About last night …

Cole against Bruins
Your Montreal Canadiens played well enough to beat the Stanley Cup champions.
Does that mean they were robbed in a 1-0 loss?
No. Boston played a textbook road game.

The Bruins were disciplined : only one minor penalty taken by someone not named Benoit Pouliot, and it didn’t come until 18:21 of the third period.

They absorbed early pressure, as the Canadiens skated to a 10-5 shot advantage in the game’s first 20 minutes.

Boston got great goaltending, which is what you expect any time Tim Thomas straps on the pads.

And they took advantage of the one good scoring chance the Canadiens gave them all night long.

So the hated Bs were full value for the two points they snatched at the Bell Centre.

But the home team played a really strong hockey game, and there was no single aspect of what the Canadiens did that yoyu could seize upon and say “That was the problem.”

Which won’t prevent some fans from bitching about wasted power plays and Scott Gomez’s ice time.

Both issues are red herrings.

The Canadiens exhibited good puck control and smart passing during the six minutes of PP time Benny was dumb enough to give them.

But the Bruins look at video. Their PK scheme prevented cross-ice passing, and shots from the point were pressured, rushed and rarely found the target.


Not the worst forward in a red jersey. He won power-play faceoffs, which were a crucial element in letting the Canadiens get set-up, since gaining the zone was a problem against the Bruins’ neutral-zone PK scheme.

Gomez was late sliding acrodss the ice toward Andrew Ference on the only shot of the game that made a red light click on. But that whole sequence was a mess, beginning with Lars Eller’s pointless O-zone hit on Adam McQuaide, a delayed penalty that had the Canadiens scrambling as the Bruins wheeled up ice.

Other than that costly breakdown, however, the Canadiens were airtight.

Boston came to the Bell Centre averaging 32 shots and 3.3 goals per game. They scored once and had 18 SoG against a defence missing four of its most experienced members.

With the help of assiduously backchecking forwards, the Canadiens are limiting shots. They’re second best in the league, averaging 26.4.

And they’re averaging 31.5 shots for – good for eighth, just behind Boston.

Bottom line: Your 11th-place Canadiens are playing well … and they’re three points out of sixth.

Are there nits to pick?

There always are.

• When Claude Julien started the game with his fourth line, why didn’t Jacques Martin counter with Tomas Plekanec or David Desharnais to get some firepower and make an early statement. Martin probably wanted to save Pleks and DD for match-ups against Patrice Bergeron and Dravid Krejci, but letting the visiting coach set the tone is a wrong-footed way to start a game on home ice.

• P.K. Subban looked tired in the third period, which might explain why he wasn’t one of the six Canadiens pressing for an equalizer until there were only 12 ticks left and the faceoff was in the neutral zone.

• Eller looks a bit lost with Gomez (who leads many capable linemates down the dark road to nowhere) and Travis “Hands of Stone” Moen.

• Unlike his two high-flyin’ linemates, Max Pacioretty is a bit out of sorts.

Now some positives:

• Erik Cole rungs up some more Beast stats: six shots on goal, five hits, many speedy dashes down the right wing

• Alexei Emelin had five hits and did not back down from any of Boston’s vaunted thumpers.

Nor did the Bruins intimidate Raphael Diaz, Yannick Weber or Freedéric St. Denis.

On the other hand, maybe the usual Boston nonsense wasn’t part of their game plan.

The visitors snatched two points playing smart, disciplined hockey.

And what kind of Montreal-Boston game is it when the only fight is in the seats?

Canadiens practice Tuesday morning and then travel to Carolina.

•  •  •

Hey, Pittsburgh is at the Bell Centre on Saturday.

I hear Sidney Crosby is back, eh?

•  •  •

HNIC’s Leaf angle of the night:

They pointed out that Crosby was ripin’ it up on Foster Hewitt’s birthday.


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  2. MontrealAtheist says:

    “And what kind of Montreal-Boston game is it when the only fight is in the seats?”

    The Montreal press glorifies violence and fighting during hockey games and nobody even notices it … That’s just sad! No wonder that we are considered low-class in the rest of the NHL and Mr. Boone certainly makes sure that we live up to everyone’s expectations.

  3. encore4 says:

    Why exacty do you consider the comment by UCE the best by far?

  4. DearyLeary says:

    Why does Jacques continue this ridiculous Lars Eller on the wing experiment? Why did Eller’s minutes drop when Gomez is playing so poorly? Why does Desharnais continue to get our only two bonafide power forwards?

