And then they rested …


The Canadiens have a day off today and return to practice tomorrow.

There will be much to discuss.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

Quick Hits and About last night …

Arpon Basu’s playoff picture


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  3. says:

    I don’t get the Habs travel strategy. You play a home game on Tuesday night then you have to fly to Carolina after the game. So why fly home immediately after the Carolina game the next night and get back to Montreal at 2 or 3am, take a day off then fly to NJ the following day. No wonder the team is tired. Stay over in Carolina and let the guys sleep and then fly to NJ Thursday afternoon and rest up there. Does anyone remember the days of team bonding?? They seem to do this stuff a lot. I think ot hurts the team myself. Just a thought.

    L Train

  4. Habsfan4 says:

    Come on everyone, you have to face the facts. Right now the Habs are not a very good team. They have been average at best all year. Now, they are just plain bad. They have no one who is the leader on the ice. No one goes into the corners, no one is in front of the net, no one cycles, no one gets the hit game after game and most of all who is the scorer….!? They have some good players. Most if not all are over payed. Where are the power forwards? Where is the preverbal NHL Center Ice Man. Big, tough, good skater, good shooter, set up man, not afraid to be in the corners digging for the puck. Yes, on the other teams. Sorry, this season is over. And, until the Habs get the bigger, tougher, faster, take the body, cycle, take the man players, they will be in the middle to end of the pack year after year, after year……

    • habitat says:

      Much to my dismay, you are absolutely correct. Boston, Tampa Bay and various other teams got stronger, bigger, and faster at the deadline. I think PG plugged holes as best he could without prostituting the team in the future. I have said it before, and I will say it now, Gomez must go. To much money for not enough in return. I realize the injuries this year, however I do not believe even as a healthy team, we have the grit and scoring ability for a bonafide cup run.

      Gomez and Spacek next year are in the minors or hopefully trade. The trade is probably wishful thinking. I can dream. If possible, Regher and or Shea Weber would be ideal. Markov and Gorges are very good. Given the sustained knee issues with Markov maybe a trade package at the draft. Probably wishful thinking. Gill, Wiznewski and especially Subban are keepers. Sopel is decent.

      Offense, shop Cam for some size. AKOS I would keep him. would like to see Muller as coach. Muller brings spirit on the bench, where martin is to vanilla in attitude. Martin has not done a bad job, given injuries, however I believe a spirited coach would help.

      Eller, AKos seem to jell. I would like to see Benoit Pouliot with these two guys. MAX Pac was a big loss.

      At draft day, obtain a sizable punishing gritty defense-man.


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  6. moementum says:

    The excuse for loosing last nights game was they played a hungrier team. When they play a team that is not in the playoff race and loose its because the other team had nothing to loose and were under no pressure. They have it covered every way.

  7. Well, yet another disappointing and frustrating game to watch. Now, I’m sure this isn’t actually the case, but it sure seems like every time the Habs turn it over in their defensive zone the opposition freaking scores. The last week and a half the Canadiens have just not been taking care of the puck, at all. If you just retain possession and don’t give the puck away all the time, scoring chances will come. And on top of that, the defence won’t have to constantly be scrambling around their own zone. You cannot make as many errant passes and stupid plays as the Habs are lately and expect to win many games.

  8. CranbrookEd says:

    It would seem that the most popular description of the HABS opponents of late, has been that they were hungrier. If the hungrier team has indeed been winning, then the HABS should have no problem winning the last game against the Leaves . . . because at this rate, they will be the hungrier team and in desperate need of the points. If at this point of the season, opposing teams are indeed hungrier than the HABS, there is then a significant issue not just with particular individuals, but the team as a whole, including the coaching staff.

    While it can be (and often is) pointed out that Gomez has been a failure this season, he alone does not carry the weight for the recent slide . . . Gomez has been consistent all season, there are others who have more recently checked out (arguably) resulting in the current run of futility. I am in no way supporting Gomez, but the team was having a decent season while he was not performing over the first half of the schedule.

