Again, Tim Thomas

This time the soon-to-be-former Boston goaltender has waded into the Chick-fil-A controversy.
Dan Cathy, president of the fast-food restaurant chain, has come out in favour of the “biblical” definition of marriage.
This has sparked outrage from the gay rights community.
Guess which side he’s one?

We at HIO are vigorous champions of free speech.

But there’s Timo … and there’s Tim.

But can reasonable people in all areas of the political spectrum agree that Thomas should just shut up?

Let’s hope Thomas was wearing his anti-gay repellent when he appeared with a lesbian cab driver in this commercial:


  1. Gumper Knows Best says:

    Hey Tim. Think this one through a little more. It’s called equality. Why should only heteros be stuck in lousy relationships with nagging spouses that if you ever break up and divorce, they’ll take you to the cleaners. Gays should have that same right also.

    Seriously, I don’t know if gay marriage is right or wrong, yet perhaps us glass house heteros should get our own collective tent in order before some go a bashing. 50% is what a coin flip is, and shouldn’t be a hetero divorce rate.

    To my friends on the left. While you claim tolerance and freedoms, it appears that is the case for only the like minded that agree with you. Ad hominem attacks against those that disagree with you, positions you as to the opposite of what you preach. The word hypocrite comes to mind. Logic, calmness, reason, and fact based arguments always wins out in the end. Bashing those that disagree with you, is always a position of losers.

    You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      “Ad hominem attacks against those that disagree with you,”

      may be many things but hypocritical isn’t one of them.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • commandant says:

        Is it an ad hominen attack to call Thomas a bigot and a hypocrite? I don’t think so.

        He sits on one passage from Leviticus to say that gay marriage is an abomination.

        However he is also a guy who has been known to play hockey on the sabbath, which is another abomination in the same book and is punishable by death.

        I also wonder if Tim Thomas does things like eat pork and shellfish. At the very least he doesn’t seem to be lobbying the government for laws that would prevent other people from eating them. Doesn’t ask for a law taking them off our grocery store shelves.

        So you see, Thomas’ hypocrisy is a major issue here in exposing the fact that he likes to pick and choose his own beliefs. He is clearly biased against the gay and lesbian community.

        Either that or he’s an idiot and doesn’t realize what he is doing.

        But I don’t consider those are ad hominem attacks, or logical fallacies used to attack him on a personal level instead of debating the issue. They are very much a part of the issue in this case, and very apparent from his actions and words.

        Go Habs Go!
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  2. TrevEllwood says:

    Many people have stated that MT would “balance” the lines to suit his own likings. What would you think these balanced lines would be?

  3. commandant says:

    Today’s Top Shelf Prospects looks at the Chicago Blackhawks. A team whose system our new GM was involved in putting together, and whose prospects I absolutely love.

    Go Habs Go!
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    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      I agree. Chicago has done a fantastic job of drafting quality players…or in the case of Nick Leddy…trading well.

      I still think that Frolik and Stalberg have the potential to be elite.

  4. TrevEllwood says:

    This is what I think will be out starting lineups on October 11th at 7pm. The chances of them changing are highly likely due to injuries, free agent signings, or MT.

    Patches – DoubleD – Cole
    Bourque – Plekanec – Gionta
    Prust – Eller – Moen
    Armstrong – White – Leblanc

    Subban – Josh G
    Markov – Emelin
    Kaberle – Bull


    Pretty accurate? What do you guys think?

    • Steven says:

      Makes sense except for two things.

      One, I think Armstrong would be a 3rd liner before Prust. If history’s any indication to their offensive upside, Armstrong definitely has the advantage. Of course the length and price of Prust’s contract could show that you’re right.

      The second is Leblanc on the fourth line. If memory serves, he’s projected as a top 6 forward(if he reaches his ceiling). It really makes no sense to kill his confidence on the fourth line. Play him on the top line in Hamilton, let him get his game together, and don’t stunt his development.

      The only other problem is there’s no backup! Nawh, I’m kidding, but yeah, otherwise that’s the realistic line combination, and the one I’d go in with.

    • Tom says:

      looks fairly solid, but i get the feeling that moen, prust, armstrong and bourque are going to be doing spot duty anywhere from 2, 3 and 4. i really want to see leblanc play with eller if he makes it to the big club out of camp (turn it into an ultra scoring third line), i think hes WAY too good to be a 4th liner

      Cool beans.

    • Gumper Knows Best says:

      You are assuming that Gomez will be gone and hope you are right and that may depend on the new CBA rules.
      Unless Leblanc blows away everyone else, he will be in Hamilton. He showed some nice stuff, but more often than not looked tentative and lost. Let him go dominate Hamilton, get confidence then find a way to top 6. Apart from that, Nikolenin has a 1 way contract and LL is still working on his 2 way ELC.

      Diaz and Weber have 1 way contracts. Where did they go?

    • JUST ME says:

      If you play Leblanc on the 4 th line you might as well send him to Hamilton wich is what he needs anyway and what will happen for his and our own good.

      Gomez will start the season in MTL. Just do not understand why people take for granted that he is not a Habs anymore. As you state we never know there might be a trade before then but i doubt it will come before mid season.

      Otherwise the lineup looks accurate altough Gallagher and Galchenyuk will get to play the first 9 games before being sent back to the minors.

      Only thing left is signing P.K. and we are pretty much done !

    • wjc says:

      Move Eller to the wing, unless he outplays Gomez in training camp.

      Let Leblanc play in Hamilton, unless he impresses in camp.

      Put Gomez and Gionta together.

      Stop trying to ignore Gomez, let things work themselves out. Remove all prejudice from line up suggestions.

      Let things take there natural course. Remain open minded if that is possible. I think going into season with an open mind and hoping to ice the strongest team possible is the answer.

      You seem to be suggesting that Gomez be put in the press box without so much as a look. How would the rest of the players feel, if this were the case. Start the season in the dog house, some fresh start eh?


  5. outsider89 says:

    I understand, Summer is a slow time. But everyone is intitled to their own opinion on such matters! Tim Thomas views on gay marriage is not right or wrong. Its his choice! HIO should put out old topics on the HABS in the summer months daily to drum up interest in topics. To get peoples take on days gone by on certian issues. Maybe we can learn something new form old stories form older members. My favorite player was John Kordic. Any stories except the obvious?

    • commandant says:

      Views that promote discrimination against people are wrong.

      The idea that an opinion can never be right or wrong is a myth we tell our children.

      Just like those who were of the opinion that Blacks should remain in seperate schools in the 1960s, Tim Thomas’ opinion that gay, lesbian, and transgendered adults should be denied the same rights as heterosexuals is bigoted, discriminatory, and WRONG.

      There I said it.

      Go Habs Go!
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      • RockinRey says:

        HOwever misguided his opinion is , he is entitled to it. I cant believe it has attracted so much attention.

        So the guy skipped the whitehouse visit !! Who cares. So he thinks same sex marriage is contradictory to his views !! Who cares. There are many more things in the workplace that go unpuniished. For instance many bosses who are psychopaths that abuse their power. So his view is not consistent with yours . Who gives a *&^. Does it impact him as a hockey player. Absolutely not. In fact the NHL is a representation of society with many gays and bi’s . These guys are big and tough and they hide behind a certain impression/stereoptype that is entirely inconsistent with who they are. Why? Because it impacts them financially and because it might be used as a tactic on the ice . That is they may face ridicule.

        Tim Thomas is intitled to his view. So many workplaces pretend to be tolerant but are the exact opposite. Get the hell off your high horse!!!!

        • commandant says:

          I never said he wasn’t entitled to the opinion. He can have an state any opinion he wants.

          I can state that his opinion is based in bigotry and discriminatory

          Thats how free speech works. The right to free speech does not include the right to never be criticized about what you say.

          He’s out there actively promoting a movement and lobbying the government to make discriminatory laws. When someone does that, I believe that those among us in society who believe in equality of all people should stand up against his hate speech and offer a differing point of view.

          Go Habs Go!
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      • wjc says:

        This is not discrimination, to think that gay marriage is going too far. No one is saying that two people of the same sex can’t be together.
        Is a brother marrying a sister discrimination.
        Is forbidding having sex with a farm animal discrimination.

        If the church follows the bible, and the bible is clear on this subject, why do you expect the church to go along with it.

        The NHL has a rule book, do you go against the rule book, because you think it is discriminating against people who like to trip you.

        The rule book is followed, because it is written in the rule book.

        If you live by the bible (as much as possible) then you have to respect people who take it as the guild line.

        Just as the NHL rule book is a guild line.

        If you do not believe what Tim Thomas believes, that is fine, he is allowed to believe it though. Just as you are allowed to believe in what you believe in. Whatever your beliefs are I respect them.


        • commandant says:

          You realize that people having sex with animals is not the same as two human beings who mutually love each other and have the mental capacity to consent to acts. Right? I mean the difference between a gay couple and a man/horse relationship should be easily apparent to anyone with a modicum of common sense

          As for beliefs, He can believe what he wants. Just dont use your beliefs to try and deny people equal treatment under the law

          Go Habs Go!
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    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      Tim Thomas, the Chick-Fil-A guy (and Sarah Palin, who just chimed in her support) are all on the wrong side of history.

      It’s as simple as that. Either everybody is equal or nobody is.

