And while he waits to sign…

… Carey Price is showing fine form in the rodeo.

Ron Reusch’s blog brings you up to date on the roping skills of the Canadiens goaltender.


  1. Propwash says:

    Well, it’s not exactly what I meant. I see posts slagging CP for partaking in a cattle roping contest on his time off of hockey which every player deserves. I mean, fine, I’d hope that he’s still keeping fit and staying sharp when it comes to hockey and goaltending, but jeez, cut him some slak and frikin let the guy do something that he might like to do.

    In other words to those people who want to bash a Habs goaltender, eff off and let him have a life outside the Bell Center.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  2. matmacat says:

    it’s a cruel activity. But most of us are guilty of some sort of animal abuse… so yea, we should pipe down over this until we’ve corrected our own ways.

  3. SeriousFan09 says:

    So that’s the reason nobody takes your anti-Price tirades seriously, you take what one person says about Price and use it to determine your opinion of all Price fans. Stereotyping, it’s not just for racial profiling anymore!


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  4. SeriousFan09 says:

    He did one day on rodeo, we don’t know what he was doing for the previous 7 days or the 7 following them.

    How about we forbid all Canadiens players from driving if they’re under 25? Men under 25 are the highest risk for car accidents, best not take any chances. Also, definitely no using a vending machine, 13 people die from vending machines falling on them each year. No floor hockey, they might tear their achilles tendon like Sami Salo. No flying either, might get a clot in their leg like Tomas Fleischmann did last season. Or contact with people, they’re all swimming with disease and they might Mono or something. Also no pork, don’t want them getting swine flu…


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  5. Propwash says:

    Jeez, everybody all up in arms for Price doing something that he likes to do.



    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  6. Renegade says:

    Even if Mr. Stubbs did not mention anything about Carey Price’s contract, I guarantee you there would still be posts relating the two events. There is so much hate here, and I would post more often if it decreased. I don’t get it, I can understand criticism of the team in a logical, well thought out manner, but the majority of the time it’s just plain hateful here with irrational rants flooding the comments. I, for one, question some of the decisions made by Habs management (such as trading Halak), but I love this team, and will always love it, regardless of who is playing for them.

  7. LA Loyalist says:

    Nicely put. 


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  8. Mr-T says:

     Wow…That is beyond words.

  9. adam76 says:

    maybe this will help:



    Horseback riding is more dangerous than motorcycle riding, skiing, football, and rugby. 


  10. LA Loyalist says:

    Hey, don’t insult the horse. He knows where he’s going :)


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  11. LA Loyalist says:

    Maybe work on your spelling thing before you generalize about the rest of us.

    That way maybe you can get into a CGEP.





    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  12. adam76 says:

    I lose all respect for any player who takes risks in the off season.  Many NFL contracts have have clauses in which forbids players from doing anything risky in the “off” season.  Just a matter of time before this comes to the NHL.  


    The average career for an NHL player is under 6 seasons.  If said player can;t restrain himself till retirement, I lose respect.  People are harder on Price and more quicker to judge – because of his embarassing record last year.

    If the kid was 26 – 12, no one would care.  Like the rest of life, results and success give you freedom.

  13. noelsroyce says:

    I’m not defending Price…I’m not THAT serious about these posts. LOL. I’m just having a good time seeing pictures of a good looking man. Ease up!   :)



  14. Bugs says:

    Well, who’s gonna play net for us then?

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

  15. Bugs says:

    Loved Reusch. All business. Never heard him to sublty cloud the issue with his own opinion. Never KNEW his opinions actually. Just straight-up discussion; all matters on the table. All business.

    Respect, man.

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

  16. ProHabs says:

    Ya I remember 15 years ago when I was going to University in Montreal that Ron Reusch was the big cheese in the sporting world. I think he was married to another CFCF “broad”caster. If I remember right, I think her name was Suzanne Desotelle or something like that. It was a good catch for Rockin’ Ronny Reusch.

