Another hungry opponent


The Buffalo Sabres visit the Bell Centre in desperate need of points.

Pivotal stretch begins

Arpon Basu’s playoff check-up

What should the NHL do with Matt Cooke? Scott Burnside’s take and Bruce Arthur’s

Cooke’s greatest hits

• Andrew Cohen in The Atlantic on head-shot reform

Mathias Brunet on best teams since the lockout

Manny Malhotra’s career in jeopardy

Ovechkin out


  1. skoalbandit says:

    anyone else notice that 95% of cookes dirty hits were in his home building? odd to see

  2. moser17 says:

    The new site has some bugs, but it is growing on me.

    User-suggested improvements keep rolling in. Here’s one:

    I’m certain that J.T.’s blog should be listed over on the right under the “Blogroll”:

  3. Jdub1985 says:

    The quest for Home Ice begins tonight!


  4. Danno says:

    I’m not a big fan of the thumbs up & thumbs down


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • moser17 says:

      Would you care to express your opinion about the thumbs up & thumbs down feature using the new beta version of ‘meta thumbs’, to appear for the user as mini thumbs up & thumbs down next to the regular thumbs up & thumbs down?

  5. GrumpyinAlberta says:

    Like many posters, I have been intrigued by the 2010-11 schedule for the Canadiens. So a little research. During the season, the Canadiens play 16 back-to-back games, 39% of their schedule including three consecutive sets of back-to-backs in the first ten days of February. In addition, they play six three games in four nights including a trio at the end of 2010 which involved three games (two of which went into OT) and three flights within 93 hours and one four games in six nights. For these back-to-back games, on all but two occasions, the Canadiens had to travel for the next game. In only three of the fifteen back-to-backs, did the opposition also play the night before. Out of a possible 60 points up for grabs so far, the Canadiens have garnered 32. The good news is that there is only one back-to-back set left for the Habs. A cursory glance at the NHL schedule reveals that most teams play at least a dozen back-to-backs. This scheduling is grossly unfair to the team doing the back end of the back-to-back, especially if there is travel involved and/or if the first game goes into OT. MLB through the insistence of their players’ association did away with doubleheaders which the players with the exception of Ernie Banks – “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… Let’s play two” – did not like. Surely, the NHL can also eliminate back-to-backs but I hear the rumour (perhaps an urban legend) that the NHL schedule is still done by hand, not a computer.

  6. Ian Cobb says:

    Well folks, we are in the play offs starting tonight, every point is like gold. And the players are responding under great coaching. ( (I still have a hard time saying that for some reason ) but what a masterful job putting this damaged puzzle together.

    Yes we have owned two floors of the Montreal General Hospital for our Hab’s war vets this year. But what a silver lining for the whole organisation. First off the coaches have had a very significant look at the total farm to evaluate under fire, who will fit and where come play offs as well as next training camp.

    The players from Hamilton have had an excellent opportunity to show case their wares. The chemistry and bonding throughout the two clubs (Hamilton and the Habs) here is very evident on the ice.

    I thought we would be in tough with one injury after another all year. But not the case, under Martin and Cunnyworths tutelage and Gainey and Gauthier’s management, we now have one of the best run professional sports organisations in the world again.

    I believe we will be playing in the conference finals this year. It won’t be pretty, every game will be by one goal all the way through, the J.Martin way.!

    We will play Boston in the first round, only thing to be decided is, home ice. We will take them in 6 games. They will try to play as physical as they can, but our speed and defensive style will be very intimidating.

    But like I said, this and every game forward is a play off game. We will peak at the right time of year again, no matter who wears the jersey on any given night.

    We won’t win them all, but we will be standing in June.
    ENJOY !

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Well phrased Ian, only fly in the ointment, is if this Price Knee injury is serious. Otherwise, agree with your assessment wholeheartedly.

    • Chuck says:

      Well said, Ian… though I’d rather be the last one standing in June! 🙂

    • ShangaDoo says:

      Good post Sir Ian, I agree.

      Btw, HIO love the addition of the “like” and “dislike” 🙂

      “They say you can’t buy experience,and it’s really true.” -Carey Price

    • dh says:

      Right on Ian. Imagine if we get a bit lucky and get some of our injured back. Hell just imagine that Cammy’s back in shape with the guys that we have. Could be fun.

      Really impressed with how well they’re doing considering. Just hope that Chris Lee isn’t on the ice tonight.