      • wjc says:

        Everybody and everything are not equal, never has, never will be.
        Ron Jeromy is witness to that. Are you equal to the Queen of England.

        Sarah Palin is entitled to her opinion, as you are. You chimed in your non support, which is your right.

    • JUST ME says:

      Although the topic is borderline sports related, i think that those are subjects that must be debated openly and not be kept silent.

      We have the right to express ourselves on the subject and even if we are for of against it will not change the fact that homosexuality does exist and that society cannot deny that fact. If a public figure comes out with such blunt comments it needs to be discussed. The guy probably plays with homosexuals and is too stubborn to see them.

  6. Adidess says:

    This free speech thingy might be the least understood concept in the ‘whole wide world’.

    Free speech is the ability to express one’s opinions without fear of being killed, imprisoned, tortured, threatened, etc.

    It’s not a requirement that the ‘content’ of your speech be applauded by everybody else. If you’re willing to use your right to free speech to express certain views that others disagree with, don’t be surprised if others use their own right to free speech to make that very clear. They might even call you an idiot, which, while not very polite, is absolutely within the boundaries of free speech.

    Your right to speech is violated when a person, group, institution in position of control/power/influence relative to you effectively muzzles you or makes an attempt to do so.

    That Thomas is called a dimwit on a message board for his views on gay marriage isn’t a violation of his free speech. It is rather the full expression of free speech by everybody involved.

    By the way, the only thing I would want TT’s views on is focus and perseverance to succeed as an NHL goaltender.

    • commandant says:

      Excellent post and excellent observations.

      For some reason people think that the right to free speech means that what you say can never be criticized. This quite simply isn’t what free speech means or how it works.

      Go Habs Go!
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    • New says:

      For sure. But when your reply to a Tim Thomas opinion is “stupid” or “an idiot” you are not debating or discussing the issue. You are simply disparaging his opinion. That isn’t free speech either but a statement of disagreement intended to gather enough support to drown out the original opinion. Bullies do it all the time.

      I think if you want to debate the statement you debate it with facts or hypothetical situations as examples. Otherwise you ignore it. If the opinion just makes you want to insult the author then s/he has already won the arguement. My wife does this to me all the time.

    • wjc says:

      I wouldn’t call it a “violation” but more simply a lack of respect for another point of view.

      Maybe professional athletes are more then athletes. Maybe they have feelings and thoughts like everyone else.

      You want Thomas to succeed as a Boston Bruin goaltender, now that sounds like a crock to me. To bad you are only interested in Thomas as a goaltender, he obviously thinks of himself as much more then a puck stopper.


      • commandant says:

        I respect many points of view on many issues

        However i see no reason to respect a point of view that is based in bigotry and hate.

        You earn respect, you arent automatically entitled to it.

        If someone has a racist or bigoted or discriminatory view point there is no reason that view point deserves respect

        Go Habs Go!
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  7. Timo says:

    Did anybody read this? The 16 year old chinese girl that won gold in swimming today, recorded faster final lap time that Ryan Lochte in his goad medal swim final lap. If true, that’s freaking unreal.

  8. Habilis says:

    So the Summer Olympics are great and all but watching them today just made me want to see Crosby score the golden goal again. Went to youtube to do just that and I stumbled on this:

    It’s the entire 2010 gold medal game, but with no commentary at all, just the sounds of the ice and the crowd. Very cool.

    Edit: Check out the 2:16:00 mark, which is about 30 seconds after Crosby’s goal, Wilson taps an assistant and asks “What the f–k happened?” which is probably the same question he asked after being canned by the Leafs. Ah good memories.

  9. Un Canadien errant says:

    Along with Katie Baker, Ellen Etchingham is fast becoming one of my favourite hockey writers. In one recent article she dissects Cam Janssen’s now infamous radio interview and his role in hockey.

    In another, she talks about how Alex Semin is decried as playing hockey the wrong way, not the tough Canadian way.

    Real good stuff.

    This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

  10. accp says:

    How about Gomez and Weber to Columbus for R.J. Umberger. nah that would never happen.

  11. Boomer says:

    I would rather have Moen on our 3rd line than AK

    Occupation: Professional Hedonist… aiming low and exceeding expectations 😉
    Hobo with a laptop

  12. frontenac1 says:

    Womens Beach Volleyball on . What’s with all the clothes on the Aussies? That sucks! Go USA!

  13. lukeymac says:

    Well I guess there’s no chance of Thomas going to San Jose now. For those who don’t know, SJ is basically a suburb of San Francisco.

  14. accp says:

    scoring wise. I’d take AK over any of the bottom six we have. he’d make a good L/W for the 3rd line with Eller and Armstrong. our 2nd and 3rd lines could be depended on to help out the 1st line with much needed scoring. no longer a one line team….

  15. Toe Blake says:

    TT is the man. You don’t have to agree with him – crap I don’t – but he has s right to express his opinions! Stop being freakin’ pansies!

    • HardHabits says:

      TT is a macho, macho man. Everybody wants to be a macho man.

    • HabFab says:

      Yes, he has the right to express his opinions BUT still is a piece of shite even before his latest.

    • commandant says:

      Sure he can say whatever he wants, thats his right of free speech.

      Free speech doesn’t mean we can’t criticize what he says.

      In fact when we criticize him, we are just using our own right to free speech.

      Seems fair enough to me.

      Go Habs Go!
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      Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        Everyone invoking the freedom of speech gets rather confusing. Some folks write that Tim Thomas invoked his right to free speech by giving his opinion supporting some other guy who invoked his right to free speech by announcing his stance on gay marriage. Folk on the other side of the debate invoke their right to free speech to lambast both for expressing such an opinion – sometimes in very crude fashion.

        So if so many are invoking the same right, what is the purpose? It’s as if one were shielding him/herself with the right to free speech instead of taking responsibility for what is said.

        • commandant says:

          Everyone has the right to state their opinions.

          Criticizing someone else’s opinion is not a violation of their freedom of speech.

          Its not hard to understand.

          Go Habs Go!
          NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
          Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            Oh, I understand that. Actually, I never mentioned the notion of ‘violation of free speech’ anywhere. It was actually the opposite: EVERYONE is invoking the same right in a ‘defensive’ manner in order to reassure everyone that they’re allowed to state their opinion. But if both sides are invoking the same thing, why feel the need to invoke it at all? And also, in most cases, the very fact of being able to express an opinion was never the focus of the debate…

            BUT on the other hand, many people have expressed their opinion that Thomas, as an athlete, shouldn’t use facebook to express his opinions due to the distractions it causes to his teammates (which is true). So in essence people are using their freedom of speech to express the opinion that Thomas should not really have freedom of speech in a public manner, being an NHL player. In other words, as long as he limits what he says to friends and family, or how far his physical voice can carry, then he shouldn’t state any controversial opinions.

      • wjc says:

        Yes, criticize away, just leave out the personal attacks. Not
        referring to you in particular, but some on here think they can attack the speaker and the idea.


  16. frontenac1 says:

    Was at the Saloon yesterday with the lads watching the Olympics.The barkeep had us doing synchronized drinking.Got pretty hammered,but did the Queen jump out of a plane?

  17. youngwun says:

    Were not getting doan. Andrei isnt coming back. Diaz is not starting over emelin . Any scorer the team wants to add will come by trade. If no trade happens we let our young prospects who stand out at camp join the team and gather experience. The habs have to play it smart .

    • Phil C says:

      Diaz was playing ahead of Emelin for most of last season until he was injured, so don’t be too surprised if it happens. In fact, only Subban and Gorges were used more than Diaz for the first half of the season.

      But don’t get me wrong, I will be thrilled if Emelin can elevate his game because with his size he has the potential to be a very good all-round defenseman.

      • showey47 says:

        I think emelin started to get more icetime then diaz once martin was fired.

        • Phil C says:

          Only in the month of February did Emelin’s monthly total of icetime exceed that of Diaz. Diaz didn’t play after that due to injury.
          Diaz’s icetime took a hit after Kaberle was brought in and they switched to that goofy 7 d-man system.

          • showey47 says:

            Emelin averaged about 50 seconds more per game even strength,diaz got alot of PP minutes where emelin got pretty much nil. I think diaz may have even got more PK mins which i found weird.

  18. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    I always hoped that PK would turn out to be the player that Phaneuf was projected as, but never turned out to be.

    A dynamic, hard hitting, offensive defenseman with a monster shot, and Norris trophy potential.

  19. rhino514 says:

    Is it just me or does Webber look bulked up? Took a look at the “hammer” throw competition on the Canadiens nhl site. Thoughts?
    Diaz, on the other hand…

  20. frontenac1 says:

    Woot Woot! I think my BB is finally logged in! Hola Amigos!Mas Gomez! Mas Tequilla! Viva La Revolucion! Ha Ha!!

  21. ont fan says:

    Doan for 4 years or AK to plug holes, ’cause he can get us 20+ goals? We are in a heap of trouble.

    • Phil C says:

      Now that all the top UFAs are gone, it’s like it’s 15 minutes to closing time at the bar, they all start looking like models. The Habs might fall in love with Doan now, only to wake up next to someone who is Coyote-ugly.

  22. Nobody says:

    Ed lopaz, you babbler. If by being hanged for the opinions one expresses you mean criticized, well that’s just called debate. Bring it on. No one here has tried to hang Tim Thomas in the literal sense.