  17. Chuck says:

    Ladies… you wish that your man smelled like me. Look in my trapper. It’s a puck. Now it’s the city of Montreal! I’m on a horse.

  18. Bugs says:

    May he grab a bull by the horns, I say.

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

  19. adam76 says:

    so THAT is the reason khab25 and the rest defend Price with such passion.  I totally understand now.

  20. Chuck says:

    The best thing to come out of this post is my discovery that Ron Reusch is alive and well! (Kidding, but he was my favourite CFCF sportscaster from way back in the day when I lived in the Townships).

  21. GrimJim says:

    Show me the numbers that prove your point and I’ll see it. Because a Google search for “mountain biking injury rate” gave me this abstract;jsessionid=MdGDWVrpZRSPWCGbwr4NDn0dJhkGrGsfH5tbzgypJj2v7jP2Bc1J!547733517!427202863?docId=5002567816

    that quotes an injury rate of 1.2 injuries per 1000 exposures and this abstract

    that quotes 1.54 injuries per 1000 exposures but the 2009 NEISS statistics quotes an injury rate per 100,000 population of 25.6 or 0.256 per 1000 for horseback riding. So if i’m wrong or misinterpreting the data, show me…don’t just quote numbers you and no one else can see. I gave you credit for skiing and rugby. Show me independent corroborated evidence and you CAN change my mind. But just accept your word when you have a self-admitted bias against Price? Sorry. Not going to happen. Everything you say relating to Price is tainted because of your feelings. I’ve watched team roping for 15 years. I’ve seen that it rates pretty f***ing far down on the list of dangerous activities. To get me to believe otherwise you have to come up with better evidence than your grudge against Price.

    BTW, about “organizations are limiting their assets off ice activities in the off ice season”, if you had bothered to read Reusch’s article – or the first two paragraphs of it at least – you would have read “Competing in rodeos as a way of staying in shape in the off season is not exactly what the Canadiens had in mind when they presented Carey Price with his off season fitness program.


    The team relented when Price said he would limit his participation to the Team Roping competition.”

    So Habs mgmt does know what Price is doing, and my inferemce of the article is that they feel team roping is no more dangerous than any other common off-season training activity. If they thought otherwise they would have stopped him like they stopped him from competing in the other rodeo sports.


  22. Number31 says:

    Price will be the new Old Spice guy ;)

  23. Sheldon says:

    Just another HIO yank-a-thon!

  24. noelsroyce says:

    Carey Price in tight jeans and a cowboy hat on a horse…YUM!



  25. GrimJim says:

    More HELPFUL than your link…

  26. J Haul says:

    Carey would be perfect for the show I work on. Get on it Stubbs! :P


    We actually just shot an episode with another prominant athlete. Not sure if I’m allowed to say who yet, but Carey might know…..

  27. SeriousFan09 says:

    Even back in the 1980s, I’m pretty sure teams were much in favour of their players not performing activities that could result in serious injury that could sideline them for months. 

    Zdeno Chara is a Norris trophy winner with All-star honours, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2008 along with Calgary defencemen Robyn Regehr. I’m sure their clubs were thrilled with the idea of their players climbing a mountain in the off-season.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  28. adam76 says:

    Thanks for using caps, they were very HELPFUL.


  29. adam76 says:

    It was irresponsible of Robinson to play polo and risk his season.


    We retired his number cause he was a winner and got the job done.  Plus, the 1970s and 80s were a much different time.  In 2010, being a professional athlete is a 365 day a year job.  Don’t believe me, ask the rest of the Habs who I guarantee are not playing on some dumb ass horse.

  30. BJT says:

    “Any type of equestrian”

    I dunno, I’ve never heard of anybody getting hurt riding a miniature pony around a ring at like 3 kmph.


    Formerly known as Camel_Larry

  31. adam76 says:

    Any type of equestrian is 9 times more likly to cause injury then mountain biking.  It is a risky behavour, and in the 21st century – organizations are limiting their assets off ice activities in the off ice season.

    Sad you don;t see that.