    You can’t win games when you get shut out. It was maddening watching the team whiff and miss the net so often when they had good scoring chances.

    • nunacanadien says:

      When you overpay a mistake like Gomez, you can bet management wants their dollars worth out of him. What the management of the Habs don’t realize is Gomez if you give him all the minutes in a game, helps the other teams realize that the Habs can be pushed around. Sure keep Gomez, and keep getting those horrible injuries as other teams push us around because they know they can push around our highest paid smurf.

      Desharnais has been great, unlike Gomez, Desharnais actually crashes the net once in a while and actually shoots the puck on the net instead of at the goalie like Gomez.

  5. PureGuava says:

    moral victory?

    didn’t they crush the Broons back to back a couple of weeks ago without Gomer in the lineup?

    “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
    – Robert Anton Wilson

    • petefleet says:

      It’s not just that, AK46 is deadly against the Bruins. Cammy usually has a good game too, and Gionta. Cammy’s hurt I think. Gets rid of the puck very quickly. Gomer’s minutes should have went to Eller, he’s lost on the wing. Pleks on the point is a waste of talent. Can they not feed that puck back to Weber and Diaz and have Pleks on the half wall? Besides all other reasons, alot of the loss last night was coaching…and I hate to say it.

      Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

      ***Habs Forever***

  6. habsblood82 says:

    Why are people so pleased with Gomez? Cause he’s skating hard.and he’s trying hard lol. Everyone should be skating and trying hard He was the cause of the bostons winning goal. he did cover his man. He was floating again!! He made a couple passes to areas when he had time to areas without a hab in sight… He can’t hit the net if it was ten feet high. Other than the faceoffs he is hurting this team. This is not hard to see. He confuses everyone with his plays….WHY SETTLE FOR BEING GOOD IF WE CAN BE GREAT??? park him in the ahl and let’s use that huge chunk of money on a solid d man with size and shot trade diaz n weber if needed and a 3rd round if needed, and get plecks a good wigner. Molson can afford it…. DO IT!!!

  7. mjames says:

    Read ABL and noted the implied suggestion to refrain from complaining about Gomez and the power play. I agree that this was a great moral victory and am thrilled that Gomez is trying especially since this helps his teammates. I guess I can’t complain as long as he tries. I do have two questions: (1) How many points do we get for a moral victory and (2) is “trying” really superior to goals and assists?.

    Waiting for our next moral victory as well as watching more of Gomez “trying.


  8. HardHabits says:

    The fact is the Bruins are 9-0 in their last nine games and the Habs are 4-4-1. One team is playing 1000 hockey and the other is playing 500 hockey in that stretch.

    I believe this team has peaked and is in the slow process of regressing. IMO the team cannot progress with Gomez in the line-up and will stagnate further with his presence. Ditto for Jacques Martin.

    However you want to dice and slice it if these two teams met today in the play-offs the Bruins would handily defeat the Habs.

    The Habs need AK46 in the line-up and Gomez out of the line-up. Bring back Blunden and send Palushaj back to Hamilton. The mere fact that Darche can earn his way into the line-up is enough proof that the Habs are nowhere near to being a contender let alone elite in this league.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I agree with all of your suggestions. Unfortunately, JM doesn’t.

      I also agree that the Brutes would beat the Habs in a series, but I’m not so sure about handily. They had to be pretty focussed in order to win last night.

    • --Habs-- says:

      Not sure the Bruins would easily win. They didn’t even come close to easily winning last years 1st round. Bruins did win in the end I agree but they could only manage 1 win in regulation in 7 games. NOTE this is only the 2nd game in 10 the Bruins could manage winning in regulation against the Habs. That says something beyond winning and loosing. Ya ya I know! AK is not savior. Here today not tomorrow play of AK kills him. As for Gomez out that won’t happen anytime this year. Maybe at seasons end! But the Habs won’t sent him to Hamilton as long as he’s not embarrassing himself. He’s getting chances and we wouldn’t be saying boo if he were making 2 mil a year. I agree he’s the most overpaid regular player to ever lace up. But then again how do you think the Caps feel with Ovie at 9 mil a year stuck with the problem child (I’m not comparing Ovie to Gomez). At least Gomez isn’t a problem child and everyone likes him in the dressing room and he’s trying and he understands his role. Gomez need to change his game. My advice to Gomez. Start going to the dirty areas of the ice or your career is almost over.
      Crash the net. Get ugly. Smack the goalie. Do anything. Your playing like Ovie doing the same thing over and over and over again and teams have figured you out. You got to do what they don’t expect from you and you will produce again. You can’t be dangerous only from behind the net. You have to become dangerous from all areas inside the top of the circle. If not your doomed.

