About last night …

Dustin Tokarski

It’s not over.
And as you contemplate the deep hole your Montreal Canadiens find themselves in heading home for Game 5, consider some recent playoff history:
In Round 1, the San Jose Sharks had a 3-1 lead on the L.A. Kings heading into Game 5.
In Round 2, the New York Rangers won the opener in Pittsburgh and then dropped the next three games to the Penguins and were booed off the Madison Square Garden ice after being outshot 27-15 and losing 4-2 in Game 4.
L.A. is still playing.
So are the Rangers.
A 3-1 deficit is not insurmountable.
Except that …

The Kings are a recent Stanley Cup winner. And they’re great hockey from star players, notably Jeff Carter.

We know about the Rangers. They have a great goaltender, an excellent defence corps and veteran leadership.

Your Montreal Canadiens have a goaltender who was in the AHL a few weeks ago.

They are thin on the back end.

And their veterans look old and/or inept.

So the type of comeback engineered by the Kings and Rangers, in Rounds 1 and 2, respectively, might be beyond the reach of the Canadiens.

But they’re still alive. And a team that has displayed character and resilience all season long may have enough left in the tank to at least give the Bell Centre faithful something to celebrate Tuesday night.

The Canadiens came close in Game 4.

They twice battled back from deficits. Alex Galchenyuk hit the crossbar late in a 2-2 game, and the Canadiens had the best of the early going in Overtime.

But then Andrei Markov, who played more than 28 minutes, had two chances to clear a puck out of the Canadiens zone and couldn’t do it.

And Dustin Tokarski, who had robbed Martin St. Louis with a second-period glove save, went down prematurely, daring the future Hall of Famer to beat him top corner from the short side … which St. Louis promptly did.

All three goals by the winners were the result of one-on-one confrontations between Ranger forwards and the Canadiens goaltender. Maybe AHLers, whom Tokarski is accustomed to facing, don’t bury those chances.

But you can’t hang this crushing loss on the 35-year-old defenceman, who has to carry his Russian homeboy partner, or the 24-year-old goaltender, whose brilliance is keeping the final scores respectable.

Blame the loss on a power play that scored once in eight opportunities.

Blame it on Max Pacioretty, who had exactly one shot attempt in almost 22 minutes of ice time – and the Rangers blocked it.

Blame it on Thomas Vanek, who has never been this close to a Stanley Cup and is doing nothing to get closer. What did poor Lars Eller do to get this stiff as one of his wingers?

Blame it on Brian Gionta, whose six shots on goal – high for both teams – did not trouble Lundqvist.

Blame it on centres who lost 60 per cent of the game’s faceoffs – in the case of David Desharnais, 18 of 25.

That wouldn’t be fair to DD. He’s played his heart out in this series, as has one of his wingers, Brendan Gallagher.

Galchenyuk was good … and might be better if he weren’t playing with Gionta and Tomas Plekanec, neither of whom complement the kid’s playmaking skills.

Mike Weaver and Francis Bouillon played strong games in limited minutes, and Frankie Boo’s goal gave the Canadiens second-period life.

Daniel Brière had four shots on goal and won a respectable 6 of his 13 draws.

P.K. Subban played 33:16, blocked five shots and broke a five-game scoring drought. The Rangers have been keying on P.K. all through the series, and the pressure has bee  a learning experience that will help his development.

The Canadiens deficit in this series can’t be hung on any of the young players who constitute the future of this team.

If the underachieving veterans can produce in Game 5 and beyond …

Well, it’s a longshot.

But the Canadiens season won’t be over until at least two hours after the music legend sings.






  1. Dunboyne Mike says:

    New Barney.

    New Fred>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Habcouver says:

    Like most of us here, I was extremely disappointed with the result yesterday. However I awoke this morning with the satisfaction that our Boys have truly exceeded our expectations this season. Sure, it would be nice to steal a Cup this year and it may still happen, but when considering the talent in the league and circumstances (injuries) experienced during the season, I am actually pleased we’ve gotten this far under the 2 year tenure of MB.

    The Habs are improving, not digressing. The same can not be said for a lot of other franchises. Keep the faith, if not during this playoff, then for the long term.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  3. habs_54321 says:

    habs better fix their puck possesion asap i think they are playing about their worst hockey of the year right now,

  4. habs001 says:

    What i wish is that the Habs become a team regularly that looked great in the 4 game Tampa series..where they dominate 70% of their games… This year they were outplayed in more games than they outplayed the opposition…The problem is too many smallish D with short stick reach… scoring is still an issue like it was all year that was given a temp boost at the end of the year with the Vanek trade…Clearing the D zone is a major task for this team…

  5. Hobie says:

    The regular season means nothing, Subban knows that. I’m sure there were points during the season that he might not have seen eye to eye with the coaches, had a few off nights, and whatever else happens over a long 82 game season. It’s so long and boring for fans and players.

    Once the playoffs started, Subban was amazing. On both sides of the puck. That’s what counts! Who cares about the regular season. As long as you’re in a playoff spot and have a half decent team, it means nothing.

    Subban is clearly injured and fatigued right now. He’s doing zero yapping, no showboating and not rushing with the puck as much. He’s making mental mistakes because he’s worried about an injury. He looks plain upset and uncomfortable.

    He is one of the top 5 defenceman in the game. You sign this guys with zero worry for as much money as it takes.

    • Habcouver says:

      Darn right the regular season means squat!
      If a team is able to just slide into a playoff position and have a decent/strong road games, that’s all that’s needed to challenge for the Cup.

      Owners would love a 182-game schedule if they could fill their arenas. Certain cities would but the game would be watered down, and yes, even more boring.

      I think people forget that PK just turned 25. If we let him go, we will not see a talented D-man like him in a Habs jersey in the rest of my lifetime.

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      PK isn’t showboating because there is nothing to showboat for..his play is sub par and he isn’t contributing much although I didi see him get upset when Gio didn’t pass to him once….you like most over rate him. The good defensive teams won’t allow him any room to get his shot off.

      • Hobie says:

        If you’ve watched the team closely over the last few years and you now look at Subban during the warmup and the anthem, he’s hurt. The reason his play is sub par is because he’s hurt. He could skate circles around the Rangers as he did to Boston and TB if he was healthy. He’s clearly lost a half step at the moment which is causing him to make mistakes.

      • HabsPooch says:

        When he’s paired up with a defenseman that wouldn’t make the Kings top six d what do you expect? Every great defenseman has a solid number two defenseman to play with. Subban has to over-compensate and thus it hurts his game a bit.

  6. Dulljerk says:

    I don’t envy Marc Bergevin in his quest to sign P.K. Subban for the future. There are some serious concerns, especially of his erratic play. Whether its long term or short term, he will demand big, big money. The problem is P.K.’s play is a give and take situation. He scores, but he also gives up huge scoring chances to the opposing team. Personally, I don’t think that will change, only because he has always played that way (even in junior and the AHL). The problem with Subban’s game is his defence, we all know of his offensive talents. If MB signs him long term, he will think they can teach him better defensive skills (such as decision making, which seemed to be missing last night). Interesting situation.

    No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

    • Led says:

      You know when PK first started with us I was amazed at how good he was defensively. I think he’s trying to be everything right now and it hurts his all around game.

      With better offensive production from the whole team I think we would see him pick his spots better.

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Agree, he is trying to win games for is singlehanded lay because he feels he has to.

        ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

      • habs001 says:

        That is what i have seen..he was so good at getting the puck out and winning board battles now he struggles in his zone…Price was the same way he was better in his early career stage as he was calm and solid in net..he regressed badly but now he is even better than he ever was..Maybe PK still needs more maturity…

        • Led says:

          PK needs to learn that less is more and, I can’t stress this enough, he needs more help, offensively and defensively, from his teammates.

    • Forum Dog says:

      PK has been head and shoulders the best skater for MTL this entire playoff. His weaknesses are still better than the strengths of pretty much any other d-man on the squad. Because of his offensive contributions there is tendency to think that he is weak defensively.

      He makes mistakes due to his aggression, yes. But I would venture to say that he is as good or better defensively than pretty much any d-man on the roster, including Markov, Emelin, Gorges and Weaver.

    • krob1000 says:

      I think many of the “bad decisions” are fatigue related. He palys an incredible amount of icetime. I know PP is not often concerned tough ice but for PK I believe it is some of the toughest possible ice. He is often out there for two mintues or close to. He is almost every time the guy who goes all the way the loength of the ice to retrieve the puck (forwards do not and they only have enrgy for a minute or so). Pk also is the focal point in the offesnive zone…the poor guy is expected to do everything on the pp. I think the team would benefit hugely by having him only play the forst half and having him ready for the shift after the PP if no goal is scored. The Habs need to dress Beaulieu and consider a forward on the point IMO. I know they have been burned on the shorty but I thinkt hey are just as vulnerable to those mental lapses with PK and Markov playing long first wavers as they would be with Beauieu and ie Briere manning the point fresh on the second wave.

