About last night … Canadiens skunked 4-0 in Boston


Oh, it’s going to be a fun week in Montreal.

The Canadiens are idle for five days. They return to action Saturday at the Bell Centre against Winnipeg.

Of course, a case can be made that the Canadiens have been idle for most of 2017 … and the latter days of 2016.

Their 4-0 loss Sunday night in Boston was the latest in what has become a succession of disappointing performances.

In most of the recent losses – six in their last seven games – the Canadiens have been a one-line team.

Against Boston, they were a no-line team.

And the defence – from the goaltender out – sucked as well.

Boston is not one of the NHL’s offensive juggernauts. 

The Canadiens’ ineptitude, however, made the Bs look like the 1985 Oilers.

On the Adam McQuaid goal that opened the scoring, all five Canadiens were out of position. And it got worse as the game continued.

Rather than quote L’Antichambre’s telecast of Michel Therrien’s postgame press conference, Hockey Inside/Out has obtained an exclusive English translation of the coach’s remarks:


OK, that was a younger Therrien (with more hair), 11 years ago in Pittsburgh.

The Penguins ended up firing him, and the rest is history.

Many Canadiens fans would like to see Therrien sacked, particularly in view of the team’s recent craptastic performances.

I don’t think it’s going to happen, unless Geoff Molson cleans house by firing Therrien and Marc Bergevin … a massacre that the cautious owner would be loath to engineer.

And notwithstanding what we’ll be hearing on sports talk radio all week long, I’m not convinced the coach is the Canadiens’ problem.

Could Toe Blake turn Andrew Shaw into a Top 6 forward?

Could Scotty Bowman make Nathan Beaulieu a Top 4 defenceman?

A cold-eyed appraisal of the roster and the “talent” in St. John’s suggests this is  not a Cup-contending hockey team. 

The Canadiens just don’t have the horses.

And their one thoroughbred is playing like an also-ran claimer.

Could a committee composed of Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy figure out why Carey Price is playing like Red Light Racicot?

In a Sportsnet interview after the first period, Boston’s David Backes said: “We need these two points more than they do.”

Their 13 early-season wins, against only two losses, catapulted the Canadiens to the top of the Atlantic Division, and they’ve been there ever since.

But Ottawa and Toronto are getting closer.

And coming out of the break, the Canadiens had better start playing with the desperation backed was talking about … because tumbling out of a playoff position is not inconceivable.

Have a nice week.

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Alex Galchenyuk turned 23 on Sunday.

The Canadiens forward shares his birthday with Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.

Can Galchenyuk’s game evolve?

Or will the gifted-but-stifled-under-Therrien player seek emancipation from the Canadiens?

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Comment on the Liveblog by Habnormal:

This loss is a test of where MB wants this team to be. They have, for the 2nd straight season been one of the worst teams from December to February. For decades this once glorious franchise would not put up with even a fraction of that ineptitude. Have some self respect and get a new coach already or else let’s get a new GM!

From ashyslashy

That HAS to be the final nail. If MB doesn’t drop the hammer then he can go down with the ship. It’s such an enormous collapse for the 2nd straight year – coincidence? By the time they play again it will be to stay in the wildcard picture. No leadership, no pride = no chance. Time to find someone else to light a fire. Players simply tuned out MT and he looks completely defeated. And thanks again for trading away 76 so we could be a serious contender. Looking forward to paper bags and acres of empty seats.

 From Slapshot777:

 I have given up and it takes a lot for me to give up but this is just so frustrating to watch year after year. Same old same old, got to have a French coach got to have this French got to have that french while all other teams get to benefit the best we have to settle for recycled or mediocre coaches.

People wonder why the good French players don’t want to play here. The players we do get we have to overpay it’s got nothing to do with the history that is a song and dance line.

Yet here we are since the start of the season almost identical starts and last year it was Price and now what excuse does he use this year. MT must have something on MB because anyone else and he would be canned.

MB has to see the team is headed down the identical path as last season. This team was built for speed and up tempo play not dump and chase and some sort of weird trap game. The players are not designed for it and all MT has done has created Chaos and confusion with the players.

Here we are going into the third period and what is there to be said the Habs have played crap hockey and will be lucky to score in this game. So what do anyone think MT has some instant chat during the intermission that the teams comes out and scores goals and win the game.

MB got to grow a set and cut the cord with MT. What is the worst can happen?

And from CJinBK:

Does it honestly matter if Therrien’s replacement is francophone? You could replace any coach in the league with a pair of See ‘n Say toys — one for a win, one for a loss — for their post-game comments. Just pull the string, and out comes a stilted bit of nonsense. Montreal’s equipment manager would have to make room for 4 of the items: French & English / Win & Lose. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat myself here: Bye week should be bye bye week for Therrien. Bergevin should also waive David Desharnais, and assign him to St John’s. If the Cup window is truly open, then Therrien is not the coach for the task. (Just as he wasn’t the man to win the cup with Pittsburgh.) With Price playing as badly as he has been, the Habs don’t look to go very far, so he needs to be himself, rather than whoever he has become. 

The Canadiens have 5 games before the trade deadline. Depending on how they do with their new coach — Muller? Gallant? Julien? — Bergevin will know if he should buy big on March 1st, or start the rebuild. I would hate to see some of our bright talent shipped out, but the prospect pool is shallow, and if the Cup is not within reach, then Bergevin has to admit this fact and move some talented players out to stockpile picks and prospects, and move on from the Therrien Era.



  1. Badwich says:

    After 70 years of Montreal hockey I couldn’t stand MT and his safe style any longer. Followed PK to Nashville and it’s exciting hockey. The kind I watched so many years ago. Love it.


    • Don Birnam says:

      NHL has gone downhill faster than me on a Saturday night.
      Systems,no honourable fights ,only visor punching chipmunks and cheap shot artists. A good clean hit on a guy with his head down is considered a capital offense. Star players targeted because of Instigator Rule.
      It is The New Age NHL.

  2. habsfan1993 says:

    As I have been saying, Montreal is not just a bad hockey team–they’re a bad hockey franchise. I don’t have Center-Ice and have watched maybe two Habs games this year. I check in from time to time these days, and it seems my assessment is indeed correct. I love the Habs, but the management has shown no interest in making this team a true winner. Until they do, I am not going to bother with them.

    “Just because you are wearing a new Maple Leafs sweater, does not mean you make the rules around here, young man.”

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Same here. I rarely watch any Habs games and when I do they’re just so painfully boring to watch I turn the channel. I’ve watched more Oiler games this year. I hope the next coach emphasizes offense cause I’m so tired of seeing chip and case hockey.

      I love the Habs as well but I will not support them in any way until Therrien is gone at the very least.

  3. Duker says:

    If 20 yo Pasternak was on Habs would he have a: 25 goals (no) b: 10 goals ( maybe) or be on the AHL-NHL shuttle with 1-3 goals (most likely)

  4. JohnInTruro says:

    Gerry, Shubie Sam? Man, thanks for the laugh on that one.

