About last night …

And the Academy Award, for best performance duplicating the Ottawa Senators, goes to your delightfully undead Montreal Canadiens.

They are alive – and Martin F. Brodeur is playing golf.

Speaking of goaltenders, no one – least of all Jaro Halak – knows where he’ll be playing next season.

But if the indomitable netminder – check his response to Ovie –  is traded, he’ll leave behind great memories – and a positive ledger entry.

To the surprise of everyone – including, to be sure, the arrogant Washington Capitals – there will be a third playoff game at the Bell Centre on Monday night.

Estimates vary because the numbers are private, but a conservative estimate would be profit of $1.5 million to $2 million for each home playoff game.

Jaro Halak – who got the playoffs into the playoffs and kept them alive in Game 5 – made $800,000 this season.

Pretty good deal for the beer barons, eh?

Here are two more bargains:

Josh Gorges, making $1 million, played a team high 27:45. He had a couple hits, blocked a couple shots, played against Alex Ovechkin and was on for the winning goal.

Ryan O’Byrne, making $725,000, had three hits, blocked three shots and played a solid, physical 16:53.


I don’t know Jacques Martin’s salary. But he earned it in Game 5.

Starting Halak was a quasi-no-brainer. Jaro has saved his coach’s as all season.

In his two wins in washington, Jaro has faced 85 shots and allowed three goals. His save percentage is a sizzling 96.4.

If he’s that hot back at the Bell, we’ve got a very interesting series.

Martin’s really astute move was moving Travis Moen to the Scott Gomez line, with Brian Gionta. Finally displaying the kind of sand the Canadiens got him for, Moen banged, worked the corners and dug out pucks for his sniper linemates.

Bonus: Moen scored the winning goal on a nifty backhander.

Martin’s other wining strategem was shortening his bench. Nursing a lead for a nerve-shredding 53 minutes and playing against the most dangerous third-period in the league, Martin played three lines and five defencemen.

Marc-André Bergeron played 10:54 – only 4:34 at even strength.

Sergei Kostitsyn played four shifts, 3:13 ToI. Martin can’t stand the kid. He’s SO outta here.

Benoit Pouliot has played himself into the coach’s doghouse: A neutral-zone penalty while the Canadiens led 2-1 earned Benny a comfortable seat at the end of the bench: nine shifts, 4;35 in the game. 

The shuffling meant more ice time for Dominic Moore, Tom Pyatt and Max lapierre. They responded with an outstanding effort, pestering the Washington D and maintaining possession in the Caps’ zone for critical minutes.

Props to Perry Pearn, who handles the Canadiens’ D. Roman Hamrlik, who’s look tired and possibly injured in the series, played a manageable 12:10 – a season low for the Hammer.

Andrei Markov’s ice time was 27:39, and heroic Hal Gill played 25:01 – including a team high 5:57 on the PK, which was a perfect 5-for-5.

What will they do if Jaro Spacek is ready to go Monday? I like Jaro and he helps the PP, but do you mess with a D that held the Caps to one goal in their own barn?

•  •  •

In his imitable Ontario français, Martin said “On a gardé note composure.”

The Canadiens did keep their cool – for 60 minutes.

There were anxious moments, to be sure. In addition to 38 shots, the Capitals had 11 misses and the Canadiens blocked 19. That’s 68 opportunities to score.

But the Canadiens pushed back, especially after Ovechkin’s goal cut the lead to one. There was never an extended, shift-after-shift period of Washington dominance.

The Caps were held to 12 shots in the third period. With 1:07 to go, they lost their composure, taking a brain dead penalty for too many men.

There’s more hockey to be played in Montreal.

And a seed of doubt has been planted in the clover patch of the conference chamops.

•  •  •

Mike Cammalleri, who scored the first goal of the series, has points in every game and got the Canadiens on the board after all of 90 seconds last night.

Cammalleri has been brilliant. He’s in constant motion, bedeviling the lead-footed Washington D and keeping the puck alive for his linemates.

Andrei Kostitsyn had an impressive Game 5. Four shots on goal, three blocked shots and some right wing rushes that displayed the size, speed and skill that made him a first-round draft choice.

•  •  •

There have been 18 Too many men penalties in 37 playoff games.

Last season, there were 17 in 87.

Wassup with that?

The fast changes?

•  •  •

Refs conspiring against the Canadiens?

Remember that slash they signaled going into the commercial break in the second period?

Then they came back and called the Canadiens for too many men.

What hapened to the slash?

They forgot to assess it.

Hey zebras, get your heads out of your butts!

It’s the playoffs.