  32. Omit says:

    Hey genius.  Do you only criticize bad spelling when it is people who disagree with you?

  33. Omit says:

    What a great reply.

  34. Omit says:

    Hey genius.  Don’t you mean a CEGEP?

  35. GrimJim says:

    Ah, the Ad Hominem fallacy – Illogical Argument 101. You can’t dispute my facts so you resort to ineffective insults of the person making the argument. The result of the argument is still mine. I have sport-specific research that shows team roping injuries are so statistically insignificant that experts studying sports medicine don’t even consider it while you, when not getting the sport wrong despite the name being written in front of you, can only respond with generic information lumping all equestrian activities together. Nice try. Thanks for playing. I think I’ll go debate with someone armed with cognitive skills now.

  36. keepthefaith says:

    It is also well known that most people who post shit on the internet have no clue what they are talking about.  And by reading most of this board a lot of thos people are here.

  37. SeriousFan09 says:

    Hey guys, remember that irresponsible oaf Larry Robinson? The nerve of that guy to play polo in the off-season, broke his leg one year! Can’t we believed we retired that bum’s number…

    Get real, players have the freedom to live a little off the ice.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  38. adam76 says:

    Don;t worry – you will catch up with the 21st century someday.

  39. Propwash says:

    Heck, even goalies have had their throats slit while playing, guess Price shouldn’t even play anymore seeing that adam cares so much about his well being.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  40. adam76 says:

    Somehow, i’ll sleep tonight.

  41. novahab says:

    Here is the deal Carey sign the dam contract , stop the puck and win the cup.  Then no one will care if you roped baby elephants.

  42. GrimJim says:

    Wow, You REALLY don’t know rodeo do you? That’s the wrong sport, Adam.

    Price does TEAM roping, not steer roping. No one gets off a horse and throws a steer to the ground in TEAM roping. The heeler (which is Price’s position) only throws his rope after the header has already thrown his rope. If the header’s rope correctly lassoes the horns or horn and hoof then the steer has already been slowed down so it’s not running full speed. Often the Heeler misses because the steer is no longer running straight but turning towards the rope. Sometimes the Heeler doesn’t even get to throw his rope if the Header has missed his throw. Finally both roper’s tie their ropes to the saddlehorn prior to the start, so it’s the horse not the roper than takes any strain from the steer. And, oh yeah, let’s not forget the event lasts about 10 secs, tops. So, since the steer is given a half second lead before the riders can even break the barrier, Price is on a running horse for less time than it took you to find that erroneous link.

    BTW, you can read the write-up for the CORRECT sports on the links on the left hand side of the page you linked to, if you had looked. 

  43. madcap_habsfan says:

    that’s a funny image

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  44. Propwash says:

    To me, cattle roping requires good hand/eye co-ordination. Maybe this will help with his glove side. :P


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  45. madcap_habsfan says:

    nobody i’m associated with is guilty of any type of animal abuse, so i will pipe up all i want about it…i’m not a fan of it period

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  46. Pucker Up says:

    Big deal. Halak liked playing soccer and racing cars in is off-season.

  47. HaloHabsFan says:

    This is simply the case of a journalist adding a twist to a story to spark debate, I wouldn’t get too worked up over it.  I doubt any checking was done with Price or his agent to confirm the rodeo events are holding up contract negotiations, yet the title of this blog certainly suggests the two are related even though the actual article on Price at the rodeo makes no mention to an NHL contract.

  48. Storm Man says:

    LOL you have a new pic of Price up….. You have such passion for your crush.

  49. K-hab25 says:

    Show me ONE bit of evidence, just ONE!!!

  50. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all the love RR is getting here. I couldn’t stand the guy, I’ve never seen a bigger negative nelly in my life, he never had anything positive to say about any of the local sports teams. His  opinions sounded so scripted as he would read them off a sheet! He retired about 10 years too late! He must have had some pictures of Bill Haugland or something.

  51. LNev says:

    He could fall off the boat and drown while bass fishing… he could get hit by a golf ball and break his foot… he could be riding a motorcycle…

    Lots of ways to risk injury in life.   He chooses Rodeo. 


