All-Star Game: Remember when…

Our friend Erle Schneidman, of, sends along an X-your-favourites ballot for the three-game 1979 Challenge Cup, Russia vs. the NHL as a one-time replacement for the All-Star Game, and a ticket stub from the 1948 All-Star Game, the NHL’s second, at Chicago Stadium.

("Please keep your X’s inside the boxes," reads the ballot, which surely was produced by the folks who brought you Quebec’s last referendum.)

The ballot was in colour, but we’ve converted it to black and white so it’s more legible. Canadiens who were voted to that team: Lafleur, Robinson, Gainey, Shutt, Savard, Lapointe, Dryden.

The NHL beat the Russians 4-2 in the opener, then lost 5-4 and 6-0 in Games 2 and 3. All three were played at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Courtesy Erle Schneidman:

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