Are Kostitsyn brothers the lucky 13th?

The Canadiens calculate that Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn tonight become the 13th brothers to play for the club. Here’s the team’s release with information probably dug up by the club’s unofficial historian, Carl Lavigne:
MONTREAL – Where else would two brothers enjoy playing their first regular-season NHL game but in a place known as the city of Brotherly Love!The setting could hardly be better for Sergei and elder brother Andrei who will take to the ice tonight at the Wachovia Centre to become the 13th brother combination in team history to dress up for a game with the Canadiens, and the first two European siblings to do so.

The first such occurrence goes back 97 years when netminder Georges Vézina and brother Pierre played with the Canadiens in 1911-12 as the first brother pair to play together with the team.

Over the years, several brother combinations got to share the same ice with the Canadiens. In the ’20s no less than four brother combinations successively skated with the Canadiens; Odie and Sprague Cleghorn, Sylvio and Georges Mantha, Pit and Hector Lépine, Aurèle and René Joliat, as well as Billy and Bobby Boucher.

The last siblings to take to the ice together in a Canadiens jersey were the Lebeau brothers, Patrick and Stephan, back in 1990-91.

Here are the 12 other brother combinations to have played together with the Canadiens:

Georges & Pierre Vézina (1911-12)

Odie & Sprague Cleghorn (1921-22 / 1924-25)

Billy & Robert Boucher (1923-24)

Aurèle & René Joliat (1924-25)

Pit & Hector Lépine (1925-26)

Sylvio & Georges Mantha (1928-29 / 1935-36)

Ken & Terry Reardon (1941-42)

Maurice & Henri Richard (1955-56 / 1959-60)

Frank & Pete Mahovlich (1970-71 / 1973-74)

Larry & Moe Robinson (1979-80)

Claude & Jocelyn Lemieux (1988-89 / 1989-90)

Stephan & Patrick Lebeau (1990-91)

Below: The Canadiens’ Reardon brothers, Kenny (left) and Terry.


  1. Chuck says:

    As always Robert, another great read with some wonderful research!


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  2. Robert L says:

    My apologies Mr Stubbs, but the Habs historian referenced missed some Habs siblings in his list. In a post at my site from June 20 of this year, I detailed not only the 15 Habs siblings, but all other Canadiens relations within the Habs and other NHL teams.

    It’s a brain jogging trip down memory lane as much as it is a Habs trivial pursuit game.

    I’m sure that once readers are finished going over it, someone will exclaim, “I never knew that!”

  3. newbrunswick troy says:

    hey Dave Stubbs;
    Here is a cool nhl brother story;;;back in the very late 80,s the quebec nordique drafted from checkoslovakia army team one vojchek kucherra//brought him to camp and he was a flop//they sent him to minors
    (fredericton express) where he also couldnt compete at a.h.l level//they didnt know what the scouts were thinking///so they bought him out,got him into university at ST

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