About last night …

Fan at ACC

Hockey Inside/Out dispatched one of our crackerjack undercover agents to take a few photographs at the Air Canada Centre Wednesday night.
He came up with a good one, eh?
The statement on the jersey rather overstates the ineptitude of the home team.
But your Montreal Canadiens, who have become Kings of the Road this season, were full value for their 5-2 win.
The rock ’em/sock ’em home team tried to run the Canadiens out of the ACC with the physical approach they used to score that 6-0 stomping at the Bell Centre.
This time it didn’t work.

The Leafs had 40 hits to 27 for the Canadiens.

But the Canadiens had 40 shots. The home team had 23 – a mere four in the first period, when Randy Carlyle had his bruisers trying to cripple  everyone in a white sweater.

They play by that hoary Conn Smythe maxim: If you can’t beat ’em in the alley, you can’t beat ’em on the ice.

But the game wasn’t played in an alley. And despite the Leafs best efforts to turn it into a street fight – Colton Orr had as much ice time as Toronto’s leading scorer, James Van Riemsdyk – the Canadiens stuck to the system that has produced 13 wins and only four regulation-time losses in their 20 games this season.

“It’s encouraging for a coach,” Michel Therrien said in his postgame scrum, “when the players believe in what you’re trying to do.”

Gaston Therrien keeps offering examples of the Canadiens’ winning ways during his whiteboard segments on L’Antichambre. Therrien has his players in constant movement, with unremitting pressure on the puck. It forces opposing defencemen – especially lumbering oafs like the ones who patrol the Toronto blueline – into mistakes. It prevents the other team from gaining any speed through the neutral zone. And it cuts down on shots and scoring chances allowed.

Sometimes there are mistakes, as was the case on both Toronto goals. But for most of this season, the Canadiens have spared Carey Price exposure to odd-man rushes and extended periods of pressure in the defensive zone.

Price hasn’t stolen a game this season. You wonder how the game might have gone had Price not stoned Mikhail Grabovski on that penalty shot; but generally speaking,  the Canadiens are playing so well they don’t need their goaltender to be perfect in every game.

The Canadiens are allowing an average of 25.8 shots per game. That’s third best in the league, behind St. Louis and L.A. And that stat doesn’t gauge the low quality of  shots the Canadiens have allowed this season.

At the other end of the ice, the Canadiens are less efficient. Given the number of rebounds Ben Scrivens was coughing up, the game should have been done and dusted by the end of the second period, at which point the Canadiens had outshot the Leafs 28-12.

The most encouraging sign was the excellent play of the reconstituted David Desharnais line. Brendan Gallagher – who took the first steps toward restoring the glory of jersey number 11 – had five shots, scored the winning goal and drove Dion Phaneuf nuts. Gallagher has been a sparkplug since returning to action after his concussion and replacing Erik Cole on the DD line.

The main beneficiary has been Pacioretty, who had his second two-goal game in a week. But Gallagher’s energy and relentless net-crashing – hey, will someone remind this kid he’s 5’8″? – is opening up ice for DD. Desharnais was excellent again and won 7 of 12 faceoffs, including the one that Tyler Bozak will be crying about in the Toronto papers.

(I know his size works against him, but how the heck did Gallagher last until the fifth round of the draft after leading the Vancouver Giants in goals with 41, adding 40 assists and racking up 111 minutes in penalties? You gonna tell me there were 146 better draft-eligible juniors in 2010?)

The subtraction of Cole and addition of Michael Ryder didn’t do much for Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk. They were on the ice for the Clarke MacArthur goal that tied the game at 2-2, and Therrien benched Galchenyuk for several shifts at the end of the second period.

The gang on L’Antichambre suggested Therrien might want to bump Ryder up to the Thomas Plekanec line, replacing Brian Gionta. I’d be hesitant to demote the captain … especially with the Canadiens winning. The hero on that line in Toronto was Brandon Prust, whose eight hits were high for both teams.