  1. K-hab25 says:

    “Boones a Price guy” Ya he’s a Price guy the way that Timo is a Habs fan. Constantly bashing to show his affection. He just likes to mess with you Halak boys because it makes his #’s go up with the goalie banter. He know’s you guys will bash Price in defense of Jaro and then we’ll respond to you in defense of Carey. It’s actually pretty smart how he plays us against each other using just one subject, Habs goalies. He’s evil. :-)

  2. K-hab25 says:

    Boone is a s**t starter, always has been, that’s his job. He’s always kicking guys when there down and over praising them when they play well. He’s a typical HIO poster, an emotional rollercoaster. I thought the comments about the goalies was a dumb one when I read it. No one has any idea who’ll start game 1 next year and it was obvious to anyone who has watched this season that he’d go back to Jaro for game 5, he’s Martins boy.

  3. showey47 says:

    Thanks sask,but playing hockey at a higher level doesn’t make you any more hockey smart then any other poster. It just means you were really good at hockey. If you need any more proof look at some of the idiots who are now “hockey analysts” and  played pro like milbury,stock,millen and cherry. If anything,i was blessed with having the oppurtunity to play for some great coaches.

  4. saskhabfan says:

    Always nice to read something intelligent from someone who actually played at a very high level.

    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  5. showey47 says:

    Playing defence in your own end doesn’t mean skating aimlessly in circles hoping things work out for you. It’s about taking away options from the puck carrier, while maintaining body position between their own man coverage and the net. Its up to the player pursuing the puck carrier to force him into making a bad decision with it,may it be a shot from a bad angle,a bad pass or just a turnover. I don’t know where you get sergei is somehow a goat here.He only had 3 minutes of ice time last night and mde the proper play on a goal where at least 2 other players were at fault. But then again he only had 8 the game before and was a +2. What should sergei have done on that play? Attack ovy and leaving his own man wide open with a free skating lane to the net? Hamrlik losing his man caused the goal,plain and simple.

  6. 100HABS says:

    I agree. I was watching SK’s defensive play and there was none. You watch when Gomer’s line is on, you have Gi and Pouly skating and taking away passes. SK seems to have his feet in cement somewhere near where he’s told to be. Not using his head.

  7. Bob Barker says:

    Nietzsche was never renown for his hockey knowledge. 

  8. HardHabits says:

    I second that.

  9. HardHabits says:

    Actually I liked OB and Hammer together. I say play Gill, Gorges or Spacek with Markov.

  10. showey47 says:

    Was it sergei’s man who scored? No,which means he did what he was supposed to do defensively. He stood where he was taking away a passing lane to his man while also staying between the defenceman and the net. If you want to pin the blame on someone,blame hamr. He let his guy go,the guy who scored the goal

  11. Bob Barker says:

    Or it’s called taking away the left point. Just because you can’t see the defenseman in the replay doesn’t mean he’s not there.  If Metropolit does a better job of covering the right point, Carlson either gets his shot blocked or is forced to pass it off. 

  12. HabFanSince72 says:

    It’s an interesting tactic. I have to admit I have never seen it – just setting yourself in place and not skating. Not really blocking any lanes because you’re immobile.  Unfortunately it seems not to work.

  13. tony d says:

    here I am, JM is a moron.

  14. showey47 says:

    If you are refering to the goal where knuble should have been penalized for bumping halak in game 2. Sergei was actually in proper position on that goal.Its his job to take away the pass to the dman and stay between the dman and the net. Watching last nights goal again,sergei once again is in the proper position. It wasn’t sergei’s man who was a factor in the goal. Harmlik got caught chasing in the corner,pleky didn’t take away the cross ice passing lane,cammy’s man got the point shot though,obyrne took knuble and harmlik who got caught chasing ovy in the corner didn’t pick up anybody even though he was with ovy 3 seconds earlier. Other the obyrne,sergei was the only one who actually did his job properly on that play. Giving some credit to cammy though,even though he was out of position,he did take backstrom in front of the net.

    If sergei leaves his position to chase backstrom in game 2 or ovy in game 5,it opens up a 40 foot landing strip for the point man(his man) to walk right in for a scoring chance.  Sergei is the last person to blame for either goal. He did his job properly on both plays

  15. Bill says:

    Sorry to be an “anti-JM blowhard”, but Martin had about as much to do with that win as I did. The Habs won for pretty much the same reason they won most of their games all year: their goaltender stole it.

    I am not saying that the Habs didn’t play hard, show a really gutsy effort, or in any way fail to compete. They gave it everything they had, managed two quick goals, then hung on for dear life. What I am saying is that Washington should have won, and nothing Martin did mattered. Halak was the difference.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  16. RockinRey says:

    NOt sure why you are so high on Andrei. He has a great shot but rarely gets dirty, rarely scores off the rush, often plays with indiffereence and will be a perennial 20 goal guy somewhere but expectations are so much bigger here.

