About last night …


Shall we start calling him Mr. Elimination?
In Game 4 against Tampa Bay, Max Pacioretty scores a power-play goal with 43 seconds left in a 3-3 game.
The loss ends the Lightning season.
Three weeks later, the Canadiens take to the ice for Game 6, trailing Boston three wins to two.
Pacioretty has a goal and an assist in a 4-0 win that sends the series back to Boston, where Pacioretty scores again in the 3-1 win that sends the Canadiens to the Eastern Conference Final.

Tuesday night at the Bell Centre, the Canadiens faced elimination for the third time in the 2014 playoffs.

Rene Bourque was the hero, of course. He scored three goals in 12:21 of ice time and narrowly missed a fourth with the New York net empty.

In 63 regular-season games, Bourque scored nine times. His lack of production and, on too many nights, seeming lack of commitment had Canadiens fans wondering how the heck this guy scored 27 goals in back-to-back seasons for Calgary.

Maybe that Bourque is back. He’s scored eight times in 16 playoff games.

So Rene Bourque 2.0  is Mr. Clutch.

And in the wild 7-4 win that sent this series back to Madison Square Garden, Mr. Elimination had a goal and an assist. Pacioretty also helped a Canadiens penalty-kill that killed five of six shorthanded situations, including a 5-on-3.

We know Mrs. Elimination and Clutch will be in the Canadiens’ lineup Thursday night. But who comes out for Brandon Prust?

Daniel Brière? He was minus-2 in only 5:49 of ice time in Game 5.

But Brière is a proven playoff performer. He’s part of a Canadiens power play that is showing glimmers of life, and Brière can win faceoffs.

The likely scratch when Prust returns from his two-game suspension is Michäel Bournival. That’s too bad, because the kid’s speed and forechecking tenacity have been assets against the Rangers.

Maybe Michel Therrien will take a chance on Bournival and sit Brière. Or maybe the Ol’ Riverboat Gambler will really shake up his club by sitting Thomas Vanek.

Nah, that’s not going to happen. Vanek played only 8:55 in Game 5, but he’s a down-low presence on a power-play that has to take some of the pressure off its point men, P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov.

And yanking a veteran – be it Brière or Vanek – might not play well in the Canadiens’ room.

We’ll just leave this call to Therrien. And we do so with confidence, because the kindly old coach had been pushing a lot of right buttons in the Canadiens’ playoff run.

A prime example of Therrien’s acumen was his decision not to call a Timeout after that second-period meltdown that saw the Rangers score three times in less than five minutes. 

In his postgame press conference, Therrien said he didn’t call Timeout because he liked the team’s attitude on the bench, even as a 4-1 lead was evaporating and Bell Centre fans were flocking to the concession stands to load up on Valium.

(Josie Gold’s take):












Less than a minute after the dastardly Chris Kreider tied the game, Bourque converted a Dale Weise pass to restore the Canadiens lead and set up a third period during which Dustin Tokarski would make 11 clutch saves while his teammates were salting the win away.

The line of Bourque, Weise and Lars Eller (two assists, plus-3, 8-8 on faceoffs) was terrific. On the drive home, I heard some of the TSN 690 guys second-guessing Weise’s return to the game after the head shot that should earn John Moore a suspension. Therrien said the medical staff cleared Weise, but it was 6-4 at that point. I’d hate for the rugged winger, who can really motor for a big guy and is great on the PK, to wake up with a bad headache Wednesday morning.

There will be more than a few sore noggins in Montreal after Game 5. The downtown streets outside the Bell Centre were packed with joyous fans after the game, their whooping punctuated by honking car horns.

The city loves this edition of the Canadiens because these guys don’t quit. The Rangers may very well end the series on home ice Thursday, but they’ll have to earn it.

The Canadiens’ spirit is exemplified by players like Gallagher, Tokarski, Weise, Mike Weaver (almost 20 minutes of ice time, five blocked shots.

None of them were high draft choices. All of them play their hearts out.

Their work ethic has to be an inspiration to the more gifted players, such as Alex Galchenyuk and Nathan Beaulieu, recent first-round picks who are responding well to playoff pressure.

Galchenyuk, who opened the scoring, is getting better with each game. His vision and playmaking ability have fans looking forward to the kid’s inevitable move to centre.

Beaulieu played a shade over 10 minutes and didn’t look nervous. His ability to skate the puck out of trouble is a sight to behold.

I’m nearly 800 words into this without mentioning P.K. He played 30:25 – including 3:03 on the penalty-kill – had four shots on goal, three hits and three blocks.

Ryan McDonough played 25:52 and was on for three goals against. His goaltender was beaten four times on 19 shots before giving way to Cam Talbot.

One more sleep, and then Game 6.

• And the Academy Award for the absolute worst acting EVER goes to … envelope please … Tomas Plekanec. Seriously, dude. You made Adam Sandler look like Robert De Niro.

Pierre LeBrun on Rene Bourque

• LOVE this: https://vine.co/v/MdbhL72hUQM






  1. Luke says:

    1) You’re Welcome.

    2) Moore’s hit: Sadly, this exemplifies the issue with the NHL right now. Moore could have smoked Wheezy hard and directly in the shoulder if he wanted to. He could have sent him flying with a monstrous but clean shoulder to shoulder check. Instead he chose to avoid the shoulder and cut around to the front and the chin. They should bury this guy. They won’t. (2 games, and I may be disappointed).

    3) Dorsett. Spraying the kid (while funny) was classless and I’d probably punish him more harshly for this than for the headbutt. No place for this. Act like an adult. Show some class, some respect and show some restraint. Good on Zuccarello for at least trying to help the little dude.

    4) Dorsett. Headbutt? Seriously. What a tough guy… suspend him.

    5) Dorsett. Nice way to end the game you clown. I’m surprised you didn’t try to even things up with the flag bearer after the match, as well.

    6) Dorsett. (Max fine for the kid + 1 game for the KoKo BeWare shot).

  2. Psycho29 says:

    Not to get ahead of ourselves, but when Habs win and if LA wins, we get home ice advantage due to more regulation victories during the season.

  3. rhino514 says:

    Was Emelin practicing prior to last night´s game?
    Any chance he will be back?
    Lundqvist in Madison Square Garden will be a different story.
    Our big question mark is the D; Pricey went a long ways towards camouflaging this. The guys have to be perfect in front of Toker to have a chance.
    No more ugly deflections (hear me Josh)?
    Our chances lie with our deep forward corps, we have to believe we can get at least two goals on thursday and possibly three; which is no small feat against the Rangers.
    But the D and the Kid will have to play their best game yet.

  4. Steeltown Hab says:

    I just don’t see how logic dictates Prust being back in the lineup. Did what he had to do to get the blood going in game 3. But all playoffs and all regular season he hasn’t been good. Bournival is a way better skater and he hits, creates more turnovers and I’d take him over Prust in the d-zone.

    Prust good looks, likeability and contract play wayy too much into his icetime.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Prust gets under the skin of the Rangers as shown in his last game. He is a Sh*t disturber and we need to get the Rangers off there game like we have in the last couple.

      Prust started the turnaround in this series. I can’t name a single thing Bournival has done other than skate fast

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Don’t let Jim see your post, he may drive up here personally and take you outta the will Kooch!