    (Hi I’m a long time lurker!)

  52. Greg says:

    Thanks for the link Dave, except it doesn’t work for me.  Anybody else have this problem?

    And to everyone that’s annoyed that Carey Price is in a rodeo, google “rodeo + calf roping”.  Please. Players are allowed to have fun in the off season.

    If I was Carey Price, I’d be staying well clear of Montreal until I had a contract, or I’d be the center of a media frenzy I’d rather avoid.


    “I lined up next to him at a faceoff, looked over and said “Hi Rocket”. All he did was growl.”

    -Gordie Howe

  53. RJ says:

    It is well known Price has a poor work ethic. Nice to know he is focused on the season.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  54. LA Loyalist says:

    You are so right. I was just thinking about Malakhov last night. Got his ass traded for skiing when he was supposed to be injured.

    Sigh. Price is smarter than that, right?

    To be fair, if you are used to horses, it’s not dangerous unless you do something really dumb. I got pitched once for going too close to a jump (that we weren’t jumping). It was my fault, not the horses. I landed face down about a foot away from a horse dropping, so I was lucky :)



  55. GrimJim says:

    You’ve never seen calf roping if you think it’s dangerous. Vinnie LeCav risks greater injury every time he sits behind the wheel of his shiny black ferrari…

  56. adam76 says:


    Average seasons is 6.  If any player can not dedicate their full time attn during their career – I have zero respect.


    MBAs, bull fighting are to be reserved when you are retired (at the ripe old age of 32!)

  57. adam76 says:

    So Cammalleri is doing the morning shows, being the face of the franchise.  Maxim lapierre dedicated his time to fundrasing for the Canadians Children Charity foundation.  PK hit the Gym and looks like MT T. 

    Price jumps on a horse, risking injury.  

    Reminds me of Vladimir Malakhov.

  58. The Teacher says:

    I believe Ron Reusch is married to Caroline Van Vlardengen.

  59. ganderhab says:

    Speaking of dangerous off ice activities – The Canadian Ball Hockey Championships were held recently in St. Johns. If any of you have ever played ball hockey for any length of time you would know the long term effect on your knees that running on concrete has. The surfaces are usually a little slippery and it is a tough sport to play at a high level. A Newfoundland team won and had two NHL players on it – Adam Pardy of the Flames and Teddy Purcell of Tampa Bay. I was surprised that they are allowed to play this in the off season. It also had an Ex NHLer that you might all remember – Terry Ryan, our one time first round pick.

  60. BJ says:

    A good morning from Europe. A fun cartoon on the Guy Lafleur acquital…..

  61. GrimJim says:

    Here kid, try this

    Read carefully, TEAM roping is considered a minor rodeo sport in terms of injuries and doesn’t even make Dr. Butterwicks’ list in his 5-year epidemiologic analysis of rodeo injuries. It’s grouped under “Other”. Please don’t confuse it (AGAIN) with calf roping or as it is now known Steer Roping.

  62. Habsforlife 1959 says:

    A perfect heading for sure to start the day off. That’s the million questions here IF CP will sign or not? All naysayer’s who says CP is just a………….whatever comes to their mind? CP has done nothing wrong here. Its all about what his agent is doing on his behave. CP stated a while back that he is “Restricted” and left it at that. What’s all the fuss in getting CP signed when every Tom, Dick & Harry thinks he should not be given any status on a contract since CP has no power to negotiate a deal? Will thats not the case and its being workout in a very quiet way where nobody knows what’s up at this moment? Stay tuned for all the drama to come.



  63. The Cat says:

    Washington is one d-man upgrade away from winning it all. They should go for Bieksa IMO


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  64. W35T5ID3 says:

    Check out this compilation of highlight reel goals.I’ve never seen these before.I think mostly international leagues hockey goals… from the euro leagues and stuff.There’s absolute beauties and nice new creative moves i never have seen in the NHL.     


