Ailing Pouliot remains home

We’ll resist the temptation – OK, we won’t resist – to say that Benoit Pouliot didn’t wing to Buffalo with his teammates last night, the Canadiens forward still under the weather with flu-like symptoms.

Carey Price will be in goal tonight when the Canadiens take on the Sabres, taking on Ryan Miller in the home team’s net.

Marc-Antoine Godin of La Presse tweets that only Price, David Desharnais and Alexandre Picard were on the ice at HSBC Center for a very optional Canadiens morning skate.


  1. HardHabits says:

    I stand by my statement and the figure I suggest. People who talk about DD replacing Gomez are even more lost than those who think Hapern can fill his shoes. We saw what happened when Gomez was injured. Plex, Gomez, Gionta and Cammy are the forwards leadership core. I thought Gionta was over-priced at 5 million and certainly thought Cammy was too at 6 million. Not any more. Thankfully the Habs signed Plex long-term at 5 million per year. That’s the team until 13/14. Take it or leave it. Is Gomez worth 5-6 million? Yes! Take last nights goal for example. That was as much Gomez if not more even than PK. It’s why I always liked Lemaire so much more than Lafleur. Lafleur got all the glory but Lemaire was responsible for many of Lafleur’s goals anyways by being the primary assist on them. Plus Lemaire was not just scoring the goals but scoring them in a big way. Gomez is a bit Lemairesque. Gomez (and Gionta for that matter) can also skate circles around Desharnais. DD has a lot of work to do on this area of his play and no way DD offers what Gomez brings in terms of hard nosed work ethic. Night and day really. DD’s play is commendable and he’s got great potential for a little guy. No comparison to Gomez though.

  2. B says:

    I did not bring this up out of the blue, I was refuting someone who posted that Gomez was worth at least $6M right now. That just struck me as wrong so I said so. Accepting that we are stuck with Gomez is obvious. Blindly building him up as great just because he is a Hab is wrong IMO. Do you think it adds more to the conversation if we just silently agree to erroneous posts or outrageous claims? That seems to be what you are chastising me for not doing or perhaps you agree with original claim and don’t like that I challenged it?

    You implied I should just enjoy the good hockey Gomez provides (rah rah?), but I do when he does so that. My point remains that he does not consistently provide “good hockey” and certainly not $6M or more worth of as was claimed in the post I refuted. Sorry if you don’t want to read that side of the conversation.

  3. shiram says:

    Well its not like im going Rah Rah for anyone really. But we basically all know he is overpaid, its been said before, and proven with stats and whatnot… My main point is that, it basically serves no purpose with him, as he will not be moved. Plus he’s been playing alot better lately. He has been contributing consistently ever since MaxPac was added to his wing too.


  4. B says:

    There is nothing hateful about a realistic appraisal of his contribution. Sorry if I am not a blind rah rah cheerleader or someone trying to make it sound like he is worth it (or even $6M) this season, he has not been. Just playing for my favourite team does not instantly make a guy a great player. There is a lot of variation in the quality and contributions of Habs players. I wish they were all super stars, but unfortunately that’s just not how it is. I don’t hate Gomez, I don’t want to see him struggle and I would be thrilled to see him consistently contribute.

  5. B says:

    You certainly sound like you are defending him. He will never earn his salary here or even $6M of it. Overall, he may be worth $5M a season as a good 2nd line center, but he has not shown even that consistently this season. I hope he can do better because he certainly is not likely to go anywhere else for a while.

    Gomez was the 3rd most used forward killing penalties last season (behind Plekanec and Moen) averaging over 2 minutes per game on the PK. This season he is 8th among forwards on the PK averaging only 47 seconds PK time per game. That big drop sure looks like playing himself off the PK to me. If he is not piling up the points this season, then you might expect him to be helping in other ways, like the PK, but he is down on that aspect also this season. When a rookie like Desharnais in his brief appearances can get more PK TOI than Gomez it does say something, something good for Desharnais but at the same time not so much good for veteran Gomez as a contributing PK guy.

  6. Jordio-oh says:

    I agree.

    He’s on our team, so I cheer for him. Its pretty simple. I get frusterated with lack of production sometimes, but that goes for everyone (AK46, Cammy) etc. I like his style of play and the way he carries the pucks and understands the flow of the game. Hating on him or complaining on message boards everyday isn’t going to make him finish the season with 25 more points.

    And I’m not blind to poor performances, but I also don’t understand the gains from whining about it everyday.

