About last night …


You just know the great Martin St. Louis will play his heart out on Mother’s Day.
Inspired by the future Hall of Famer, whose mother suffered a fatal heart attack Thursday, the Rangers staved off elimination in Pittsburgh Friday night and may do so again at Madison Square Garden in Game 6 on Sunday.
The Canadiens’ season could end Monday night when Boston visits the Bell Centre.
Will anyone in bleu-blanc-rouge step up like St. Louis and his fellow Blueshirts?

The 4-2 final score in Game 5 flattered the Canadiens.

Boston dominated every aspect of play in all three zones. They showed the toughness, composure and will to win of a team that’s been to the Stanley Cup final twice in the last three years.

The Canadiens?

They played like the team that was unceremoniously bounced out of the opening round by Ottawa last spring.

In his postgame remarks, Michel Therrien trotted out the clichés. His team “lost a battle, we didn’t lose the war.” The Canadiens will continue to play “one game at a time.”

Therrien thought the Canadiens began Game 5 with a good level of intensity. The coach said Boston’s power-play success shifted momentum and gave the Bruins confidence.

Know what I remember about the beginning of the game?

Brad Marchand pitchforking Brendan Gallagher to the ice before the puck was dropped on the opening faceoff. That bit of rodent aggression set the tone for a dominant and home-team performance that culminated with Shawn Thornton spraying a water bottle on P.K. Subban from the Boston bench.

On the eve of Mother’s day, Marchand and Thornton were telling the Canadiens: “We’re your Daddy.”

In the NHL, that degree of disdain demands push-back. And to their credit, Gallagher and P.K. played tough, in-your-face hockey on every shift.

Their teammates? Not so much.

Tomas Plekanec was conspicuously awful. In addition to taking three minor penalties, Plekanec was the goat on the first goal of the game.

After committing a brain-dead dump from his side of the centre line, Plekanec lost the defensive-zone faceoff to Carl Soderberg. He then failed to cover the Bruins centre, who blasted a Loui Eriksson feed past Carey Price.

The Douglas Murray Hate Brigade will point out the lumbering defenceman should have done a better job covering Eriksson behind the Canadiens’ net. But having Murray on the ice in that situation accentuates the need for Plekanec to see to his D-zone knitting.

And he didn’t.

The Canadiens didn’t lose because of Plekanec. But an off-night by their most reliable centre set the tone for a bad night at the office for his fellow veterans, the guys who are supposed to be leading this team.

Brian Gionta, who is usually a shooting machine, had one shot on goal and missed the net with another. Linemates Rene Bourque and, to a lesser degree, Lars Eller reverted to the form they’d displayed during their disappointing  regular seasons.

Max Pacioretty played nearly 21 minutes. He had six shots on Tuukka Rask, plus one miss and three the Bruins blocked. Everything Max tried, however, was from the perimeter. Nothing in close, no rebounds attacked by the 39-goal scorer.

Thomas Vanek had one shot on Rask. That’s one more than he had in Game 4. Vanek had no shots in Game 1, three in Game 2, when he scored twice on redirections, and one in Game 3.

Despite impressive leftime stats in games against Boston, Vanek has played  like a guy with impending unrestricted free agency on his mind. He played excellent hockey during the latter weeks of the regular season, and Vanek looked like a great trade-deadline.

But now that the games mean something … Hey, if Minnesota wants to give him more than $50 million, good luck to them.

A big difference between the Bruins and Canadiens: Milan Lucic isn’t scoring, but he dishes out seven bone-jarring hits to lead both teams in that department. Max and Vanek aren’t scoring, and you can put their pictures on milk cartons.

Another difference: While the David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron lines aren’t lighting things up, the Soderberg-Eriksson-Matt Fraser line is on fire. The Canadiens lack even-strength fire power on all three scoring lines.

The power play produced goals by Gallagher and P.K. But with the Bruins parading to the box when the game was in balance during the first period, Daniel Brière might have helped a power-play that was crap through three opportunities.