Man, was Prust a great signing or what? The Leafs laid some hellacious hits on him – and on P.K. Subban – but Prust has that non-stop motor that takes a licking, keeps on ticking and administers a few licks of his own.

Therrien had some kind words for Tomas Kaberle, who was pressed into service, for the first time since Feb. 2, by Raphael Diaz’s concussion. Kaberle played almost 15 minutes, blocked a couple shots and was praised, by his coach, for his professionalism and dedication to keeping in shape throgh weeks of no game action.

As has been the pattern lately, Andrei Markov, Alexei Emelin and Josh Gorges (who blocked four shots) had more ice time than P.K., who was brutal on the Frazer McLaren goal that opened the scoring.

We’re not seeing the Subban we loved last season.

But nor are we watching a last-place hockey team.

•  •  •

Mike Milbury, the worst general manager in the history of the NHL, goes nuts on Alex Ovechkin:

I love this:






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  3. YoNiko says:

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  4. immortalhab says:

    Is anyone glad Ryder is back? He can score but is he just a net sweeper? Will he forecheck and backchecking?

  5. Marc10 says:

    A lot of positives in the win over the Leafs. One was seeing Armstrong strong on the puck in the O zone.

    Kabs did the job which is great coming off such a long layoff.

    Moen still needs to show up, but the rest of the crew is accounted for. Wow, eh! Who would have thought that at the start of the season!

  6. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Weirdest penalty shot.

    The approach, the shot and the save looked so slow and casual, like this was the last of 300 practice penalty shots.

    Always good to see CP stop a PS or shootout.

  7. takuto97 says:

    A late Valentine’s Day gift for Rick DiPietro, from the Islanders:


    DiPietro says Isles waiving him felt like, “they ripped my heart out, stabbed it, set it on fire and flushed it down the toilet.”

    Also in that interview, he claims to be feeling suicidal due to the demotion.

    I guess it’s true that money can’t buy happiness….

  8. Rudy says:

    I think the number of comments are low today because you HAVE TO log in to see them. I usually don’t, just lurk and then when I get fired up, I’ll log in and respond. For people that just look at the page and don’t log in, it seems off.
    Oh yeah, TSN, why don’t you show a replay of the Offside when complaining about the reffing??

  9. Lafleurguy says:

    Flames just picked up Brian McGrattan.

  10. temekuhabs says:

    First off, I don’t care one bit for Milbury nor did I watch the Caps-Phllyers game (there was a more important game to be watched). But,after seeing the clip, i have to agree with Milbury on his assesment
    Man Ovi was just floating out there!

  11. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    One factor in last night’s win that I have not seen mentioned much was the call on the Brown hit. The Leafs were creaming the Habs on the boards at the time and it was getting ugly. It looked like the refs wanted to let them play but the Leafs tried to take advantage of the situation. The refs saw the game starting to get out of hand and made the right call on Brown. If the refs let that go, things could have become a lot worse. Prust would probably have had to confront a goon and everything could have spiraled downwards. Can’t believe I’m saying this but good job by the refs last night!

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • krob1000 says:

      Tha twas a good job by the refs BUT…I think the HAbs were playingt he puck and the LEafs jsut trying to plaster them to the glass. The LEfas held their hands high and repeatedly hammered the Canadiens…but the Canadiens maintained possession and played the puck…it looked like the Leafs were little kids playing contact for the first time ignoring the puck. Gallagher, Dd, Prust,etc…got knocked down…but low and behold when they got up they stillmaintained possession becuase the Leaf player went in sol recklessly that the knocked down or bumped Habs was still focussed on the puck…the Leafs played like morons on the boards last night. It worked once for them on the first goal…aside from that they lost possession 3 out every 4 times after they hit someone.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        The hits were getting dirtier and dirtier. If the refs did not put a stop to it, it would have become a street fight and the Habs are not built for that. That is why Leafs fans were so upset with the Brown call. Their principle means of attack was neutralized.

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  12. Habsrule1 says:

    Someone posted that Gorges was responsible for a goal last night so he shouldn’t be Captain.

