Alex Galchenyuk agrees to three-year contract with Canadiens worth $14.7 million


The Canadiens announced late in the afternoon Wednesday that Alex Galchenyuk has agreed to terms on a new three-year contract.

Galchenyuk, 23, became a restricted free agent on July 1.

Galchenyuk’s new deal, which is worth US$14.7 million, comes with an annual salary-cap hit of $4.9 million. Galchenyuk completed a two-year deal worth a total of $5.6 million last season. Sportsnet’s Eric Engels and Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports both reported that Galchenyuk’s new contract does not include a no-trade or no-move clause.

In 61 games last season, Galchenyuk had 17 goals and 27 assists for 44 points after missing time with two knee injuries. He can become an unrestricted free agent at the end of his new contract.

“It was an up and down year,” Galchenyuk said when he met with the media following the Canadiens’ first-round playoff loss to the New York Rangers. “By the end of the day, we as a team we lost in the first round and that’s definitely disappointing. But we can stand here and talk about what went wrong, but I’m already focused about next year.

“Honestly, I don’t think about contract stuff too much,” he added at the time. “I focused on what I had to do on the ice and let my agent take care of the contract part. Trying not to think about it too much. Get some rest and refresh and keep working hard for next year.”

Since being selected with the No. 3 overall pick at the 2012 NHL Draft, Galchenyuk has 89 goals and 115 assists for 204 points in 336 regular-season games. He has 4-9-13 totals in 28 playoff games.

When asked after the playoff loss to the Rangers if he hoped to be back with the Canadiens, Galchenyuk said: “I love this team, I love the city, I love the fans. Everything about Montreal I love. It’s an exciting place to play.”

There was still no word Wednesday on where unrestricted free-agent defenceman Andrei Markov would sign. Goalie Charlie Lindgren remains the Canadiens’ only restricted free agent yet to sign a new deal.

After the Canadiens’ season ended, Galchenyuk spoke about dealing with his two knee injuries.

“It was a tough thing to deal with, but it’s part of the game,” he said. “You can’t really find that many players that go through season like they wanted to go through … no injuries, no nothing. Everybody hopes for it and wishes for it, but things like that don’t happen and injuries are a big part of the game. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is and I had to deal with it.

“It was tough coming back from injury,” he added. “But I’m not going to stand here and make excuses about injury or not. It was tough and I’m going to leave it there. You wish it didn’t happen, but it did … it’s part of the game.”

Five years into his NHL career, the Canadiens still haven’t figured out if Galchenyuk is a centre or a winger, although both Bergevin and coach Claude Julien left the impression during their end-of-season news conference that Galchenyuk will be a winger moving forward. Galchenyuk started the playoffs as a fourth-line winger, but was at centre to take two key faceoffs at the end of Game 6 against the Rangers with the Canadiens losing 2-1. Galchenyuk, who won only 42.7 per cent of his faceoffs during the regular season, lost them both and the Rangers scored an empty-net goal to win the game and the series.

“I think everybody has their job,” Galchenyuk said when asked if he had been used properly last season. “Coach’s coach and players got to play. Of course, I wanted to do some things differently on the ice, but you can’t always get what you want. Everybody competed, but things didn’t go our way. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is.

“You got to go out there and play your best and that’s where my mindset was,” he added. “I never complained, never had a bad attitude about it. I was always positive and I wanted to go out there and help the team win. That’s the end of it.”

(Photo: Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

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  1. pakman135 says:

    Pleks is a 2.75-3 million player once the current contract is up! Thoughts?

  2. Max_a_million says:

    new feed

    • twocents says:

      Obviously, the actual players effect these fairly coarse stats. However, I disagree with anyone who suggests Julien is less defensively focused than Therrien.

      I think the difference between the two is actually in how they approach offence. Therrien seems more regimented and rigid in that aspect, largely expecting all players to play much the same way, with regard to positioning and structure of offensive play. I think Julien may prove a little more subtle and adaptive in this area and allow players/lines to exploit their individual strengths offensively.

      I think this is what some people are in fact talking about when they compare the two.

  3. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    I still think Pleks will make a comeback this year. I expect 15-18 goals.
    Why? I think as a defensive forward with offensive skills, he was absolutely stifled under Therrien’s fear based system. I expect Julien to be a lot more creative, and for Pleks to have a decent season.

    He’ll never score 29 again, and I know I am an optimist swimming against the tide, but with quick linemates and a better coach, there are possibilities.

    If there aren’t, he isn’t going to be traded anyway so we might as well hope.

    • sakuknows says:

      With some consistent wingers there is a definite chance.

