About last night … Canadiens beat Stars 4-3 in OT


Not a bad night for the Canadiens … and for Canada.

The juniors are on their way to the championship final against the U.S. Thursday night.

The Canadiens are on their way to Toronto, where they will complete a road trip during which the injury-ravaged team has managed to reap eight of a possible 12 points.

It started two days before Christmas in Columbus, where the Canadiens outshot the NHL’s hottest team 37-24 but were stoned by Sergei Bobrovsky in a 2-1 loss.

The five subsequent games have all been decided in Overtime. And the Canadiens have won three of them.

This has been accomplished despite key Canadiens dropping like … (fill in your own colourful metaphor, but keep it clean).

The latest casualties fell Wednesday night in Dallas, where Paul Byron was steamrollered by Patrick Sharp and snakebit Brendan Gallagher felt the venom of a Shea Weber slapshot.

I’ll be surprised if either of the diminutive forwards is in the lineup at the Air Canada Centre. On L’Antichambre, they were speculating that Byron had been concussed. And Gallagher’s left hand, which was broken last season, looked nasty after the Weber howitzer.

In his postgame media scrum, Michel Therrien lauded the “exceptional character” of his team. The coach cited an emotional Tuesday night win in Nashville and the rigors of travel as factors that may have sapped the Canadiens’ energy during a second period in which Dallas had a 16-7 shot advantage.

But down two forwards in the third period, the Canadiens matched the home team’s 11 shots. And then 19 seconds into OT, Jeff Petry sent Max Pacioretty off for the breakaway goal that knocked Howie Morenz and Saku Koivu out of the team record book.

It was Pacioretty’s eighth career OT winner.

And he’s got quite a few seasons to add to the record.

Notes from the stat sheet:

• Nathan Beaulieu had a goal (what a feed by Alexander Radulov!), two assists and, for the second straight game, led the Canadiens in ice time. 

• Radulov had a goal, eight shot attempts (five of which were on target), blocked two shots and got in the grill of the execrable Antoine Roussel.

• Al Montoya won’t win any style points, but 39 saves on the road ain’t chopped liver.

• Phillip Danault had two assists. This road trip has enhanced Danault’s status as a possible second-line centre when Alex Galchenyuk returns.

• Alexei Emelin had only one hit … but it was a bone-crusher on Roussel.

• Ryan Johnston played almost 12 mistake-free minutes.

• Interesting stat cited during the telecast: The Canadiens are 15-2-2 when Radulov records a point.

Minus Galchenyuk, Andrei Markov, Andrew Shaw, Greg Pateryn and David Desharnais, the Canadiens have 10 more points than their closest Atlantic Division pursuers, Ottawa and Boston.

That’s seven points more than mighty Columbus’s lead in the Metropolitan, nine points more than Chicago’s margin in the Central and eight points more than San Jose’s lead in the Pacific.

Not too shabby for an banged-up team.

On to TO.

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Comment on the Liveblog by habsr4ever:

Big Mac continues to impress.
This team is tight. No egos.
Results with all these injuries is amazing.
Montoya even looked off tonight.
Some how our boys win back to back on the road. No Benn helped but sheesh look at our injury list.
Shea Weber is the biggest trade of the season. our locker room needed some changes and bergy got it done even though the trade was very unpopular.
Raise your hand if u thought we were going to win after they tied it up?
I certainly didn’t. I was just hoping for a point. But then came 67 on a breakaway and he made hab history. Not bad for a player so many on here want to deal away.
None the less this team continues to roll. I don’t see an 18 wheeler going off the cliff even with all our injuries. This team is tight and we have tremendous leadership with pacman price and mister Weber where everyone has to fall in line or get the stare or wrath of Shea. Get well soon gally and pauley.
I’m out peace.

And from city center:

Another absolute gut check win. This team seems to be thriving off of the adversity which should bode well for the postseason–assuming anyone is left standing by then.

Former Hab Ludwig is talking right now about the character of the CH team on the Dallas post-game feed. Posters here have remarked about how tight the team is. Other team commentators are picking up on this too. I like that it is becoming this apparent.

Although Carr and BigMac are not lighting up the score sheet, they look and feel like they contribute every shift. Great screen by BigMac on the PP after Gally got injured. 

Johnston looked really good in the first period. And then Dallas started to get its legs and attacked hard. From then on he was hanging on for dear life. Not sure if he can be in the lineup much longer without running our top 4 ragged.

Someone posted here several games ago that Max only scores goals when the game is out of hand. Couldn’t be more wrong. Plays hurt, scores clutch goals, class act and a team player. Can’t ask for much more. Congrats Captain for making the CH record books tonight.