    • Plek-Andrew says:

      Ahhh Mr Cobb,

      Have you ever failed us, the fans, with you words?

      Well spoken, good sir!

      I think it is safe to say, at this point in time, that all the organizational and player changes made close to two years ago have really served the Club de Hockey Canadien surprisingly well!

      I posted on *HABS* (that’s right, in my heart, it will always be *HABS* twice all year, and both times I stated that I truly believe that this team is a Cup contender not only this year but for years to come!

      Remember the Koivu/Kovalev days- when the optimists of *HABS* (just rubbing it in lol) would preach about the rebuilding phase that this organization was in and that it would take a few years before we became serious contenders? Do you remember how we preached about the necessity of youth and that getting rid of Carbonneau would be the best idea? I’m talking about back when we had our first Fan Summit!

      Well, look at where we are now! Last year, we BLEW everyone’s mind when we made it to the conference finals… and to think that an injury-ravaged team like this year’s is doing BETTER than it was last year!
      (On an economical note, how attractive of a market has Montreal become for UFAs? Gauthier must have SUCH an easy time selling the idea of playing in Montreal to player agents!)

      On top of it all, we are still facing bouts of inconsistency from some of our key players- I will spare you all the names as I believe the media here has done more than enough crucifying, as always :).

      I’m an excited, 23-year old Habs fan who, despite the violent overtones that have taken over this league, still enjoys watching the game here in Montreal. Yes, it might be BEYOND well-marketed (I’m old-school; I still refer to it as being a religion) but you can see that this group of players is VERY happy to be where it is and will not simply aim at winning home ice advantage but rather, to hoist the Stanley Cup.

      With that being said, I really should be taking care of my assignments lol

      Enjoy the game, everyone!

    • Edmaster says:

      I just hope that we still have a few of the bulldogs for the playoffs. I am worried about getting most of the veterans back all at once just in time for the big dance. They will not be in prime game shape and losing so much youth and heart will hurt us. I really hope the brass think this way as well.

      Expos, please come home.

  7. Yep, the Twitterverse is reporting Price has hurt his left knee. Reputable sources confirming.

    It’s official. Season is about to hit rock bottom.

  8. filincal says:

    Price…Right knee!


  9. Rudy says:

    Oh boy, Price hurt, this is beyond ridiculous, what the hell did the team do to deserve this???

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  10. wall2bay says:

    Hope Manny gets better but it’s just mind boggling why some NHL players don’t wear visors???

    And to all those guys who make fun of visors……..sshhhhhh!!! I wonder if Cherry wears his seat belt or does he think it hinders his driving by having a strap over his shoulder!

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think Don still uses a booster seat in the back seat of his limo. I can’t recall but thought that was written into his contract by the CBC, oh wait, no that was Maclean that has to use the booster seat when riding with Don.

  11. fbkj says:

    pants buzzed

    the worse case scenario may have happened

    price hurt

  12. j2c says:

    Not good news….

    Carey Price is hurting. He left the ice in pain, seems to be a knee. Can’t help but think his presence vs Buffalo is compromised. – Twitter account of!/MAGodin

  13. sidhu says:

    I am coming from out of town for the Habs-Caps game on Saturday — how early can fans arrive to the game? I want to see the pre-game warm-up and see as much as possible.

    Go Habs Go!

  14. Castor says:

    SEE?! A friend of mine just sent me a text saying Price left practice hurt just now… here come the rumours.

  15. Clay4bc says:

    Advice on how to deal with Observer…please pay special attention to numbers 2 and 4.
    5 Things You Can Do To Annoy A Republican

    Play nice, boys…The महात्मा is watching you.

    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  16. J.J. of Turku says:

    Is the rest of the regular season + first round in play offs enough for Cooke to learn how to not cowardly injure other players? Does anyone really think he deserves one more chance (again)?

  17. Chuck says:

    And the award for HI/O paranoid freak goes to…

    • punkster says:

      Un-freakin-real, eh man? The small lives some people lead.
      Hey, Ian was asking yesterday about a playoff summit. Would you be interested is he scored tickets?

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • Chuck says:

        Damn right… though with my better half expecting on May 19th, I might have to swing it by her first.

        Of course, I could always beg for forgiveness!