    Can I nominate that as dumbest post of the day? I lost it so I don’t know who wrote it.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Not sure if it was my post but I wrote last night that PK was not responsible for the first goal, as Boone suggested, and put the blame on Gorges not being able to screen off a 4th liner on a typical dump in. However, I did not say Gorges should not be captain because of that play. I did feel that he showed poor leadership on the bench afterwards when he ignored PK who was trying to go over the play with him. If you’re not able to talk with your own teammate after a play because you’re sulking, you’re not a real leader. Being a leader is more than saying cliches to the media. The real leader on the team is clearly Prust and hopefully he will be captain one day.

      Just my opinion…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

      • Habsrule1 says:

        The post I am referring to did not explain anything. It just said something to the affect that Gorges was responsible for the goal, therefore he should not be considered for Captain.
        Your explanantion here makes a bit more sense, but I really don’t think using one moment in time where Gorges “may” have used poor judgment should be a reason to eliminate all the leadership qualities he has shown in the past.
        I personally am in no hurry to replace our Captain, but when it is time, I’d have no problem with Gorges as his replacement, regardless of one error he may have made last night. If you want to base it on play and heart, Gallagher may have a leg up on almost anyone right now.

        Go Habs Go!!

        “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          You are right…I may be a little too unforgiving (especially with such a short season).

          “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  13. youngwun says:

    I can’t believe Habs are still holding on to first place. It trips me out. If we can beat the pens on Saturday night and maybe squeeze a point from Boston would be amazing!

  14. Lafleurguy says:

    Imagine what type of game it would have been, if it were Prust who was out instead of Bourque and Diaz. Prust is the MVP so far and the Rangers inept management has been very beneficial to us.
    Cherry spouting off on FAN 590, Phaneuf should have “answered the bell….when Chartraw ran around, he got it (from Wensink et. al.)…..when Bouchard ran around he got it….” Grapes is an ass, and I don’t know why I like him sometimes.
    “May you live in interesting times.”

  15. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Leafs exposed last night. Every team in the NHL will use the video of last night’s game to plan for the Leafs. Good luck Mr. Carlyle!

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  16. krob1000 says:

    Unsung hero in last nights game…Colby Armstrong was great in the possession game and causing all sorts of trouble on the walls…he is not a scorer but he is a smart player and knows his role and plays it well.

  17. HabsFan1111 says:

    Maybe the Cole trade was to make room for Ovy next year…. now’s the time to buy low. Ovy is an energy player and he feeds off bringing the verizon centre crowd to their feet, if there’s any situation that will rejuvinate his career it’s in the bleu-blanc-rouge. Obviously the numbers would need to work on the business side (I know he’s signed at a ridiculous number for the better part of the next decade), but one can wonder…

    • krob1000 says:

      I think he fees off the heavy meals his mom makes…and that is part of the problem

    • Lafleurguy says:

      You have to check the standings, dude. THN listed Ovie 3rd best left-winger, Zach Parise 1st, Ilya Kovalchuk 2nd, Max 9th, Evander Kane 19th. Guess you didn’t watch the scorch that Milbury gave Ovie on the ESPN feed (I don’t hold TSN responsible for anything the SMA* champ says).

      “May you live in interesting times.”

      *shoe martial arts

  18. GuyDoon says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so excuse me if I’m repeating something here, but repeating is a theme of this post:

    Has anyone else noticed how opposing coaches keep saying how their team is “playing so poorly”, or their team was “so flat”, or that the game “was the worst he’s ever seen”?

    I wonder when opponents will start to realize that Hab’s play is what’s making their team look bad!

    Imagine if the Habs can improve just a few % points on shots that score! This is a very good, and VERY suprising team.

    • krob1000 says:

      When one teams style is basedon constant motion and presure the other can be made to look as if standing still pretty easily. I did notice some swapping between that style and a basic trap though…kind of kept mixing it up. I think they are instrcuted to read the play and not get caught deep if the more aggressive forecheck is not likely to work…then they retreat and trap…if the play allows for pressure then they appears to go 2-1-2

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good point, GD, and was thinking the same thing. And as Krob says below, a high-energy puck-pressure style like the Habs are using now actually inhibits the other guy from playing his game, which is why you do it.