      The revolving door of line-mates in empty’s useless system definitely messed with chemistry. Pleks has been nothing but accommodating (as he should) to this team. A little reciprocation will go a long way.

    • Bun E. Laroque says:

      I agree. I think Plekanec will definitely have a better season with Julien in charge from the start. Julien certainly knew how to get the most out of Bergeron, a similar, though superior player to Plekanec. Can’t expect a ton of points but he will be a more effective player this year.

    • on2ndthought says:

      IF Hemsky can stay healthy, I can see him working well with Plek. Plek has turned into a terrible shooter the past two years, going from a mediocre 10-11% to an abysmal 7%. I’m not sure that is ever coming back 🙁

    • 25soonenough says:

      A solid year from Hemsky on Plekanec’s line would help a lot.

      –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

  4. twocents says:

    So, taranna and Detroit have pressing cap issues. Chicago has seemingly slipped the noose with Hossa’s ailment. Who is ripe for poaching?

    Remember, before you get all excited about ditching Pleks, that the price will need to be picks and/or prospects to deliver the needed cap relief.

    Kadri, Bozak, Gardiner, Zetterberg, Nyquist, Neilson, Ericsson???

    Me, I prefer the taranna options, though Nyquist would be nice if he could be moved back to centre.

  5. HabinBurlington says:

    Great news everyone, MB made one of the top 10 signings of all the UFA’s this offseason. Science proves it!

  6. ProHabs says:

    Come on bergy. Spend the cap space and finalize the roster. I want to spend the next 3 months working on line combinations.

  7. Max_a_million says:

    MB takes a lot of bashing around here, and there have some moves I have absolutely hated as well.

    If we sign Markov for 6 million for 2 years and Radulov for 6.25 million for 5. then next year we have less than 5 million under the cap with only 17 players signed. The cap hasn’t been going up all that much. It’s a simple math problem that makes sense. You can’t get out of over 35 contracts.

    The good news silver lining: Not signing radulov certainly helps keep galchenyuk, and I believe in Galchenyuk.

    The cap space is a huge asset. It’s leverage, it’s the ability to take on good players that other teams can’t afford, it’s the possibility of making a run at a John Tavares if crap hits the fan on the island. Don’t be discouraged by cap space.

    • sakuknows says:

      MB should be judged on his ability to find, hire, and develop the habs leadership group. He is sitting in a position where he is a leader of leaders. He needs to do better.

      He should also and more importantly be judged on his ability to build a perennial contender. He has failed to do that. Simple and plain.

      You can (and I do too) like some of his moves but at the end of the day if the results aren’t there, it just doesn’t matter.

      • Max_a_million says:

        The simple argument I put forth here is that his cap spending strategy here is sound and makes good sense.

        There are many things to dislike, complain about, hold in disregard … In an attempt to be on point. These moves/non-moves make great sense capwise.

    • Cal says:

      17 players signed with less than $5mil under the Cap? Cap Friendly shows a hit of under $58mil for 2018/19. This includes the new Price contract.
      Pleks, Mitchell, Hemsky and Martinsen are the forwards off the books next season.
      Looks like room fro the youngsters to play in the NHL.

  8. ProHabs says:

    The Habs are going to charge 12$ a beer hundreds of dollars per ticket but are going to spend 9-10$ million under the cap on salary.

    • New says:

      Where did you get those figures from? I hadn’t heard anything about concession or ticket prices and it’s almost three months away from roster submission?

    • Max_a_million says:

      Cap space is an asset. It’s leverage to get great players. It would be super dumb to spend cap money just for the sake of spending it.

      They will still spend money on Markov most likely. If you look at the cap, they only have 17 million left with 7 players to sign next season. Which explains the Markov delay.

      • 25soonenough says:

        Plekanec won’t be re-signed, Hemsky won’t be re-signed, Mitchell, Martinsen, Jerabek (maybe)

        Danault, Davidson, DLR are the only RFAs after this season

        Petry’s contract was front loaded and gets cheaper after this season

        Pacioretty is due for a raise in 19-20 with Marky and Pleks 12 M off the books by then.

        Entry level deals that are cheap for guys like Ikonen, Evans, etc..

        The Habs are NOT in cap trouble.

        –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

        • Max_a_million says:

          Ummm, except we easily could, we already spent the savings on Plekanec on Price. ‘getting cheaper’ makes no sense we are a cash rich team, all that matters is cap dollars.
          It gets worse after Pacioretty’s contract expires, but just look at 2018 season, keep it simple:

          Forwards – 8 signed at 25.2 million
          Defence – 5 signed at 21.2 million
          Goalies – 2 signed at 11.6 million
          Total – 15 players signed at 58 million
          That leaves 17 million to sign ~7 players
          Danault will get a big raise as an RFA, expect him to take what 4-5 million of this amount. Which leaves 12 million for ~6 players. Certainly doable, but not overly abundant.

