About last night …

I want Michel Therrien to start picking my lottery numbers.
And while he’s at it, the man who coaches your Montreal Canadiens can make my annoying neighbours disappear.
On the evidence of the season so far, Therrien is a magician with a golden touch.
His sorcery was in evidence even before the puck dropped Saturday night at the Bell Centre.
And after the final siren sounded, Therrien’s trickery had produced the Three Stars of the Canadiens’ 3-0 win.

Therrien had to do some personnel juggling. Brendan Gallagher was ready to return to the lineup, and the coach decided to play the rookie with David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty. Erik Cole was dropped down to the third line, with Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk.

Brandon Prust was banged up during the loss to the Islanders and missed practice on Friday and the optional morning skate on Saturday. Prust was doubtful for the visit of his former team.

But when Rene Bourque was felled by the flu, Prust was pressed into service. He took Bourque’s spot on a line with Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta.

So what did the juggling produce?

Prust played a valiant 18:23 – more ice time than any Canadiens forward except Gionta, who played 18:32.

Cole opened the scoring with his first goal since Feb. 3 – a drought of nine games. Cole added an assist and blocked three shots, part of a defensive effort that saw Canadiens not named Carey Price block more shot than the goaltender stopped in recording his shutout.

Eller’s power-play goal, late in the second period, pretty much quashed all chances of a Rangers rally. Eller who hadn’t scored since Feb. 2, had three hits, was part of a perfect 2-for-2 penalty-killing unit and played, in all three zones, like his hair was on fire – as has been the case for weeks.

Galchenyuk had a goal, an assist and was voted the game’s First Star despite playing only a shade over 13 minutes. This was reminiscent of the Canadiens’ second game of the season, a 4-1 drubbing of the Florida Panthers in which Galchenyuk’s 11 minutes of action won him First Star honours.

That was when the extravagantly talented rookie, who hadn’t turned 19 yet, was still playing his natural position.

Noting Galchenyuk’s difficulties in the faceoff circle (49-63 to date) and trying to reduce the his defensive responsibilities, which is wise in developing a kid (see SEGUIN, Tyler), Therrien has moved Galchenyuk to the wing, with Eller (who was 6-8 on draws against the Rangers) at centre. Like almost everything else the coach has tried, it seems to be working.

Their eighth win on home ice – best in the league, along with Ottawa – kept the Canadiens atop the Eastern Conference standings. And it came two weeks to the day after the team’s worst loss of the season.

Since being embarrassed 6-0 by Toronto in front of Bell Centre fans, a national television audience and the giddy Leaf-blowers employed by Hockey Night in Canada, the Canadiens have beaten Tampa Bay, Florida, Philadelphia, Carolina and, twice this week, the Rangers. And up 3-1, they should have beaten the Islanders.

In three of their last five games, the Canadiens have held opponents to fewer than 20 shots on goal.

The lineup includes seven players with at least 10 points. Eller has nine; Gallagher, Gionta and P.K. Subban have eight.

Every player in the lineup played double-digit minutes against the Rangers. As a reward for their hard work, Therrien had Ryan White, Colby Armstrong and Travis Moen out on a late-game 5-on-3 PP. That kind of thing is appreciated in the room.

There are still concerns.

Brian Gionta’s scoring slump continues. But the recent revival of Cole, the captain’s fellow upstate New York native, offers hope.

Andrei Markov played 23:27 against the Rangers, and that’s probably too much. But his defence partner, Alexei Emelin, blocked three shots and looked more confident than he has in a while.

Leading the blocked shot parade was Raphael Diaz with four. P.K. Subban was up to 21:40 of ice time and offered the Rangers and adoring Bell Centre fans a few flashes of  his surreal talent.

Can we acknowledge the obvious: No disrespect to Markov, but P.K. Subban is the best defenceman on the Montreal Canadiens. And Diaz may be number 2.

The number 1 goaltender racked up his league-leading tenth win and lowered his GAA to 1.97. Price actually looked a bit shaky in the first period, but it might have been boredom. For the first 20 minutes, the Canadiens played a cautious road game in their own building, managing a measly three shots on Martin Biron.

It was good practice for the upcoming schedule: the Canadiens play seven of their next eight on the road, starting Monday night in Ottawa and continuing Wednesday with a very rare weeknight visit to Toronto – where Therrien will try to conjure up a lineup that can finally beat the Leafs.






  1. Willy the bum says:

    Is someone gonna set up an art exhibition showing these horrible photoshops of awesomeness soon?

  2. habstrinifan says:

    Therrien and the HABS and especially last night’s game have me feeling like a school girl running barefoot in the morning dew on her first YMCA summer camp in the country. I am giddy and fresh and can be had…offering only the resistance of suppliant coquetry.

    So I went out and spent 800.00 bucks on some stooopid computer parts and decided to recapture my genius and build myself a fancy new machine…. for what real reason I do not know.

    And I took a break to come on and see a suggestion that we trade Gallagher fo O’Reilly. Keeping with the school girl analogy… I say stop being a boy with wayward eyes and enjoy the ride(wink wink).

  3. D Man says:

    Reading about Galchenyuk’s lack of success on the face-offs, I was reminded of a long ago article about Jean Beliveau starting his second full year as a Hab. He was talking about finally realizing the importance of this facet of the game. I wonder if Beliveau talks to him about this.

    You can’t be both a Habs and a Leafs fan

  4. keepthefaith says:

    Finally some brains around here from Boone. PK is the best defence man on the team and most games plays the third pairing minutes. Markov is awesome but is scared to death to get hit. He has one or two years left and he is done. Time to pass the torch.

  5. HabsfanNiagara says:

    Great first third of the season, but we are still vulnerable to big teams.
    I know it would be a bit of a gamble, but what about a trade- Gallagher for Ryan O’Reilly (assuming Bergevin could meet with him first and come to an agreement). Gives us more toughness for the playoffs….

    • commandant says:

      The only reason that Ryan O’Reilly has not signed with the Avalanche is that he has been unwilling to sign a “bridge deal”. Given Bergevin’s reluctance to give a long term big money deal to PK Subban and his insistence that PK take the bridge deal I doubt he’ll pay O’Reilly what he wants.

      Alos given the reported asking price on O’Reilly, I doubt the Avs would take a trade of Gallagher for him.

      Go Habs Go!
      Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • vegas says:

      ROR is a left handed center
      and we know his issues regarding signing a bridge contract
      If we are to get bigger up front its going to be via Desharnais and Gionta

      Same goes with the Back end
      Tinordi will replace Boullion eventually
      if we are to get a big right handed D, Diaz would have to be dropped or Markov out, Emelin back to left where he is more comfortable.
      But 2 years from now same issue as Beaulieu should be ready to replace Markov when his contract expires

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this link yet but I have heard lots of conspiracy theories of “the man keeping us down” so to speak. One’s involving the reffing against us this year are what we will review today http://www.nhl.com/ice/teamstats.htm?fetchKey=20132ALLSAAALL&sort=homeAdvantages&viewName=powerPlay for those to lazy to click right now it states we are first in the league in PP chances at 59 seven more the Detroit’s 52. It’s okay though you can still argue against the fact we are 28th in the league for times shorthanded at 80 five back of the number one most penalized teams. point is there is a reason some people don’t like us and ignorance is one of them.