  5. Duker says:

    DD and Weber on a joint press conference,aka Trudeau and Trump

  6. kirklandpete says:

    Therrien’s system relies on constant pressure, good goaltending and a little luck to keep the Canadiens competitive. The NHL season is too long and too demanding for that system, therefore the inevitable swoon after Christmas.

  7. cbhabsfan says:

    Looking back at the highlights from that mostly Western Conference road trip where we took nearly everyone to overtime, it’s kind of tough to try to make sense of why we are playing so poorly now.

    I mean, wasn’t a lot of that lineup AHL callups, who we were desperately hoping could hold the fort until the injured NHLers got back into the lineup?

    Why is our “healthy” lineup so much less effective than that patched over one?

    This is one maddening hockey team to be a fan of….

  8. SteverenO says:

    everyone makes mistakes. The traits of a good leader/manager/coach is the ability to recognize, and the willingness to acknowledge when they have made a mistake and then do what is necessary to correct them.

    A bad leader/coach/manager does not admit he made a mistake, even when it’s obvious to observers, and instead of “fixing” the mistake, makes other moves to try and make his original (bad) choice look better.

    This applies to Bergevin (not firing Therrien during or after last season’s debacle) and to Therrien , first with Desharnais, now with Danault whose time on both the PP and the PK units is totally unwarranted.


    Steve O.

  9. Praj12 says:

    New poll question:

    Has Carey Price stopped playing for the coach?

    HABS fan since ’68

    • bwoar says:

      NO, because Carey Price doesn’t stop playing for anyone. He’s a pro.

      YES, he’s done with this coach, in my opinion.

      • cbhabsfan says:

        I noticed him after the game last night, tapping gloves with his teammates and in general looking like a responsible athlete who cares.

        He may very well have quit on Therrien, but it’s just as likely he’s either worn down by his heavy schedule this season after missing a year due to injury, or is still being bothered in some way or form by that same injury.

        We’ll be the last to know, of course.

      • knob says:

        100% agreed.

        in all thy sons command

    • toneez says:

      No the coach got his goat and now Carey is sick and tired of making him look good that’s all , nothing more to it Carey wants a Cup and knows MT is not a cup winning coach and never will be ..

      All Habs all the Time

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Yes, he and most of the other players have quit on this coach and this isn’t the first time this has happened either.

  10. SteverenO says:

    There is something amiss with our entire management /scouting/coaching group;

    A small example- We have a defenseman , Beaulieu_who ranks fifth best (out of 95) NHL defenseman with ore than 50 minutes of PP TOI- While he (Beaulieu) has been on the ice his team has scored 16 in 96 minutes, an average of one goal every 6 minutes.

    The team goes out and acquires a player Nesterov, from Tampa Bay, and one would assume that someone did a bit of research. If they had they would have discovered that NESTEROV, ranks 81st (out of 95) on the same list- His team having scored but 3 goals in 50 minutes, an average of one PP goal every 17 minutes.

    In last night game Nesterov played twice as much on the PP (2:05 to 1:16 as did Beaulieu.

    If you owned a company and the management kept making those kind of errors when it comes to deploying their human resources, I assume that you would do something about it.


    Steve O.

  11. veryhabby says:

    Sorry but MT is not getting fired this week.

    This is a vacation week, time to rest up, to recharge the batteries.

    If he didn’t get fired after an historical collapse, he ain’t getting fired this week.

    If this team doesn’t turn it around after the break, then I see him getting the axe in the summer.

    Just my opinion. MB blamed the players, switched up a few of them in off season. I have to think he sees it on the players again. Why would he change his way of thinking? If they miss the playoffs or lose in first round then MT is gone in the summer. But if they turn it around enough to be a .500 team and to make it to the 2nd round of playoffs. MT is here next season.

    • New says:

      The slumping Habs are actually a blessing in disguise.

      It is so easy to blame a player. You just say “Well our goaltending needed to be better.” or you don’t say anything and use it as an excuse to move out anyone who looked at you as if you didn’t know what you were doing.

      Not even Price can carry a team all season without help.

      So why don’t the goalie’s get help?

      When Montoya looks at Therrien and Price looks at Therrien why does the team not respond? Why does Montoya struggle along to 10-0 and Price disappear into the bowels of the arena while 18 other players go through the motions?

      I too am sorry Therrien is not getting fired this week.

      Too bad. This team could have been something.

      Another five years wasted for fans. Not for the others. The fans are the only ones who pay the freight.

    • toneez says:

      He will change his ways because if he doesn’t he too will be out of a job that’s why …

      All Habs all the Time

  12. nbsjfan says:

    For the first time in my life – I’m jealous of the Leafs. Sigh.

    • Dust says:

      I geuss you haven’t watched their games the last couple of weeks. They stunk like the habs

      • toneez says:

        Dust I am the furthest thing from a Leafs fan as you can get , I teased their fans when things were going, well, maybe we can use our management teams’ blunders to have a measuring stick just a few short years ago , unfortunately their management decided to do things the right way , ours got the Old Memo from about 5 years ago and that’s why they are trending upward and us downward , got to have management that respects its players and uses them to their skill set , unfortunately ours doesn’t have the new mentality they have the old one and that’s why we are quickly becoming the Leafs of 5 years ago and they are going where we are supposed to be … if MB fires MT and quickly we have a chance to make the playoffs if not we will be out of the playoffs before long …

        All Habs all the Time

        • cbhabsfan says:

          Come on. The Leafs tanked their way to success with a gusto that’s growing all too common in this league.

          If there’s a Tankers Hall of Fame, they deserve to be in it.

          I think tanking is a dsigusting thing to do with a professional sports franchise. But in the NHL it’s considered a respectable way to turn your losing franchise into a winner.

          Sometimes it’s hard to love this league……

          • toneez says:

            I definitely agree on the tanking no doubt… however , they did get good management and are now reaping the benefits , I guess we could say that all the teams with the top players tanked to get them but seriously just think for a minute what Connor McDavid , Austin Matthews , Mitch Marner or any of those young guns would look like in a Habs uniform , wouldn’t mind Toews & Kane either , all of those players were drafted because the team that drafted them had lottery picks or finished last in the league , it would be close to impossible to get a player of that quality without finishing near the bottom so am I for tanking NO , but if you can explain another way to get that quality of players then I am all ears …

            All Habs all the Time

    • cbhabsfan says:

      They have the two stud forwards you need to compete for a Stanley Cup, and they are only 19 years old. They’ll need some time to feel comfortable in their roles, but they’ll leading the Leafs attack now for years.

      Having two hero forwards is a key part of my Unified Field Theory for building a Stanley Cup winner.

      We don’t quite have that. Pacioretty is close but not quite and Galchenyuk is still a work in progress. I’d consider Radulov in the the hero category, but he isn’t even signed for next season yet.

  13. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    It sounds like the theme this week will be “I told you so”..LOL
    I will wait until the season is over before I do my “Timo” dance:

    • RightNyder says:

      It’s always a lot easier to be a Nellie. Only one team wins every year, so you have a much better chance of being ‘right.’
      I admire the Pollies for their faith.
      Also, MT is a pud. Told you so!

