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AUDIO: Tomas Plekanec | P.K. Subban | Rene Bourque | Randy Cunneyworth

Hey, no one could blame Randy Cunneyworth for shielding his eyes from some stuff he’s witnessed this season.
But seriously, what game was the Canadiens’ coach watching at Madison Square Garden Friday night?
After first beat worst 4-1, Cunneyworth offered the opinion that the Canadiens had periods of outworking the Rangers.
Really? When?
Surely not in the third period, when the Canadiens went almost 14 minutes without recording a shot.

The first game of the post-Pierre Gauthier era was one of the worst the Canadiens have played in a while.
they had 20 shots on goal, few of which unduly troubled Henrik Lundqvist.

The Rangers fired 29 at Carey Price, and the the Canadiens goaltender was not at his best on either Brad Richards’ long-range power-play score or a Michael Del Zotto shot that squeezed through Price’s pads.

You could forgive Price for being a tad distracted. The goaltender will become a restricted free agent if the Canadiens don’t sign him by July 1.

Everyone expects the team to lock up its cornerstone in a long-term deal. And it is reasonable to assume Price’s agent, Gerry Johannson, was in negotiations with Gauthier.

But the general manager is gone. And the coach who offered a sanguine, if slightly delusional, assessment of the team’s play in New York will be following the GM out the door.

During his press conference on Thursday, Geoff Molson made frequent reference to “winning culture” as something his team will have to cultivate.

On the evidence of the Friday night game, the owner might be waiting a while for his fond wish to come true.

After morning skate in New York, Erik Cole said changes in the executive suite mean “everyone should be aware of the fact everyone is being evaluated top to bottom.”

If that awareness exists, it was not on display against the Rangers. The Canadiens played without intensity or emotion. For the first time since the team dropped out of playoff contention – and notwithstanding brave words from the room, the season has been all over but the crying for quite a while – the Canadiens looked like they were mailing one in.

If they play that way in Washington on Saturday night and through the last three games of the schedule, it’s going to be ugly to watch.

But at least evaluation – by Molson and consigliere Serge Savard – will not be skewed by garbage-time heroics.

There is hard work ahead for the new general manager.

In a very interesting interview on Ottawa sports radio Friday, Pierre McGuire talked about his interest in the GM job. McGuire reiterated his “seven-player profile” of a winning NHL team:  two dominant centres, a power forward,  a power-play and/or penalty-kill specialist, a minute-eating defenceman, a puck-moving Dman and an elite goaltender.

“If  you look at Stanley Cup winners, certainly since the lockout, they fit this profile,” McGuire said.

The Canadiens have two power forwards, albeit on the same line: Erik Cole and Max Pacioretty

Specialists? David Desharnais for the PP, Tomas Plekanec for the PK.

P.K. Subban eats minutes.

Andrei Markov – who evidently was not seriously injured in that scary collision in NYC – moves the puck.

Notwithstanding all the nonsense with which residual Halakites contaminate the Comments section, Carey Price is going to be very good for a very long time.

But dominant centres?

Ah, there’s the challenge for someone … perhaps McGuire himself, although he’s a longshot.

The point is, despite the stinkeroo we saw Friday night, many crucial elements are in place. The new general manager will need a scalpel, not a chainsaw.

But for all of Molson’s evocations of the excellence to which he bore witness as a wee wealthy lad, the team waering blue Friday night is a lot closer to a Cup than the guys in white.

The Rangers have everything on McGuire’s grocery list – including Ryan McDonagh, a minute-munching defenceman who would be playing beside Subban if Bob Gainey hadn’t included the prospect as a throw-in of the Scott Gomez trade  in the summer of 2009.

Back then, before Gauthier imposed a Kremlin wall of secrecy around everything that happened on the seventh floor of the Bell Centre,  Trevor Timmins was allowed to talk to the media. When questioned about trading away McDonagh, Timmins managed a rueful smile that spoke volumes.

The Canadiens took McDonagh with the 12th overall pick in the first round of the 2007 draft. Not many teams had the Minnesota high-school product rated that highly, but Timmins knew what he was getting (unlike the previous summer, when the Canadiens took David Fischer).