      They would also have Subban ready for the shift after the PP. I think the Rangers have done a great job on shifts after goals and not allowing and continued momentum.

      • Dulljerk says:

        Agreed, krob, he does play a lot of minutes and fatigue is always a factor. But, I don’t understand his decision last night when in the penalty box for 2 minutes, comes out takes a few strides around and then goes to the bench for a change. I would think being the fresh defencemen, he stays on and Boullion or Weaver changes. It lead to Brassard’s breakaway because Boullion and Weaver were looking to change. It is these type of things that I find weird. I also find he has a tendency to hold on to the puck too long on the power play. The secret to a good powerplay is quick puck movement, if you don’t have a shot move the puck. Just some observations. Geoff Killing, who was his defence partner in Belleville said it was a nightmare being his partner because of the choices he made with the puck at crucial times.

        No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

        • Led says:

          Good observations Dull. I wasn’t thinking about those specific examples. He certainly can be Kovy-like with the puck at the blueline on the PP.

          As to your original question I’m not sure it’s too difficult for MB, get him signed longterm for the lowest amount you can.

        • krob1000 says:

          Normally that would all be communicated fromt he bench …what he was supposed to do. It is very rare to see the dman stay on, another one go off and a forward come on. The only way that would happen is if they had Gorges on the ice and he had just got out there. I would have thought the dpair and Subban would be separate entities…Subban is a forward at that point…simply put that is a communication error not on Subban…unless we find out he was supposed t o drop back and knew before…oterwise he was like a forward and that is on the pair that was out there.

      • Just a Habs Fan says:

        It’s so funny to hear you say he plays incredible times but all year complain how he doesn’t play enough….absolutely incredible

        • krob1000 says:

          ??? you talking about me??? several 2 minute shifts is not the same as twice as many 1 minute shifts. Those early pp’s are draining and I have NEVER….wanted him to stay on for the entire 2 mintues of a pp. Noone should do that. I would like to see him used more than he was during that stretch where he was riding the pine and Eller got the short end of the stick and here they are leading the team. If you don’t know the difference between recovering from a 2 minute shift and playing shorter shifts I cannot help you either…absolutely incredible.

          Do you think it was a coincidence the winning goal was scored at the end of a long shift for Markov and Emelin? what about the breakaway where Bouillon and Weaver wanted off? end of shift….the best player in the world fatigued is a 4th liner

    • JUST ME says:

      If you were to choose one guy on the whole roster that could make it happen by himself who would that be ? P.K. ! Guys like him are very rare and very few teams can count on one. They all have their flaws that we accept because of their up sides. He will get a tad better on defense and already he is more aware of it because M.T. humiliated him !(sarcasm)

      As far as the money he is going to make i have no doubt that he will make a lot but i am not of those who think he is in for 8 or 9 milions for sure. I think that at the opposite of many high earnings player he will be worth every penny euh…nickel he makes.

      • Dulljerk says:

        I think he would like to be the player, but I personally don’t think he is. For instance show me one Bobby Orr rush that he has done that he scored? I’ve seen him attempt it a couple of hundred times, I have yet to see a goal. Most of the time on those rushes he turns the puck over and tries to get back. The guy has all the skill sets, but it is his decision making that is seriously flawed. Is it a maturity thing? I sure hope so, because then it is correctable. If it isn’t …. well I wouldn’t pay 8.5 million for it.

        No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

        • JUST ME says:

          Wait ! P.K. is no Bobby Orr and P.K. is still a kid and has at least a decade of hockey in front of him.

          So yes it`s a maturity thing and that`s why he has been benched and taken care of. He is invaluable but needs to go through the steps as all young d-man does.
          But listening to him you just know he has the energy and the will to win and that too is priceless.

    • Habcouver says:

      Glad we aren’t the GM, Dulljerk! 🙂
      It’s a tough situation to commit to or to let go of assets in the form of player talent. In PK’s case, I believe there is just too much upside to ignore, which includes both PK getting better, stronger, and more marketably media appealing.
      I’m on the side of locking him up long term in a Habs jersey!

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  7. CalgaryHab says:

    Anotherr .5 mm below the crossbar and AG27’s puck deflects past the goal line – and this board reads a whole lot differently, but then that’s not reality is it?
    Win or lose, it has been a great run and an interesting summer ahead.
    In MB I trust

  8. Hobie says:

    Regardless of what happens, this playoffs has been totally exhausting! The long wait after the TB sweep, the Bruins series and the 3 days off here and there have been agonizing.

    I’ve talked to friends, co-workers, some diehards and other casual fans, about the Habs and the playoffs. Almost everyone agrees that the games aren’t even fun to watch. It’s pure stress and agony.

    I have a friend who told me he gets so stressed out that he prefers to go up to his bedroom by the 3rd period, turn out the lights and listen to the game on the radio, rather than watch the games on TV.

    When we beat Boston, I had so much anger built up towards them that it was like we killed someone on a battlefield rather than beating them in a fun hockey series.

    Bottom line, many of Habs fans take this game very seriously. I hope they win the Stanley Cup but will breath a sigh of relief when it’s all over. I’m going to stop with the beer and cigars, get a normal routine going again and get back to the gym. This playoff run has turned everything upside down! Somewhat fun but mostly stressful.

    • Max says:

      I agree.I was thinking last night that watching these games is pure stress and agony. When that doofus St.Louis scored,I was ready to throw the tv through the window.The playoffs should be seriously condensed and quickened up.Best of 5 series,games every 2nd night,and all finished by mid May.Not going to happen though.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Beer and Cigars taste great after the gym amigo! It’s all about Balance. Saludos!

    • CalgaryHab says:

      I think that’s why there is a bond between Hab fans that would have nothing more in common except that they’re Hab fans. There is something about the team that runs in your blood.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Too true, Hobie.

      It’s not hard to see how a few goon-yahoos could incite a riot given 30,000+ people at the same fever pitch of emotion clustered within a few city blocks.

      It just ain’t healthy.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Ennui sets in around this time of year. Or maybe I’m suffering from Boston letdown too.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      What the hell is it about Montreal fans? I rarely swear around the house but put on a Habs game and I can make the plants wither and die with the expletives that come out. It took all of 2 seconds after Marty F St Louis scored before the TV was snapped off and I was heading to bed with a loud F**K still bouncing off the walls. My Mom was the same, all passion about the game. I remember stopping a small Ottoman from bouncing after the Habs scored from my Mom being so excited. Craziness. Sadly, I’ve passed it on to my kids, pray for them. Habs fans meet anywhere and it’s a fist bump, high five or maybe just a nod. Is it the same for other fans? I doubt it…..we ARE special :o)

    • JUST ME says:

      We`ve had a good run for sure. Had many most important games of the year, nail biting games and mostly positive moments. Will never forget the Victory over the Bruins.Never.

      Unfortunately i hate to burst your bubble but you just know that the day the Habs are on vacation whatever happens mayhem will begin from the drawing board right here and in every media.

      Just today you would think that people would write about every changes they would make in between seasons before game time tomorrow and you just know that they will do it all over again the day after …le sigh…le soooo used to it !

  9. Max says:

    I like our current and potential roster.It’ll be great to see Bergevin trim the fat from that portherhouse in the offseason.This season is far from over but with some fat trimming,this team can be a serious contender for the next decade. Gone hopefully will be Gionta,Murray,Parros,Bouillon,and Vanek.A few other guys should be analyzed closely.A couple of smart signings/trades/call-ups and we should be good to go again.

  10. Bogie Man says:

    Honestly I think it is simple, the team needs to play like they did in Game 6 against the Bruins the next 3 games and we win the series. Simple as that. MT get it done!!

  11. shiram says:

    Frankie Bouillon has 2 goals, in 7 games.
    DD, Markov and Gionta all have only 1 goal and they all played 15 games, those 3 are all below 5% in shooting %.

  12. icemachine says:

    The Score is reporting Price on the ice, although not in full equipment

  13. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Nothing to lose tomorrow night. Surprise the hell out of New York. Find room for Moen, White, Murray & Tinordi.

  14. Mattyleg says:

    Tough game last night, and as always, it’s not as bad as Boone makes it out to be.

    Gotta win one game at a time.
    We can do it.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  15. Danno says:

    Not sure if this is over-analyzing things. Tokarski has been terrific.