    GO HABS GO!!!

  7. Danno says:

    New thread on Max possibly facing discipline


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  8. habsfan0 says:

    So, the NHL is considering holding an outdoor game at Dodger Stadium.

    Er,does it ever get THAT cold in LA to make an outdoor game even viable?

    • boing007 says:

      If they played at the break of dawn on the coldest day during the coldest month perhaps. Perhaps an evening game.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • Danno says:

      Knowing Bettman, he’ll build an outdoor rink made of Teflon or some other form of synthetic ice and have them play on that.

      Or switch to concrete and roller blades.


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • RockinRey says:

      Years ago they played in Vegas! Its not ideal but they can do it.

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    I have been a little critical of some of Therrien’s moves, but I can no longer argue with his great results. Except to say that I think he is going to burn out Markov, or get him hurt, if he does not cut his time.

  10. Ozmodiar says:

    The good thing about Patches’ hearing being over the phone is that there’s a cap on the number of games he can receive.

    The bad thing about the phone hearing is that he can’t show up with a bandaged arm and neck brace, wearing a Bruins jersey.

  11. remi_10069 says:

    that picture of MT and Cole would fail a grade 1 art class…how ghetto is this site?

    PK played very well last night, hope Cole bounces off his good game the way Pax did.

    Still think they need a bruiser D man to complete the puzzle but they are looking very good. I could see this team going a long way.


  12. Ozmodiar says:

    I expect Eller doubters to be pretty quiet today.

    pretty. pretty. pretty. pretty quiet.

    • mksness says:

      i still have doubts with the kid; although that depends on what you expect him to be. I have always seen him as a third liner so i don’t have huge point expectations. However, he is playing better, less mistakes away from the puck.

    • helluva habs fan says:

      Too bad the fans vote for the 3 stars. Eller was clearly the best player on the ice. The most impressive thing to me is how he’s making good offensive chances out of nothing. Galchenyuk’s goal is a perfect example, that play was far from dangerous looking when Eller crossed the blue line. Then he backs in the D, protects the puck with that nifty backwards turn and gives Galchenyuk time to catch up before dishing the puck.
      Then later in the game, that super-slick deke on the defenceman gets him in tight for a quality shot.
      I haven’t agreed with everyone on here regarding Eller’s mismanagement and lack of opportunities. I’ve always thought it was up to Eller to take the next step with his game and make the coach give him those opportunities. He’s doing that and more right now and I couldn’t be happier for him.

  13. Fansincebirth says:

    For the simple fact that Max hit him from behind warrants the penalty and I’ll even go as far as to agree with the phone call. Certainly not a nasty hit but something that has to be removed from the game. I expect that he will receive 2games….just because. But I wish someone would have shoved their mic in Tort’s mouth….what a piece of crap! Had to watch the replay three times to see if I could see Max leaving his feet and I don’t see it. Momentum yes….leaving his feet, no.

    Speedy recovery to Ryan McD….

  14. CaliHab says:

    If Max gets suspended, it will be the end of the NHL, they will command ZERO RESPECT.

    I am very serious when I say that there is a conspiracy going on in the highest levels of the NHL against the Canadiens, something about our team and our logo makes these people sick and makes them want to crush us down in favor of almost every other team.

    It is truly a miracle that we are not in 13th place considering that the calls have gone against us 99.9% of the time.

    If Max gets suspended, MB had better start making some serious noise.

    Schenn almost killed Gallagher and didn’t even get a minor penalty, yet Pacioretty lays down the law on that little snot McDonagh (my favorite moment of the game, if McDonagh is concussed, it will be well deserved) and might get 5 GAMES!!!


  15. JF says:

    So was it only two weeks ago that people were claiming Michel Therrien “doesn’t like” Lars Eller and is “ruining” him? Eller would play only a bit part, would fail to develop, and would likely be traded. Look at Eller now. One of our best forwards the last few games and I thought the best player on the ice last night. Therrien said after the game that he had watched Eller the last couple of years and was impressed by his talent but thought it needed only a little confidence and physical involvement for Eller to really get going. Whatever he said to him and whatever happened between Eller and sports psychologist Sylvain Guimond has certainly borne fruit.

    The transformation of Eller and the significant roles assigned to the two Gallys suggest that Therrien is good at working with young players. Benchings and demotions are used not as punishment but more as tools to help a player reach his potential. Ryan White has also responded, playing well since his benching and incurring no penalties since the Buffalo game.

    The best thing about this team is its depth. The Habs are no longer dependent on one line for most of their offensive production, as was the case last year. Ice-time is quite evenly distributed among the top three lines, and even the fourth line plays more minutes than most fourth lines. On any given night, a different line will figure as the “top” line in that it will produce most of the offence.

    The other thing is that no matter what changes Therrien makes to his lines, the parts seem to mesh well. This can only be because the players know their roles and are comfortable playing them. A contrast with last year, when it seemed roles were amorphous and subject to change from one game to another.

    Could there be some truth in speculation the last couple of years that one reason the Habs had so many serious injuries was the defensive, dump-and-chase system they played, which forced them to be always digging for pucks along the boards and exposed to hard hits? This year’s team carries the puck more, seems to move faster, and spends less time in the corners and along the boards.

    So Max Pacioretty faces a hearing for his hit on McDonagh. Yet Colton Orr faced no questions after clearly attempting to take out Plekanec’s knee, and the League did not even review Cooke’s hit on Karlsson. Where is the logic in this? Patch will almost certainly be suspended because he is a “repeat offender,” but I thought McDonagh delivered a couple of dirty hits himself.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Excellent post as usual JF!

    • mksness says:

      i hated cooke’s hit but you can’t suspend someone for what you thought they might be trying to do. if he tried to stomp on his tendon to hurt him i gotta say that would be something else. very reckless though.

      the orr hit becomes a suspension if he hits him, pleks got out of the way with no injury so it gets forgotten. some will also say the only reason why it’s almost a knee on knee is because pleks tried to avoid the hit.

      the hit i didn’t like was the schen on gally… thought that was a lil late and from behind/ boarding

      • wildwilly says:

        Good original post but I think it might be good to paste the NHL rules for “attempt to injure”:

        21.1 Match Penalty – A match penalty involves the suspension of a player for the balance of the game and the offender shall be ordered to the dressing room immediately.

        A match penalty shall be imposed on any player who deliberately attempts to injure or who deliberately injures an opponent in any manner.

        In all fairness, the NHL doesn’t seem to follow their own rules.

    • Landof10000lakesHab says:

      Good post.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      One could argue Eller’s case the other way: that his play shows that MT was in the wrong to sit him. It’s not as though Eller was a chump before MT came along. Most of us could see that he had potential that he was gradually developing. Eller sure hesitated when asked if MT had helped him. He eventually gave the right political answer but then moved on to the real answer. To me, this is on Eller rather than MT’s genius. Coaches get too much credit for their brilliance in sitting a guy. It doesn’t accomplish much in most cases and the fact that it has here is to Eller’s credit.