    Gomez is guilty of being too comfortable and thus not in need to generate much urgency to his “work”. He need not show up for work in peak physical condition, since he is guaranteed of a job and salary . . . but he is not the only professional athlete who is in this situation. I remember when NHL players were being given (at the time) exorbitant amounts of money (80 to 100 thousand!) and it was explained that this was because of the risk that they were taking at lost earning power if they were injured and became unable to play. To a point, I can accept that rationale. However, there is no need to think that someone needs to be “taken care of” for the rest of their life if they are injured with a knee or shoulder injury that prevents them from playing hockey, but not from getting a regular job. There are plenty of players eking out an existence in the minors knowing that a career ending injury could take place at any point, after which they will have to earn an income in another way. With that in mind, they continue to work hard and perform, otherwise they will not have that particular job.

    Contracts for more than two (or so) years need to stop coupled with the obscene amounts of money. A base salary with performance clauses inside of a two (or so) year contract may not guarantee a star level performance each and every night, but it should certainly increase the number of nights that players decide to earn their salary.

    All of that said, the HABS have been hurting this season and it may be catching up to them. However, to have players seemingly go through the motions at this stage of the schedule, is unacceptable.


  9. petefleet says:

    “Canadiens added Paul Mara and Brent Sopel, who take Picard and Weber’s place and as far as I can tell the difference is negligible.”

    On this point I beg to differ. The Habs were winning with Picard and Weber in the line up. Mara and Sopel are bigger (?) but not as mobile or talented.

    As for blame, let’s look at who’s doing better this year compared to last. It’s a very short list. Are you ready? It’s the whipping boys. That’s right. The guys most of you love to hate. AK46, Pouliot and Hammer. That’s it. The rest are worse than last year, statistically. Our bacon, the top 2 lines, are all struggling this year (no revelation there). Hard to win like that. What’s more amazing is that AK46 and Pouliot have improved with limited ice time and a parade of linemates….even some bench time. 1/3 of the salary cap, 4 guys, don’t get the job done night after night and 46, 57, and 44 are to blame. ‘Hammer is too slow to play against Staal’ was the buzz last night. Staal had 1 assist last night.
    Anyway, my perspective from the chair.

    ***Habs Forever***

  10. ClaytonM says:

    I guess I watched another game last night, because I saw a much closer game in regards to effort, scoring chances, speed and energy. The only difference between everyone here crying in their beer or coffee was Carolina buried almost every scoring opportunity that came their way, while Montreal kept hitting posts, sticks, legs and even butts. The fact is if Price pulls out a game-changing save on Skinner when he’s in all alone, maybe the momentum swings our way. But the numbers don’t lie- we outshot them in the 1st & 2nd and were 8 vs 9 in the 3rd. Posts saying how much they sucked last night make me shake my head and wonder how you got so drunk before a 7pm start.

    Go Habs, wrap up a playoff berth in New Jersey this weekend so Price can get some well deserved rest.

    Ken Dryden For NHL Commissioner

    • Clay says:

      Yeah, saw it the same way. We out-chanced them through 2 as well, and better (or more timely, perhaps) goal-tending would have won us that game.
      Price has played so well this season, and I think that fact, combined with the intensity of the Halak/Price debate, have people here not willing to say anything bad about our goal-tending.

      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  11. habs365 says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel sorry for the two stars we have Carey and PK the rest are all 2nd-3rd-4th liners at their best if I was martin I would put my best on each line as rated and let them be till season end. this is how I see it.

    Cammalleri – Plekanec – Gionta
    Kostitsyn – Desharnais – Darche
    Pouliot – Gomez – Moen
    White – Eller – Halpern

    Subban – Wisniewski
    Hamrlik – Gill
    Sopel – Picard
    Mara – Weber

    send a message to the guys, this is the way the team is gonna look for the remainder of the season barring injuries as well as the playoffs, get to know how to play together this is it, win-lose or draw.Max-pac will replace Kostitsyn on the 2nd line should he return. Kostitsyn will drop down to the 3rd and pouliot to the 4th

    White and Pyatt will be in and out as needed. I know this is a waste of time because it may work and martin would look bad someone having to figure out the lines for him. it’s been a hard year for the fans however the end is near.

  12. eric says:

    An exerpt from BG”s talk to Gomez.
    ” Get it together Scott, you’re making me look bad”

    • smiler2729 says:

      Scott Gomez is here to stay and he’s not the sole reason the Habs are mediocre.

      His salary makes him a whipping boy, fair enough but since he’s here to stay, let’s encourage him to play to his capabilities instead of beating him down into a shell of his former self.