          Now throw in Radulov and Markov at 6.25 million and 6 million for 2018 and we are in a lot of trouble. That would put us at the cap or over with 4 players to sign. We become a team that has to dump players.

          Just Markov for 6 million for next leaves us needing ~5 players for 6 million. It gets tough. Great care is needed constantly.

          • 25soonenough says:

            Except we are not paying Markov, Radulov, Plekanec any more in 18-19 season. The only raise is for Pacioretty. I am agreeing with you, I was only adding to your post. My point is the up coming contracts will be cheap. The only way we get tight is if we bring another star player at 6.5-7 M per season which we do have room for and even then we would have space.

            Hudon, DLR, McCarron, Byron, Lehkonen, Evans (maybe), Juulsen (entry level) Morrow (cheap bridge) etc……..

            –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

        • Loop_G says:

          Pleks might be re-signed, he is still an outstanding player in some aspects, just the offence is not really there anymore. If he does he will be signed at much lower value though.

          Hopefully Jarabek earns a good contract but generally the habs are now in pretty good shape for cap space going in to a potentially very strong free agent market next year.

          • Max_a_million says:

            12 million plus whatever the cap goes up for ~ 6 players.

            The minimum you can sign a player for is $650,000 right now.
            So signing 5 minimum players (650k) would allow you to sign one player for 8.75 million.

    • Loop_G says:

      They won’t be that far under the cap for long. There is no sense in spending that money in ways that will not help and it is a great asset to have. Also ,there is still a good chance that Markov comes back to eat into that as well.

      • 25soonenough says:

        I hope you’re right but I personally don’t see Markov returning. It feels like sour grapes on both sides. I really hope I’m wrong though

        –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

  9. durocher says:

    Gally for RNH
    Pleks for Duclair


  10. pakman135 says:

    The puzzling part is how MB had no problem giving an aging checking centre like plekanac 6 mill a year but has issues giving Markov that on the back end. Yes he is old but he is still a very effective D and he at least 2 years in him!

    • kalevine says:

      actually he gave Markov a similar extension at around the same time. The difference is, other than in the playoffs as per usual, Markov delivered value for his extension and Plekanec did not. They are stuck the Plekanec now for another barren year so I can see why reluctant to pay Markov as if he is still a spry 35

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Pretty obvious at this point nobody is offering Markov 2 years.

    • Habby_Haberton says:

      We don’t know if he has 2 years in him. Old players can drop off a cliff instantly…ask Pleks who was playing superbly (and was 6 years younger than Markov so can’t really compare the two).

    • durocher says:

      Pleks has to go.

    • Max_a_million says:

      Pleks is under 35, Markov is 38. Next year we only have 17 million in cap space with Danault as an RFA and needing 6 more players on top of that. Signing Markov big for next season, will be a huge problem. It’s not that puzzling when you do the math. Pleks was a really good number 2 centre when he signed as well, and seeing as how there are only what 15 great number one’s that was a logical signing.

  11. Bergevin's Foxhole says:

    How much does a sports agent take?

  12. HabinBurlington says:

    Canadiens Montréal ✔ @CanadiensMTL
    Canadiens agree to terms on a one-year, two-way contract with goaltender Charlie Lindgren (2017-18).

  13. jrs10069 says:

    any chance we could now deal AG over to our pals in Denver for Nathan McK? Re-unite the AG-NY line for them? Aren’t they just sharp enough to fall for it?


  14. montreal ace says:

    Chucky has just seen Davente Smith Pelly, one of his playmates, sign for 650,000, but if he goes to the minors its 300,000. His other close friend Beaulieu needs to go to arbitration, I think these are wakup calls for him. I personally think Bergevin has been more then fair with Chucky, even drafting him after a major injury. Chucky was not the same after the Kopitar hit last year, one that maybe a more experienced centre would have avoided. I see Chucky as a guy who has to show up clear eyed and on the ball for games, while being well rested. Bergevins moves have been predicted by no one, I also think that might be the same thing concerning his relationships with players, by this I mean people making up soap opera scandals, when there is nothing there.

    • Don Birnam says:

      DSP. Now there’s a blast from the past.
      DSP/Sekac. Those were the days.
      Is it true that Sekac made the jump to adult films?

      Viva Timo Libre!