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • Cal says:

      Yup, it’s over-analyzing things. On that play, Emelin blew the switch when Markov went up the right side. That left St-Louis wide open, not some goalie technique.

      You listen to some of these goalie analysts and they’d tell you that back in the day Fuhr was fantastic. He was fantastic when his team put in 6 or 7. That’s not good nor great goaltending, despite the Oilers’ D.

    • Max says:

      That’s way over-analyzing.God love the internet.Back in the day,we could all avoid such critique thankfully.

  16. nshab says:

    As I said in earlier post the Rangers look like a team that are using little helpers. This team is skating at a pace that seem a little unreal at this time in the playoffs. Here is a little reading and why I believe the Rangers are dirty.

    The effects of pseudoephedrine are similar to adrenaline, or norepinephrine: It can increase breathing capacity by shrinking and unblocking nasal passages and dilating the bronchial passages while raising the heart rate and blood pressure. The drug stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary muscles and responses, including the fight-or-flight response so critical in the wild.
    Players who have used Sudafed say that if they take the medication an hour before a game, they begin to notice its effects 35 or 40 minutes later, during warmups. Doctors say pseudoephedrine is at its most potent about two hours after it is taken, although the drug remains active in the system from eight to 16 hours, depending on the dosage, the formulation and the individual. Potential side effects include tremors and anxiety, but there appear to be no long-term effects unless the user already has a cardiac condition. While the pills may not be physically addictive, the high that the players get from the medication is an advantage.

    • frontenac1 says:

      So that stuff will help them when they’re laid out on the ice gasping for air after Crankshaft and Whitey drill them?

    • jrs10069 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Would be nice to bust them with a pile of pseudo at the border. The 3 days in between games would have helped them recover to do it again. Might not be so enjoyable to be doing it every 2 days.


    • Cal says:

      Don’t doubt for a second that the Habs are using it, too. Begin used to look like he lived on those things.

  17. habs_54321 says:

    our defence this series has been atrocious, part of that is the forwards are not skating and are beyond soft on the boards, we are playing preseason hockey in the conference finals while rangers are playing playoff hockey, only reason these games have been close is tokarski

  18. Cal says:

    59% responded yes to this poll after watching the first 4 games of this series?
    Hope springs eternal around here and that’s not a bad thing.
    For me, these playoffs have been 5 weeks of pure bonus fun. Love to see the Habs pull this one out of their asses, but with Price done and almost all the forwards having popgun power in their sticks, this is too steep a road to climb.
    Still, it’s demonstrated that character (and good luck) can bring a team deep into the playoffs.

  19. mdp2011 says:

    Lot of gloom on here today, but I am confident the Habs will come back and win the series. Every time, we thought this team was down and out this year, they come back to surprise us. Habs in 7!!!!

    • Danno says:

      I hope so too because if we don’t who knows how long it will be before we ever get this close again.

      That being the case, you’d think there would be more of a sense of urgency from some of our star players…


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
      Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

      • Cal says:

        Looks like Tee Time urgency to me, Danno.

      • Led says:

        I think that’s what hurts the most, how long before we get back here against a beatable opponent. I could be content with the great strides we’ve made the last 2 years but this started to look like the year where we at least had a chance at the final. My opinions about our vets has changed, very disappointed. I really thought Gio would at least continue to provide that timely goal.

      • Forum Dog says:

        It is very true that getting to the Conference or Stanley Cup Final is difficult, but I do believe that this MTL team is on the ascent, and have the potential to be perennial contenders in the next 2-3 years. They have some elite players at key positions who are right in their prime, some young players with upside who continue to develop, and some decent prospects further down the road. I am thinking about players like:


        Assuming good health and management, they should only get stronger as they move forward. They will need to find a legitimate centreman and could stand to improve the size of their wingers, but as long as they don’t try and drastically change direction (i.e. emulate the Bruins and their physicality), they should be able to hang around the top-tier for a while. You look at teams like LA and Chicago, and they are in conversation year after year.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          I am with you 100%

          Although I think the team is poised for 6-10 years of contention with Price-Subban-Patch-Gallagher-Eller-Galchenyuk-Beaullieu all taking on more responsibility

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          The center ice issue is one that will last a long, long time. There are usually none available through UFA and it is very difficult to land one in a trade without giving up a franchise piece at another position.

          I have long been a proponent of a team needing a “Five Man Core” of all stars (excluding your #2 C) to be a perennial contender. This consists of G, LD, RD, C1, C2.

          Currently, the Habs have the G Price, LD Markov, RD Subban… Any one of Eller, DD, or Plekanec can assume the role of C2. Markov is a depleting asset and will have to be replaced soon (If Giordano makes it to UFA I think the Habs should make a push for him)

          In addition to the five man core, a team needs two scoring core wingers.. We Have Patch as a LW, and Vanek… Who is likely on his way out.

          A tough situation for the Habs.. They seem to have 3 second line centres.. It’s easier to downgrade one to a 3rd line as opposed to upgrading to a top centre.

          There are not enough Stanley Cup calibre top centres in the league.. I’d include Getzlaf, Crosby, Kopitar, Malkin, Toews, Stamkos as grade A.. Then a second level including Giroux, Tavares, J Thornton, E Staal, N Mackinnin, as B+ guys..

          Habs need an A or B+ centre IMO.. The task is getting one..
          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

        • Led says:

          The team does look poised to be on the rise for a while. It’s just that as a Hab fan I’ve become leery. With the youngest team in the league in 1998 (making the playoffs) I thought the future was bright. Then the Higgins/Ryder era got me excited for the future again. We know how that worked out. Call me jaded but I’ve seen it change all too quickly in the recent past.

        • HabsPooch says:

          The bottom seven are all question marks. They’re just names who haven’t proved anything yet and if anything you haven’t mentioned a prospect that is arguably better than all those names in Jacob de la Rose who will be playing in Hamilton or Montreal next season.

  20. habsfan0 says:

    How soon after the Habs season ends does Marc Bergevin award Michel Therrien with an extension for a “job well done”?

    His soon to be spoken words,not mine.

  21. Fansincebirth says:

    Back at the start of the Boston series, it was either CBC or TSN analysts who were saying that the speed of the Habs would/could best Boston BUT the punishment that the Bruins hand out would eventually have a toll on the Habs.

    I think that time is now. I just don’t think there’s anything left in the tank for most of the guys and I think a lot of them are hurting. I have not given up on them, in fact I still think this is going 7 games but really, how much fight is left in this dog?

    I think it’s time to get a little fresh blood in here. Tinordi, Moen and White specifically…..

  22. nshab says:

    I think we all know Vanek is hurting. He owes us nothing and we owe him nothing. He won’t be with this team next year. So it time to sit him and say thank you. Now the only reason they are still playing him, is MB might think he has a agreement with him. It’s possible MB truly believes he signing Vanek next year. What other reason would MT have for continuously putting him out there.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      The same reason he has for rewarding his favorite players with generous ice time & limiting the ones that go out there & bust their behinds.

      • nshab says:

        MT wants to win as much as we do. He the same coach that got this team to the dance and the same coach that defeated the Bruins. There has to be a reason Vanek is still in the line up.


        • D Mex says:

          My guess is : Vanek is a goal scorer – it’s what he is paid to do. The team needs scoring – badly – it has been scarce this entire series. So the hope from a coaching perspective has to be that he will step up and do what he is paid to do.

          You’re entirely correct that everyone, from management on down to the bench – including coaches and players – wants to win every time they take to the ice. Out of necessity, however, there is a lot we don’t know, injuries in particular. With respect to Vanek, we will eventually learn that there is a good reason he has not been producing in a manner consistent with his track record, or that there is a gap between hype and reality, at least in context of his short time with the Habs.

          What people here tend to overlook or ignore is that he, too, is that a Cup semi-final appearance is as new for him as it is for most members of the team right now, and the experience is magnified because it’s Montréal.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

  23. Bob_Sacamano says:

    The two worst things in the playoffs?

    1. Several players of your favourite team are out injured or are playing despite being nowhere near 100%.
    2. Your team is getting outcoached.

    The first thing happened last year against Ottawa, the second thing in the last four games against the Rangers.

    • Cal says:

      Outplayed, not outcoached.
      The Rangers are a deep team, too, but their go to guys are scoring when they need to.

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Both actually but this team probably wouldn´t get outplayed if it wasn´t for the coaching. Emelin is getting killed on the right. We haven´t adjusted to the Rangers´ speed after four games. Lars Eller still is the Canadiens’ highest scoring forward in the playoffs. He had 12 seconds of PP time yesterday while Bourque had more than 5.5 minutes and Vanek over 7. Do you want me to continue?

