About last night …

Why are the Montreal Canadiens like gun control legislation?

Neither wins in Washington.

OK, before the Commentariat tears me to shreds, THAT WASN’T MEANT TO TRIVIALIZE GUN VIOLENCE!!

I just figured everyone needed a little smile after almost three hours of non-stop frowns.

How about Braden Holtby rocking the Elvis Costello look in the pre-game autograph line?

The Canadiens’ impressive shot total notwithstanding, the Caps’ goaltender could have dressed that way for the game

Claude Julien put it succinctly in his postgame scrum, telecast during L’Antichambre:

“When you’re down three goals after three minutes, it’s tough to come back against a team like that.”

Without naming names, the coach went on to say that half his team didn’t show up against the Capitals.

Julien didn’t name names, and I’ll leave it to the Commentariat to fill in the blanks. 

I’ll get you started: P-E-T …

The Canadiens were never in the game.

The stat that says a lot: The only Canadiens forwards who weren’t Minus on the game were fourth-liners Ales Hemsky, Paul Byron and Jacob De La Rose.

The surprising stat: The only defenceman who wasn’t Minus was Shea Weber … even though he led both teams in ice time at 24:54.

The unsurprising stats: Alex Ovechkin had four goals on eight shots and finished the game at Plus-3.

After his hat trick on opening night in Ottawa, the Great 8 is on pace to score 287 goals this season.

The Canadiens AS A TEAM are on pace to score 164.

Of course, neither scenario will eventuate.

Or at least not Ovechkin’s.

“We knew the type of game we were coming into,” Brendan Gallagher said. Their first game at home.

“There’s no excuse not to be ready. You can’t spot a team a three-goal lead in the first three minutes of the game and expect to win. We learned a tough lesson tonight.”

Shea Weber said “you can’t let a team like that go up on you early and expect to come back.”

So, lesson learned?

We’ll find out Sunday evening.

The Rangers battled back from a 5-1 deficit to tie Toronto 5-5 before the Leafs scored three unanswered in the third.

Like Carey Price, Henrik Lundqvist watched the final 40 minutes from the bench.

Kinh Henrik was beaten five times on 17 shots for a .706 save percentage.

Price stopped 11 of 14: 714.

Should be quite the goaltending duel at MSG.

•  •  •

Acerbic Comment on the Liveblog from 25soonenough:

This is wildly cynical. But I’ve put some thought into it and the only way I can see the team I love being great again is for them to suck this bad all season. Bergevin will be fired, the fans will force Molson’s hand on that. We draft high and we retool the whole shyte show that MB has created.

Any GM that signs Mark Streit, Protects Jaime Benn and signs Alzner to an immovable contract. Petry also immovable. Plekanec 6 M wasted dollars , Shaw 4M wasted dollars etc etc etc

This team is embarrassing when facing a strong skilled team like Washington. To be embarrassed as a Habs fan for this manu years should be unacceptable .

And some cynicism from Rufus:


I’m sure a lot of people are going to get all worked up about this game but really guys it’s going to be ok. I think I’ve got it figured out.

All we need to do is fire the coach. And the GM. And the owner, can you fire an owner? If so, he’s out. Any staff left in the building, some scouts. Boom they’re gone.

Now. To the business at hand. Trade the goalie. And the defence. Yes, just sweep the table clean. Forwards, thanks for trying, but you’re gone too, the lot of you.

Anyone left? What, some fans are still here? Sorry, you’ve been dealt, best of luck in Vegas.

Oh but you keep the crest and sweaters and all. I kinda like those.

