Canadiens make moves


Petteri Nokelainen and Garrett Stafford have been acquired from Phoenix for Brock Trotter and a seventh-round draft choice.

And Michael Blunden has been recalled from Hamilton, with Andreas Engqvist and Aaron Palushaj heading back to the AHL.

The team announcement:

Montreal Canadiens general manager, Pierre Gauthier, announced today the acquisition
of forward Petteri Nokelainen and defenseman Garrett Stafford from the Phoenix Coyotes, in return for forward Brock Trotter and a 7th-round draft pick in 2012.

Nokelainen will join the Canadiens in Montreal, while Stafford will report to the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs. Forward Michael Blunden has been recalled from the Bulldogs, while forwards Andreas Engqvist and Aaron Palushaj have been assigned to Hamilton.

Nokelainen, 25, registered one assist in five games with the Coyotes this season. He recorded three shots on goal, five hits and one blocked shot. The 6’01’’, 202 lbs centreman averaged 10 minutes, 58 seconds of ice time per game. In 194 NHLcareer games, Nokelainen has tallied 35 points (17 goals, 18 assists), with the New York Islanders, the Boston Bruins, the  Anaheim Ducks and the Coyotes.

A native of Imatra, Finland, Nokelainen was drafted in the first round, 16th overall by the Islanders at the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

In six games this season with the AHL Portland Pirates, Stafford, 31, collected four points (1 goal, 3 assists). In seven NHL career games with the Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars and Coyotes, the 6’01’’, 207 lbs defenseman tallied two assists.

A native of Los Angeles, Stafford joined the Coyotes as a free agent on July 3, 2010. In 562 career games in the AHL, he has registered 317 points (83 goals, 234 assists) and served 452 penalty minutes.

Trotter played five games with the Bulldogs this season and registered seven points (2 goals, 5 assists). One of his goals was tallied on the powerplay. He served four penalty minutes and collected 10 shots on goal. Trotter played two games in career with the Canadiens in the NHL.
In five games with the Bulldogs this season Blunden collected three assists.

The 24-year old right winger maintained a +1 plus/minus differential and recorded three shots on goal. He suited up in 51 career regular season games in the NHL with Chicago and Columbus, registering four points (2-2-4). A native of Toronto, Blunden was drafted in the second round, 43rd overall by the Chicago Blackhawks at the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. He was acquired from the Blue Jackets on July 7, 2011 in
return for Ryan Russell.

Engqvist suited up in seven games with the Canadiens this season. The 23-year old centreman maintained a +1 plus/minus differential, recorded one shot on goal, three hits and four blocked shots, while averaging 6:55 of ice time per game. Hailing from Stockholm, Engqvist signed with the Canadiens as a free agent on July 13, 2009.

Palushaj played four games with the Canadiens this season. The 22-year old right winger recorded two shots on goal and four hits, while averaging 5:47 of ice time per game. A native of Livonia, Wisconsin, Palushaj was acquired from the St. Louis Blues in return for Matt D’Agostini.

Jacques Martin had hinted  hinted at a personnel move.

•  •  •

Does the name Garrett Stafford ring a bell?

The only guys on the ice after the team meeting: Jaro Spacek and Carey Price, who is at the top of the circle and roofing every shot.

Get him on the PP.

•  •  •

Peter Budaj may finally get a start – possibly against Florida Monday night, definitely in one of the games this week.

Martin said the Canadiens were doing some good things but had to tighten up certain areas, notably protecting a lead and improved special teams play.

Martin also recalled that his first season behind the Canadiens’ bench began with a 2-5 record for four points – which is where they’re at today.

The coach got off a good line. When Patrick V. Hickey pointed out the alacrity with which Dion Phaneuf reacted to Brian Gionta’s contact with James Reimer, Martin said: “It’s tough for me to ask Raphael Diaz to pick up David Steckel and throw him around.”

AUDIO of Jacques Martin

• Sporting News says Martin is in jeopardy, according to “two sources”. Tony Marinaro and who else?

• The Canadiens should have hired Herman Cain to speak at their meeting:


  1. ManApart says:

    Way to go PG. here’s our answer. 4th line center to the rescue. At least it will end the ugly Enqvist experiment. He’s no Steckel, but then again PG is no Brian Burke.

    • cuzzie says:

      Who would want to be a Brian Burke?

      Stay Thirsty My Friends!

      • habsrpast says:

        nobody unless you want your team in 1st place, EXACTLY WHERE THE LEAFS ARE NOW!

        I now think it’s leaf fans who will start ridiculing hab fans. why not?
        leafs in first and habs are the worst!

    • christophor says:

      Burke: model GM!
      ha! thanks for the laugh, laugh-fanboy.

      • Everlasting1 says:

        I wouldn’t gloat, after a great start and 2 wins over the Habs.

        When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

        • Sharks9 says:

          And 0 Playoff appearances.
          PG and JM have gotten us to the playoffs every year.

          25 before 14

          • Tony McLean says:

            Burke won the Stanley Cup in Anaheim.

            Btw I remember when real Canadiens fans insisted on the Stanley Cup. Not “making the playoffs.” “Making the playoffs” is loser talk.

            Where is the next Beliveau? The next Ferguson, Rocket, Patrick Roy? The next Lafleur? The next Scotty Bowman and Sam Pollack?

          • ManApart says:

            Not every year and barely. They’ve also been GMs for the Habs going into their 9th year. Burke is only starting his 4th for the Leafs. It looks like Burke has already passed the goof brothers.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            And I’m sure those lofty accomplishments and complacency will keep you satisfied for many more years to come.

            When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • ManApart says:

        Ya, you laugh as the Leafs and Burke lead the division and the Habs are last in the conference. Real smart.

        • Bripro says:

          Didn’t the Leafs start at 4-0 last year? Did they make the playoffs?
          Don’t mind if I join in the laughter…..
          Burke won with an extremely talented team, and to his credit, brought in Corey Perry, but then started to dissect and ruin a very good team.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            I think this year’s version and maturation of the Leafs is an upgrade. Though I won’t go as far in saying that they have depth RIGHT NOW, but if they avoid being hampered by lengthy injuries, and perhaps round out the roster with new acquisitions/trades throughout the season, they may eke out a playoff berth.

