Another crucial week (aren’t they all?) begins

The Canadiens finally play the Rangers – twice.

Pittsburgh is at the Bell Centre Wednesday, the night after the Canadiens visit New York.

The long slog continues.

• Red Fisher on the no-quit Habs

• Dave Stubbs on Scott Gomez

• Pierre Ladouceur’s on the youth core

• Michel Bergeron thinks the Habs need help on D

Jonas Hiller is on fire; Max: 17:50, 3 SoG, 6 hits, 11-7 on draws

Carolina gets closer

Interesting story from “Little Montreal”, Kamploops, B.C.

Six games for Tom the Bomb



  1. mike g says:


    You know, sometimes when I hear former coaches talking on tv or the radio, I’m able to tell that they’re really great people, they know their stuff, and it’s no surprise why they had success in the NHL and had such long careers as coaches.

    And then sometimes, I hear people like Bergeron and Milbury talking, and you really wonder if drinking too much kool-aid finally caught up to them, or if they were just born dumb as doorknobs. It really surprises me to know that these guys once controlled an NHL team. And to hear them speak about how they would coach certain situations now and their opinion on so many matters is simply shocking.

    So IMO, it’s either because they were born crazy or they’re trying to sound crazy just to spark up conversations and add spice to whichever show they’re on.

    But all I know is that knowing that they once coached in the best pro league in the world,…well, it gives me tons of hope!


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

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