    • Forum Dog says:

      I get that you love MB, but do you really think that Bergevin drafting Galchenyuk early, even after major injury, has anything to with fairness or Bergevin’s equitable nature? I would also say that Galchenyuk’s knee injury had nothing to do with his inexperience. Kopitar came in on his blind side and, while not necessarily malicious, basically skated into his knee while it was outstretched. I myself did not like the incident.

      No question that Galchenyuk has to show up ‘clear eyed and on the ball’, but if you step back and look at the big picture, he has more than held up his end of the bargain when it comes to point production, despite a revolving door of linemates and deployments. Bergevin offering him that contract is not some act of benevolence toward a problem child. It is an investment in a valuable asset, on or off this team.

    • tophab says:

      he has not been treated right,every other team in the nhl play their young players as much as they can,but galchenyuk is shoved around never with the same line mates for more than a game.Play galchenyuk
      20 min a game and he will be a point a game player at center or wing.
      Alex is the best player we have by a large margin.40 goals this year if the stupid coach plays him.(no 4th line bs)

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Actually MB has been irresponsible with Chucky. Drafts him and tells the whole world that he is the big center they will build around. Then MB signs him up and puts him on the team for a 3 month strike-shortened-season thus blowing one of his contract years for nothing. Even worse he puts him on the wing because he couldn’t find scoring in UFA. I won’t even start about MT. That kid was not mature like Gally. They clearly rushed him because they wanted to win right away.

  15. Bergevin's Foxhole says:

    Alzner has played 20 minutes a night for 9 years and now he’s going to make a jump to top pairing? Say what?

    • montreal ace says:

      I believe the consensus is that he will be, 2nd pairing with Petry, which will be a strong pairing

      • Bergevin's Foxhole says:

        $10.1 million for your second pairing. Is that typical?

        • 25soonenough says:

          Why do people keep bringing up player salaries as if they are the ones spending this money? The cap is 70 M$ We are nowhere near being in Cap trouble for the next 3 seasons, at least, with Plekanec coming off the books.

          –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

          • sakuknows says:

            I have never understood this. Never have, never will.

            1. It’s not our money to spend.
            2. The decisions aren’t ours.
            3. We are a cap team. We are going to spend it anyway
            4. Doesn’t matter where they play in the lineup. Coach should do what’s best for the team

            As a fan, the money each player makes is irrelevant. To this fan at least.

      • kalevine says:

        I agree, that would be very complementary, compared to say the Petry-Emelin match made in hell!

  16. on2ndthought says:

    The coverage was very poor yesterday, but this is from TSN today: “Restricted free agent forward Alex Galchenyuk was among the 30 players to file for salary arbitration Wednesday. Soon after filing through, Galchenyuk agreed to a three-year, 14.7 million deal ($4.9 million AAV) to return the Montreal Canadiens.”

    (for a list who filed; teams file today)

    • Forum Dog says:

      Yeah, funny that it was not reported explicitly. Also kind of surprised that he filed for arbitration, but then accepted a deal that probably gave him less. I’m betting that he would have gotten at least $5.75 on a 2 year term, and then have been eligible for UFA. Instead, he takes less money and delays his UFA eligibility by a year. Kind of strange, although I am almost certainly missing something.

      His current deal is pretty good for the Habs. What I’m wondering now is, does it solidify him as a key part of the organization, or does it just increase his trade value…..

      • montreal ace says:

        I think it is a great deal for Chucky and the team, the puck is on Chuck’s stick, as far as where he will go with it.

      • on2ndthought says:

        Brisson is a smart guy.

        Marcus Johanson, after a 20g 27a 47p season, was awarded a $3.75M deal; the biggest awarded since the latest CBA.

        • montreal ace says:

          Brisson is a very smart agent, glad Bergevin has a good relationship with him

        • Forum Dog says:

          A good point, but that was two years ago, and Johansson had produced at a clip of .54 PPG with a career high of 20 goals.

          Galchenyuk has produced at .61 PPG, has hit 30 goals once and probably would have scored 60-65 points if he hadn’t been injured last year. It all counts, but I think an arbitrator would have awarded him more. Probably not as much as I was thinking though, so fair point.

    • tophab says:

      PK has to go to arbitration, alex has to go to arbitration ,if we had Mcdavid he would have to go to arbitration,piss poor manager.every other team signs their young stars to long term contracts as soon as they can,but not the idiot we have running our team.

      • 25soonenough says:

        Really? McDavid 100 M for 8 years is a genius contact. Maybe, until he blows out a knee or has a massive concussion. Edmonton, after signing Draisatl will be so tight against the cap ceiling teams will cherry picking them for years. I hope we are one of those teams.

        –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

      • montreal ace says:

        Alex and PK did not go to arbitration

  17. on2ndthought says:

    IF Chucky is a center, we should sign Stafford, or Lukas Kaspar from Moscow Dynamo.