      I hereby end my contrary rantings. Have at me.

      • Polar Bear says:

        No, good post. I also noticed his hesitation to credit Thierren. Player development like child development is part mystery. Things just come together at some point. Worth considering though that Eller has never had set line mates or roles on the team. He’s been a jack of all trades cause coaches just cant seem to figure out where he fits best. Long term benefit of this however is he just might become a solid all around player.

  16. gumper says:

    With Subban and Diaz playing well, Markov can nicely slide into the role he ought to be filling at his age…the senior guy who can teach the kids and settle them down when needed. All those who talk about Markov having lost a step seem to forget that speed was never his game. His game was based on a very high hockey IQ. He still has that going for him. Without Markov, who fills that role? Not Gorges, who is all heart but somewhat deficient in the skills area. Not The Cube, who would likely run a close second, but just isn’t in Markov territory for wisdom and skill. Not Emelin who is still learning to play in N.A. and who just doesn’t have the skills or leadership to be a team leader. And finally, not Subban, who is often the one who needs to be settled down. This team needs Markov, and I trust Therrien to budget his ice time so that there will be gas in the tank at the end of the season when it’s most needed. Enough with the trade Markov because he’s lost a step faction. He’s not going anywhere.

    The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.
    Mark Twain

    • mdp2011 says:

      For all those saying Markov should be traded, I took this from a Steve Hindle article from a year ago and doesn’t include this years record.

      ” Since then, Andrei Markov has played a total of 212 games, helping the Habs to a record of 117-68-27 when in the lineup.

      The injured Markov has missed 173 of those 385 games, and Montreal’s felt the loss as they have managed to boast a record barely over .500 of 77-75-21.”

  17. kempie says:

    So Pacioretty has a hearing today. Christ NHL make up your mind. It was a hockey play on Gallagher this week. Hockey plays on Max & Prust. Max returned the favour & put a hockey play on McDonagh. You made it perfectly clear that’s how you want to handle this stuff.

    If somebody hockey plays you, just hockey play them right back*

    * Unless there’s a Hab involved, then we just make stuff up as we go.

    • Danno says:

      Agree 100%


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • mksness says:

      dude, take your fan glasses off for a second and watch the replay… he left his feet. he’ll get 1 game most likely. leaving your feet to hit someone is a reckless play.

      • Landof10000lakesHab says:

        Max is a repeat offender – not so sure if only one game.

        I was thinking last year that Bourque’s poor play was as a result of coming to Habville shortly after back-to-back suspensions, leaving the power fwd feeling uncertain of resuming the style that made him previously sucessful.

        I would worry more if same happened to Max, as it took him several games to come around after the Letang suspension.

  18. habfan53 says:

    June 20th 2013
    HEADLINE Canadiens win 25th Cup
    Fan reaction “well next year will tell if we really have a team”

  19. sirs81 says:

    Our Boy has a hearing at 4pm today….

    • The Cat says:

      I cant see a suspension, if anything Mcdonagh should get one for being stupid by being so lackadaisical about his well being.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • sirs81 says:

        He might get a game or a fine depending on how he reacts during the hearing. He did jump on the hit… I do wish they would be consistent with fines/suspensions.

      • helluva habs fan says:

        I think he might get a game. McDonagh did turn into the hit at the last second, which works in Patch’s favour. I don’t think it was intended to be a hit fropm behind. But leaving his feet like that and bloodying up McDonagh’s nose could tip the league towards suspension.

        Any word on McDonagh’s status, injured or concussed?

    • CaliHab says:

      If he get’s suspended, it will be the end of the NHL, they will command ZERO RESPECT.

      I am very serious when I say that there is a conspiracy going on in the highest levels of the NHL against the Canadiens, something about our team and our logo makes these people sick and makes them want to crush us down in favor of almost every other team.

      It is truly a miracle that we are not in 13th place considering that the calls have gone against us 99.9% of the time.

      If Max gets suspended, MB had better start making some serious noise.

      Schenn almost killed Gallagher and didn’t even get a minor penalty, yet Pacioretty lays down the law on that little snot McDonagh (my favorite moment of the game, if McDonagh is concussed, it will be well deserved) and might get 5 GAMES!!!


  20. Lafleurguy says:

    John Tortorella had a “perfect storm” of a team back in ’04. Feaster pilfering M. St. Louis from Calgary (“small guys can’t succeed in the NHL”), Khabibulin playing like a “wall” for the only time in his career (well, became a “half-wall” in the Oilers’ ’07 SC appearance), Lecavalier unaware of sunsports just yet, hidden gems in young-players Dan Boyle and Brad Richards. Lots of talent in Gotham City, but their weakest link is you-know-who.

    Riddle: How do you torture Tortorella?
    Answer: Hire him as a coach.

    Joke: As a head coach, Tortorella makes a good TV analyst. (I think why he hated “The Quiz” on TSN was he found the questions too difficult)

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  21. habfan53 says:

    Can we finally stop with 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd.
    Under the current coach they are getting the same ice time and responsibilities.
    Last night the “3rd line” scored all 3 goals does’nt that make them the 1st line?
    Even the so called 4th line is getting valuable time and responsibilities, White taking the faceoff Tuesday with the game on the line and being on the PP last night to end the game
    Look at the scoring even that is pretty even 10 with more than 10 points including Markov and Diaz that leaves 8 plus Gallagher, Eller and Gionta that is 11 players within 6 points of each other pretty even.

    There are no superstars up front (not yet anyways) so lets stop with the numbered lines already

    Like the DODGERS “Wait till next year”

  22. Chrisadiens says:

    Lars Eller, that is all.


    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  23. HabinBurlington says:

    We continue to remain near the top of the league in Regulation and OverTime wins. This could be critical for tiebreaker as we get to playoffs. Only Chicago has more Regulation/Overtime wins with 12 compared to our 11.

  24. Gazza Strip says:

    Good game last night. While it’s still early in the season, the franchise is headed in the right direction. Barring any major injuries, I like our club. I wouldn’t be so quick to trade Markov. Even at 80% he is still one of our best and easily our smartest player. The next 8 games will really tell us all if we are contenders or rebuilding.
    Really excited to be going to the Bruins game next Sunday. Taking girlfriend and her two kids into enemy territory. I’ve found a way to confuse Bruins fans. Just wear a Red Sox hat. They see the Habs jersey and the Sox hat and they don’t know what to say or do. It’s hilarious and authentic as I am also a Red Sox and Patriot fan. This collection of favorite teams isn’t that strange in N.B.
    Last thought. BEAT THE LEAFS

  25. ed says:

    unless the Rangers are hit with bad injuries, they will make the playoffs, and they have all the weapons to make noise in the playoffs.

    Last night we didn’t see Lundqvist, Del Zotto, or Nash.

    Those are 3 of the best and most valuable players on the Rangers’ roster.

    They are only a few points out of a playoff spot, and the Leafs will fall out of that position by mid to late March.

    re: the Brooks article Burly sited below.

    Brooks likes to stir the pot, like a HIO troll, except he gets paid big, big money to do it, and the trolls usually are brighter.