And some much-needed perspective from The Gumper:

The game was over 3 minutes in. Sh*t happens.
Not that the defense was stellar in the first few minutes but, Pricer was dopey. I love the fact that he is typically very calm, cool and collected but his coma-like start coupled with our keystone cops D was deadly in this instance. Hey may want to bring the rpm up from a 1,000 to maybe 1,500 next outing.
At least the boys had some push back in them and we played a very solid second (shots 17-3, at one point) but alas, it was time to fold up the tent once that puck went in off of Crocodile Dundee’s arse (ahhh, good for him, nice story).
On the bright side, Mete was as solid as hell playing with a pylon. Hemsky should be sent back to wherever he came from, through in a few hot dogs to sweeten the deal.
Contrary to much of the opinion around this joint, all is not lost. Bring up Jerabek and euthanize Streit… that is all…



  1. johnnylarue says:

    Almost forgot: Happy Bogus Canadian Version of an American Holiday, everyone!

  2. PK says:

    While we wait for the twenty games so that this team can gel and for tonight’s possible shellacking:

    Would this D corp be any worse than what the Maestro* has accumulated for the current season?

    Pateryn or Benn

    No lack of puck-moving defencemen on that list.

    *MB/Basement Bergy

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Without Drouin to replace Rads they would be even worse off.

      The one thing to note however is that they haven’t used Schlemko or Jerabek yet so the official decision on the D corps can’t be made yet. We’ll see when all organizational resources have been employed.

    • MustardTiger1337 says:

      Streit, Hemski out. Davidson, Mitchell in.

  3. RightNyder says:

    Our biggest under-reported issue remains Weber’s lack of conditioning.

    Once he’s in shape to play all 60 minutes, it should solve a lot of the problems at the back.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I think Weber’s lack of conditioning between the ears and with his heart is the biggest problem. Just a big pylon with a long stick so far. Move the puck and your butt big fella.!!

      • Breaking Wind says:

        Weber is the least of their problems. You should direct your anger at Price, the highest-paid player on the team who threw in the towel one minute into a game.

        • Ian Cobb says:

          Price has crap for D, Price is the best D in the league with no help!

          • kirkiswork says:

            Price is good but signing him for 8 years was a bad management decision. Money that could have been useful elsewhere.
            Lindgren is NHL ready at a tenth of the price.
            Penguins won 2 cups with a very affordable goaltender.
            Don’t know what MB was thinking.
            Price can’t score.


          • haberoo13 says:

            “Don’t know what MB was thinking.”
            Suits? Bench presses? Vacations with MT?

            MAAAA!!!! THE MEATLOAF!!!!!

        • MustardTiger1337 says:

          Price much like JC can’t do any wrong around here so don’t waste your breathe.

          • Mavid says:

            Just because someone doesn’t agree with your assessment or opinion certainly doesn’t mean that Price can do no wrong..I have no idea were you got that.. he is going to have off nights just as any of the other elite goalies do. i have seen plenty of criticism given to him..

            º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

            Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  4. RightNyder says:

    Getting to see DD tonight has me all…

  5. zak says:

    Scouting report….good puck moving D-man with great skating ability and a low threshold panic level…..sound like Mete…nope Roman Josi.. Shea’s partner in Nashville

  6. B says:

    Bournival over his injury now and put on waivers today.
    Dumont played in Tampa’s opener.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  7. haberoo13 says:

    @Marvin…the only trade I can say unequivocally that he won is the Danault one
    One time will tell for (and I do like the trade) Sergachev for Drouin…although not keeping Radulov is his mistake in this one because then we could throw 2 decent top lines
    Many are plugs for puds, or is it puds for plugs?
    Others we won’t agree on (i.e Weber for PK)


  8. HNS says:

    Soooooo glad I terminated my Centré Ice subscription this year. Mr. Softie’s contract is ridiculous!

  9. B says:

    Cayden Primeau got a shut out in his first NCAA game yesterday.

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • 25soonenough says:

      B i’m starting to think we may have a sleeper in this Vejdemo kid. You mentioned him a while back.

      He’s a center in the Swedish Elite League, as you know, and starting to round into an offensive threat with great speed.