  1. ThebadBoards says:

    Patch I owe u an apology guess it was no bs about your foot You HAVE taken it up 3 notches as of late and guess what 60 +
    a few minutes OF HEART AND soul means winning results most of the time deserved last 2 wins GO HABS Go

  2. Jeffster911 says:

    Habs announce both Chucky and Markov will join the team in Toronto and will be at practice tomorrow.

    HUGE news!!!


    Canadiens Montréal Verified account

    Updates: Andrei Markov and Alex Galchenyuk will join the team tonight. They will be at practice tomorrow in Toronto.

    12:53 PM – 5 Jan 2017 from Montréal, Québec

  3. Loop_G says:

    Maybe already posted but Galchenyuk and Markov are travelling to Toronto and practicing with the team. Not playing Saturday but getting close.

  4. Fred D says:

    In case anybody thinks there is no emotion left in Michel Therrien: Review the video when the Canadiens were given the bench minor. Anyone who can moderately lip read could see “Mister T” say two words; first that started with a big F—ing and second word P–cks. Usually he lets go in French with a big Tab—-e that is easy to spot, so it was amusing to see him fry the refs en anglais!!

    • toneez says:

      I too saw it I was watching it here in Southern California on Center Ice the Fox South-west feed from Dallas and he not only said it once but THREE TIMES geez MT is full of class isn’t he ? or maybe he is something that rhymes with class , I swear I am so embarrassed to call him the coach of the team I have idolized since the days of Jacques Plante .. I am hopeful that he is gone, soon with the long face all the time and Curse words that can be clearly seen on TV what a way to represent us isn’t it ?

      All Habs all the Time

      • chronichab says:

        This embarrasses you? Hard to believe anybody would be upset
        about remarks made to the referee by a coach that is sticking up for
        his players.
        Absolutely nothing to be upset about unless you just dislike the coach to begin with,and that is just too bad for you.

        • toneez says:

          Sure does chronic , I’ve seen many coaches go off on the referees , we all do it I get upset too but when you are representing an organisation. well lets say that display last night did not go off to well , there is a way to get a message across and it isn’t by calling the Referees MFers not once but THREE times , no offense to you at all, we are Hab fans I just dont like him , he hasn’t won a thing , never will and only has an NHL Job because of Bergy and only Bergy … and his record over the past 5 yrs is Carey Price’s record not his , he has zero accountability and throws players under the bus and plays his favorites to the detriment of the team, he has never won a thing and NEVER WILL , you may like him and that’s your right he has done nothing to earn my respect as like a Babcock , Trotz , Sullivan these are coaches that have class and lead the way a team should be led , not throw their players under the bus … Peace

          All Habs all the Time

          • chronichab says:

            The remarks that offend you so much were not heard by you,unless
            you were on the players bench. l doubt that you will find a single
            coach in the nhl that has not said the same things or worse on many
            occasions in there careers. For me l neither like nor dislike Mt l
            have noticed that you bash him regularly and this is more of the same,
            and entirely uncalled for. If he had microphone in his hand when the remarks were made he would be fired and justifiably so.

          • toneez says:

            Chronic , you are 100% Correct I bash him all the time but I admit I do not like him, its not like I am a troll, I don’t hide my dislike for him, and I also give reasons for my dislike of him ,yet those who stick up for him cannot give valid reasons why… having said that I too have my opinion, as do you , so whether or not YOU say its called for, it is my opinion and as others state their opinions on here so can I, Hey I don’t agree with what some say on here but I do understand its their right to an opinion, and I must respect a persons rights, maybe you should too !!! … Peace my Fellow Habs Fan

            All Habs all the Time

  5. HUDSONHAB says:

    I have to say that when Max plays at this level he is priceless.
    His efffort, his shot, his skating, his vision all seem to be on point.
    That’s what gets the big boys paid.
    The drop off with Max is that when he’s not on point he’s bad. He appears lazy, not skating, no effort to bust around guys and drive to the net and the poor passing for games at a time.
    I guess that’s just the ying and yang of a player that is not quite up in the upper level of NHL players.
    He certainly is a bargain right now. Pay him more than $6 million, moving forward? That’s a tough call. Price, Weber, Galchenyuk, Radulov?
    How about we just win it all now and not worry about it.


    • Popsrink says:

      HH. Couldn’t agree more on your take on Pacioretty. He exasperates you with a poor decision or bad pass but then lifts you out of your seat with a snipe job. At the other end of the spectrum we find Tomas Plekanec. I just accept that his offensive contributions have gone bye-bye, but his lack of effort/awareness on the Dallas goal that tied it 3-3 was maddening to say the least.
      Really sad to see Gallagher take a Weber shot to the same hand that was hurt last year. He made a smart/sneaky play at the blueline to spring Radulov for his backhand beauty.
      He exemplifies the character and effort of this team right now.

      who loves ya baby!