  23. Captain aHab says:

    Oh man….NBC is getting flame roasted for their Olympics coverage….for those on twitter check out #nbcfail.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  24. Bill says:

    Nothing could make less sense than signing Doan. All that money for a 45 point player who would have a huge contract that could not be buried. And the Habs are loaded at RW.

    What do the Habs need most of all? A left-winger. Who is the best LW left on the free agent market? Andrei Kostitstyn.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • rogus says:

      I had a hard time believing they let Andrei go. I wonder if MB and MT would consider him again? Under Coach Therrien he would either be really good or in the KHL. I would give him a shot.

      • Bill says:

        Therrien was not a fan, judging by l’Antichambre, but on the other hand, this is going to Bergevin’s team. He’s not going to let Therrien make personnel decisions.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        rogus, not sure if the term “let Andrei go” describes the situation. We let Saku go, we let Mark Streit and Sheldon Souray go. Andrei was traded away, for a valuable 2nd round pick, while in the midst of a terrible slump and having his worst season in Montreal. Mr. Gauthier did well to unload him for that much, to the right team, since the Preds thought they could turn him around, what with his brother already on their roster. The 2nd rounder was especially good since TSN’s TradeCentre panel was quite clear before the trade that interest for Andrei among other teams was zero.

        I think the big hurdle for his return would be that, as you mention, Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien desire to build a team with lots of character, and the obvious question as to whether Andrei fits in to that kind of team makeup and philosophy.

        This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

        • rogus says:

          I agree with what you mean about getting 0 return for free agents. Hopefully the new regime knows, in advance of a contract expiring, who they want to keep and get something for these players instead of letting them walk for nothing. I feel like the ghost gave up on Andrei, and think that we’d be better off than that 2nd round pick with him in our line up. Also, I think MT is the man to finally light that fire that the very skilled, yet underachieving AK46 needs lit.

        • rhino514 says:

          The team has lots of character; the core elements, save for Gill, of the team with relatively little talent but lots of talent, which went to the EC finals 3 seasons ago is still there. you don´t need every player to have “character”. Prust and Armstrong seem to have “character”, but alot less talent. Armstrong in particular, the league is full of guys who are three seasons removed from a good year; gambling on a partial renaissance just doesn´t seem smart to me.
          AK is good for 20-25 goals a year if you just let him play, he is big, and he´s still relatively young. I really don´t think he is bad in the room, despite what a certain Mr. Radulov put him up to in Nashville.
          I think getting the second rounder was fair value, but unless there is a better winger available I sure would like to have him back.
          You could have Bourque and LL, by mid-season,on the third line, who are much safer options than Armstrong, and have much more offensive talent than Moen or Prust (I´d even prefer these two over Armstrong)

        • Phil C says:

          “…the obvious question as to whether Andrei fits in to that kind of team makeup and philosophy.”

          I agree that is the key question. No organization knows Kostitsyn better than Montreal, so if they don’t want him back, you have to respect that. My gut still tells me they would be better with him than without him, though.

    • naweed235 says:

      Best LW available on the market (via trade)??? Bobby Ryan hands down… I’d trade the whole farm for that dude (Figure of speech)
      I think Eller/Pleks, Leblanc, 1st and a 4th round pick would suffice for Anaheim to give up Ryan + one of their stay at home d-man…

      • matt jordan says:

        Never trade that first round pick before the season starts unless you know you’re going to be good. Montreal making the playoffs with Bobby Ryan? Maybe, but it might be lottery time again.

        • commandant says:

          Exactly Matt, this draft looks pretty good, you could be pulling a Brian Burke and giving away Tyler Seguin if you include that 1st rounder. We were 28th place last year.

          That said, I do like Ryan, but I’m not including that pick.

          Go Habs Go!
          NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
          Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • matt jordan says:

      The only use AK would serve would be to sign him to a one year contract and then trade him at the deadline for a third round pick.

      AK really hurt his reputation and apparent value by getting drunk and messing with Nashville’s playoff run. AK can play in the KHL for all I care. His nonchalant, lazy, hungover games were obvious and a detriment to the team. Montreal already has enough players like this (Gomez, Bourque, Kaberle).

      Doan is exactly what the Canadiens need, but not at his reported asking price. Unless if signing Doan to a two year $15 million contract would mean Gomez plays for Hamilton, i’d be all for it.

  25. Ian Cobb says:

    I am Meeting Shane from Brandon Man. Thursday Oct. 25th to take in the Philly, Mtl. game as well as meet up with everyone Friday at Hurleys Pub. If anyone else is going to the Thursday game, let us know, and we might hook up!

    HIO Summit Weekend Reservations!! Please advise Me!

    This year we have the largest Summit group attending in 6 years.

    Some people are using their own game tickets, and will be attending Hurley’s Pub Friday evening at the meet and greet. Some will only arrive Sat. morning at the breakfast.
    All is well, but I do need a better count of those who are going to Hurley’s, so they can arrange staff and area for us.

    Please let me know numbers for Hurley’s, both Fri, and after the game Sat night.

    At the same time, you better give me numbers for The Baton Rouge pre game dinner, so I can get a better count for reservations please.

    Please let me know by e-mail or phone, so I do not miss seeing it.
    News, Pictures and comments

  26. NCRhabsfan says:

    The real question is, will there ever be a fresh post? And if there is, will it have anything to do with the Habs or even hockey?

  27. commandant says:

    Today’s prospect report is the Carolina Hurricanes and features Ryan Murphy, who should be a contender for the role of PP QB for Team Canada at the next World Juniors.

    Go Habs Go!
    NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
    Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      What’s the outlook for any Canadiens prospects on the WJC Canadian squad? Will Darren Dietz and Dalton Thrower have a shot? How about Charles Hudon, it’s mentioned that he’s pretty much a lock to be on the Super Series squad this summer, would he then pretty much be assured a spot over the Christmas tourney?

      I assume players like Tim Bozon, Sebastian Collberg and Alex Galchenyuk will make their country’s WJC team. Any others? Erik Nystrom?

      Is there any good websites or articles you can recommend where I could find out more info like this?

      This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

      • commandant says:

        Hudon looks to have a good shot since he is at the summer camp and that will act as the substitute for summer training camps that Canada normally has.

        Thrower and Dietz are on the outside looking in, however a hot start could get them invites in December. They really are gonna have to force their way on to the team, as the summer camp guys will be favoured unless they come out and rip things up in the WHL.

        Bozon and Collberg are locks for their respective countries. They will be in the tournament if healthy.

        Galchenyuk’s issue with not being able to play for USA hockey (the Matteau ruling) seems to be clearing up. The IIHF seems to be buying the argument that even though he’s in sarnia, there are american teams in the OHL, so its both an American and Canadian domestic competition. He could probably play for the US at the World Juniors and would be a lock to make the team as long as that issue is sorted out.

        Erik Nystrom, I still don’t know much about the kid. Never seen him. Apparently been invited to Sweden’s tryout camps though, so thats good.

        For anyone thinking about Pribyl, he’s too old.

        As for sites… does a great job on all habs prospects (stats based).. and also does an excellent job previewing the seasons for these guys. I also like sites like; allhabs, etc…

        Go Habs Go!
        NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
        Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

        • commandant says:

          One thing to remember, if there is a lockout, every team becomes a lot harder to make because more kids who would otherwise be in the NHL will play.

          I also don’t know about those comparisons to Phaneuf and Regher.

          Go Habs Go!
          NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
          Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

      • Mark C says:

        Nystrom got invited to Sweden’s WJC camp, along with Collberg who is a lock.

      • rogus says:

        Thrower and Deitz aren’t typical WJC calibre defensemen. They are guys with some offensive upside, but their games, esp. Thrower are more geared towards grit and shut down. Think of Thrower as a Phaneuf type and Deitz as more of a Regehr. Great defensemen to have on your team, but not the kind that have been @ the WJC lately. I would think they are a ways down the list for the selection camp.

        • commandant says:

          The WjC team always takes shut down D as well as Offensive guys.

          We just have to remember that this draft was really, really, really deep in Canadian defencemen, plus you have a lot of the 2011s too.

          Its a tough squad to crack on defence.

          There are big questions at Forward and In Goal, but on defence… this team is DEEP

          Go Habs Go!
          NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
          Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Went to Hockey Canada’s website and answered some of my own questions. No evaluation camp for the World Junior Championship team, the Super Series will serve that purpose. Charles Hudon is the only invite on the squad.

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      Commandant (or anybody else if they can help), I remember a few months back somebody posted an article or stats showing Montreal has drafted more NHL players than any other team since Timmins arrived. Am I misremembering this?

      If not, anybody have a link?

  28. DorvalTony says:

    Wouldn’t you substitute Shane Doan for Scott Gomez?

    “Attaboy, Timmy.”

    • Max_a_million says:

      Exactly, thank you!

    • Mike D says:

      I wouldn’t. Sure he’s a much better player, I’ll give you that without a doubt……..BUT, Gomez only has two years remaining and Doan wants four. Mostly though, Doan would be on a 35+ contract which removes the best option for ridding the team of his salary (sending him down to the AHL), where as for Gomez, that option still exists should the team choose to exercise it (considering current CBA rules).

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

      • ProHabs says:

        Philly always finds ways to get out of the over 35 contract. Aren’t they just telling Pronger to not play again due to concussion but don’t retire. They can use his cap space because he is on LTI.

