Along for the Drive


Some of you wily veterans might remember my rookie season last year when I had a panoramic view from the blues. I’m delighted to be back – especially with a bulked up roster.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Habs fan of epic proportions whose future psychological well-being is dependent on a 25th Stanley Cup.

Won this year.

By the Habs.

That being said, I don’t jump on – or off of- bandwagons. I’m not a fair-weather fan. A couple of bad goals won’t shake my faith in Carey Price. A Koivu goal drought won’t convince me that he is not a great leader. An ugly tie won’t make me believe that Carbonneau is a bad dresser.

A few things that I do believe:

  • Bob Gainey is a genius.
  • Sergei Kostitsyn will be the Canadiens next 100-point scorer.
  • Hard work along the boards pays off.
  • Getting back on D is just as important as leading the rush.
  • Trevor Timmins deserves a raise.


If we share some of these beliefs then I’m sure that we’ll get along fine. If you disagree with all of the above – I look forward to convincing you otherwise.

Bon match!

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