      SweJ20 Total:

      SweJ18 Total:

      Those stats are obviously not for you but for anyone else that may take an interest in yet another young center to go along with Poehling, Ikonen, Evans, etc

      –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

      • B says:

        Lehkonen developed nicely in the Swedish league. It would be great if 6’2″ center Vejdemo does something similar, but I think he’s more of a long shot. I noticed that he is Djurgårdens’s #2 center behind former Habs’ property Engqvist.

        –Go Habs Go!–

        • 25soonenough says:

          He is a long shot for sure. It’s tough to say if he’ll ever even come over to NA. I would like to see him play for the Rocket.

          –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

  10. The Gumper says:

    Holy crap the NFL is boring this year…

    • FormalWare says:

      I used to be able to watch the NFL and find some aspects interesting. No more.

      Meanwhile, the CFL continues to be thrilling and unpredictable.

      Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

    • Breaking Wind says:

      The CFL is worth watching if only for the end zone celebrations! The Riders’ players paddling a boat yesterday was hilarious. The NFL is too stuffy and conservative.

    • The Gumper says:

      Yeah, give me the CFL anytime…

  11. STZA says:

    Anyone have some good recommendations for fantasy hockey articles online?

  12. BC (Because of the Cats) says:

    I know the season has barely started and we can reasonably expect that it will take a few games for the different parts of the team to mesh well. This is true in particular of the defence, which was literally gutted over the summer. But still. The team is not good. There’s no way anyone can pretend we’re a piece or two away from contending. The very small sample size suggests that the offence will probably be no more potent than last year’s (one even-strength goal so far), while the defence is quite simply atrocious. We don’t move the puck well, we don’t defend well in our own zone, we make poor decisions. Nor do I see how Bergevin can make any serious improvement, even with his $8.5 million in cap space. There’s no one out there, and we don’t have the assets for a trade.

    Given the situation on defence, and considering as well that Price’s 8-year deal kicks in next year, I suggest that this would be a good year to tank, or at least to miss the playoffs. It might be our last chance for the next few years, unless Price gets injured. When he’s healthy, he plays well enough to drag us into the playoffs just about every season. The only exception was 2011-12; it seems to me that our defence is bad enough at the moment that this could be another year like that.

    What I’d like is for Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson to be willing to accept a bad year. Take our lumps and reap the reward. If instead they do everything possible to ensure that we make the playoffs — making trades that do not benefit the team long term, sacrificing draft picks and prospects for rentals — I think the result will be another long period of mediocrity, a period lasting probably at least the length of Price’s contract. We’ll have a team that’s good enough to make the playoffs and perhaps win a round. The games will be sold out and Molson will rake in his profits every year. Bergevin will continue to announce every September that the goal is to make the playoffs, when “anything can happen.” The status quo, in fact.

    The way I see it, we have an opportunity to tank without deliberately losing games. Just keep icing our current defence, or some variation thereof. Send Victor Mete back to the Knights after his 9-game tryout; he can get physically stronger and avoid being exposed to the mess the season is likely to be. Don’t sacrifice anything. Dump some contracts at the deadline for a few more draft picks. And when June rolls around, make sure we draft well.

    • Breaking Wind says:

      Ok. Let’s start this discussion again — and hopefully this time a certain poster will refrain from calling others “morons!” I agree with you this team now and in the near future is the very embodiment of the word “mediocrity.” The bad news is that 2018 looks like another Galchenyuk-Yakupov draft — a pile of garbage even at the top. I am pretty sure if this team squeaks into the playoffs and gets Molson a few extra dollars that the organization is on balance satisfied.

    • FormalWare says:

      I find it fascinating that our assessments differ so widely as to How bad the team will be, defensively, this year. And I’ll admit – they do look awful. But I don’t believe Petry is really this bad; his play will improve. Alzner is at worst a sideways move from Emelin – and is arguably an upgrade. Benn will be OK, too, as long as he’s not asked to be more than a third-pairing guy. Add Jerebek and Schlemko, sit Streit or dress 7 D – and send Mete down, for sure – no reason for him to be a sacrificial lamb. You then have a serviceable crew, I think. Not as good as it used to be – but not horrible, either.