Therrien has made many good decisions during the regular season and playoffs. Inserting Brandon Prust – no shots, one hit in 8:38 of ice time – wasn’t one of them.

On L’Antichambre, Denis Gauthier said he’d have no problem sitting Brière for last season’s Brandon Prust. But scratching a proven playoff scorer for a physical player who’s too banged up to play physical hockey?

Many issues to be chewed over at Sunday brunches in Montreal.

But be nice to your Mom. It’s not her fault the Canadiens are blowing this series.





  1. montrealtilldeath says:

    Panic coaching decision on Briere and two big men reaching for the puck instead of finishing their checks. Watching Vanek and Patches is painful man! This is the f#%cking Stanley cup playoffs against the Bruins!! That’s a CH on your jersey!!! Absolutely pathetic. As for Plekanec he had a bad game but he has earned my respect. I can accept a bad game but not the effort of Vanek and Patches. As for Therrian and his coaching; we will never win a cup with him. We lost game 4 on a fluke goal sequence. Taking out Briere for Prust (one hit) was insanity.

  2. HabsFanOhio says:

    It simply amazes me that anyone would think the Habs situation is due to anything other than the coaching. MT is ignorant. Not only is he uneducated, but he has no history with a winning organization, no record of achievment in the league other than that he manages to turn great possession teams into duds while alienating his best players with 20th century “message-sending” and debasement. Oh ya, but he IS a Quebecois.

    Obtain one of the league’s best scorers at the deadline, take a couple of weeks to figure out that he needs to play on the top offensive line, watch them absolutely tear up the league for a month, then bail on them after less than one playoff game. Piss off Vanek to the point where he won’t play for you, cut his ice time, bounce him around on lines which have been proven not to work, and then, when you need a goal, throw him back out there with DD and Max. You always need goals!! Especially this team. Playing Vanek with DD and Max made the whole team better! Then Gallagher can drop down to make another line better, and you can roll four solid lines, including a fourth line with SPEED, like White-Weise-Bournival. What do you do instead? Keep White out, and harness Weise, who has been playing well, to Prust who is hurt and can barely lift his stick OR skate!! Now you have crippled the top offensive line, and gutted the fourth line, making EVERBODY worse! It simply amazes me….

    Now, for good measure, throw Murray in. You don’t need advanced analytics to know that the puck never leaves your end every time he is on, because he CAN’T SKATE! But, if you were smart enough to read the analytics, they are crystal clear. Murray is without question the worst defenseman in the NHL by statistical measure. So, let’s harness him to Weaver, who has been a STRENGTH, and cripple the third pairing irremediably. Now you have to overplay Markov and Emelin to the point where neither is any good, and Markov is too exhausted to produce on the powerplay. Oh and while we’re at it, let’s play Josh Gorges on the top pairing and on the 2nd wave of the PP. Gorges is one of the worst point men I have ever seen! His entire approach to playing the point is to dump it down the boards.

    They needed to integrate at least one of Beaulieu, Tinordi and Pateryn this year, and probably two, and probably in that order. Does anyone think they are worse than Bartkowski, Meszaros, Miller and Krug?? But since MB was foolish enough to acquire Murray, he has to be played, bc MT in his bovine, slavish mind thinks he should not make MB look bad. Even Bouillon is infinitely better than Murray. He moves the puck, can make a few hits, gets some point shots, and can clear the zone.

    Briere was a foolish acquisition. We could have had a possession beast like MacArthur in his prime for a quarter of the money. But since we have Briere, there is a way to use him, and it is NOT on the fourth line!

    This is Houle-Tremblay-Cournoyer all over again. Total management incompetence. Ah but yes MB and MT are French…We’re never going to get anywhere with MT in place. He needs to go asap. We’ll see about MB. What a shame…this team could have done something.

    One more thing. Anyone who thinks DD can be a #1 center is crazy. Have you watched the Ducks and Getzlaf? They would eat DD alive!

    • CH Marshall says:

      Thanks for this. Actually I have a feeling Vanek can’t stand MT. After this series is over, I think the question we should all be thinking about is where do we go with the youth movement and how can we develop anything good we have.