      • habsblood82 says:

        Gomez is so scared to get hit when he gets a pass in the offensive zone he wants to get rid of it as fast as he can…im so fed up with him…

        • --Habs-- says:

          Understand. But we can’t trade him and sending him to the AHL won’t exactly exonerate the Habs from his salary and is more about saving face as a GM for Mr Gauthier and sending him to the AHL is Mr Molsons decision not Mr Gauthier’s! At some point Mr Molson may step in and ask Mr Gauthier how long will we tolerate this bad investment. Then there’s the flip side to this if your in Mr Molson’s shoes. MTL as in TO love hockey and in case you haven’t noticed the seats are full, and the urgency of Mr Molson spending 7.5 million on his AHL franchise isn’t a high priority. What I mean is the following. If I’m in Mr Molsons shoes I don’t think I want to pay a player 7.5 mil in the AHL only to invest in another 7 Mil player for the NHL. It doesn’t make business sense as his profits come in anyway with or without Gomez. So this isn’t only a hockey game but a business game. It think they will run his contract out unless 1 or two things happen. 1) Gomez gets in the way in the dressing room or 2) Fans stop showing up and Mr Molson starts loosing more than his 7.5 million worth. We have to remember there is a business behind all of this and we are willing to support that business with or without Gomez so the urgency is just not there! 3 years from now we’ll chalk it up there with other blunders the Habs have made……..!

          • MontrealAtheist says:

            “It doesn’t make business sense as his profits come in anyway with or without Gomez.”

            I can agree with that for the most part, but if Gomez can make the difference between making the play-offs and going golfing early the math may not quite add up.

    • Chris says:

      I’m not the most positive guy in the world, but sometimes even I wonder how dark the glasses are that other people are looking through.

      Since Carey Price turned his personal season around against Florida on October 24, the Habs are 8-5-1. That’s not a great record, but it is also not a bad record and one that should get them in the playoffs. During that time, they’ve been missing a litany of their key players, forcing the team to develop some youngsters faster than they probably intended.

      More importantly, they played perhaps 2 bad games (or 3 if you count the penalty fest in Madison Square garden) in their last 14 games: a horrible second period cost them against the Islanders, while they were lethargic against the Oilers.

      The Habs do need Kostitsyn back. But more importantly, they need Cammalleri and Gomez to start producing a bit more. Overall, I’m pleased with how the season has gone this far.

      Comparing the Habs to the Bruins is a shell game. The Bruins are stacked with talent and SHOULD beat the Habs in the final standings. And even there, nobody in the league plays the Bruins better than the Habs do.

      I’m not really sure how you can argue how the team has peaked when its most consistent offensive player, Cammalleri, has been not playing anywhere close to his usual level and its defence corps is being forced to play with 5 rookies or 2nd year players. Those two aspects along give me great hope, as I think that Subban, Emelin, Weber and Diaz will only get better as the season progresses. Throw in what Markov might add once he gets up to full speed in the second half and the returns of Andrei Kostitsyn (pushing Darche down the list) and Ryan White (pushing Palushaj/Blunden back to the AHL) to the forward lines and you’ve got some potential to improve.

      I’m not saying things are rosy. But they are infinitely better than the situation you paint.

      • petefleet says:

        The only way I could agree more with you, is if I wrote that post myself. The only thing I worry about with regard to White is that posters are talking about him like he’s a grizzled veteren who has earned his way on this team. He only just got his first contract and really hasn’t proved anything. I like him but I want to see 82 games before I jump on his bandwagon.
        Alas, if the Habs end up with a full roster of veterens by Xmas, they may have a chance at the playoffs. That is not to say the guys they have can’t do it, but it will be hard with a win / loss pattern heading to April.

        Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

        ***Habs Forever***

      • Timo says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying. Cammilleri is not producing. Gionta is not doing a heck of a lot more. Gomer… well, goes without saying. AK is a hit and miss proposition but the team is better with him in the lineup than without. I think JM will not play him on the top 2 lines anymore but he definitely gives the third like an extra dimension.

