All Streit, all the time

Mark Streit receives blanket coverage in today’s Montreal Gazette as the versatile players continues to make people take notice of his play this season. With unrestricted free-agency looming this summer, The Gazette’s Pat Hickey takes a look at what the Swiss-born player can expect when contract talks get going.

According to head coach Guy Carbonneau, Streit can be expect "millions" when his agent sits down to negotiate that new deal.

The Gazette’s Kevin Mio sits down with Streit for his weekly one-on-one column in which Streit discusses how he has adapted to playing a North American style of hockey and just how difficult the transition from defenceman to a forward can be.

Here’s a sample of his answers:

Who was your idol growing up?

"I have different ones. Obviously, as a defenceman, it was Paul Coffey, Bobby Orr, all very good skaters and offensive defencemen. And the biggest one is Chris Chelios. I have his jersey at home and I was always a big fan of his."



  1. coutNY says:

    Carbo zip the lips, we can’t afford to pay everybody on the team millions…! Streit is great and I don’t want to see him leave because of a money issue..

    BTW it seems that former Hab Richard Zednik is in Stable Conditon after undergoing surgery for a skate blade to the juggular last night…

  2. OldGrover says:

    What, you think Streit and his professional agent don’t know what salary range he’s worth?

  3. showey47 says:

    This will be interesting to see how it plays out contract wise. A 4th line forward but also a powerplay specialist who may end up being 4th or 5th on the team in points. Possibly 55 points or so. I am guessing most of these points came as a defencemen not as a 4th line forward.

    It may cost quite a bit to re-sign him considering what the market is for offensive defencmen. The fact that he can also play forward just adds to it.

  4. jimbo says:

    Agreed to much money for what he brings to the table.5th or 6th d-man or role playing forward.can’t waste money on these type players

  5. PureGuava says:

    He already has 38 – two less than Markov. One less than Koivu. Do you even want to know how many more he has than Higgins and Ryder?

  6. projectpete19 says:

    what is it with all the games that have peoples necks cut with skates involve buffalo?

  7. idle says:

    I guess if only for Carbo we could have got him signed for 10% over the league minimum.

  8. coutNY says:

    Most likely he does, but I do not want to model our D into overpaid a Defensive core such as the Laffs, who barring a mircle won’t make the playoffs again.

    I love Streit and I pray we can extend him. But what a Player is worth compared to others around the league does not necessarily equate his worth to the team he plays for currently.

    Lubomir Visnovsky with the Kings got an extention this year for 5 years $5.65 after to break-out years putting up huge numbers as a POwerplay specialist. His team this year is on the worst team in the NHL.
    He’s 30 years old 188 pounds?

    Does he get Boyle money around $3.625? at 31 Powerplay specialist is a coveted asset at trade deadline and is expected to make even more as a UFA.

    He’s putting great numbers, he’s a big part of the PP success, and making around $600k, so this might be his last payday opportunity at age 30. Is he worth that kind of money? Maybe? But I am glad I don’t have t o make these type of decisions.

  9. piche says:

    Not sure what numbers you are saying are too much as I have not seen any yet. What I do know is that he is very good at the point on the power play and he is not a liability on defense. I think he is top 4 or 5 on this team in terms of passing ability and his points reflect this. I expect him to get at least $2mil next season. His biggest problem is getting lumped in with guys like Dandy (ie defenseman moved to forward to fill a spot or keep them in the lineup). He is better than that.

    P.S. O’Byrne and Kostopoulus were arrested in Tampa:



  10. HABZ 24 says:

    with straits semi-boomer from the blue line, and sheldons injury ,trading sourrey looks like a great move now.komi’s gunna ask huge doe also.can we afford markov, komi,strait at new salaries? hope so.

  11. kidneyboy says:

    He’s just so soft on the puck that when he’s on defense I shake with fear. Leave himn as a 4th liner and offer that corresponding dough. If he goes; see ya. Yeah he’s valuable on the pp but replacable. Just my $.02.