Scouting did not come up during Molson’s press conference.

I think Timmins and the guys he’s got scouting juniors have done a good job.

The pro scouting department, which was Gauthier’s fiefdom, is another story.

Yes, there was solid evaluation what James Wisniewski and Erik Cole could bring to the Canadiens.

But Gomez, Benoit Pouliot, Chris Campoli, Tomas Kaberle, Rene Bourque … the poor Geoffrion kid …

Am I leaving out any names in the Montreal version of the Westminster Kennel Club?

The new Canadiens general manager faces a challenge in filling out the Pierre McGuire dance card – plus about 15 other roster spots.

And that’s not all.

Barry Trotz won his 500th game Friday night. During Trotz’s tenure in Nashville, the Canadiens have been coached by Alain Vigneault, Michel Therrien, Claude Julien, Bob Gainey (twice), Guy Carbonneau, Jacques Martin and Randy Cunneyworth.

Molson said all the right things in evoking the Canadiens glorious past as a beacon, lighting the way to a better future.

Then his team stunk out the Garden.

There’s work to be done.


  1. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Does anyone truly believe that if it was Carey Price in the Blues’ net, they wouldn’t still have a 100+ points and Halak and the Habs would still be in the race?

    • issie74 says:

      You could play goal on a Hitchcock team and win.


    • Michael says:

      I think the Blues would be just about as good with Price (because there’s little room for improvement) but I think his stats would be better than either Halak’s or Elliott’s. I don’t think Halak could help this team any more than Price. When Halak was helping the Habs to the semi-finals, he had an extremely hard-working team in front of him, and I think the performances peripheral to Halak at that time have long gone unsung. Essentially, you could probably build a brick wall in our net and we’d still find a way to lose.

  2. The Cat says:

    To all of you arguing with me down below. Ill say this about Price, he has been consistently good but he hasnt been very good, if you all think he has stolen a game this year, you are watching the same games as Cunneyworth. Its homerism, listening to RDS and fans, the habs have the best ever 15th place team core.

    “Chu tu fou moé, est-ce que chu en train de virer fou?” Michel Bergeron listening to RC’s post game assessments.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • L Elle says:

      Looks like the Nordiques wil be back next season.

      Will you migrate to NordiquesInsideOut? You can slag our goalie all you want there.

    • neumann103 says:

      Price has not been the problem.

      I think it is fair to say that he hasn’t stolen a ton of games this year. Last season you could probably have pointed to 10 or so games that they won that they would have lost if Price had not stood on his head. This year maybe 2 or 3?

      This year you saw a lot of games the Habs lost by 1 goal that they probably should have lost by 3 goals that were only close because of Price. But not stolen games.

      Bigger issues were the failing to score for strecthes (and losing winnable games with scores like 2-1) and the throwing away of third period leads to a degree I think i have never seen in the NHL. You can’t hang those on Price

      “Et le but!”

    • Michael says:

      So I guess the talking heads at the CBC and TSN are just Habs homers too, eh?

  3. LafleurGuy says:

    Don’t think Halak being here all season would have resulted in a better record. Scott Gomez’s onerous contract is quite a distraction, but for arguments sake what could the team have done with 7.5 mill cap space last summer except to outbid the Rangers and the failed suitors for Brad Richards? Gomez spent a lot of time on the sidelines due to injury, which in sports is the proverbial “golden opportunity” that up and comers grab and run with. Similarly, captain Brian Gionta also spent protracted time injured and yet again there was no “rising star” story emerging. As dull and boring as the subject is, a chapter to be included in the soon to be published “The Complete Idiots Guide on How to Hire a Hockey GM,” is “How to Build Depth in your Roster.” The leading goal scorer for the Red Wings is Johann Franzen with 26; Datsyuk is FIFTH with 18. By the way Nashville jumped ahead of Detroit last night in the standings; Andrei scored the winning goal in their game on a set-up by Radulov.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • MrNax says:

      A couple of things:

      First of all, Andrei set up Radulov and not vice-versa. (Irrelevant, I know)

      Secondly, it’s not Richards that hurts to think about when considering the Gomez trade. It’s that we lost a STUD defenseman in McDonagh and the cap space required to sign Gaborik. Just imagine a trade this year of Gomez for Gaborik and McD… THAT’S what hurts the most!