  6. Gerry Pigeon says:

    Habs beat Leafs Saturday with depleted lineup?

    Tough call, Leafs playing really well (except for not being able to hold leads) and Habs injuries bound to slow them eventually…

    As this season keeps wearing on and guys keep dropping, I see more and more CHaracter. It is surprising, but welcome as hell. I haven’t loved this team this much in years. Go Habs Go!

  7. punkster says:

    OK, I’m sold on these guys.

    “Don’t play what’s there. Play what’s not there.” – MD

  8. Redzodrum says:

    Shouldn’t Hudon be the obvious choice or is he hurt?

  9. bwoar says:

    Seeing the elbow come up into Byron again, who had his head up, I’m hoping we get a chance sometime soon to see if Sharp can withstand another concussion. Someone who’s taken a few ought to watch what they dish out.

    • D Mex says:

      I hear this.
      The inside-voice debate was definitely ‘ on ‘ after Sharp dummied Byron last night – I’m not a fan of wishing injuries or advocating dirty play against any player but, for Sharp of all people to pull that stunt on Byron, let’s just say that part of the debate was whether the Mex moral compass needs a reset.
      To me, Sharp’s play was that of a gutless pr!¢k who knows what the receiving end feels like and who has been around long enough to know a whole lot better.
      I’ve lacked enthusiasm for recent banter here that MB would consider bringing him in for a playoff run and, after his little performance last night, I have zero interest in that happening now.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      Support Therrien – vote Desharnais : https://www.nhl.com/all-star-ballot
      See the Therrien – Desharnais duet here : http://i.imgur.com/NoNJ3FV.gif
      Therrien / Lacroix / Pacioretty : All Desharnais All the Time !

      • bwoar says:

        I’m not normally one to wish injury, but for this player to make this play… it’s different from seeing Shaw getting concussed. I didn’t like seeing it happen, but when you live and die by having a toe over the line, someone’s gonna come for you eventually.

        As you say, Sharp ought to know better.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      They had their chance when Sharp agreed to drop the gloves with Michell. At least he dropped unlike many others who don’t.

      BTW I don’t think he elbowed Byron in the head. He arm follows through up in the air after the hit. If he connected with the elbow, he would have knocked him out.

      • bwoar says:

        Wrong, wrong, wrong.

        Sharp had to answer, and did – on invite, politely – but he’s asking for a lick during a perfectly good hockey play, head up, facing a player, who then drives an elbow into his chin/face/head.

        Doesn’t matter what you saw or didn’t, it’s a clear headshot. Textbook Dirty Champs stuff. I’ll be looking forward to the next one that finds him laid out.

        Blind and toothless, yrs. in bloodiness.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:


          I watched the video at least three times. Stop the video at 31 sec. Sharp turns sideways and tucks his elbow in bracing for contact. You can actually see Byron’s helmet above Sharp’s shoulder at contact. According to how the NHL is judging head-shots, it wasn’t a suspend-able hit. That is why there is zero talk about Sharp getting anything for it. Actually, if it was Emelin who made that hit, everybody would be saying Byron should have had his head up.

          BTW if it was up to me, any head contact would result in a fine or suspension. The onus should always be on the “hitee”. They will never get head shots out of the game like this.

          • SmartDog says:

            >They will never get head shots out of the game like this.

            What? They’re trying to get head shots out of the game? Who? Since when? This is the first I hear of this!

            If I had opposable thumbs I could play bass like Bruce Foxton.

          • bwoar says:

            You’re correct DDO. I agree with your assessment.

            However, my point is that it’s still a dangerous head-contact hit, and that a guy like Sharp ought to be more careful, lest it be returned upon him and end his career. That’s all I’m getting at.

          • 25soonenough says:

            It has only gotten worse. Players have zero respect for each other.

            –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

          • dduncan says:

            They will never get head shots out as long as the rules and equipment are the same. The skates are too hard and fast and the equipment is too hard and big. Look at the Scherbak hit last night. He was circling like Crosby before he got hit by Steckel. The bottom line is that they are travelling too fast. They took out clutching and grabbing and still more guys are getting hurt. The NHL can’t win. Remember the death of the Olympic luger in 2010? They blamed it on the track being too fast!