        (I kind of agree, and it isn’t a slag on Bournival, he is a keeper, but we need Prust in there)

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I will wow Jim with a peace offering of Beer 😉

          I like Bournival as well but we need to get the Rangers off there game. Prust is a nice player to do that. Let’s face it, neither player has much to offer offensively so they have to bring it in other areas

          • Steeltown Hab says:

            Bournival creates a lot offensively, is in another universe than Prust on offense.


            Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

          • Kooch7800 says:

            I am afraid we have to disagree on that one. Which is fine. I like Bournival’s forecheck but he needs to work on his shooting big time. I can’t even count the number of times I have seem him come flying in and put one right at the goalies logo.

            It will come with time. We need Prust to crap disturb and be physical to get the Rangers off there game. Since the habs have finally awaken physically the series has changed a bit

    • Fansincebirth says:

      I think the absolute best 4th line MT put together this season was Weiss – Prust – White.

  5. 25insight says:

    Oops. If we had lost I could imagine what the headlines would look like.


    I’m sure Cherry will still get mad about it.


  6. Captain aHab says:

    The thing about Brière is that he cannot be ignored when game planning….if they do and forget about him, he’s liable to make a solid play to generate a key goal.

    Same with Vanek…he has to always be present in your mind cause forget him and it might be in. These guys who make the other team think have to play. Bournival can annoy to a certain extent and that has value but I don’t think he is as present in the other team’s mind as Brière and Vanek likely are. Bournival will make you sweat on the boards with your head down trying to win puck battles. Prust will get you to keep your head up and forget about the puck a bit while you are wondering about getting drilled into the cheap seats.

    If Bournival ever gets a scoring touch (and I think he could), he’ll then be a very dangerous player to forget.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • rhino514 says:

      Very well put, I agree 100% percent regarding Bournival. Great back up to have, but would not start him ahead of Prust if Prust plays as he has since game 7 of the Bs series.
      Prust started the play which led to the go ahead goal against the Bs in game 7. He was a big factor in game 3 obviously.

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    I think the only difference between Moore’s hit on Weise and Prust on Stepan, is that Moore caught more of Weise’s head on the initial hit. Therefore suspension should/would be the same. However, the refs did make the call on Moore’s hit therefore I can see them saying that as a result of him getting 5min. and the game, that perhaps he only gets a 1 game suspension.

    I have no idea what Moore’s police chart looks like for prior arrests by the NHL. But I have a sneaky suspicion they will want to make him available for game 7, thus the 1 game suspension. (my guess only)

    • Paz says:

      There is also the issue that Moore’s hit is considered “blind side”, and that factors into it.

      Is he a repeat offender?

      I agree, he will get 1 game.

    • krob1000 says:

      Couldn’t disagree more re Moore. He travelled twice the distance and Prust’s hit was late but not a head shot at all…directly to the chest and shoulder rode up…head not principle point although obviously injured. Moore and Wiese had something going on all game, he sought him out from across the ice the entirey of his trek over to Weise was not in Weise field of vision, then hit drills him late, and DIRECTLY to the head. They had an ongoing battle all game, Prust was just trying to fire up the team and was a bit late, there are late hits like that allthe time and I am fine with them suspending Prust and removing those but the hit by Moore waasa suspension worthy hit even it was on time IMO…that should be the difference…it was a chrarging, elbow/headshot…without even considering it was a premeditated and late hit. If PRust’s hit is on time IMO it is not a penalty. I would say the Moore one is a 3 or 4 gamer and given he did miss the game unlike Prust I would think he should be out for the remainder of the series. However, I would not be surprised to see him get one game.

    • Mustang says:

      I think he will get 2 games, just like Prust. Of course I thought that Therrien should have called a time out when NY was scoring all of those goals in the 2nd period last night, so what do I know.

      GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • New says:

      I think the major difference will be explained by the NHL. As the NHL explained with Prust’s hit on Stephan, he was .2 seconds later than their current standard, otherwise everything else about the hit was legal. I don’t know what the NHL will decide but I saw Moore blindside Weise (that means from behind), target the head, and hit him late. Between the spears, head butts, net crashing, and blindside hits I would suggest the League will likely have limited patience for the Rangers today.

  8. Captain aHab says:


    Put yourself in his shoes. I realize that if he gets injured, he won’t get the big payday he expected (at least not right away), but the injury would need to be career threatening for him not to eventually collect.

    He is 6 wins from winning a Cup. What guarantees does he have of getting this close again with Minny?

    If his goal in playing hockey is winning the Cup, then I think we’ll see him get going now very soon. I thought I saw signs last night he might be snapping out of it – the crisp passes were coming back.

    If his goal is a paycheck, then he’ll continue to mail it in.

    I’m betting on the former so he plays next game. I simply cannot believe a guy getting this close to a potential Cup would strictly think of his salary.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If indeed it is an injured wrist (as most think/feel) then perhaps with each passing day it is getting a little bit better. I thought he looked better last night in trying to get shots off, crisper passes etc….

      The two days off between recent games I think helped him. I don’t question his desire to win, he has too much at stake. And how can he not be enjoying this atmosphere.

      • Captain aHab says:

        He got off a pretty wicked shot too from what I remember.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Sorry, guys. Ignoring you. Really want to know what Don Cherry thinks about Vanek.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Will Minnesota actually have room under the cap to sign Vanek?
      They must be cutting it really close.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      I think we all witnessed a lot more from Vanek last night than in previous games which is encouraging but there’s tons of room for improvement. I don’t think anybody is asking him to be a net crasher or to lay on bone crushing body checks but his compete level is extremely sub par.

      Perhaps it IS an injury that he’s recovering from, who knows. I’m sure if it is then we will hear about it post series/cup.

      If he’s injured to the point of being an absolute non-entity on the ice, MT is basically saying that Vanek at 25% is better than anybody we have sitting in the press box and that to me is just plain wrong.

      If he’s not injured and he has vanished like he has many times before in his career or playing not to get hurt, then what team would pick him up to play his ‘best’ 25% of the time.

      I shakes me head…..

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      He tried a wrist shot at one point and the puck squirted weakly to one side.

      Moving. Forward.

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    I wonder if perhaps Prust slips into Weise’s spot in the lineup. I realize he came back, but I have read too many stories of athletes doing whatever it took in order to get back in the game. Perhaps he may not be feeling as well today.

    I don’t wish this on Weise but rather just wonder if this may be the case. Time will tell, and MT does not have an easy decision to make, while I can see the case for Briere when you look at minutes played, is there really a better clutch scorer on this team? All Briere seems to do is help score big goals in the playoffs for his entire career. That is a pretty big intangible to remove from lineup.

    Enjoyed the game very much last night and hope we can now win Game 6. Game 7 is not to be worried about, just win tomorrow baby!

    Go Habs Go!

    • Captain aHab says:

      I still think Bournival will come out. I don’t think he can get the Rags off their game like Prust can and the intangibles keep Brière in.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Don’t disagree at all. Yes we lose some speed, but indeed the Rangers will be very pre-occupied by Prust on the ice, hopefully to their detriment. Prust will also be rested and hungry, that should be a good combination.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Hey Burly.
      I completely agree. The problem is, there will be no independent assessment available within an ass’s roar of Weise.
      If it’s the team physician: he plays.
      If it’s, “How do you feel, Dale?”: he plays.