            When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      PG has yet to give a 2nd and 9th overall picks to a Divisional Rival either. Tyler Seguin now leading the Bruins in points as a 19-year old. Dougie Hamilton with 20P in his first 11 OHL games this season. Bruins still laughing to the bank on that one. Refurbished their C and D depth for blue-chippers in one shot.

      If Burke had not landed on a team that featured Scott Niedermayer’s brother out of sheer luck on his part, no Cup for him. Didn’t draft Getzlaf, Perry either. In fact his career drafting record is crap outside of his Lottery pick choices.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  2. cuzzie says:

    Wasn’t this guy bought out by Phoenix?

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  3. SeriousFan09 says:

    Petteri Nokelainen, 58% on draws this season, played previous season in Finnish SM-Liga, season before was his big minus-year in the circle at 45%. 53.4% in 2009, 52.8% in 2008. 48.8% as a rookie in 2006 (Spent 2007 in the AHL).

    RFA on 550K salary for this year only, no arbitration on next contract.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • Tony McLean says:

      You’re putting a bow on a pig.

      Where is the next Beliveau? The next Ferguson, Rocket, Patrick Roy? The next Lafleur? The next Scotty Bowman and Sam Pollack?

  4. Barts says:

    Nokelainen?!??!?! Yay, plan the parade!! Are you kidding me? Who is RUNNING THIS TEAM???? What need does this address????????? Where is the grit???? Where is the defensive depth????

    Gauthier and Martin OUT NOW!!!!

    • habsfan reduxit says:

      … can he take a face-off?

      “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      And your reasoning is, because you haven’t heard of him, he can’t help? Grit? Boston is 3-5. We need offense, in case you haven’t noticed, and winning a couple of draws would have us with at least a couple more wins.

      • Tony McLean says:

        17 goals in 6 years. Order the champagne.

        Where is the next Beliveau? The next Ferguson, Rocket, Patrick Roy? The next Lafleur? The next Scotty Bowman and Sam Pollack?

  5. Mike D says:

    So what’s the consensus? Did we give up too much for Noke? Don’t know much about him, but I know that Trotter was one of our best prospects and one of the closest ones to making the jump to the NHL.

    – Honestly yours

    • EsseV says:

      gave up a 7th rounder and a player (trotter) who wasnt going to play in the nhl here for a 4th line centre and a career ahl dmen. …
      well the 7th round pick could have been the next zetterberg.
      its a trade that wont change much, noke cant be worse then eneqvist.

  6. ManApart says:

    Carey Price: 1-4-2, 3.13 GAA, .878 SA% Those are not starting goalie numbers. Maybe it’s time we try Budaj.

    PK: PK, -6 so far. That is not a #1 defenseman

    Moen: Has double the goals than any other Hab. Great to see Moen chip in, but what does that say about the team?

    Montreal: Worst team in the conference and 2nd worst in the NHL. Gainey, GAuthier and Martin must now all be fired, before it’s too late. I mean it’s already 2+ years too late, but I mean for this season. Geoff, do it now, enough is enough already. The team is a complete embarrassment

    • Tony McLean says:

      Time for Instantine. Seriously, Robinson would straighten PK out FAST.
      Where is the next Beliveau? The next Ferguson, Rocket, Patrick Roy? The next Lafleur? The next Scotty Bowman and Sam Pollack?

  7. habsfan reduxit says:

    … this why Wikipedia is of no value. It would appear someone with not much else to do today, has ‘edited’ Petteri’s Wiki page to say he is now playing for the Habs.

    … wish I had so much free time.

    “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

  8. PureGuava says:

    Peteri Nokelainen. Our prayers are answered.

    • hansolo says:

      Yep, along with an undrafted career minor-leaguer. But, hey, Stafford is 200 lbs, so he’s probably the grit and sandpaper we need.

      As for Nokelainen, if he couldn’t do much at Phoenix, what’s he going to accomplish with us? It’s just paper shuffling a la Brett Festerling/Mark Mitera/Mike Blunden/Cedrick Desjardins/Karri Ramo/Jeff Woywitka. Can’t even say it’s a depth move for Hamilton.

  9. NightRyder says:

    So the Canucks trade two ancient sloths for a 26-year-old, top six forward AND a third-round pick, and we bring in a guy with 35 points in nearly 200 games.

    Nice work, PG.

    • ManApart says:

      I don’t get why the Panthers did this deal at all. Is BG and PG secretly advising Tallon?

      • NightRyder says:

        Chicago was also able to get rid of Campbell’s giant salary with Tallon. Tallon is the guy who forgot to send the qualifying offers to Versteeg et al, and cost the Hawks a pile of money.

        NOTE: Tallon = stupid. Gauthier should have been pushing Gomez on him for years. Now it’s too late.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Good trade for the Nucks to get Booth, but the 2nd top 6 forward you speak of I am assuming is Steven Reinprecht. He was on waivers to start the season and nobody picked him up. He is a decent player, I like the guy but you are strectching it to call him a top 6 forward.

      Edit: Misread NighRdyer’s post, apologies.

  10. Everlasting1 says:

    If JM is truly on a short leash, any spirited Habs fan would wish for a few more consecutive losses in order to bring about coaching changes, and hopefully lead to ousting management (along with that Goat whisperer). BigBird, Capt.K, Carbo at the helm would be a welcome change (enough french for ya?)..a homecoming of sorts..who the players can look up to, to direct and inspire.
    Seriously, Cunneyworth over Muller? Bring back some respectability to this franchise, or not. I don’t care, I really don’t 😛

    Edit: Re Cole..I’m sure there is a coach out there who can turn his game around from morphing into a mushroom by feeding him bs and keeping him in the dark.

    When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  11. slamtherimtim says:

    Nokelainen & Stafford from Phoenix for trotter and 7th-round pick

    whats the point , am i missing something

  12. gmd says:

    For JM:

    Career Stats:

    Erik Cole: 43 PPG and 8 SHG
    Darche: 3PPG and 1 SHG

    Sorry JM but I’d rather have Cole out there on special team situations.