    Sergei- sense of entitlement there. This guy will haunt them. Most coaches don’t have time for projects and you see it time and time again where one coach gets the ear of a GM and ships a guy out and he comes back to haunt the organization.

    Halak is a battler- something Carey seems to lack………

  17. Bob Barker says:

    JM is retarded. What was he thinking putting Moen with Gionta and Gomez. Still making line adjustments 87 games into the season….wait Moen scored the game winning goal? we won? Yay GO HABS!!!!

  18. HabFanSince72 says:

    SK did the same thing on the Ovie goal that he did on that Backstrom goal in game 2.

    I am not sure why he stays in that spot without moving. He’s nt cutting off any passes, not pressuring anyone. It can’t be an actual tactic can it?

  19. KC64 says:

    A gutsy win by the Habs. Martin should have benched Pouliot sooner. Moen makes Gionta and Gomez so much more effective.

    If Spacek is ready to go for game 6, I say sit out Bergeron, he’s done very little for the power play and he’s pretty much a liability at even strength. O’Byrne is so much more better suited to be Markov’s partner than Bergeron.

    I guess Sergei K is permannently in Martin’s doghouse, even when he makes no mistakes ,he sits.

    Halak was great again, and how about Hal Gill…..I gues there is a reason why the Penguins had him on the ice protecting a one-goal lead in game 7 of the Stanley cup final last year eh.

    Go Habs Go! Go Habs Go!! Go Habs Go!!! Go Habs Go!!!!

  20. HabFanSince72 says:

    Where are the “JM is a moron” blowhards this morning?


  21. Ian Cobb says:

    What a great morning, I told you the sun would be up again.

    Martin has made a move, late yes, but he did put Moen up which made a large difference. Now! will he replace Andre Kostitson with Moore for another winning combination.?

    I have said all along that we have the horses to get the job done, if only the coach would use them in a way that would allow them to be successful. It was a team effort with Halak leading the way.

    We know that we can beat this Washington crew in their barn, so I am not concerned about game 7. It is game 6 that worries me some at home. For some reason we do not excel in our own rink come play off time. Looks like we will change that around Monday night.

    Have a great weekend!

  22. HabFanSince72 says:

    I don’t know, but there sure isn’t an uglier one.

  23. G-Man says:

    MaxPac doesn’t score or get many points. That equals a 3rd line checker.

  24. Mike Boone says:

    I am Benny’s biggest fan Outstanding skills, nice size, great upside. On that sequence, though, I thought he gave an extra s tap to the man he was forechecking and was surprised it wasn’t called. Then as play continued, I think they were scrutinizing him. The calls are erratic, but you have to be careful in a one-goal game in which you’re fighting for your life.

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    …  Manitoba Moose stay alive with 5-2 win over Hamilton Bulldogs, trail series 3-2 … The Spec.com …..  http://www.thespec.com/Wire/Sports_Wire/NHL_Hockey_Wire/article/757632          ………. 

    “I think Schneider’s play is what gave them a lot in the second period and even the third,” Hamilton head coach Guy Boucher said.


    “He made some terrific saves. We went at them. We had (30) shots and we only allowed (22) to the opponent in their barn and they’re fighting for their lives.”

  26. Curtis O Habs says:

    Is there a bigger sucky baby behind the bench in the NHL than Boudreau? 

  27. Beaco says:

    Great short film! Thanks!

  28. Mr.Hazard says:

    Okay, did anyone else notice Varlamov’s impressive glove saves on Wednesday? I did.

    Did anyone notice that both goals tonight were scored stick/blocker side?


    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  29. Mr.Hazard says:

    Boone’s a Price guy! Always has been. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  30. light_n_tasty says:

    If Spacek plays, SK will sit and MAB will go to line 4.  I’m not saying that’s what should happen.  I’m saying that’s what’s gonna happen.

  31. Caper says:

    But he may bring us Claude Giroux or James van Reimsdyk and I like that,

  32. Caper says:

    No……..however on the PP he does make a difference. He messes with your head.

  33. megagoten says:

    the way he currently is playing, he belongs in the khl

    he is being blamed because he is not playing anywhere near what he can

    he doesn’t move his feet

  34. Jbird says:

    Please, dude.  We only care when the habs lose.  

  35. Peter Young says:

    Mike, Pouliot ought not to be blamed for that penalty call aginst him.  It was entirely undeserved.  Even the commentators on the feed I watched, Versus, said it was a bum holding call.  Yes, it came at a bad time, but Pouliot ought not to take the rap for an officiating blunder. 