  14. Habfan17 says:

    I looked at the last 15 games for the Habs and broke it down into 5 game segments.

    Last 5 Games, 4 loses, 1 win. Goals for, 7, shut out 3 times. Ave 1.4 goals/game. Goals against, 17, Ave 4.25 goals against per game.

    Games 6 to 10, 3 loses, 2 wins. Goals for, 14, Ave 2.8 goals/game. Goals against, 12, Ave 2.4 goals against/game.

    Games 11 to 15, 2 wins, 3 loses. Goals for 11, 2.2 Ave goals/game
    Goals against, 13, Ave 2.6 goals/game

    More telling, the Habs have been shutout 3 times in the last 5 games, and 4 times in the 15 games. They have scored one goal 3 times, and two goals 3 times as well.

    They have cored 5 goals 4 times, it took 5 to beat the Coyotes in O/T. and beat the Rangers by one, having to score 5 times. The other two 5 goal games were blowouts against the Flames, 5 to 1, and against the Sabres, 5 – 2.

    It was noted when the Habs went on their hot start, they were averaging 3.13 goals/game.

    The first 5 games, they were 4 wins, 1 loss with 19 goals for, 10 goals against. The next 5 games, 4 wins, 1 loss, 17 goals for. 9 goals against. The last 5 games, 4 wins 1 loss, 11 goals for, 14 goals against, includes the 10 -0 Columbus game.

    I now some will say it the players who are accountable, other the GM, some will say it is the coaches. Some will say it is the GM & Coach, some will say all three are to blame.

    I go with the coach. Bergevin has brought in a number of different players and since both Bergevin and Therrien say they talk all the time and are on the same page, Therrien must be putting in his 2 cents when players have been added, or removed.

    For two seasons now, Therrien has nit been able to keep the team playing 500 hockey, which is all they need to do. Last season, he never once said he was at least partly responsible, he let Bergevin the injuries, and the players take the hit. He did not blame the players, but at least some of them said they did not step up, more than Therrien can say for himself.

    Now, Ottawa can catch the Habs, with 5 games in hand and only 6 points behind. Tornto, 4 games in hand and 8 points behind. Then Boston, 6 points behind, even in games played. In the Metropolitan Division, the Habs would be in 5th spot.

    I could say they are still in first in their division, but that just hides the fact that if they keep going in the direction they are on, they wont be much longer.

    Can the Coach and give the team and Fans a reason to cheer and be optimistic!!! It is up to you Bergevin to prove you do can run this team and put the team first, not your buddy!


  15. munch17 says:

    For the past few years Therrien’s ” system” is let Price stand on his head.
    For the past few weeks Price has been average and the team can’t win. For the most part the goals he has given up are no worse than other goalies.
    Therrien has not succeeded in developing our young players. He has messed with 27 for years- at if not for DD’s injury last year would never have played center. He has proved that he can be a quality offensive center. Forget waht he has done to Tinordi , Beaulieu, Pateryn.
    He has his favourites – Weisse, Byron etc who can step and perform at a higher level for a few weeks. But a player like Lehkonen who actually has potential to be a top 6 player? He should have been on the PP instead of Byron and Shaw for weeks.
    The team has played the most boring hockey for years and still rely on Price to be outstanding.
    Time to move on.

    • cbhabsfan says:

      Yes, that was the part of his state of the union address last season that really bugged me. “If Carey Price hadn’t been injured, we would have made the playoffs” or something to that effect.

      If a team is a Stanley Cup contender with an elite goaltender and practically a lottery team without him – or this year, a steadily losing team when he’s not playing his best – that tells me that your GM hasn’t done a very good job in putting together the team that surrounds his all-world goaltender.

  16. cbhabsfan says:

    Can anyone shed some light on how this team can open two seasons in a row as by far the best team in the league, and then have its quality of play – team play, not just goaltending – gradually sink to the lower depths of the league as the season wears on?

    Is it because a small-ish and speedy forward group has been asked to play a style where pucks are thrown into corners and said speedy forwards then are expected to outrace defencemen for these pucks and then fight these behemoths off until someone can get open?

    Or is it that our defencemen have been instructed to carry the opuck to the redline – and no further – so that they can then fire the puck into the corner for our small but game fowards to fight for with large defencemen?

    I’m no expert on hockey system, but is this in fact the bare bones of the Bergevin/Therrien model of offence, the same model that is also going over like a lead balloon in St. John’s under our perhaps future head coach Sylvain Lefebre?

    But I sure hope it’s just my overall hockey ignorance showing, because that doesn’t look a formula for success in this league to me.

    • boing007 says:


      Richard R

    • Habfan17 says:

      I would say, astute observation, not hockey ignorance. The only people who don’t see this are Bergevin and Therrien.

      Perhaps Bergevin sees it and is afraid now to fire the coach he stood so firmly behind and whom he gave a 4 year extension, which should have been a firing last year, but since he extended him, 2 years would have been the way to go, not 4!!


    • bwoar says:

      The biggest reason is that the team comes out of the gate with an easy, but functional system. They’ve learned it, it’s easy, they can run it from Day 1. Other teams are still working out on the basics, some better than others, but goalies have a huge advantage in the early days too, and a good goalie + prepared team has a massive advantage.

      Fast forward. Now everyone more or less has their poop in a group. Systems are well-worn and muscle memory, line chemistry, etc. is firing league-wide. Suddenly our breakouts don’t work, because teams have figured out how to defend against them. Suddenly we don’t defend well because teams know how to attack us.

      Here’s a quote: “We don’t adjust to what other teams are doing. We want to make them adjust to us.” – MT

      Welp, that there is precisely what happens. The brilliant coach gets exactly what he desires: Other teams and coaching staffs have adjusted to MT’s facile strategies and now they aren’t good for much. Worse, MT still *won’t* or *can’t* adjust to what other teams are doing.

      Result, we look great for 15-20 games during the garbage period of the year. As soon as teams have ramped up their mental game, we have no answer for it and are doomed.

      It straight up doesn’t matter who is in net, or playing top line C, or partnered with Weber, or coaching the PP or the DD or the ZZ. The only answer MT has is shuffling his player deployment, and praising their “intensity” because he cannot outcoach his peers anymore – if he ever could.

  17. bwoar says:

    So you want to know what Bergevin meant by ‘all-in’? I’ve figured it out: Bergevin is all-in for Therrien. He’s shown that with the Subban trade.

    Marc Bergevin is already on his proverbial ‘2nd coach’. He’s all-in for himself as well as MT.

    So I’m gonna guess that he makes a big trade before firing the coach. One last, final big move, to try and freshen up the messy, shrinking foxhole he’s in with his coach. A big one, Subban-personality big.

    I can’t see him going down without trying, and I don’t see either of them surviving a quick first round exit.

    I’ll say it again, I’m pretty sure GMMB is on his “2nd” coach here.