  7. shiram says:

    While the slow starting, and salary are in issue with him, he has been playing great lately, good on faceoffs too. The way i see it is you can hate the guy and whatever he does, and wish for a trade that will not come. Or you can look at what he is doing now and enjoy the good hockey he provides.

    He’s a Habs, and will be for a while now still, decrying his performance may be cathartic, but it really doesnt bring much to the conversation.

  8. Jordio-oh says:

    While your facts are correct, you have a very convenient way of arranging them.

    – Yes Desharnais averages more PK TOI/G than Gomez. But only by 3 seconds per game, and the fact that Desharnais has only played a total of 5:53 on the PK in the whole season provides too small of a sample to draw from. It doesn’t suggest Desharnais is a better PK guy than Gomez and it doesn’t suggest Gomez ‘played himself off the PK’ because he never really was considered a big PK guy for us. Those guys have always been pleks, halpern, pyatt, moen, and gionta.

    – Gomez’s team worst +/- might also be attributed to the fact that he’s getting alot more of his points on the power play, instead of even strength. Gomez was -8 in December, but also had 7 ppp’s. Thats not a coincidence. So while you highlighted his team worse +/-, you didn’t mention that he’s also helped jump start our power play into the respectable ranks in the league in the last 4-5 weeks.

    – In his last 20 games, he has 16 points and is shooting alot more than he was before. Now, I’m not defending him as a 6 mill guy, but he’s a notorious slow starter.

  9. habs001 says:

    would be nice to get the next two road wins and that would put us over 500 on the road..right now we are about 19th on the road..

  10. B says:

    6 million mark? 1 assist in his last 4 games? Or are you going back to when he woke up Dec 15th and went on a 8 point in 5 game spurt that accounts for over a third of his points this season? Kostitsyn had an 8 point in 5 game spurt this season too, does than make him a six million dollar man too? I don’t think so. Gomez is having a poor overall season so far that has been plagued with inconsistent and frequently indifferent play. He has the teams worst +/- and played himself off of the PK this season. Desharnais averages more PK TOI/G than Gomez. Actually, Desharnais has even averaged more points per minute played this season than your “great” Gomez. Ouch!

  11. StevieRay says:

    Since we already have a a great ” young ” goalie I’d go with Gomez . Maybe a better question would be Gomez vs Iggy.. I’ll take Iggy !
    Last nite was a great charcter building comback win ! When Price went in you could senese the confidence the team showed .
    Let’s hope for another win tonite .

  12. fbkj says:

    “offrent aussi le même élément de robustesse”


  13. OneTimer says:

    nice post Mr. HH

  14. Mark C says:

    Gomez and it isn’t close. Kipper as had one season since 2006-07 where his SV% has been above .910%, and he hasn’t been above .920% since 2005-06 (was .920% last season). In three of his last four seasons his SV% has ranged from mediocre at best to poor. At least Gomez adds value to his team, where Kipper is bordering on hurting his team’s chances to win each night.

  15. StevieRay says:

    I would suggest that Gomez was 50 feet away from the goal the middle of the else..and challenged ..meanwhile PK was wide open on the wing … you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out or a 7 million dolar man to figure out what to do …

    Muchly overrated he is ..

  16. savethepuck says:

    I don’t care if we have 20 -isov’s if it means we get our 25th Cup.

  17. HardHabits says:

    Gomez is a great athlete. He skates at top speed, he’s durable, and he thinks as fast as the game is played.

    His play of late has put him in the 6 million mark. So what’s a paltry 1.4 million when the Habs have steals like Price and Halpern, not too mention utility players like Darche and all the kids, to compensate?

    I’ve no complaints with Gomez as a Hab, notwithstanding his cap hit. To me it’s part of the mathematics of putting together a team into today’s NHL.

    Scott is a team player through and through, and with his skill level, he’s a great asset to have.

  18. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Not asking you to forgive or anything bud – You’re pretty cool and I like your posts.

    Just thought that the Halak comment was a tad unfair.

    We’re cool though 😉 Go Habs!

  19. Mark C says:

    Maybe most important thing is the Wiz can play now, unlike MAB. Montreal badly needed another able body on D, in Montreal’s last ten before adding the Wiz the team was 2-8, Montreal is 6-2-1 the games the Wiz has played in since.

  20. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Kipper has a horrible contract. 

    Gomez is overpaid but he can but put 40+ assists every season. Not to mention that he’s a playoff performer. So he already beats out Thornton in that category haha. Kipper has lost his touch over the years and I’d rather have a young netminder with higher potential than Miikka.