    Pouliot has tremendous talents and attracts a lot of attention.  Perhaps for that reason, he seems to have become an easy mark for blame whenever things go wrong with the Canadiens.  True, he needs to improve his backchecking, in fact his entire defensive game.  But he doesn’t need unjustified criticism.  It’s easy to ruin the morale of talented young players.  Pouliot is a keeper.

  36. Caper says:

    LOL. You and Letterman.

  37. Caper says:

    Anything can happen. This team has character and so much better than last years.  Gionta , Cammie, Marko and Moen…way to step up. This was a fun game and we never paniced. Bring on the ghosts of the forum!

  38. sidhu says:

    Well done.  I think some were saying Halak played his last game as a Hab after he was pulled. 

  39. DLHABSNUT65 says:


    Maybe MAB goes back to forward on the 4th line and the point on the PP.

  40. rut1212 says:

    I thought that was the obvious solution too. Anyone care to make an arguement for Bergeron staying in?

  41. rut1212 says:

    Look up after how many games this crew gets after this one. There is no opinion here, only facts. That slash-too many men call was a brutal miss, as well as Varlamov playing the puck where he’s not supposed to.

  42. rut1212 says:

    Lmao. Props to you.

  43. Clay4bc says:

    Sarcasm, Jimbo…Boone was pointing out that there was no ref conspiracy against us.


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  44. Clay4bc says:

    “What will they do if Jaro Spacek is ready to go Monday? I like Jaro and
    he helps the PP, but do you mess with a D that held the Caps to one goal
    in their own barn?”

    YES you do – you sit MAB in the pressbox.


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  45. Clay4bc says:

    posted by Mike Boone at 22h21 EST
    on Apr 21

    “I see Price getting the start in Washington on Friday night.

    I see him getting another one when the 2010-’11 season begins in

    posted by Mike Boone at 22h00 EST
    on Apr 23

    Starting Halak was a quasi-no-brainer. Jaro has saved his coach’s as[*] all


    So you’re saying…?


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  46. megagoten says:

    probably because it was on an icing call

  47. BienvenueSurLaPasserelle says:

    I thought so too Morocco, but I believe it was due to the icing call? Not sure about that, but it was the only thing I could come up with. Instead of the faceoff being in our zone due to icing, the penalty had the effect of bringing it outside…but I really thought it was supposed to be in their zone as well.

    It certainly would have been a talking point had they tied it, but nope, so back to the Motherland for game 6!


    To You From Failing Hands We Throw The Torch, Be Yours To Hold It High.

  48. Mr.Hazard says:

    Jaro looks so badass post-game.

    Boone, I hate how you’ve compared the Habs to the Sens. I don’t want us to imitate the Sens, because the Sens are going to lose! But I’m afraid it’s too late, you have forever tied our fate to theirs with your negligent comparisons!

    Also, I predict a disappointing loss at the Bell on Monday. I’ll be there, hoping and screaming and praying that I’m wrong.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  49. Morocco says:

    Ok, I’m a bit confused. when Washington got the too many men on the ice penalty with 1 minute left, why wasn’t the faceoff in the Capitals zone? I thought every penalty led to the faceoff being moved.

  50. Led says:

    I had such a crush on Terri Garr and don’t get me started on Madeline Kahn (rest her soul).

  51. Les-Habitants says:

    Great bounce back game.  2 days of rest, which couldn’t come at a better time!  As you mentioned Mr. Boone, Hammer looks hurt and the fact that he played 12 minutes and change leads me to think that.  Spacek will hopefully be back, as he will help the backend (and the 2nd PP unit). 

    Did anyone notice how MAB wasn’t on the PP for some part of the 3rd period.  He couldn’t seem to connect a pass together, or take a shot.  If Spacek does make it back, then my guess is either Sergei or MAB gets the cut.  Seeing how JM really seems to dislike Sergei, and MAB has a point shot, I’m sure you can guess who I think will be in the pressbox.

    On to game 6!

  52. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Great game! Posts hit so we KNOW the score WILL be higher next game.

    Martin is showing the knowledge his coaching staff has. Fantastic job managing the bench. Ok I complained a little bit about Sergei’s time lately, but the team won. Martin plays Sergei the EXACT mins he needs to play to be effective. Sergei will play BIG mins or SMALL mins Monday, and I think he will play BIG mins. Martin knows his players, give him credit. I have been critical (but IMO deserved), but I am obviously no coach.

    Atta boy Jaro!