  65. nightmare_49 says:

       Report ;  Washington Looking for ‘D’ man – from Peter Adler


       The Washington Capitals are in talks with two teams, the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks, about moving forward Tomas Fleischmann, 26, who is coming off a career year, an NHL source says.

       If Edmonton were the place, Sheldon Souray would be heading to Washington. Kevin Bieksa would move from the Canucks to Washington.

       Read more:

  66. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …this summer toured Southeast Asia with the Kids, then on Our return, for a difference, set-out on a camping trip in a circle up the Fraser (where the salmon are almost leaping in your boat at this time) …through Kamloops, Revelstoke, back down through Kelowna, Manning Park, etc.. …thought I would escape My Habs for a few months (AND the loss of Boucher and half the Bulldogs to Tampa !!!) …then I and the Kids roll into Chilliwack …and WHO do I bump into ? …Carey ‘Enigma’ Price …ropin’ calves none the less ! (…and missin’ most of ‘em)

    …tonight My first read of HIO since June

    …Cripes ! …more things change …more they’re EXACTLY as They were !

    …will be another interesting season for bitchin’, cryin’, laughin’ & dyin’ …at least

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  67. GrimJim says:

    Or if you want more recent data

    Motorcycle 254,054 cases 9.2% hospitalized or doa for 23373 cases

    horseback 78499 cases 3.7% hospitalized or DOA for 2,904 cases

    Football 451,961 cases 3.2% hospitalized or DOA for 14,462 cases

    LAcrose Rugby etc 92,949 cases 0.4% hosp. or DOA for 371 cases

    Snowskiing, snowboarding 100,359 cases 1.4% hosp or DOA for 1003 cases

    so you’re right about rugby and skiing but way off on motorcycles and football. But the horseback riding statistics also including jumping, absolute amateurs on trail rides, riding across open fields with hazards like gopher holes etc., not pros on well-trained horses in groomed sandy infields riding for SEVEN (7) seconds.



  68. GrimJim says:

    First of all, thanks for linking to a scholarly article that you need to be a member to access. It’s really easy to argue when your opponent can’t check your facts…

    That being said…

    Source: National Electronic Injury Surveillance System
    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    National Injury Information Clearinghouse

    Estimates for Sports Injuries 1998
    (1998 Statistics should be released from the CPSC in July of 2000)


     Sport & Product Code

    Estimated # of Cases

    Age Percents Age 0-4

    Age Percents Age 5-14

    Age Percents Age 15-24

    Archery (1235) 3,110 2.8 22.7 27.5
    Ball Sports (3236 41,534 5.7 54.3 20.1
    Baseball (5041) 180,582 4.5 50.4 23.3
    Basketball (1205) 631,186 0.6 31.5 46.4
    Bicycles (5040) 577,621 7.1 55.0 15.2
    Bleachers (1294) 19,161 14.5 50.3 12.4
    Bowling (1206) 23,130 5.0 17.8 16.7
    Boxing (1207) 9,183 0.0 8.6 54.4
    Cheerleading (3254) 18,858 0.0 44.8 54.8
    Dancing (3278) 38,427 3.5 19.2 36.3
    Diving or Diving Boards (1278) 11,124 2.3 40.8 31.2
    Exercise w/o Equipment (3299) 123,177 0.4 13.9 26.3
    Exercise Equipment (3277) 33,320 17.4 25.8 9.7
    Field Hockey (1295) 4,666 1.7 43.3 49.3
    Football (1211) 355,247 0.3 45.0 43.1
    Golf (1212) 46,019 6.4 23.0 7.5
    Gymnastics (1272) 31,446 3.8 77.3 16.0
    Hockey (not specified)(3272) 42,285 2.4 36.2 34.5
    Horseback Riding (1239) 64,692 1.5 20.2 15.3
    Ice Hockey (1279) 22,231 0.6 35.3 37.4
    Ice Skating (3255) 33,741 2.4 46.4 18.8
    In-Line Skating (3297) 110,783 0.7 61.1 18.7
    Martial Arts (3257) 23,018 1.1 23.5 30.6
    Roller Skating (3216) 53,681 2.2 60.5 12.5
    Rugby (3234) 8361 0.0 0.1 65.9
    Skateboards (1333) 54,532 2.7 50.7 39.5
    Skating (not specified)(3217) 27,481) 2.4 61.5 16.2
    Snow Skiing (3283) 81,787 0.5 14.2 15.9
    Soccer (1267) 169,734 0.5 45.7 37.6
    Softball (5034) 132,625 0.3 19.2 30.1
    Squash, Racquet Ball or Paddle (3256) 8,984 0.0 8.9 26.3
    Swimming (3274) 49,331 5.2 40.1 20.7
    Tennis (3284) 22,665 1.0 18.8 19.2
    Track & Field (5030) 15,560 0.0 40.9 54.6
    Trampolines (1233) 95,239 9.6 69.6 14.0
    Volleyball (1266) 66,191 0.1 25.2 42.6
    Water Skiing (1264) 14,487 0.0 4.7 32.9
    Weight Lifting (3265) 60,039 5.9 12.1 34.7
    Wrestling (1279) 43,917 1.3 36.4 51.7