        • Mike D says:

          Who the heck knows what Philly is or isn’t telling Pronger, but I think that’s a poor assumption to make. If Pronger is able to play you can bet he wants to and is going to. The situation with Laperriere was the same. Both of those injuries were very much real.

          It’s unrealistic to ‘plan’ for a player on a 35+ contract to conveniently get injured but not officially retire once their skills diminish beyond a certain point but with years still left on their contract.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

          • commandant says:

            IF Pronger is healthy the Flyers will take him back gladly too. Guy is a Hall of Famer and still was good when he got hurt. He’s got legit issues, not just the Flyers telling him to stay home.

            Also, the whole thing is you can’t just say a guy who is over 35 is injured, the NHL has independent doctors who would need to examine Pronger and clear the fact he is still hurt and unable to play.

            Go Habs Go!
            NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
            Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

      • Max_a_million says:

        Why would you sign someone with a plan to try and dump their salary. That’s just weird. Sign the best players, and let them have at it.

        If Doan doesn’t scores goals, at least he does a lot of other things for you. Whereas Gomez doesn’t do anything period.

        • Mike D says:

          Nobody’s signing a player with a plan to dump their salary so I’m not sure where that even came from. Nor is this a contest to see who is the better player between Doan and Gomez. Everyone knows Doan is the better player.

          The issue is once Doan stops being an effective player, the team is now stuck with that contract. Montreal may or may not send Gomez down, but if they do, at least we have that option and can remove his cap hit.

          Why do people suddenly think Shane F’n Doan is the second coming of Wayne Gretzky? Doan averages 0.66 points per game for his CAREER and is already 35. Over the next four years he’ll be very lucky to average 0.50. Despite all the other things he does outside of getting points, you don’t give 40-point players more than 5mil ESPECIALLY when they’re over the hill.

          – Honestly yours
          Twitter: @de_benny

  29. gK_HabsFan says:

    I think people need to cool down with the PK talks, and the assumption that he’s holding out for more money.

    I think the logistics behind PK’s new contract are tricky. Let’s look at the facts:

    PK is undeniably our best and most used D-man. He logs 22-25 minutes a game. He is looked at to shut down the opposing team’s best players, and is also a big part of our offence from the back end.
    Has he reached his full potential yet? NO!
    Does he still have maturing to do? YES!
    Can he be better than what he has shown? YES

    But, is he the best d-man we have? YES!

    The issue here is that he still has so much un-tapped potential, yet he’s already so good, that it’s difficult to put a dollar figure and term on it. I’m sure the Habs would be glad to sign him to a 5 year contract at his current market value. However, everyone knows he’s only going to get better, and for him to sign a long-term contract at what he’s worth today just doesn’t make sense for him.

    I’m curious to see what he gets too, but don’t accuse the kid of being snobby. He’s looking out for himself, his family and the future which i’m sure all of you do too.

    • Mark C says:


      I’m guessing Montreal is thinking about a 5 year deal at $4M-4.5M AAV, whereas P.K.’s people are thinking, if P.K. plays defense at last year’s level and rediscovers his offensive production from two years ago, coupled with his sizeable upside, and likely natural progression P.K. is more in line for Karlsson type AAV money.

      • gK_HabsFan says:

        The issue with PK was that, although we allowed him to develop properly for 1 year in the AHL, once he made the NHL, he was thrusted onto the top D pairing (due to Markov’s injury). It’s tough learning the game when you’re always placed in high pressure situations.

        That is why I believe this team needs a Shutdown D man. We can pair whoever that is with Gorges to be the shutdown D pair. This alleviates some of his D responsibilities, and allows him to focus a bit more on Offensive production.

        That was one of the major issues we had last year. We got NO production from the Defence last year. Our on;y threat was PK, and it was easy to shut him down. Hopefully this year with Markov back in the mix, we can get more help from the D.

    • The Dude says:

      Well PK is holding out for more money’s and the Habs have a history for overpaying.

  30. Dr.Rex says:

    For those posters pushing for a return of AK46 just ask yourself the following questions?

    1) Will Washington want Semin back after this year?
    2) Does Detroit want to bring Sean Avery back?
    3) Does Ottawa want Heater back?

    • accp says:

      I asked myself your questions
      1) I bet Carolina will want Semin back
      2) no one wants Avery
      3) the wild likes Heatley

      as for AK. other than Max-Pac, Cole, Pleks and Gionta. Ak is as good or better than the remaining 8-9 forwards on the Habs.
      shouldn’t have been traded in the first place. 20 goal scorer most years. what more can you ask of a player. if we had more AK’s the Habs would be very competitive. I know he doesn’t come to play every game but he’s still a 20 goal scorer….some of the one’s who come to play every game are 5-10 goal scores which would you rather have.

    • Mike D says:

      While I’m not ‘pushing’ for the return of AK46, I have stated he would plug a hole on LW in our top 6 or 9. Respectfully, I don’t think the points you are making with your three questions are relevant to the Habs/AK issue. Here’s why:

      1) Washington is not lacking on offense. Montreal is.
      2) Sean Avery and Andrei Kostitsyn are completely different players. Both have ‘issues’, but Avery is a total sideshow and doesn’t have the hockey skills AK does.
      3) Completely different situation. Heatley stated publicly he wanted OUT of Ottawa; AK46 stated publicly he wanted to STAY in Montreal.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

    • Phil C says:

      The Avery and Heatley situation are not comparable to the AK situation. Semin is close, but I suspect salary is part of the problem for Washington. I don’t think salary will be a problem for AK.

      As far as what is reported, he did not burn any bridges in Montreal, he was part of a trade deadline fire sale. Moen probably would have been gone too if he had not been injured.

      Other teams have brought players back; Tanguay, Cammalleri, and Jokinen in Calgary, Sykora in New Jersey, Cole in Carolina, just off the top of my head.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I agree to most of what the posters replying to you have said. I’m not sure that the comparison to Sean Avery is apt, since he was a massive headache for coaching staff and management, as well as a disruptive presence in the dressing room. Dany Heatley was a polarizing presence for the fans in Ottawa, he wore out his welcome and would not be acceptable as a Senator.

      Andrei is a low-hockey-IQ player and lacks in motivation, but he wasn’t a cancer or unpopular. I’ve been critical of him in the past for his play, and probably would be in the future, but my main objection to him last year was the fear that he would cost us $5M/year for five years or thereabouts if we needed to re-sign him this summer as a UFA if he had a decent contract year. He didn’t, so that concern is set aside.

      With his disastrous year he has now brought down his price so that I would take a risk on a one year, $2M contract or thereabouts, strictly to fill the hole on Lars Eller’s left wing, to provide scoring and skill and a big body, and to allow Brendan Gallagher and Louis Leblanc to play a full season in Hamilton.

      This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

      • showey47 says:

        AK looked like he lacks motivation but he isn’t a low IQ player. You don’t score 20 plus a season most years with somewhat limited icetime and without much powerplay time in the nhl with a low hockey IQ. He has also made quite a few dmen look stupid one on one. Low IQ hockey players are ones who have raw tools like speed but have nothing in the way of creativity.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          He makes up partially for his abysmal hockey sense with his great size and skill. He’s not creative or a headsy player, but he has a great shot, good enough to be able to cash in 20 or so a season.

          Here are two examples from last season of him being unaware and slothful during a game, from my game recaps.

          • showey47 says:

            Players with abysmal hockey sense don’t score 20 goals for mutiple seasons in the nhl. They either adapt their game become bottom line specialists or become great ahl players. Spin it however you want the numbers don’t lie. Besides i will take the word of the pro scouting bureau’s who had him ranked as a top 5 pick before the seizure incident over someone who posts his own persoanl game reports. You can pull a couple of bad game reports from every player in the league. You can get away with lacking hockey sense and put up numbers in major junior hockey when your a 19 year old with high end wheels playing against physically and mentally under developed younger players,but not in the nhl where its a level playing field. Andrei also isn’t all the big of a guy,not much more then nhl average,strong as an ox though.

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Geez showey, I guess I could bring up Stéphane Richer here and discuss how a guy with great physical tools and skills and a rocket of a shot can tally lots of goals without being a great thinker or mentally strong or aware of what’s going on on the ice.

            I guess we have fundamental differences in how we define ‘hockey sense’ and ‘hockey IQ’, and how we evaluate Andrei, and it looks like we’re not going to convince each other, so we’re not going to get too deep or far in this debate.

            I will say that what you dismiss as “spin” is my attempt to show you concrete, documented examples of my observations, that’s why I gave you links to two of my game recaps. There are more. You’re right that other players have off-nights too, but that’s not really in question right now. I’m providing examples of his being less-than-aware on the ice. You’re just sticking to your opinion that no one who scores twenty goals a season can have poor hockey sense.

            Andrei does have great size, especially for a skilled player, he’s listed as being 6’0″ and 215 lbs.

            Anyway, no biggie, I’d be happy to have him back on a one-year contract.

          • saskhabfan says:

            UCE,you really need to learn when you are out of your league and are getting schooled.

        • showey47 says:

          AK has been one of the most effective 5 on 5 players offensively on the team in the past 5 or 6 years. He is top 2 or 3 every year despite limited icetime and an array of linemates. But yes, your right no hockey sense.