        • Forum Dog says:

          I agree with the Eller/PP issue. I didn’t notice Plekanec out there last night, but there is no way he should be getting PP time over Eller. Briere, maybe, but they need to find a way to get Larry out there.

        • Cal says:

          Do you think that the entire coaching staff would look at Eller and say, “He’s producing, but the PP isn’t. Why don’t we put him on the PP?” There’s a very good reason he’s not on the PP. He doesn’t have the passing vision of DD or Pleks (although that one is a bit of a stretch). Just because you’re getting a few points 5 on 5 doesn’t mean you’re any good on the PP.
          Eller just ain’t that good on the PP.
          By the way, 26 coaches are on the outside looking in. Keep suggesting MT doesn’t know better than most. His success this season throws your argument out the window.

  24. montreal ace says:

    The play when Gionta did not pass to Subban, really bugs me for some reason. It seemed to me he went out of his way to ignore him.

    • shiram says:

      Gio was looking for a goal, he has not been producing.
      No telling if Subban would have put it in at that time, but Gio’s shot is just not so threatening anymore,

      • ooder says:

        gionta kills the offense… not much production from him at all, nor is he that good defensively, or a fast skater… imo he is the deffinition of a done player

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          I’ve been a Gio supporter.. I think he’s done.. This season… I wonder how much he’d have left if he played 10-15 per game all season as opposed to 18-20 minutes..

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

      I don’t understand why Gionta thought that his shot would have been a better option that Subban’s.

      X X X X X X X X X 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • FlyAngler says:

      Probably it’s because P K has 5 goals in this year’s playoffs to Gionta’s one, P K has a much better slap shot than Gionta, and P K’s shooting percentage is 11.9 to Gio’s 2.5. How’s that for starters…….

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  25. ooder says:

    so i missed teh game last night due to a wedding and just saw the highlights.. is our puck management really that stupid? I mean how many breakaways can you give up, leaving the goalie all alone.
    The winning goal was all on DD. Markov tries to move it up, but DD is completely on the wrong side of his check and loses the puck battles

    • Led says:

      It’s really stupid, basically how they’ve looked the whole series. Passes off the mark that go for icings, terrible powerplay, slow decisions on the breakout resulting in us being hemmed in repeatedly and losing most puck battles. They don’t look like the same team. I get they are probably hurt and tired but guess what so are all the teams still alive.

      It’s difficult to watch them lose like this.

    • FlyAngler says:

      The Rags shorthanded goal was all on DD as well, his failure to control a pass behind the net on the PP directly led to the Hagelin breakaway and shorthanded goal. I like the guy, but despite his 2 assists last night he really hurt us and was on the ice for all 3 of the Rags goals which clearly was not merely a coincidence.

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  26. Led says:

    Regardless of what lineup decisions are made it’s the veterans who need to lead and be better. If I’m MT I hold a veteran’s only meeting and challenge them to be better.

  27. jrs10069 says:

    I’m sure many of you were watching live as I was when this went down. Time for another awesome Habs comeback..

    Worth taking another look, just to get the good vibes flowing.



  28. truebeliever says:

    Dear Messers Bergevin and Therrien,

    It’s time to try for some magic:
    — reunite the EGG line (Eller, Galchenyuk and Gallagher);
    — Scratch Vanek (in fact just waive him) and put Gionta in with DD and MaxPac;
    — Dress Ryan White and tell him to hit anything in blue but to not retaliate — make this his test as to whether he has grown up. He’s not Prust, but he could be someday soon;
    — I love Emelin, but if he’s hurting too much to go, let Tinordi have a shot at those big Ranger forwards.

    Both teams are running on fumes right now. Worst case scenario is you lose the game, but the kids upon which your future is based will learn from the experience.

    Best case: fresh legs and foolish bravado makes a difference. Remember 1986. Rookies Skrudland, McPhee and Lemieux, and a kid named Roy made all the difference.

    • jrs10069 says:



    • JUST ME says:

      Totally agree about puting Whitey back in the lineup and stiring the pot a bit. This is a one game season and we saw how the Rangers were taken out of their game by the actions of Prust.

      And yes, although he might not be perfectly ready for a full time gig but not far away, i too would put Tinordi in and Emelin out for obvious reasons and ask the kid to clean up the crease.Would put Beaulieu back in for offensive reasons and remove the Cube .

      Concerning Vanek i would first check if there are injured players not giving what they are supposed to and replace them.

      It`s all in now. Hopefully nobody needs to be reminded…

  29. 24AW says:

    One thing I wouldn’t be doing is signing Vanek, he’s a regular season player not a playoff player let Minnesota waste their money.
    This team has done well, but we are still in need of a few better players in order to have a chance at winning a cup. we are almost there but not quite. a interesting summer ahead for MB and I hope he makes all the right moves in getting us closer to winning the cup.
    offense and a few adjustments with the Defense should be our main priority.

  30. shiram says:

    It seems to me the calm cool level headed approach the team had in Boston is not there anymore.
    And that goes for the coach too, who’s been playing up the media stories and having verbal spars with Vigneault on mostly pointless issues.

    • Hobie says:

      The team is clearly injured and tired. They looked to have a bit more jump yesterday but have looked like a bunch of zombies for the majority of the series.

      The Rangers are bigger, faster, healthier and hungrier at the moment.

    • JUST ME says:

      If not for injuries then i am sure that the motivation level is not the same thus the attempt to pump up the rivalry thru mind games. Appart from the 7-2 debacle the two teams are not that much different and the compete level is a match but the results…

  31. Hobie says:

    Imagine if Galchenyuk’s shot doesn’t nick the shaft of Lundqvist’s stick and hit the post last night…

  32. Thomas Le Fan says:

    We are playing too soft. Period. If the Rangers are doing this to us, the Kings would kill us.

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • HabsPooch says:

      The Kings would sweep us. People have no idea what a big, fast and well balanced team Los Angeles is…even if the Habs knocked out the Rangers, they would have nothing left for the finals.

      • Cal says:

        You think Chicago is about to roll over and let them have the series?
        Doubtful. Lots of hockey left in the Western Conference.

        • HabsPooch says:

          Los Angeles is a better and deeper team than Chicago. They will win the Cup.

        • jctremblay says:

          Could happen, of course..anything can happen this playoff year. I mean, MTL beat the Bruins..7 game series are routine etc. But I really think that ANY one of San Jose, Anaheim, St. Louis, Chicago, LA could beat anyone in the East, including Boston in a series. Thats another level of hockey they play out West..speed/talent kills. WE can’t keep up with the NY Rangers. Anyway, I’m not down or anything..we are finding out this team’s limits. We can’t go forward with Gionta types anymore. (and I love BG..dont’ get me wrong) It’s time for youth to be served and the sad part is, we’ll probably regress playing the kids/draft picks….it would take a massive trade for a superstar level forward to propel this team forward more quickly. Tavares, for instance. Look at how a motivated VAnek transformed this team into an above average offensive team. Now see how a less motivated (to understate the case a tad) Vanek makes all our carriages turn back into pumpkins and mice…lol..

    • The_Truth says:

      I agree, the Kings or Blackhawks would sweep this team fairly easily. I really couldn’t see Montreal ever winning more than 1 game. Makes me feel a little better about this series.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      They are quite some reasons we´re down 3-1. Being too soft is not one of them. That´s really a very, very lazy and superficial explanation.

    • Cal says:

      Lundqvist is doing the job. Have to give credit where it is due.
      Habs shooters sure aren’t, especially the forwards.

  33. Habifax says:

    Turn out the lights…….

  34. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Our team has yet to bring their A-game to this series(assuming they still have one). Last night’s game was theirs to be won but couldn’t capitalize & instead of a tied series, we’re trailing 3-1. This thing is far from over but MT needs to wake up, smell the roses & sit the players that are not bringing it. In addition he must increase ice time to those that are busting their butts. Rangers are a decent team but they’re not better than us. Only reason they’re here is because the Pens folded like a cheap tent.

  35. Led says:

    I shouldn’t say it but I will. Love Weaver’s heart and sacrifices, he’s been a Warrior! But let’s face it, he’s a desperation d-man. If he comes back it has to be as a #7 or #8.