  13. trotter and a 7th for nokolainen?

  14. Matt_in_TO says:

    Who the hell is Petteri Nokelainen?

    – In Price We Trust

  15. stephen says:

    renhockey Renaud P Lavoie
    #canadiens acquiert Nokelainen et stafford from phoenix pour trotter and 7th

  16. TommyB says:

    A meeting. Seriously, a meeting? From reports on here it appears that the “meeting” was only a half hour long. No practice afterwards. Fair enough, on that, as it wouldn’t make any sense to take the players out for a bag skate. So, why a meeting?

    In a half hour, a coach really doesn’t have time to go over video, or run through some ideas on the chalkboard. It’s barely enought time to say “ok, everybody here?” Who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall for this meeting. It has a “clear the air” tone written all over it, don’t you think? And if that was the intention, what could have been accomplished in that half hour? We’re just left to let our imaginations run wild on what the content of that meeting was, but it doesn’t leave you with a warm feeling about the immediate future. If the intent was for the meeting to be just a brief few words, why not wait until the following day, game day? Why drag the players from their homes and families on a Sunday morning for a half hour meeting, and then send them on their way back home? Seems a little odd to me.

  17. The Dude says:

    I liked the HAbs when the player was Franco and the coach and management
    Were Anglo…..bring Aurtikhin !

  18. Propwash says:

    So, if Martin is fired, Cunnyworth replaces as his interim, do we call for Cunnyworth’s head too?


    • BJ says:

      That would simply be prolonging the Montreal Senators or is it Ottawa Canadiens losing legacy. I think there could be better choices. I was thinking Roy would be a risky choice but at this stage I would go for it. If that goes south as well, then we could perhaps pick in the top 4-5 at the next NHL Draft.

  19. BJ says:

    Just listened to Martin’s press conference. I was struck with the lack of quality questions from journalists with the exception of one female journalist who had the “guts” to ask Martin why Darche over Cole on the pp. Martin try to belittle the question by basically telling the female journalist to do her homework as he only had 3 goals on the pp in Carolina last year. Perhaps its time for Martin to do his homework (although I think its much too late) and learn that most of his “experiments“ are failures. The journalistic core following the Canadiens sounds like your typical suck hole questions asked by the paid off mainstream media at a White House press conference, in order not to confuse the tele prompter reading Presidents. Actually the only journalist with guts was also a lady by the name of Helen Thomas. She was also dismissed after 50 + years on the job as a leading White House correspondent, basically because her questions would expose the fraud governments have become. It seems we have the type of journalists here as well.
    A question for Gauthier could be how do you justify being GM of this team? And why is creative play discouraged by the coach.

  20. Mike D says:

    Disclaimer – I’m not an apologist for PG (or BG depending on how you look at it), but I don’t quite understand the hate he’s been getting lately and want to point out what I believe were good calls on his part.

    – Picking Carey over Jaro. At that time, that had to be an incredibly hard decision to make and he made the right call.

    – For those who say he should have gotten more for Halak, keep in mind there were a lot of goalies available that summer, that Price is who St. Louis actually wanted so they were obviously going to give back less for Halak than they would’ve for Price, and Eller seems to be turning into a good player and the type of center we need (good size, skilled, and can drive the net).

    – Getting Wiz for only a 2nd round pick and doing so well before the deadline when there would have been far more competition to get him and therefore a higher asking price. He also did it before the Gorges injury was made public making him seem less desperate a trading partner to Garth Snow.

    – Letting Hamrlik go was the right decision. The 1 year deal offered him was fair, but two years was too much especially at that price. Having 3 Dmen over the age of 37 in your top 6 is not usually a great idea. Remember, many were saying ‘let the kids have a chance’ and they’re now getting that chance.

    – Not sure he “let” Halpern walk. Halpy is from Maryland, got his start with the Caps and is nearing the end of his career. He lives there in the offseason and just got married there this summer. If Halpy knew Washington was interested in his services, Montreal had no chance bringing him back.

    – In relation to my previous point, PG did try to get Betts for the 4th line Center position. Not his fault Betts was injured and the FA pickup was nullified. Remember, people were applauding the move considering it took place right after Burke gave up a 4th for Steckel. Granted, Steckel is better at faceoffs, but Betts addressed the 4th line size issue, the defensive-responsibility issue, the PK issue, and the grit issue – again, without giving anything up.

    – Finally getting Emelin over from Russia was a good thing considering we’ve been trying to do that for years.

    – Markov suffering a setback in his rehab (if that’s even what happened) is not his fault.

    – Getting Campoli as an FA (therefore not giving up a pick, prospect, or roster player) was a great move to help back-fill for Markov. Not PG’s fault Campoli got injured.

    – Cap management has been excellent and we won’t have a problem re-signing PK, Price, or Eller this summer – even with the ridiculous salaries being handed to quality RFA’s nowadays.

    I’m not saying PG is perfect by any means, or that he hasn’t made any bad moves, but he’s made a lot of good ones and some of those were tough and others were shrewd.

    Are there better GM’s out there? Sure
    Are there better GM’s AVAILABLE right now? Maybe
    Are there worse GM’s out there? Plenty

    – Honestly yours

  21. Tony Tony Tony says:

    From TSN:

    MONTREAL– The Montreal Canadiens have scheduled a 3PM press conference on Sunday where they will announce changes including the firing of head coach Jacques Martin.
    It’s expected that assistant coach Randy Cunneyworth will be named interim head coach.

  22. rogieshan says:

    I just did my research: Cole had exactly the same number of PP goals (3) and SH goals (1) last year as Plekanec – that’s right, he even killed penalties for Carolina.

  23. habsolutely says:

    could it be AK for Turris?

  24. sreuel says:

    How can other teams make good trades like Vancouver and we can’t

  25. SeriousFan09 says:

    Habs and Phoenix talking trade apparently and it might be going down right now, I’m guessing the Habs are going for Boyd Gordon, 58% in the circle with Washington last season.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  26. cuzzie says:

    This site is so much more active when we lose. I believe now that JM must work for the Gazette. Their advertising revenue increases with every lost. JM secret agent man. Ha!

