Armstrong: “We dug ourselves a hole” (Video)


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Colby Armstrong celebrated his promotion to the third line with the tying goal Tuesday night against the Buffalo Sabres.

But the Canadiens only managed to walk away with a point, losing to the Sabres 3-2 in overtime.

“Any team can win any night if you’re not ready. And obviously we weren’t ready from the start,” Armstrong said after the game.

“We dug ourselves a hole, had to battle like heck to get out of it. They ended up getting the better of us at the end,” he said.

“That’s hockey. We know that. We know every team is good. The parity is crazy in this league. It doesn’t matter where you are in the standings or what’s going on, if you’re not ready to go you could be in trouble.”

Armstrong played alongside Lars Eller and rookie Alex Galchenyuk. The goal was his second of the season, his first coming last Saturday against the New Jersey Devils.

“That was a good feeling. It was a big goal. It was a good play by my line mates to get me the puck in front,” Armstrong said.

“It got us a point. Too bad we didn’t finish it off,” he said.

Armstrong also had praise for Eller.

“Lars made a lot happen. He’s playing great hockey.”

Sabres forward Steve Ott scored the winning goal in overtime when P.K. Subban was off for high-sticking. It was a bad penalty on Subban’s part, according to coach Michel Therrien.

“It’s a bad penalty, especially with the effort that the guys made in the second and third (periods). We’re going to take care of that and we want to make sure that it won’t happen again,” Therrien said.

While he liked how the team played in the second and third periods, Therrien said they went through the motions in the first.

“We were not at our best that’s for sure. But we never quit. Thought the guys worked really hard to make a comeback and (Sabres goaltender Jhonas) Enroth played really well for them, gave them a chance to win. We did mention to the guys between the first and second period that we were missing the net way too much. We’re a team that likes to put the puck at the net but we’ve got to make sure that we’re hitting the net.”

“But you know what, the effort was there,” Therrien added. “For me as long as the effort is there I’m going to be satisfied.”

You can hear what Armstrong had to say after the game below:

You can hear what P.K. Subban had to say below:

You can hear what Brendan Gallagher had to say below:

And you can hear what Max Pacioretty had to say here:


  1. Ice Storm says:

    I know we have been very successful and coaches go with what’s working… But if Armstrong deserves to be bumped up, didn’t Eller deserve that 5 games ago???
    Pax-Eller-Gallagher puts 3 hot guys together that could do some serious damage… Not necessarily bashing DD, but it’s like a dwarf tossing co test out there…

  2. murfdog says:

    Anyone that wants to blame Price is clearly on crack, you have to score goals to win, Price has played well on that last few games, not so much a week or 2 ago but the other night vs. New Jersey he stood on his left ear. DD hasnt been playing well and same with Ryder, Ryder is slow and doesnt play hard at all. When Prust come back he’ll spark it,

  3. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    These are the games that make me skeptical about whether these Habs are for real. With Boston facing a few tough games the Habs should have been out for blood. This is the game in hand on the Pens and the Habs blew it with an anemic effort and no committment. This game was lost long before the OT.

  4. Cape Breton says:

    Very disappointed in P.K . Why in the name of Larry Robinson did he try to nail some no name dude into never ever land at that particular crucial point of the game? Sure, it probably wasn’t a high sticking penalty, but my oh my, what a brain dead attempt to knock a guy into concussionville.

    • turnonthejets says:

      I dunno he separated the man from the puck and it was a bad call. He certainly could have taken a little off the attempt and shot for the fairway instead of the green. I’d like to see him make that hit with a lower and wider stance in many cases. He goes in straight up and misses on occasion.

  5. Timo says:

    The real shame is that Gallagher has Desharnais for a linemate. It would be good to put Desharnais to the 4th line but his defensive game is worse than his offense. Perhaps he could use sometime at the pressbox eating hot-dogs to bulk up.

  6. SteverenO says:

    Spent too much time writing this to leave it languishing as the last post on the previous here she goes again:

    If someone MUST be blamed for this loss it has to be the coach.

    He made a number of mistakes:

    1) Going into the game Lars Eller had played 19 minutes on the powerplay unit and during that span of time the team scored 3 power play goals. That averages to one goal every 6.5 minutes.

    Gallagher had played 55 minutes and during that span the team scored a total of 3 power play goals.

    During the game we had 4 minutes of powerplay time, Gallagher played 2 minutes, Eller? ……Zero

    2. Josh Georges spent 52 seconds on the PP unit. There has to be a better option for the PP. Tinordi, Eller, a forward, whatever, If Tinordi is not trustable to play on the powerplay ahead of Georges than Kaberle should be dressed in his place, or he needs to get a forward to play the point.

    3). In the overtime 4 versus 3 MT played Moen up front. When we needed our best skaters on the ice he left Eller and Gallagher on the bench in favor of Moen.

    4) He did not adjust ice time to favor Bouillion . we score every 18 minutes when Bouillion on the ice, every 22 with Georges and every 26 with Emelin. Bouillion need to play more ( with or without Tinordi?) than Georges and/or Emelin when we were trailing by two goals.

    On the other hand do we need to blame anyone for the loss? I am happy with the one point. The team played well most notably Gallagher ( on even strength) and Eller. They played exciting hockey in the last two periods, and frankly if they could have taken advantage of some of their many scoring chances it would have been a blowout.

    I am (somewhat) kidding when I blame the loss on the coach. But pointing to Subban as the guy to blame is not right , either. They should have won the game in regulation.

    Kudos to Galchenyuk for a beautiful assist and to Armstrong for a nice move to finish.


    Steve O.

  7. Timo says:

    Watched this abomination of a game.

    I think when Scotty Gomez left us his spirit didn’t go very far – it relocated to Desharnais. What a useless piece of… this guys is. Two games since his contract and he’s been absolutely brutal. He hasn’t won a single battle for the puck, haven’t made anything positive happen. Got an assist on Ott’s goal. Absolutely brutal, but hey, a home french boy got a big contract – Hooray! One can only hope that Bergevin signed him with the purpose of trading his ass.

    Price was same old… made what, 3 saves? Good thing his financial future is taken care off.

    On a positive note, Bruins lose and McQuiad seemed to get hurt. That’s good.

    • Man Dingga says:

      What game were you watching? Ott was left alone in the slot on the first goal and on the second goal it was a tipped shot. We had so many shots miss the net tonight. After the first period, honestly I was very surprised the score wasn’t higher. Aside from Gally the team was brutal. Getting a point tonight was robbery on our part.

  8. FANHABULOUS says:


    “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.

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