    If Chucky is a winger, we should sign Tereschenko from Dynamo.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Even if Chucky plays centre, would Tereschenko be better than Pleks?


      • on2ndthought says:

        If Chucky is a center, we don’t need him. He is much like Plek, should bump Danault down the depth chart. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

        From Eliteprospectt: A small, creative center. A quick skater, even in traffic, and a hard worker. Skilled with the puck and responsible at both ends of the ice. (Matias Strozyk, 2011)

  18. rhino514 says:

    It´s true the team needs Markov, but neither Markov at this point nor Alzner are top pairing defensemen.
    The best outcome possible after losing Radulov would be to use that extra cap space (as leverage in a trade) to get a “real” top pairing Dman. We should ideally trade a winger for a centre as well but this perhaps could be mitigated if either Galchenyuk or Drouin become comfortable at the position.
    If these things don´t happen I think we could make the playoffs, maybe even get 100 points but I think we are vulnerable come playoff time.

    • on2ndthought says:

      If your top pairing are two big, tough defenders who can stop the rush and then start the rush; then Alzner is a top pairing guy. He certainly will be matched up against the other team’s top line, so if you’re matching strength to strength, he will be in the top pair.

      I think if Jerabek is the ‘sleeper’ acquisition of the spring then we can balance our pairs. Otherwise, I have no problem seeing Weber Alzner eating 28 minutes a night. Schlemko is not a top pairing guy, and I don’t think Davidson will be.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I do not believe the team needs Markov. I think it would be nice to have him sign for one season so he could get in his 1000 game as a Hab.

      I think Bergevin is standing firm since he was able to get Alzner and sign Jerabek and Schlemko.


  19. Dust says:

    Granlund, Zibinajad, Johnston are 3 top 6 centres who have filed for Arbitration.
    Hopefully 1 of the teams walk away from the the arbitrators ruling and MB can sign them as a FA.

  20. Arnou Ruelle says:

    The way I look at the current lineup, I still think they need Markov and I have not given up on him coming back.

    I’m optimistic that Andrei will bring down his condition to a 1-year deal and get $6 million, maybe more.

    *If the free agency rumours of now, till next summer suggest John Tavares is going to test the open market, I’m hoping the Habs will free cap space to get him. Trade Galchenyuk on a pckg. deal next year and let Plekanec’s contract expire.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Doesn’t sound like Boone to be honest.


      • Ian Cobb says:

        he wrote exactly that on his F.B. page this morning. I just copied and pasted it.!

      • SmartDog says:

        Why because Boone would never say anything so horrible?

        What Bergevin is doing is a fact. And if it works – GREAT! But there’s no denying that he’s trying to build a French management and leadership and that’s where he’s placing his bets. Or that this means that he’s restricting other options. That’s just clear. Denying Bergevin has built a management team of francophone loyalists is like saying that Trump is being “new presidential” when he crudely attacks people on Twitter. It’s BS and everyone knows it.

        If you want to argue that he SHOULD do this, or even that it will WORK, great – have at it. That’s up for debate. But what he’s doing is clear from his actions. I wish people would stop crapping on people for saying it. And sorry – I’m not saying you are doing this. I just think your surprise comes from this PC notion that we can’t say what Bergevin is doing.

        With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
        The “C” stands for Cronyism.
        The “H” stands for Hubris.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Dudley, Timmins, Mellanby & Ramage, had no idea these guys were francophone. Cool.

      • SmartDog says:

        Here we go…. lets roll out the token Anglos to prove a ridiculous point.

        With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
        The “C” stands for Cronyism.
        The “H” stands for Hubris.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          How so? At the highest level of Hockey Operations, here is the complete group.

          MB as Exec. VP and GM
          Rick Dudley Sr. VP Hockey Ops
          Trevor Timmins Asst. GM
          Larry Carriere GM Laval Rocket
          Scott Mellaby Asst. GM
          John Sedgwick, Director, Legal Affairs

          Are there francophone within the organization? Absolutely, and there should be.

          But when Ian suggests that MB has “surrounded” himself with Francophone Loyalists, perhaps some facts don’t hurt.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Mark Hunter is a better assistant GM than Scott Mellanby or Trevor Timmins? I don’t think so. Also, Rick Dudley is still there, just with a fancier title (Senior VP). Bergevin has hired the best people he can find. Hiring Quebecois to player development positions now that the AHL team has moved to Quebec just makes sense.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I do think Mark Hunter was a very good hire by the Leafs, he seems to be a very good talent evaluator. Having run an OHL team with his brother as long as he did/has, his experience with Junior players is quite immense.