    The Habs get full marks for their win last night, but that was not a complete Rangers roster out there either.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Good coaching should find ways to get the team to win when missing players, over the short term. However, it takes organizational depth, I think what is being exposed is the lack of depth the Rangers have. Biron played fine last night. Perhaps of bigger concern for the Rangers is just how bad is Nash with this concussion.

      • ed says:

        NHL coaches get too much credit for wins and take too much of the blame for losses.

        Hockey is not football or basketball where coaching during the game makes a huge difference.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          You are probably right, but it appears the guys in Ranger blue aren’t playing too well for Torts at the moment. I also still believe they gave up too much depth in their search for yet another big name player in Nash.

    • The Cat says:

      I dont believe they will. Thats a team that will not do well on the road this year. Line match some pesky muscle against their top line and they got nothing.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  26. Chrisadiens says:

    So Max’s hearing is today. I have zero faith in Shanahan. We should start preparing for a few games without Max. The hit looked fine to me but as dad already said, I’m biased. The MSG announcers weren’t even convinced it was a bad hit. Claiming “maybe he left his feet”. Its not like Max jumped at McDonagh, he just finished a check like everyone else does. Hell, Matt Cooke jumps and uses his skate to sever tendons.

    This may be more conspiracy theory talk, but I think Max gets 5 games cause he’s a Hab.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Is he getting a phone call? If so I think 3 games is the most they give over the phone. Given all the other hits that haven’t been given a suspension I would think he gets away with it, but Shanahan is a bit of a streaky suspender and just finished handing out a few this week, so he could be on a roll.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I did like the payback though. He has taken his fair share of crappy hits! So it was about time that Patches send a message.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Maybe Shanahan is just back from vacation and wants Pacioretty´s opinion on Luke Schenn´s hit which concussed Gallagher?

      • Chrisadiens says:

        That’s just it Bob. Its hard to not think there is some conspiracy when Schenn’s hit on Gally was 10 times worse than Max’s and didn’t even warrant a hearing.

        Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

        • Bob_Sacamano says:

          True. Had Schenn gotten a four game suspension I could live with two games for Pacioretty. As the Schenn one was completely overlooked it´s ridiculous we even have to discuss Pacioretty´s hit.

    • HabFab says:

      The Montreal Canadiens forward has a phone hearing scheduled for 4pm et Sunday with NHL Director of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan for his hit on New York Rangers defenceman Ryan McDonagh in the Canadiens’ 3-0 win Saturday night.

    • deuce6 says:

      Call me stupid, but Orr leaving his leg out on Plex was just as bad, if not worse, than what Pacioretty did to McDonagh, last night…Orr had intention to amputate Plex’ leg with his own..Pacioretty was finishing a check…Orr got nothing…

      The NHL has to start punishing intent rather than outcome…


      Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  27. Psycho29 says:

    Comment from a Ranger blog this morning:

    “Is it me or does Richards suddenly feel like Scott Gomez. Maybe it’s time for McDonaugh trade #2 ”

    Thank goodness Marc Bergevin has blocked Sather’s phone number…

  28. Ian Cobb says:

    Boys and Girls! Is this team for real this year? Or will they fall off the rails.? What ever is going on in Mtl. these days, is for certain a lot of fun to watch.! But now we are on the road for 7 games out of the next 8.

    Below is how much we have improved in all 3 categories over last week, in the 30 team league!

    Total points—-26, for 2nd place. Last week 19, for 5th place.

    Goals for——-52, for 8th place.. Last week 40, for 10th place.

    Goals against-39, for 3rd place.. Last week 34, for 8th place.

    I have been a little critical of some of Therrien’s moves, but I can no longer argue with his great results. Except to say that I think he is going to burn out Markov, or get him hurt, if he does not cut his time.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Ian – I’ve forgotten how many ‘free get out of jail’ cards there are in Monopoly but Subban could sure use one.

      No one in Hab land could have predicted a start like this. No one. Same goes for Anaheim.

      I’ve got to hand it to the Sens, their performance since losing Spezza and Karlsson is unbelievable. Could you imagine waking up one day to realize that Pleks and Subban were gone for the year?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Ian, I thought Markov looked better last night. I wonder if he is finally starting to hit game shape. I still think he needs his minutes managed, but I have to believe MT and Andrei talk to each other and are aware of what is in teams best interest.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Well Gerald, me thinks when older players legs get tired by the 3rd, they are less effective and take penalties.

        The better you spread out the work load over your roster, the fresher players will be. Especially this year, with such a tight schedule.

      • HabFab says:

        I have the feeling that MT is trying to have a balanced D like his forward lines with 3 2nd line combos instead of a 1.2.3. And considering the compressed schedule, this is exactly the way to go.

  29. Habshire says:

    Great game last night. Now the road.

    Proposed new realignment for next year…


    • 24 Cups says:

      This proposal overloads the East which is a bit of a problem down the road in terms of Phoenix, Quebec City and Markham.

      Of course they could just reshuffle the deck one more time when the need arises.

      • HabFab says:

        One of the proposals being discussed in conjunction is another 2 team expansion to make 4 8-team conferences. The two top spots are Quebec and Seattle for those. Detroit would then have to go back West while Detroit has been fighting for some time to be transferred to the East. In fact it is rumored that Detroit has for some time had some commitment from the NHL to facilitate this.

        • Ian Cobb says:

          True dat my friend!. Detroit were promised to be moved back to the east on the next configuration.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Frank – How long can Bettman let the Phoenix fiasco go on?

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Steve, I have said this before but I think it goes on for awhile longer. The lawsuit that would follow from Moyes and Balsillie could change the NHL landscape as it relates to franchise movement.

            The NHL insisted the team couldn’t be moved thus costing Moyes Hundreds of millions. Because that team was in Bankruptcy there are court records indicating the insistence of the League that movement was not allowed. For the NHL to now allow the team to move would jeopardize everything.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Steve! the next two cities are Halifax and Saskatoon!. Moves from the Palm Tree states. Then Quebec after that.

  30. Hobie Hansen says:

    By some stroke of luck or brilliance, Geoff Molson has thrown the correct ingredients in a bottle, mixed them up and we’ve got a one heck of an organization.

    Could it fall apart, sure. But for right now we’re a fantastic hockey club. For the majority of the last 20 years teams have arrived in Montreal knowing that all the hoopla and history that is the Montreal Canadiens, no longer applies.

    Other teams and other cities see Montreal as a “has been” and chuckle when we bring up the fact we’ve won 24 cups, that’s ancient history. Sure we’re passionate and crazy fans but it’s been a bunch of noise over nothing the last 20 years.

    We’ve been completely duped by guys like Rejan Houle, Bob Gainey, Andre Savard and Pierre Gauthier. I’m sure those guys gave it their all but they gave us a complex that nothing ever goes right in Montreal anymore and to almost expect failure. Tuning in every year for 20 years as a fan and getting your heart broken or just being plain embarrassed does some damage to a fan.

    I don’t think it was any of the coaches faults that have been here over the last 20 years. For the majority of the time it has seemed that the Canadiens had no big star players. Lots of great second tier guys but other teams show up with superstars on their rosters.