      Presumably it’s better for the coach to blame it on a poor game or being “flat, flat, flat, flat” than to say “My top line sucked tonight”.

      But while you can understand a coach saying it, it’s not good when journalists pick it up verbatim, revealing their pom poms.

  19. hockeymaniac31 says:

    The key to the game was that the Habs dominated the 3rd period with 3 goals to put the game out of reach. Thats was probably maybe the best game the Habs played cuz they played the WHOLE 60 MINUTES and their BEST period was the 3rd. I’ll tell you what, Prust is the reason why where 1st in the East. The team is basically the same with the exception of Frankie the Bull, Armstrong and Prust and Armstrong is just doing nothing on the 4th line and Frankie is not doing anything to hurt you but not doing anything really to help you so the biggest thing for me is prust. Oh i forgot about the Gally’s too.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      3 new players, Prust, Gally and Chucky leading the team in +/-…who would have ever thought that going into this year.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  20. GenerationYHabs says:

    Anyone else having issues with seeing new posts?

    Since this morning I’ve been checking in on the site on multiple devices and not a single new post had been made since about 12 last night. Then when I try logging in Bam 250 posts magicly appear.

  21. 123456 says:

    While I do not think Carlyle is a bad coach, I’d like to ask:

    Is his former team better off this season without him? ? ?

  22. Fansincebirth says:

    I disagree with folks saying Phaneuf turtled. In order to have turtled, he would have had to engaged with Prust. He got all tough and when he saw who it was he was going to have to take a shit-kicking from, he crapped himself, politely apologized and skated away. That was flat out chickening out! Just thankful he didn’t connect with Gally’s head when he took a run at him.

  23. Dr.Rex says:

    All this talk about Clowe and Penner. Sure Clowe would be a nice pick up but Penner would be a colossal mistake.

    The guy we need and I’m sure everyone in Habs managment is salivating over is Clarkson. Who knows maybe NJ craps the bed the next month and looks for some compensation for him. Other then that hopefully he is available in July.

    • Loonie says:

      My list included teams that didn’t have the greatest start or are currently bitten by the injury bug.

      Clarkson would be at the top of the list if the Devils weren’t all-in this year.

      It’s worth noting though that the Devils are hosting the draft this coming June and have no first round pick. If they decide to move anyone of significance it’s likely that they’ll be demanding a first in return.

  24. C-Sword says:

    I despise Phaneuf so much, he’s always targeting smaller and star players, I hope that he does not make Team Canada, cause he’s extremely overrated, Hamerlik was the sole reason why he was playing well with the Flames.

    It’s disappointing to see Moen leave all the physical works to Prust, not sure if he’s pissed about being stuck on the 4th line, I’d like to see him defend his teammates more often, getting into meaningless fights after the draw doesn’t bring anything to the team.

    They can easily beat the Pens on saturday, not so sure about the Bruins.

  25. Talik Sanis says:

    I do not put much stock in giveaways and takeaways. They punish puck-moving defensemen, players who line up against top opposition players and log heavy minutes. However, many have criticized Subban for turnovers, using it as partial justification for their refusal to label him a number one defenseman last year.

    Interestingly, despite the claims as to his making reckless plays with the puck, he’s tied for the fewest turnovers among our regular defensemen, though Gorges has played more games (he also handles the puck less frequently, deferring to Diaz, as he should, to make outlet passes).


    Subban has also allowed the third fewest goals against per sixty minutes of all our defensemen (Markov has allowed the most), and this includes all the fluky goals scored against when he was on the ice, where back-checkers failed to properly cover their man (as with Cole against Tampa, for example), or goals that should have been called back (again, as with Tampa). This reflects even better on Subban when we consider that he has one of the lowest on-ice save percentages among defensemen, something which is almost certain to rise.