    • cbhabsfan says:

      There’s a huge trade coming, if one can be made at all. We may not like what has to be given up to change the nature of this lineup, but it is almost certainly is going to take place before the deadline.

      I’d be surprised if he has the patience to wait until summer, but that might be a better time not to overpay for the major roster adjustment that is surely coming.

      • bwoar says:

        I think MB will certainly overpay, or at least this time finally make that panic move he’s manged to avoid thus far. If the team has quit on the coach (read: if Carey Price has quit on the coach) then the only thing that can save the Foxholios is a trip to the SCF.

        You are certainly right about the benefits of waiting, but time is not on the current regime’s side.

        • toneez says:

          and the only thing that will get them to the final is if they get rid of MT … Plain & Simple, otherwise I dint believe they’ll make the playoffs …

          All Habs all the Time

      • CHerry Picker says:

        I would agree , something is going to be done and its not going to be a coach change . The issue I have is that are we are negotiating from a weak standpoint . Plus the cupboards aren’t exactly full back on the farm!!! Never has been. For some unknown reason we have difficulties turning draft picks into players or quality ones anyways.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      If PK’s dad named him PQ instead he would still be here (JUST KIDDING). Agree with your assessment.

  18. joeybarrie says:

    This is a good hockey team. The problem is in order for it to be a great hockey team they all have to play great. They are all playing poorly.
    It also falls on ALL the coaches, not just MT. Muller, Lacroix, Jodoin, JJ and Waite.
    Its up to them to right this ship. The 5 days off will help, immensely, I think. Having Gallagher back will also help.

    We may have a lot of depth on the bottom lines. We don’t have it on the top lines or D.
    Its up to MB to bring in a few players to take us to a higher level.
    Its up to MT to get us back on track.
    Its up to the players to win.
    If it keeps going, you have to unload MT in the off season and go in a different direction. It makes no sense to do it now. No coach in the history of the world could get this current team to beat Washington or Pittsburgh in a series.
    With a little help on the top 2 lines and a better top 4 D and I think MT can make it happen, if Price is right and the rest are effective.
    But right now its everyone.
    The most worrisome thing to me is this. We have been losing to teams that are fighting to make the playoffs. Philly, Boston, Edmonton, Islanders. I saw their desire. But I didnt see ours.
    We made changes in the off season so a meltdown wouldnt happen again. I wouldnt quite call this a meltdown. We are playing .500 hockey in the last 25 games. But it is spiraling down, and these guys have to make it stop. Max, Radu and Markov are the only ones performing consistently. Weber and Danault are doing OK.
    Galchenyuk has to start looking like a number one center, if he is going to be a number one center.
    Byron, Shaw, Lekhonen all have to prove they deserve the ice time they are getting.
    Pleks needs to be better.
    Gallagher needs to be better.
    Petry hasnt been terrible. He has been ok. -2 and 13 points in 25 games. OK. But he also needs to be better.

    And make no mistake. The big big issue is fixing special teams. Our PP and PK are dreadful and this is a big reason why we have 24 points in 25 games. 8% in PP in the last ten games. 77% PK in those 10. PK would be bottom 3…. PP isnt even close to be worth rating. 2 goals in 23 attempts is pathetic.

    Honestly, nothing a four game winning streak cant fix. Putting us right back to where we should be. Safely in the top 5 in the East.
    Columbus, Rangers, Boston, Ottawa, Toronto, Philly, Islanders. These are not great teams either.

    End novel…..

    • cbhabsfan says:

      You’re right, it’s not a bad team at all. Look what it did on a tough December road trip where half the roster had started the season in the AHL.

      It is the coaching that’s bringing us down, I think, but I’d argue the team philosophy of attempting to build a shot-blocking, back-checking fortress around your elite goaltender is too demanding a style to play at a high intensity for a full season. Not to mention it all kind of falls apart if your all-world goaltender isn’t making as many all-world stops as he usually does.

      But this is just my latest theory. It’s probaby as full of hot air as the ones that I’ve trotted out on here before.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Last 15 games, they are playing .333 hockey, Not nearly good enough. In the last 25 games, they are playing 400 hockey not 500! Still not good enough.


  19. RightNyder says:

    Price says the team has lost its identity. I don’t think he meant it in a sinister way, although some interpret it as a shot at his coach.

    Question 1: Did it lose a little of its soul when it traded P.K.?
    Question 2: Will choosing MT over P.K. prove MB’s ultimate undoing?

    I’m of the opinion that if they win the Cup with Weber (and don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Strength of Beard), it was a great trade. If not, I have to say, I would rather be entertained by P.K. I liked the personality and the swagger. I’m a big swagger guy.

    • Dust says:

      1) seeing how they started the year i dont think they lost part of their soul with the loos of pk
      2) i think the trade was all about getting out of the 9 mil cap hit then PK vs MT

      • toneez says:

        Dust you must be blind !!! As soon as Carey saw MT making the same boneheaded moves by playing DD over and above Plekky , Danault & Chucky, well the rest of the team wants to compete for a cup and they know DD will never help get them there, therefore Carey started it with the stare when he was taken out and then apparently told by MT that his job was to stop pucks after that game , well I don’t know but if I made MT look as good as Carey has for the past several years and seeing what MT does with his players by misusing them and throwing them under the bus, well I guess I’d be a little unhappy too … Lets just leave it at that

        All Habs all the Time

    • joeybarrie says:

      No. I dont think so. We lost a lot when we traded PK, we gained a lot with Weber. But not the soul of the team. Thats Price, and it shows.

      No. They didnt pick PK over MT. They chose a trade over an inflated salary.

      I like the swagger too. I like what PK did for the team and community. But in the end a loss is a loss and I would be just as frustrated and deflated. PK would help our current situation. He didnt last year.
      The truth is, this is a decent team with capability to do amazing things. Just not consistently.

      • RightNyder says:

        I agree that Weber for Subban was a wash in terms of top-pairing RHD, each filling in holes that the others lacked, with what Weber brings theoretically fitting better into MT’s system.

        But I like the swagger. The ‘Hawks have swagger with Kane, offset with Captain Serious. The Pens have swagger. The Kings have swagger. Price and Weber inspire fear and respect, but to me, that’s a little different. I think Galchenyuk could be a swagger guy, but MT won’t let him.

        I think the best thing for this team would be for MT to relax his grip a little. Let those off-season personal help courses kick in. Have some fun. He might like it. The team might like it as well.

        • toneez says:

          RN You make a lot of sense with your post the only problem is that
          MT needs to be the center of the universe and he wasn’t with PK so they got rid of PK now he’s trying the same with Chucky, MT talks about making players better people, well you got to be a good person who practices what he preaches in order to do that, and MT is quite the opposite on all counts , lets cut our losses and try to salvage the rest of the season by getting rid of Therrien …

          All Habs all the Time

    • bwoar says:

      A shot at the coach? For a guy like Price, that was unloading both barrels. I think it’s 1% likely he re-ups with the Habs while MT is coach. Maybe 0.01%

      Nothing at all to do with PK, who was too big for the team (and I doubt MT is the only coach who wouldn’t care for his act.) I miss the Cirque de Subban, but only a little. Frankly we would be worse off right now, because the coach could be blaming HIM for the floundering. With PK gone there are “Pas D’Excuses” and at least that hurdle is clear.