  36. FlyAngler says:

    In this year’s playoffs, the Habs have looked best when they have had a couple of lines going and the only lines that have shown some consistency and regular productivity have been Bourque-Eller-Gionta and Bournival-Briere-Weise despite the fact that the so called “first line” gets nearly twice as much ice time. Obviously, Gionta is struggling greatly to produce offensively so it probably makes sense to move Chucky to the Eller line and continue to play Gionta with Pleks.
    M T needs to come to grips with the fact that given the amount of total ice time and time on the PP that DD and Patches have had, they have been poor at best on offense. I give DD an A for effort and playing both ends of the ice and the like, but like it or not, one of the reasons that the Habs lost last night is that even though he had 2 assists on the night, DD was a -2 and was involved negatively in the Rags first goal while they were shorthanded and their winning goal in OT.

    M T is in a tough spot because while Eller has been the Habs most productive forward point wise, he has been their worst center with regard to face-offs.

    The bottom line is that if we get this series turned around, it will in all likelihood with the horses that have got us there- P K, Eller, Briere, Bourque, Weise and perhaps an Alex Galchenyuk who should have a lot more energy than his teammates at this point since he has only played 2 games in the playoffs.

    If M T is going to stubbornly insist on continuing the losing strategy of giving the DD line the vast majority of the ice time in game 5, the Habs might as well book their Wednesday morning tee times because they will be done. M T deserves credit for making any number of key adjustments during these playoffs. He needs to make a few more if the Habs are going to have a chance to win on Tuesday night and come back and take this series. If the Habs win on Tuesday, there will be tremendous pressure on the Rags to win game 6 in New York so as to avoid having to return to Montreal for a game 7 where they will have to confront the specter of the choke that has already claimed the Sharks and the Penguins. I am absolutely convinced that they can do this and hope and pray that they will……

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • jrs10069 says:

      You nailed it…need to give the players who are hot more ice time. Could be they are hot because they have more energy but whatever the case…


  37. Timo says:

    Has anyone asked Pacioretty – what’s up?

  38. montreal ace says:

    I don’t think Vanek or Gionta are coming back, but I think MB and MT’s hands are tied when it comes to playing them. Its hard enough to get players to sign in Montreal as it is, we don’t need to look like we are sabotaging players contracts, when they are leaving

    • J Dub says:

      Vanek must be injured. I don’t understand how he could be playing so badly otherwise. Almost every time he touched the puck yesterday it was an instant turnover, and I wish I was exaggerating.

  39. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Need new blood for game 5 to revive the entire team. I know MT will not budge but for me I would sit Vanek in favor of Ryan White, Bournival out & Travis Moen in. I would also go as far as sitting Alexie Emelin, bring in Douglas Murray & Beaulieu back in for either Weaver or Bouillion.

  40. montreal ace says:

    Krieder runs Price advantage NYR’s, since then we have looked like another team. The act of taking out players, has become acceptable strategy when wanting to advance towards the cup. I can’t believe how small the repercussions are, when stars are taken out, so it makes the payoff worth it. The Krieder hit at minimum, should have ended the series for him, with a big money fine.

    • frontenac1 says:

      With the exception of Prust, we are hitting like mosquitos. When the Rangers hit,they mean it. Gorges and DD were getting plastered last night. They even ran Toker! No push back. Activate White, Moen and Murray.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Nash ran into Tokarski heavily last night also with no push and no call. I thought the NHL was trying to protect goaltenders. Guess not.

      Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

      • Led says:

        I count 3 times in the last 2 games where after the puck was frozen Nash has skated into the crease and fallen down. It’s complete BS and yet it continues to happen. We have offered nothing close to comparable but rest assured if we did we would be penalized.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        That was my main worry going into last night’s game. No Grit in the line-up.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

  41. Dr.Bob says:

    The doctor is in. It may not be over but it sure feels like it. After 5 games one can say with certainty that it looks like the the lemon has been squeezed dry. Some players look like they have nothing left to give and others simply look like they don’t want to put in the effort it takes to get to the next level. It sucks to say this but the series against the Bruins may have taken the mojo out of the Habs. In 5 games our heroes have had only 2 leads. One for 17 seconds and another for 1:30. That my friends says it all. It’s hard to have to play catchup hockey all the time. Take Price out of the equation,add an AHL goalie and you are looking at some pretty slim odds. When it does come to an end I think that Bergevin will have a much clearer picture of the what his team needs and the moves that will have to be made to get there. I am proud of our young players. As for some of the veterans who should be leading the way. Shame on you. You know who you are.

  42. hockeyrealist says:

    Has anyone else noticed that our wingers are playing too high in our own zone? When the puck comes around the boards (as there has rarely been a tape-to-tape breakout pass in our own zone) our wingers are easily taken out by the opposing dmen and we are hemmed in our zone. Why aren’t the wingers coming back deeper to offer support to d, and shorter passing options. Boullion’s goal was one of hte few times last night where Mtl had strong puck support. Two or three short passes and we are attacking with speed, instead of turnovers at our blueline. Puck support, why are the professionals not seeing this!
    “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
    Sun Tzu

    • mdp2011 says:

      Yup, you’re bang on. The biggest issue with games 3 and 4, the D couldn’t get the puck out of the zone resulting in tons of turnovers. While a lot like to blame the D, the forwards are already out of the zone before the D can make a breakout pass.

    • Led says:

      Yes. At one point I saw the two Habs d-men with the puck in our end and there were no forwards even inside the blue line. It’s like we’re employing a breakout where the red-line is the new hash marks.

    • Forum Dog says:

      I feel like MTL’s D has been under a lot of pressure from the NYR forwards. The Rags are using their speed to get in and disrupt puck retrievals, and forcing the Habs d-men to rush plays along the boards. Which is not good for a D-corps that really only has 1 or (maybe) two good puckmovers. Markov is good with the puck but has lost a few steps, Emelin is decent but not great, Weaver and Bouillion are adequate at best, and I would say that Gorges is easily the worst puckhandler on MTL’s back end. Combine that with forwards that can’t/won’t win pucks along the wall and it is a recipe for stunted or failed breakouts.

    • Chris says:

      Absolutely agree…this has driven me nuts throughout the playoffs.

  43. CJ says:

    Well folks, are we seeing the impact of a roster filled with Olympians, who have just simply run out of gas? I don’t know. I don’t want to excuse the performance, but I wonder if the extra hockey many of our players played, in addition to the fact that we are not a big bruising group might be catching up to us. Maybe we have hit the wall…..

    That said, aside from Gionta, our smaller players (Briere, Weaver, Gally, DD and even Frankie) are not hurting us. In fact, many are heping play significant roles. Look, DD is not a number one centre. The difficulty is that he is judged as a number one because of his role, but in actuallity, he should be our number 2. As I have said countless times, it ultimately comes down to either him or Pleks in the number 2 role. Eller is our third and White/or replacement is our fourth. We are clearly missing a number one guy who can open the ice and create time and space for his wingers. An Eric Staal type player. Of course, every team in the league needs this, so I can keep dreaming. Our best and probably only chance is to draft and develop this number one guy. Can it be Chucky? I don’t know. We may never know either as the team is so hesitant to try a young player in such an important position.

    I’d be inclinded to divide the team on the basis of performance. The guys that are working and producing versus those that are not. Last night we somehow managed to have Pleks, Max and Gionta lead our team in ice time, yet neither of the three had a good game. Eller, who seemed to be working hard and making things happen, had fewer shifts than all but a few of our forwards.

    Personally, I would not hesitate to go back to Eller, Chucky and Gally, especially at home in hopes of leading the way. I would insulate DD with Max and Bourque, leaving Gionta-Pleks-Briere as the third unit and follow up with Bournival-White-Weise on the fourth line.

    On defence. Oh, our defence….. So, before I go any further, let me ask the commentariat one question; What would people say if Nate or Tinordi made half the mistakes that Markov and Emelin made? Gosh, Tinordi was responsible for four goals against this season, and he is considered a disater. Nate, who was plus 6 in 17 regular season games (get your head around that for a second), and was not on the ice for a single goal against during the post season, is considered too unstable. I don’t get it. Clearly a question of precetion versus reality, but I digress. Emelin has been a nightmare and to think, his new contract has not even kicked in…..

    Oh well, I said Montreal in seven and I am sticking to it. I keep saying if we could just play a complete game. If only….. If only….

    Cheers, CJ

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      “Last night we somehow managed to have Pleks, Max and Gionta lead our team in ice time, yet neither of the three had a good game.”

      1. Cause and effect?

      2. The main reason for the skewed ice time was the number of penalties. Over 1/3 of the game was played at 5 on 4.

      3. There are injuries we don’t know about.

      Moving. Forward.