  4. Hobie Hansen says:

    People who carry on about Halak not being around or him being better than Price are causing drama for zero reason. They’re two good goalies people. There’s a 100 other things to be concerned about with the Canadiens. Goaltending is the last thing the Habs have to be concerned with.

    • LafleurGuy says:

      Right on. It is, was, and can futuristically be a hypothetical debate (“Jaro can out-butterfly Carey anyday and twice on Sundays”). It has no relevance to the team’s dismal status. If Halak had been here all year, the results would have been the same. Price made 3 mill this year (cap hit 2.75), whereas Halak made 3.5 mill (cap hit 4.0).

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • boing007 says:

      That’s what you think. Some of us disagree. Sincerely and wholeheartedly. And I also object to us being called residual Halakites who are contaminating the Comments section whenever some of us defend Jaroslav Halak.

      Richard R

      • Mike Boone says:

        Defend Halak from what? The suggestion that Carey Price is a franchise goaltender in Montreal? Because that’s about all it takes to rattle your cages.

        Mike Boone
        Hockey Inside/Out blogger
        Gazette City columnist

        • Dulljerk says:

          I think in the next two years we will find out just how much of a franchise goaltender he is. Personally, I think Price has all the tools to be a very good or great goaltender. But he has some mental issues that have to be addressed. He is prone to being a pouter, and his nightlife activities have already reached legendary status. Once (or if) he matures, he will be dominate.

          “Price ain’t as good as he thinks.”

  5. framptunes says:

    Really Boone who the f@#! gives a shit if they play up to their potential or how bad it looks from now on in the last 4 games, any point from here on is a total waste.I’ve seen almost every game this season and the team has been brutal with the depleted lineup that we’ve seen all year,too late now the only redeaming thing is to get at least the #2 pick this year in the draft.It would be really sad to get anything less after this f@%&ed up season.

    • The Juice says:

      Agree. I would like to see the draft picking order reversed going forward so the team that just misses the playoffs get the 1st overall pick. That way teams (and their fans) are motivated to win until the bitter end. Honestly, I have not watched a game in the past month since I am realisticly cheering for the team to lose every game, and that is just silly…


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  6. smiler2729 says:

    Hey I liked Halak too during that playoff but let’s take the rose-coloured glasses off!

    How soon we forget that while he had some superb performances vs. Pittsburgh and especially vs. Washington, he was also pulled a couple of times and was the backup during a game not to mention being mediocre when it mattered most (vs. Philly).

    Blah blah blah, yeah, even in St. Louis this season, Brian Elliott is outplaying him behind Ken Hitchcock’s suffocating system where even Pee Wee Herman would lead the league in Shutouts.

    Carey Price is the right goalie choice.

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

    • English is not a Crime says:

      Halak’s numbers during that run were actually worse than Price’s numbers in last year’s playoffs….. look them up for yourself. 2.55 GAA, .923 save %, yanked twice vs 2.11 GAA, .934 save %. Funny how one was magical and Roy-like and the other was a useless pile of turds.

      • smiler2729 says:

        Dude, I’m in total agreement with ya, you don’t have throw the numbers at me!

        Halak was Steve Penney.

        Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  7. Cal says:

    Fans that like Halak compared to Price are contaminants? Stirring the pot, mayhap?
    Lousy thing to say about a sizable number of the posters here.
    Enough with Pierre McGuire. If the Habs hire this ego-maniacal tool, it will be Houle II.

    • The Cat says:

      I agree. Boone says Price will be very good for a long time…Thats what bugs me -the shoving of the ‘excellence of Price’ down my throat. He hasnt even been very good so far. To be very good you have to ,at least, steal a game once in a while.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • rjcp says:

      Agreed Cal, I see the irony – Halakites vs. McGuirees – hmm, I wonder who the idiots really are. Seriously, McGuire the parrot? working to restore the tradition of my Habs? If that happens, and can’t see it whatsoever, I’ll be sad.

