And your officials are…

…just because we like to stir things up early:

Referees Kerry Fraser and Bill McCreary.


  1. Nahlsy says:

    Well the penalty tally was 39 mins to the Habs, 12 to the Leafs.

    The goals disallowed were 1 for the Habs and 0 for the Leafs.

    I’d say it was about what was expected from these two, all that was missing was Don Donut Koharski

  2. Keith says:

    Fraser is hard on the Habs but Chris Lee is the absolute WORSE referee in the NHL.

  3. HabLion says:

    In the past, having Fraser for a Habs-Leafs game would have had me pissed off before the game even started. Now, it’s like “Whew, no Chris Lee”!

  4. wd40 says:

    hio faithful… i guess i’m a bit early but is the game on the net anywhere?

  5. Number31 says:

    At least it isn’t Chris Lee!

  6. edgar_falcon says:

    McCreary is pretty good but i always find myself yelling at frazer “wheres the call???!!!” or “what the hell that was a horrible call!!!!” lets hope its not the same tonight…

  7. Exit716 says:

    I think this is a way to give two veteran refs the chance to be in the spotlight on Hall of Fame weekend.

  8. MikeMcLaren says:

    I thought Carbonneau and Fraser were starting to get a little chummier with each other. I’d be way more worried if it was Therrien behind the bench… actually Therrien’s poor relationship with Fraser would be the least of my worries if that was the case.


  9. showey47 says:

    Two officials from southern ontario doing a game in toronto? The game hasn’t even started yet and we are already shorthanded. Hope the PK is well rested, they will get alot of work tonight. I guess it could be worse, chris lee and tim peel could also be the linesmen in this game.

  10. DD says:

    Years ago, The Hockey News, decided to do a full colour ‘People’ glossy paged type magazine. One month they did a story on Kerry Fraser. Fraser actually posed in a studio, in his ref’s uniform, blowing whistle, waving his arms like he was waving off a penalty and a few other choice moves. Every hair was in place. I remember thinking, what a putz.

  11. habsgod says:

    be thankful it’s not terry(i cheer and cheat for) the make me laffs gregson! he always helped the laffs beat us because they couldn’t do so without gregson’s help!

  12. Shiloh says:

    Keep an eye on LaSlowesse tonight. I will be. I want to see that brilliance you write about.

  13. Shiloh says:

    Kerry Fraser is a Leaf-lover. He always hurts the Habs. And he lets teams cheap-shot Kovy.

  14. HNS says:

    Nice. Dumb and Dumber…..

  15. tony d says:

    Timo, why so cheery?? (kidding)
    I’m as frustrated as you are with their sloppy ass play but if there’s ever a night they can turn it around, it’s tonight.
    I’m excited and optimistic, but if they don’t show up I’ll raise bloody hell later.

  16. tony d says:

    his hair usually shows up about a half hour before he does

  17. CanadianPGA says:

    I thought Kerry Frazer wasn’t going to be able to make it until the third period? His hair appointment is at 4pm and it’ll take at least 4 hours to set before he can skate.

    One things for sure; somebody should let him know that regardless of his ego he doesn’t have a stick, isn’t actually playing for Toronto and his hair looked great in 1986.


  18. Barts says:

    Two of the best. That’s why they’re assigned to this marquee game.

  19. Chuck says:

    Sarcasm noted… I hope.


  20. Bradlo says:

    Frazer…oh no

    I like McCreary though

  21. Komi For Captain says:

    Why does everyone hate Kerry Fraser? I heard that Don Cherry loves him, and that’s enough for me….

  22. Mike says:

    Last year at the bell centre they made me throw out a sign that said “Fraser, I’ll double what they are paying you if you call a fair game”

  23. Komi For Captain says:

    That’s a shame. Would have loved to see if RDS would have shown it. Great idea.

  24. Kristopher7 says:

    At an Expos game they made me throw out a sign I had that said “F*** Bud Selig!” I guess it made sense that they wanted me to throw it out…

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    I have no problem at all with those experienced refs doing the game as they call it like it is and are not trying to impress Walkin.

  26. justintime says:

    It could be worse…I’d take Fraser over Chris Lee any day.

    And McCreary isn’t that bad…actually, I think he’s pretty fair, and one of the better ones.

  27. Xtrahabsfan says:

    although Fraser has mellowed over the years he’s still a PRICK in the Habs foot!

  28. nightmare_49 says:

    The Empty Netters : NHL to Examine Tucker’s Actions, Olie Jokinen Faces Former Team, Habs’ Goalies are Breaking in New Throwback Pads and Evgeni Nabokov has Lower Body Injury and more hockey bits .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. …………………………………………… The Black Hawk Fans are Back in Force .. Canadian Press ….. …………. NY Times Morning Skate : Habs Sale – A Complete Report on this Nonsense .. by Stu Hackel …..

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