      The team shows clear signs that it will be significantly better on the PP. The rest depends on Price. He’ll raise the team to even in 5-on-5 scoring, where it should, by rights, be a minus. And – what’s that saying? “Your goalie needs to be your best penalty killer”. He will be.

      That’s why this team is too good to tank. (And, of course, too bad to be a realistic Cup threat.)

      Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

      • BC (Because of the Cats) says:

        I agree the team will probably be better defensively than they look at the moment. By the end of the season, they could be no worse than last year’s squad. But not better. Nor is there any prospect of their being better in the foreseeable future. So even though my pessimistic overview is premature, I wouldn’t mind seeing it play out. I’m tired of being too good to tank, but not good enough to contend.

        • Breaking Wind says:

          Too good to tank, not good enough to contend. I suspect those are the most poignant yet true words ever posted on HIO.

        • New says:

          Tired of being too good to tank but not good enough to contend? So are we all but the days of someone tossing out a first round choice two years down the road for Pleks are long gone.

          The last time the Habs contended for first overall draft pick the coach was fired before a game on Saturday, the team made no effort to hire a new one anointing the replacement “interim” after it was noticed he was not born under the lucky star and three people were offended. Then they fired the GM before the end of the season. This was after they traded a player mid-game because he dared say they practised like losers, they thought like losers, so was it any surprise they played like losers.

          That team, devoid of Markov, played bad enough for first overall pick until Markov returned from injury and they became respectable again. They ended up with third overall, the first taken was hyped beyond recognition, the second taken was over-hyped beyond all recognition, and they took at third the guy who turned out to be the best of the lot and developed him into no one knows what.

          This team could get the next 10 number 1 overall picks, the next 10 32nd overall picks, and still not find 2 NHL players amongst them by the time they got done fixing everyone.

          Aside from that they’re not a bad team. They just had a horrid game and now everyone is picking on them. They’ll be ok and should end up in the top ten of the League. They aren’t a contender for a Cup but the team goal as set by the owner and GM is just to make the playoffs, and then anything can happen. I think they took that goal from the charge of the light brigade playbook myself, but I can’t confirm that.

          • Breaking Wind says:

            The Canadiens are the very model of mediocrity. Everything the team does is middling: drafting, developing players, coaching, and on-ice performance. When healthy, Price gets them 100 eeked-out points in the regular season, allows a bad goal every playoff game, and then the Habs are one-and-done. The organization was once filled with people like Claude Ruel and Jacques Laperrière who could turn a Lyle Odelein into an all-star. The best administrators today go to other organizations, not Montreal. So I sadly agree with you the Habs could get 10 first overall picks and still be mediocre. I am realistic enough to understand the team’s odds of winning a Cup are very low given the number of teams in the NHL today, but what fans ought not tolerate is an organization that considers a successful season getting turfed in the first-round of playoffs.

  13. CHasman says:

    The commentary on here is as bad as the Leafs planning for their Stanly Cup parade. Both are very premature. Let’s see how the team responds today.

    • 25soonenough says:

      Oh, they’ll win today. I have no doubt.

      Then the comments will churn back up into a buttery soft love for les glorieux. That’s just life around here.

      Split personalities and boozy recollections of yesteryear and the gods that walked The Forum hallways.

      God love us.

      –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

  14. ooder says:

    just curious, MB has gambled quiet a bit with contracts and i am not sure he has won a single one.

    1) hard balled PK, well we all know how that turned out
    2) extended DD unnecessarily, total fail
    3) tried to play tough with Radu and Markov and lost both
    4) extended Pleks way too early, now we are paying 6mill for maybe 10 goals
    5) extended Emelin way too early, ended up paying 4mill for a shot blocker

    the only good gambles so far from what I see are Gallagher (if he bounces back) and Petry (not this year so far, but not going to judge a vet after 2 games)
    It’s nice that MB got players who hate to lose.
    If only he also got some that could do something about it

    • Breaking Wind says:

      Bergevin undermines his organization by publicly devaluing his own assets. He doesn’t appear to be all that sharp to me.