    • cbhabsfan says:

      I think the team has the wrong identity. Bergevin/Therrien don’t have the type of roster that can play the grinding style of play they are asking it to play.

      I think this management team would be thrilled to ice a much bigger lineup to go with the team speed.

      Along with 29 others in the league, obviously…

    • veryhabby says:

      TO me “lost it’s identity” means they are no longer playing how they were told to play.

      I can’t read if he liked the identity, if he hopes they find a new/different one. but he is saying they don’t know what type of team they are.

      So isn’t that the coaching staff job? Too many voices? MT says one thing and then Muller another? Remember Muller is an associate coach and not an assistant. He should have almost the same voice as MT.

      did being in first place and scoring tons of goals (what the stats showed for first half of season) get them thinking they are a gaol scoring team now and need to get back to that? Or did scoring all those goals make them deviate from the D first system?

      Who knows…obviously not the players

  20. mrhabby says:

    can anyone tell me how many games Habs have won since Jan 1 ,17.????

    • RightNyder says:

      I’m tellin’ ya, this is MB’s guy.

      He’s French, he’s been great for Horvat this year, he’s still difficult to play against, he’s French, he’s a good penalty killer, he’s French, he has playoff experience, he’s French, he can play up and down the lineup (MT just had a blendergasm) and did I mention, he’s French?

      • bwoar says:

        I will stop watching. I hate this guy, and that takes a lot, because he used to play for the Moose.

        • RightNyder says:

          Burrows and Shaw on the same line?
          C’mon… you want to see that.

          • bwoar says:

            I absolutely can’t stand Burrows. He’s a clown off the ice too and I hope something heavy runs him over, soonish. He’s the biggest POS in hockey, probably all of sport, and only very grudgingly would I stomach him on Team Dirty Champs.

      • powdered toastman says:

        Yah…but how is he smurfilogically speaking…I mean can he morph into that smurfly image that Emptee and the Burger meister, I mean Bergy-meister wants? (with lotsa class and character of course)

  21. montreal ace says:

    I still back MT as the coach, but I feel like I’m in a position of weakness today, I normally don’t feel this way

    • Lafleurguy says:

      With or without him, there is only weak hope of a championship.

    • BC (Because of the Cats) says:

      I’m with you, but I think he’s on thin ice. If he doesn’t succeed in pulling the team out of this downward spiral, Bergevin will have no choice but to make a coaching change over the summer. Two historic collapses in successive years are unacceptable.

      Therrien has to show that he can solve the problems that are amenable to solution with the roster we have. He can have the team ready to play every game. He and his assistants can do something about the abysmal penalty kill. He can urge discipline on his players and cut their ice-time if they repeatedly take bad penalties.

      But he can do nothing about our lack of talent up front. He can’t make guys score who have stopped. And he can do nothing about Price’s performances. The team will win very few games from here to the end of the season unless Price returns to something near the top of his form. Unfortunately, I have little confidence this will happen any time soon. We’ve seen these meltdowns from Price before, and they generally last weeks. I’m afraid things might get worse before they get better.

      “We gotta lotta dep.”

  22. Rugger says:

    What a miserable night! Large snow storm North of Boston so my daughter and I decided to take the train into the game instead of drive. 4WD all the way to the train station, great seats but really hard game to watch – only Gally in his first game back showed any intesity. Game ended a bit after 10, but last train out of town wasn’t scheduled till 11:30. It was delayed due to snow related track problems – got on the train at 1 am, long hour and a half at the station listening to drunken chants of “Carey Carey”. Got home at 2:30 am. I’ve seen enough and have now firmly jumped on the “Dump MT” bus!

  23. RightNyder says:

    Random Hab-related thoughts:
    1. MT won’t be let go this week. If they go 1-3 out of the break, with dat tird loss coming to the Loafs on Saturday, that’s when he’ll get the boot.
    2. I don’t think Muller is the answer long term. I don’t think he’s a head coach.
    3. Had the team won the three games while DD was out, I think he’d have been waived today. No way that happens now, the French media would throw a hissy fit.
    4. I still think Price has some sort of nagging injury. Nothing that would keep him from playing, just something that he thinks about now and then and keeps him off his game.
    5. I’ve said all year I think MB should be all-in and has a blockbuster in him. Now, I’m not so sure he should or will. I think Alex Burrows will be a Hab. Maybe a reunion with Mark Streit. Don’t see much more than that.

    Also, slightly reworked repost from last night, since so many seem willing to throw in the towel.
    Let’s blow this shiznit up…

    MB and MT out; Roy president, Julien Brisebois GM, Julien coach.
    Weber for Seth Jones.
    Price, Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, Emelin and Scherbak for Pickard, Duchene, Rantanen, Jost and a future first.
    Gallagher for Brandon Sutter.
    Markov for Samuel Girard.
    Plekanec for a third.
    DD to Arizona for a leftover bowl of John Scott’s jock sweat.


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      If MT is not getting fired this week, he is not getting fired this season.

      • RightNyder says:

        Firing him this week, when the new coach wouldn’t be allowed to work with the players anyway, makes no sense.

        The break gives them the opportunity to say “we’re going to be patient, we’re going to continue to look for answers”, as well as give the players a chance to rest and refocus.

        If they continue to struggle, and then lose on national TV to the Loafs, where everyone and their dog will start focusing on our failures, I’d say that’s when it happens. I don’t think MB has it in him to sack his pal mid-season anyway. That would be a Molson call.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          Firing him this week makes perfect sense because it allows a new coach to be prepared when the players get back. The only firing option MB has after the break would be Muller or to call up Lefebvre. I would called up Lefebvre. If he is not ready to coach in the NHL after 4.5 seasons in the AHL, he never will be. You need a guy with ZERO loyalty to the vets (e.g., Pleks).

          • RightNyder says:

            I guess a new outside guy could get some form-fitted track suits, work his butt imprint into the office chair and crack jokes with the media for a few days. Would also give the players something to think about.

            If it’s Muller, any time is the “right” time, since he’s already there. That’s why MT will get a little more time, especially if he, MB, their WAGs (and DD) have a vacation planned this week.

          • The_Rocket_Returns says:

            I think we can save the suspense and go straight to “he never will be.”

            He’s in the midst of his fifth straight losing season as an AHL head coach. In his five years as an assistant before that, he was involved in just one winning season. Ten years of coaching, one playoff series. And the total number of impact players he’s developed for the Habs is a whopping zero.

            As a coach, Lefebvre’s a flat-out loser and a failure. The only thing he has going for him is loyalty to Bergie and being a Francophone.

            Oh. Right. Yeah, he’ll probably get the job.

            … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

        • toneez says:

          RN How about the players coming back from the break and saying Oh no he’s still here which is a very likely scenario too …

          All Habs all the Time

    • knob says:

      1. I agree. He is fired once the team misses the playoffs.
      2. I would like to see what he could do with this roster
      3. DD, under no circumstance, will get waived
      4. Agreed. Price needs rest
      5. The only players that MT can coach are grinders and two-way forwards. We have enough of those. Hopefully MB doesn’t make any moves.

      in all thy sons command

  24. Luke says:

    Burly, you declared:

    Would be interesting if MT was announced fired, and the following day a bunch of players held their own skate around, wouldn’t it?

    It would be EPIC if they cleared house during the 5-day break and no player could be made to meet & practice with the new coach, or attend the team’s official press conference, for that matter.

    (I reckon there’s an exceptions clause in the CBA for that).

  25. Timo says:

    It’s 11:02 eastern and Michael Therrien is still the coach

  26. knob says:

    I don’t want Julien as a coach but the general comment is that the Habs can’t hire him as he is under contract.

    There are two considerations as to why that is not neccissarily true:

    1) Julien has been with Boston a long time. I can’t imagine any organization pulling such a douche move and preventing a guy from moving on with his career; and
    2) If Julien signs else where, Boston can terminate his contract.

    Win-win for both parties – Julien stays in the game, Boston saves money and some face.

    in all thy sons command

  27. montreal ace says:

    Whats up with this week off business, and how come it’s so late in the year. Are their other teams, that have not had their during season vacation.

  28. nova scotia vees says:

    Gee I wish we still had last year’s leading scorer….P.K. Subban.
    Lucky us though we still have one of the players who hated him…Plekanic. Such a leader…so much passion.

  29. isirota1965 says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. By this definition, the Habs organization is insane.

    We saw this same movie last year, and Foxhole Bergevin’s did nothing in-season to right the sinking ship. During the off-season, he traded away PK Subban, the most popular player on the team, mainly because the team’s coach hated PK and supposedly, there were “locker room problems”. Well, fast forward to this season, and an identical collapse is taking place. This time, there is no PK Subban on whom they can place the blame. Carey Price has played just about the whole season. At some point, Foxhole and MT have to look themselves in the mirror and say, “Maybe the problem is here, as opposed to on the ice.”

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      As far as I know there are no locker room issues in Nashville. The entire thing was fabricated by the media. The mud slinging after the trade was disgusting and I’ll never feel the same way towards the Habs ever again.

  30. cbhabsfan says:

    Well, Marc Bergevin did warn us last season that he had built this team around Carey Price. In hindsight, perhaps relying on your goaltender to play lights out hockey, night in and night out, was more of a longshot gamble than a sensible sensible strategy for longterm success.

    Carey Price has bailed this team out time and time again over the years, but now that our goaltender needs bailing out himself during a rough patch, the lineup isn’t up to the task.

    If I were Carey Price, with free agency on the horizon, I might want to find a destination where a little more work was done on the other parts of the roster, the better to up my chances of winning a Stanely Cup before I retire in the not-too-distant future.

    He seems to love living in Montreal. I hope that’s enough to keep him here when his contract is up. But I don’t think it will be, if the on-ice product isn’t up to scratch.

  31. aHabberlikeyous says:

    If the whole CH sh!te show is allowed to continue and keep generating revenue, MT will be first to go.

    If the club starts to right this ship by the jettison of good, young players then its only a matter time before all of MTL fans that are 10 years of age and older are going to have a collective HIO meltdown. And Molson will start seeing empty seats sooner than later.

    Molson has no choice but to fire MT.

  32. coutNY says:

    Don’t exactly agree the sediment of removing the coach would not help. I live in St. Louis these days and recently watch the same down-word spiral occuring with the Blues, no offense, bad goal-tending, ect… and all with one of the winningest coaches in the Game, Ken Hitchcock at the helm. Eventhough it was an unpopular move many believing the GM should have been the casuality (much more than in Montreal), but since his firing the Blues have played outstanding hockey and a rejuvinated confidence winning 5-6 Games with Montreal being one of the latest victims under the new reign of Mike Yeo. Probably similar in Julien in Boston, but don’t follow them as closely.

    The similarities are appearent with an old school Coach like Therien and Muller waiting in the wings. Standing pat only going to get this team to the point of no return… Sacrifice a lamb and see if the hockey Gods will show us some mercy, and relinquish the demons from Price!

  33. boing007 says:

    The fact that MB has to continually tweak the team with trades doesn’t say much about the quality of the players in our prospect pool, which is also his responsibility.

    Richard R

  34. SteverenO says:

    This is all you need to know to understand why Therrien MUST be fired.

    2016-2017 season stats: Power Play minutes per goal scored:

    PP TOI = 13:19 PPGF = 4 AVERAGE =1 PP goal every 3.5 minutes

    PP TOI = 7:04 PPGF = 2 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 3.5 minutes

    PP TOI = 10:02 PPGF = 2 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 5 minutes

    Pacioretty/Danault /Radulov:

    The game plan last night was such that none other than the line of
    Pacioretty /Danault/ Radulov (the line that had been shutout in over 16 minutes of play with the man advantage) got the most PP TOI (2:22)

    Defensive pairings stats on Power Play unit:

    Markov/Weber: (Terrible Stats)
    PP TOI = 85:28 PPGF = 8 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 10.5 minutes

    Petry/Weber: (Terrible stats)
    PP TOI = 37:24 PPGF = 3 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 12.5 minutes

    Markov/Weber: (Mediocre stats)
    PP TOI = 85:28 PPGF = 8 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 10.5 minutes

    Beaulieu/Petry: (Mediocre Stats)
    PP TOI = 38:47 PPGF = 4 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 9.5 minutes

    Beaulieu/Weber: (Great Stats)
    PP TOI = 50:09 PPGF = 11 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 4.5 minutes

    Markov/Petry: (Mediocre Stats)
    PP TOI = 10:23 PPGF = 3 AVERAGE = 1 PP goal every 3.5 minutes

    Last night with the man advantage:
    The mediocre pairings (Markov/Weber) got 3:19 PP TOI and (Petry/ Beaulieu ) got 1:01 PP TOI
    while the pairings that have excelled so far this season got no time at all.
    The coaches solution to “fix” the power play was to NOT play the pairings that have had success this season instead preferring to use the pairings that have been awful and then inserting Nesterov for 2 minutes split between each of Petry and Weber.

    This madness has to stop!


    Steve O.

  35. montreal ace says:

    Timmins has to go, his picks are not doing all that well, compared to the rhetoric that is fed to us. I really don’t understand the reluctance, in calling up Hudon. He seems to be one of the few bright spots with the IceCaps. The club should try to send Flynn the other way, Even some small shakeups by Bergy might help.

    • The_Rocket_Returns says:

      I think Timmins makes good picks, but the development system sucks. When a young player makes an impact on the Habs it’s because they’ve skipped the AHL altogether rather than getting their heads messed up by Lefebvre.

      … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • eddie 56 says:

      Ya really terrible at drafting, Subban, McDonaugh, Pacioretty, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Price, Beaulieu, Ya wow, that Timmins guy stinks. Dude, no head scout is perfect but Timmins is a jewel in the league, he’s unbelievable, not only that, I think he deserves a promotion.

  36. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    If MB keeps MT now because there are only 24 games left against mostly inferior opponents and they play in a terrible division…fine. With this line-up they should win their 1st round match-up.

    That being said, I want MB’s job tied to MT’s if he keeps him now. Sorry but I don’t want to see MB saying in the off-season “it is time for a change now”. He had his chance. Molson should be saying that instead.

  37. CalgaryHab says:

    This certainly isn’t fun but not surprising. The one aspect that has been consistent through the MB/MT era is – if Price is injured or plays poorly for an extended period, the habs suck. That, and the smurfology of the team (both physically and mentally) has never been properly addressed.
    I can’t predict the Habs future, except the current path MT will be more bald and MB more disheveled.

  38. Butterface says:

    Bergevin, get off the fence. Come down from the tower. Do not make a trade from this point of weakness. (You know this)

    Fire the coach !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have seen three teams fire coach. You have a very good option in Julien. You have Dallas about to fire their coach (maybe).

    The longer you wait, the tougher hiring Julien will be.

    You need to listen to the fan base.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  39. aHabberlikeyous says:

    Hi HIO! I get the feeling that im witnessing the dismantlement of the CH legacy. At this pace, in 15-30 years it will gone- no one left that remembers it or cares for it to pass on the torch. Just change the name of the team and 108+ years of history is all but vanished.

    I get this feeling also that CH has become more of a political org.than a pro sports one.

    We as a nation of CH fans are basing our hopes on what Habs could be because of what they have been. Molson is reaping huge profits on a mediocre product (beer is inferiour but i digress) mostly due to nostalgia, but also by keeping a squeaky clean image. We the fans lap it all up: the legacy, the logo, the class, the hope; translating into big $$$ for a spineless corporation.

    I guess the chickens have come home to roost, sort of speak. It is clear the product on the ice is as bereft of passion as its maker.

    GM, MB, MT= fat cats with an agenda other than winning.

    Sorry for the rant HIO,


  40. thesenator18 says:

    Bergevin get off your hump and get things done it is not that complicated….You start by finding out what it would cost to get either …Duchene,Landeskog,or Little if those players either cost to much or are simply not available or if other teams have better prospects to offer you move the hell on……You need a depth d-man easy to get someone like Oduya….You need depth scoring Patrick Sharp….You need a center Tampa has no choice but to trade several players they have…ZERO cap space and they need to get Stamkos 8.5 million back on the books,they will have to trade…Filppula who could help Montreal very good on draws or Tyler Johnso and they will have to trade one of their top Rfa’s Drouin or Palat there is a trade fit with Tampa….get things done no more excuses about how it is hard to make trades….just do it.

  41. Dust says:

    So the Atlantic is bad.
    The only team really threatening to take over the habs for first during the week off is Ottawa.
    As long as the habs get their crap together after the week off they will be fine

    • New says:

      Exactly. Last season they were headed out of it at this time and the questions were can they get one of the top three picks. HIO was consumed with Dubois and Gauthier being able to step right in. (They’re in the Q and doing fine.)

      This season they can still make it. Just get 25+ points in the next 24 games and hope the other teams in the Atlantic don’t smarten up.

      Unfortunately they got 22 points in their last 24 games. Going to be close but they should wild card it.

  42. bwoar says:

    @ Habitoban

    Great post, getting buried on the other page:

    So Price’s quote is allegedly: “We seem to have lost our identity. We’re a little loose. We just have to take a step back and get refocused.” Sounds like a call to get back to being more disciplined and defensively responsible. In other words, MT’s mantra.

    The team is not concentrating. Whether that’s because they are in a collective funk, or have quit on their coach, I can’t say. But Price is right, and everyone, himself included, will have to square up.

    Pretty sure the team – and Carey first and foremost – is finished with the coach. But even under a new regime, they will still have to commit to playing a tighter game as the goaltender says.

    The asst. coaches? fire ’em all, every one of ’em. Whether or not MB has to go, he’s 60/40 in my books. I like that he’s been the first GM in forever to try and acquire players who might actually be useful in the playoffs. But if he’s so stubborn as to stick to MT, they can both ride the same mule outta town.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Between the Columbus game, the evil staredown, the meeting of the big 3 with MB and now the steaming pile of crap laid on the Boston ice last night. I’d say this team is completely lost, confidence destroyed and they look to loathe the Coach.

      • bwoar says:

        Yowza. It’s pretty hard to ignore the blazing bright flashing signs at this point. I didn’t think much of the staredown at the time, but I think hindsight will show that that moment signalled the end.

        I’m not holding my breath for a firing – that will have to wait until the offseason – but the axe is being sharpened at present. It’s one thing to cross swords with a freelancer like Subban, but if a guy like Price is done with you, well, M. Molson’s choice won’t be that hard.

        • Saintpatrick33 says:

          Price hasn’t looked the same since that stare down. It’s obvious the team has quit on the coach. MT’s shelf life has expired.

          • toneez says:

            Burli , bwoar & Saintpatrick haven’t I been saying that since the beginning of the season , I also knew the stare was the tip of the iceberg … all we need now is for MB to wake up from his Fox Hole and get it done OUT MT …

            All Habs all the Time

      • ABHabsfan says:

        It’s quite clear what this team needs;

        Funny thing; the Atom team I coach was struggling and on the verge of elimination from playoffs last week. I took them bowling on Sunday (Belleville Bowl actually Ian!) and we are 3-0 since.

        “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
        Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Teams are not allowed to hold official practises with players this week, but the players are free to use practise facilities on their own.

          We know Markov is making a trip to Russia, but I wonder if this team all goes their seperate ways for 5 days, or any player only get togethers occur.

          • Habfan10912 says:

            The optics will be horrible for those players who bypass the optional workouts.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            If the players decide to hold their own practises, I agree. But I’m not sure they can even be called an optional practise. If Shea, Max and Price decide to skate together, I would guess a bunch of others will do the same.

            Would be interesting if MT was announced fired, and the following day a bunch of players held their own skate around, wouldn’t it?

  43. ProHabs says:

    Red Fisher would not be happy with the way the Habs are playing these days.

  44. arcosenate says:

    We could be behind Ottawa by the end of the week. And if this team doesn’t come up with some answers over the break he free fall could be even worse than last year. Next 3 games are Winnipeg, the Rangers and the Islanders.

    They continue this trend and go 0-3 might as well get your forks out.

    The Habs just might be the busiest team at the deadline but be sellers.

    Can’t imagine how ownership would put up with two collapses in two years.