  53. Big Ted says:

    Can you mess with the defence? Yes. In fact, I would say you have to. MAB definitely cannot go, maybe he gets in as a 4th line forward again, although his work on the pp has been shoddy at best. Maybe he still gets in on the 4th line since SK looks like he’s going to sit and the D looks like it might need some insurance in case hamrlik goes down (or spacek, if he’s back). Either way, PK Subban seems more and more like the best scenario. By virtue of his performance, Moen looks like he stays on the first line. But the Habs will need to play more than 9 forwards to get through an entire game. At least there’s an extra day off. I don’t think you can throw Maxwell in for any significant minutes given he hasn’t played much in weeks, so out of Pouliot, Pyatt, Darche, and SK74, at least 2 guys need to step up and give big games Monday.

  54. RiverviewCanadien says:



  55. jimbo82 says:

    I don’t get the last comment ” refs conspiring against the Canadiens?” both the slash and the too many men we’re a penalty so how is that a conspiracy? if anything that was to our favor, it should have been a 5-3. But they did call a slash, the linesman called too many men and that sort of, somehow, nullified the slashing penalty.


    go habs go!

  56. JVSmith says:

    Really? Because I saw Plekanec squeezing the bottle the next game and his hand didn’t shake a bit.

  57. JVSmith says:

    Montreal should have separate traffic lanes for the bandwagons. That said, I’m glad the boys won; they deserved it and I hope they win again on Monday.

  58. rogus says:

    You really got to wonder if those Washington too many men situations are by design. There have been a couple times that’s happened when the game is on the line…

  59. Harani says:

    Halak responds to what Ovie said earlier about him being nervous and his hand shaking. 

    “If you gonna squeeze the bottle, your hand gonna shake!” Well said Jaro. 

  60. rickmonbren says:

    There are 4 players that are even or + for the habs in this series.  SK74 is one of them, Darche is -3, not sure why everyone shits on him, I thought in the limited time he had he played fairly well.  He is not used to being on the ice cold all the time, that is the Habs biggest issue is rushing up young players and trying to put round pegs into square holes.  If you draft the guy to be a top 6 player, you let him develp into one, hopefully they have not screwed up Max pac for life after trying to turn a power forward into a 3rd line checker.

  61. Habscore says:

    Thanks for the video Harani! :)

    When Ovy said that, I thought to myself “what an idiot”. I have noticed throughout the regular season that when Jaro would drink from his bottle, his hand would obviously shake ( just like he explained), as well as A Kost, Gomer, and anybody else. Something very normal!

    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  62. STZA says:

    It’s gotta be the beard. I’m not touching it until this is all over!

  63. punkster says:

    Yep, it’s alive.


    edit: never mind, I didn’t see that Boone had already linked this

  64. itpf says:

    i think he saw your link and he liked it. he liked it a lot.

  65. Habscore says:

    I know Halak will win a Stanley Cup very soon, and a couple more during his career. It’s written all over his destiny.

    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  66. SensFanSpezza says:

    Well, well, well.  Sens win, Habs win.  Is it possible the Canadian teams could be giant killers after all?  I’m not betting on it, but they’ve got guts and balls, and when you throw some talent in there, who knows?  I always laughed at Hal Gill, but man, he was awesome tonight.  Gorges too.  Where the hell did he come from?  And Halak.  He’s special.

  67. ArmyFan says:

    Josh Gorges has been solid since the team picked him up.  No razzle-dazzle, no offence to speak of, but the guy is freakin’ RELIABLE and CONSISTENT.  When was the last time anyone heard anyone, themselves included, say “F’ing Gorges — what was he thinking?”  Never.  The guy is blue chip.

  68. zerolegel says:

    Benching Sergei and Benny, smart coaching? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

  69. nosglo says:

    Benny was garbage.  Sergei to inconsistent.  Put Maxwell and Darche in…give Sergei a chance to stuff more hot dogs in the press box.

  70. Just A Guy says:

    There has to be something he sees in Sergei, I just don’t get it. Most of us here are all unified in our appreciation for his skill set and love the 3rd line as SK74, Moore and Moen. I just don’t understand why Sergei is getting this treatment. I didnt watch the game tonight, so I don’t know what may have happened but, he is usually great positionally and works hard in both zones ever since he came back from the Bulldogs. Once PG picked up Moore, that 3rd line really became one of the better grinding lines in the NHL, though I think it took Moen away from his physical play, but I digress. 


    Pouliot has unfortunately become… a non-factor, he doesnt seem to be able to finish anymore and seems to be picking up the PIM. I like him in the offensive zone, but the lack of finish is killing him. Add that to his lack lustre efforts in the defensive area. Its unfortunate really, hopefully he’s in some sort of funk, because what we saw of him for the first 20-30 games was awesome. Signing him for next season is becoming easier, yet more risky then PG would probably have thought.

  71. fabhab says:

    I don’t care what anyone else says. Habs live to fight to another day. The playoffs are still alive. And the Habs are giving the Caps all they could handle. A number 8 taking a number 1 to 6 games is a wonderful thing. Enjoy boys and girls – it could be worse – we could be the Leafs (I live in T.O) or the Flames.