    • 25soonenough says:

      Drouin is also a good one. Give it time, he will light it up. Pains me to give MB credit but Drouin is what the team needed up front. Now add A 2C and we’re in business.

      –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

      • ooder says:

        I think that was a good trade. You have to give to get.
        I was just thinking when it came time to contract negotiations, MB has screwed the pooch quiet a few times

        It’s nice that MB got players who hate to lose.
        If only he also got some that could do something about it

      • marvin20 says:

        why should it pain you to give credit to anybody. I don’t agree with some of MB’s moves. but He has not made a significant mistake yet. He has won most of his trades. I guess my problem is that I don’t hate him like some and look at things objectively without blinders or bias just to create a false narative

        • 25soonenough says:

          Marvin, it’s ok to like MB. It shows a loyalty for your club. But many don’t like him as a GM. Not as a person, I’m sure he’s fine that way.

          But as the leader of a Club that we want to see play exciting, good hockey that keeps us competitive in a League that is getting faster and faster with more skilled young players.

          Some, not all, posters see MB as counter-intuitive to this thinking and actually taking the team sideways rather than improving after 6 years. He inherited a stellar goalie, 35 goal scorer, drafted a 3rd overall elite talent and has not built the team up around them but rather dismantled it and moved out our best D prospects and replaced them with aging veterans that are too slow for the new NHL.

          Washington embarrassed our D and other teams will too.

          –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

          • marvin20 says:

            I don’t like MB much as a person. The way he handled Kaison and PK showed his true colours. but he has won more trades than he has lost. My problem with the defence this year is that besides Weber they have zero offence coming from the defence. I also have zero faith in JJD as defence coach

        • haberoo13 says:

          I don’t hate anyone…well maybe a couple of current world leaders but that’s another story
          MB is not a good GM and we’ll agree to disagree about winning most trades or significant mistakes.

          MAAAA!!!! THE MEATLOAF!!!!!

          • marvin20 says:

            what trades has he lost? I can think of a couple obvious ones and couple trades people debate about which tells me they are very close to call.

          • 25soonenough says:

            Trades are less of an issue. Signings are the issue along with dead line acquisitions and waiver pickups. Trades he hasn’t lost many. But

            Pleks contract
            Petry contract
            The whole John Scott nonsense
            Radu walking over dollars with 8M in the kitty
            Galchenyuk being outed publicly by MB as a bust at center
            essentially devaluing him completely.

            my memory has run out but the list goes on of useless players that have taken roster spots while Beaulieu plays top pair in Buffalo, Andrighetto plays top 6 in Colorado….and so on.

            –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

          • marvin20 says:

            WHAT are you saying pay Radulov 8 million? GOOd grief we are way far apart. MOst of the other player you listed were cheap gambles. I though Petry was a steal; he is off to a slow start this year but he is a good player.
            I thought he gave up on DSP, Andrighetto , and Beaulieu too soon.
            Pleks contract is done after this season, every team has a couple bad contracts. though

          • 25soonenough says:

            NO. I did not say pay Radulov 8M. I said he let Radulov walk while he had ample money to keep him. Radulov wanted 5 years at 6.5 M.

            Radulov chose to walk, I don’t put that all on MB, but finding a way to keep the most dynamic forward we had last season, the only player in the top 6 with jam and size and skill was not prudent IMO.

            –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

      • lionsinwinter says:

        Yes,Drouin was a very good trade but Bergevin needs to back it up and bring more mobility,more offense like…De Haan on Defense …..Duchene and Marchessault up front maybe even Brassard if at the deadline Ottawa wants to dump his 5 million cap hit for next year.