        • on2ndthought says:

          No disrespect to Hunter. The merits of one don’t diminish the merits of another. Both Mellanby and Dudley have great reputations and track records. Any hockey management team would welcome them aboard. Timmins has just been promoted; there will be no more McDonagh for Gomez deals.

    • Ton says:

      Ian you need to careful with posts like this. Over the years Ken Dryden has proven to be a great writer but with drama and as well very long winded. If his vision would have been bought into he would have been our PM! You may have taken what wrote out of content. Lemaire, Lafleur, lapointe, savard, roadrunner, these are winners and they would have not won the cup without them.

      All the sudden the leafs have become the marquee team…well they haven’t won anything yet. As well your customer base in the business your running is pronominately french therefore you need to cater to them as well.

    • JoshM says:

      Why do you not send such a comment to the RDS site, us frogs are always happy to hear such anti-french bias ..
      as for Ken Drydens’ famous rant, well we all know how his much vaunted stab at politics went .. he, of course, made his incredible observation far after one of his francophone team mates would of blasted him
      if you do not like us in management roles go back to England or wherever you came from

  21. Dust says:

    Based on what the habs have now here is how i think the habs lineup will look at the season opener

    Mitchell, Hudon


  22. 24 Cups says:

    Now that the dust has settled, there only appears to be two major items left to be decided in terms of the 2017-18 edition of the Habs – the Markov contract and the outside chance of a trade for Duchene. Those two points aside, the team is basically set moving forward to September’s training camp. There is some extra cash kicking around to sign a tier 3 free agent but it would probably mean that a decent player (Hudon, DLR, Davidson) would have to be put on waivers.

    I wouldn’t say it was a productive summer for Bergevin as the team is still a long shot contender for the Cup. Still no #1 centre or top pairing Dman to play alongside Weber. Same old, same old.

    See you in September.

    • Cal says:

      Cheers, 24.
      Looks like it’s a different day, but the same pile.

    • BC (Because of the Cats) says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes, we still have the same holes, but the difference is that young players like Hudon and De la Rose will finally have a real chance to prove themselves because Bergevin has no choice. The only “bandaid” he applied this summer was the one-year deal to Hemsky.

      I can’t help feeling that Bergevin thinks Hudon might be a special player, and that this is the reason he hasn’t been given much of a look yet, since a spot on the fourth line (which is what he would have gotten) would not have shown anything. I have high hopes that Hudon will become a top-six player in the near future.

      “We gotta lotta dep.”

      • 24 Cups says:

        Hi Jane – I agree with what you stated. I also have high hopes for Hudon. He scored a fair number of goals in the AHL which isn’t easy to do. The only question is will he get the icetime. He’s certainly as good as Hemsky moving forward at this point in time.

        Have a great summer!

  23. --Habs-- says:

    I know Rads moving on was disappointing and some are blaming MB. But we cannot neglect the fact that in negotiations the player must want to stay. If the Habs offered the same contract and I have no reason to believe they didn’t……Offering him 8 + million a season to keep him at an equivalent offer/rate of tax exchange as Dallas was a no go.

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

  24. Mavid says:


    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  25. JUST ME says:

    That signature was a must if at least we were hoping for a somewhat promising team as last season’s. I think Chucky does deserve a new deal. The only worry i had was about last year’ s injury. Definitely was not healed enough when he came back and cannot find another reason for him slowing down that much after his comeback.
    You just cannot develop a player into a 30 goal season scorer. Chucky is one of those gems so it’ s worth the try to allow him to find his ways. And with the creative talent of Drouin ,Chucky might just find what he needs to become a pure goal scorer again.

    Sad to see Radu go. Honestly just do not think there was real negotiations between him and the team. It was a business deal and MTL and his fans had very little to do in the balance . I will miss Radu’s temper which we do not get to have very often in a Bleu blanc rouge jersey…

    On the short run we have a tie. I think that Drouin next season will fill the void left by Radu but on the long run we are clear winners. Can’ t help but wonder what it would have given with both in the lineup though…That is how i see that there is still a piece of the puzzle missing. But hey ! Summer is not over ! Let’ s get Marky on board and move forward…

  26. berc says:

    Late to post, as usual. Was expecting 2-4 yrs 4.5-5.5, so no surprise. But I am still not convinced that they are going to keep Chucky. The team is simply too unbalanced–too loaded at LW vs C and RW–and with a couple of exceptions of players with decent experience at multiple positions (Byron and Shaw, for example), it doesn’t make sense to force players into a position with which they are unfamiliar. But there isn’t much out there to trade for. Maybe the sample size was insufficient, but it seems Galchenyuk proved that he should not be used at center. 1st line RW is very much up in the air, as is 1st line C. Gallagher should not be on the first line. Maybe Jagr comes in, but another poster pointed out that he may be a fish out of water on a speedy team. But we need his puck control and he has playmaking ability. I don’t buy Drouin as replacement for Rads. In my books, Drouin is still unproven talent. Jagr would be an adequate replacement for Rads in the talent department, albeit not in energy or exuberance. Rads will be missed. I certainly do not see Shaw on 2nd line. Lehkonen-Plekanec-Shaw were a good defensive combination last year, but it would make sense for Hemsky to play with Plekanec. Some posters have Hemsky on fourth line. I think that if he stays healthy, we may see Hemsky as 1st line RW–whether or not Jagr comes in. I’m wondering whether Shaw or Gallagher might be gone before the season begins, but what return would they bring, other than a prospect and a pick? Other posters have Mitchell or JDLR as fourth-line C. I see toss-up between Holland and JDLR for fourth-line C. Although Holland has a two-way contract, he has played 3 full seasons (last season abbreviated) since playing in the minors, but he has defensive issues. But JDLR has already logged 64 NHL games and hasn’t done squat, with -14 to boot. It’s a race to the bottom for both of those guys, but at least they have size. Mitchell lost a step as last year progressed and will probably sit out more than he will play, or play at RW. Byron is certainly a wild card. Most likely, he will play at RW if Hudon sticks with the team, which he should. But we may see Byron getting some time on second line and even on first line. McCarron is still not subject to waivers, and hasn’t accomplished much (2 goals and -14 in 51 NHL games), so I expect him to spend most of the year in Laval. Martinsen is also weak defensively. I don’t see what he brings besides size, and that isn’t enough. I don’t think that Markov is coming back, but I think that the D will be ok, though obviously weaker offensively. Looking at the rosters of teams with cap issues, I cannot see any player without NMC/NTC who might work with Habs. Caps have big cap issue this year, but most likely to become available is Orpik, and he is definitely not what Habs need. Any addition is likely to come from the depleted free-agent pool. Could either Mike Fisher or Daniel Winnik be a possibility for 1st line C? Winnik would be cheap. Not a #1C on other teams, but maybe possible for Habs? But only 43% on faceoffs last year so probably not a good idea. I would take Fisher, though, and he is a good face-off man. Not sure how he is as a playmaker. Does Brian Campbell still have anything in the tank on D? He was +12 this past season playing 18:25 and+31 two years ago, could replace Markov (though he had half Markov’s points this past season), and would come cheap–could probably play 16-18 mins, so maybe plays with Weber except on PK, when Alzner plays. Granted, the team would get a lot older, but Campbell, Jagr and Fisher could probably all be signed for the amount remaining in cap room. Or maybe just bring in Campbell on D. There is still too big a hole at C, and it is unclear how this will be resolved.
    Spares: Hudon, Mitchell. On the farm: Holland, Martinsen, McCarron, Carr, De La Rose

    spare: Davidson
    On the farm (but deserving NHL time): Morrow, Lernout, Redmond

    This team would be old, but effective. It could score 3 gpg.

  27. rogieshan says:

    Maybe the Yakupov signing in Colorado was a precursor to a possible reunion with Galchenyuk and a possible deal for Duchene. I imagine any team trading for the latter would want him to agree to an extension before consummating a swap.

  28. prep says:

    I still don’t understand why price got that much money ? Kane toews have multiple cups to along with their individual awards .. anze kopitar won two cups.. and all three players are very important to the team .. but they got the money after .. i still don’t understand the justification of that load of money …even stamkos left money on the table ..everyone believed 10 mill plus for him but ended taking 8.5 .. maybe cause of injury had to do with but so does price .. I still don’t get it .. he maybe the best goalie but he sure has proved it in the playoffs where it counts ..

    • PONCH says:

      If you take a moment or two, you’ll understand. Price is afterall the best player on the team as is McDavid, Toews, Kopitar etc. to their teams. The fact that the Habs have not won the cup does not change this and is moot. Wait for Matthews, Eichel and the rest of the merry band of men. Have they won the cup, no, but they will be paid. Deal with it I guess

      To be a Hockey Fan is to be a Habs Fan

  29. Butterface says:

    Well, I would have preferred two years longer for Galchenyuk. We don’t have a lot of talent options… we need a stable line up to restock the farm.

    This signing smells of trade. The term is long enough to have time to trade him, but not long enough to say we are making you part of our core.

    This term is unexpected. Does that count ?

    So what to do with the 9 million ?

    Does Markov get an offer .. or are we looking to add scoring with the 9M ??