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  27. habsrpast says:

    Marc Crawford will be the next coach along with Larry Robinson as assistant coach, and Pierre McGuire is our next GM.
    anyways that’s what I think and hope for.
    until that day comes this, this team will flounde and be the joke of the NHL.

    does anyone know of any other team in the NHL that puts a 4th liner on the pp when they have a top 6 player in Cole available?

  28. ProHabs says:

    Muller should be the coach. And I don’t want to hear people say he is not French, absolutely nobody says a better “merci” and then walks away at the end of an interview.

    Hey SeriousFan09, how has Tinordi been doing in London since that fight against that Irish Lad. I hope he hasn’t lost any of his edge.

    I really hope Jessica the reporter is doing OK today

  29. aemarchand11 says:

    @ Greg_Thomson Greg Thomson
    Sounds like Andrei Kostitsyn could be on his way out in a package deal for Kyle Turris. Nothing confirmed by any of the major networks yet.

    – This means pretty much nothing, and could just be crap… But Andrei is one of the few with life and playing very well.. But i would send PG a vegan gift basket for xmas if he can get rid of gomez too.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I was sent to the grocery store the other day by my wife and one of the things to pick up was some Becel Margarine. I didn’t realize there are different kinds and the one we use is made with Olive Oil. I picked up one made for Vegans. I am willing to send this container to PG also if he finds a dance partner for Spacek or Gomez.

  30. PureGuava says:

    Count Jacqula has gotta go, but I cringe at the thought of Roy behind the bench. Last time I checked he’s crazy as balls.

    Andre Savard maybe? He had the team on the up and up before he was ushered out for Gainey. I can’t help but think the team would have been in better hands if Gainey and Gainey jr. hadn’t put their stamp on it.

    This whole St. Bob mentality, where everyone in hockey must bow down at the alter of all things Gainey is madness.

    He traded a blue chip defensive prospect for Scott Gomez. His handling of the dismissals of Claude Julien and Carbo were done with zero class. His treatment of Andre Savard when Savard stayed on in an advisory role after stepping aside for Bob forced Savard to look for work elsewhere. He drafts a young goalie in the Crosby draft, then lets him get an apartment by himself in downtown MTL, while other star prospects are rooming with veteran players with families. I think that he also handled Kovalev’s exit poorly, and did not make any effort whatsoever to re-sign Mark Streit…I could go on and on and on….And with Gauthier we get more of the same.

    It’s time to rid ourselves of these clowns. Gainey may have been a fine hockey player, but he’s not the hockey mind, or royalty that everyone claims…just because he’s stoic, and methodical, and a man of few words – Yoda it does not make him.

    • Miltie01 says:

      Andre Savard actually stepped down and told Mr. Gillette to go get Bob Gainey at all costs. Bob was Savards man, he wasn’t gotten rid of to get Bob.

      • PureGuava says:


        and when Savard stayed on as an advisor, Gainey didn’t listen to a thing he said. Which is why Savard took a job in Pittsburgh under a guy he fired! He also basically said that he’d rather scout than work under Gainey.

        I’m not suggesting Savard is the savior, but he could be a nice quick fix behind the bench or in the front office.

  31. duffy says:

    Can we trade PG FOR BB.

  32. caladin says:

    I understand why so many in the Montreal media hate JM. He’s quiet. He’s calm. He doesn’t give them the outbursts that a lot of coaches do. Those are bad for the team, but great for reporters.
    I’m not happy about our season so far. I’m seriously concerned about making the playoffs. I’m frustrated by the play.
    However, could we try not to panic?
    Firing JM now, slapping in whoever’s available is a very, very risky move. The last time the team did that it tools years to recover.
    As for all of this hate for his defensive system… We scored plenty last night.
    I think injuries can’t excuse all of our problems. In fact our biggest lack seems to be a big punishing D man. Tinordi looks promising but he’s not near ready and not a sure thing either.
    What I don’t want to do is damage the future to band aid the present.

  33. mdp2011 says:

    I am not one to panic after 7-8 games and I am not a doom and gloomer, but what I am seeing this year is really concerning, both on how JM is coaching and how the team is responding. Also, I have never been a JM basher, nor am I a big supporter of him, but I do think he did a decent job over the last 2 years with all the injuries this team went through. But, I am in agreement with the majority of posters that it is time to fire JM, but unfortunetly I don’t think he will be fired anytime soon , I don’t see PG doing this to his buddy during the season and especially after only 8 or 9 games. I fear that this team is stuck with JM until the end of the year, unless G.Molson pulls a Corey, and fires both PG and JM after a few more loses this week, but I doubt that will happen. I think this is going to be a long and frustrating year for the Habs and we are going to see a lot of JM and PG bashing here all year long.

  34. HabinBurlington says:

    What is the chance at this morning’s team meeting Erik Cole called JM a Douchebag. I think I would have if I was him.

    There was no excuse for JM to trash Cole in that answer he gave. If he really likes Darch on the PP, just say you like what he brings to PP, no need to even say Cole’s name.

  35. kempie says:

    If we do decide to replace JM with an inexperienced coach, I have a suggestion. There is one guy who speaks French, hates to lose, loves this team and, from what I hear he was there scouting the game last night. I nominate Timo for head coach. Maybe on an interim basis.

  36. Matt_in_TO says:

    Did we trade Martin for Tippett?

    – In Price We Trust

  37. JF says:

    I don’t know how long Jacques Martin will cling to his job or how much difference a coaching change would even make, but poor coaching is responsible for a lot of the mess we’re seeing on the ice. Again last night, the team did not seem to be well prepared. Passes were off the mark, there was little cohesion, line changes were bad, communication was poor. Under JM, the Habs have been one of the most penalized teams in the League, often taking penalties because they’re out of position or behind on the play, and this was the case again last night. The two too many men penalties were just the icing on the cake.