      And btw, the degree to which his play makes us all HOPE he’s good to go is precisely why Moore dealt him both the Chara-inspired Stanchion Shot and the open-ice Head-Shot. Does NY care if Moore misses games? Not as much as we will care about losing Weise.

      Good luck to him, and I hope reason prevails.

  10. 44har48 says:

    Could not be happier this morning about the fight this team brings…fun to watch and a great ride. I could probably go on for hours about last night and my feelings about Game #6. I will spare you all, but I do have to comment on the embellishment. That my friends was unprofessional and embarrassing. The next time somebody stops me and says the Habs are unsportsmanlike and embellish to get the calls (it happens daily), I will swallow my tongue and my pride and have to agree. I’ve been defending them while they do this and I really did not have a defense. No more…again, embarrassing. And I don’t care what other teams do or the Rangers, blah, blah, blah. There is no excuse for that at any level.

    EDIT: I am aware that a natural human reaction to a stick coming at you is to bend your head back to deflect some of the blow – I do it in rec league. That’s not what I see sometimes with the Habs and certainly not what I saw with Plekanecs last night.

    • Mike Boone says:

      Too many guys are becoming thespians. It’s a trend the NHL has to nip in the bud lest it become La Liga on ice.

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

    • New says:

      Yeah. The refs watch for certain things and never see other things. So players give the refs what they want to see. When they get caught the other team knows they get a free pass for a few minutes, and then someone gets really hurt.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Pleks is one of the worst for it. I do also think he is the King of worst timed penalties on the team. He really knows when to take a brain dead penalty

  11. Steeltown Hab says:

    Please don’t change the lineup.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      If Therrien is sticking to himself as a gambling man, I think he should sit Vanek in the press box and put Prust in for tomorrow at MSG.

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        No. Vanek can score at anytime similar to Pacioretty, that’s why you put up with less effort. Prust has no spot in this lineup.


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

  12. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Is Lundqvist a never-two-stinkers-in-a-row goalie?
    He truly sucked last night.

  13. Psycho29 says:

    Ugly win but we’ll take those anytime!

    How is it Bourque gets the only penalties at the end of the game? A cross checking MAJOR and misconduct???

  14. Danno says:

    The Canadiens are alive and well, and it’s on to New York Thursday to keep the ball rolling.

    Carry On Canadiens!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  15. Mutt says:

    Nice character win last night, this team definitely has lots of heart, just wish they weren’t so hard on mine.

    My take on the embellishment call is this, I know when I was sittiing around a camp fire last summer and a leaf fell on my shoulder my head snapped back and they claim I squealed like a girl. Point is it was a fast violet reaction, dare I say over reaction. I was not embellishing it was a natural reaction.

    I can only imagine how I would react to a stick coming at my face. Even if it didn’t make contact.

    • Captain aHab says:

      Yeah…I think the issue though is did it take you a couple of seconds delay to react to the leaf?

      That was really bad by Pleks and now, it’s quite possible other teams will be able to get away with real high sticks on him.

      Didn’t like seeing that at all. He did play a pretty good game aside from that though.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  16. Steeltown Hab says:

    I’m sorry but that Praise for Pacioretty…he played awful, scored a timely goal because of Gallagher laying it all on the line and it’s one lundqvist should normally have.

    Loved the effort from the boys just get a kick about how one shot essentially writes off an entire bad game. Has all the athletic ability you can ask for needs some serious coaching though regarding hockey sense and effort level.


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • Cal says:

      Yeah, it sucked how he came through with everything on the line like that.

      • Habfan17 says:

        Steeltown Hab has a point. Patches turned over the puck on passes to no one a couple of times and was not moving his legs. He finished two checks like he was trying not to break any eggs. Not sure if he is hurt, but he did not really bring it last night! I like patches, but we have yet to see a complete game from him this play off! If he gave the same effort as DD, yes, DD, and Gallagher, he would be a force!!


        • Captain aHab says:

          My thought on Pacioretty and bodychecks is that he was starting to bodycheck until he got suspended for hitting a guy in the noggin. Hasn’t been hitting since….could he be worried about suspensions?

          Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      I don’t think he played a great game either, but when goal scorers scorer, all is good.

      • Cal says:

        It’s what they are paid to do. Patches has had the hell knocked out of him since Game 1 against Tampa. To say that he is “dogging it” or “playing poorly” is to disregard that he has been Target #2 for 3 series in a row. (Target #1 was Price)

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Dorsett’s head shot on Weise should be more suspendable than Prusts hit as well!

  18. Strummer says:

    The Habs stunk last night.
    But the Rangers stunk worse- so Habs by default.
    I’ll take it!!

    The Ranger defense was playing like the Bruin defense last night and the Habs capitalized. They are only about one year removed from the stage the young Bruins were this playoffs.

    Lundqvist was chanelling his inner Reimer. That’s a relief because now the Habs are in his head and the pressure is back on him.

    Don’t forget the Ranger fans booed their team off the ice earlier in the playoffs.
    So its on to game 6.

    “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  19. Ozmodiar says:

    With Prust back for game 6, who sits??

    My vote: Briere

  20. Hobie says:

    As one of the guys who’s stuck up for Bourque since day 1, it was awesome to see the young man have a career night last night.

    He’s been our best forward this playoffs and had many tough nights over the season where he played well but the puck simply didn’t go in for him. Love the guy. Glad he’s here for a couple more years! Regular season means nothing!

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      (hi hobie. i was a trade-bourque guy most of the season. felt sick and jubilant in equal measure last night. good call, you. crow feathers instead of syrup on my porridge this morning…)

      • Captain aHab says:

        I think lots of us were and apparently so was management. Glad we were all collectively wrong.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

        • Hobie says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have been too upset if he were traded at the deadline or earlier, I’ve just always liked him and his style of play. He has frustrated me on many nights too. I just didn’t want him run out of town immediately like some.

  21. Mad Habber says:

    I’m glad the Habs got Lundqvist out of the net last night. If history shows us anything about Lundqvist is that he can be a bit of a head case, so getting in his head a little is good medicine for game six. Hopefully they can get out to another quick start, get a couple by him earlier and really rattle his and the Rangers confidence.

    Also the Rangers picking on the kids at the start of the game reminds me of Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals a few years back, hopefully they will share a similar fate.

    The Rangers despite what all the goody goody New York media would have us believe about them have proven to be about underhanded tactics as much as the Bruins. I have never seen a team that likes running goalies as much as they do. I will say it again, I was glad when Markov labelled JT Miller when he was crashing the net. I wished more of our defenseman would do that. (Is it bad that Markov seems to be the only guy trying to protect the goalie?)

    Cherry will blame the Moore on Weise hit on Weise. (He was admiring his pass). Strange that we aren’t hearing more about this, Prust on Stephan was all over Facebook. Nothing today.

  22. Ozmodiar says:

    Is the headbutt being looked at by the league?

    Help me out, folks. This is where i come for answers! 🙂

  23. Captain aHab says:

    Prust drawing back in for game 6 is absolutely perfect. You want the Rags to be thinking about exacting revenge on him all game long and forget about playing hockey. Considering the guy Prust is, it would not surprise me one bit to see him drill Stepan with solid body checks to get him off his game. And if Diaz draws in, just keep sending it deep on his side and keep hitting him hard…we’ve seen that movie before…..