        I just got the OK from Sara to go! If we could get two tickets… 😉

  18. tdrmoss84 says:

    What is up with this politcal discussion board? Thought this was a Hab site where fans view their opinions…save that other garbage for Fox, CNN, or MSNBC! EWWW!!! GO Habs GO!

  19. Castor says:

    Why do I continue to trust people on this site and on Twitter with Habs injury rumours? Two days ago someone here said they had a ‘friend on the team’ that said Pleky and Halpern are gone for two plus weeks. They are skating today. Twitter is worse! When will I learn?

  20. punkster says:

    The Brunet piece is interesting. However it will mean nothing to the “Ya but…” crowd.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  21. HabinBurlington says:

    Just read this morning on one of the Sabres Blog’s, the player to watch out for is Pouliot. He has 3goals in 4 games against Sabres. Given he came off arguably his strongest game of season, wouldn’t it be sweet to see him have another strong one! Our team becomes so much harder to defence when we get this tremendous 3rd/4th line scoring support. In fact with our current roster/lineup, it is hard to argue which line is #1, 2 or 3

  22. zerolegel says:

    Don’t know if it has been mentionned here, but yesterday, Patrick Roy’s father wrote to Le Devoir to condemn violence and fighting in hockey :

  23. fuhgawz says:

    YES!!!! i have my face back !

  24. Corio says:

    Where do I set my avatar? I can’t see that setting.

    • fuhgawz says:

      in an older post there was a gravatar link to help you out

    • Bugs says:

      Just go on google, type “gravatar”, click on “get gravatar today” and follow the procedure. Very easy.

      Chillin like MacMillan, potty-boy goes by the moniker L. Bugs Potter, esq.

      • Rush says:

        Wish it were –

        Tried it, but was told that someone else had previously registered my username in the world of “Gravatar”, so it wouldn’t let me proceed unless I used a different username.


        • Bugs says:

          No, no, no, that’s just your gravatar username; it don’t mean nuthin on here. You’ll still be you on this site with the same name.
          As a for instance, my gravatar name is Bugsyboy, and if I decide to enter a gravatar chat room, then yes, I’ll be known as Bugsyboy, so what? I don’t hang out there.
          Go back and type in username, say, Rushyboy, and keep going.
          Come back after; tell us how it went.

          Chillin like MacMillan, potty-boy goes by the moniker L. Bugs Potter, esq.

        • notbigbird says:

          Like Bugs says, your Gravatar user name has nothing to do with this site. It’s the email account that you use here that you need to link to your gravatar.

          • Rush says:

            Thanks Bugs, bird!!

            Clearly, I am not related to Bill Gates…

            Really appreciate your help, Guys!

    • observer says:

      click on march 2011 on archives on right side of this page scroll down and follow instructions

    • Corio says:

      Ya gravatar worky!

  25. jimmy shaker says:

    9 games left, looks like Price will get 6 or 7 of those 9 games. Auld will get the thrashers in a beginning of a back to back for the habs and most likely the senators on the 2nd last game of the season. And depending upon how important or non important the leaf game is on the last game of the season, he should get that start as well. That would leave Carey at the very important number of 68 -69 starts and Auld with 13-14 starts. Remember the all important number of 70+ starts doesn’t bode well for a long playoff run. So with these numbers, I can rest easy and so can the rest of you guys. Now if pleks/halpern and patch’s get back, all will be well…..and throw in sopel and marky and gorges……that would be one hell of a playoff boost!!!! I know, I know, next year!


    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I would be concerned if they decided to play Pacioretty this year.

      • jimmy shaker says:

        I thought there was whispers of him somehow being able to play in the playoffs?


        • HalifaxHabs says:

          There are… they say he could return to practice by the beginning of the playoffs, so we may need to get to the 2nd round to see him.

          as far as being concerned for his health if he plays, we’ll have to leave it up to him and the Habs doctors to decide when he is ready to return.

    • filincal says:

      Off topic Shaker….but what ever happened to that player from your avatar (I think it’s that swedish dude) after leaving Scotland. Word was he could never make it in any “real” competitive league. Always looked good at Celtic though.


  26. FightCancer says:

    Some twilight zone stats, the Habs have more goals than the Capitals and the Caps allowed fewer goal than the defense oriented Canadiens. Wake me up when the world is right again. 🙂

  27. sag says:

    I know I will get roasted for this, but here it goes…. JM deserves mention for the Adams. period.