    • habsblood82 says:

      I agree! This team is giving 100% and playing 500 hockey. This is so frustrating! Why are they waiting for?? Why not make your team better if you can do it so easily? They got the money let’s go!!

  9. --Habs-- says:

    Habs played a solid game. BTW – Emelin was the best D on the ice last night for the Habs in case nobody noticed. He hit, made tape to tape passes, played with solid body position every shift and he actually pinched and carried the puck several times. I think he’s gaining confidence and adjusting to the speed of the game.

    • JoeC says:

      Yep Emelin will be a monster if hes not sitting in the press box again soon,which he will im guessing since JM is a fool and doesnt like Emelins game, thinking Diaz and Weber are amazing….

  10. Haligonian-Hab says:

    I would say Diaz looked pretty intimidated going into the corners… Always made sure he was second man to the puck.. Emelin on the other hand was a hitting beauty

    • --Habs-- says:

      Yup! Too bad the kid doesn’t have an extra 3 inches and 25 lbs because he would be good. He certainly has the speed hands and head but he does play, (I’m not sure I’m using the right words here but “scared”), and that’s a problem maybe not now but during the playoffs if we get there, he will become a liability when the refs throw the whistles away and the corners become a battle zone. Emelin is being eased in and playing with more and more confidence. Not saying he hasn’t had a few bad outings but hey PK has embarrassed himself a few times and everyone closes their eyes! Habs have shown they can play without Gill! Maybe we can use Gill in front of the net on PP’s instead of always playing the perimeter. 1st line perimeter PP unit second line hockey 101 stand in front of Thomas and block his view PP unit. Throw the Bruins off balance a bit with different looks. Oh that would be using your head and I understand Gill didn’t play yesterday but maybe next game!

  11. timothy13 says:

    Yes! The Habs played well and no one can complain about certain players because the team is just shy of being better. What do the Habs need? Another top scorer? The D is getting healthy so maybe assistance or a winger but time will allow this squad to find its true game. It is a building process and right now the Habs are merely grinding it out. Assistance. Tweaking….it will take time folks…………Go Habs Go!

  12. JoeC says:

    So Boone, you make sure you let everyone know that it was more Ellers fault then Gomez fault on the first goal? Really? ya Eller finished a check that became a penalty, but i wasnt aware or didnt see Eller slow up Gomez to be JUST a little late to cover his man, hmm ya i guess i missed it. The PP is terrible, and why is it terrible, because Plecks is being WASTED on the point, thats why, and yes, they scored PP;s in the last 4 games, doesnt mean its a good PP. The excuse for PK looking tired and not on the ice at the end? Come on really???

    The problems with this team stem from the coach, poor team managment, ice time managment, being a hard head not tweaking his PP, and his choice of players on the ice at criticle times, over and over. You can say we have won blah blah games over blah games, but this team is NOT playing the JM style since PP was fired, so JM’s “system” is not the same since the firing. Gomez is not producing at all, and no sane coach in ANY league would have him playing so much icetime with NO results. Oh look, he wins face offs, great! thats 1/10 of your worth, he should be out there for them then skate to the bench and put on a player that actually knows how to play.

    • hirky says:

      you know what…Gomez is starting to play better. That doesnt mean he has earned the ice time he is getting. Maybe if he was creating offense it would be a start. Hey if the Caps can put $6.7M in the pressbox (semin) why cant we put our $7M in our pressbox? Dress someone who can score….or even hit the net.

  13. hirky says:

    Hmm…im confused Bob_Sacamano. I always thought when the Habs lost this section filled up with thousands of comments about JM, Gomez and numerous doom and gloom posts. It is nice to see that hasnt happened….yet.

    Okay, so the Habs lost, people realize they cannot win every game right? They lost 1-0 in a game they played pretty well in. No glaring faults. I am not upset by that. I would not mind to see the Habs playing well and coming out with some confidence that they can hang with some of these teams….even without a good portion of their defense corps.

    I would not mind to see some PP changes…which i have stated here numerous times. I say try something totally out of left field. I say put Nokelainen as the PP1 center position. He was brought in to win faceoffs…what better place to win them than in the offensive zone on the PP? He is only getting single digit mins per game so what could it hurt. I also like alot of others would love to see Pleks off the point. I say put PK and Emelin…yes EMELIN. The guy had 11 goals last year in the K and 7 of them were on the PP. Why not try it…it cant hurt the leagues most woeful powerplay.