    The less said about special teams the better, but there is also the issue of personnel use. A lot of ink has been spilled over JM’s bizarre personnel decisions, especially on the powerplay and in late-game situations. He hasn’t yet reached the point of using Gorges as a forward, but it may come. His most puzzling and disturbing decisions concern the use or misuse of Erik Cole. The guy signed for four years at 4.5 million per year – only to see someone like Mathieu Darche preferred to him on the PP? He must be wondering what the hell he’s doing here. Shades of Samsonov…

    But Pierre Gauthier also has to take a share of the blame. He made certain roster-changes over the summer, based on a lot of assumptions many of which have not panned out, and the result is a team that simply is not competitive. I don’t think he took adequate preventive measures in case Markov weren’t ready to start the season. He could not have foreseen the injuries to Campoli and Spacek, but he could have signed another big, stay-at-home defenceman.  As it is, we have a defence half of whose members are NHL rookies; another is not playing at anything like the level he did in his rookie year, and another has clearly been affected by knee-surgery. That defence is going to make mistakes, which are compounded by the failure of the forwards to fulfill their defensive responsibilities and by goaltending that is a lot less than stellar. A recipe for a great many losses – in fact, for last place in the Conference.

    Gauthier also failed to put together a fourth line that plays a meaningful role. He allowed Halpern to walk and did not replace him with a big, tough, faceoff-winning centre, although he had cap space and all summer to do it. I assume that if Ryan White were healthy, he would be centring the fourth line, but as it is, we’ve turned to a player who has not demonstrated that he belongs in the NHL. The Blair Betts pickup showed that Gauthier realized his blunder, but that fiasco now seems just another bad omen in a doomed season.

    • Tony McLean says:

      How’s Saint Carey doing? Why does he get a free pass?

      • LL says:

        Because it’s Sunday. 😉

      • JF says:

        I mentioned “goaltending that is a lot less than stellar.” Is that giving Price a free pass? In fact, I criticized Price after the game last night, and a lot of people immediately jumped on me, saying he couldn’t be blamed for any of the goals. I’m not precisely blaming him, but a couple of those could have been stopped. It would be nice if he would make a game-saving save at some point. He’s not playing badly, but at the same time, he’s not playing at anything like the level we saw last year.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        No, Carey has not stolen any games. But truly, as a goalie, you work with your D and if your D are confused or hesitant, it’s distracting.

        As for JF’s comment that PG didn’t get us any big tough face-off winning centers, well, that’s the heart of the issue. Neither did Gainey and it’s freaking crevice down the middle of the team and something that needs badly to be addressed.

        As for our D, PG had some bad luck, certainly. I think some of the guys he got are pretty good. And I like Diaz and Emelin is starting to show, but we knew it would take Euros time to adjust to the pace of the small ice.

        In the end I blame “Le Systeme” and “Le Author” thereof.

        Take the bullet, JM. Take one for the team.

      • Propwash says:

        Baled the team out on more than one occasion the past few nights.


  38. Propwash says:

    Apparently Habs and Phoenix made a trade……


  39. SeriousFan09 says:

    Thought: Get Derek Dorsett from Columbus, it’s not like they’re going anywhere and for a late-round pick, Habs could have a player who averages 2-3 hits per game and had a long fight card last season against some tough opponents. He, White and Moen could be quite the crash-and-bang line once White returns.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • HabinBurlington says:

      THe fact you are suggesting that and I am endorsing that shows the frustration. I know that you are not a proponent of fighting nor am I, but our team needs to have a physical pushback ability.

      I posted earlier on some thread, the fact that we really miss a 2nd year 4th line in Ryan White speaks volumes of this team.

  40. Neutral says:

    why don’t they bring up Trotter for the 4th line see what he can do. nothing to lose everything to gain. when you’re losing you have to do something to get it going. this changing the lines every period, every game they should know by now isn’t working.
    you have to put the best players with each other. line for line if it doesn’t work it’s not gonna work. the only out maybe try and make a trade for a player or two that will improve the team. just don’t bring in a new face. bring in players that can produce if that’s not possible stick with what you have. you lose you lose- you win you win giving money to players that don’t work out has been happening way too much and it’s showing right now…..

    • habbernack says:

      He has to go through waivers

      ability is what you’re capable of doing.
      attitude determines how you do it

    • Mike D says:

      Don’t quote me on this cuz I’m not 100% sure… I think the issue with Trotter is that he would have to clear waivers and we would risk losing him if another team claimed him. Not sure if this risk exists when bringing him up or sending him down (or possibly both), but I believe it’s sending him down.

      – Honestly yours

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It would also be another protypical JM move. Square Peg doesn’t fit in Round Hole. Trotter is Top 6 player in the AHL that doesn’t quantify into a 4th line role in the NHL. Unfortunately PG/JM don’t yet know this.

  41. jrshabs1 says:

    This is the worst team I’ve ever seen in my 33 years of Hab watching. I live in the heart of leaf nation and took quite a verbal beating lastnight. I couldn’t even defend my Habs because they truly do suck! 0 team toughness. I’ve played on teams with better D than our current edition. Terrible coaching…..terrible power play..terrible penalty kill. Too small. You know your team sucks when waiver pick up David Steckle beats your team by himself. Maybe it’s time to “occupy the Bell center”, and not leave until changes are made. I’m not looking forward to going to work tomorrow…thanks alot rotten current edition of my Habs.

    Go Habs Go!!

  42. dhenry1234 says:

    What would everyone think of if Gainey became coach?

  43. Danno says:

    What was that meeting about?

    Is there a Cone of Silence on this one too?

    Jacques Martin should contact the Habs “research department” to find out how far they are from having the worst season ever in the history of the team.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • Mike D says:

      There is a Cone of Silence around the whole team which is why you should never believe a Mtl. trade rumour.

      Safe bet is that the meeting was about discussing why the team is losing and what they can do to fix it, but with more input from the players.

      – Honestly yours

    • hansolo says:

      From “Deep Hab,” my inside source at Brossard:

      We have to play as a team.

      It’s a privilege to play in the NHL.

      There is no “I” in “Team.”

      “Team” stands for “Together, everyone achieves more.” It does not stand for “Truly, everyone annoys me.”

