Agent Walsh talks Satan to Habs, congratulates Price

Thanks to Greg Wyshynski, the Editor of Puck Daddy, a Yahoo! Sports Blog, passes along the audio from an interview conducted Monday with controversial hockey agent Allan Walsh on Puck Daddy Radio.

During the interview with Walsh, he discussed the rumours about Miroslav Satan signing with the Canadiens and how that was handled by the Montreal media last week. That is 26:14 into the show.

Later on, Walsh congratulates Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, who was named the NHL’s first star of the week on Monday. He also talks about the situation in Montreal last season between Price and Walsh’s client, Jaroslav Halak. That is 33:28 into the segment.


  1. nunacanadien says:

    We could use goal scorers to add as an insurance for Carey’s great play, it can only improve it, look at how well Carey did in Hamilton when we had scorers there.

  2. Habscat says:

    Satan? He may give us a little boost, but he isn;t what we need IMO. Not a good enough scorer to offset his poor defensive game. Id say wait on the Markov injury and see if we have the cap space to trade for someone who could help.


  3. larisalapointe says:

    You are abolutely right, why would I expect a guy like that to have ethics? 🙂

  4. Clay4bc says:

    Unethical? Please…reality check time.


    Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

  5. Clay4bc says:

    I am amused by the attitude, Bill…

    However, the initial question remains. It is the OP’s opinion that Mr. Walsh is “a terrible human being.”

    What evidence, or at least, what support does he (or you) have to justify talking about another human being like that?

    We all know that Walsh tweeted Carey’s record. As I said, that was already public knowledge, and nothing hundreds of posters here did not write already. Are these posters, then, all terrible human beings?

    Words have actual meanings, Bill. Some words need to be justified. It is, as I stated, fine to hold such an opinion, but it is then also acceptable to ask for justification of said opinion. I am willing to question my beliefs about who is the better goalie as new evidence presents itself. Are you capable of the same?

    Ridiculous, I say again, to call someone a terrible human being because he mentions a goalie’s win/loss record. And childish.


    Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

  6. Willy the bum says:

    Hell freezes over Montreal… literally… that is, if Satan have signed in during the winter time.  😛

  7. Bill J says:

    Big difference ? Not my opinion, again that is YOUR opinion that there is a big difference. 😉

    There are no facts that state the Habs should have kept Jaro and not Price, what a sad attempt to try & say facts where involved in your opinion.  In fact there are some facts to back up MTL’s decision to keep Price & trade Jaro.  So your argument is weak, in my opinion.

    The winning records have nothing to do with the agent, nice try in somehow making it about that.  We both know we are talking about Walsh here, not the results on the ice. 

    RE: your closing statement about opinions…  Of course you did not, am I not allowed to remind you that HE like YOU and I are allowed to have opinions, without having to provide “evidence”.

    For Pete’s sake Clay, this is not a courtroom.

    Price no longer has a Glove side issue.

  8. larisalapointe says:

    OK based on fact, Jaro as you call him and Price as you call him, were teamates. An agent fights for his/her client based on their merits. It is not an agent’s job to publicly try to humiliate another player he doesn’t even represent to further his or his clients’ interests. It’s low Clay, even if it was true at the time that Price had a worse record. Walsh could not do his job if he wasn’t a skeez. Even the worse Price-hater did take offense to Walshs unethical (even for a skeez) actions.

  9. SmartDog says:

    I hope we don’t sign Satan.

    But if Beelzebub is available, he’d look pretty good in our top 6!   😛

    Spell check is for sissies.

  10. Clay4bc says:

    Big difference, Bill.

    My opinon is based on facts. At least, facts as I understand them. I asked for facts to justify his opinion. I have gotten none, because he has none. I can present verifiable facts to justify my opinion.

    The facts were that Jaro was winning. Price was losing. Consistently.

    Walsh said this, people freaked out.

    Glad Carey seems to have gotten it together though.