    So when Marc Bergevin hired Michel Therrien the fans looked back at his first tenure, and the fact that the team has stunk for so long, they just are so used to failure and disappointment they automatically started dumping on Therrien.

    Therrien has been brilliant. Handing every player on the team in a specific way. Look at Subban out there, he is amazing! Subban is cool, calm and collective and playing better than ever. Therrien has inspired Lars Eller, Ryan White and gave Cole a kick in the pants last night too. And Therrien’s handling of Gallagher and Galchenyuk has been off the charts. Therrien seems to know just what lines to throw out their each night, period or shift.

    Hats off to Geoff Molson, Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien!

    • mdp2011 says:

      I hated the Therrien hire, thought it was a huge mistake, but have to admit, he has really impressed me so far.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Great Post Hobie! I can’t remember who said it, maybe 24Cups, but MB will have to give PG a big thanks for positioning the team to get Galchenyuk, he will be the straw that stirs this drink for years to come!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      In fairness to Gainey, that was a heck of a team he assembled in his first go.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Of all the guys I mentioned I admire Gainey the most. I wouldn’t say the team he assembled was amazing but they did click for one miracle playoff run.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I find it hard to criticize to the man. He must get some, but I hate to do it. He did however, restore some luster in the organization I believe. That playoff run seemed to re-inspire the orgnanziation to yearn for success again.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Nice insight about “lots of nice second-tier” guys. Pricey, Markov and Komisarek as all-stars in our Centennial year was a bit of a sham (was the first Alex the Great in that game?) Theodore’s Vezina in 2002 was legit, but Conn Smythe? (no scoring in those days). The Golden Rookie winning the Calder will be extremely satisfying. In approximate terms, last fall’s ranking of top 50 current players by THN had only one Hab, Patches, at around 44. He was around 7th as best left-wingers, Subbie/Subbang Baby was 12th among D, and Carey was around 6th.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Cal says:

      It’s been a long time coming, Hobie. The Habs Express has left the station. 🙂

  31. HabinBurlington says:

    Larry Brooks speculating whether the Blueshirts will exercise an amnesty buyout on either Richards or Gaborik this off season.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Surely the real solution is to fire Glen Sather. He continues to make the same expensive mistake over and over.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I find it interesting Brooksy isn’t questioning how Torterella is getting so little out of these guys also. Has Brooks really softened up on the coach? As for Sather, he must have photos of Dolan somewhere. He allowed the heart and soul of his team to leave the dressing room last year and replace it with more high price names… Dubinsky and Prust seemed to me were the heart and soul of that team last year.

    • deuce6 says:

      Adding a guy like Nash was the right thing to do because the NYR were a bona fide playoff team with a stellar D and a great Goalie, but when you have to give up so much depth to land him, is it really worth it? I mean, Dubinsky was a real leader/gritty player for the NYR, Anisimov brought offensive creativity to the deeper lines, Prust (UFA) was a warrior for them in all aspects (PK being a huge one), and Erixon was a good depth/7th defensman..Not including the 1st rounder they gave up in the Nash deal..

      Sather was thinking the right way, but losing so much of your roster in a trade and UFA will hurt..I think it was just a dumb trade for the NYR…


      Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  32. huggey bear71 says:

    good going guys .
    keep your heads up tough road ahead !

  33. 24 Cups says:

    Galchenyuk moving to left wing solves two problems at once. The Habs finally fill the hole on the left side that has been there since training camp and also alleviate the over crowding at centre. As Mike stated, it also gets our weakest faceoff man out of the circle.

    The real beauty of this team is the fact that there are no distinct numbered lines in terms of ability and production. This isn’t a one line hockey team like Buffalo. One line teams can only go so far. Too easy to shut down in the playoffs.

    Gionta has always been a streaky player in terms of scoring. It’s a weakness but he’ll come around. As for his future, if he’s willing, I can see him staying on as captain while he mans a lesser line with limited minutes. Let the natural progression of talent take it’s course and sign on for reasonable coin. Three years from now MaxPac steps in as captain. What about Gorges? When this guy’s role diminishes you know you’re getting closer to the Cup. He’s good in many ways, but also a bit limited and overrated.

    Eight point cushion on the final playoff spot. The points the team is now accumulating is like putting money away in a RSP. Should come in handy when the team falls back down to earth or goes on the upcoming road trip.

    +13GD. Most teams with a level or plus GD usually make the playoffs.

    Let’s say this resurgence continues into April and the Habs nail down a playoff spot. IF they do trade for a large, physical Dman, which present defenseman gets pulled out of the line-up? In theory, the idea of upgrading the size of the D makes sense. In reality, it might prove to be challenging.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Excellent point about the balance on the forward lines 24. Rolling 4 and getting contributions from all of them. Also agreed with your point about Gionta. When Gionta isn’t scoring he does so many other things to contribute. Last night he was a beast on the PK.
      And Galchenyuk? Maybe it’s the number he wears but when you watch him skate from behind he does kind of resemble Frank Mahovlich a little bit, no?


      • 24 Cups says:

        I can still see it now – The Big M moving up the ice with one hand on the stick as he shuffles the puck in front of him. I don’t think people realize how fast he truly was due to his height and size.

        If Galchenyuk can be as good as Mahovlich then the Habs on their way.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Morning Steve! Totally agree with your point of the position at center. So now the question becomes who goes where for the return of Bourque? Does Bourque skate on the 4th line for a game? Or does Prust get a game off to rest, as he is taking a beating these last few games.

      • 24 Cups says:

        If the team becomes healthy you have to figure that Armstrong is the odd man out. If posters are really honest, Moen hasn’t been setting the world on fire.

        A 4th line of Moen/White/Prust is a huge upgrade on previous years. I still cringe at the sight of Weber on the RW.

        There will always be injuries so players like Armstrong, Kaberle and Weber will come in handy. St Denis and Leblanc could also help out if need be. I can’t see a need for any trades at the present moment.

    • boing007 says:

      Galchenyuk still has the skills of a centreman (except for faceoffs) while playing on the left wing. Good combination.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

    • HabFab says:

      Having three 2nd lines works for me, along with a real 4th NHL line instead of some defenseman and kids from the AHL playing out of role. Yeah baby! Works for me.

  34. Habfan10912 says:

    Gomez is now giving the Habs AND the Sharks their monies worth. (sarcasm) This from the Sharks blog.

    Gomez is still looking for his first goal as a Shark and has played mostly in a third or fourth line role. Using him alongside Marleau and Pavelski should increase the odds he’ll contribute more offensively, but Gomez seemed more excited about just being back in the lineup after being scratched three of the last four games than who he’d be skating with.

    “Main thing is we’ve got to start winning, we’ve got to start finding something, we’ve got to start scoring goals,” Gomez said. “Our goaltending and defense have been outstanding and now it’s kind of a challenge to us forwards. You’re not going to win many hockey games scoring one goal.”

    By the way in 15 minutes on the top 2 lines last night, no goals, no assist. Good in the room though.


  35. HabinBurlington says:

    A very well played game by Les Habitants last night. While the first period was dull, and the team was outshot, it didn’t seem like the Rangers had great chances. With the intermission it seemed the team came out with a focused and renewed energy.