  26. Dr.Rex says:

    The hockey gods were out in full force last night: They brought justice to many issues:
    1) The bitten scored two goals
    2) The biter was shut down on penalty shot
    3) Carlyle’s goon tactics backfired on him and gave the habs the advantage early on. How long til Carlyle realizes its not 1975 anymore.
    4) They made sure that the team dominating the game got a couple bounces of shin pads etc
    5) Prust proved more valuable to his team the Phaneuf and Kessel combined.
    6) Karma always appears when a team takes liberty on the other late in previous match ups. Thank you Carlyle for your zombie like coaching mentality.

  27. Rad says:

    That was a good draft for the Minnesota Wild.

  28. JF says:

    Great game last night, although I admit was too nervous to watch it properly. I don’t think I could have gotten up this morning if we’d lost. The Leafs played the first period as though they were more intent on pounding us into submission than on scoring goals. The officials let everything go until they drew a line with Brown’s hit on Gorges, which changed the complexion of the game. The Leafs cut their hitting in half after that, but they still couldn’t skate with us and they had no answer to our aggressive forecheck; and it was odd that Carlyle gave so much ice-time to his goons. Another turning point was the penalty shot. Price was perhaps weak on the Leafs’ second goal, but if he hadn’t stopped Grabovski on that shot, the outcome might have been very different.

    I hope Diaz is not out too long as he is an important part of our defence. I wonder if it was his first concussion. He played in the Swiss league until last year, so I suppose it might have been. Kaberle did well in his place, but did not get many minutes.

    Ryder looked OK when I noticed him, but he’ll need at least to practice a couple of times with his new team-mates before we can expect much of a contribution from him.

    Since the beatdown against the Leafs, the Habs have been playing incredibly well, with the Islanders’ game being perhaps their worst. My one complaint is their lack of opportunism. In a situation like last night, which they completely dominated in terms of puck possession and shots and in which the opposing goaltender was giving up huge rebounds, they should have been able to put the game away earlier. It should not have taken 40 shots. It was the same on Monday against the Senators – total domination and an aggressive forecheck that forced turnovers and limited the Senators’ scoring chances, but no finish. Hopefully the addition of Ryder will help in this area.

    But so many things have improved. The powerplay, which looked for a while as impotent as last year’s, has scored in four consecutive games, faceoffs are better, we’re taking a lot fewer penalties, and in most games we’re limiting the opposition to about 20 shots. And we’re first in the East, at least until the Bruins play their games in hand. If the best we can do on the weekend is a split, I’d want the victory to be against them.

  29. NL Hab says:

    So we have 3 RFA’s next year. R. White, Y. Weber and D. Desharnais. I think R. White will be signed, but I really don’t see D. Desharnais or Weber in the long term plans for this team. I think we wait until next year to move Desharnais. Maybe a draft day trade. If we can get a good deal for these guys this year, we pull the trigger. Desharnais has picked up a few points lately, so hopefully he will light it up and keep increasing his value. What can we realistically get for Desharnais?

    Et Le But

    • Cal says:

      A playmaking center that produces and will sign for cheap and he should be turfed? Don’t think so, Tim. 😉

      • Loonie says:

        Will sign for cheap?

        Based on?

        • Cal says:

          Comparatively speaking. I see him signing for about $3 mil, a bargain compared to other 60 point type centers who were drafted.

          • Loonie says:

            $3 million for a player who isn’t suited for a third line role is not a wise investment in my opinion.

            He just isn’t as good as Plekanec, Galchenyuk is the future cornerstone of the franchise and Eller’s a better fit for the third line.

            Investing term and dollars into a player who “should” fall victim to a numbers game due to the personnel already on the team would be a big mistake in my view.

      • NL Hab says:

        Absolutely. Where does he fit into our lineup. Chucky will be at center next year, along with Pleks and Eller. White 4th line Center. Where does he go?

        Et Le But

        • Cal says:

          Chucky will be where he is now- on left wing. He’s going to be managed for maximum success and minimum pressure. He will probably go to center in 2014/15, or 15/16.