    I cannot wait to see what this team brings to the table once it is healthy…if that ever happens. I hope it is Diaz that is the odd man out when Markov returns and not Emelin, we need Emelin’s grit back there. I also wont mind seeing Campoli come back and man the PP point with Markov….that would be a sight for sure.

    Rumour Mill: i would love to see a trade involving a couple names that would look great in the bleu blanc et rouge. Those include: Jeff Carter(no reason not to want him), Alex Semin(healthy scratch…really? the guys scores 30g in his sleep), Chris Stewart(off year, former 2 time 28g scorer cant hurt a lineup), Kyle Okposo(healthy scratch on the Isles…cant be good. But he is a big body has scored goals in the past(18g & 19g.) Dustin Penner(injured now and no goals, as many pts as P.Kaleta….should be cheap for a 4 time 20+ goal man). Those are just a few names of guys with size and could score a bit given a 2nd chance in a new town…and where better to play hockey than MONTREAL. Feel free to weigh in.

    GO HABS GO!!!

    • The Cat says:

      Granted its only one game, but after last night, Id be happy to go forward with this group on D, if Im PG, Id entertain thoughts about shipping Spacek and Gill to contenders who might want them in exchange for picks. I like to see the youth get a fair chance and last night they held their own against the standard in the east, a team that can beat you in many ways.

      This is the first time in many years I say this but the team last night was a team hab fans should be proud of.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      “people realize they cannot win every game right? ”

      Yeah but we’re barely winning every other game and are last in the Northeast. Re: your trades:

      Jeff Carter: doubt CBJ would trade him so soon, plus we would have to give up MaxPac and a pick at least. And send Gomez’s cap somewhere like Hamilton.

      Semin: $6.7M and on pace to score 18 goals this year. Cap issues.

      Stewart: For sure. But I doubt he’s available.

      Okposo: Nickname would be Cheerios, because he’s full of Os. Let’s do it..

      Penner: lazy and overrated.

  14. The Cat says:

    I thought the young D of the habs handled themselves pretty well last night. Especially nice to see Emelin knock a couple of guys on their arses too with his hits.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  15. Bob_Sacamano says:

    7 comments so far. Three from Timo, one from the clown who calls himself something with “Man”. I could have missed the game and the headline and I´d still know the Habs lost yesterday. That is really pathetic. Unfortunately others keep on replying to their bs.

    @Boone: What about some serious praise for Emelin? Three of his last four games were decent/good, one was bad. Yet only his bad performance got mentioned over and over again.

    Thomas: Yes, he had a strong game but at the same time he must be the luckiest goaltender ever.

    Gomez: His decent play almost never leads to anything. Get him at least off the PP ffs.

  16. durocher says:

    We have only ourselves to blame for the loss. We had the opportunities to win on the PP, and didn’t cash in. On the Bruins’ goal, Gomez was late back-checking (you can see him diving in late, after the shot). Subban played a horrible game in my view. Eller looks lost on his line, he needs AK back. Weber didn’t contribute anything to the PP.

    On the other end, Cole and Emelin were our best players by a country mile.

    Onwards and upwards, hopefully with a reconfigured PP.

  17. Number31 says:

    Keeping the average 5-goals per game Bruins to one goal and missing all the yummy rebounds Timmy was giving up doesn’t give them a well needed point (nor two)… Small victories still got them behind the 8-ball. Even the Sens somehow manage to sneak out loser points (albeit in games where the other teams really just don’t bother showing up…looking at you, useless Canucks).

    Sigh… When’s AK46 coming back? Eller needs him.

  18. Un Canadien errant says:

    I was thinking how exhausting it might be to watch the Bruins playing the Good Guys at the New Forum. Imagine having to loudly and deeply boo Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, Greg Campbell, Andrew Ference, Nathan Horton, and Benoit Pouliot every time they touch the puck. Add to that having to boo Claude Julien every time he appears on the big screen, and the off-chance you might run into Jack Edwards in the corridors between periods, and that’s quite the lung workout.