  15. Breaking Wind says:

    Howdy all! Long time lurker. It’s too early in the season to write off this current iteration of the Habs. What bothers me is how boring they are. Like New Jersey boring. And it’s been years of this soporific kind of hockey. It’s mystifying to me why so many people pay the money they do to watch this team. Mr. Molson better pull his head out of the sand and do an objective appraisal of this organization’s future.

    • 25soonenough says:

      Great handle and avatar. I think the flaming gaseous outburst is a very apt depiction of Habs management and the fans alike.

      also, welcome aboard. It’s good to have another wordsmith using words like soporific to describe the current malaise in the Habs bloodstream.

      –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

      • Breaking Wind says:

        Thanks! I’d be thrilled if watching the Habs led to explosive flatulence, but the sheer volume of caffeine I must consume just to get through a game without falling asleep means my HIO handle could easily have been Frequent Urination.

  16. habs001 says:

    Good old Plecks back to his tricks of losing face offs at the start of the PK..bad news both the Sabres and Capitals scored…Plus he is minus 2 and looks last in his zone…After 0 points in 8 games at the worlds last season he looks like he scoring ability is gone..I not sure you can hope more than 10 goals from him…

    • The_Truth says:

      Pleks is done offensively, I agree. He would tear up the Worlds every year.

      His shot and speed are nothing like it once was. And seems like he has zero confidence or ability, offensively, anymore. 10-12 goals looks like the number this year.

  17. 25soonenough says:

    More useless pondering of lines and combos, but, here it goes. I see this as a better option

    Byron-Drouin-Galchenyuk (Drouin feeds Galch and Byron cleans up the garbage and has 2 breakaways per game)

    Patch-Plekanec-Gallagher (Patch still scores 30 plus here)

    Hudon-Danault-Lehkonen (a checking line with some offence, Pleks needs to be upgraded eventually at 2C, Duschene would look great there)

    Deslaurier-DLR-Shaw (bye bye Hemsky, grit, size, a fighter, we don’t need this line to score)

    Petry-Jerabek (Petry plays better with a puck mover, he was great with Beaulieu)

    Benn, Davidson

    –Larry Robinson was my neighbor once….

  18. Islandhabber69 says:

    My mommy told me …not once but a 1000x ….if u ain’t got nothing good 2 say…keep your damn mouth shut….so I’ll keep my mouth shut and fingers held back on keyboard…. go boys…I meant men!!..,.but I will say…habs looked kinda smurfy compared to high flying caps…we got the rags 2nite…

  19. haberoo13 says:

    Over under on Habs goals 1.5
    Over under on MB excuses 3.5


  20. RightNyder says:

    When is Freddy Capspace scheduled to come off the injured list?

  21. @New, outstanding and interesting take to my post this morning.

    You earned a Thumbs Up

    😎 😎 😎 😎 😎

    Shane Oliver
    What Carey Price Thinks of your Opinion on his New Contract
    Great Things Happen to Good People

  22. Don Birnam says:

    Ryan Reaves earning his paycheck and team mates respect last night.
    3 Fights. 3 Wins. And 1 Goal.
    Pens beat Preds 4-0.

    Viva Timo Libre!

  23. FlyAngler says:

    Seriously, I am really concerned about you man. You are burning way too many calories in advance of the “event of the weekend” which will take place tonight in New York. It is imperative that you take a long nap this afternoon so that you will be rested and your loins will be locked and loaded for the game tonight. I can understand your wanting to distract yourself with discussion and ruminating about last night’s debacle but you know in your heart that your #1 priority needs to be preparation for THE MOMENT when your soff, spongey love muffin makes his appearance tonight on the ice at MSG. We are all expecting an explosion that will far surpass the magnitude of one of Kim Jong Un’s tests of one of his new toys. So Please, retire to your slumber chamber and get some much needed rest. What we don’t want or need from you is a start like the boys had last night…..

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • RightNyder says:

      As much as the loins try to get fired up by the soffness of Hemsky and the general glory that is Schlemko-oh-oh-ohhhhhh!!!, their all-time sizzle favourite will never change.