    The line of Galcheynuk/Eller/Cole was impressive to watch. COle I had felt the last couple games was showing signs of coming to life and indeed he was rewarded with these new linemates. Eller and Galchenyuk seem to have a nice chemistry between them and COle had no problem fitting in.

    The Defence played well, I thought Markov seemed sharper last night than he had in some previous games, and PK played an excellent game with Frankie B.

    All the while Price made no mistakes keeping the Rangers demoralized. And many people it seemed have or were dumping on Gionta throughout the game and earlier in the week. Well full marks to GIonta/Plex/Prust as they completely shut down the Rangers number one line. Gionta also got a number of good scoring chances, he may be snake bitten for goals, but he is still playing a solid game at both ends, getting into scoring position throughout. His goals will come, but last night his role in shutting down Gaborik/Richards was worth more than 1 goal on the scoresheet.

    I am concerned the league will discipline Max, and I worry that if indeed he gets a 2-3 game suspension this could take some edge off his game. Last season after his suspension he seemed to lack edge for awhile, and perhaps the same happened with Bourque last season. I guess we shall see.

    Good Morning everyone!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning friend! I know I am biased but I didn’t even see Max’s hit as being a penalty. I thought it was a shoulder to shoulder hit. I know the Rangers attention turned automatically to lobbying after the game and that scares me.


      • HabinBurlington says:

        Morning Jim, yes I felt the same way, but given the Rangers PR work on the hit, I am concerned. I thought the defenceman in question laid a questionable hit on Max earlier in the game, a number clearly was taken.

      • 24 Cups says:

        The hit was payback for the cheap hit on MaxPac along the bench boards.

        There is no doubt that MaxPac gave it a little extra. The boarding penalty was the right call but based on past situations I’m not sure it warrants a suspension.

        The real problem here is that many of us (especially me) criticize the lack of punishment by the league for these type of plays. Once the shoe is on the other foot….

      • HabFab says:

        His skates did leave the ice…not as much as Torts was suggesting but still.

      • rnnoble says:

        Also, Max has been suspended before. He might start being treated as a repeat offender.

    • mdp2011 says:

      Morning HIB, I was at the game last night and the Max hit happened right in front of me. It happened so fast so didn’t really see if Max left his feet and still haven’t seen the replay. One thing I could see from my view was that Mcdonough’s face was flattened against the glace, like a bug on windshield, really scary for him.

  36. Lafleurguy says:

    Torturella was extremely jealous that he couldn’t use his fourth line to eat clock. Sorry about this, but they did suck.
    Congrats to 44har48 for being the first HIO Poster to name the Golden Rookie as his favorite current Hab.
    Nasty crash at practice in Daytona. Thanks Jim for ramping up my interest in NASCAR

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Morning Bud, seemed Torterella became the Artful Dodger in press conference managing to take the focus away from his Dung Odoured hockey team and squarely on the Max hit.

      Jim has renewed my interest in Nascar as well, heading to a friends place on the south side of Burlington today to watch the good ol boys this afternoon. Cheers Neighbour!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Guy and Gerald and a Happy Race Day to both of you. Weather looks spotty for Daytona today so be prepared for some delays.
      I think Torts is losing this team. You don’t sit arguably your best player for an entire period on the road to prove a point. The rest of the team seemed to quit after that. He’s taking a lot of heat today from the NY fan base.


  37. p_fal says:

    About tomorrow night: MTL has 26 pts with no injury issues. SENS have 24 pts and major injury issues. What does that tell us?

    On another note, sure glad Armstrong is signed for only one year. However, Moen has a 4 year contract at nearly 2M per year, that’s cause for concern.

    Finally, nothing against him but Emelin should sit out a game or two. He’d come back even better.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Their GM is one of the best. The unheralded individuals he has hired as coach since firing JM are and were very effective. Have you ever seen MacLean lose his cool?

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • DAVE. N says:

      Not certain why you wish to see Emelin out of the line up…replaced by who? Kaberle? Weber? Why would you want to take out one of the better shot blockers and physical D-men on a team that needs them? and going on the road, where a shut down defence is the teams game plan?

  38. ed says:

    Thrilled that the Habs are playing so well and winning. Looks easy.

    Just a friendly reminder about Therrien:

    He has always been an excellent coach when his team is winning and everything is going well.
    It’s when he has faced serious adversity that he has lost his control and hurt his team.
    Hopefully the therapy will kick in if the Habs ever face adversity this season – and Therrien’s weakness will be long forgotten.

    And a word about Subban.

    That’s very cool of Boone to recognize Subban as the Habs #1 d-man.

    There were many doubters on this site; comparing him to Del Zotto even though Subban is great defensively; calling Subban selfish and not a team player; posting that he is still “learning” how to become a #1 d-man; pointing out that Markov’s play in the first few games was proof positive of all Subban lacked as a #1 d-man.

    Good call Boone!

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Greetings. I’m speculating that a big difference between MT’s time in Pittsburg and his status with us now is the large number of hockey savvy people his is surrounded by here. Even Bergevin would have more credible input than Ray Shero had, strictly because of a long playing career. I doubt the ownership of any other club would have candidly communicated with the fans like Mr. Geoff Molson did last season (although he subtly threw Randy Cunneyworth under the bus), certainly not the pompous asses at MLSE. Rick Dudley, Scott Mellanby, Gerard Gallant, Jean Jacques Daigneault, Larry Carriere–solid people to have at or near the front lines.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

      • ed says:

        Therrien has (had) anger management issues. Those are his own demons. He must take responsibility for them and own them. Yes., there is a great supporting cast here now – I believe Dudley is the best of the bunch. But it comes down to Therrien, the man. When push comes to shove he will need to answer the bell for his own behaviour.

  39. Mavid says:

    I love the picture, I think it is hilarious..what a twisted imagination he has..my kinda guy..

  40. Habfan10912 says:

    This site has stolen our friend Habfan0’s avatar. Check out the comment section. The fans sure do miss Prust. Next Holiday season my brother the Ranger fan gets a “Thank You” card.


  41. The Cat says:

    Prust has disloged Subban as my favourite hab. What a great signing!

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  42. Mustang says:

    While Chicago is in first place, our Habs are in second place overall. However Anaheim is only 1 point back with 3 games in hand and the Bruins (boooooooooooooo) are 4 points back with 4 games in hand.

    Who would have thought that our Habs would be in 2nd place overall with the season nearing the half way mark? MT is getting the best out of the team and it sure is nice to see Eller getting more ice time.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Ah yes, Eller. Last night was a great example of team balance and secondary scoring. The Rangers have not yet found that and our Habs are rolling 4 lines and getting scoring from all 4 as well.
      As the article above over states, MT seems to have a knack thus far in finding combinations that seem to work well together. And yes, it’s great to see Eller given an opportunity to showcase his talent.

  43. RockinRey says:

    I say quietly take offers for Markov, to see what you can get for him. Perhaps a draft pick and a serviceable roster player.

    See this as a business decision. Nothing personal. He has been a great Hab. We all know he as lost a couple of steps …

    While they are at it clear out Weber and Kaberle for something too!!