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  24. ths says:

    I agree it’s tough to make room for Prust in this lineup but he saved the season in his last game and he will do what it takes to win next game

    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

    • Captain aHab says:

      There is simply no way he sits out the next game.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  25. JUST ME says:

    Wow that was impressive ! A complete team performance .
    As a Habs fan it is such an enjoyable ride that gets renewed every game cause not only is my team wining in a solid fashion but also those nay sayer hypocrits get their mouth shut every single day. Every single day !
    René Bourque i mean come on ! I think that it does summarize the situation with the Habs so well! But Chucky coming back stronger than ever, Max finding the bullseye, Weise playing with everything he has, Gallagher finding way to pass while on his knees and actually on his belly, smooth D.D. going full throttle all the time, Tokarski probably pinching himself every day,P.K . keeping the team spirit in shape ,even Markov playing solid hockey…It`s unfair not to name the others cause they do contribute ,win as a team is the obvious way to go for the Habs to shine.

    O.K. time for the copy/paste part of the comment : biggest game of the season tomorrow !

  26. 123456 says:

    OK enough about how great the Habs played last night – as of now the focus is game planning for game 6.

    BUT – anyone else think the NHL is a little pissed at the Rags for Staphany’s broken jaw and surgery only to see her (him) return a couple days later and play. If not the NHL I hope the hockey Gods stick it to them… isn’t that the ultimate embellishment?

    • JUST ME says:

      Wait now. You mean that yesterday we had to suffer all the negative comments up to the last minute before the game but now that things are positive we should move on and forget about yesterday`s game ? No way Jose ! Our jobs as fans is to enjoy the moment and wAit until the next rendez vous and tomorrow is…tomorrow.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      123456, could I respectfully challenge you to re-imagine your Stepan barb without gender being your weapon of offense?

      I kind of agree with your actual point, but when I think of — for instance — our amazing national women’s hockey team, I see 50% of the population being unnecessarily and unfairly insulted (including some women posters here who could take your ass to the cleaners if they wanted!) by your inference that women=weak/fragile.

      Just a thought — throw it right back if you disagree.


  27. habsfan0 says:

    The smooch that PK gave Tokarski doesn’t come close to rivalling the kiss that Captain Kirk gave Uhura.

    Habs have now won 10 games this playoff year,surpassing the 9 they had in the 2010 run.

  28. jrs10069 says:

    As crazy as it sounds, I didn’t get nervous or even pissed when the Rangers tied it. With Talbot in nets I knew we would score at will. Nice to have Bourque picking the corners like that.

    Someone needs to break Stepan’s jaw for real with a nice clean hit that sends him flying into the board shattering his guard and sending him to get his face wired up.

    Briere has to sit for Prust, can’t take Bournival out, need the speed.


  29. Ian Cobb says:

    It was never in doubt!
    We have them right where we want them boys and girls!
    Prust in for Vanic please!

    My concern is LA or Chicago!

  30. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    It’s a very interesting point in the series. Yeah, it could end in a game. But the Rangers were in trouble last night, and their much vaunted D was disorganised. The Habs brought their real game and set the table.
    Interesting. After the passion of the Bruins series, this has been a slog of a series to me. But even facing elimination, if the energy level stays up, it’s no longer predictable. Not even close to predictable.
    The Rangers comeback from 4-1 was a huge high for them, and the Habs response of 3 more goals was knee in the face after they were doubling over from a kick in the balls.
    I haven’t got a clue what will happen.

  31. scavanau says:

    I will be in NYC tomorrow night for vacation! Train pulls in under MSG at 6pm. Gotta see if I can score some cheap seats.

  32. Paz says:

    Good morning,

    Bet the Blackhawks for tonight’s game and you will have won the easiest 2 bets of this playoff season.

    Down 3-1, at home, you win 1.5 times the money you bet at Mise O Jeu.

    The home team, supported by it’s fans, facing elimination, and therefore desperate, full of pee and energy, and every player pushing himself to the limit. Any player in this situation who does not give 100% should not be a pro athlete, and all the players come through.

    The visiting team, up 3-1, knowing they have game 6 to fall back on, therefore, not desperate, lacking that extra push, and always a half step behind.

    Blackhawks are an easy pick tonight. Only question is how much you want to win.

  33. JohnBellyful says:

    I know it’s wrong to even imagine, and would surely incite the Rangers to greater effort, and would most definitely draw a penalty of unsportsmanlike conduct if this desire were indeed to come true, but … I would love to see, as payback for what Dorsett did to a little Hab before last night’s game, a Canadien make a mad dash toward New York’s anthem singer and give him a snow shower. After the Canadian anthem, of course.
    Alternatively, have one of the Habs’ healthy scratches pour a bucket of goo over the Rangers GM: slather Sather with slime

  34. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Subbie propping up Weise after the Moore hit…how symbolic was that? All year long we’ve seen our guys sticking up for each other through the good and the bad beginning with Max going to bat for DD during his struggles at the beginning of the year…the way Parros and Prust with their warrior ways have put life and limb on the line for their teammates…and now this glorious chase for the Cup that has seen the most improbable cast of heroes…Bourque, Weise, Weaver, Tokarksi…propel us to victory night after night. Pure magic. Makes me proud to be a Habs fan.

    ~~ You’ve been spun ~~

  35. Marc10 says:

    I thought the hit on Weise was a clear blindside hit to the head. That being said, I hope they don’t suspend Moore. I think he lacks discipline and isn’t very good. Plus I’d like to see Prust run him over on his way to clocking Dorsett and Stepan…

    I would hate to see Diaz be the goat when we crush the Rangers in NY. Play JMoore. He deserves that honour.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Yes, but if he is playing instead of someone else, and we assume they are playing their best players, doesn’t that still mean that if he is not playing, he is replaced by an even worse player?

  36. UKRAINIANhab says:

    “the King” is a damn average goalie, he yet again proved it for me last night!

  37. HairyHabist says:

    Their passing was sharper. They did a better job of clearing the zone. And they took advantage of scoring opportunities.

    This was the Habs team we’ve been waiting to see show up against the Rangers.
    Now they need to make sure the same team shows up the rest of the way.

  38. BJ says:

    How many found the Moore hit on Weise very similar to Prust’s? Will it cost him 2 games? Maybe one because there is no broken jaw.

  39. BJ says:

    Beaulieu is really a Paul Coffee “light”. Man can this guy skate smoothly and fast. Our D in the coming 2-3 years will be second to none. If only we can go and get 2 big strong skating 20 goal scorers, we should be able to maintain a chance at the Mug every season.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Saw him last season with in Hamilton and my mouth dropped when I saw him skate.

      • Captain aHab says:

        Saw him with the Sea Dogs and he was a man amongst boys. Beaulieu is a guy whose important when a team like the Rags is determined to take board clearings away. Beaulieu can skate it up the middle and get out of the zone with speed and leave forecheckers in his dust. I personally don’t think we need to pay a mint for Markov with this guy on board. Or offer Markov 5-6 dman money and see if he goes for it.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

        • BJ says:

          At this point two years at 5.5 max for Markov. If not let someone else overpay.

          • Captain aHab says:

            I would not pay him that much…not for what we’re seeing now. Unless maybe he has a significant injury we don’t know about, and even then…..

            Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • CJ says:

      Good post BJ. I watch Nate and I wonder how we ever go back to Emelin. Heck, the way Gorges has played I can’t imagine that Tinordi would not be a major upgrade.

      On an aside, while driving home from the golf course last night, I heard Pat Hickey on the 690 pregame show. He said Emelin was out. More interestingly though was his comment regarding Markov. Hickey indicated that he no longer thought Markov would be coming back. He mentioned that the General wants a minimum of three years and that Bergevin won’t do it.

      This playoff has been full vale and long on drama. I have a sinking suspicion that this trend will continue in the off season.

      Cheers, CJ

      • Captain aHab says:

        There’s no way Markov should get 3 years. He’s lost a significant step this year. And yes I know he was better earlier in the year but the season isn’t 60 games long.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

        • Loop_Garoo says:

          I have no problem with 3 years at the right price, but at less than what he makes now.

          • Captain aHab says:

            I do. If he loses another step next year, he’ll be close to becoming a net liability…not sure I want that in my top 4. As I said, maybe he’s injured. But at his age, getting injured will become more of an issue.

            He has significant trouble pinching at the blue line now as he absolutely cannot back check fast enough. Fine if your forward covers for him but…

            Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

          • Habfan17 says:

            With the development of players like Beaulieu, Tinordi and Pateryn, not to mention Nygren, I would say two years max! Even then, Markov needs to take a shave and come in at $4million per! The Habs gave him a bonus signing him to his very nice contracts when he had the two mayor knee injuries.


      • BJ says:

        I didn’t want to bring in a negative today and this comment is not meant to be. If the Habs get a decent offer perhaps for a much needed size asset that can skate and play forward I would certainly consider moving Gorges. As you rightly point out Tinordi can handle Gorges position. Having said that I recognise his desire, toughness and some leadership but we need to get bigger and tougher in the back.

      • bandaide says:

        Hi CJ love your posts 🙂
        When markhov gets mean and onery I love him I think maybe a bit too many minutes and olympics took a bit of a toll on him this year
        I htink with better managed minutes ….soome going PK’s way ala PK duty Marky can have a few excellent years left in the tank love Emelin but too bad for the extension he hs rto hit consistently to be a factor against NY there have been maybe 1 great hit otherwise nada really He will need to step up

  40. Fansincebirth says:

    Will the refs finally step up in the next game and call the Rags for what they are trying to do to out goalie? Insane how many times they are being allowed to crash the net.

    Does anybody think the NHL brass has the kahonies to suspend Moore AND Dorsett? The Moore one is obvious and he will be gone for two but how will they deal with the Dorsett head butt?

  41. CJ says:

    Good morning folks.

    Heading for the golf course for a quick 18 before work. I like to golf, but it would appear Montreal does not.

    It was a great win. A win Thursday night and the series is ours. I’m looking forward to having Prust back. I look forward to sharing more, from the 19th tee.

    Ole! CJ

  42. Captain aHab says:

    Just saw the tweet from Friedman this AM saying that according to CBC technology the hit on Weise was only 0.5 seconds late. WTF…never seen a national broadcaster so hell bent on screwing the only team left from its nation

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      I don’t think the NHL brass has the gall to not suspend Moore but then again……

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Hi Captain. In this case it won’t matter. The primary contact was the head. That’s what will get him a suspension.

      • Captain aHab says:

        I’m sure the CBC is looking for an angle from which it looks like Weise caused the hit.

        Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Dust says:

      uh. you need to chill out.
      They are giving information.
      Did you read his next tweet by the way?
      he said that it doesn’t matter because it was a hit to a head.

      Stop looking for crap. The cbc announcers will say 10 things good about the habs and then 1 bad. Then you guys bitch because they said something bad. Just pathetic

  43. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all! Once again last night I was reminded of the importance of breathing. Breathing is in fact good.

    As usual I enjoyed the ABL by our Mr. Boone. Also a big shout out to UcE whose summary and opinions are always worthwhile to read.

    If I could just add my own. Weaver had another nice game last night. With Emelin out with what Therrien described after the game as a “Body injury”, Weaver was asked to play more meaningful minutes then what he has been accustomed to. He was terrific.

    While we’re on the subject of defenseman asked to pick up slack from an injured teammate, Frankie B was also veru good last night. I’ve been guilty of hammering his play this season but last night he looked anything but a 85 year old player. Although he played less then 13 minutes, his shifts were solid.

    I should keep a list of poster here who continue to ignore the skills of Alex Galchenyuk. Anybody who watched the last two games and thinks Galchenyuk is not a rising star is watching a different game then I. This kid is the real deal.

    One negative thought. Pleks embellishment was embarrassing. I don’t like embellishing. I dislike it if Marchant does it and I like it even less when my own team does it. We are the Canadiens and we’re better then that. I hope Pleks puts that play out of his playbook.

    Enjoy the day friends. We’re going back to NY. We get to play one more game in what has been a wonderful season.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Good morning, Jim.
      Yes, Pleks and his mates need to leave the acting to the pros. Unfortunately, they’ve had to resort to that stuff because too often in the past they left the officiating to the officials who don’t seem to be up to the task, and need all sorts of visual cues to draw their attention to the offence committed before they twig a penalty is in order.

  44. habstrinifan says:

    Hey guys slow down a bit eh… so much good stuff to read. I’ll be here all day.

    Life is good!!!!

  45. JohnBellyful says:

    Dorsett doing a head butt shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s in his nature

    And after what his teammate did to Weise, I think less of Moore right now.

    • Dust says:

      do you think less of prust as well?

      • Habfan17 says:

        I think less of any player who hits late, but the two hits were not the same. Prust targeted the body and Moore targeted the head and left his feet on the follow through. His hit was intended to injure. I am sure his earlier hit when he saw that he had Weise lined up for the edge of the glass was intentional too. I do think even less of Dorset who head butted Weaver and was totally by surprise.


      • JohnBellyful says:

        I have a low opinion of any hits to the head or any check with intent to injure. So Prust deserved what he got, and Moore should pay a price as well.
        I am no less disdainful of a league that is pitifully incompetent and failing miserably at removing acts of mayhem from the game.
        And what’s your view on the NHL?

  46. DipsyDoodler says:

    I can’t believe they’re still running the goalie. (Not that it’s a bad strategy – if they win the series that will be the number one reason).

    The penalty call on Gorges when Nash barrelled into Tokarsky was mind boggling.

    Moving. Forward.

  47. Cal says:

    Lots to like about that game, so let’s dispense with the negatives.
    Was that a bad 4.5 minutes stretch in the 2nd period or what?
    Okay, now to the good stuff.
    All the guys named on HIO yesterday for being invisible showed up on the score sheet.
    Bourque was a laser shooting monster. Weise suddenly transformed into Brett Hull’s Adam Oates last night with 2 absolute beauty passes to Bourque.
    Pleks chipped in with that snapper, getting the lead back to make it 2-1. Hell, Gionta got an assist and so did Vanek.
    Old and crotchety-looking Markov got 3 points and gave the Rags fits with his passing all night.
    Eller was, well, stellar.
    All in all, another gutsy and great effort by the team that refuses to go gentle into that good night.
    We have a series, folks!

    • BJ says:

      Great line with 81-17 and 22. Weise compliments Bourque as they both have great speed and Eller has been amazing in every facet of the game. So Bourque is no longer in potential mode and is delivering big time.