    • hockeyrealist says:

      Did not bother reading the 6th, 7th, etc paragraph in that novel, but I disagree that fatigue should be at play here. The team has had an abundance of rest this series and should have no problem battling through it in the conference finals. How many Olypians did we have who actually played a lot at the Olympics? Price is the only one I can think of off hand. Excuses are for losers, if a professional hockey player cannot dig deep at this stage of the season and battle through, then they are not hockey players, they are employees or private contractors (in Vanek;s case) I could not stand watching May Pac play last night. Repeated dump ins to Gallagher’s wing as if to say “you go get it for me, then set me up. I’m a goal scorer.”
      These guys are professional athletes, mostly in the prime of their lives. If they cannot compete now, they are of no use to any team. Making the playoffs is not a goal, it is expected. Winning the cup is the goal, everything else is details.

      “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
      Sun Tzu

    • HabsPooch says:

      I’m not understanding why Vanek cannot be put back together with DD and Max? It worked very well before!
      As for being tired, these players have had lot sof time off in between games and even had a few days off in Florida as a treat not to mention one week off after the sweep over Tampa.
      The guys that have to score are not scoring and the power play has been abysmal.
      Also, Bergevin HAS to find someone on the same level as PK to help him out. He’s a one man gang on offence back there. Gorges wouldn’t make the top six on Los Angeles. No wonder PK looks exhausted and is making mental mistakes.

      • Forum Dog says:

        I’ve alluded to this before, but as effective as Therrien’s “effort is non-negotiable” approach has been, I think we have seen more than a few examples this season of where it has alienated or backfired with certain players. Confidence is a huge part of playing effective hockey, and if Vanek’s demotion off the Pacioretty line (which occurred on like the second shift of either the NYR or Boston series – I can’t remember which now) eroded his then you have just lost an extremely valuable resource.

        Not to excuse Vanek’s play, but he is the type of player you give a central role to if you want him to be effective. Ask him to slot in as a role player and you are minimizing his abilities.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      In a nutshell MT is not pushing the right buttons or have the guts to make the right moves.

      • HabsPooch says:

        I wouldn’t say he doesnt have the guts to make the right moves. He put in Beaulieu for game six against Boston which was a gutsy move and also threw in Tokarski over Budaj…but Vanek should be placed with DD and MAx.

    • JUST ME says:

      I have seen the Habs run out of gas many times before and it sure does not look like this !

      We are trying to find answers and reasons why we are within the 4 top teams of the league and are now struggling and may be at the end of our road ? We tend to forget our recent past, were we were before this management took over and where we were heading every single year.

      The only thing i saw was a clear difference between our game in regular season and in the playoffs although we seemed to carry it over to the Tampa round. It then got tougher against the Bruins but it always does and now against the Rangers maybe a loss of motivation but the effort is still there. If the results are not there i just can explain it by looking at certain players and try to understand their level of commitment and successes but then again…Who knows who is injured, tired or just at the end of their ropes ?

      We did good, we did great ! and yes changes are coming as they usually do but let`s not forget who we are and who will lead us. Cause this is the biggest improvement about the 2013-2014 season, this team has an identity. This team is a team.

  44. Hobie says:

    I’ll be very surprised if Vanek and Subban are not injured.

    Subban’s body language isn’t the same as it usually is, he making mental mistakes and he looks slow and sluggish. That big smile and cocky attitude is missing.

    Vanek is being knocked down constantly and is grimacing on the bench.

    • shiram says:

      I think we can add Emelin to that list.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Emelin hasn’t looked right for the majority of the season. He was decent against Boston.

        I am hoping he bounces back next season

      • Gus Gus says:

        Agree about adding Emelin to the list.

        It seems like at least once a game, every single game so far, there’s been a close-up shot of him wincing, bent-over on the bench, grimacing in pain.

        Sometimes he leaves the bench and comes back a couple minutes later.

        Agreed that the injured players are most likely Subban, Prust, Vanek, Emelin.

        Markov must be feeling tired by now: at his age, an Olympic year, played 82 games.

        And I can’t believe Gally isn’t hurting by now with the style he plays and the physical toll it must take on his body.

        It’s not really an excuse at this point of the playoffs; yet it’s definitely showing against the Rangers. It seems the Rangers are on every puck first.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I agree Hobie. I was on youtube and was watching links of Vanek before the playoffs and even against Tampa and he doesn’t look like the same player. The part that bugs me if that is true….sit him. He isn’t contributing and if he is that hurt have someone else in his place who isn’t hurting us defensively. We sadly don’t have any real offensive weapons waiting to get dropped in and really is the habs biggest weakness in the pipeline

  45. shiram says:

    Habs were not prepared correctly for last night, and they played pretty bad, it’s a wonder they managed to keep the game so close for so long, props to Tokarski on that.

    It’s daunting, but at least it shows Habs can beat the Rangers, if they play their best.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I don’t agree. It was a 50/50 game between two evenly matched teams.

      Moving. Forward.

      • shiram says:

        Well I was extremely tired, so I could have missed stuff, but the Habs looked like they were barely hanging in there to me.
        Give aways galore, lack of speed and most of the PP looked horrible, and the fact we got so many PP’s is probably why the shots for/against were close.

        • DipsyDoodler says:

          We didn’t get any shots on goal during the power plays ….

          Moving. Forward.

          • shiram says:

            Yeah the Rangers were not getting much in that time either, had it been 5 on 5 for all those PP’s they could have run the shot counter up.

      • hockeyrealist says:

        They had far more quality chances than Mtl did. #35 was the only reason it was close.

        “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
        Sun Tzu

  46. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Our Elderly Knights had the sword to the throat of these scurvy dogs and did not kill. Fear not! Our brave young warriors will not sit idle. They will arise and show the way with help from The White Knight, The Swede Viking and The Prairie Farmer . Their lust for blood and vengeance knows no bounds. Victory is Ours! Saludos!

  47. Ian Cobb says:

    It is not Price that we are missing!
    It is the Price that they are willing to pay!

  48. habfan100 says:

    Game 5 is at Home, they better play like they did in Game 6 against the Bruins. It’s not over, gotta take it one game at a time.

    Having said that…Vanek needs to sit. I would rather have Ryan White’s energy in for Game 5. Habs can’t look ahead as others have mentioned. It’s one game at a time, and the next one is at home where we are due for a good game.

    A positive is we play very well when facing elimination. 4-0 vs Boston at home and 3-1 in Game 7. Granted it’s a different team, however I don’t see us losing Game 5.

    Vanek needs to sit, need to tighten up the D not to give up breakaways, and get this powerplay going.

  49. JUST ME says:

    Just a few words from some comments from this page not older ones…

    all season we have been horrible
    habs power play has become predictable
    underachieving veterans
    no PP to speak of
    This team kind of fell apart
    He’s hurting the team
    As ineffective as he is offensively

    So i guess we are Habs fans ? Did they make it to the playoffs ? By reading this they did not deserve to anyway …

    I stopped after a few messages just to keep my moral up for one more challenge tomorrow at the Bell center. And to think that the usual negative whatchamacallthem are not out yet !

    • L Elle says:

      I don’t think there is a whole lot of negativity here, and I, for one, haven’t given up.

      You’d think after the high of beating Boston, they would be making a beeline straight for the Finals.

      Rangers are playing their asses off, and our team is coasting, and it is still pretty even.

      What I interpret from the comments is, if our Habs bring their A game, and MT makes better choices on the ice, they will win this series, hands down.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Fans like to point out the weaknesses.. I suppose posts could go both ways..

      Here’s a little change of direction..

      A number of Habs have their best hockey in front,of them, I’d include Price, Subban, Patch, DD, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Eller, Weiss, Emelin, Bournival, Beaullieu, Tinordi, and Tokarski.

      That is very very promising because most of those mentioned are our most important players.

      The Habs have major issues with their PP. This is evident. It is my assessment that the Habs lack “dual threat” player on their top unit. DD is an exclusive passer and Patch is an exclusive shooter, those one dimensional offensive attributes do not bode well for a lethal PP.

      Markov/Beaullieu and Subban have top PP skills, I’d Put Galchenyuk and Vanek in that category as well. Gallagher seems to be the teams best crease crasher, but Vanek also is most useful in that position.

      In recent years, the Habs PP was at it’s peak with Kovalev and Markov controlling the PP… I think moving forward Galchenyuk should be used in a similar fashion as a Kovalev was on the PP on the RW, also, I’d have DD as C (but move to LW one the zone is gained) and Vanek out front with Markov and Subban on the point.

      ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

      • Chris says:

        Tokarski really doesn’t have much of a future with Montreal. If, as he seems to be showing in this series, he has starter potential, his only hope is to get dealt out of town because he is not getting starts playing behind Carey Price. And unfortunately, the return on goalies isn’t generally all that great these days.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          What I am saying is his best days are in front of him. It is early in his career would it not be in his best interest to play 50-70 games on a Playoff team behind Price to start his career? He is obviously not ready to take a team like the jets into the playoffs.