      If you work hard, you play, otherwise you end up on the 4th line (I’m looking at you, Mr. Cole and Mr. Kostitsyn. Talk to Mr. Darche if you need clarification).

      Don’t take penalties. if you defend your teammate and get a penalty, you’ll get benched.

      You supposed to know who your linemates are, even on the PK and PP, and even though I haven’t told you — you ARE professionals, after all, right?

      Our special teams have to play better.


      In both official languages, with questions, switching of seats (you were right SF09) and translation into Belorussian for AK46, that took 1/2 an hour.

  44. habsolutely says:

    is there a reason they can’t just hire the best coach available, and if he happens to speak english, hire a translator to be there to translate for him when he deals with the press?

  45. Mavid says:

    thanks for the link….what an asshole he is

    second place is just the first loser

  46. LA Loyalist says:

    A horrible premonition yesterday.

    I’ll make it as short as I can and still tell the story.

    In my kid’s in-house league (u10) they’ll move kids around to try and balance out the teams for the first couple of weeks. After winning 15-3, they were going to lose some players. 2 of the scorers were gone for yesterday, they had a backup goalie (who stunk), and this really left them with just 2 kids who were serious scorers, my kid and 1 other.

    So the genius coach decided to put my kid on D, I guess to protect the bad back up goalie. My kid is a conscientious back-checker, but he’s never played D for more than a couple of shifts to protect a lead.

    But what the Coach did in effect was move his #1 center (my kid) who can actually score and be creative to D, effectively losing 3 of the 4 scorers on the team.

    They got creamed 8-2. First loss of the year.

    My point is not about my kid, my point is the myopic view of the coach who only thought about D, and decimated his offense in a failed scheme to strengthen the D.

    Sound familiar? So I’m sitting in the stands yesterday watching this debacle and I realized: this is Jacques Martin. Can’t see the forest for the trees.

    As for losing to the Leafs twice in 3 weeks, blowing leads, and just generally playing like crap. Martin shouldn’t wait to be fired. He should apologize to the team and the fans and fall on his sword at practice – today is not soon enough.

    • Dust says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Martin will continue to play the trap when we are trailing by two goals.
      I hate the system. Its a pre-lockout way of thinking. He can’t make adjustments when needed. HE just sticks to the system and hopes for a win. Man i want him fired

    • HabFab says:

      Feel for your kid, interesting comparison.

    • davecessna says:

      Typical hockey parent.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        It was an analogy. You may have studied that in high school. I was not complaining about my kid playing D – his elite team coach (Russian) will play him on D with A LEAD at the end of a game, I have no problem with any of that.

        The point was the coach cannibalizing his offense to play D when they are LOSING. That’s Martin.

        Read it again, carefully, they’ll be a quiz at the end.

    • stephen says:

      This is house-league?

      • LA Loyalist says:


        ON elite teams they don’t do that as the kids are recruited.

        His Russian coach is interesting, though. Not nearly as strict with the forwards positionally as Canadian coach would be. He has them criss-crossing and trying to create diagonal gaps and motion.

        if they screw up they have to do summer saults in full gear on the ice.

        Is that hilarious?

        • stephen says:

          I don’t know, I suppose things must have drastically changed since I was in house-league way back when.

          The point was going out and having fun. Sure, we all wanted to win, but I can’t imagine any of my coaches ‘strategizing’ to that degree. Then again, perhaps I just had crummy coaches, haha.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            This is LA Kings development system. They have spent a fortune and take it all very seriously.

  47. Greg says:

    What’s the point of firing Jacques Martin? Who would replace him? As long as we insist on making French a prerequisite to coach an English hockey team, we are missing out on the best possible talent out there. It’s why Muller, Boucher, etc don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being hired.
    Patrick Roy? He was my idol growing up and the best goalie that ever lived, but why does that make him a good coach? He’s arrogant and hot-headed (things that made him a great goalie) which aren’t good qualities for a coach.

    • Mike D says:

      Boucher speaks french. Hopefully though language won;t be a deciding factor in picking a new head coach….whenever that is.

      – Honestly yours

    • Dust says:

      you fire martin to try and change the culture of this team and hopefully serve as a wakeup call to the players. You probably wouldn’t hire a new coach right now but as serious already suggested let cunnyworth step in as interim coach. I agree with you that the french prerequisite is BS and will hold this franchise back.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Why keep Martin? Seriously, what is the benefit of him remaining coach.

  48. SeriousFan09 says:

    The team meeting lasted about half an hour, I assume JM made everyone switch seats about 7 minutes in.

    No practice, Gorges, Moen, Weber got assigned Cliche duty.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  49. Matt_in_TO says:

    Looks like the meeting is over and no practice according to Twitter.

    – In Price We Trust

  50. tom13 says:

    Could they bring back captain Kirk we have to get rid of JM soon as possible I think they have given up playing for him

    • Dust says:

      couldn’t agree more. the players most be frustrated having new linemates every other shift. if he was my coach i would tune him out too.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Pat Burns.

      We stand Pat up behind the bench. An assistant can work the doors.

      Instant improvement.

      Seriously. Muller. He’s a proven leader.

      F*ck the media. Seriously, f*ck them and send them to parliament if they can’t take a joke.

  51. slamtherimtim says:

    I think both JM and PG should be talking to the media today , they owe us that much , no short answers , time for the media to start asking the tough questions, and keep pressing them , a lot of fans who just a couple days ago were defending these two clowns , are now changing their tune , proof is in the posts,

  52. LL says:

    I’ve read quite a few comments suggesting Bob Hartley as a replacement for JM.

    Did you watch L’Antichambre the last year he was on? Arrogant and bitter, and those are just his good points.

    A man who spent all that time hating and bashing on our goalie. Unless I missed it, a guy who still hasn’t admitted he was wrong about Price. Wouldn’t management know this? Why would they hire him over JM?

    If he were that desirable, some other team would’ve snapped him up already, since he was fired, what like 5 years now.

  53. Mavid says:

    were do i find the video of Martin speaking to the media last night


    second place is just the first loser

  54. Dust says:

    The only thing i hope for is that when JM gets fired the new coach we bring in is less stubborn and works with his players strengths. It’s not a coincidence that every player that comes to Montreal and plays under JM there offensive numbers go down.

