Another L in Big D

Canadiens hold the top team in the Western Conference to 17 shots.

But five of them found the back of the net.

Pat Hickey’s game story

“Little mistakes” killed Canadiens – Gionta

About last night …

Pierre Ladouceur’s analysis

Timing key to Stars’ success

• SI rates Price league’s third best

Fans Eggo on the Leafs

And for a good laugh … because we need one … Down Goes Brown’s Letters to Santa, including:

Dear Santa,

You may have seen my recent comments to the media, in
which I complained about my ice time and hinted that I’d like to be
traded to a team where I could play on the first line. To help make that
happen, my Christmas wish is for a list of NHL teams that haven’t
employed a pro scouting staff since 2006.

Alexei Kovalev


  1. vic says:

    I think JM should be benched.This was the result of his genuis

  2. HardHabits says:

    coach Snorey McPaint’n’Dry

    I am still in tears laughing after reading that one!!! 

  3. Ron in Ottawa says:

    Seems to me we have seen this show before. The Habs start off greeat and then the wheels fall off over Christmas and into January.

    i think there are several systemic issues that make these recent losses more serious:

    • JM: he is simply the wrong coach for this team. i’m not sure what Gainey was thinking when he went out and bought three speedy free agents then brought in a defense minded coach. JM had these same problems in Ottawa. he could not coach flashy young players, ie. Spezza, and he is showing the same problem with PK and last year MaxPac.
    • there is a history on this team of frantically switching lines as soon as the team hits a slump. on other teams the lines are set but JM and Carbo both desperatly swith lines constantly. Players like AK do not cope well with change.
    • the loss of Markov shows a huge hole on this team. PG needs to adress this going forward. Perhaps this injury is the end of Markov’s connection to the Habs or maybe not. But PG needs to think ahead and look at the defense on this team: Hamerlik and Spacik are both near the end of the careers. Gorges is a keeper but he is unsigned at the end of this year. Gill is useful as a shut down defenseman but is limited outside his own end. The Habs need to either belive they have what it takes in the minors or a big trade is needed.


  4. Kooch7800 says:

    Put webber back in on D. Spacek looks like he needs a break

  5. Mr.Hazard says:

    I thought PK’s letter to Santa was funnier 😛

  6. rocketsglare says:

    JM should stick with his lineups for the rest of this roadie and see what happens. There’s simply no consistency

    and more importantly, continuity in line play and this has to effect the ability to produce. The same is true for

    the D pairings. Most teams by now have their lines already set, so I don’t understand JM’s propensity to keep

    on changing them almost from game to game. Just decide on the best lineup and stick with them.

    Go Habs Go!

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