    • smiler2729 says:

      Why is Halak even brought up anymore???

    • English is not a Crime says:

      The contamination is clearly the idiots that do nothing but come by to harp about how terrible Price is, complain on and on about any goals that get past him and start the Halak nonsense every single day even though he’s been gone for two years now.

      It gets truly stale to read such nonsense and to watch alleged Habs fans refuse to give the team’s best player even an ounce of credit ever. He’s only won the Molson award for the team all but two times in the last 12 months that it’s been awarded, what else do they want from him for crying out loud?

      The cat couldn’t be more wrong in their evaluation. Price hasn’t stolen any games? Hasn’t been even very good? It’s that sort of flat out nonsense (to use a polite word instead of a more accurate description) that is being described as contamination, since it’s about the equivalent of hazardous waste found at the bottom of most port-a-potties

  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …not much I have to say ‘hockey-wise’ at the moment …BUT !!!
    …the winning numbers in the Mega Millions Lottery Friday night were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, with a MegaBall of 23 .
    ..Your bank account balance just ballooned by US$ 640 million if that ticket is wedged in Your lint-filled jeans’ pocket
    …and, just enough …to make Geoff Molson an offer 🙂

    HIS’ Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey ‘There is a light that never goes out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjObvIQtsLk&feature=related
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and a nuclear destroyer on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  9. frankcasting says:

    Well if Pierre M wants the GM job, good luck on getting those 2 stud centres any time soon. Leafs, for example, have been trying to replace Mats Sundin since, well, Mats Sundin left. They don’t grow on trees. You draft those guys or overpay and usually regret (hello, Scott Gomez). Maybe we’ll get lucky in this draft with one.

    Meanwhile, you do what you can where you can elsewhere.

    Molson needs to put his money where his mouth is. If they’re serious about contending again soon, Kabarle & Gomez have to be off the books by September (The BEST move the Rangers ever made was to bury Wade Redden in the minors) and the team needs to buy some real depth up front. I’m not that worried about D – we have 4 above average guys who eat minutes. It’s lines 2-4 that need work.

    Loving the Habs since 1965

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Well, since you highlight the word BEST, I have to disagree with you. Dumping Scott Gomez on the Canadiens and swiping Ryan McDonagh is the BEST move they ever made.

      When Geoff Molson said in the press conference that no expense would be spared in an effort to win, I think that was the oblique reference to burying Mr. Gomez in the minors that everyone was looking for.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • boing007 says:

      How about grooming a few players with the potential to become a good centre, rather than hope that one falls out of a tree? Either that, or bring in Dr. Frankenstein to create one in his laboratory.

      Richard R

  10. parkex says:

    Don’t usually compliment but Boone, you nailed it this tine!

  11. SuperHabFan says:

    DD is a good player on a bad team. He’s not a top tier specialist in any regard (PP, or PK). Plecks brings it big time in PK and with proper line will score as many points as DD, probably more. Unfortunately he is probably not a #1 center on a real contending team.

  12. jesuspricesaves says:

    New habs should structure around legendary goaltending,
    Dryden for GM,
    Roy for coach,
    Price for …captain?

  13. Marc10 says:

    I agree with HH. Tank like hell next year and build a winner. We only need two seasons of futility to dress a contender. Toews and Kane grafted to our lineup, plus a couple of kids coming up… I just hope the core can put up with it…

  14. PeterD says:

    Look, it took a few years for this team to decay into the mess we watched last might and most of this season. So it will take time to turn it around and repair the damage done.
    No magic or wishful thinking in the world will undue the bad trades of the past nor the unfortunate draft choices when better players were still available.
    The only hope this team and it’s fans have is that going forward from today that this team makes smart hockey moves…this includes personnel selection for key management positions…but more important player evaluation and selection.
    For me, a lifetime Habs fan I hate to see them lose, ever. But I would rather watch the last few games and including the final against the Leafs as a complete train wreck…who wants to have experienced what we have this season only to now watch these guys overachieve and move down in draft positioning.