    The above information has been compiled from the Product Summary Report, Injury Estimates for Calendar Year 1998, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. The Product Summary report is a compilation of information derived from product-associated injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms participating in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). The NEISS estimates are calculated from a sample of hospitals which are statistically representative of institutions with emergency treatment departments located within the United States and its territories. There are approximately 100 hospitals participating in the surveillance system.

  69. SPATS says:

    Yes indeed, I was living there at the time and couldn’t wrap my mind around that hottie marrying the rather unattractive Mr Reusch, maybe he was a terrific lover….yeeecccchhhh

  70. SPATS says:

    And while we wait for him to sign, he’s wondering if his hometown will still be standing next week. Puts the silly talk here in perspective. They may have dodged the worst for now, but his hometown of Anahim lake is at risk. The current wildfires are far from over and the forecast is for high winds and some lightning.

    Gionta for Captain

    Dryden for Prime Minister

  71. Chorske says:

    The whole discussion regarding Price and the delays in signing him has generated thousands of posts on HIO because Price is a key part of the Habs’ plans. The media don’t whip us into a frenzy. We’re perfectly capable of generating that kind of hysteria all by our lonesomes, thank YOU very much. Heck, even the summer vacation absence of one of the chief regular media troublemakers (and I say that with much admiration, Mr Boone) didn’t slow us down one whit.

    Pff. Blaming the press is so lame.

  72. Dave Stubbs says:

    Chuck, I wrote here (and in print, almost R.I.P.) a couple of weeks ago that there was nothing nefarious about Price not yet having signed. His agent believed then, and presumably still, that the deal will get done before training camp.

    We could let HIO lay fallow during the dog-days of summer, but we try when possible to offer fresh posts with links simply to keep the conversation here alive, and without readers having to wade through very many hundreds of comments.

    This rodeo post wasn’t intended to stir controversy. It was meant only to show that Price is a decent rodeo cowboy.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter:

  73. Bill J says:

    I do agree with Halo Dave, knowing the pulse of the fans on the topic.  The title of this thread can be read in a rather negative way.

    Ultimately, some Habs fans are just VERY sensitive on the topic and you guys are just doing your jobs :)

  74. Bill J says:

    3rd ???  You disrespect Adam….

    He by far is the leader of the agitators!

    #1 with a bullet.

    King of the mountain.


    Master Agitator extraordinaire.


    Certainly NOT #3.

    ;) lol

  75. Bill J says:

    LOL – funny analogy.


  76. habstrinifan says:

    Please keep those links and any other HABS related material coming. Even if it is umpteenth degree removed from actual ‘hockey stuff’. We will read them ALL and infer and extrapolate. It’s our raison d’être. 

    It is what it is! If they wear a habs jersey then they should expect us to be interested!

    Can you inform HIO on any information you know re Price’s off season training. Who is he working with? Where?