  13. Hammer says:

    Carey Price has spent the entire year covering up the deficincies that the rest of the team has. These include;
    a) A top six that would be considered weak through most of the league
    b) A top six that is too small and easily pushed around
    c) Lack of physicality. No one to back up the top six that get brushed aside all too often
    d) Total lack of team discipline. How can you get a high tempo game going when you spend too much time in the penalty box
    e) A system that teams have figured out
    f) Lack of creativity

    • smiler2729 says:

      I agree that the Habs have a lot of key forwards that are “too small” but they choose to play that way. Saku Koivu, Theoren Fleury and Martin St. Louis are all small guys that play or played big.

      These Habs let themselves be pushed around and end up playing a weak ass perimeter game that gets them nowhere.

      If only some of the bigger players actually stood up and intimidated the hell out of opponents, things might be different.

      AK46, Pouliot, Moen are all AWOL.

  14. J_P says:

    Some posters (let’s call them apologists) around here seem to think that there’s nothing wrong with this team, and come playoff time they’ll flip some magical switch and will all of a sudden become contenders. I really hope that those people are right because the habs look downright awful right now.

    Lack of leadership, and lack of character the last few weeks. Even the win against atlanta generated very few positives for this team. Im really starting to wonder just how banged up this team is because it doesnt make sense that Pleks, Cammy, Gionta, and Gomez are all pretty useless right now. I would figure (or hope) that at least 2 of the 4 would be producing at any given time, and its just not happening for any of them these days.

    • punkster says:

      Hold on. I haven’t read anybody here who sees nothing wrong with this team. Not one single person. I may be the the most guilty of being an apologist but even I see lots of flaws. Magic switch? Nope. Awakening maybe, awareness possibly, a hint of leadership and character hopefully. We’ll see.

      The so-called top 6 (well 4 really as you mentioned) have shown many times in the past, here and with other teams, that they have the skills and they can deliver. It rests entirely on those guys to step up and lead by example. If they do so then our chances in the playoffs are brighter. No Cup but a decent run and a couple of spoiler rounds like last season would be a nice stepping stone for the future.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • smiler2729 says:

      There’s something very wrong this team! A bubble burst the night the Habs died in Boston.

  15. VintageFan says:

    Do Martin & Gomez go together when they are laughing all the way to the bank?

  16. kirkiswork says:

    If the Habs could have capitalized on a couple of their many early scoring chances it would have changed the game completely.
    Putting the puck in the net seems to be a huge ongoing problem.

  17. gerrybell says:

    jacque martin is scheduled to appear on PTI (pardon the interruption) shortly after the habs season ends. he wont be on the interview segments, rather the “happy trails” segment.

    i dont understand why it takes the habs to be down 4-1 for martin to change the lines to what everyone thinks they should have been in the first place. i mean common, halpern on the top line? the guy has 200 career points in 800 games – doesnt really sound like a first liner. get ryan white outta there and put tommy pyatt back in the lineup. tommy can kill penalties (subban will make sure tommy sees the ice) and cammerlei can have a rest.


    ps. gomez would be a great 4th line center.

  18. avatar_58 says:

    So seriously – hate/love/fanboyism aside – what happens with Gomez in 2011-2012? This can’t continue, I’m sorry. So what is the solution?

    • coachdoug says:

      No good options…

      He does not give a sh#t about how badly he plays which is why Torts and crew were happy to see him go…

      Go Habs Go!

    • PeterStone says:

      I have a feeling there will be 1 more year of Scott Gomez. Reasons , he isnt tradeable next year because he still makes Big $ and has a big cap hit. He becomes tradeable the following season because although he has a big cap hit he has a smaller salary, so he becomes attractive to teams trying to get to the cap floor. The main thing tho, is the CBA exprires next season, and I have a feeling they will come to some kind of arragement to avoid million dollar salaries sitting in the minors … it doesnt make sense from any side’s perspective to have guys like Redden, Souray and potentially Gomez sitting in the minors.

      The bad news, i think we have another year of this.

      • J_P says:

        I also think that it will make GM’s think twice about spending to the sky on free agents. Old School GM’s (Burke, Gainey, Sather) seemingly couldn’t understand the importance of Cap space even a few years after the implimentation of the salary cap. I think GM’s are going to finally start waking up now, because when you max the cap, you have no room to manoeuvre.