    As for Bourque…since his 5 game suspension he has not played with the edginess that made him the player he was. I think the suspension took a lot of his confidence out him. Same as it did for MaxPac and Ovechkin after their suspensions. When players make their money living and player on the edge and rough, once they get a major suspension from the league it might just affect how some players come back and return to play. Especially if they take the suspension seriously. It must get into their heads and start nagging them about what might happen if I step into this guy and finish my hit…will I get suspended again? So if this is partly the case for Bourques lack lustre play since joining the Habs, he may turn the corner next season after he has time to work this out. If it is that he just doesn’t give a crap, then he needs to sit and eat poutine and watch or get moved out before next season. The rebuild can not tolerate lacklustre bad attitude head cases.
    I think Geoffreon deserves a cahnce to prove he has the desire and motivation to play hockey and not just live under the adoration of his lineage. Sitting him these past several games was a good move to send him the message that he has to make his own reputation and career in the NHL and he can not float and live on the past glories of his Grand and Great grand parents games or legacy…that doesn’t score goals buddy. What I saw tonight was a bit more motivation and intensity..not all in yet, but an improvement from his previous games. A new coach and a new season right from camp where he has to prove he belongs in the NHL will help the kid either become a play or to get out of the game and start using his college degree to earn a living.nothing to gain…so lets not be moody nad grumpy and upset when the come out and totally suck in the last few games…it’s now about the high draft pick not making the play-offs.

    But, all in all, this season is over…finished…nothing to prove…

    • Cal says:

      2 defense-oriented Dmen who play tough + 1 scoring winger + impact player at draft that goes to the big team right away. It won’t take years. It’ll take this summer.

  15. Marc10 says:

    How to get two dominant centers. 1) draft one this year 2) trade an asset for another. We have a lot of D coming up… Trade one.

    Gainey tried and failed of course…

  16. alwayssunny says:

    Nobody wants compliments from me but Mike Boone pretty much nailed every paragraph.

  17. H.Upmann says:

    Bourque wants to leave mtl for sure. It’s written all over him. Man…. PG, wasn’t there another team that would take Cammy? Ugh

  18. habs001 says:

    major talent infusion needed for the habs in the forward positions…right now the combination of hab forwards signed to a pro contract is no better than bottom 10 in the league

  19. Un Canadien errant says:

    Sorry guys, I tried to post my recap but it isn’t showing up here. You can find it here


    if you’re interested.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


  20. 69HABS says:

    “Notwithstanding all the nonsense with which residual Halakites contaminate the Comments section, Carey Price is going to be very good for a very long time”.

    Thank you Boone. I really needed to hear that! Thank you

  21. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Mr. Boone …

    I also hate to see the Habs lose. But I do not share your disappointment in the Habs’ effort vs the Rangers. With Edmonton, Minnesota, and Toronto unable to win, it would be a shame to see the Habs run off 5 meaningless wins and jeopardize the 2011 lottery pick that will be the best thing about this woeful season.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      Amen to this I hope they lose the rest of their games to be honest. At this point winning will only hurt the team in the long term.

      • LizardKing1967 says:

        We can lose the rest of the games EXCEPT against the Leafs.
        Two things in life are not acceptable:
        Losing to the Bruins and/or losing to the Leafs

        Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.

        I BELIEVE!

  22. habs001 says:

    23rd most goals scored and 19th most goals given up…you dont have to take away too many players before the lineup resembles an expansion team,,,

  23. HardHabits says:

    The Rebuild™

    Looking at how the Rangers played and how they are built I said to myself, “now there is a hockey team.” Apart from the 2.5 Line, Subban and Price, the Habs were pushed around and out classed this game.

    It will take far more than one summer to get the Habs back in order. IMO if they throw it all on next season it will be more of the same, just making the play-offs for years to come with nary a Cup Finals in sight let alone bringing home the hardware.

    The Habs have become a spent force this season. Yes they have good parts but my perception is that they are very far from having the complete major league team and organizational depth necessary to be considered having a realistic chance of actually contending for the Cup. I am hard pressed to believe this can be achieved over one summer regardless of the hopefuls coming into the AHL pipeline next season.