    Camp is getting close and it would be nice to know that he is in serious readiness despite the contract situation.



  77. derfab says:

    The man is right Dave. No equivacating please. You are busted. Collective guilt I say. CP will not finish his next contract in Mtl. 

    character is derfab destiny.

  78. HaloHabsFan says:

    Dave – I come here quite often to read the links posted on here and quite appreciate it.  Keep ‘em coming!

    But, the article has no mention of Carey Price signing a contract.  The title of your blog makes a direct reference to the contract negotiations, could easily be taken as implying Price is too busy with the rodeo to sign a contract.  Seperate topics, yet you’ve combined the two and added fuel to the fire. 

    Did you call Carey Price or his agent and ask if the rodeo is what is holding up the negotiations?  As a member of the media in a town such as Montreal I’d focus on the facts as opposed to linking two events to create an angle that may not exist.

  79. HaloHabsFan says:

    You know the “And while he waits to sign…” was intended on throwing fuel to the fire.  I doubt anyone would be concerned about Price not signing yet if the media didn’t feel the need to jump all over it and create a story out of nothing.

  80. RGM says:

    Several hundred commenters on this site beg to differ.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  81. RJB says:

    Hey Chuck, it was an article. No need to overexaggerate. Nothing wrong with linking to another site that has a story about something that is completely public. Stubbs isnt digging through Prices trash or anything….If Boone was here though, we’d be up to date on what Price had for dinner last week.



  82. terrygain says:

    He should have been signed before they traded Jaro.


    Did anyone notice how those Maple Leaf fans are such sheep? They support management no matter what. It’s no wonder they haven’t won in 43 years.

  83. Mr-T says:

    Boone is a subtle agitator that is his niche or at least one of them. He is methodical at his technique in getting a response from the member’s on this site. Stubbs is a close second.                                                                                                     


    Support Carey Price         “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                                                                     

  84. ProHabs says:

    adam76 is third.

  85. andrewberkshire says:

    Adam76 isn’t subtle. Adam76 regularly runs up to wasp nests and smacks them with a sledgehammer while covered in honey, and then wonders why he gets stung.

  86. Chorske says:

    Lassoing losses?

  87. RGM says:

    Being banned from a private website and censorship are not even remotely close to being the same thing. Next.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  88. RGM says:

    I’m not too concerned about it, Bill. People who can’t distinguish the difference between being banned from one website for violating its rules and the utter suppression of a person’s right to express themselves fall in the “mind over matter” category for me – I don’t mind because they don’t matter.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  89. Bill J says:

    Funny – I think your trying to put words in his mouth.

    I do not see him saying “Rightly so”

    But then again, from what I’ve seen in your posts in general, it would not surprise me if you where a family member of Tony’s.

  90. Everlasting1 says:

    Rightly so? Are you for censorship? Some are often berated by the mob here, and are just too immature to simply ignore. Really, the mob got Tony banned, not the mods. But most like the mudslinging.



    Don’t pollute the water.

  91. Bill J says:

    You must have been away from Habs I/O for a stretch if your asking this.

    Tony was on here 24/7 repeating the same thing over and over and over and over … and over and over and over … (fast forward to 6 hours later) … and over and over and over again.

    There’s only so much negativity some can take, before it angers them.

    After all – this is MEANT to be a FAN site for the Habs, not a “Sh!t on the Habs site”


  92. K-hab25 says:

    You mean, Tony the Super Troll, aka TST!!

  93. otter649 says:

    Same material – Different username………

  94. J Haul says:

    Likely the way in which he states said opinion. Name calling and bashing are clearly meant to illicit negative responses, so we shouldn’t be shocked when posts containing those things get those responses. You can state an opinion without getting to those extremes and calling members of the organization a “geniuses” or a “priceadona” (not witty by the way).

    At some point it’s like, “we get it… you hate _____”.

  95. RJB says:

    If I drink the kool-aid does it shut you up? Wheres the line?