  72. Propwash says:

    Will we win this series? Prolly not, but at least we gave the Caps a run for their money. Kudos for Halak pulling off some miracles tonight.

    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat.

  73. coachdoug says:

    In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller “What…your still here?”  It wasn’t always pretty but it is better than getting swept in four like last year!

    Go Habs Go!

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  74. Clay4bc says:

    Georges reinds me a lot of Craig Rivet at his finest…not spectacular, but solid, and not many mistakes.


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  75. Bill says:

    Except Rivet is tougher and quicker to go to his teammates defense. Didn’t I see him taking on Lucic the other night for Buffalo?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  76. Natrous says:

    There’s no conspiracy when it comes to the officiating this year: it just plain sucks. I can’t remember any season that included so many missed calls, borderline calls and phantom calls as this season (and post-season).

    How many of the 18 Too Many Men calls were justified? If anyone has watched the Vancouver/LA series, I can name two that should have been ignored as the extra player involved only had one leg on the ice.. How many Delay of Game calls have been missed or called unjustifiably? Those one should be cut and dried, obvious to anyone watching the game. Even in last night’s game, Pouliot’s call was bushleague and they missed the slash/too many men call on Moore… what the heck is wrong with these people?

    Being a referee is a thankless job, difficult at best and I have a lot of respect for the refs in my leagues, but I also think that the refs in my league could do the same job of those done in the NHL today. It’s becoming an embarassment to watch, and until the league finds a way to hold those accountable for blatant misses, this sport will not sell in markets where fans are not as passionate as us Canadians.

    Let’s take a page from the NFL and bring in the coach’s challenge flag. Comments?

  77. Norm0770 says:

    I agree that the officiating has been horrible all year.  The league has never done anything to try to disipline their officals in fact it is quite the opposite.  Players and coaches never say anything about the officals because they will get fined.  A “No comment” is as judgemental as players get when asked about calls in a game.

  78. doug says:

    I thought Martin did exactly the same random stuff, personal grudge-holding, shortening of lines, hating on SK74, and sitting on a lead in 3rd period that he’s done all year. So it worked. Silly in my opinion to say he’s suddenly Scotty Bowman because it worked once. Particularly silly to suggest dressing Spacek would be a question if he’s healthy. Suspect delirious happiness made objectivity hard last night for Mike.

    I also find it funny everyone so shocked we won one. Hab have been in all but one game and could be 3-2.

    I think running a cheaper forward out of town who’s brother’s on the team when we are where we are is so incompetent at all levels it’s almost not worth mentioning.

  79. punkster says:

    Veiled jab received and understood. Morning after re-evaluation underway. All is good.

  80. Norm0770 says:

    I can’t quite figure out why Martin hates Sergei so much.  I know it all goes back to missing the bus in training camp but I think Sergei learned his lesson in Hamilton and got some much needed guidence from Guy Boucher.

    Since he has been back with the Habs Sergei hasn’t done anything to draw negative attention to himself, and although he doesn’t always make the right play, he never takes a shift off.  Something I’m sure he learned from Dale Hunter in London.

    You would think a coach with as much experience as Martin could watch a game and his players with an objectivity that allows him to make decisions about the way a player is playing, not the mistake he made 8 months ago in training camp.

  81. Fred D says:

    A few things:

    (1) Greatly relieved we showed the talented physical capabilities of this team over a whole game,and not just one or two periods. Superb net-minding! Not to lose sight of the fact that aside from a few soft goals here and there,we could be well up in this series,which makes me think we still have a legitimate chance if  (A) we get the goalkeeping and effort we saw last night for 60 minutes and; (B) we can break the Bell Center jinks; we are overdue for a big solid win in our own rink!

    (2) Interesting comment from #13, relative to immature attitudes on the team, particularly so that his remark comes prompted from an action by Carey Price.This interplay lends an inside look to the feeling in the dressing room,and makes me think that the more established guys are not happy with the “annointed one” at this moment.

    (3) To state the obvious: A win Monday night makes it a one game series. We are not dead yet!

  82. notbigbird says:

    So … JM is a genius for putting Moen with G and G? Maybe if he is so smart, he should have thought of that before. Oh wait … he did … and it didn’t work. I’m actually not so much bashing JM as kind of poking a little fun at calling him a genius for a desperation move that worked.

    What’s the consensus on Pouliot? Is he as good as he seemed at first or as bad as he seems now? I’m very disapointed with his play.

  83. HUDSONHAB says:

    double post


  84. HUDSONHAB says:

    Ooops AK46


  85. HUDSONHAB says:

    OK OK, listen up JM, SK74, AK47 and any other haters out there.