          • Loonie says:

            Galchenyuk will NOT be a full-time winger at the NHL level. His puck distribution is too good to put him on a wall. He will be given a line.

          • NL Hab says:

            Maybe, but I think they want him as center as early as next year. He is gaining a lot of experience this year and hopefully a long playoff run will make him that much better. Put on a little muscle over the summer and come back as the # 2 center in October. By XMas he will be the # 1 C. Thats what I think anyways.

            Et Le But

          • Loonie says:

            You are correct NL.

            Galchenyuk may play next season on the wing. I’d bet my last cent it won’t be any longer than that.

    • Dr.Rex says:

      Desharnais could be great bait for Clarkson.

    • Newf_Habster says:

      We should sign Corey Perry who will be UFA this summer. He has been a big Habs fan when he grew up. He is a good friend of Prust. Remember that he got a lot of upsides comparing to Desharnais.

      • NL Hab says:

        Yeah interesting point, both guys are from the London area. That would be deadly if they could sign him to a deal. Imagine Chucky feeding him passes for the next 5 or 6 years. Come on Prust, convince him to sign here the Summer.

        Et Le But

  30. jeffhabfan says:

    Great win boys.We have 3 tough guys that can play they have 3 tough guys that can not .When a coach plays a goon as much as his top scorer how do you expect to win bad coaching on there side.The HABS are for real because they have played like they played last night all year .GO HABS GO.

  31. joester says:

    Does anyone around here have any experience buying tickets for games in Florida?
    I have a friend bringing his son to his first ever NHL game march 10 vs Habs, and he’s not sure if he should buy tickets in advance or wait and see if there are scalpers over there.
    I’ve never been, so…
    Any solid ideas?

    • 123456 says:

      No, but don’t they generally have cheap tickets or ticket deals? Wasn’t it Florida that had a deal like 2 tix, 2 tshirts, 2 pops, etc for under $50?

      I’d go to their site and weight the various seat options, for me I’d want hard copy tickets to save.

  32. Thomas Le Fan says:

    But, but, but … I waaaaaasn’t ready! Quick, call the Leafs a whaaaaambulance, somebody.

    • Luke says:

      It’s a valid excuse. A Road hockey staple…

      Seriously, I don’t get what the issue is:

      Road team puts stick down? check.
      Bozak puts stick down? check.
      Linesman gets set? check.
      Bozak picks stick up? wait, what?
      Linesman drops puck? check.

      Don’t pick your stick up, you fool, he’s about to drop the puck!

      • Chuck says:

        Additionally, don’t stand around and whine about it while the other team is busy putting the puck in your goal.

        Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  33. Luke says:

    It is awfully quiet around the office today… wonder where the Leaf fans are? After the 6-0 game the place was infested with them.

  34. ebk says:

    The Leafs are a big physical hockey team that can be hard to deal with. They tried to knock the Habs right out of the ACC but Montreal was having none of it. Montreal dominated this game with speed and skill for the full 60 minutes. They fore-checked the crap out of the Leafs defense and the result was enough turnovers to make the Pillsbury doughboy a happy camper.
    Some quick thoughts
    -Habs mighty midgets, DD and Gallagher were their two best forwards in a very physical hockey game.
    -DD’s play lately has been outstanding. His competiveness and creativity are second to none on this team.
    -Gallagher’s a beaut isn’t he, gotta love a smurf who can survive and thrive in the WHL.
    -When the Habs establish a fore-check and get in on top of a team’s D, they are a tough hockey club to beat. This team is fast and gets after the puck for the full 60 minutes. Just love that.
    – love having ‘Franky the Bull’ back on D, always been a personal favorite
    – Diaz getting hurt might be a good thing in the long run, Kaberle was solid and hopefully that makes him easier to move
    -Would like to see Plekanec with Ryder and Galchenyuk, leaving Eller, Prust and Gionta to form a good checking line. But what the hell, they are winning, so why bother.
    -Speaking of Galchenyuk, once he hits his stride, he’s going to be a ‘Baby-faced assassin’, damn kid looks like he’s 12.
    -25 more points probably gets this team a ticket to the prom.