        That’s why I will never understand the gomez trade. Not only did bob gainey trade for a huge cap hit, but he gave up a top prospect in the process. Heck, the rangers probably would have been more than happy to simply give us gomez for higgins, just to save the cap hit. Why Ryan Mcdonagh was part of that deal I will never understand. Sather signed gomez as a free agent, it’s not like he gave up anything to get him.

        • PeterStone says:

          yea .. trust me, i know how you feel. I was in a bad mood for 3 days when that deal was done .. the mrs wasnt too happy with me. Not sure how long you have been here, but we spent many a days cursing out Bob Gainey, who I believe to be one of the worse GMs in Habs history. I still dont get that deal .. not much earlier Dallas gave up MSmith, JJokinen and JHalpen for BRichards and we gave up 2 prospects for him … insane.

          Imagine the past 3 years with Richards, who had a better contract on top of that, instead of Gomez ….

          Anyways, I am finally over it … so, dont want to go back to that ugly place …

  19. adamkennelly says:

    In no games this season has the Habs lack of size up front been so evident of a huge problem…the D from Carolina didn’t let our guys get to the many times did we see guys getting knocked on their asses trying to go to the slot..just too damn small..period. Can only play a perimeter game and it doesn’t cut it.

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      I saw that too. Our Centermen were brushed aside with ease anytime they attempted (I use that term loosely) to park themselves in front of the net.

    • tony d says:

      That was exactly my point when i posted last night Adam. It was glaringly obvious that ‘size does matter’, especially at this time of year. They spent more time sitting on the ice than skating. And if I had a nickel for every game that Pouliot trips himself on the ice…well you know the rest.

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    Your Morning Check-in with the Kids:

    Louis Leblanc shorted a Shorthanded goal, which became the playoff series winning goal for the Montreal Juniors over the Halifax Mooseheads in a series they swept 4-0. Leblanc has 4 goals in 4 games, Phillippe Lefebvre has has 2 goals, 2 assists.

    Michael Bournival notched his 2nd game-winning goal in 4 games, he has 2 goals, 2 assists as well, the Shawinigan Cataractes lead PEI Rocket 3-1 in their series.

    Morgan Ellis’s season is over, the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles succumbed to the inevitably of a .300 hockey team facing the #1 junior team in the country in the Saint John Sea Dogs and were outscored 26-2 but to Ellis’s credit, he went only -4 in the series plus being on for 4 PPG against, but two of those were 5-on-3s.

    Brendan Gallagher took the Vancouver Giants as far as he could this season with a 91-point regular season output that included 44 goals. However the lack of depth on the Giants and Gallagher being a bit off due to a concussion didn’t help, they were swept by Carey Price’s old club the Tri-City Americans in 4 games. Gallagher scored two goals in the series. Hopefully the Giants will have more talent on board next season to compliment their MVP.

    Aaron Palushaj had his 3rd three-point game of the season to raise himself to a 50-point season in the AHL in 62 games, which matched his total GP last season but with an 11-goal, 7 assist improvement on last year’s stats.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  21. coachdoug says:

    I was at the game last night and it was as much a stinker live as on TV…Habs had as many chances but chose to not drive the net (except Halpern) or work the slot…seems like the forwards are content to get shots on net…

    Gomez was abysmal…he is like a giant 7 million dollar anchor pulling this team down…He is the worst trade the Habs have ever made period.

    The only bright spot is PK Subban…he is so fun to watch…sign him now for 10 years…

    Have not thought this all year but JM may have lost the room…too late to make changes unless assistants run the bench…this is not the team we saw in October/November…Someone find them before round one…if round one happens!

    Go Habs Go!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      ” He is the worst trade the Habs have ever made period.”

      Not close. The Roy, Leclair/Desjardins and Chelios trades (in that order) were much worse.

      In recent years Ribeiro for Ninimaa and Grabovsky for some skate sharpening equipment are worse.

      The only problem with the Gomez trade is losing some cap space.

      • coachdoug says:

        Agree the other trades were pretty bad…but the Gomez saga is far from done…other GM’s are now waking up to not buying these Albatross contracts so he will be virtually untradeable…this sad story has only begun…

        Go Habs Go!

  22. habs365 says:

    observer: it’s the same old story with Martin and this is why the Habs are having problems. after 78-games he’s still trying to figure out line combo’s, you’re not gonna win like that, the guy’s don’t know who they’re playing with til they get to the dressing room before game time. sorry but this team is done make the playoffs or not end of story…….