    Stop hating!

    Here is our problem for the next game(s). PP: MAB has to be in position and keep the puck in at the blueline, he is always late and reaching. Hammer needs to be replaced by Spacek(hopefully heathy) Pouliot’s and SK74’s effort has to match their skill level. AND everyone else has to continue to play the way they did in game 5 for 60 minutes of game 6.

    “Peace” of cake!


  86. JF says:

    That was a monumental effort and easily our best game of the playoffs so far.  We did exactly what we had to do – jumped out to an early lead and hung on, sowing some seeds of doubt in the minds of those arrogant Capitals and giving us some positive momentum.  I’m sure the Caps and their fans thought they’d just walk over us.  Even when we went up 2-0, they had only to think of the last time we had a 2-goal lead to feel sure that their team would crank up its offence and storm back.  It didn’t happen, thanks largely to Halak’s superb performance but also to the heroic efforts of our shortened bench.  I loved the grit and determination I saw, although I admit I was so nervous in the third period I was watching the clock more than the play, praying that we would either score or – for once – hang on.

    It was great to see a bounce-back performance from Halak.  His nervous play during the last two or three weeks certainly raised questions about his ability to handle the pressure of key games, but last night he was rock-solid, supremely confident, never shaken.  Perhaps having game 4 off gave him a rest and allowed him to re-focus.  If he can give a repeat performance on Monday, we could see a game 7.

    I don’t know what JM has against Sergei Kostitsyn.  He makes mistakes (like all of them), but since coming back from Hamilton he’s played well.  He no longer takes lazy penalties like he did last year, he plays well defensively, he’s gritty, he makes great passes.  I don’t see how benching or scratching him is helpful.  The coaching staff need to have patience with our young players, not only Sergei but also Pouliot, who has great ability but seems to have regressed lately.  He hasn’t yet played a full season in the NHL, and development is often uneven.  I haven’t been sold on JM as a coach all season, and his treatment of our young players is what worries me most.

  87. notbigbird says:

    Don’t know if I’ve ever said it before, but I like your posts.

  88. tony d says:

    Cautiously optimistic….it’s how I’ve felt all year and still this morning.

    I don’t believe JM is a genius for the Moen switch. He is usually seen behind the bench looking at his list then at the bench and almost mouthing ‘eeny meeny myny moe’.  Halak was brilliant and we got some lucky bounces (for a change). We still have the same d-zone problems we’ve had all year and that will do us in eventually. I had a feeling the Habs would win last night but I also have a feeling the Caps will come back stronger and spank them at the Bell, because a victory in our house will be much sweeter for them.  If Martin continues to shorten the bench because of poor play, he’ll be left with a gasping handful to contain the onslaught.  And is it just me or does anyone else hear the ‘Deliverance’ banjo theme evertime they show a close-up of Bergeron?

  89. Bob Barker says:

    I believe the “eeny meeny myny moe” strategy was first conceived by one Scotty Bowman. 

  90. Will Longlade says:

    The team made some excellent adjustments in game 5, but now they need to do the rest of the job. Fix the PP! Dispatch MAB to the PB and replace him with PK. The three day break provides a perfect opportunity to do this. Do it. Please!   

  91. Mr. Biter says:

    Sorry to disagree but saw PK play on Wed. night in  Wpg. and he is not quite ready for prime time. Alex Henry played a better defensive game and Pk (even if he did scroe 2 goals) needs to improve his skating as the blue line tripped him twice. He will be good but to bring him now would be a mistake. I do have a silly question though which goes out to everyone. Why did we just not put BGL on waivers and be done with him. This is probably the one move Bg did that I did not understand.

  92. HardHabits says:

    If only the Habs eenie meenie minie moed their draft selections. Maybe they’d have done better.

  93. Norm0770 says:

    When you have the talent that Bowman did on the bench that strategy will work very well.

  94. joeybarrie says:

    I believe it to be this. We are a similar team to the Caps. The difference is, they have an offensive POWERHOUSE, and we have a more rounded team. Our defense is lacking and there’s is lacking more. Their goaltending is inconsistent and so is ours. We have 2 young goalies, and they have 1 young goalie and Jose. Its simple in the end. If our goalie plays GREAT we have a good chance to win. We put away our chances, be disciplined, play smart and play hard we will do it. If any of these things drop, the Caps will make you pay. When you pay, its big. ALL season they have beat teams outplaying them because in a 5-8 minute lapse they can score 3-4 goals.

    Halak can come out in Game 6 and PLAY GREAT. If we can do the same things we have been doing ALL series for the most part, we will put it to them. They cave under the pressure of high hopes and expectations.