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Hiya Bruce. Cal gave kudos to Gio and you rightfully include Weise in yours. Another great pick up by Bergevin. Great call!

        • BJ says:

          Morning Jim. Its amazing how benign looking trades like Weise and Weaver have helped transform this team into a never quit mode. What I’m liking is that everyone is contributing at one point or another.

          • Habfan17 says:

            I am thinking Drewiskie will prove to be another one of those trades. He had a bad shoulder when he came to the Habs and now it has been repaired and he has a season in Hamilton and will be able to train this off season.


    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Cal! Glad you mentioned Gio, Cal. By far his best game of the playoffs and quite frankly, it might have been his best game this season.

  48. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Players dive all the time…


  49. bman123 says:

    Subban played over 30 minutes again last night. He is such a game breaker as proven last night on the first goal. We all know what a high risk high reward player he is. With Markov in the penalty box and Emelin out he also logged PK time. That just simply scares me. I know everyone is praising MT right now but I still don’t feel he is the right coach for PK. I really wished that we had someone like Larry Robinson to be this guys mentor…….. We need the high reward aspect of his game on Thursday. Should be another heavy night of scotch drinking. Keep the dream alive boys!

  50. Marc10 says:

    Incidentally… What was with the Honey Badger last night? He was a man possessed! His forecheck on McDonuts was a real treat to watch as the bigger man was often on the losing end. He skated right through him. I could see the kid wearing the C one day. What a champion.

  51. habstrinifan says:

    Good Morning everyone! And it is a good morning!

    One of the funnest game to watch. It was played like a crazy arcade game and I enjoyed the total lack of nerves. There were too many ‘wild and crazy’ things happening to be nervous. Was a thrill ride.

    HABS are in the driver’s seat now I think.

    Lundquist was shelled.
    We matche dthe Rangers scoring spree earlier from earlier in the series.
    The coaches/boys proved to themselves that if the game gets to be like pond hockey… then they will be able to keep up. Every HAB player should now be totally confident that Rangers can’t bring any type of game that HABS wont be able to deal with.

    And on top of it all this game gave the coaches a lot of work as to how to pick a lineup for game #6. And in that respect I think Therrien’s clubs is deeper and he has more choices.


    • Marc10 says:

      Hey, if it’s our last win… It was a highly entertaining one. But I think we all know that the Habs are the better team now. Gotta bottle that secret sauce for the next win in NY.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Trini! I appreciate the job Toks is doing but I can’t go all in on “Habs are in the drivers seat” without Price. I’m going to enjoy last night up until around 745 tomorrow night, Then I’ll bite my nails and cheer the boys on. One more game in what has been a wonderful hockey season.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Hi habfan10912 and Marc10. Thank you for your responses.

        I think this game has turned the series head over heels as far as the ‘worry factor’

        Every HAB player should be having the most casual breakfast today and tomorrow. The Lundqusit factor (or more truthfully the NO PRICE factor) is dead now.

        Check my answer to those who think what Rene Bourque said is bulletin board stuff. I hope Vigneault puts it up on the bulletin board.

        EVERYBODY (including me and most here on HIO) thought the goalie situation would doom us. And last night we made Lundqusit look like nothing special.

        The win isn’t guaranteed. But I can guarantee you the boys dont have Lundquist in their heads today.

    • BJ says:

      Trin game 6 is on you, game 5 and 7 were/are on me. Your turn. I assume you remember yesterday.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Yes I do. Thanks for pulling the freakin cart up the hill. I have the easy one. I got it covered man. Well more truthfully the BOYS have Ludquist ‘cowered’.

  52. HairyHabist says:

    Rene Bourque gets the Hab Hatter. And comes within a goal post and a missed empty netter of scoring 5.

    His best game as a Hab, possibly of his career. Gotta luv it.

  53. howiemorenz7 says:

    NYR on the cover of SI. The curse is ON.

    Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.

  54. HairyHabist says:

    Habs finally played with the compete level they showed against the Bruins.

    It must’ve been an eye opener for the Rangers. Habs keep playing that way and the Rangers are in trouble.

  55. Habfan17 says:

    Hand up all those who thought that Eller and Bourque would be second and third in team scoring in the play offs! To top it off, Eller is +6 and Bourque +4!!!


  56. rhino514 says:

    Couldn´t see the game last night, but I love this team, no matter what happens Thursday.
    This series would be over with Price in nets. Nothing more to say.
    The Kreider incident, for me, will be one that will be painful in my mind for years; probably even more painful than the overtime game 7 loss against the Bruins 3 years ago, because this team is so deep that they would put up a hell of a fight in the Finals.
    There have to be some rule tweaks in the NHL somehow; you simply shouldn´t be allowed to take out a team´s number one goalie.
    I guess there was just enough of a touch by Emelin on the play to cast “non-conclusive” doubt, and we can put it down as bad luck, but aren´t we in agreement that Kreider could have made more of an effort to get out of the way if he wanted to?

    I will be watching and praying Thursday night, as I am sure all of us will.
    Go habs go.

    p.s. what do you with Bourque for next year?
    I say keep him. Didn´t realize he had such a quick and potent snapshot release until last night. He is what he is, a streaky guy. We are still thin on the wings, even if we do manage to find a replacement for Vanek.

  57. Habfan17 says:

    The poll question needs to be tweaked! There should be a “none” answer. That is my answer, leave Prust out!


    • Louisville says:


    • Habfan10912 says:

      You know I’m a huge supporter of Bournival. I love the kid and feel he needs to be given more ice time but if you’re only going to give him 7 minutes of ice time (2 of those in the last 5 minutes of a game already decided) then I’d go with Prust. That actually pained me to type. I hope Trini doesn’t see that.

      Ya gotta keep hoping that Vanek pulls himself out of his funk at sometime, If he does he can carry this team, at least on the scoreboard. He has to stay in the lineup.

  58. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    A little Love goes a long way.
    Subban kiss Vanek.
    They live to fight another day.

  59. Peter Young says:

    Strangely enough, I was not nearly as nervous during this game as I was for Game 4. I remained calm throughout, even when the Rangers came back with three quick goals to equalize at 4-4. Perhaps it was because the way the Canadiens were playing gave me confidence they would win.

    For the first time in this series the Canadiens showed the kind of play of which they are capable, albeit they were inconsistent. Their skating game was back. The performance was marred by that five-minute letdown in which evil forces seemed to combine to take away our team’s three-goal lead. And the team still missed throughout the sort of physical presence that Prust provides.

    The difference in this game was that several players who had all but disappeared in this series suddenly found themselves once again and displayed the form they had against the Bruins and/or Tampa Bay. Who knows why, although the prospect of elimination undoubtedly played a part. Yet the team is still to reach the all-around performance level that it exhibited against the Bruins. There are still a few players missing. Names need not be mentioned.

    Psychological factors play a huge role in a team’s performance level. The most important consequence of this victory, beyond the fact that it kept the team in the run for the finals, is that it surely has demonstrated to the players themselves that they are capable of outplaying the Rangers and, indeed, of downing them thoroughly. That boost in confidence, in morale, will be of extreme importance for Game 6, particularly because it takes place on hostile ice.

    A win in Game 6 would certainly make the Canadiens favorites to take Game 7 on their home ice.