    2 goals down…Better trap some more

  55. HabFanSince72 says:

    Roy or Muller.

    No other candidates (unless we had some secret clause when we let Boucher go to Tampa).

  56. Captain aHab says:

    JM’s wet dream is to have as his first line:

    Engqvist with Moen and Darche.

    It’s not funny cause it’s likely true. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t thought of it yet.

  57. howtathor says:

    Just make Roy the coach. I think he’s had more than enough experience in the Q. Look at Alain Vigneault. I think he came direct from the Q. Guy Boucher only had one year at Hamilton. I hope the ‘meeting’ is to say goodbye!

  58. The Cat says:

    I say Ted Nolan as coach, hes native and therefore wont get the ‘he’s an anglo’ treatment. French and natives are united against the anglo evildoers.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Natives rule! Kinda helps when you have a hot native girlfriend too ;-).

    • Dust says:

      Nolan would be interesting. He is known for lighting a fire under players asses and getting the most out of his players. Something martin can’t do, and the habs desperately need

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Huge fan of his. That as*h#le Muckler blackballed him though. And the NHL is an old boys club, unfortunately JM and PG have never been invited to the bar.

      • savethepuck says:

        I’ve heard it said before, but can you explain how he blackballed him? I don’t remember what happened there.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Damn interesting idea. Don’t know why Nolan isn’t working in NHL now. And brilliantly circumvents the politics. And bring Joe Juneau as face-off specialty coach. I believe he is native also.

      We’re going native. Kashtin to do the house music. Are you proud of me that I’m sitting here in LA pushing Kashtin?

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I can’t believe what happened to another native; Jonathan Cheecoo!

        The guy has a 50-goal-season and completely loses his game, to the point that he dropped right out of the NHL.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The other reason to go for Nolan is he has a reputation as a GM killer.

  59. Cam_1 says:

    See what I mean…Martin is given some leeway…..2 or 3 more games to turn things around ? Are you kidding me…..his time is up..that’s it…..the time is now…Fire his ass ASAP !!!

  60. Neutral says:

    This is what I would try against – Florida – Philly – and Boston
    and don’t change unless there’s injurys.

    Cammy – Pleks – Gionta
    Max-Pac – Eller – Kostitsyn
    Moen – Desharnais – Cole
    Darche – Palushaj – Engqvist

    leave these guy’s together for the three games and see if they can gel …. if we lose we lose. we’re up against three teams that’s playing better than us right now but that don’t mean they’re better than us Give it a try JM see what happens….

    The inexperience on the blueline not too much we can do about that it’ll get better with time…

    • Caballero says:

      I like these lines, but notice that we have the worst fourth line in the NHL. After everything that happened last year, we still don’t have a real fourth line. JM and PG seem to think the 4th line is just where you put players who are less talented.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        There are some huge holes on this team (defense and 4th line) that’s why I feel slightly bad for Martin. Gauthier should be on the hot seat as well for failing assemble a solid roster.

        I don’t know what he was thinking in his reshuffling of the defense. Signing Gill, letting Hamrlik and Wisniewski walk and gambling on Markov.

        Even if Markov returns healthy and resembles the guy he once was, they’re still missing a tough stay-at-home defenseman.

        There were also forwards with a tough edge to them that are quality players who could have been signed to play on our fourth line.

      • savethepuck says:

        Our 4th line is taking a lot of flak but they are not the reason this team is losing. Everyone is saying Enqvist sucks but that’s only because they are not impressed with him offensively. He’s not an offensive player, he’s a defensive guy who is good without the puck. He has no goals or assists, but he’s a +1 on a team that the only other + players are Weber @ +4, Moen @ +3, Gorges @ +1. and Diaz @ +1. Just look at the fact that Weber, the guy that was supposed to be our 6th or 7th DMan leads and our 4th line plugger Moen is in 2nd. Our other 4th liners are Palushaj who’s even and Darche at -1. I’m happy with a 4th line that doesn’t make mistakes and gives the top 3 lines a rest.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I might be a little old fashioned with this one but I’m of the mindset that you’re fourth line should be real rough and tumble, with the ability to play solid defensively.

          I think it really adds to a team’s performance when you can though a line like that on the ice and pin the other team in their own end for a shift while hammering their defense into the glass.

          It eats time off the clock, creates faceoffs in the other teams zone and fires up the bench.

          It;s also nice to have guys on that fourth line that will punch people in the face when Subban’s face is rubbed in the ice and Price is repeatedly knocked dowm.

          • savethepuck says:

            We were supposed to have that in a line of a combination of White, Moen, Darche, and Enqvist. An injury to White and an injury to 1 of our top 9 meant Moen had to be moved up. I think the point of my post was that the 4th line is not the reason the team is losing. Look at our only plus players, with the exception of Gorges ( who’s not playing a good +1 ), these are not the guys you expect to be our +/- leaders. We are losing because our best players are not playing like our best players, and I’m not a stats guy. I guess I missed the fact Lars Eller is +3

            “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
            Carey Price

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Oh I agree totally. I’d like imagine our fourth line would consist of the players you mentioned, but I think they could have added someone tougher than Darche or Enqvist to play with White and Moen.

  61. Bob Barker says:

    Just make Muller head coach. Lots of assistant coaches make the transition to head coach. Todd Mclellan and Paul Maclean being recent examples.

    Every time there’s a discussion about hiring a new coach, language is always the dominant issue.

    You wouldn’t be able to build a winning team if you employed this philosophy with the players as the talented French-speaking players are just as coveted by the other 29 teams. It is equally flawed when it comes to coaches.

    Is a 2-minute soundbyte in French that important? Renaud Lavoie and Francois Gagnon do a very good job of covering the team. They regularly post on Twitter in both English and French and link to their articles on RDS. They regularly translate a player’s English interview into French. I don’t see why the same can’t be done for a coach.

    Meeting with the media is a small part of a coach’s job and has no effect on the on-ice performance of the team. Somehow in Montreal, it’s become accepted that the primary criteria is being able to speak with them in French. It doesn’t make much sense.