    I would love for us to come back for game 7. But I must say im pretty happy about our season right now. Big injuries, missing KEY players, and we still exceeded expectations. Its only getting better.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  95. Shublips says:

    Habs played a great game.  Actually, they played a DESPERATE game, which is exactly what they needed to do.

    The biggest surprise was that Jacques Martin actually made some adjustments, for a change, and they paid off.  Moen with Gionta and Gomez?  Genius!

    Halak was incredible too.  Hopefully they can pull off another one on Monday!  Go habs go!


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  96. Trots says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if reporters and T.V. announcers could get their facts straight before going on and on about a missed call. I watched the replay of the MAB high stick on Belanger and he was in the process of shooting the puck into the Caps end. Rule 60.1 governing highsticking states:

    “However, a player or goalkeeper is permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is committed as a normal windup or follow through of a shooting motion”

    There was NO PENALTY on the play. The officials may have missed it or not, but it doesn’t matter, it was not a penalty Pierre/Gord/Mike Boone.

  97. Trots says:

    And furthermore…rule 74 as it applies to too many men on the ice:

    If in the course of making a substitution, either the player entering the game or the player (or goalkeeper) retiring from the ice surface plays the puck with his stick, skates or hands or who checks or makes any physical contact with an opposing player while either the player entering the game or the retiring player is actually on the ice, then the infraction of “too many men on the ice” will be called.

    Moore jumped on the ice too early and made contact (a slash). The contact created the penalty, not the action of slashing. Had it been a more egregious penalty such as a punch or drawing blood, then I assume they could have imposed both penalties, but the rule book does not specifically spell that out.

    So again Pierre/Gord/Mike Boone – you are wrong.

  98. Clay4bc says:

    The best thing about this post is your humility! :)

    Great research though, and it explains the strange call…


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  99. Trots says:

    Thanks…I’ll try to be more humble in the future.

  100. Mr.Hazard says:

    Gomez is such a good all-around player. Good on PK & PP, smart, fast, good hands, plays like he cares. Better to have an overpaid good player, than overpaid average players (ie. some Quebecois defencemen we had in recent years).

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  101. TripleX says:

    At his salary he needs to be a GAME CHANGER.  He is no where near that.  When the Habs need someone to take over the game Gomez is not able to do that.  At least a big player can impact the game with physical dominance, Gomez can’t even do that because of his size.

    Candy coat it all you want, but the fact remains at his salary he is a huge negative on this franchise.

  102. kempie says:

    never ever thought it would happen, but i have to say that it appeared that jm thoroughly outcoached bb last night. so how can jm do that and still be such a moron? i dunno. maybe he’s a genius. maybe he’s a moron. maybe he’s both. if he doesn’t move moen and shorten his bench like last night, we’re probably golfing today. has the moron spell worn off? was it an accident? which coach shows up monday? oooh the drama!

  103. punkster says:

    Speaking of huge negatives.

  104. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Great recap BOONE…

    should we be surprised? NO… when are the media (TSN) going to get it right… the HABS are in this, game 1 wasn’t a fluke, and game 2 should have been a HAB blowout… up 2-0 heading back home…. there they stumbled, but all along they’ve felt they could do it, constant pressure, great scoring chances and a washington attack that revolved around #8…who SPACEK owned, and game 5 it was OBYRNE that owned OV…. it seems the media is always talking about WASHINGTON and what they are doing right or wrong…

    guess what media…. nevermind HALAK, its VARLAMOV and the NHLREF syndicate thats keeping washington in this thing…

    that said, HALAK has been brilliant….other mentions to MOORE, always liked this kid, GIONTA/GOMEZ/CAMM, always a threat, PLEKS showing up when he has to, KOSTYsr solid and deadly, MOEN LAPS, METRO providing grit, PYATT the hustle and smarts, DARCHE working, even kostyjr chipping in when he can in the corners, and POULIET being his best when playing physical… as for the DEF, everyone has played great….maybe a few falters from HAMMR but he’s made up for it on other occassions.

    great work boys….


  105. doug says:

    Think you’re paranoid, Dave :). Rarely read comments section anymore so not sure who thinks what among the new generation of posters. Most of folks I knew and loved don’t seem to post anymore, unfortunately. More bickering and insults rather than debate and I have twin 7 year olds to fill that quota.

  106. punkster says:

    Check your email. In short, no matter the root of the problems between JM and SK since it wasn’t resolved before, now is not the time to be sending messages. Give him a role that befits his talents. Work out the issues in the summer.

  107. Trots says:

    At least the NFL announces discipline of their officials and admits when there is a blown call, unlike Gary’s league. Just an admission to say “Yep, we blew that call” would go a long way to calming everyone down.

  108. The M says:

    thanks for the voice of reason regarding PK

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