    • Cal says:

      Yeah, things are going well. Let’s change that. In a word: NO!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Perhaps Markov has indeed lost a step but his game is adjusting to that fact. He is still so darn smart with the puck and his first pass out of the zone is by far the best on the team. Markov also makes whoever he is paired with look better. Markov is still this teams best defenceman (PK is getting closer) and in my opinion a BIG reason why the Habs are 12-4-2 and not 4-12-2.


    • The Cat says:

      I say yes to that, depending on what you can get. The risks will begin to augment as the games get tighter/more physical, the problem is the other teams know this as well. If Markov is struggling now, it aint likely to get better.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Gally27 says:

      Hope you are joking.

    • ont fan says:

      So you want to trade your 3rd best defenseman, for say, a draft pick and replace him with? Maybe a few tough guys? Are you in a playoff race or not? If you’re going to do that you may as well trade everyone over 25. I guess we must be in the same position as when Souray and Koiuvo were here. Trade ’em in a playoff race.

      • RockinRey says:

        Actually I was. I thought they missed the boat on both of them. They both just happened to walk away for nothing. You must have been the same guy who thought Kovalev really got slashed and feighned injury at the blue line while the Bruins walked in and scored.

    • DAVE. N says:

      yup…let’s get rid of all the D-men…nothing personal, just a business decision…let’s shake the team up that is 2nd overall..

  44. Cal says:

    That pic reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    Another smothering effort in all three zones by Les Boys. Chucky making a BIG difference despite limited ice time. Eller finally playing like we all hoped he would. A D corps still lacking a brute, but playing well enough to win 2 out of every 3 games. Price playing lights out game in game out.
    Credit must go back to Molson and Savard for choosing the right GM. That domino effect led to Therrien and the crew he has to keep all the players ready and able to follow the game plan. A little over a third of the way, this team has outperformed in almost everybody’s estimation of them. The Habs are proving many hockey panelists very wrong. The only thing now is for them to keep it up when inevitable injuries show up. So far, I am very Habby with this club.

    It’s Sunday, so it must be time for another tune:http://calshabsongparodies.weebly.com

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Morning Cal! There are probably many that visit here, especially during the game blog, that have no idea who Rocky and Bullwinkle are, eh? You are right about the whole culture changing for our team. We heard Gionta and Price talking about that very thing this past week. They told us the team would be harder to play against. They are that for sure.


  45. Marc10 says:

    How good did that win feel? Prust looked better than every Ranger in uniform. Nash is a great player, but it has cost them. They’ll struggle to make the playoffs I reckon. Gaborik is useless, Richards is two steps behind, their D is losing men by the period. Not a good look… Oh and their coach is a little B…. a little bit of a sore loser who is out of answers and fast running out of lifelines.

    But enough about losers. The Habs are a hard team to contain when they step on the gas and pressure the opposition. It makes for entertaining hockey and in this conference… the boys can beat anybody. They just need to keep skating, play tight, disciplined hockey, and Carey will do the rest.

    I was convinced this team wasn’t a playoff team… I’m eating that crow with extra sauce and loving it!

    • Cal says:

      I hear crow goes well with molasses, as long as the bird is roasted long enough. 😉
      I haven’t felt this good about the Habs roster in years.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Great post Marc. I must admit there are still times during a game that I see last years versions of the Habs. The first period last night saw long stretches of our dman chasing the puck around and failing to clear the puck out of our zone. But out came the second period and a completely different group of players step out on the ice or though it seemed. Much more easier on the eyes for sure.


  46. shootdapuck says:

    Why is there no discussion on Max and his potential suspension?

    NHL’s second ‘darlings’ the NYR no doubt are going to be whining ‘a sotto voce’ to Buttman etal.

    Buttman etal will act as usual in order to quiet the noise with right or wrong being irrelevant.

    The cranial flatulence of PJ Stock:

    “On peut play cette game tres simplement”
    “Le game est tous de hard work”
    ” I have a pet peeve”

    • Da Hema says:

      Dr. Recchi authoritatively stated Ryan McDonagh was faking it. What more needs to be said about the subject?

    • Marc10 says:

      Ever since the LA Kings won the cup on the back of the now patented ‘Goligoski move’, ie, to intentionally turn your back into an oncoming forecheck, the League has seen fit to look the other way.

      Were this the playoffs and the Rangers, Flyers or Bruins in dire need of a win, you might get a call. Otherwise, it’s open season.

    • Cal says:

      Considering McDonagh’s cheap shots on both MaxPac and Prust, I’d say karma was in play when MaxPac thumped him. Good on MaxPac.

    • boing007 says:

      PJ Stock: ” I have a pet peeve”. It’s a cross between a gerbil and a hamster.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  47. shootdapuck says:

    Anyone know what happened to our eloquent contributer from Whistler?

    Doesn’t seem the same without Un Canadien Errant!

    The cranial flatulence of PJ Stock:

    “On peut play cette game tres simplement”
    “Le game est tous de hard work”
    ” I have a pet peeve”

  48. HaBo says:

    My last 2 cents; yes, Gionta is not a top 6 player anymore, but get over it. We’re stuck w him cause of his contract but he’s been skating and working his nuts off; his back checking has been tremendous and he’s still been getting scoring chances every game. He’ll start popping some again.

    Accept him as a 2- way, 2nd/ 3rd line guy who (sadly) will miss too many chances but he’s still contributing to the team game.
    Stop looking only at his scoring stats but I agree with those who say reduce his PP time.

    The top 3 lines have been trading spots as the primary offensive contributors which is about as balanced an attack as one can ever hope for. Enjoy the ride while we can folks !!

  49. on2ndthought says:

    Can we acknowledge the obvious: No disrespect to Markov, but P.K. Subban is the best defenceman on the Montreal Canadiens. And Diaz may be number 2.

    No Mike, these are our best offensive Dmen, our best is Gorges, and Bouillon is awesome; fast and hard in his zone, calm almost always.
    Markov has lost a step, is one of the best thinkers on ice, has never been physical; Diaz is in his mold and that is awesome , but we need both Gorges and someone with size

    • HaBo says:

      Nice to see someone else appreciate Bouillon. He’s prob our most unheralded player this year! It’s hard to criticize any of the d-men so far. Emelin has been the most inconsistent overall.

      Yes, size is definitely an issue still but, in large part, our mobile, quick and smart D = 1st Place! Hard to argue w results. (Of course there’s more to it than only that but….).

      One guy i’m hoping habs could grab somehow is Fraser from T.O. as a 6th d-man. Maybe via wavers, ie. ‘before’ we climbed the standings lately, but
      they may not be returning him to the marlies now: a really big, heavy, tough but decent player imo.

  50. Marc10 says:

    That is one terrible photo collage…

    Almost as bad as Tortorella’s whining. I do love it when we beat that guy. And a 3-0 shutout is icing on the cake. The Rangers are in big, big trouble. Half the guys in the lineup look like they’re from the American Hockey League and it’s hard to know if they’ll be able to dress 6 Dmen.

    Great win by Les Boys… and props to the coaches again. Keep it going!