  62. HabinBurlington says:

    I can’t believe there isn’t a new poll:

    Which of these coaches would you like to replace JM if he is fired.
    Guy Carboneau
    Marc Crawford
    Kirk Muller
    Randy Cunneyworth
    Ken Hitchcock ( i don’t care about the language issue, he uses body language)

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      It would sure be nice to see the best coach chosen regardless of his language skills. Craig MacTavish could be another candidate.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      Kirk gets my vote. I can remember him screaming (in a motivating way) at players during our playoff run 2 yrs ago. Lots of fire there.

      Yea, im home now. Got home about 2am. Went from 87 F to 37F. Quite the temperature difference. Good to be home tho.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • Storm Man says:

      The players need to hold a meeting with the Molsons and say what the problem with the team is… It is Lord Martin and it’s time for him to pack his bags that simple.. Im not joking about tossing my Habs jersey on the ice if they lose to Boston at the bell centre if Lord Martin is still coaching.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      I doubt Carbonneau would return, or that he is the right choice.
      Crawford, Hitchcock are veteran coachs who would want term, not just an ‘interim’ tag to be used up.

      I think make Cunneyworth interim HC, then conduct a full search over the summer, Muller getting strong consideration of course.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I agree Serious, but i had to fill in names for the purpose of the poll.

        If indeed JM is canned, it has to be an interim fill in. It would compound the problem to make a long term decision now in mid season for his replacement.

    • DLHABSNUT65 says:

      I would choose Captain Kirk with Larry Robinson brought in to coach those young defensemen…they need some great mentoring!!

  63. 100HABS says:

    Ok, so we’re dead last in the conference. This is clearly not a good start. That said, we’re 3 points shy of .500, 4 points out of a playoff berth. There is plenty of time to turn this around, but turn it around we must.

    I think Diaz, Emelin, and Weber have been doing as well as can be expected. Playing a 5th or 6th defencemen is all you should expect from a rookie (or Weber). The problem is one of them is playing 4th defenceman. None of them would be getting this experience if Markov, Spacek and Campoli were healthy. Had the vets been there, the three in-close Leafs goals may not have happened.

    What can PG do? You can’t hire more D’s with 3 on the shelf… At least these young guys are getting good experience to become better. But at what cost? You have to draw the line somewhere. To me, the line is that getting this experience cannot cost as much as making the playoffs this season.

  64. hirky says:

    There is going to be video of the garage league guys?? Cool. LOL.

    This loss was sooo frustrating, the Habs battled hard, scored some goals, but again the PK failed them and they were abysmal on the PP. You don’t have to quote “check your stats” for that one JM.

    I think they should go back to having Gill and Subban together, they were terrible together early in the year but they are still a great pairing. They at least know what each other will do on the ice. There seems to be continued confusion or lack of communication in our defensive pairings and that needs to be fixed. Also, shouldn’t they have a designed breakout play? Seems like they just skate then dump it where there is no one or pass it to nobody.

    If they practice today they better spend time on passing and developing a plan on the PP for reaching some sort of success.

    I think the Habs should turn to Jeremy Roenick, Russ Courtnall, and Theo Fleury to coach the Habs…hey if they can judge/and or compete on Battle of the Blades that has to look good on the resume. hehehe

    Maybe we should let Pierre McGuire coach, it would turn all our lines into ‘monsters’ instead of being mostly ‘nightmares’.

    Season is young lets hope they can turn it around….

  65. cuzzie says:

    How could Eller not know there was a goalie change to begin the 2nd period. Inexcusable! Get rid of all those coaches.

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  66. Cam_1 says:

    This sucks…I was really hoping Martin would not be present at the meeting !!!

  67. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Will Markov’s return turn around this defensive corpse … er … corps? Can anything help this hapless bunch? Woe is me, two losses to the Leafs in as many games! NOOOOOOOOO!!!1!!

  68. JayBee says:

    JM: “Guys, after doing da research… I’m still keeping Darche on the 1st wave PP. Seeya Monday!”

  69. Propwash says:

    Remember the days of “Fire Carbo, we need experience behind the bench!”
    now it’s “Fire Martin, we need inexperience (Roy) behind the bench!”


  70. Kooch7800 says:

    a meeting will do nothing…you need new defense

    • likehoy says:

      new defense? we need any defense lol.
      too bad markov/spacek/campoli are all out.. but it’d be nice if we had some players who can play D.
      First pass = not a problem
      gettng the puck = huge problem.

      – Gomez is holding down the “overpaid” button

      • Kooch7800 says:

        we need to make some trades on d or we are done like dinner.

        spacek coming back will not even fix the problem. campoli was just a mistake and he is gone until probably the second half.

        I think we made too many mistakes in the offseason. As much as I blame JM and don’t like him it is the off season mistakes on defense that are hurting us more.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      We need our forwards picking up their defensive assignments, our Ds cover their guys but the forwards do not!

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

  71. Captain aHab says:

    I wonder if PG will convene a meeting at 10AM to announce whether JM will be holding the 10:30 meeting with players. ;-D

    Practice today probably means more line changes so I’d rather they not practice personally.

    If they practice, $10 says he breaks up the Eller line that worked well last night.

    • bajd says:

      Eller’s too big to play center on the 2nd line. Jacques better put him on the wing on the 4th line. We don’t want the system disrupted! I don’t think meetings work all that well. I’ve been to a hundred in the business world and half the people are tuned out, the other half are split between eager puppy dogs with their tongues hanging out “teach me teach me! and the other half with their arms folded across their chest and a big scowl on their face.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hehe, oh that would be interesting eh?

      PG to JM:Jacques thanks for coming early, but you are done good by.
      10mins. later
      BG to PG: Thanks for telling Jacques he is gone, by the way can you help him out and don’t come back yourself
      Molson to BG: Yah that was necessary, and Bob you have been good soldier go have a drink with those two and we will see you next time we need an alumni member for pregame.
      Molson to Players: Hal, you are now a player coach, Gio can I talk to you about our GM position.

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