ to take my derision and contempt to levels before unseen by human eyes and unheard by human ears. No one will be safe. Management and players will bristle with pained unease, the fans will weep, Yonge St. flooded with their tortured tears of crushed dreams and opportunites torn asunder.

    The Loafs suk and I shall remain at the forefront, a witness to all their sukness, a tauntin’ voice jeerin’ and chaffin’ their very existence.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.

  71. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Yes but it may be a helluva lot longer before you see him crowding the net when the Wiz is on the back end. Hope he ain’t gonna be puck shy now.


    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  72. JIMVINNY says:

    Not a chance.  White is nowhere near Neil’s weight class.  Regardless of what their vital stats might say, Neil is several inches taller and more than several pounds heavier.


  73. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    No one will confuse Ryan White for a Heavy weight but he would certainly pound the snot outta lapierre so its a definite upgrade in the agitator role.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  74. nick says:

    Wow, great to hear Max is already back on his feet and skating. It may be a few days / week or so before he’s back but this is indeed great news.

  75. Storm Man says:

    So at what time in the game does White and Neil dance, I have 10:05 in the first.


    “I have never failed at anything in my life so far… TripleX 12/23/2010 16:34pm”

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