    And not once did I say he wasdn’t “entitled to his opinion” – of course he is. But people should have a basis for their beliefs, and blind faith in invariably foolish.


    Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

  11. M.Neil says:

    Why would Montreal want with Satan, everyone is scoring goals right now, Gionta is starting to climb out of a dry spell so is Gomez, Price is stopping pucks, defence is great, 3rd and 4th lines are playing well. Why bring in Satan to add another “presence” in the dressing room or why bring in anyone, we have some depth in the Bulldogs. Anyways Satan’s name freaks me out.

  12. Bill J says:

    Walsh is brutal, if his open statement about trying to sell the Habs on Satan was not enough.  We all remember his use of Twitter to discuss Price while Jaro was riding the pine.

    I sure hope PG is smart enough to realize what kind of agent Walsh is, and given the opportunity.  He will think twice before bringing “him” into the fold again.

    Specially when Satan has not even signed yet, he is already talking about “negotiations”.

    Not a good way to “start” negotiations IMO.

    Price no longer has a Glove side issue.

  13. Bill J says:

    Clay – you seem to forget, It is HIS entitled opinion that Walsh is scummy.

    Just like it is YOUR opinion, Jaro should have stayed & Price traded.

    Goes both ways… Do not try to change his opinion, just like I do not try to change yours.

    Price no longer has a Glove side issue.

  14. Bill J says:

    You do realize there is a “edit” button right next to the reply button, right ?

    Price no longer has a Glove side issue.

  15. Clay4bc says:

    Tell me specifically what Mr. Walsh did that was “scummy”.

    I mean, he’s a lawyer, and they’re all questionable, but I won’t believe rumour and innuendo. I wants facts. Verifiable facts. So please. do tell.


    Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

  16. Duracell3 says:

    In fairness, had he stayed, I doubt he’d still be ion Montreal. Still doing quite well in the KHL though.

  17. warriorhockey says:


  18. warriorhockey says:

    can someone vive me the run down please, i dont have time to listen to it all, l

  19. Duracell3 says:

    You are upset. lol.

  20. DearyLeary says:

    Some perspective would be talking about the world of sports agents.  SI did a nice piece (albeit on football agents) about the world of the sport agent. 

    When this guy is the scum that rises to the top of an already scummy profession, then we’ve got ourselves a terrible human being.

  21. NightRyder says:


    There’s a retread name for you.

  22. Clay4bc says:

    This is becoming ridiculous.

    Terrible human being? Assaulting the integrity of other players? Idi Amin lives!

    He said Price’s record to the media. Something WE THE FANS were already up in arms about anyway. How is this an insult to the integrity of other players, the sport, and the
    business of the NHL?

    You need some perspective.

    And a life.


    Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.

  23. DearyLeary says:

    I have to admit that Halak playing lights out in two playoff rounds when his team was a significant underdog in two series has a lot to do with Halak landing a nice contract.  Nothing to do with Walsh’s tweeting, more to do with his negotiating. 

  24. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t like Walsh or his methods, but you’ve got to admit, his ability to continuously keep Halak in the headlines and water-cooler discussions probably landed Halak some extra bucks when contract time came around.  He’ll always have a job for the same reason Avery will always have a job: being a jerk is may not be the nicest road to success, but much as it irks me, it does work sometimes.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  25. DearyLeary says:

    The man’s a terrible human being.  He’s exploitive of other
    people, and then plays the innocent card when people accuse him of it. 
    He ‘just represents his clients’ is a bullspit argument.  If anyone
    thinks that Jaro is a starting goalie in the NHL because of anything
    Alan Walsh has said is a moron, period. Jaro is a starting goalie
    because he’s a talented young player, not because his agent demeans
    other professional athletes in a public forum.

    How many people
    that are in the inner workings (obviously this excludes the media) make a
    living by assaulting the integrity of other players, the sport, and the
    business of the NHL?  There aren’t many, but Walsh is among them.  He’s
    a terrible human being, and I wish him nothing but harm.

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