    The game started out on a tentative note, with both teams feeling each other out, and it never seemed to hit cruising speed. My impression was that the Canadiens were awaiting, almost fearful, for a Lucician Flying Suplex or a Chara Clothesline. Meanwhile, the Bruins seemed to be walking on eggshells, as if Claude Julien had given them strict marching orders to not lose their heads as they usually do against the Habs, and I’ll be darned if they didn’t actually listen to him. It did lead them to appear as if they had a foot on the dock and a foot in the boat, a little bit unsteady and indecisive: “Oh yeah, almost forgot, don’t spear that guy… Oops, came close to slashing that guy’s premolar there… Man, my elbows are really itchy right now…” A Bruin with a hockey stick in his hands is like that Viking holding a spiky, evil-looking mace in the Far Side cartoon, who confides in his tablemate that it always makes him want to smash something, as another Viking walks in the door innocently having just blown a big bubblegum bubble. Substitute the Viking with the bubblegum with a hockey player in bleu blanc rouge and you get the analogy.

    Alexei Emelin started off the game with a great hit on David Krejci that must have hurt, since we didn’t really hear from Mr. Krejci for the rest of the game. In retaliation, Johnny Boychuk attempted to cowgirl Josh Gorges, and Zdeno Chara, with David Desharnais nowhere in sight, decided to pick on Mike Cammalleri. Overall, Mr. Emelin played a good game, and showed his worth on the lineup, as they are replete with small shifty stickhandlers, but need some toughness, which he brings to the table. The more icetime he receives, the better he will get.

    I tried to find the positives in Scott Gomez’ shifts, and earlier on I did observe him behind the Bruins’ net fighting for the puck and laying a shoulder into the Boston defencemen. Shortly thereafter though, he loafed on a backcheck which led to the lone Boston goal, a lazy play which was replayed ad nauseam on RDS. Mr. Gomez was possibly letting up since a delayed penalty call was on, and he was probably expecting/hoping for a Canadien to touch the puck and a whistle, which is an explanation but obviously not an excuse.

    Erik Cole didn’t get a lot of icetime tonight as opposed to previous games, which may have to do with the hit he received in the first period by Dennis Seidenberg and which sent him back to the bench wincing. This putative owie wasn’t enough of a reason to prevent a Bergeron Conniption on l’Antichambre, with a chart being developed showing the powerplay icetime of Mr. Cole compared to Mr. Gomez and Mr. Darche, among others. I agree that Erik Cole should be played as much as possible, and that to take icetime away from Mr. Gomez to feed him is a no-brainer. Further, I want him to shoot more, instead of trying to set up David Desharnais so often. Erik has to realize that he’s the sniper, not the dealer, and he needs to be more selfish for the good of the team. I’ll allow passes to Max Pacioretty, but only in a minority of possessions.

    Benoit Pouliot was retina-abradingly bad. A dumb two-minute penalty was his opening bid, which he then raised with a stupid double minor on a high-stick. While the other Bruins showed restraint and remained focused for once in Montreal, Mr. Pouliot apparently tried to pump himself up for an important game against his former team, but it was all fake emotion, illegal stickwork instead of genuine passion shown by skating and hitting hard, and acting like he wants the puck, like now, and bad. Mr. Pouliot reminds me of a very, very amplified and distorted Stéphane Richer, a player possessing vast physical skills and attributes but lacking the mental makeup to harness these and apply them productively. Of course, Mr. Richer did manage some magnificent moments and seasons, and his mental health issues are now well-documented. It remains to be seen what is the problem with Mr. Pouliot, but I feel confident, since he is on pace for an 8 goal season, in making the prediction that he will be out of the NHL next season.

    I also saw Brad Marchand skating down the left wing a couple of times and making a hasty pass as PK Subban lurked nearby, so maybe that famous hit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_BStkVC_zQ) has sown the seeds of doubt.

    An unfortunate loss for Les Glorieux, but one which showed that the Canadiens match up well with the powerhouse Bruins.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • Timo says:

      I will respectfully disagree. Habs can’t match up to Bruins. Despite a one goal win it was not a difficult win for Bruins. They played their games and THomas just had to add some dramatics as shots were hitting him in a chest time and again. Habs haven’t posed real danger tonight. The top 4 midgets could be swatted like flies.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Timo, based on the evidence so far, which is two convincing wins and a close 1-0 loss, I think the Canadiens will give the Bruins headaches this season, despite the Bruins being much stronger on paper. In the playoffs, when the refs put away the whistles, the Bruins will have a more decided edge.

        How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


    • Mike Boone says:

      As usual, the best Comment by far.
      But that’s damning you with faint praise.
      (And I meant UCE, not Timo)

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger
      Gazette City columnist

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