    • JUST ME says:

      To even think bringing back A.K. means that we do not learn from our lessons. Yes but he is a 20 + goal scorer !
      We had our doubts about him getting involved 100 % every game. Yes but he is a 20+ goal scorer!
      We had our doubts about his commitment towards the team when he had off the ice problems in MTL. Yes but he is a 20+ goal scorer!
      Then we let him go . But he is a 20+ goal scorer !
      Then he had problems off the ice in Nashville when he was in the playoffs . Yes but…

      Although i thought he was a bulldozer and the strongest player on the team physically and year in year out scoring wise he did not make the difference.
      We all asked for changes and for a chance to have a brighter outlook than what we have been offered for way too long and now we would like to go backwards ?

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I think what’s changed is that we used to argue about whether he was worth what he seemed sure to command as a contract, which we thought would be a multi-year contract at $4-6M/year. Now that that’s no longer a problem, now that we can sign him for cheap as a one year placeholder while the kids play in Hamilton, a lot more posters are amenable to the idea.

        This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

  31. HabFab says:

    Price for Doan appears to be going down

    BWildeCTV An apparent 4 year 24 mil offer from Pitt for 35 year old Doan tells me one thing — you better draft well or you’re screwed.

  32. Strummer says:

    Just watched Russia vs. China women’s beach volleyball –

    Thought of a great name for a women’s beach volleyball player:

    “Sandin Cleavage”

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  33. Mr.Hazard says:

    As far as im concerned, Thomas can say whatever the heck he wants. If you dont agree, dont call yourselves “champions of free speech”…

    • ZepFan2 says:

      So, Thomas is allowed free speech but those that disagree with him do not?

      If Thomas can be against same sex marriage, then we have a right to disagree with what he says.

      In the end ask yourself this, do two people of the same sex that love each other and want the same rights as those that are in love and are of opposite sex really change your life?

      Btw, someone should tell TT that he looks gay with that stache. Freddie Mercury would love it.

      “Maybe I’m a Leo but I ain’t a lion” – Deep Purple

      Maybe I’m a Leo

    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      No Canadian should ever call themselves “champions of free speech” as nowhere in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms do the words “freedom of speech” appear.

      (sorry, a little pet peeve of mine)

  34. JohnBellyful says:

    Has this ever happened to you? You dip into the HIO archives to check for belated replies to posts now consigned to another thread and in so doing you’re stopped in your tracks by a screen inviting you to give eHarmony a try.
    Pop-up ads are nothing new but the eHarmony one is the first I’ve encountered on this site, which got me to thinking, why eHarmony? Based on the eclectic tastes HIO posters have exhibited over the years, any number of companies could have chosen to advertise their wares and services here and found a ready market, but eHarmony obviously felt it had the most to profit from being the first to do so.
    And harmony IS sometimes in short supply around here.
    My question is, why does eHarmony show up when you’re looking to the past? Shouldn’t it make an appearance every time we log in, sending a not-so-subtle message that discord is to be discouraged?
    On a more practical note, if eHarmony were to tailor its offerings to the HIO community, think of the psychic matches that could made among HIO members, once they truly got to know to each other. They wouldn’t have to wait til the summit to make that connection.

    • CharlieHodgeFan says:

      Well, we do have a lot of time on our hands to read all this, and that could be seen as part of a lonesome loser with money to spend type profile.
      Plus, there’s that “hit the ground angry” tone a lot of posters have – that could be a sign of certain things lacking in their lives.
      Finally, we’re all so damned good looking – what dating company wouldn’t mine a site like this? This is silverback central.

  35. SmartDog says:

    A Coupla thoughts:
    – DOAN is not worth that kind of money. And Bergevin is smart enough to know it. Pass.
    – PK. This waiting game favours the Habs. Hey PK, look – no-one has put in an offer sheet, no-one is courting you. Sign the damn deal! Good for MB.
    – THOMAS. What’s ironic about this Thomas stance is that no hockey player ever looked gayer than he does with this stach. C’mon Tim, tell us the truth! You’re the reason why Tom and Katie split, right?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  36. Phil C says:

    If Doan signs elsewhere, do you think Montreal would be interested in Kostitsyn? Or have they completely washed their hands of him? After Doan, the UFA situation looks bleak. Consider the following:

    – The Habs have a big hole on LW in their top six;
    – He has had chemistry with Pleks and Eller before;
    – He can add some size and physicality to the top six;
    – He hopefully learned something from his playoff fiasco;
    – He had 3 goals and was +3 in 8 playoff games before they sat him, so he was producing;
    – He scored 12 points in 19 regular season games with Nashville and was +7, which is easily top six production projected over 82 games;
    – He should be affordable based on what happened in Nashville;
    – He was reportedly popular in the room in Montreal and wanted to stay here before he was traded.

    What’s not to like here? I would be happy to see him signed. I am curious to see how he could produce when not being coached by Jacques Martin. He showed the potential to score over 30 when he played for Carbonneau.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      This is a popular sentiment and makes a lot of sense for this team. It really comes down to 2 things and thats Bergevin not knowing him well I would guess (only hearing bad things) and Therrien not wanting him.

      It`s pretty clear he would come back consider even after the deal he made it clear he never wanted to leave. He`d also be cheap…won`t happen unfortunately.


      Lars, PK, Pac, Emelin, LL – @J_Perez22

      • FishOutOfWater says:

        i think it comes down to therrien not wanting him. and i second it, screw him, that playoff hijinx, his hijinx here, hes good but its just time to turn the page

    • TorontoHabsFan says:

      I agree. a 1 yr deal in the $2m-3m range would be excellent value for what he brings.

    • Mike D says:

      Phil, I think AK46 makes a lot of sense for the Habs to round out their top 6/top 9 at LW, IF we can get him for no more than 2 years and no more than 3mil per. Given the players and prices out there it’s a good fit.

      Only problem would be if Gomez stays then there are no spots for any youngsters should one happen to be ready, aside from injury replacement. Even without AK, we’re already out of room.

      Not a projected lines proposal, but have a look:


      We’ve already got 13 forwards without AK. And what about LL?

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

      • Phil C says:

        I don’t see Gomez playing the wing. My approach for Gomez would be he would have to outplay DD, Plekanec, or Eller for one of the top 3 centre positions. If he is not good enough, he must be sent down or claimed on waivers. A simple hockey decision that should not be affected by salary. You have to play the best players, regardless of salary. Keeping a player just because you are paying him is a management mistake.

        My attitude towards any of the kids like LL is that if they win a roster position outright, then you deal with the problem of having a veteran to move. This is a much better problem than finding out half way through training camp that a kid has regressed and is not ready. I see LL taking Armstrong’s third line RW before 2nd line LW anyway, and releasing Armstrong would not be too painful. I would take AK before Armstrong anyday for the third line as long as he is not too expensive.

  37. Danweiser says:

    Hi All,

    I read your blogs often but I usually don’t post. But I had a thought last night and wanted to get you’re insights.
    Could the reason that P.K is not signed yet is that he may be part of the trade to get Doan?

  38. Mike D says:

    Can someone explain to me WTF Doan is thinking with this ridiculous “if anyone besides Phoenix wants to sign me it’ll be 4 years, $30 million” notion?

    I mean, a cap hit of 7.5mil for a player who’s already 35?!?! 1) He’s already pretty old. 2) Unless the new CBA changes, teams are basically handcuffed with the cap hit for 35+ contracts.

    I will laugh at the team that signs him to anything even remotely close to that. I’m sure it won’t be Montreal, but will be pissed if it is!

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

    • Habfan10912 says:

      If he can get someone to bite, Mike, he should be a players agent after his career


    • Phil C says:

      Anything over 2 years for Doan would be a mistake. Of the UFAs older than 37, I believe only Jagr and Whitney were signed, the rest are available, even ones like Arnott who were somewhat productive last year. That should tell you something about forwards older than 37.

    • ont fan says:

      If he is going to uproot his family, you’re going to pay for it, I suppose.

      • Mike D says:

        I have no issues with his loyalty to the only franchise he’s ever played for. In fact, I applaud it. But when you start giving the middle finger to the 29 other teams in the league, I give a big one right back at you.

        – Honestly yours
        Twitter: @de_benny

        • wjc says:

          Loyalty…..ha ha ha…..ha ha ha. Wants some guarantees team is staying in Arizona, the weather is great, the golf courses are great, the money is great, the pressure is nil.

          Agent says “just guarantee my boy 4 years at 30 million or so and we are yours.


  39. Captain aHab says:

    I think TT needs to move on to less controversial topics…like abortion.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  40. accp says:

    so it’s the ref’s fault the Habs finished 28th in the league. I think you have that wrong. something comes to mind “TALENT” I think that would be the Habs problem not ref’s. the ref’s call bad games I agree but it’s not only against the Habs. it’s every team and if you don’t have enough talent than games are twice as hard to win.

  41. Ian Cobb says:

    Please Respond ASAP
    HIO Summit.

    This year we have the largest Summit group attending in 6 years.

    Some people are using their own game tickets, and will be attending Hurley’s Pub Friday evening at the meet and greet. Some will only arrive Sat. morning at the breakfast.
    All is well, but I do need a better count of those who are going to Hurley’s, so they can arrange staff and area for us.

    Please let me know numbers for Hurley’s, both Fri, and after the game Sat night.