  96. scrowe21 says:

    Why is this guy catching so much heat for stating his opinion? A lot of people think it was a huge mistake dealing halak, especially BEFORE they even had price locked up.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion….I also think it will be a long season in Montreal with Price being number 1…doesn’t mean im hoping for it.


    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21

  97. Fire_Laraque says:

    Who would call him?  No seriously, think about it… if he speaks the way he writes, it’s just like trying to make sense of the Bugs Bunny cartoons on TV.  Must be a very hard conversation to follow.

  98. Bugs says:

    I never bought that injured Theo heel story for a second.

    I think management, in collaboration with Theo and his entourage, cooked it up to get him out’ve the pressure-cooker so that Huey (who was playing MUCH better) could consolidate the goalie position without controversy.

    I think the photographer-in-the-bushes business was a total set-up and a sham.

    My opinion.

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

  99. andrewberkshire says:

    But then why didn’t Theo start playing in Colorado sooner?

  100. Bugs says:

    I was waiting for someone to ask me that.

    To give the conspiracy legs by not having the whole city call him a coward for going along with the sham. It’s the only possible reason. It’s either that reason or the whole thing makes no kinda sense and only serves to make me look like an utter fool. And we can’t have that.

    So accept it!

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

  101. andrewberkshire says:

    I’ll accept it, if only to make sure no one calls you a fool.

  102. Bill J says:

    Guess whose back – Tony the Super Clone!

  103. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    You’re very merry, Antoinette.



  104. Propwash says:

    Guuh. Lame post #1 ^


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  105. RGM says:

    Didn’t you get the hint when you were banned the first 242 times?

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  106. FuzE_gus says:

    A world Junior Championship a Calder Cup and 2 BC Rodeo Roping Events?

    Talk about pedigree.  No wonder Halak never had a hope to stick with the Habs.

    The Habs better rope this kid in before he breaks his neck falling of a horse.  ;)


    With Regards from FuzE_gus

  107. Chorske says:

    Nice to know the Thoroughbred is taking care of himself, staying away from risky activites and suchlike.

  108. K-hab25 says:

    Was thinking something similar when I read this the other day. After reading though, I realised it’s not much of a danger, atleast no more than riding horses around the ranch would be.

  109. Exit716 says:

    You mean like when Joe “Duh, should I put my hand in that snowblower” Sakic got hurt or Jose “I can’t afford to hire a landscaper to salt my driveway” Theodore fell and broke his heel?


  110. RetroMikey says:

    I wonder if Carey Price will start  learn to play Polo. 

    We all know what happened to Larry Robinson in the offseason one year after taking up the sport.


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  111. HaloHabsFan says:

    Thanks for the update on Carey Price’s personal life Dave Stubbs.

    And we wonder why players avoid Montreal.

    Frikkin media.

  112. Dave Stubbs says:

    We linked to someone else’s blog, Chuck, in the spirit of keeping the conversation flowing with a fresh item that ultimately will be a jumping-off point for comments far removed from its subject.

    And I don’t think Carey’s trying to take part in the rodeo in private.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter:

  113. madcap_habsfan says:

    so my new nickname for him is cowboy …like i said before im not really afan of the whole roping thing though it is good to see him doing something he enjoys and not getting carried away (we can’t have him injured )…sorry ive kind of said the same thing twice

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  114. madcap_habsfan says:

    the only danger is to the calves really. Cowboy has been riding horses as long as he’s been skating so i’ve read, he’s safe

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  115. JIMVINNY says:

    Christopher Reeves wasn’t a beginner rider, though.

  116. otter649 says:

    Price played better when his mask was decorated with Country & Western Singers…………lol

  117. habs4eternity says:

    too bad the kid can’t rope a win.

  118. Bugs says:

    Too harsh. He roped wins.

    Shoulda said something else. “Too bad he can’t rope consistency” for example.

    Questionable but unactionable, it’s

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant Head Honcho to what goes down in Chinatown, Big Cheese at Flannelcorp Media, and Lead Copy-boy at Habsbros Hard Data Factory:

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