      I’ll be wearing my asbestos/leather assless chaps to prevent excessive burning tonight and hope a turkey-induced tryptophan coma will help dull my senses.

      • FlyAngler says:

        I knew that you were faithful and loyal. I saw on the scoresheet that he had a hit against the Laffs last night. Hopefully, he will still be available this evening. We know what happened the last time…….

        “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  24. RightNyder says:

    In honour of Thanksgiving, it’s time to take the lid off this old pot:

    The Curse of the Three Stooges won’t be lifted until Patty is officially back in the fold.

    Tremblay, Houle and Corey officially extinguished the real torch (it’s buried in a random backyard in Alma) in December of 1995. They angered the sporting gods, who have since punished us mightily with plagues featuring goats, harrumphing mango shytgibbons and Mike Condon.

    They weren’t fooled by random jersey raisings or ceremonial appearances. They cannot be appeased until Roy returns in a meaningful role.

    The natty turd-flinging blind squirrel talks about hating to lose, yet his team has been soffer than Larue’s freshly shaven back. No one hates to lose more than Roy.

    Sure, his volcanic temper might get him in some hot water, but he had the magic. The magic that’s been lost. He won a Memorial Cup. A Jack Adams Trophy with a horrid ‘Lanche squad (tell me who really knew what he was doing – Roy or Sakic?). He was a suit-splasher who could back up his splashing.

    At some point, MB will be forced to give up his keys. Molson should take those keys, give them to Patty as president/overseer of restoring the magic. Brisebois (the one without the good hair) as the GM, with Bill Dauterive’s status TBD.

    It will appease the gods, who are showing us how powerful they are by allowing the Cubs to win and the Leafs to potentially be good again. It would make Tremblay’s head explode, leaving blueberry juice all over a TV studio. It would make 25soonenough’s handle an actuality instead of a sad remember of what once was.

    Come home, Patty. We need you.

    • JohnInTruro says:

      I love your posts RN, for the humor, but also when you are making sense. I agree, I am board with Patty being back in the fold years ago, and still today. Let’s get it done. This defense is horrid. And Shane, no matter how good Carey plays or doesn’t, this defense is not good enough to support him long haul.

    • Strummer says:

      One thing about Patty is he knows a clown show when he sees one.
      And he’s smart enough to get the hell out.

      Exhibit A- 1995 Habs
      Exibit B The Sakic Avalanche regime

      -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Roy can stay wherever he is. They need competent management not hot-heads.

    • marvin20 says:

      the sad thing is that I thought Tremblay had the potential to be a good head coach. But his ego was too big and he would not take the time as an assistant or take a job coaching in the minors to learn the coaching part of the business. Houle was either set up to fail because of the financial struggles back then or he was just a moron

    • ianism says:

      whatever it is you’re smoking, I want some. great players don’t necessarily make great coaches/management. for one you need great reflexes, physical skill, etc. for the other you need a brain for strategy and people skills. some people do have both and find success in both areas. Roy is not one of them.

      • RightNyder says:

        I’d agree he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the gods must be appeased.

        And please explain how winning a Memorial Cup as a coach/builder and then being coach of the year in his first stint behind an NHL bench does not qualify as ‘finding success’.

    • FormalWare says:

      I’d rather have Ken Dryden in charge. Molson can take a step back, hire Dryden as Prez, who can then decide what the organization should look like. Personally, I’d love to see Bergy out and Patty in – but I trust Kenny, whatever he might decide.

      Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

    • johnnylarue says:

      (It’s waxed, for the record.)

      • FormalWare says:

        (Are you sure you want him to know how carefully you read his posts?!)

        Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  25. Ozmodiar says:

    Benn – Weber
    Alzer – Petry

    Here’s the D, with healthy scratches noted on what would be a Stanley Cup contending team.

    Gotta wonder what Mr. ‘You can never have too many defensemen’ is doing. Granted, it will look slightly better when Schlemko joins the team, but still.

