Another reason to like P.K. Subban

P. K. Subban at rookie camp this week. The Gazette/ Marie-France Coallier

Already a fan-favourite, P.K. Subban is taking a step that will make him even more popular in Montreal, especially among francophones.

Buried in an RDS report on the rookie camp, Subban says he has started taking French lessons, with two three-hour sessions every week.

He said he is not yet ready to do interviews in French, but that it is getting close.

The 20-year-old defenceman grew up in Toronto and spoke only English until he started taking the lessons. He said it is hard to learn a new language, but felt it was important to learn French.

“I wanted to learn not just because I want to play for the Canadiens one day, but also because it is a language spoken by a lot of people around the world,” Subban said.


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