All-star vote: Markov top D, Huet’s lead narrows

Canadiens defenceman Andrei Markov holds a 51,088-vote lead over Boston’s Zdeno Chara, continuing to lead all Eastern Conference rearguards in updated balloting for the NHL All-Star Game.

Netminder Cristobal Huet continues to lead New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur in the goaltending category, 122,228 votes to 120,537.

Captain Saku Koivu ranks seventh with voters for Eastern forwards, while write-in candidate Alex Kovalev is 12th.

Cast your ballot(s) here. And you’ll find the new NHL-released totals here.


  1. Mike says:


  2. JasonM says:

    Wow, Kovalev is 12th and he’s not even on the official ballot. Hopefully he has a couple of solid more weeks and makes it as I’m sure it’ll be a nice motivational booster for his consistency this season.

  3. Habsfan39 says:

    are they taking 12 forwards?

  4. Hot_Pie says:

    Shhhhh guys. Maybe these votes are going to get to Markov’s head!

  5. big_daddy says:

    i voted for Carbonneau…… anything do get him out of town….. maybe if we send him to the all star game he can screw with the lines and then publicly berate the players after the game to destroy their confidence. It could work..

  6. PGHABS says:

    This proves, as of right now, we have the seventh best centreman in the east, the best goalie, and the best defenseman. This proves we will win the cup this year.

  7. von says:

    Huet better than Brodeur? What a joke.

    “No, it proves we stuff the ballots the best, and we should be proud, as at least that shows WE care.”

    Voting blindly just for the sake of having your home guy there is pathetic. It turns what should be a weekend of the best players of the season into a popularity contest. Then again, it is the all-star game we’re talking about.

    Vote for Rory anyone?

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