          Tokarski, once he has 40 NHL starts, could have the value of Cory Schnieder or Jonothan Bernier… He is “short term investment” for the Habs, and with what Tokarski has shown, his value is increasing rapidly.

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

  50. HabsFanInTampa says:

    My biggest fear has been realized. Thomas Vanek is playing like he “doesn’t want to get hurt”. It used to be, back in the day, that players played for a Stanley Cup. Now it’s all about the money and only about the money.

  51. Ian Cobb says:

    We were pushed and smacked around the rink all night.
    Patcheretty and Vanic are at least two feet shorter than Gallagher and DD. They both are just waiting to be fed by the workers, instead of getting their nose’s dirty and hitting someone.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      which makes me wonder why you would put Bournival in instead of Moen to replace Prust.

      Bournival has 1 assist all playoff. Yes, he is fast….the compliments stop there though.

      Moen is physical, has experience and is good on the PK.

      • Forum Dog says:

        Yup. I’d like to see Moen get back in as well. He would make life a lot harder on that NY d-corps.

      • Led says:

        Based on his experience and why we signed him I believe that Moen should dress. I understand using Bourney for his speed but we need to grind out some wins. We have shown for 4 games now that we aren’t going to win the speed/fancy hockey battle.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          100% agree. That is a coaching strategy I don’t get. We obviously can’t match the speed and we shown when we play physical they get off their game

          • HabsPooch says:

            Are you guys serious? Travis Moen is the answer to our issues? Travis Moen next to George Parros is our worst hockey player and a waste of 10 minutes per night. Talk about a guy who is content in skating around for 45 seconds never touching the puck and creating zero offensive opportunities. Bournival has the speed to counter the Rangers. Moen has a little bit of nothing in ever aspect of his game…If anything put in White who can at least win some damn faceoffs!

          • Led says:

            Problem is I don’t think we can really win the toughness battle either. Especially without Prust and Murray also in the line-up. But to me Moen and White deserve a chance to help, Vanek can sit. Both of those guys can help to at least soften up the Rangers a bit, maybe get them looking over their shoulders and making mistakes.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            I was 100%. Moen played well this year. If you are playing on the 4th line you are to be defensively responsible, physical and create energy.

            Moen is better than Bournival in the physical dept. He has way more experience including a cup. He also can play on the PK.

            Habs also played the best against the rangers when they are physical as it gets them off there game. Habs can’t match there speed so you change your style. I would be ok with White coming but I don’t see that happening.

          • HabsPooch says:

            I’d like to know why White hasn’t been given a chance? You put him in he’d be more effective than Moen and can win faceoffs. And people have to stop mentioning Moen as a Stanley Cup winner. That was almost a decade ago. That’s like mentioning Gionta as a Stanley Cup winner…means nothing!

          • Kooch7800 says:

            @habspooch. Do you honestly think White brings more defensively and Offensively than Moen does?

            Stats would sure say otherwise. There is a reason why Moen was locked up for a few year deal and why White is only getting one year terms.

            I like White but let’s not overstate his value

    • CH Marshall says:

      Max plays with zero grit. It’s just too bad

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        I think he puts in effort.. He’s just a giveaway machine which gets exposed against elite competition.

        ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

  52. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
    Need to work on the second part.

  53. Kooch7800 says:

    The habs are not playing well and really if a couple bounces had gone differently this series could be tied. What does that say for the Rangers?

    The West Conf team is going to destroy whoever the winner of this series is. Could you see the reaction if Krieder tried to run a goalie in LA? Sutter would have him pounded to pulp

    • New says:

      The Canadiens fate is in their hands, they are good enough. No one is taking anything from the Habs, they are giving it away.

      I agree with you. I don’t think you whine and snivel about Kollider hitting your goalie. You take care of it. Why? Because you can not undo the past only craft the future.

  54. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Douglas Murray & Ryan White in for game 5. Is Travis Moen all of a sudden useless?

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I would consider Murray in as you have last change and just have him crushing guys. Moen should have been in for Prust

    • Forum Dog says:

      I’d be afraid of Murray getting torched by the Rangers speed. Guys like Zuccarello, Hagman, Krieder, St. Louis, etc. are already torching guys like Gorges and Markov. Imaging what they would do to Murray….

      I’d go with either Bouillion or Beaulieu or, if you want some more bit, give Tinordi a taste.

      • Fansincebirth says:

        Murray could be told not to cross centre ice 🙂

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Too true, hahaha!

          Of course, then we’d miss him pinching. I have really enjoyed his robust interpretation of pinching this year.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        He would def get exposed but our D is way to soft. Emelin has been garbage and I would like to see the Cube with Markov and a kid/Murray brought in to play with Weaver.

        Watching Emelin struggle out there is just painful. He better play better next year or he would be a goner

        • Forum Dog says:

          I kind of agree on them being too soft out there, though I don’t think they’re getting manhandled in any real way. Honestly I’d be tempted to give Tinordi a shot with Weaver. The only problem is his lack of experience and polish, which in a must-win game will be hard for the coaching staff to overlook….

          Emelin has not been great against the Rags, but he was pretty good against the Bruins. I think a summer without knee surgery will be good for him. He looked to be worth $4M against Boston, so hopefully he can get back to that.

          IMO, the Rangers speed has been > than MTL’s, and that has been the biggest problem, especially for the D. Habs are not used to being the slower team.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            All true points about the speed. Emelin is not the same player as he was last year and I would agree I think missing training camp etc has been a major factor. He hasn’t found his groove.

            I do like Tinordi but he doesn’t think the game fast enough and has brain cramps in his own end. I could see it in the AHL this year and even when he was up with the big club. That will come with time but this series is way to quick and he would get torched if he had a brain cramp. I am really surprised Pateryn didn’t get a single game up this year as he played really consistent in the AHL this year and was racking up points as well. He is also a little older as he went the school route and apparently was a good leader in the dressing room as well

          • Forum Dog says:

            @Kooch – Fair enough re: Tinordi. I’ve been pumping his tires since training camp, but I agree that he’s still not sound enough defensively. He does have good mobility and could maybe put the hurt on guys like Krieder and Boyle, but it’s probably just too risky for a must-win game. I’m betting Bouillion gets the call again.

    • Marc10 says:

      No way you play Murray against the Rangers. They are too fast.
      But yes, we need to rest some veterans and play the kids.

  55. mdp2011 says:

    I will be in Toronto tomorrow night for game 5, and I need find a place to watch the game with decent food. Any suggestions?

    • Forum Dog says:

      If you are looking for a sports bar, Shoeless Joe’s ain’t bad. The food is standard fare, but the set-up was good for watching the game. I don’t think it gets the crowds that other sports bars do either. Not really a family joint though.

    • ragethorn says:

      A few options mdp2011. Kilgour’s on Bloor. Only bar in TO for Hab fans to watch with french commentating. Be there early or you’re shit out of luck because it’s small. TV’s are not that great. Down the street, you’ve got the Pump & McKenzie’s. Enjoy your time here. Go Habs Go!

    • beliveau4 says:

      Check out the bar across the street from the Air Canada Center! I think it’s called Real Sports. They have the largest TV in Toronto and tons of space and talent behind the bar! 😉

  56. L Elle says:

    For years the HIO mantra has been, Get Pleks some linemates.

    The new mantra should be, get MaxP, Eller and Chucky some linemates, or use these kinds of players on the same line whenever possible.

    The power, speed and skill those 3 have should be the nucleus moving forward.

    I love Gio and have always defended him, but it’s off to the glue factory after this season. Being ineffective is one thing, but he passes when he’s supposed to shoot, and shoots when he’s supposed to pass. Warming up the opponent’s goalie with useless shots. He’s hurting the team.

    If Vanek is not injured, let him keep his jersey, and put him on a First-class bus to Minny.

    As whiny as Monsieur Vigneault has been, MT is almost as bad, but not as effective.

    Lastly, we need SOB psychos with skill protecting our goalies. Rangers got away big time in injuring Price, and making this series anything but enjoyable.

    • CH Marshall says:

      bang on.. and yeah this series has not been fun to watch

    • habsfan0 says:

      When the season is over for the Habs(whenever that is) we will find out about all the injuries to the players..Vanek(hand),PK(ribs)…etc etc.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Let them try and Run Quick in the next series. I wouldn’t want to be the player that did it that is for sure.

      I am shocked the habs didn’t just have someone pound Kreider out in the next game and ride the penalty just to send the message back to the Rangers that you don’t do such a thing

      The fact no one stepped up for our MVP shows us something

      • L Elle says:

        Yup, at some point, Kreider will get his just desserts.