    • H.Upmann says:

      My prediction: they will fire Torts and hire Lindy Ruff…. and then we will find a NYR team that is much harder to play against. Torts is too emotional, and you just can`t lead like that.. Lindy Ruff on the other hand keeps cool but knows when to burst. If there is anyone that can revitalize the Rangers, it`s him…….. but whatever, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • shootdapuck says:

        But when?

        The cranial flatulence of PJ Stock:

        “On peut play cette game tres simplement”
        “Le game est tous de hard work”
        ” I have a pet peeve”

  51. The Jackal says:

    Off topic a bit – does anyone have NHL Centre Ice Live?
    I just got it recently and I’ve been disappointed by some games that they black out.
    Some Habs games on RDS that are not on other channels have been blacked out for no reason and with no notice.
    Also, Habs games on TSN-Habs and CBC-Montreal are also blacked out even if you are outside the region – why is this so inconsistent? Just like the reffing and the penalization of head shots!
    Does anyone else think this is total BS? Am I using the wrong service?
    I’ve just complained to them twice, but obviously that won’t do much.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …I’m out in BC …ordered Center Ice for first time instead of the French-package including RDS

      …actually, luckily Telus gave it to Me for free for 2 weeks …I think I was able to watch only one Habs games because of those black-outs

      …I canceled CI before the 2 weeks gratis period was over and re-ordered RDS

      …yes, the black-outs suck

    • BJ says:

      Try http://www.hockeystreams.com (tons of hockey available. Just be sure you have good bandwidth as they have had some streaming problems).

    • Humungosaur says:

      Try firstrowsports for coverage of almost any sport around the world. Not great, lots of ads, but you get to see the games.

  52. Timo says:

    Anyone still awake?

  53. Habilis says:

    Kaberle to Calgary for their first round pick this summer.

    I know, I know. But how awesome would that be? We’re already cheering for them to bottom out, might as well go whole hog.

  54. Timo says:

    Btw, with all that Habs win bruhaha… did anyone notice that ma man MAB scored tonight?! The dude is a beast.

  55. Timo says:

    That was one solid win, I must say. Rangers do suck though and while a real measuring stick games would be against the Hawks, this was a good way to come back after a crappy loss.

    It was a good game to watch.

    Gionta still is sucking and is rapidly approaching Scotty Gomez territory. Can we get rid of this Gainey’s era relic? Any warm body that doesn’t get easily shoved off the puck will do.

    Fearless prediction – game against the Sens won’t be a walk in the park.

    • Habilis says:

      Gionta needs a road trip. Time away from the wife and little kids. Watch him in the next few weeks. I’m betting/hoping he busts out. If not, they may have to bury him on the 4th line for a while.

    • savethepuck says:

      Can I ask why everyone following the Blackhawk is saying that they are undefeated in 17 games in regulation, but when it comes to the Habs, an OT loss is so bad?. Since the Saturday night embarrassment to the Laffs, the Habs are undefeated in 7 games in regulation too, but it is looked at differently xue to a double standard.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  56. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …anyone listening to Gionta’s guesting on l’Antichambre tonight will understand why the Guys are playing more contentedly and aggressively under Therrien

    …I have to say, after maligning Therrien’s hiring all summer, how much I enjoy the show He has produced by Our Habs so far this season

    …the Man may implode, I don’t know …maybe We will all wake up and pinch Ourselves this was a mirage …but, for this moment I wouldn’t trade Therrien for Boucher, Kirk or Roy all rolled together

    …now, Larry Robinson ? …hmmm ? ……ah, ask Me in the morning 🙂

    • Da Hema says:

      It still bothers me immensely that the Canadiens allowed a rift to develop between the organization and Larry Robinson in the first place. That should never have happened. The club tolerated all of Lafleur’s crap — and Bird never comported himself in the frequently shameful way Lafleur did.

      • H.Upmann says:

        Life is funny eh? Therrien has been given a second chance. Thats a beautiful thing

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …I’m surprised Bob Gainey didn’t bring-in Robinson at some point …that baffled Me

        …possibly Bob thought Larry may take up too much media oxygen from Himself ? …who knows

        …all I know Larry Robinson as a Coach or Assistant Coach would have made Our past 20 years slogging through the desert much more bearable

        • Da Hema says:

          I think Larry made a clear statement to the Canadiens when he asked Lou Lamoriello to stand with him on the ice when his Montreal jersey number was retired back in 2007.

          Edit: That said, Wikipedia states Robinson “…indicated he was interested in becoming an assistant coach with the Montreal Canadiens, however that post was filled with former Hab J.J. Daigneault soon after.” Unfortunately, the citation leads to a dead link.

  57. shrack says:

    One of the best games I’ve seen the team play in many years. Go Habs go!

  58. HAB - Have A Beer says:

    If I was MT, This is what the lines would look like against ottawa.

    Pacioretty Plekanec Gallaghar
    Bourque DD Gionta
    Cole Galchenyuk Eller
    Moen White Prust (Three Guys that can mix it up)

  59. Da Hema says:

    John Tortellini — a.k.a. Fonzie — asked the media after the game why “Pacioretty jumped on McDonough’s head.” The answer, Fonz, is that McDonough was being a d*ckhead and deserved every jarred tooth he got.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      His schtick is getting old in NY. Fans don’t want excuses and anger. They want results, especially in NY where there are plenty of other sports teams to root for. His time is running out and I will have noise makers, confetti and streamers ready to go when it happens.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  60. AceMagnum says:

    Just beat the Leafs. That’s all I ask

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      No way. After their 6-0 pasting by the Leafs, they have responded in a very positive manner. Which means winning their other games 😛

      • savethepuck says:

        Agreed. Hard to take the ribbing by the Laffs fans, but I have no problem losing every game to the Laffs if they can follow it up with a 5 or 6 game winning streak.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

  61. Chrisadiens says:

    When does Boston play again? March? 4 games in hand….geez.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  62. athanor says:

    God, Boone, I would like to hear the final siren again instead of that foul horn!

  63. habsfan0 says:

    Boston has played 6 fewer games than Philadelphia!
    I’ve heard of an unbalanced schedule,but this is ridiculous.

    • Chuck says:

      With all of the extra practice time they’ve been getting, it’s like an extended training camp for the Bruins. Not fair at all.

      Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

      • Da Hema says:

        But they will have to play those games at some point Chuck. While the season is abbreviated, it is not necessarily the case this will benefit them. If these unplayed games are concentrated towards the end of the regular season, this could very well disadvantage them.

    • 25insight says:

      Favoritism? look who co-owns the team

    • savethepuck says:

      My view is that they had a postponed game due to a storm when they were supposed to play TB on the first game of a back to back, but in the month of March, they are supposed to play 17 games in 31 days with 4 back to backs. I’m very curious to see how they do in a condensed schedule as opposed to the easy schedule they’ve had so far.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  64. HardHabits says:

    Photoshop skills need some work but I still laughed my arse off. Mario Tremblay said Therrien had a magic wand with a golden touch on l’AC tonight so Boone is being a master of sincerest flattery.

  65. Say Ash says:

    “Fourth line eating clock” lol, Booner

  66. FormalWare says:


    If Eller were pronounced “Ell-ay”, Larry would be #2 with a bullet!

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