  23. Laramy87 says:

    Price cannot start Back-to-back games. Its terrible.

    Against NY and against Car. Both were a disaster. And now that we are reeling, he is going to have to start most of, if not all, the remaining games just to make it.

    Then we will have a tired goalie in the playoffs. JM is a tool. At least Buf/Car have touger schedules than we have so hopefully one can remain out of the playoffs. We win 2 of the next 4 and we are okay. Im worried about Sats game in NJ

    • LeeFree says:

      We don’t have the luxury of having a qualified back-stopper who could be capable of playing the minimum of 15 games in an always closely contested division. The confidence just isn’t there from the coaching staff. To allow Cedric Desjardins to walk away for virtually nothing was a huge mistake by this organization.

  24. Jim Edson says:

    Ah! the thumbs up and down are gone……..YES!

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

  25. observer says:

    Mr. Stuubs,

    You remember the arrival of Dryden and huge upset of Boston as Habs went on to win the Cup? Well you will also remember the season before and the late season collapse especially defensively as Habs for the first time then in many years missed the playoffs, losing the last game in Chicago as they started pulling their goalie halfway before the game was over in an effort to score more goals which then were a tiebreaker.

    This current collapse resembles that one as this team is as out of sync as that one was.

  26. Kimberly2u says:

    I personally am not watching any of the remaining games….the only game we may win is against Ottawa….I’ve tried to be optimistic but that’s long gone as this team does not want to compete and therefore should not be in the playoffs..give that spot to another team that actually wants it and plays their ass off…still a Habs fan but enough is enough…and good on Carey for being pissed off at the team

    • tigress says:

      While I understand frustration, Kimberly, I don’t understand loss of optimism. I’m probably one of the biggest Habs fans going, and though I’m not thrilled with the way things are going, I could never give up on my team nor could I not watch their games. Where’s the faith?

      • slamtherimtim says:

        fans may be giving up only because it looks like the players are

        • LeeFree says:

          true that

          • prt22 says:

            I’m holding out hope that JM is some secret evil genius… Look at how off balance he’s keeping our boys – they don’t know what to expect from game to game…come playoff time how will any other team know what to expect? Perhaps it’s all part of his master plan to catch the competitiion off-guard????

    • 123456 says:

      have faith, while no one expects the habs to win the cup this year maybe the ride can be enjoyable. last year was such a pleasant surprise. first objective is to win the next game, then make the playoffs, then worry about the cede and lastly start to worry about who the first round opponent is. . . but again lets just for now think about the next game…..

    • N.B.habs fan says:

      Kim,the team did the same thing last year and look how far they went in the playoffs.I know it is fustrating to watch,but it is great when they win.
      I work at a factory and have a Leafs fan announce over the intercom the scores of the game when we work nights and it is really annoying when we lose.
      I can’t wait to announce to him that TO has not made the playoffs. CHEERS!!!!!!!

  27. observer says:

    Habs did not allow 6 goals or more in ANY game this season until:
    Feb 9 Canadiens 6 Bruins 8
    Mar 18 Canadiens 3 Rangers 6
    Mar 24 Canadiens 0 Bruins 7
    Mar 30 Canadiens 2 Hurricanes 6

    The Canadiens played 3 ‘other’ games this season with the Rangers, 3 ‘other’ games with the Hurricanes and 4 ‘other’ games with Boston – in total 10 ‘other’ games with those 3 teams – and the Canadiens won ALL 10(nine of ten in regulation time) of those ‘other’ meetings. Something is seriously wrong with this team NOW.

  28. badbalance says:

    Doesn’t JM know about team bonding… Take them bowling or something…
    |Long live the system |

  29. CanadienBoy says:

    AT l’anti.. last night they we’re talking how Price starting to shown some serious frustration from all the give aways in front of him

    • Desi says:

      I can’t imagine why! The guy has carried the team on his shoulders all year — and won them a game they easily could have lost against Atlanta — and when they have a chance to regain lost momentum the guys playing in front of him look like Junior B rejects.

      If I were him I would sue for non-support.

  30. Goderichab says:

    From where I sat, our D sucked and the forwards, Camellerie specially, on several occasions turned his back to the puck and was headed up ice, while our D were still trying to get possession.
    Was he trying to get a breakaway??/ Gimme a break..Play the defensive game and you have a chance! You do not have the wheels or the weight to power yourself through bigger teams!

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