        The players who would have pummeled Darth Kreider, like Prust, was propagandised straight out of the series, and I don’t know why White is in MT’s doghouse, he would’ve done the job as well.

        No message was sent, and last night, they were after Toker, with Nash in the crease (I’m assuming high whiny voice), “He pushed me, he pushed me.”

        What a load of crap.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Yup. How many times have we seen a habs player in Lundqvist crease this series?….maybe once

          • L Elle says:

            Some try, like last night, Eller didn’t even touch the old king, but 3 Rangers mugged him and he ended up bloody. No other Hab to help him out there.

            I think they need to crash the crease by comity.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      >get MaxP, Eller and Chucky some linemates,

      how ’bout each other?

      Max – Eller – Chucky

      Agree about Gio. I’ve always defended him, but he’s done.

      Also agree about Vanek, but I’d put him on Econo class, injured or not.

    • New says:

      I think you’ll find a consistent thing with the Habs. They are way more skilled than fans give them credit for. In 08 and 10 they got to Philly. Once after taking out Boston, once after taking out Washington and Pittsburg. Then they got shoved around and went out quickly. The skilled guys can take the pounding but they can’t take the intimidation. In 08 a Flyer skated into Price from behind and elbowed him deliberately in the chin. Not a reply from the Habs and Price played farther back after that.

      This I believe is why fans talk about “Moar Big”. Coaches drill into players not to take foolish penalties. Don’t hurt the team. But you can hurt a team psychologically as well as on the scoreboard. When Collider took out Price and a Ranger helmet wasn’t rolling around with a head still inside this series was going to be hard for the Canadiens to win. Not from the loss of Price, huge as that was, but from the loss of self esteem.

      “Moar Big” means players who can stand up for themselves and their team mates, not relying on officials to tame the opposition. Cause if you’re too timid to stand up for each other it’s unlikely you have the parts to bull your way through the opponents on a PP when the tough get going.

      The heck of it is on Montreal the guys who should be leading are following and the kids are doing the adults job.

  57. Forum Dog says:

    If MTL looks at this as having to win 3 straight games, it’s gonna seem nearly impossible. If they look at it as just winning the next one at home, that is very doable.

    They were close to winning that one last night, even though they did not always look like they deserved to.

    I’ve gotta say that it really irks me to see so much of MTL’s salary having such little intensity. Vanek has been a no-show for this entire series. Some of that is on Therrien (IMO), but most of it is on Vanek. He is just passing through though, so it is next to impossible to make him accountable to the team.

    The ones that really concern me are “core” guys like Plekanec and Pacioretty. I mean, these are supposed to be foundational players, and they can’t find the intensity to push the play in such a pivotal game? I don’t get it. As ineffective as he is offensively, at least Gionta is out there busting his ace! Pacioretty was floating terribly last night and on at least 3 occasions opted for little hold up plays (that went nowhere) rather than driving the net. And Tomas Plekanec is one of the softest players out there right now. Won’t take a hit. Won’t make a hit. Won’t drive the puck into traffic. Tosses pucks blindly to the middle of the ice, whereupon they are turned back the other way. So frustrating to watch. If the Habs are gonna build themselves into perennial contenders, they need:

    A) More from these guys; or
    B) Less of them

    MB is watching them, and if they can’t get it up for a do-or-die game in fevered Montreal, well, there are other options out there…..

    • Led says:

      One thing Plekanec is doing right is shooting at Lundquist’s feet. It’s disappointing not seeing the rest of the team trying this. Instead they continue to fire blanks into his chest, glove or wide of the net.

      The play of our veterans has been extremely disappointing.

  58. veryhabby says:

    Lots of talk about floaters and underachievers. But I wonder something…. all season we have been horrible 5on5, and our PP has lead the way in helping us win games or stay in games (along with Price). Are we noticing the floaters and vet underachievers NOW because our PP isn’t bailing us out? I mean if we had cashed in 2 of the 8 PP chances we had, and still had many floaters and underachievers, would we even be talking about them cause we won the game? I think many have floated and not performed well all season. Pleks, Eller, Bourque, Gio… all key secondary scorers for this team all had horrible pt stats this season. It’s just a continuation in the playoffs, altho Eller/bourq did wake up the first half of the playoffs but seem to be back to what we saw during the season.

    Add no Price, DD line not able to score, and a PP that can’t score…and the 3 best things we had going are now gone. The floaters and vet underachievers have been there all season long. It’s just more noticeable when our good stuff is slumping too.

  59. Donkey Hoat says:

    This team kind of fell apart without Carey Price, who had been the main reason for us getting so far into the post-season.
    It’s a mixed blessing, as this will highlight our weaknesses to the GM, who can make the necessary changes over the next year.
    But it still seems that not all the players want the SC badly enough, or are talented enough to get there; to win the Cup, you really have to be as one, in drive and talent. We’re just not there yet.
    I still think Michel Therrien, who makes questionable moves that sometimes work out well, is not the guy for this level of competition.
    But he did improve from last year’s playoffs, he might also improve over the course of the coming year.

  60. veryhabby says:

    One question. Who’s man was St.L on that winning goal? Obviously someone forgot to cover their best player on that shift. Was it just one of the 4 guys desperately trying to get the puck out of the zone, or bourque who was watching everything from center ice?

    • hockeyrealist says:

      He was on the right side (our left dman) which is Markov’s side. So if Marky is out of position, as he was very much so attempting two brutal passes/clearing attempts it would fall on a winger/center to cover for him. Normally it is the center’s role to come back deep and assist dmen, while wingers are responsible for the points/high slots. Total defensive zone breakdown, soft on pucks, soft clearing attempts. Tells me that players were over tired and not mentally aware of the situation. ie. too old

      “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
      Sun Tzu

    • Gus Gus says:

      It was Emelin’s job to cover MSL at that point.

      I guess he was expecting Markov to get it out quickly and he took a head start to et on the bench.

      This video gives a good angle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfDPzWXIpAY

  61. Ian Cobb says:

    We have both teams right where we want them now.
    For the Hab’s, there is no wiggle room left, for underachieving veterans, who want a new contract and do not want to be sent out of town.
    Bergevin is watching for all those who cannot play at this level anymore. They will be gone for sure.

    Things have been made simple, there are only 3 games left, and we have to win them all. We can, no problem, if the floaters plug into the same energy receptacle as DD, Gallagher, Weise, Bournival, Eller, PK and Tokarski.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I actually feel bad for Tokarski. He has played well and the team has hung him out to dry.

      • hockeyrealist says:

        Agreed, where is the heart and accountability in the dressing room now? Gorges looks horrible, Tokarski is the only reason we had a chance last night.

        “One defends when his strength is inadequate, he attacks when it is abundant”
        Sun Tzu

  62. Marc10 says:

    I’m still amazed that the team with it’s third string goaltender, no PP to speak of, MIA top wingers, losing most draws and a D under duress that can’t clear the zone can come to within a crossbar of being tied at 2. In the Conference Final no less.

    I see us winning at home. Bourque with the winner.
    Go Habs Go!

  63. veryhabby says:

    I live in GTA. Right now Tsn radio poll has Habs lose as the #1 best thing that happened this weekend…more then the wonderful weather or the Jays winning streak. Man, it’s been killing all non fans how well Habs have done this playoffs. They can’t wait to be able to say, “Habs suck, they overachieved this year.”

    Ya whatever…finishing 4th overall in conference and ending in final 2 of conference is not overachieving. Season is too long for . any team to overachieve. PK was right, no respect for this team and it didn’t come with the win over Bos as he thought it would.

    I don’t know if we lost steam, confidence, but this is the worst we have played. There is just no room for a slump in the playoffs. MTL has hit one. lets see how they do now facing elimination.

    To think tho, they were one goal, one inch, away from tying the series…a series that they have played horrible in. Wow.

  64. habsfan0 says:

    I don’t see the Habs losing 3 straight at home,so we should be going to a Game 6.

  65. RetroMonkey II says:

    You know, this Media Guide is a lot better than the last one I had.

    Rangers will win with Lundqvist in nets.

  66. Prop says:

    The powerplay is what’s doing the team in.


    • Ton says:

      Penalty kills in today’s hockey are the best they have ever been……..it wasn’t like this in the old days……..habs power play has become predictable……….DD to markov and he will always be looking for PK…..block the lane (take the pain of the shot) and you’ve killed the pp! You need 4 or 5 different looks and we need to get another PP impact players (remember Kovelev on the PP)

    • Ian Cobb says:

      The floater’s are doing this team in!!

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