  21. joshua94k says:

    Poll of the day: Who would you rather have, Scott Gomez at $8 million or Flames goalie Kiprusoff at $7 million.

    Scott Gomez was 12-3 on face-offs last night and set -up the overtime winner perfectly. His game has elevated and he has ignited the powerplay.

    Mike Cammalleri scored a beautiful goal like only a goal scorer can. He is getting back on track.

    P.K. Subban logged close to 30 minutes and scored the game winner. An amazing player. (If Crosby or Ovechkin cheer after scoring, it is considered good promotion of the game, if a young Subban gets excited he is arrogant ??????)

    Darche puts in a complete nights work as usual.

    Kostitsyn is playing the way he can.

    This team is putting all the pieces together. A great win considering they were without Price, Markov, Gorges, Pouliot and Wisniewski at 50%.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  22. twocents says:

    Except he’s a forward.

    I was mocking those who whinged about what we got for Lappierre.

  23. Mattyleg says:

    Yeah, ol’ Bertie’s a real pill.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  24. Harditya_CareyPrice says:


  25. HardHabits says:

    Hilarious. Bertrand Raymond, in this article, is comparing MAB to the Wiz and is saying that the Habs could’ve had MAB for free and Wiz cost a 2nd and a 5th. Yes Wiz is younger but only 1 inch taller however, BR argues, the Wiz costs more $$$ than MAB and that the difference between the two player’s play is not substantial. I am still laughing after have read the article. I think good old BR is more concerned with the difference between a name that ends with an -ewski as opposed to a name that ends with a -geron.

  26. Mattyleg says:

    Yeah, but in 34 games he has 10 points and (more importantly for a defenceman) 8 blocked shots.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  27. Mattyleg says:

    (I think you can change your signature. 14pts over 10 of last 16 games.)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  28. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    C’mon bro – gotta be more fair than that.

    Halak was a class act in Montreal and played when asked and sat on the bench when asked to do so. Only reason he demanded a trade was when he played only 3 games over a long stretch.

    He has the right to do so. He’s a goalie and he wants to play, what’s wrong about that?

    Anyone else would’ve done same in his spot.

    It’s just plain bad luck that his team is injury plagued and cannot catch a break.

    But they’ll bounce back next year. I wish Halak all the best. I will never forget what he brought to this club last spring. Class act. Like I said before.

  29. twocents says:

    Oh my god the Trashers just traded Ben Eager and all they got was a fifth rounder. You’d think a well run organization like that could have gotten more. I mean this guy once scored 11 goals…

  30. likehoy says:

    it has to be the “dirtiest” thing to happen in NHL management since kevin lowe put in that offer sheet for dustin penner. 

    I’m waiting for Davidson to make a guest appearance on after 40 minutes on CBC to tell everyone how pissed he is at other GMs around the league

    maybe he’ll sign glen metropolit and someone can claim him off waivers too 😛

    – Gomez is holding down the suck button

  31. Mark C says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the Sharks were pressured by the San Jose Department of Commerce to claim Wellwood?

    I hear the restaurant business is currently weak in California.

  32. avatar_58 says:

    Yeah some dirty pool going on there.

  33. mike g says:

    Anyone see whats happening with the Blues….??

    They lost Perron, Macdonald and Oshie for long periods. Oshie is back in a aweek, but the other 2 seem to be having terrible concussion issues. Most likely out for the season.

    So 2 weeks ago, they sign Svatos who then had to clear waivers. But, he never made it to STL as he was claimed by NSH.

    Now, they signed Kyle Wellwood, and he too was claimed on waivers by SJ.

    I find it really weird that those 2 players were never signed, but when a team tried to get them, they were taken away by another team who could’ve just signed him in the 1st place.

    Are they just traying to hinder the Blues by not allowing them to improve their group of forwards, or is there bad blood between the front offices of those franchises?

    All I know is that if I was a Blues exec, I’d be fuming…


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  34. shiram says:

    Unless your glass is in a vacuum, it is always full…
    But yea the team looks like they did at the start of the season, when they we’re first in the division.

  35. savethepuck says:

    This team is not doing a very good job at tanking this season for the rebuild that a large number of the population were asking for on here when it was announced that Gorges was out for the season.  6-1-1 in the last 8, back in 6th and 2 pts out of 2nd.  Team has come back nicely since the losing skid. Glad I’m always a glass half full guy. 

  36. shiram says:

    How about a win today for our Captain, who is celebrating is his 32nd birthday.

    Hat trick would be a nice gift!

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