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(Photo by Stuart Gradon of the Calgary Herald)

They say brevity is the soul of wit.
Hope so, because this is the shortest ALN EVER.
It’s going on midnight in Calgary and I have to be on a 7:30 a.m. flight to Edmonton, where the Canadiens will practice Wednesday afternoon.

Eric Duhatschek of the Globe & mail has seen a lot more hockey than I have.

Duhatschek was kind enough to give Marc Antoine Godin and me a lift back to the hotel, and en route he rhapsodized about the good old days of Flames-Canadiens hockey.

These teams are a long way removed from the Stanley Cup finals.

Ravaged by injuries, Calgary had six AHLers in the lineup and won anyway.

The other day, a Calgary broadcaster was talking about the Flames being in “no man’s land”. They are close enough to to a playoff spot – 11th place, two points out of eighth – to create the illusion that Calgary is a decent hockey team that only requires minor tinkering, as opposed to the major rebuild this observer thought was necessary.

We harbour no such fantasies in Montreal.

The Canadiens are bad, and they’ve been bad – with gusts to very bad – all season.

The irony is a major rebuild might not be necessary.

There is a good core of young players – including Max Pacioretty, who popped a couple against the Flames.

Lottery draft pick, a new coach and general manager, some buyouts, the return of Andrei Markov …

Well, I’ve lapsed into delirium.

This old fart needs his beauty sleep.

More from Edmonton tomorrow.

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