  26. Slack says:

    Carey Price was giving up some juicy rebounds yesterday…

    Hopefully he gets his head screwed on right for the Rags

  27. Strummer says:

    Players being horrible in their own zone as the habs were early on last night is the result of the clown show behind the bench.

    Assignments and execution were a joke. That’s a tactical/coaching problem.

    With new players new system I can give them a short leash.

    -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

  28. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Look they were going to lose against the Caps anyway so the loss is not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The Sabres game was more disconcerting IMO because they almost lost that game against a worse opponent. Tonight will be more indicative against a similar strength opponent.

    • Habby_Haberton says:

      Their first 3 games are on the road, 2 of them home openers. Not an easy task. Sabres will also be better than last year. Yesterday they were just plain bad – lets see how they bounce back tonight…

      • JohnInTruro says:

        Shouldn’t matter. This is the bigs, be ready to play or don’t. We didn’t. Home openers or not, it can easily be said it’s a distraction for the home team and the pressure is on them.

  29. Strummer says:

    Holtby is doing some serious suit-splashing in the pic at the top of the thread.

    Hey Carey- there’s the answer!

    -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

  30. lionsinwinter says:

    Subban a minus 3 last night…OUCH

  31. Al Burtlap says:

    @Stevereno and DDO

    I think Julien moved Mete away from Weber to calm Benn down, not to demote Mete.

    This is what I mentioned last night, Streit and Benn sucking completely mess up the entire D and that is a risk we simply cannot take. It’s not like you can simply swap one for the other in game, so the other pairings get jumbled.

    Benn will come around, I think to be his average self but Streit just does not seem to have enough PP power left to justify his 5-5 play, which is frankly scary.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Benn came to the Habs during a stretch against weak opponents. He got exposed during the playoffs. He’s nothing more than a 6th Dman and I don’t understand why people think he’s any good.

      Anyway the biggest story about the D is that the Alzner-Petry pair has been a disaster. If they can’t get it going, they are going to have to put Alzner with Weber and play them 25 min/game.

      • marvin20 says:

        you are correct Benn was exposed in last years playoff. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was lack of conditioning or skill. It appears that although he is a good penalty killers he simply is not that good over all. on a positive he is on a cheap contract

      • Al Burtlap says:

        Such is your view of the world.

        Perhaps average was over-stating it, as I only see him as a bottom pairing guy and therefore don’t expect him to play above that.

        My point was, he got moved off that bottom pairing to calm him down and pair him with Weber.

        I do think any of Lernout, Jerabek (hopefully) and even Juulsen can replace him at any point this season.

  32. BKAK72 says:

    Seems like the fan hate-on was onto Michel Therrien for the past two/three years. Now, that same rage has a target on the back of MB?

    A game doesn’t a season make.

    Ask all those CAPS fans what they think about ZERO accomplishments in the post season during the OV8 era.

    The HABS have roster holes. Wow. What a hockey revelation, thanks for sharing!

    The HABS have struggles down the middle. Really? Like we are the only team in the NHL.

    The HABS defence isn’t as good as last year. So what. PRICE will correct many faults over a season back there.

    Sit back and relax, stop behaving like immature LEAFS fans who are planning their parade route. We as HABS fans must elevate our own game as the only W/L that matter are in the playoffs.

    • marvin20 says:

      With a tight salary cap creates parity across the NHL. Meaning every team has holes. Montreal despite having a painfully bad game last night are in good shape. The way the team sits now they will make the playoffs. If the 8 million in cap space is spent well they will, still have some weakness but also have an good playoff run.

      • Nilan25 says:

        Trading a young Norris trophy winning d whose desire to win at all costs rcould not be questioned for an aging player that has been less than expected changed this team’s DNA for the worst. Bergevin’s moves have weakened this team, especially on defence . And I think there is something wrong with the Timmins group,the drafting has been horrible. First round seems consistently to be a bust.

    • whazzzup says:

      leave the leafs out of your nightmare thank you

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