    At the same time, you better give me numbers for The Baton Rouge pre game dinner, so I can get a better count for reservations please.

    Please let me know by e-mail or phone, so I do not miss seeing it.
    News, Pictures and comments

  42. JohnBellyful says:

    Frankly, I’m befuddled – a state of being between baffled and bewildered.
    How did I come to be fuddled? Well, it’s from reading this site for lo these many weeks of summer.
    Now I think it’s great that so much mental energy is spent on addressing the many ills of the Montreal Canadiens: the lack of scoring, the puny power play, Gomez, the desperate need for a rugged rearguard or two, as well as a feared enforcer – and what about a big left winger with a cannon for a shot?
    All well and good but what’s glaringly lacking is the absence of any sustained discussion about one of the Top 5 problems the Canadiens had to contend with last season, according to numerous post-game posts from the commentariat.
    C’mon, dredge your memory, what was it? How soon we forget!
    The reffing, remember? Yeah, now it’s all coming back. The $%#^#$ refs!
    So what nostrums have been put forward to deal with this troubling situation, because it won’t go away on its own? Believe it or not but there’s been a paucity of punditry on the subject.
    Now I did suggest hiring taller refs and adding a few more inches to their height with a few skate modifications to give them a better vantage point for the calling of penalties. Turn the zebras into giraffes, was my thinking, the assumption being officials were missing calls because their sight lines are blocked while moving in among the herd.
    But suppose I was wrong and the officiating isn’t bad because the refs are of average height, it’s because they’re of below average talent? If we accept the premise, and many of you have already drawn that conclusion, what’s to be done?
    Number one, it should be a major item for discussion in current talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, because whatever system the NHL now has in place isn’t working. Neither side can be happy with the level of officiating too often provided by the men in stripes. It diminishes the sport.
    In calling for improvement in the enforcement of rules, I do so not to gain any particular advantage for the Canadiens because, as we all well know, they seldom took advantage of the opportunities they were given last season. No, I make this appeal as a fan who wishes to see game achieve its full potential as an entertainment spectacle.
    I’ll leave it to others to come up with a solution. My only suggestion would be to call upon those fine fellows, Corsi and Fenwick, maybe even Dickens and Fenster, to establish a scoring system to evaluate the work of on-ice officials. This would give NHL management the statistical data it needs to bring about necessary changes in the development of competent referees.
    Consultants Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young could also be recruited by the NHL to provide training material:

    Teach your referees well,
    So their calls won’t smell,
    And ruin a good game

    Make them work to rules
    These pitiful fools
    Who cause you great shame

    Don’t you ever ask them why
    The fouls they skate on by
    While the crowd yells out: ‘Oh my
    What are you, blind, ref?’


    “Religious freedom should work two ways: we should be free to practice the religion of our choice, but we must also be free from having someone else’s religion practiced on us.” -John Irving

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      The only sport where officiating is consistent is NFL football. I watch a NFL game maybe once a week during the season so maybe there’s a few diehards that would disagree but generally I think the NFL is the best.

      NHL hockey is a bi&$h to referee, even with two officials on the ice. It is very easy for a ref to not have the correct angle and miss something or have to semi-guess at something that took place in a split second.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing the coaches, just like the NFL, have a coaches challenge. Maybe once a game or once a period. Not on penalties like tripping or roughing or anything like that but on goals at the very least.

      Not sure how frequently it happens but why not allow a coach to challenge a goal if he believes the play was offside, or hand passed in the neutral zone or knocked down by a high stick. There were a few plays in different games where the puck hit the mesh above the glass on a goal last year and it wasn’t called.

      I dunno, food for thought I guess/

      • wjc says:

        Ya, lets slow the game down, with discussions. No bloody way, let him make the call and boo the hell out of him. NFL is full of stopages, NHL is full speed ahead except for television breaks.


        • JohnBellyful says:

          Now, w’, let’s be respectful of other people’s opinions. Disagree if you must but do so in a cordial manner, to wit:
          “Mr. Hansen, I welcome your insight regarding a matter of some concern to me but I fear the remedy you have suggested might be a tad unworkable in a sport far superior to that on display in the National Football League. Thanks, though, for taking the time to contribute to this discussion and I look forward to your next proposal.”

      • JohnBellyful says:

        This is what we need, Hobie and wjc (below), some free range thinking! As long as the discussion doesn’t stray off into linesmen combinations.

    • wjc says:

      Mr. Belly, you are indeed an original poster/thinker. To take your ref theories up one step. I say suspend them on cables from the rafters, they follow the play on tracts, which would go up and down as necessary as well as follow the play.

      You have inspired me, to think outside the box, to know, no boundries, known to man.


      • JohnBellyful says:

        You say original, my therapist says disturbed. That’s why it’s always best to get two opinions. To get one thinking.

        • wjc says:

          Original…disturbed, it all just blends together. Therapist need the disturbed, they have to make a living too. I am doing my part as possibly you are to, to keep the economy humming along.

          And might I add I welcome you insights into the discussion of disturbed versus original, and look forward to further discussions if you are so inclined.

          How was that, pretty bloody good. I did good, real good.


    • punkster says:

      The bush league officiating has long been a thorn in the side of those who give a fig about this game. Some may blame our loses on officiating but that is often just sour grapes. The NHLOA has grown complacent and really needs to do some serious pruning.

      I am forever impressed and astounded by the depths you plumb, JB, to see this game we love improve. You’re a peachy HI/O contributor whose dedication to the sport makes me berry happy to be associated with this site. Blimey mate, you truly are the apple of my eye around here.

      Now orange you glad I didn’t give your ideas the raspberry?

      By the way, that state between baffled and bewildered? That’s Frank’s territory:

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Geez, P’, you really went bananas over this post. Thanks for the kind words but it wasn’t as if I had written a pearable. it was just another attempt at lifting the meloncholy that sometimes permeates this site; thank goodness it’s not olive the time.
        (I must admit, complaining about the refs at this time of year can seem somewhat dated.)

      • wjc says:

        Punkster, I think you need some time reffing, in order to realize how difficult it is to have to make split second decisions, with 5 camera’s in different angles picking up the action with stop and slow motion.

        Junior hockey would open your eyes, NHL would destroy you, keep out the way of the players, pucks. Bodies zig zagging moving from spot to spot on the ice. Fans, coaches, color men in booths, analyzing, booing, screaming. Players trying to grab an advantage.

        Boy do you need an education, it looks easy from 15 rows up and easier the higher you go. Seeing whats ahead, beside and behind you, players diving sometimes and having to skate to keep up to the play……… have no idea, my friend, not until you try it.


    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I agree John, on this and many other issues, the NHL just can’t seem to get out of its own way.

      It doesn’t seem to understand that its game would be more popular if it enforced its own rules to favour a more open game and gave the advantage to skillful creative players over the checkers and crease crashers and the thumpers.

      I’ve posted in the past about how the League needs to think outside the box, and consider using an ‘eye in the sky’ referee in the pressbox (, who can access video and correct calls that are missed, with an emphasis on all the stickwork and muggings that happen behind the back of the on-ice officials. If they did that, it would solve so many problems, notably that of needing to have enforcers to ‘police the game’. If the game is properly reffed, those guys are no longer necessary, it is safer in many ways for the players, and way more fan-friendly.

  43. habstrinifan says:

    I am fed up with being ignored!

    So I have to post this!

    Scott Gomez is trying to convince at least 10 teams to make a hostile offer to P.K Subban.

    Now let’s see you ignore that: all three HIO triggers in one sentence.

    Subban/Gomez/Hostile Offer.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      LOL. Still a more pleasant topic then yesterdays my friend but I promise never to ignore you. 🙂


    • Ian Cobb says:

      Jameson, are you a little lonely this weekend sir?
      It will not be long before training camp starts my friend. Hang in there! Enjoy the rest of the summer and we will see you at the Summit.

  44. JohnBellyful says:

    What, it’s been, like, 48 hours, and TT hasn’t tweeted something new that’s outrageous? Good grief, do we have to go back to talking hockey?

    • habstrinifan says:

      The Bible tells me to love TT so I love TT in a biblical sort of way.

      Do you think he would mind?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Looks that way JB. One of those fake phony fraud twitter guys tweeted from his Mommy’s basement that PK has been contacted by 3 teams and viola, the press ask a question, no comment the reply and the hand ringing can begin. Still better then yesterdays topic for sure.


      • JohnBellyful says:

        I’m goin’ to have get me one of them there twitter accounts so I can come across as the voice of authority in 140 characters or fewer. (There’s about a couple of dozen characters on this site.).

  45. Who cares about Tim Thomas and his stupid opinions????

    PK Subban’s agent “refuses to deny the fact” that other teams are interested in PK Subban!!”

    All the latest at:…the latest and greatest Canadiens and NHL news website!

  46.…only the best Canadiens and NHL pictures and links!

  47. commandant says:

    Top Shelf Prospects looks at the Carolina Hurricanes

    Go Habs Go!
    NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
    Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

  48. NCRhabsfan says:

    When do we start fussing about PK being unsigned? I’m not fussing yet, I just want to know when it is reasonable to start.

  49. HardHabits says:

    Relationships should be for a limited term. Like a rent. Say 3-6 months with an option to renew. If you renew, maybe double the tenure each renewal. If no renewal, shake hands and stay friends. Move on. Many fish in the sea.