        • Lapointe says:

          You sound like a Trump type

          • bwoar says:




            There, that’s how you say that in “Trump-speak”. You must have missed the Drumfphorse I had going during the election, he had a knack for going after #CrookedBergevin. Sad and untrue!

  10. Mister Wrong says:

    @Mr Habby

    I think you were trying to defend Pacioretty, but your defense (he’s “always been a streaky player”) is off the mark and pointlessly perpetuates lazy HIO comments that have no basis in fact.

    Pacioretty is not a streaky player. As a basic example, look at last season, where his month to month goal totals were 7,5,3,4,4,4, and 3. So a slightly hotter October and slightly colder December but basically the same production all year. The year before he had a slow start and a slow December, but otherwise scored 7-9 goals per month. His production is actually incredibly consistent … you won’t find many less hot/cold shooters in the league.

    It’s the same as how people (not you necessarily now) say he’s not a “big goal” guy, or that he scores when it doesn’t matter, when he is consistently near the top of the league in GWG. And now he owns the Habs OT record for goals.

    Facts won’t make people stop saying fantastically wrong things about Pacioretty, and that sucks because he is unfairly maligned as though he were the actual opposite of what he really is.

    • mrhabby says:

      Hey iam not trying to give Max a hard time. Maybe just came out the wrong way. Have always considered him a great shooter and excellent team mate.

    • piper says:

      Max is figuring it out.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Just because they average out month to month, doesn’t mean he’s not streaky. Like most athletes, pretty sure Max sometimes sees the net as big as a soccer net, sometimes as big as a table top game net. Nagging injuries, linemates in synch; it all adds up.

      Free Front.

    • dduncan says:

      Eggzactly. And there’s some moron on this site who keeps saying that Patches can’t pass! Check his stats people. He was an assistmaker BEFORE he became an elite sniper. If he had better linemates to finish his plays, he’s get more assists. Patches has matured his game from being a gung-ho, one-on-one guy who could regualrly beat defencemen to using a more a more cerebral approach, mixing his speeds and positioning.

  11. Phil C says:

    I’m not sure that I like Farnham’s game. He runs around trying to throw big hits, but he is not really big enough to back it up, so the other team starts doing the same, which probably won’t end well for the Habs by the end of the game. No question he’s a good agitator and gets the other team distracted, but is it worth it?

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      IMO the 13th forward should be a guy like Farnham (prospects should be playing full time elsewhere). You need that type of play sometimes during the regular season; especially on the road. It is also a good change of pace when you throw in a guy like that. No issue with him on the team.

    • piper says:

      That’s exactly why I couldn’t understand the signing in the first place. We have a Dman like that too but least Emelin can play defence.

    • Max says:

      I like Farnham.He’s as fast as lightning and can actually play hockey as well.Scored 8 for the Devils in 50 games with limited minutes the other year.He annoys the opposition and plays dirty rough.You need guys like him to soak up the gravy on the bottom lines.

    • Popsrink says:

      Phil. I am divided as well. Not sure if he adds to or subtracts from the lineup. And is penalty minutes considered a positive stat? When you think about it, what other sport employs “agitators”? You basically have a Steve Ott/Dominic Roussell type whose main role is to piss off the other team enough to get punched in the face and hopefully draw a penalty. In any other segment of society you would just call this guy an A-hole and move on yet the broadcasters can’t bring themselves to call a spade a spade. I see this role following the designated goon role into extinction.

      who loves ya baby!

  12. SmartDog says:

    No new thread.

    If I had opposable thumbs I could play bass like Bruce Foxton.

  13. Loop_G says:

    Some HIO heads are going to start exploding once Max finishes in the top 10 for goals scored and MT gets a Jack Adams nomination.

  14. strunzo says:

    Montoya doing more than an OK job. Prior to last nights game, if you discard the 10 goals Columbus scored, Montoya’s Save Pct is .932 and Price’s is .930 Montoya’s goals against average is 1.98 and Price’s is .202 There is no question as to who the number 1 man, I’m just saying He is doing a good job.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Right, and make no mistake; in Columbus he took one for the team. Price didn’t like it, Montoya didn’t like it, I didn’t like it; and in retrospect, it was the right move: as much for how it drew the players together as for how it showed Therrien means business.

      I really hope Montoya gets the start against Columbus at home, let the fans (and team) show how much he is appreciated. (it isn’t likely, we play the night before in NJ and two days before that in TO)

      Free Front.

    • Timo says:

      I am going to start

      Montoya > Price

  15. bwoar says:

    @ Duker

    My point was I’m never not slashing without intent, if the ref calls it, they call it. If not, I got away with one. There’s no ‘hack’ vs. ‘whack’ in my game. Judge that how you must, but in my experience you get slashing calls on you for the small ones almost as much as for the big ones, so…

  16. Incredible List

    I just want to get these next few weeks over with so we can come back healthy, and rested for the playoffs.