    • Clay4bc says:

      With all of our injured, and us still threatening for the division lead, I share this opinion…

      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

    • jbroderi says:

      “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

      anyone that roasts you is clearly someone who knows very little about hockey and of the Canadiens as a whole. he should be in the equation, for sure!!

    • jimmy shaker says:

      Agree, but I still hate em and his weird hair do, I’ll take his nod and give it to Muller instead! He’s the real coach!


      • Bugs says:

        Me, it’s the ears that freak me out.
        Still though, hell of a coach. And no doubt Muller deserves some of that.

        Chillin like MacMillan, potty-boy goes by the moniker L. Bugs Potter, esq.

    • G-Man says:

      Hear, hear.
      JM has done amazing considering all the injuries. Another one would be Bylsma. Losing Crosby and Malkin and Pittsburgh rolls on, too.

    • lavie says:

      Ottawa fans just had no idea why JM is doing so good in MTL? 🙂

  28. edgar_falcon says:

    interesting stat price leads with 3 stars points with 200 next is cam ward with 180

  29. observer says:

    For those who praise Obama

    Canadians looking to visit the United States, arriving via air or sea, may soon pay more for the privilege. A $5.50 border fee proposed for the 2012 budget would net millions for the American coffers, funding security measures. However, many of our neighbors from the north are not thrilled with the move, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who said in February: “I think in terms of the economic recovery, we want to make sure that trade and travel between our two countries is easier, not more difficult.”

    • smiler2729 says:

      Dude… man, this is a HOCKEY SITE, save the political crap for somewhere else.

      *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

      • observer says:

        And how will this increase each NHL teams'(especially the ones based in Canada) costs Mr. Brain everytime they fly to the USA from Canada? Meaning it will be added eventually to the ticket prices meaning the fans here on this side of the border will pay for it.

        • Tharsis says:

          LOL really? You are sort of grasping at straws. That amounts to ~ $150 per flight x ~ 30 flights to US makes it *GASP* $4500 in surchages that the team will have to absorb in a season! Even IF Molson somehow couldn’t absorb that cost, what is $4500 divided by 21000 fans over 41 games? Comes out to 0.5 cents extra per ticket…


          Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant.

          • observer says:

            will be way more than that and teams routinely sending people for meetings, scouts, players to doctors, etc. it will affect teams here – hell they dont have room on their bench for their backup goalie because they want to sell one more seat. the costs always filter down and if the extra cost was $2 a seat they raise prices $6 a seat.

    • Chuck says:

      Decided that hockey wasn’t your thing, and moved on to politics?

    • Clay4bc says:

      Your first mistake was trusting anything from FOX “News”…
      Not that I think Obama is doing a good job, but you lose tons of credibility by citing and entertainment/propaganda source that is barely masquerading as a news organization. Try Al Jazeera for some real news…
      And Go Habs GO!

      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

      • observer says:

        Read the story. Soon maybe hours or days later CBC will notice it. The money to go to Homeland Security – who now have defended the homeland from the internet pirates Obama has done a fine job. Of course ignoring the underwear bomber, the times square bomber, sgt. hasan in texas, etc. Got to protect the homeland from Canadians.

        • Clay4bc says:

          Read my post…Nowhere did I indicate that “Obama is doing a fine job”.
          But to blame the President for a few individual nut-bags is ridiculous. I could blame you, but that would be equally erroneous. Seriously though, look at real news sources, and move away from the propaganda that is FOX.

          The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

          • punkster says:

            Clay, you have entered the Twilight Zone. Beware 😉

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • Clay4bc says:

            Meh…it’s bedtime anyways Punkster…big day tomorrow (daughter turns 2). Need my beauty sleep…peace!

            The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

        • filincal says:

          was reported two weeks ago, here up North.FOX News, Loafs…? AY YAY YAY…


        • Chuck says:

          I equate it more to a black hole.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      Quoting FOX News ripping Obama, is like saying “everyone look, the sky is blue.”

      Too bad they don’t ban people for wasting time with political crap on a “Hockey Inside Out”.

      • Everlasting1 says:

        FoxNews doesn’t rip Obama. Though they do balance their reporting with propaganda to seem impartial.

        Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • observer says:

        That story doesn’t rip Obama – I did because it is on his watch. He is better than Bush. Bush only had 2 wars Obama is in 3.

      • observer says:

        It has a big effect on Canadians who travel by air like NHL HOCKEY PLAYERS AND TEAM PERSONEL! Teams now might have to start using rail transportation AGAIN?