  45. Lapointe says:

    I really can’t see this team doing much in the way of contending for the cup. If you think about it the feeder system being the Icecaps haven’t really set the AHL on fire for a few years and that is putting it mildly. My thinking is with the salary cap being the constant challenge to even hold on to existing players with potential for more than 3-4 years never mind getting free agents. So the improvement pretty much has to come from the farm team. The Icecaps have been unable to even make the post season for the past 5 years or so. My question is how can they improve if the feeder system is a failure. Please don’t suggest that the AHL is a development league…..I know that but if that is true though one thing is clear the opposing teams are largely doing a better job in the developing of players. My conclusion is we have a long wait in store before seeing a true contender. Oh well I will still have my memories and the DVD sets of past glory.

  46. The_Rocket_Returns says:

    A lot of places to point fingers right now, but I’m going to point mine at two that have gone under the radar:

    #1 The Barberio/Nesterov affair. Losing a 7/8 defenseman might not seem like much, but he was *part of the team*. Chemistry matters. He was a friend and, if the rhetoric is real, like a family member. These guys are human beings; push someone out and it’s going to hurt and upset people. (How else to explain why DD is still there except his popularity with teammates? But I digress….) You don’t do that unless it’s for a clear upgrade, which Nesterov is not. Chemistry is real and it took a hit with that completely unnecessary series of moves.

    #2 The treatment of Nathan Beaulieu. Hop on over to Puckalytics, select “5 on 4,” pick defensemen and increase the minimum minutes so that you only see players who take a regular shift. What comes up is pretty interesting. Up at the top of the leaderboard is Beaulieu: when he’s on the ice during the power play, the Habs average 9.60 goals per 60 minutes — which is the 5th-best number of all league defensemen. (Weber is 33rd and Markov 49th.) For his own personal stats, he’s got 6.13 points per 60 minutes — third overall in the entire league. (Interestingly, Markov and Weber are 11th and 12th by this metric, which paints an illuminating picture of the power play when they run it: They do well indvidually, but as a whole it does poorly.)

    Beaulieu’s are elite numbers. The eye test follows, too: in the 15 games before Markov game back, he had 11 points, with 8 coming on the power play. It was the only time this year that the Habs have actually had an effective PP zone entry, and a big part of that was Beaulieu pushing the pace and skating the puck when nobody was open — something that Markov, for all his wisdom, no longer has the physical ability to do, and neither does Weber.

    Given a chance to play 22-25 minutes a night, Beaulieu excelled. There were rough patches, certainly, but the trajectory was positive, the points were on the board, and the team’s play was good. Then Markov comes back and he gets bumped down to the third pairing and second PP. What Beaulieu did on the ice didn’t matter; Therrien long ago decided on his role, and nothing can change that.

    That sort of thing casts a pall over a team.

    … Koivu to Zednik to Kovalev …

    • 24 Cups says:

      My eye test tells me that Beaulieu has a habit of turning easy plays into difficult ones. However, I’d certainly like to see how he and Galchenyuk would do under the leadership of a new coach.


      • Paz says:

        Beaulieu fits well next to a big, experienced, dependable, right handed shot dman.

        Then you let Beaulieu make some mistakes, and have the experienced dman talk to him from the bench at the end of the shift.

        Sure Beaulieu is inconsistent.

        I would say 90% of dmen are inconsistent the first couple of seasons they are given top 4 ice time.

      • bwoar says:

        Yes & yes.

        If Beaulieu was any smarter we might have to shoot him for his own safety.

      • eddie 56 says:

        You want to see Galchenyuk do well, put him back on the top line where he belongs. We’ll have more offence than what Danault can offer. And if not go get him someone to play with.

  47. Stiglitz74 says:

    Put Price as player/coach… at least then the players would be behind him, since he’s the most respected in the locker room.

  48. knob says:

    I don’t think that MB will fire MT. He is committed to him. MB has to be fired first.

    The new GM will have no allegiance to MT (and the new contract that he is on).

    Maybe we will get a coach that understands Galchenyuk is our best centre and play him on the first line. But maybe we will have to settle with MT shaking things up and keeping Danault as the line 1 centre and moving DD to the line 2 centre position…

    in all thy sons command

  49. adamkennelly says:

    what more do they need to see? seriously?

    two f-ng years of this crap.

    as many have pointed out MB won’t fire MT and Molson won’t fire both of them in the middle of the season (but he should before they fak things up at the trade deadline) – so we are stuck with this crap.

    Lets go back to the Montoya 10 goals against and the Price tug and then being left tin for 7 if anyone wants to point to what is wrong with the goaltending….guys are fed up.

  50. Paz says:

    Why Therrien should be fired today.

    It’s the total collapse, two seasons in a row, and his inability to right the ship.

    That’s probably an NHL coach’s biggest responsibility. Every team will lose some games, but a good coach finds a way to get the team back on track.

    This coach has failed to do that.

    Kirk Muller is a former NHL coach, assistant coach, great player, leader, former captain, and captain of a Habs team that won a freakin Cup.

    Muller was brought in for exactly this scenario. Anglophone, Francophone be damned. That’s totally irrelevant when you consider Muller’s credentials.

    It is time to put Muller in charge.

  51. montreal ace says:

    One thing I will not question about MT, is the fact he loves the Canadiens, more then some of the players on the team. The losses are on the players, they are treated very well in Montreal, so put the effort in. I am fatigued that fatigue is used as an excuse

  52. Coach K says:

    So…just checking in.

    Is Marc Bergevin still the Hab’s GM?

    -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
    (James Lane Allen)

  53. Stiglitz74 says:

    Bash, your single malt theorem lineup projection is pretty damn good. Even without the coach change, it i has unbelievable potential. Keen to hear your thoughts on who the new center and veteran D could be, given we live in the real world and all. Would need to be a center with wheels and play making ability so that patch still thinks he’s playing with danault. The D man would ideally be a John McLean die hard, someone who may be older, but can count on while holding a big pair of balls.

  54. CHerry Picker says:

    Please note, I am not Jason York or even Nick Kypreos but I have played, coached and observed a lot of hockey at many different levels over the last thirty plus years . I can only imagine JJD is a “Yes” man. Is he responsible for the defensive coverage(five players) in our end or only the defence men(two D)? I believe he would be somewhat in charge of the Defensive system we play within our B line ? I get sick to my stomach watching our team constantly struggle in our own end … Every time The opposition gains control in our end it looks like they are on the PP. There is no pressure or coverage. Boston knows they have time to make a pass or take a shot because they have so much time and will never get hit/checked . I find the Habs players are looking at each other as to say” is that my man or yours?” They collapse and allow the other team to move the puck with such ease. I know this is not the only issue but its a big one for me . If we are not Firing MT any time soon can we replace our D Coach . I cant see JJD being a great teacher. He had some really great years in NHL but that doesn’t translate to teaching … Thoughts

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Have thought for years that our specialty coaching has lacked, and specifically JJD with the defence.

      Look at how Pittsburgh has performed with young defencemen, Sergei Gonchar is now a specialty coach for the dmen there. When Gonchar played on the Habs it was arguably Nate’s best hockey.

      I completely agree that JJ appears to be a yes man who provides MT comfort by agreeing completely with whatever MT is thinking (or not thinking perhaps).

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