  35. Loonie says:

    So with this newly acquired cap space and what appears to be a long term concussion for Bourque I’m curious if Bergevin is on the phones looking for a top six left winger.

    Some potential rentals……..

    – HIO favourite Ryan Clowe
    – HIO favourite Dustin Penner
    – Vinny Prospal(VERY LIKELY AVAILABLE)
    – Val Filppula(probably not available)
    – Mason Raymond(Might be available for a centreman)

    • Habondarock says:

      One more Newfoundlander and this team is dangerous. C’mon Sharks, make the call!

    • habsnyc says:

      Is it confirmed, a long term concussion?

      Penner will be in high demand at the deadline. He is a two time Cup winner, pending UFA and has no NTC. Kings would want a roster player and a pick/prospect for him.

      Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • NL Hab says:

      I would love for them to pick up Ryane Clowe. A guy that can score goals and fight with anybody. UFA next year as well. I think San Jose would want a fair amount in return. Definately a prospect and a pick. Penner would also be an interesting guy. Very tough guy, hard to move him from the front of the net.

      Et Le But

    • Cal says:

      Clowe for physicality and more depth. But for whom? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • ebk says:

      Clowe would be a great fit but pretty expensive, It would be substantially more than the Habs got for Kostitsyn. Not 100% convinced this team isn’t a contender yet. But damn the look good now!

      Of the rest you mention, only Mason Raymond. Is Dustin Penner a favorite anywhere other than a buffet table.

  36. frontenac1 says:

    Got to admit ,I started knocking them back early yesterday when I heard Kaberle was playing. But man,he played really well,as did the whole team.Turning point? There was none.Leafs were never in it. Oh yeah,their captain? Turtle! Saludos!

    • Luke says:

      Kaberle gets hate because he is not the 1987 version of Scott Stevens. When Kaberle is Kaberle, he is fine. It’s fan expectations rather than reality that are the issue with Kabs.

      He can pass, he’s calm, he’s sufficient in his own zone and he plays above average offensively.

      He also is exceptionally patient when looking for a shot. This has always been a major complaint about him, but when you see PK (and others, not picking on PK) trying to hammer shots through traffic and many of those shots leading to clears or even breakouts for the other team, I can appreciate that patience.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        kaberle is junk. He was clearly out hustled to the puck on several occasions last night…

        • Luke says:

          He’s not perfect. But he’s not junk. He’s fine. He’s not great.
          Manage expectations.
          He played better than Phaneuf & didn’t hurt his team. He’s going to get beaten to the puck at times and he’s going to lose battles. He’s also go to get to the puck first and win battles. Just like everyone else in the league.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            When he is on the ice our chances of winning decrease, don’t like him. I’d rather anyone in there but him.

          • NL Hab says:

            Yeah, I wish they would give Weber a shot. Maybe a scout or 2 will see some potential and possibly offer a 4th or 5th rounder for him.

            Et Le But

      • NL Hab says:

        Agree with Hobie. He is garbage. Kaberle is probably one of the worst defencemen in the league.

        Et Le But

          • NL Hab says:

            It’s a tie. They both lose. I bet after the Habs buy Kaberle out next year, not one team will sign him to a deal. That is how awful he is. There was only one GM who would have accepted that trade last year from Carolina. Thank God the goat is gone. Bergevin is still cleaning up his mess.

            Et Le But

      • Rad says:

        I agree with your assessment Luke. He may not be worth $4M, but he is a good 6th or 7th defenseman to have on your team. And he certainly displays above-average patience with the puck.

  37. RetroMikey says:

    This was a game that leaned toward the Habs on this night and a huge victory.
    Just imagine if these two teams met in the playoffs, a classic 7 game series which either team can win on any given night.
    Last night, Therrien outcoached Carlyle, next game? It’s anybody’s guess.
    On to Saturday night with Pittsburgh coming to town.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Could you be any more of a Leafs fan pretending to support the Habs?