    A team cannot compete for the Cup every year for eternity. There is an ebb and a flow to excellence. Contrast that to the perpetual lack of any ebb and flow of mediocrity.

    To truly excel and rise from the ashes one must truly crash and burn first. If anything, this season has conditioned the fan base for the worst. This season represents a major league opportunity for renewal. If not it will be plus ca change, plus c’est pareil all over again.

    There has to be a plan, to build a team that can excel in the regular season and have the horses and depth to go four rounds. That takes building over the long term.

    My bold suggestion is focus on winning the Calder Cup with the farm club and slowly bring up the AHLers after they have learned their own brand of the winning mentality, even at the expense of the Habs missing the play-offs for a season or two. If the Habs make the play-offs even better, but don’t blow the farm if missing them is looking probable.

    I am suggesting something that many people say isn’t viable in the Montreal market. I say the contrary. I think the fan base is ready for a long haul rebuild. I’d rather see the Habs become a really talented and elite team in a few years than go another two decades of teetering on the edge of garnering the final play-off berth ad nauseum.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      Fantastic post agree 100%. If the new GM were to lay out a coherent plan such as this one the day he’s hired and not spew out the same ole cliched spiel I think we fans would be willing to go for it.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Interesting take on the Bulldogs strategy. I vacillate on that one. Do we leave the kids who will graduate from college or the CHL in the AHL come hell or high water, or do we draw upon them as needed, which we are certain to?

      On the one hand, if some of these guys are mature mentally, and will get significant minutes, and are insulated against the pressure by a tacit understanding that next season is a rebuilding season instead of a ‘make the playoffs’ season, then they might as well learn the ropes in Montréal no?

      On the other hand, it would be great to have these guys simmer for at least a full season and have them learn how to win, as you put it, on their own. It could be like when the Sherbrooke Canadiens won the Calder Cup and sent a wave of good players to Montréal the next season.

      Another scenario I think about is where do we get the defensive defenceman we’re missing next season. Free agency tends to be pricey. Everyone here talks about Bryan Allen, but that guy is going to have options, he’ll probably get 10-15 offers. Every team needs a big steady defensive defenceman, we’re not the only ones. Plus, I remember this kid from his Vancouver days, and he wasn’t a showstopper, even when the standard is Craig Ludwig or Hal Gill.

      So do we instead get a cheap body to plug a hole and by implication write off next season? Do we try out Mark Mitera, Craig Pateryn or Morgan Ellis in that role in training camp and take the guy who’s best suited, at the cost of a few losses? Do we rotate these guys in and out, shuffling them in from Hamilton to give them a taste/reward?

      These issues to me are way more pressing than whether Carey let in a soft goal or whether René Bourque is lazy. At least these guys are there, they’re accounted for. It’s the holes in the roster that worry me.

      • HardHabits says:

        There is no doubt that Pacioretty got better after he went back to the AHL. Desharnais is better IMO because he slugged it out many years rising up through the ranks. Latendresse could have used more time in the AHL. So could have Price and Eller. Let them dominate at that level and learn confidence rather than get burned constantly in the NHL.

        The problems are many; lack of organizational depth, overly bloated contracts to fragile and soft players, the propensity to try and build via free agency.

        Another point I should add is that when the youngsters are brought up, the organization should mentor them. Don’t just cut them lose in Montreal and say here’s your condo and your bag of cash, now stay out of trouble. Give them some supervision and guidance for goodness sake.

        The team needs to be a family again. I think that has to be achieved from the ground up. I also believe the identity has to come from the players and not imposed on them from the spectre of the organization’s past.

        EDIT: There is another thing. The way players are handled and traded as in the past has to change. For example, Sergei Kostitsyn when he freaked because he was sent to the AHL should have been sat down and spoken too. Same for Grabovski when he pulled his stunt. If I am not mistaken Rocket Richard was 10x more impetuous. If the Rocket were a Habs prospect in the last regime Gainey or Gauthier would have traded him. This squandering of talent because they don’t obey or fit some type of bland vanilla mould is like cutting off the hand to spite the fingers.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          I agree with you about the nurturing of young players. We should have people on staff who keep tabs on our prospects and provides support, as well as the kids in Hamilton and also when they graduate to Montréal.