    I am among those who have repeatedly urged since Game 4’s overtime loss put the Canadiens behind 3 games to 1 that they are entirely capable of winning this series. Given the way Game 5 went–including the blow it struck against the Rangers’ team morale and particularly the confidence of their lead goaltender–I now believe not only that the Canadiens are capable of doing that but also that they have an excellent chance of doing that.

    On, Canadiens!

  60. Un Canadien errant says:

    Michel Therrien vowed that his team would be ready to play on Tuesday. Judging by the final score, a 7-4 convincing win on the failing-to-‘Always-Be-Closing’ Rangers, they were, although it wasn’t easy. It’s not like the result was never in doubt however.

    The Rangers have a little bit of Jason or mother Alien in them. Whenever you think you’ve cracked their skulls or crushed them under the robotic forklift enough, that they’re done, they come back to life, hideous, scary, and need another dose of 220 V or a timeout in the vacuum of space. I have to give them credit, they show more fight, more spirit than the Bruins, who would lose their composure and act like petulant schoolyard bullies on who the tables had turned, they’d threaten you when the Assistant Principal’s back was turned, but sidle off when they realized they were outmanned.

    Special mention has to go to mandibularly-challenged Derek Stepan, who after missing one game went back to action with a bulky protective mask that had to be a distraction and must have impaired his vision somewhat. Still, he found a way to score two goals, and be a factor all night.

    Meanwhile, the Canadiens were approaching their potential, being all they can be. Sometimes after a tough loss, when things look grim, a fan can catch himself reviewing the roster mentally. “The Desharnais line didn’t score tonight, the Plekanec line is ice cold, we didn’t get a miracle performance from an unlikely source like a Francis Bouillon or a Mike Weaver. Daniel Brière and Dale Weise didn’t chip in their two surprise goals. The powerplay is bogged down. I wonder who we’ll be able to pick up at the draft…”

    Two players we tend to overlook out of habit, when we contemplate how we stack up against the Bruins, the Rangers, the Blackhawks or the Kings, stood up tall and made a difference. Alex Galchenyuk missed about a month with a MCL sprain, and took a couple of games to find his touch. He’s now a threat on any presence on the ice. He has the size and speed to shine in a series like this, and the hands and hockey sense to contribute some goals. At times he was tentative during his sophomore season, but whatever killer never-quit tea they’re brewing in the Canadiens dressing room, it’s having an effect on him. He picked up the first goal on the powerplay, deflecting a P.K. Subban shot, and added an assist.

    René Bourque was the other difference maker tonight, after reverting to bad habits during the Boston series. In the Tampa games he played like he wanted the puck, and once he had it he knew what he wanted to do with it. This may sound trite, but it’s meant in the most serious, specific way. This season he often seemed to be aimless. It’s not like he didn’t try, he’d finish a check here, take a couple of shots there, but it didn’t amount to anything. Tonight, when he didn’t have the puck he’d go find it and fight for it. He skated to support his teammates. When he did have the puck he fired it on net, no fancy stuff, and it went in. Three goals for our forgotten hero, plus a nifty deflection that bounced off a post, and a very worthy 1st star of the game.

    So yeah, when your team has two horses like this, six-footers who weigh more than two bills and who can fly and finish, and they’re going, it’s a little more formidable. And a somnolent, or potentially injured Thomas Vanek can take another game to find his groove, his funk is less fragrant, less flagrant.

    And as the opposition scrambles to adjust, to account for these guys, now Max Pacioretty isn’t blanketed, and David Desharnais has a little more room to manoeuvre, and they can burn the other team too. Max scored a one-timer early in the second on a spectacular feed from a slew-footed Brendan Gallagher, and then sealed the win late in the third when he picked up a loose puck after a faceoff in his zone, skated it out to the neutral zone, drawing a defender, then flipping the puck high in the air for David to pursue and push into the empty net.

    There is some cloud in the picture though. Dustin Tokarski wasn’t miraculous tonight, he made a few big saves, but whiffed on a couple, the kind that Carey would be unflappable on, would make look easy. Further, the RDS gang pointed out that another way Carey was missed was his puck handling. Sometimes Carey acts as a third defenceman out there, corralling loose pucks, clearing his own zone, setting up his defencemen for quick breakouts. This isn’t a strength of Mr. Tokarski’s though, and Gaston Therrien was explaining that the extra hits the d-men are taking as a result are starting to add up.

    In any case, even if Dustin was proven to be a mere mortal, Henrik Lundqvist was even more mortaller. He flubbed a few himself, let in four quick goals on 19 shots, and was gone by the middle of the second period. The Canadiens then staked his replacement Cam Talbot through the heart also, just to be sure, and potted two on him as well.

    One big hissing cockroach in the ointment is the goonery the Rangers tried to throw at our boys. It’s difficult to know where to start, which incident to single out. The referees tried hard to make some penalty calls, to keep the game in control, but kind of lost it near the end.

    One blatant missed call was the Rick Nash pratfall on Dustin Tokarski. How the Rangers get the benefit of the doubt at this point in the series makes the mind reel. After the attempted amputation on Carey Price by Chris Kreider in Game 1, and Rick Nash’s transparent “He pushed me” kabuki in Game 4, Mr. Nash again crashed on top of the Habs’ goalie. Mostly everybody should be dumbfounded that the refs saw fit to penalize Josh Gorges on the play, who was trying to actually prevent this from happening. The Ranger used this as camouflage, steered into the crease and used Dustin as a bean bag chair.

    Again, I don’t know how the refs don’t see through this, don’t get game notes telling them to BLOF goalie bulldozers in blue shirts. They may have been trying to ‘equalize’ things, since they’d already called an interference penalty on Mats Zuccarello for pushing Mike Weaver into Dustin earlier in the first period, but the reasoning is unsound. Mr. Zuccarrello fully deserved this penalty, and Rick Nash deserved his, it’s not like there was a lot of grey area there. At worst, both Josh Gorges and Rick Nash should have been sent off, Josh for holding, the Ranger for goalie interference.

    There was also a flagrant head shot on Dale Weise by Ranger blueliner John Moore. These guys had traded hits earlier in the game, and the Ranger probably saw an opportunity to get a good hit in as Dale was making a pass, but he goofed big time, and extended and reached to hit him in the head, instead of body-on-body. He was given a match penalty, and the five-minute major that comes with that could have been the final nail in the coffin for the Rangers, but the Canadiens were remarkably lackadaisical and disjointed during their powerplay, and couldn’t finish, or get any rhythm.

    Dale looked stunned after the hit, woozy, P.K. skated up and grabbed-hugged him to help keep him upright. Dale had to go to the quiet room, and I thought his night was over, which would have been the prudent move, but there he was back on the bench later on in the third. Michel Therrien explained in his post-game press conference that the doctors followed the protocols and found he didn’t have a concussion, which conflicts with what I thought I knew. I thought that when someone is knocked out, or obviously has been stunned, in that they’re not able to focus, have difficulty standing and keeping their balance, etc., that it’s a given that they have suffered a concussion. These symptoms are the diagnosis, I thought, not the player’s self-reporting relative to how well they’re feeling, whether they have a headache, whether they can answer the baseline questions, etc.

    We’ll have to see how this develops, whether Dale can play Thursday. He’s been such an important part of this run, I wouldn’t have taken any chances that his condition aggravate by returning to the bench, the action, the noise, the bright lights. I would have called it a night for him and put the odds in my favour that he’ll be available later. Especially since the game was in hand at that time.