    Keep plugging away at these bottom feeders, tolerate the stronger teams, and slowly push through the second half. This team is playing great but wow, 7 starters injured. It can’t possibly get any worse.

    -41° Brandon, MB

    Shane Oliver
    Price vs Dryden
    January 31st, Win 258
    5 Feb, Win 259
    Shane&Son Dec 2016

    • Caesar says:

      Never say it can’t get worse !!!

      • Bah, it’s hockey, not like any of us will lose our lives over this game. 🙂 If it gets worse, if anything this place will be even more entertaining than it already is. We’ll be trading Price for Crosby&Malkin and Pacioretty will be the worst Habs Captain all-time. 😳

        We see it every streak they dive into. Fun times though.

        Shane Oliver
        Price vs Dryden
        January 31st, Win 258
        5 Feb, Win 259
        Shane&Son Dec 2016

    • GrimJim says:

      You are not commenting the other half of that chart: Not only are they shooting like maniacs, the Habs are second best at not allowing shots against

  17. bwoar says:


    “Not to mention, get a decent draft pick without embarrassing your organization.”

    So close! But the Panic Beard, the Tinordi trade… I don’t think the org was exactly proud of how last year was handled.

    • on2ndthought says:

      ‘Panic’ not ‘surrender’. Buffalo, Toronto; those teams embarrassed themselves. It may be smart, but it sure isn’t proud or noble. Tinordi was keeping a promise, I’m willing to bet.

      Free Front.

    • twocents says:

      The Tinordi trade had very bad optics. That is for sure. As O2T suggests there may be a more dignified explanation underlying it. The promises may have been made to Tinordi and Scott themselves. However, the public saw what it saw and it didn’t look good. That’s a fair point.

      But a beard, no matter how ragged, is hardly something to hold as a source of shame in the larger picture. I doubt the organization discussed it as such.

      • bwoar says:

        That was a damn shameful beard, 2c. A GM should not look like a hobo. Leave that to the players.

        • twocents says:

          I agree, it looked liked dogshit, but who knows, maybe it was a bet with Molson or a deal with the players. My point is, it’s not really a material issue and may have been understood internally. But, yes, it was awful looking for a GM.

  18. Izzy says:

    Waiting to see who gets called up. Who’s the favorite?

    After Emelin hits you, you get coloring books for christmas……

  19. HabsHammerZone says:

    Almost a Sure bet Jacob de la Rose is on his way up with Sven Andrighetto
    MB will certainly be leaning heavily on deals he has lined up for such an eventuality and is poised to pull the lever on a trade.
    Cullen stats guy at TSN was gushing over the habs saying their are definitely a top 5 best in the league based on their play and stats compared to years ago where they put up alot of points but did not lead the play like they now do.

  20. knob says:

    Never a fan of the MT hiring and still don’t really care for the guy, but it is hard to argue with the results this year. We have a depleted line-up and not much when it comes to top six material but the guys are working hard and playing for MT.

    MT has my support, for the time being.

    in all thy sons command

    • chilli says:

      I Kirk Muller was the coach and the team was playing the exact same way with the exact same record, this entire HIO group would be calling him a hero.
      MT is a great coach.

      • knob says:

        Perhaps. For me it was always the approach that he took against younger guys and how some guys could get away with playing like garbage. PK and Eller are gone and DD is injured – maybe this is making a difference?!?!

        in all thy sons command

      • toneez says:

        chilli … If he’s such a great coach then why is the only job he can get be in Mtl. when his Fox Hole Buddy gives him the job, and keeps him even though he throws players under the bus and risks his own job and has the worse year in their history?, Oh you will say Carey was injured , EXACTLY the only reason why he has a winning record is because Carey is there, otherwise we would be floundering like last year, and he and Bergy if MT was still kept would be out of a job , if he was such a great coach how come he didn’t win with the Pens and after he was let go they won the cup with a real coach … at least they both got nice extensions now right ? I will say it till I am blue in the face he couldn’t win in Pittsburgh he wont win here , I love the Habs but I abhor MT , he just has no class especially after what he did last night with his using curse words that everyone could read coming off his lips … Yup that’s what I want in a coach, total class …. NOT !!!!

        All Habs all the Time

  21. habsr4ever says:

    Since Gallagher was flown into Montreal to meet with Doctors it would not surprise me one bit if he is having surgery today or tomorrow. Just my Dr. Recchi assessment as I posted last night.

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