Audio: Blackhawks greats come to Montreal

The Canadiens paid tribute to Original Six rival Chicago Blackhawks tonight at the Bell Centre. Here are three interviews; beware a few spicy words from Stan Mikita.

Bobby Hull Stan Mikita Eric Nesterenko


  1. bantamcc says:


    Just listened to audio of that interview with Nesterenko and all I can say is “Look who’s calling the kettle black.”

    ‘Ole Eric has a lot of nerve berating Tony O. for that goal he gave up to Jacques Lemaire in ’71 Stanley Cup final. It was a knuckle ball and Lemaire had a howitzer !

    Many readers were’nt even born when that game was played but I can state categorically that Habs tying goal wasn’t at all like Nesterenko described it. I’ll always remember where I was (in parents playroom) watching it with my brother when they tied it. Nesterenko performed a no-brainer passing the puck blindly behind his back while skating away towards the corner. No one was even close to him. No bumping off the puck as he described. Jacques ‘coco’ Lemaire pounced on loose puck next to net passed to pocket and bingo, poor Tony O. did’nt have a chance.

    That play led no doubt to Nesterenko’s retirement after that year.

    The goal that won it was the Pocket who swept in from blue line around Keith Magnuson, hung onto puck long enough and flipped puck over a sprawling Tony O. A famous picture although not popular in Chicago that you see every once in a while.

    Strange how I can remember such facts as clear as yesterday but can’t remember client code I worked on yesterday. A little like Star Trek episodes. I can remember Balok’s diatribe from Corbomite Maneuver but for the luv of me can’t remember where I copied that email yesterday. LOL .
    ‘Nuf Said..



  2. Peter Young says:

    As I’ve noted on this blog before, I watched that seventh game in 1971 from a motel room in Tucson, Arizona, and I can vouch that the way bantamcc remembers it is the way it happened. The long Lemaire shot not only caught everyone by surprise but was all over the place on its way in, just like a knuckleball, as bantamcc says.

    Nesterenko is just full of sour grapes. He might have a point in that the Hawks outplayed the Canadiens for much of the game, but they just didn’t do it when it came to putting the puck in the net. Dryden made that fantastic save on Jim Pappin with a few minutes left, and it was all over. Remember that Nesterenko was originally with the Leafs!!! That should explain a lot.

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