    Finally, what can we say about Derek Dorsett? This is the guy who almost took out David Desharnais on a knee-on-knee late in the regular season, that Francis Bouillon fought as a result. During this series, while he was a pain, I thought he played under control, he was maybe a .3 on the Marchand scale. I thought that reflected well on his coach Alain Vigneault, that he had his team playing hockey, relatively clean, notwithstanding the Kreider Strategy.

    Possibly embarrassed at the end of the game, he first head-butted Mike Weaver, in a run-of-the-mill netfront clash. He clearly, definitely crossed the line there. Then at the end of the game, well after the horn had sounded, he cruised around looking for trouble, and skated past René Bourque and turned to ‘front’ him.

    Now, I think this may be adjudicated by the league, but I can’t help but feel okay that René didn’t hesitate to crosscheck him fully, strongly, in the chest, and that in his follow through, he caved in his larynx and renovated his chin. I’m exaggerating, Mr. Dorsett didn’t seem to be the worse for wear, but he did try to fight René, who wisely declined. Luckily, a linesman was there to prevent the Ranger from getting free.

    If the league looks at this incident, I hope they take into account the entirety of Mr. Dorsett’s oeuvre, starting with his hard braking to spray snow at the Canadiens as they were jumping onto the ice. From the very start of the game, he was out to ‘send a message’ the Nick Kypreos-favoured phrase that acts as a catchall for all sorts of goonery and lawlessness. I hope the NHL observes that Derek Dorsett skated from the neutral zone into his zone, after the horn, looking for trouble. I hope they evaluate what possible intention he could have had to target and accost the player who had just scored three goals in the game and beaten the Rangers almost single-handedly.

    I’d also invoke the Zdeno Chara defence, that René is so tall compared to his dance partner, he didn’t mean to crosscheck him in the head, it’s just the Ranger’s fault for being too short, and not being at a crosschecking level convenient for him. It always allows the Bruin to get away with his stickwork, so René should be fine too.

    So we head back to New York, and have the tall task of beating the Rangers at home, without the benefit of our home crowd or last change. Let’s hope they’ve planted the seed of doubt in Henrik Lundqvist’s mind, and that René eats his spinach before the game and that his ‘potion magique’ doesn’t wear off yet.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  61. habs001 says:

    Looks like Kreider over Leblanc would have been a better choice…Now that there are many potential D in the Habs pipeline it is probably time to concentrate on drafting forwards…

  62. habs001 says:

    Would be nice that for the next 2 games Vanek has two games where you dont notice him but after each game the scorecard reads 2G 1A…….He is way due for another streak…The Habs have the potential in the next 2 years to have a D that can dominate the league…Imagine if Gion and Briere were in their prime the Habs would beat the Rangers for sure…

  63. Marc10 says:

    “None of them were high draft choices. All of them play their hearts out.”

    True dat.

    Nice ALN. Here’s hoping we have a few more in store in the coming weeks. GHG

  64. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …what’s the story on Emelin ?

    …was He sat or was He injured ?

  65. CH Marshall says:

    Some scary moments (lots of em), but great win!

  66. Habitant in Surrey says:

    “Everybody talks about how he’s a great goalie,” Bourque said, fanning the flames of a series that has already grown quite nasty. “Has he been better than Ticker [Dustin Tokarski] this series? I don’t think so.” ; Rene Bourque

    …better You bit Your tongue there Rene 🙂

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Agreed. No problem with him talking up his young goaltender, but there’s no need to compare him to the other guy. A rule of thumb for everyone after games should be to not talk about the other team, not name anyone else on the opposition.

      Oh well, he’ll just have to go out there and prove it, bag another three on Thursday. Own up to your responsibilities, René.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …red meat for Vigneault

      • CH Marshall says:

        I think it’s fair game IMO considering how they’re running our goalies

      • habstrinifan says:

        I like his comment. What it shows to me is that the boys have shed themselves of any fear they had when Price went down. They have seen that Lundquist is NO PRICE and that Tokarski is no slouch in goal. They are confident.

        Bourque’s comment is an incredible example of an athlete taking a deep breath of releief from an unspoken fear. LOVE IT!

        It’s hockey.. so anybody can win. But now they ARE NOT afraid that the Rangers have the better goalie!

        Way to go Rene. Let AV put this up all over his dressing room. Let the Rangers read it…each and everyone of them and put the pressure on Lundquist to prove Bourque wrong!

        Love it!

  67. Josh says:

    “The city loves this edition of the Canadiens because these guys don’t quit.”

    Too bad they’ve been quitting all series.

  68. The Prustean Age says:

    Perhaps one of my all-time favourite Boone “About Last Night”s… This post DESERVED more than “800 words” – because what “epic” battle (in Western literature and history) is ever BRIEF?

    Go Boone, Go. And Go Habs, Go.

    And remember: the MORTALS rule this game… and also:

    Screw the “hockey gods”!

  69. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Spot on ALN Mike.

    Galchenyuk may very well be the difference maker for the rest of the Stanley Cup run. We already know what players like PK, Markov, Pacioretty, Gallagher, Weise, Weaver, etc bring. But what does Chucky bring when every game decides whether you continue or go home…no question Therrien knows what he is capable of, and I can`t wait to watch this unfold.


    Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

  70. Un Canadien errant says:

    So I got 500 hits on my blog during the game, pretty much all directed at this post from a few months ago:


    Here are the top Google search words/phrases that people were using to find my article:

    montreal canadiens goal song

    canadiens goal song

    what is the montreal canadiens goal song

    montreal canadiens song after goal

    canadiens goal song lyrics

    guy lafleur

    habs goal song

    le but song

    montrael goal song

    I guess that’s what happens when a national TV audience hears “Le But” seven times in one game, it’s kind of catchy, people start to nod their heads along to the beat, wonder if they can download it.

    I’m curious to see what the ratings will be for this game, they must have been huge. I haven’t checked Twitter, I’m not even on it, but I bet when there’s a crazy game going on, with lots of goals and shifts in momentum, word gets out, a buzz gets generated.

    Gary Bettman take note. Rid the game of the Sean Thorntons, force the Chris Kreiders to clean up their act, and you might catch lightning in a bottle. Americans could actually start watching hockey. Maybe, just maybe, you can start earning that outrageous salary of yours.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


  71. habsnuts says:

    Awesome game.
    1 things needs to change next game – someone needs to hit Stepan and hard.
    He was walking in too easily tonight, especially with the bum chin.
    Im sure Prust will oblige and take care of it.
    This is conference finales…remember when Chara punched Sid in the face? Someone needs to let Stepan know that going into the red zone is going to hurt….GO HABS!!!

  72. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …da Strangers game depends on hyper-speed, not just mundane ‘speed’

    …You do not match their foot speed, We lose

    ‘With Brandon Prust returning to the Habs lineup for Game 6, which one of these forwards would you make a healthy scratch ?’

    …Vanek, Briere or Bournival ?

    …tough, My first instinct is Vanek, but in the end I would stay with tonight’s line-up for game 6

  73. Timo says:

    I think Weise needs to go a have a jaw surgery now.

  74. Un Canadien errant says:

    Even the Rangers are trying to punk us. We’ll need to replace George Parros and Douglas Murray next season.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


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