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  30. arcosenate says:

    This is a great contract that says we want you to be our centre for 3 years. He’s much more talented than anyone you could trade for. There’s no one out there like him.

    He will have a huge year coming up. Stop the bs. It’s all good.

  31. Caesar says:

    Cal i agree that he’s declining habs should have signed him years ago.

  32. Mike D says:

    So as it stands now, the best forward lines I can come up with are:

    Max – Danault – Gally
    Drouin – Chucky – Shaw
    Lehkonen – Pleks – Hemsky
    JDLR/Hudon – Mitchell – Byron

    JDLR and Hudon (and maybe Mitchell too) rotate on pressbox duty.
    Martinsen and Holland in Laval.
    Byron and Shaw could swap places, which would make the 2nd line incredibly speedy, but it would also be devoid of grit/toughness.

    You know you have a lot of depth on the wings when Byron, a 22-goal scorer last year (aberration or not), is on your 4th line.

    Makes me wonder if we leverage that depth on wing to acquire a real (IE not Duchene) #1C

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  33. PK says:

    Is there anyone in the KHL’s Dynamo implosion that MB could chase down?

  34. habsr4ever says:

    Fantastic deal.
    Full season under cj is going to do him well.
    Bounce back season coming up.

  35. habsfanincalgary says:

    Glad to see the signing. He brings office to a lineup that desperately needs it!

    The addition of Drouin and subtraction of Radu evens out from an offence…

    Love to see Markov end his career as a Hab. And the addition of another bona fide scorer…otherwise, this team is no stronger than it was last year. It may win a playoff round, but let’s be serious, a final/two contender? No chance!

  36. Caesar says:

    Every couple if years i think Jagr is done and the time to sign him was 4 years ago this has gone on for about 12 years. Jagr is incredible if he didnt have lockouts and KHL seasons he would be right behind 99 on the all time list. If Phelps can win gold at 30 Jagr can play till 50. Do it MB go get a legend

    • Cal says:

      Jagr was a great player. On a team built for speed, he wouldn’t fit in.
      He can still bring it, but he declined markedly from 15/16 to 16/17. 46 points versus the year before when he had 66 points, including 26 goals.
      He should be doing his hockey school for real, helping pros be better offensively. I’m surprised Vegas hasn’t reached out.

  37. RightNyder says:

    So, how much money did Anze Kopitar save the Habs, if any?

  38. FloridaMike says:

    I like the deal. Gally can see if he can overcome injuries and his inconsistency in the next 2 or 3 years. If not, no re-signing and he will get another contract with another team a bit higher than Yukapov. Maybe even Desharnais!

    Not quite sure what to think of regarding Markov. Clearly, the phone is not ringing off the hook for him. Why not sign with Montreal for a year or whatever. Weird.

    Too bad about Radu. He should do well in Dallas for a year or so and then I think he will be another Semin. In addition, Dallas has a lot of offense (even though we scored a few goals more), and are horrible on defense, so Radu’s numbers may be inflated compared to our more defensive system.

    I wonder is we do not sign Markov if we get another player? Or let the kids develop and then get a trade at the deadline?

    Game over man! Game over!

  39. PONCH says:

    OK now, no need for anyone to get their shorts in a knot. Just an observation from a fellow H/IO commenter and Habs fan. For full disclosure I’m a Polly.
    So many posts today with the good news of the AG signing and in the past blasting MB for well, you name it.

    So many posters saying, OK now, all he has to do with that 9 Million available is trade for a

    #1C and a LH puck moving D-man (stuff it, those guys are gone)

    1 What #1C do we trade for and what do we give up?

    2 Who has a puck moving LH D-man that they are willing to trade and what will we have to give up

    Thanks and look forward to any reasonable ideas. Even though we can’t really make the trades it’s enjoyable to read the discussions and comments

    To be a Hockey Fan is to be a Habs Fan

  40. Cal says:

    Good signing at a good price. If Galchenyuk is moved, the new team has a palatable contract.
    The Habs up front are essentially the same team as last year because Drouin= Radulov. Signing Radulov while letting Markov go would have made more sense to me because the offense was lacking in the playoffs. 11 goals in 6 games is crappy.

    There’s lots of stay at home D that don’t drive the offense, but I think Julien’s break out system doesn’t require the D to do much more than either bang it off the glass or a quick safe pass to a waiting winger. Where the system will have problems is in the neutral zone. If the forwards’ foot speed doesn’t back off the D, there will be a lot of tough slogging.
    The hole, it’s a crater, really, at center still hasn’t been addressed. Pleks, Danault and the others are 3rd and 4th line centers on a contender.

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