  12. habsnyc says:

    I don’t know what to make of Streit. He is a powerplay specialist who is a team worst -10, despite his reduced even strength playing time. He can’t hit, can’t defend and isn’t good enough to be a top six wing. What, other than shoot on the powerplay, can he do?

    He was a great stop gap until Montreal could develop more talented players, but resigning a consistently negative +/- defenseman is rarely a good more.

  13. PureGuava says:

    Well he’s a hell of a lot faster then Souray, is less of a defensive liability, and a better passer. He quarterbacks the second best power play in the league, plays on the penalty kill, and can play a bit of forward when needed. Why is Komisarik more valuable then this guy? I love big Mike, don’t get me wrong here. With respect to Pierre Maguire, Komisarik’s defense partner is the best D-man in the Eastern Conference, and he has no offensive upside. Who would you think is more important to retain? A stay at home defensman on a team that has recently drafted very deep in that department, or a guy who leads your # 2 ranked power play? I’m not saying get rid of Komi, i’m simpy stating that Streit should be no less of a priority.

  14. habsnyc says:

    Komisarek is +10 and Streit is -10. Komisarek leads the team in hits and blocked shots. He can control the tempo of a game. Streit has never played on the penalty kill. Streit can’t score as a defenseman. He only scores on the powerplay or as a forward. And Streit accumulates is minuses in far less even strength ice time than any other defenseman.

    I’m saying I’d rather have 5 less powerplay goals for than 10 more even strength goals against. Carey Price is going to look like a star behind Komisarek. Last year, Montreal lost the top powerplay defenseman in the NHL and it didn’t hurt one bit.

    If the team can carry Streit as a cheap one dimensional player, while better prospects develop, then it is awesome. But he’s not a top four defenseman nor a top six forward so paying him $2 million for more than one season is a needless risk.

  15. PureGuava says:

    You have absolutely no statiscal data to back up any of your rant, other then a single number -10. Streit IS playing on the PK, and the PP. And is also on as a 4th – 6th D man, and as a bottom 6 forward. His negative numbers are reflective of all the little errands this team has him running. The only thing you have is that minus ten, but haven’t really considered properly where that number has came from. Again, I am not saying Komisarek is not my guy and Streit is, I love them both. I just think that Streit deserves a hell of a lot more respect than you have given him. Streit has been playing the North American game 2 and a half seasons now, and gets better each shift. Keep him.

  16. habsnyc says:

    i have his ice time. 1009 total minutes, 269 on the powerplay, 46 shorthanded and the rest even strength. he plays 18 minutes per game, with one third of it on the powerplay. he plays one shift shorthanded a game, komisarek plays seven.

    i respect him, he’s done a great job as a powerplay specialist. he is worth his salary. he’s a team player. he’s a nice guy. i would buy him dinner. he is one of the few montreal defensemen whom i would let hold my sister’s purse.

    but if a team is on the plus side of +/- and a player on that team is way on the negative side then that player becomes replaceable.

  17. Hockey11 says:

    He needs to finish the season on D, we have enough forwards and the Breezer experiment as expected is a total failure.

    Streit struggles at times on D but he needs to know that he will be playing one position or another and he needs to get confidence in one. This way the org can determine if his future is as a Dman or forward, either way he has earned a spot and is due a raise but other than the PP performance he is not a star player, only a serviceable one.

  18. Revolution No. 9 says:

    Profile on Mark Streit who is playing well: 15 comments
    Two Habs arrested for being goofs: 150 comments

    Now we know how to sell the news…


  19. G-Man says:

    Right on! What say we start the revolution?


  20. The Big O says:

    4th line guy and 6th D…let’s not get too crazy here! Because he does both, that could be a blessing and a curse, I’m guessing 900K, 1.1 and and 1.5 over 3 yrs…beyond that, those cap dollars are better spent on the guys coming up in the system…

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