          If we have strong leadership in our front office and in the coaches’ office, we’ll be better served in this area. The classic case is how Réjean Houle and Mario Tremblay butchered the Patrick Roy situation, and how Ronald Corey didn’t intervene and cool everyone off. Conversely, Bob Gainey could cajole and console and coddle Alex Kovalev when he was moping.

          I wrote a post last summer I think, where I explained that in the salary cap era, we can’t outspend other teams on players, so let’s invest in coaching and player development. Let’s have the best strength and conditioning staff in the NHL. Our physiotherapists and their equipment and facilities should be top notch. Let’s have people who can keep tabs on our draft picks and help them out or keep them in line as needed. Let’s not have a repeat of the Ryan McDonagh situation, who was quoted as saying that before the trade, he was looking forward to the next development camp, since he hadn’t heard from anyone from the Canadiens in a long time and he didn’t know what they were expecting from him. Let’s billet Blake Geoffrion at Brian Gionta’s house instead of getting him a bachelor pad overlooking the Peel Pub.

          How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • pmaraw says:

      i will start routing for them to lose next year right off the bat assuming that the gm is privy to this post. and I still think you should be given at least an interview for the vacant gm position.

      • HardHabits says:

        I can never root for them to lose. It’s as painful for me as it is for any Habs fan but it is something I can bear as I have prepared myself long in advance for such a circumstance.

        If you’re being sarcastic then I share your mirth. If you are serious I can only laugh harder. 🙂

        I do not have the qualifications to be a GM of a major league hockey team. I know my limitations. I’d love to be a consultant though. 😉

    • Cal says:

      You like thinking that the Habs have to be shit for a long time in order to rebuild. You point at the Pens and the Hawks. I point at Columbus and Edmonton. The Habs do not have to be shit for a long time. They have had their one truly shit year in this one. The turnaround will take place this summer.
      Your version of lose lose lose may be acceptable in Edmonton, but it won’t fly here.

      • HardHabits says:

        Your comments lead me to believe that you are a dreamer with no real footing in reality.

        I got news for you Cal. Apart from one season when the Habs finished 3rd over-all, since 1994 they have been shit. You can’t build a team through free agency. You can only get parts there. The heavy building comes from the draft.

        You are like every other Habs fan who thinks all it takes is to put on the CH and a plug becomes a superstar. I think it is the other way around. The CH has become kryptonite for good players, and primarily because of attitudes like yours.

        If the Habs try and rebuild over this summer simply to make the play-offs next it will be a disaster. But that is my opinion. I could be wrong. I’d love to be wrong.

        The difference between your comment and mine is this. I don’t claim to know what will happen. That seems to be yours. I am doing what everybody else does when they propose line combos. It’s fan speculation.

        As for what will happen this summer and in the upcoming years, nobody knows.

        • Rob says:

          The fact that you ACTUALLY believe that more fans agree with you than Cal or anyone else who doesn’t want to tank on end in hopes of drafting our way to glory shows just how delusional spending as much time as you do on HIO has made you

          The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  24. habs001 says:

    The leafs have terrible goaltending,poor defense and yet they are ahead of the habs…does not say much for the habs…

  25. 69HABS says:

    “The Canadiens fired 29 at Carey Price”
    WTF is Boone smokin?

  26. mb says:

    “The Canadiens fired 29 at Carey Price”

    …Oh well, no wonder why they lost! 😉

    Edit: Seriously though, hats off to Mr. Boone for even taking the time to write about the games at all.

  27. Lizardking89 says:

    The next GM will have alot of work to do that’s for damn sure. The Gainey/Gauthier regime has set this team back at least another 5 years. M. Molson please for the love of God hire a GM with some brains, an attribute that has been sorely lacking in our GM’s for quite some time now. The pro scouting needs a total rebuild, assessment and development of drafted talent needs a good hard look at and there’s alot of dead weight that needs to be removed from this team one way or another.

  28. punkster says:

    Quiet in here. Almost too quiet.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

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