AK46, Weber to sit

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Andrei Kostitsyn, who has gone nine games without scoring a goal, will be a healthy scratch tonight along with defenceman Yannick Weber.

Coach Jacques Martin said he wasn’t happy with Kostitsyn’s intensity but he said he hoped that benching Kostitsyn would send a message to some of the other players who haven’t been pulling their weight.

Backup goalie Alex Auld and defenceman Alexandre Picard were both cleared for action after missing practice Monday.



  1. punkster says:

    I think you go too far with the “JM guys” thing, In a sense they may be JM system guys and I have no porblem with that but I doubt it’s anything personal. This roster doesn’t have the scoring power to compete daily with a run and gun system. They have strong goaltending, reasonable defence, great penalty kill. They have a weak goal scoring ability and hence a weak power play.

    AK can score but he is not a superstar goal scorer. With this team he has to deliver more than just goals. He has to score some goals AND conform to the system JM has in place to deliver strong defence. He isn’t doing that yet and maybe he can;t and never will.


  2. punkster says:

    Not sure what you’re asking. What would I recommend for AK if this doesn’t work? Same as I recommended most of last season. Trade. Personally I think the best we can hope for, given AKs history, is he’ll get the message, come back and play well. For how long is the question. Either forever or just long enough to get to the trade deadline and find a reasonable trading partner. I would think that after all this time management and coaches have already made up their minds.


  3. Everlasting1 says:

    It won’t work out. Not in the long run. He is part of the team that was put together and developed by management/coaches. No one can step in and do better with the current roster. He is what he is. Understand? What would you recommend next? Shock therapy?


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  4. punkster says:

    Not well enough apparently. We’ll see how this benching works out.


  5. TommyB says:

    Absolutely good post.  Especially the part about “potential”.  We’ve had potential up to our ears and out the wazoo for how long now?  In the case of AK, as you say this is not something new from him.  He has displayed that pattern since his beginning on this team.  The “potential” is what has kept him here, and relatively immune from disciplinary wrath.  Good message being sent here from JM.  The message is directly at AK, but JM knows it applies to others as well, and they will also know it applies to them.  The difference is that AK has pulled this trick too often (disappearing act).  That’s why it’s him sitting instead of maybe some others.  Someone asked at the start of the season (Smart Dog?), who could make a difference this year.  I, as well as a few others, offered the name Andrei Kostitsyn as being that guy who could make a difference.  The key word being “could”.  He started off the year like gangbusters, and I was feeling real good about him as my choice for who could make a difference.  Unfortunately, he has fallen off the charts again.  A pattern all too familiar in his case.  This team needs to score some goals.  I agree with you punk, the others at least look like they are interested.  Andrei Kostitsyn does not.

  6. Mark C says:

    If Montreal cannot win a Cup with Gomez being over paid 3 millionish how did Chicago win with Campbell and Huet making almost $13 millon?

    Man, what did Gomez do to you? He’s playing his best hockey of the season and you still can’t lay off the guy.

  7. punkster says:

    My view is simply that AK hasn’t shown any consistent desire to put out an effort while the 3 you name at least try. He plays on the Ali theory; float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. We’re seeing the rebirth of Kovy.


  8. andrewberkshire says:

    Dave, Kostitsyn had an assist last night, so he’s getting involved. If you watch closely, lately Kostitsyn has been the first man back on that line, not Plekanec. He’s playing well.

  9. ctony says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, AK Bieska and Erhoff have virtually the same cap hit.  Where’s the savings for Vancouver trading for AK?

  10. subdoxastic says:

    Gomez, was benched for a few games just a few weeks ago. Except in his case, they called it a “lower-body injury” ut of respect for his veteran status. Gomez wasn’t injured so badly he couldn’t play. He was asked to sit out. The timing of his “injury”, in relation to the benching of subban, was very interesting to me.

    Gomez, has been sat– and he came back playing much better than he had been. Subban has been sat– he hasn’t exactly responded in the same manner.

    A.K. has the potential to be a great player. He benefitted from time on the top line with Plecky and did well. He did less well when shifted to other lines and then complained about it. So now he sits. Maybe next time he’s switched to lower tier line his response won’t be the entitled “I want to play on a line consistently” and be instead, “Holy hell, I’m glad I’m not one of those sad-sack buggers up in the pressbox tonight. Maybe if I play like I know I can, I’ll get back to hanging with Plecks and Cammi?”

  11. LA Loyalist says:

    Kostitsyn said he wants to play on a consistent line. Duh… this is just a power trip by JM.

  12. Belhab says:

    For you it is one game. For AK it is a spit in his face.

    He will give up on this coach for sure now, dont expect him to produce.

    Should have not move him through the lines like that… That pissed him off, he lost his confidence…

    Know him in person.

    BTW, they call JM Dumbo, the whole team does… SK came up with it…

    P.S. Gomez will never be scratched. JM got him to this team. Worst move ever. 7 mil for poop.


  13. adam76 says:

    You watch him on the face offs – he is not ready for the NHL.

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