      • RetroMikey says:

        You don’t know me.
        Ask anyone in Hamilton if they know RetroMikey and they will tell you he is a big time Habs fan…..he may be critical or negative of his team but he is a big time Habs fan. So don’t judge me here,
        Amen, onto the next chapter in our quest for the 25th Cup.
        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

        • Natrous says:

          Retro! You made it! I needed something to bring me back down to earth, and as always you produced.

          It’s understandable that HFS72 would question your love for the team though, given that you’ve never said anything positive about the club on this site, ever.

  38. Strummer says:

    Torts is a jerk- I get it.

    However has Sather assembled a team- high priced as it is- that has has the character to be champions?

    Is it Gomez, Drury, Redden Redux?

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  39. Strummer says:

    How about that Leaf goal tending?

    Scrivens was invisible on that 5th Hab goal
    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • nunacanadien says:

      The laffs should just play all their games without a goalie, since their goalies never stop the pucks! Might as well make use of the sixth man! Carlisle the barn owl…..and his goons. Earth to Carlisle, you need to find a goalie, and less goons, sign some real NHL players who can score and you may make the playoffs….Maclaren and Brown will not get you a cup, just power play losses……

  40. Maksimir says:

    Regarding Milbury – can’t stand the guy, but he was not off base on the Ovie rant… given those examples Number 8 was playing like a chump.

  41. adamkennelly says:

    great win. since we won and didn’t get beat up – does this end the “Habs need a heavyweight” debate? I don’t think so – still saw too much running of our good players – eventually it will catchup to us…next time Gallagher doesn’t avoid that Phaneuf hit and we lose him for the season…the Brown hit was 2mins – max – he did let up and got him hip to hip…

  42. Psycho29 says:

    Missed the game on TV last night; still no electricity since 7:20 last night! So went old school and got out the transistor radio.

    I think the last time I did that was during the ice storm of ’98. I believe Brian Savage had a 4-goal game that night…

    Sounded like a great game last night !

  43. Kooch7800 says:

    I wonder if Tortz is still saying that Prust can’t play more than the 4th line….LOL he will be looking for a job real soon

  44. commandant says:

    For those who don’t see many of the late games, Bruce Boudreau has the Ducks on top of the Pacific and playing great hockey.

    How is he doing it?


    Its the old Gordon Bombay trick, getting the most out of every single player on that roster, whether a star like Getzlaf, or a rag tag 30 year old journeyman goalie.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  45. Cal says:

    Habs in first near February’s end?
    Must be time for a song: http://calshabsongparodies.weebly.com

  46. Lafleurguy says:

    Therrien outcoached Carlyle. Too much heat on the players, but they only got to go on the ice when the goon coach let them (if there are goon players, then Carlyle is a goon coach). Should have double shifted Kessel at times to get his skating legs going but goon coaches “say what?”

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Last game it was the other way around. The habs needed that loss though. Since the leafs thumped them it has woken them up.

      Can’t wait to see what Ryder can do. I don’t count last nights game as he hasn’t even practiced with the team.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • Lafleurguy says:

        sorry for such a delayed post…had to go to the bank…the 6-0 beatdown was part of the learning process for Bergevin and Therrien….Habs can counter goon play only by hard skating and taking a hit to make a play. Erik Cole as a valuable asset could have been traded for a goon, and while I get as hot under the collar when we get mugged, I’m glad Bergevin got Ryder instead.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

  47. Hobie Hansen says:

    Even though the Leafs 4th line is made up of heavyweights that could go toe to toe with anyone in the NHL and Our 4th line is more of the light heavyweight category, I’d WAY rather White, Moen and even Armstrong over what they’ve got.

    Our 4th line has been VERY good the past 9 games.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Armstrong played very well. They can show video of his work along the boards to young players. They’ll see how to compete hard for loose pucks while not leaving yourself exposed for a heavy hit.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      One game does not make a season…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

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