    If you chance on that one special person that inspires perpetual renewal, all the more power to you. Buy for life and go all in with the investment. Long life and love to you.

    It can take a night in Las Vegas to get married. Get divorced. Could take months or even years, off of your life and to settle.

    Too much drama in this world. Like people getting offended because two people of the same sex want to do it, or because a heterosexual couple have sex out of wedlock. As long as it is in private and out of the public view I don’t see what the issue is.

    Marriage is a man made institution. That it is in the eyes of a god, is a man made creation also, like the god and gods he has created in his own image, not the other way around. Man is a megalomaniac to think that the imagined creator of the Multiverse is a primate. Almost as absurd as man denying that he is an animal and a species that has evolved from other sub-species.

    Maybe God is an amoeba or a complex protein. Perhaps he/she/it is a rock. Maybe he/she/it is everything and nothing all at once and is so beyond our understanding that to even try to speak of whatever it could or could not be is no more possible than counting to infinity.

    Religion is social engineering and a sublime form of moral authoritarian fascism. Not only that but it’s a tax haven. At least banks manufacture something somewhat tangible in money. Churches are sellers of real estate in the fantasy after-world, manufacture forgiveness of sins and issue countless defamations with impunity.

    • Cal says:

      That’s a sour mood for a weekend in July. Buck up, man. The world is a very odd place. I am an atheist myself, but I respect what people believe out of courtesy, just as I would expect the same in return as long as there is no proselytizing going on. 🙂

      • wjc says:

        Being an atheist is a belief. How did you make up your mind to be an atheist.

        Does life have a purpose or do you live a few years and then die? What is the purpose of life, just pointless existence.

        If you are no longer seeking anything then a person is born, school, work, drink, etc. then die.

        Just asking questions because no one actually knows for sure.

        Intelligent design or random chaos. Look at nature, predictable seasons. Not recruiting, believe me, I could care less what people think. Just many questions that cannot be answered by imagining you/they believe in nothing.


        • Cal says:

          I’d answer you, but then I’d be proselytizing.
          Let’s just say that life is an incredible simplicity and the only meaning it has it what you yourself give it. Fair enough?

    • habstrinifan says:

      I dont know about God or Religion. But I saw a Raquel Welch and a Bo Derek look alike mud wrestle once. I was in HEAVEN.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Bless you my child… I think.

  50. kempie says:

    Forgive my ignorance but can anybody explain why French is an official language for this ceremony? I mean why not German & Russian too?

  51. Bripro says:

    That’s it for me for the next two weeks, kiddies.
    We’re off to Cape Cod for suffocating heat, two weeks with our spawn grandson with no air conditioning.

    Can you tell I’m excited? I’m kidding. It’ll be a blast!

    I’m going to miss PK’s signing…maybe.
    And hockey talk, forget it.
    And the Olympics. I’ll have to watch U.S. coverage. Brutal.
    They don’t cover the Olympics, they cover the U.S.

    So have a great two weeks and we’ll fight when I get back.

    CIAO for now!

    • kempie says:

      Sounds like a fun time actually. Enjoy it.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Bri, just give me your password and I’ll serve as your proxy. I’ve got a good handle on the way that you think so if you’d like, I’ll throw out a few of ‘your’ opinions every now and then while you’re gone to keep the boys happy.
      It sounds like you’re itchin’ for a fight when you get back. I can make sure you’ll end up with a doozie.
      Okay, then, the password, please …

  52. twilighthours says:

    Tim Thomas, oh Tim Thomas.

    If one of his children turns out to be gay, he might just end up being glad that there are people all over the world who have fought and will continue to fight for his/her rights.

    • wjc says:

      Next thing they won’t want brothers and sisters to get married.

      Incest should be allowed, marry your dog, horse, car, boat, kitty, Mrs. Piggy……to be against anything is terrible.


      • commandant says:

        YEah, cause marrying an animal or inanimate object that is not capable of CONSENT is likely.

        What a stupid comment.

        Its a complete strawman.

        Go Habs Go!
        NHL Free Agency and Trade Analysis now.
        Team By Team Prospect Reports coming soon

      • habstrinifan says:

        Are you implying that Miss Piggy is a swine. Being as wanton as she was and ‘being married’? It is Miss Piggy.. never Mrs. And leave her out of it. I will not allow you to besmirch the reputation of Miss Piggy.

      • Rozz says:

        Really? You’re comparing 2 people falling in love (regardless of gender) to family incest? But to indulge your point for a moment I suppose that you could make a case for marrying your cousin or brother/sister if its 2 consensual adults who honestly are in love then… well I will stand by what I said before about everyone deserving the same right as anyone else has. I don’t have to agree with it at all but it would be hypocritical otherwise.. but on that note did anyone tell the hillbillies that it’s not legal? lol

        but to compare something like same sex marriage to bestiality really just make anything you say an obvious moot point as you are clearly an ignorant self-righteous person (not the real word i would choose to use but I’m trying to keep it PG) who thinks that his way is the only right way and there is no reasoning with you (god, I really do love the freedom to speak freely on what i think). But with all your Gomez fan boy love I was kind of expecting you to lean towards the pole in the first place… I guess it should have lead me to only expect an irrational view / argument coming from you, seeing how you believe he’s going to be the best player in the NHL this coming year … lol it makes me laugh to even type that lol

        “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

        Mark Twain.

  53. Lizardking89 says:

    I’m sorry but these opening ceremonies suck. Beijing opening ceremony were so much better.

  54. Ian Cobb says:


    Hi 2012 HIO Summiteers,

    This year we have the largest Summit group attending in 6 years.

    Some people are using their own game tickets, and will be attending Hurley’s Pub Friday evening at the meet and greet. Some will only arrive Sat. morning at the breakfast.
    All is well, but I do need a better count of those who are going to Hurley’s, so they can arrange staff and area for us.

    Please let me know numbers for Hurley’s, both Fri, and after the game Sat night.

    At the same time, you better give me numbers for The Baton Rouge pre game dinner, so I can get a better count for reservations please.

    Please let me know by e-mail or phone, so I do not miss seeing it.
    News, Pictures and comments

    See ya all there!

  55. Un Canadien errant says:

    Canadiens’ fans aren’t the only ones complaining their team is shut out of the star free agent/big trade sweepstakes. Buffalo has an inferiority complex too.

  56. Un Canadien errant says:

    A teammate reacts to Tim Thomas’ Facebook activism:

    “He isn’t playing next year, which means he’s not my teammate, which means I don’t have to react to his Facebook posts.”

    June 22: Alex Galchenyuk [x]
    June 23: Stefan Matteau, Mike Matheson, Martin Frk, Brandon Whitney
    June 2429: Travis Moen [x]
    June 2627: Mathieu Darche
    June 26: Ryan White
    June 30: Alexei Emelin
    July 1: P.A. Parenteau, Taylor Pyatt
    July 3: Shane O’Brien
    July 52: Carey Price [x]
    July 6: Lars Eller
    July 9: P.K. Subban
    Sept. 15: Training camps open
    Oct. 11: Puck drop, Canadiens vs. Senators

    • 24 Cups says:

      Normand, just a quick thought.

      Have you ever thought about deleting your sign off date schedule? It takes up about a third of a page every time you post. Leads to a lot of scrolling for us readers.

      The impact seems lost by now.

      Of course, you’ll be a genius if the Oct 11th opening night holds true and there is no lockout:-)

      • FishOutOfWater says:

        i like it, i see what ur saying cups, the whole site is scroll city, and could really use an update

        ripping off facebook would be a good design option for this site.
        pop up threads for individual comments with likes and replys. options to sort by post time and popularity.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Hey 24 Cups, I agree that the ‘impact’ of my sig isn’t what it used to be. I intended it before the draft as a prediction/wish list of what player moves we’d see, and am now reduced to outwaiting the P.K. Subban contract talks. I’ve been deleting it off most of my posts, to ease up on everyone.

        Funny that a couple weeks back I’d post my usual trenchant, humourous and exhaustive posts, with lots of insights and questions and mildly controversial topics that I hoped readers would pick up on and comment and the conversation would flow from there, but instead most people seemed to have nitpicks or suggestions about the signature. Anyway, like any shrewd huckster, I figured the sig was my biggest seller, and I shouldn’t monkey with it. But now you’re telling me otherwise, to my relief.

        So illico presto, I’ve changed to a new, topical, less scroll-intensive signature.

        Thanks for the feedback.

        This isn’t “Billionaires vs. Millionaires.” Only a willfully uninformed fool would apply that sloppy shorthand designation to this disgraceful power grab crafted by some of the wealthiest individuals and corporate entities in North America aimed against professional athletes.–Larry Brooks of the New York Post

  57. JUST ME says:

    Whenever i see those athletes coming from countries ravaged by wars and hunger i really dig the true spirit of the olympics. Brings back things in their proper perspective when you are used to see tatooed billionaires athletes…Had to say it…

  58. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    Mccartney sounds terrible….he and Brian williams should retire

  59. HabFab says:

    How much Cap Space do the Habs actually have left;

  60. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    Brian Williams is a knob…he should be retired by now

  61. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    The fact that Gomez has not been bought out or sent to the minors proves that MB has a disquieting lack of, should I say, BALLS

    • Mark C says:

      Or that you don’t understand NHL rules.