    • Everlasting1 says:

      We should return the favor and charge them the same for coming here.

      Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • observer says:

        And hurt our tourist industry – ie – private business. Obama is a socialist wants that money for his socialist government. And like most Americans as Bettman think the whole world revolves around the superior USA.

        • Everlasting1 says:

          They need more funding for their multi billion $ ‘Homeland Security’ budget to ‘secure’ their borders from their countless enemies they’ve created. Which is of course their excuse.

          Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

        • Clay4bc says:

          Please stay with the facts. Say it with me…”Obama IS NOT a socialist”.
          How do I know? I am a socialist. In fact, Obama is much more right wing than the darling of the Republicans – Good ol’ Ronald Reagan himself. You right-wingers need to get a new channel to watch, because it is seriously leaving you mis-&-un informed.

          And to top it off…My Habs are much, much better than your Leafs.

          The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

          • Everlasting1 says:

            Bill O’Reilly is right-wing. Enuff said.

            Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  30. fuhgawz says:

    i switched email addy’s and still no avatar???? what gives

  31. habitual says:

    I take it no Pleks, no Halperin.

  32. dh says:

    OT (sort of)
    ISTR someone saying that there would be an iPhone app to read HIO. Is that correct? The new format sucks on iPhone as it doesn’t group by threads and I no longer seem to have the choice to use the web version.

  33. smiler2729 says:

    The worm definitely turned for the Habs this time.

    Minnesota played Saturday afternoon and lost a fight filled game 5-4 in a Shootout to CBJ. Played again Sunday evening and got blown out 8-1. Now after a one day respite, they welcome the Laffs, no doubt in a very foul mood so expect a resounding Wild victory.

    Usually it’s the Habs having to face some team looking for a rebound from a shellacking. This time we essentially knock out the Laffs vicariously thru the Wild.

    As for the Buffaloes, I don’t think they’re as hungry as it’s being made out. They’ve looked worn out lately from their playoff spot push and basically look as though they have 8th place pretty securely wrapped up.

    *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

    • observer says:

      Minnesota’s tough loss in OT on Saturday shook them not because of the fights but because it just about knocked them out of the playoff race. Buffalo suffered a terrible loss on Sunday blowing a 2 goal lead with less than 2 and a half minutes left in the game. Then losing quickly in overtime. Which puts them in peril of being caught for that #8 spot. We’ll see how they bounce back off of that. They have beaten the Habs the last 2 meetings, the one in Buffalo with a very physical game.

    • filincal says:

      I say the shooters take shots wide of the net and have them bounce back in the slot…Miller loves it when rebounds come off the “trampolines”.


  34. nick says:

    Any idea where I can find Matt Cooke suspension history? Looking for everything going back 4-5 years.

  35. HalifaxHabs says:

    Looking forward to Carey bouncing back with a big game tonight… too bad we don’t play the Wild everynight, lol.

    Oh and most importantly… GO DEVILS.

    Isn’t it funny to think, after everything this team has been through, a win for us tonight, coupled with a loss by Boston to NJ(very likely) we would be back in first place in the division going into the game against Boston Thursday night.

    GO HABS GO!!!

  36. Greg says:

    Check out Gui! on the left in the expensive seats. I guess he didn’t like it in Minnesota.

  37. Nina76 says:

    Go guys Go just like you did agnist can do it if you play as a team you have the guts don’t give up play for 60 min. GO HABS GO!!!!!!

  38. geo_habsgo says:

    Looking at the number of shootout wins that Tampa has this season, if we were to tie them in points at the end of the season wouldnt we take their spot in the lineup because of the new shootout rule? In the event of a tie at the end of the regular season, aren’t points won with the shootout negated or something?

    • SensFanSpezza says:

      Yes. The first tiebreaker is wins, minus shootout wins. So, if Tampa and Montreal tied at 43 wins apiece, for example, and if Tampa had ten SO wins, while the Habs had four, the Canadiens would win the tiebreak with a total of 39 regulation or OT wins to the Lightning’s 33. It’s a stupid rule.

      • geo_habsgo says:

        Yeah..seems kinda strange to me too. But I won’t mind the rule if it actually bumps us up another spot :p
        Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • wall2bay says:

      No need to worry about tie-breakers……..we’re taking the F’ckin Division!!!

      “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  39. jpsh34 says:

    Any word on Plecs??

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