    • naweed235 says:

      Your comment proves that YOU have a lack of logic… It’s probably been said 100 times before but I’ll repeat for you:
      1) Buying out Gomez makes no sense at all and will handicap the team more than it will help. If he is bought out under the current CBA rules, there will be a cap hit of roughly $4M for the next 2 years and roughly $1.7M for 2 years after that for a total of 4 years.
      2) How the hell are you going to send somebody to the minors without the season even having started yet?!?!?!?!

      Some users on this site make me wonder if human evolution is taking a few steps back…

      • HabsFansince49 says:

        I often wonder if Bob Gainey looks in the mirror and reflects on what must be one of the worst decisions in the franchise history – signing Gomez to an absolutely obscene contract.

        • drivefor25 says:

          Gainey didn’t sign Gomez to that contract – Glen Sather did. Gainey did, however, trade for Gomez knowing that was his contract. Not his finest hour. Still, overall he brought the Habs back to respectability. And what a player and leader he was!

          Fan since ’71

          • habsavvy says:

            you mean he brought this franchise total embarrassment and a joke !

      • VJ says:

        Not to mention, the window for buy-outs has long since lapsed, unless it opens again with an amnesty buy-out with the new CBA

    • HabinNorth says:

      I think you should familiarize yourself with the rules. Since Gomez finished the season on the injury list, nothing can happen until after the start of training camp. Then we will see what kind of ball MB has.

  62. fastfreddy says:

    No way do you pay Doan 7.5 Mil /yr. Way too much$! If he was 29/30 then perhaps he’s worth it, but not at 35. Save your $ for something else.

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  63. Sean Bonjovi says:

    Why is CTV’s Brian William Fluffing Mitt Romney instead of his own job?

  64. Un Canadien errant says:

    According to a report from TSN, Shane Doan is seeking a four-year, $30M contract. The report continues that the Canadiens are interested in his services, and that the right winger will visit Montréal next week.

    So which is it? In my estimation, only one of these propositions can be true, not both. If he wants that massive contract, and it’s not that outlandish a figure(!) since various reports have stated that a similar offer has already been made by an East Coast team, and if it’s not just an opening bid that can be whittled down by healthy chunks, then there’s no way the Canadiens would continue discussions. I’m sure the Canadiens inquired what his ballpark intentions were, but as they did with Jaromir Jagr and P.A. Parenteau, they would quickly withdraw from the chase and not submit a contract offer if they found them too rich for their liking. Right?

    How can the Canadiens, struggling currently with albatross contracts on Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle, and having recently committed large chunks of their salary cap to middling to decent performers like Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta and Tomas Plekanec, and having rolled the dice on a strong recovery from All-Star Andrei Markov and having come up snake eyes for at least one year of the three-year deal, now turn around and throw another boatload of cash at a decent winger with good intangibles but on the downslope of his proud career at the age of 36?

    We remember the criticism Pierre Gauthier received for signing a 32 year old Erik Cole last summer, a player who had scored 26 goals the previous season and never exceeded 30, to a 4 year contract at $4.5 M a season, with a No Trade Clause on top. Mr. Cole was aging and fragile it was said, and not likely to be worth this much money or term. If it didn’t make sense for him, it makes sense to offer the same deal, but at $3M more per season, to a 36 year old who has comparable production, but has only averaged 20 goals the past three seasons?

    I concede that Mr. Doan is a bigger, stronger player than Mr. Cole, and that signing the latter was a spectacular success at least for the first year, but it’s hard to see how importing a Right Wing who would soak up so much of the salary cap fits in with the team needs and the rebuilding program now in progress. I could understand if there was a moderately priced pure Left Winger with size who can snipe goals available and he was signed to slot in next to Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta, that’s a natural fit, but not Shane Doan, and not at that price and term.

    We have to sign Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais to new contracts next summer, and there are no big contracts coming off the books until 2014. We have young players slated for Hamilton next fall, and they’ll profit from an apprenticeship in the AHL, but we’ll rather quickly need to give them a roster spot in the NHL, and I don’t see how having Shane Doan here on a potentially untradable over-35 contract fits in with this.

    June 22: Alex Galchenyuk [x]
    June 23: Stefan Matteau, Mike Matheson, Martin Frk, Brandon Whitney
    June 2429: Travis Moen [x]
    June 2627: Mathieu Darche
    June 26: Ryan White
    June 30: Alexei Emelin
    July 1: P.A. Parenteau, Taylor Pyatt
    July 3: Shane O’Brien
    July 52: Carey Price [x]
    July 6: Lars Eller
    July 9: P.K. Subban
    Sept. 15: Training camps open
    Oct. 11: Puck drop, Canadiens vs. Senators

  65. 24 Cups says:

    The Winnipeg Jets announced today that the club has agreed to terms on a multi-year extension with defenceman Tobias Enstrom.

    It is a five-year contract worth $28.75 million. That’s an average of 5.75M a season.


    • otter649 says:

      That’s more than The Sabres are paying Tyler Myers @ 5.5 per season (longer contract) although Myers gets 12 million going into next season…….

  66. rhino514 says:

    Poll Question:

    Assuming decent balance on the second and third lines, how many points would Gomez get if he were put together with Cole and Max Pac for a full season? Also how many points would these two get playing with him?
    The thing with Gomez is he in no way complements the second or third lines. He kept on the team he should be there strictly for the PP. But of course you can´t keep Gomez on the team and give him 5 minutes a night, so inevitably the coach would sneak him spot duty on other lines. Sadly this won´t amount to anything as Gomez is the kind of guy not only who needs snipers and who needs to play with regular linemates. Hence I feel he will not produce and actually hinder his linemates playing on the 2nd or 3rd lines.
    I am somewhat sceptical myself if he is still able to play on a top line, but there really is nowhere else to play him.
    My first option at this point would be to get rid of him (and I have nothing against him at all), but my second option would actually be to put him with productive wingers. If he is played on the second and third lines I really think those lines will suffer. But I actually fear this is what may end up happening; they will experiment all season trying to get him going again and at the end you end up with 40 points if you are lucky and a bunch of frustrated wingers.
    If he stay on the team he should either start off only a PP specialist and take fourth line minutes, or actually give him one more shot on the first line. But no way on the other lines. We don´t have any snipers who could have at least a chance to finish his passes, and moving another centre to the wing I think would be a terrible mistake.

    • HabFab says:

      I think an attempt will be made to play him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Gio and Patches on his wings as they did have chemistry back when.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Frank – That makes Pleks or DD a 3rd line centre while pushing Eller to the wing. Do you really want that to happen just so the team can light a fire under Gomez’s ass? Why cushion the player who give the least?

        Maybe we should have signed Semin so that he could play with Gomez and Bourque:-)

        • HabFab says:

          I hope that a way is found to shed Gomez but I have serious doubts that he will be sent to Hamilton. It is not the way I want them to go, just the way I see them going… sorry Steve.

    • The Dude says:

      Gomez would get 4 goals and13 assist whilst destroying any magic Max and Cole had.

      • NCRhabsfan says:

        I think that”s optimistic. He might get that playing on a line with Stamkos and Malkin with two great offensive dmen helping out. All 4 goals would be empty-netters or pucks that hit him on the way in.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Gomez is the type of guy that kills linemates, not enhances them. Just ask Cammy.

      So the team now rewards hsi poor play by giving him 1st line minutes while screwing over hard workers like Pleks and DD? I don’t think so.

      Gomez needs to go in October to complete the Gainey/Mr. Gauthier purge. He’s the face of the failed 2nd five year plan. It may not be fair but until he’s elsewhere the team (and the new management team) can’t really get a fresh start.

      I can’t believe this wasn’t discussed during the interview process. There must be a game plan in place.

      • wjc says:

        Let last year die… is gone…..

        You have Gionta, Patricetty, Subban, Price, Georges, Lablanc etc because of Gainey.

        You have a Hamilton team full of prospects because of Gauthier.

        You have Galchenyuk etc. because of poor season last year.

        You have Prust, probably because Sather is evening up the deal for Gomez. Think about it, girl friend lives in Montreal, Sather clears the way for Montreal to bid on him. Goodwill, no hard feelings, a way to even up the deal for Gomez.

        What Gomez actually needs is to prove himself at training camp and the season. If Gomez comes back your worries are over.

        Gainey and Gathier left the Canadiens in fine shape, listen, watch and learn.


    • chilli says:

      Well, all I can say is this: last summer when we read how hard Gomez was working in the off-season because he was embarrassed by his play – I had a pool with some buddies on how many goals Gomez would score. Some said 10, one said 20, mainly the group was between 10-20. One guy, a true Gomez hater, said “Gomez will get 2 goals” and we all laughed. He won the pool.


  67. accp says:

    Rangers, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly here’s the top 4-teams in the eastern conference. the rest. it will be a dog fight to see who gets the other 4- playoff spots. out of the other 11-teams not much to decide from. injuries could come down to be the deciding factor.

    • wjc says:

      Rangers run into injury problems….Sather says he has never seen anything like it. Rangers sputtering.

      Philadelphia goal tending defense suspect……players upset as criticism unable to get any consistency going.

      Boston misses Thomas looking to trade for a goaly

      Pittsburgh fires coach, team in disarray…..NHL predictions looking like fairy tales….


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