    • 24 Cups says:

      HFO – Everything you say may be true but the Habs could have won this series in spite of your one sided criticisms. The difference between creation and chaos is a very fine line as witnessed by a six minute meltdown and a fluky overtime goal. Reverse those two unfortunate situations and Therrien is a genius and his team a bunch of giant killers.

      24.4 Cups

      • HabsFanOhio says:

        The meltdown was also a coaching issue, with a bit of bad luck thrown in. And MT had Murray on when the OT goal was scored and he lost his man.

        But the real point I am making is opportunity cost. You cannot leave a franchise in the hands of a man as ignorant as MT. Look at his pressers….have you ever heard him say anything that was not completely dogmatic? Ever heard him say anything original or intelligent? He is just not very bright, and he is the lowest common denominator that the franchise will perform to. Pitt figured it out and unloaded him pronto. We should too.

        • JF says:

          I think you’re dead wrong about Therrien. He made some questionable decisions last night, but he’s also made some inspired ones. He has this team playing at a higher level and getting better results than most thought possible. His record with the Habs is excellent, ditto his record with the Penguins. He also won the Memorial Cup with a not very talented junior team.

          And I disagree with you about his press conferences. He’s not the most articulate or eloquent speaker, especially in English, but he usually says something to the point, which is more than could be said of his predecessor.

      • HabsFanOhio says:

        And btw, your point is what scares me. If the team manages to win in spite of him, we’ll have to suffer with this idiot for another two or three years.

  3. crane says:

    A must for next season

    Emelin Pateryn
    Beaulieu P.K.
    Markov Tinordi
    Georges Nygren

    rotate two rookies a night,play all season,if we make play offs fine,if not who cares be set great for following season

    • HabsFanOhio says:

      It won’t happen with MB and MT. They will want to show the young guys who is in control, to assert their dominance, to teach them a lesson, to send a message. MT can’t coach modern NHL’ers with talent. They have brains and initiative and spirit, and that is not allowed in MT’s tiny world-view. Just like Houle and Tremblay. And that worked out so well for us!

      The emperors have no clothes!! Geoff Molson, do something pls!

  4. Ian Cobb says:

    Injured Prust for half ass Briere was a miscue by Therrien.
    Vanic will not have a contract from any NHL team next year!
    25 % of our compete level, was never put on the plane in Dorval!

    Do not have to guess now,!, two straight wins or its the golf course.

  5. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! A stinker last night for sure. With the exception of PK and Gally the Habs were MIA. Mike will have have them ready for Monday. Keep the Faith amigos! Saludos!

  6. alfieturcotte says:

    I want to see White instead of Prust and Briere vs Moen. Eller is our n#1 center based on performance. Beaulieu because he can move the puck and will not get bogged down like the rest of them do (with the exception of PK). If other teams have the smarts to insert rookies/or call up rookies, why would we not??? Their talent (Beaulieu) might actually allow them to rise to the occasion.

    PK / Beaulieu
    Markov / Emelin
    Weaver / Gorges

    Bourque / Eller / Vanek
    Pacioretty / Pleks / Gallagher
    Bournival / DD / Briere
    Weise / White / Gionta

  7. 24AW says:

    I said right at the start of the playoffs, Boston is the cream of the crop, will they win the Stanley cup? yes, if they keep playing the way they’re playing. They beat a good organization in the Detroit, and they’re gonna beat a decent team in Montreal. They are distant for the Stanley cup like it or not and it’s there’s to lose.

    • FlyAngler says:

      Some think that the Cup winner will come from the West- LA, Chicago or Anaheim. If the Habs get eliminated I hope that they are right.

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  8. Josh says:

    Why does Boone always refuse to acknowledge how bad Murray really is?

  9. crane says:

    A must for next season

    Emelin Pateryn
    Beaulieu P.K.
    Markov Tinordi
    Georges Nygren

    rotate two rookies a night,play all season,if we make play offs fine,if not who cares be set great for following season.

  10. sCOTT1243 says:

    Made me sick when no one took Marchand head off for pulling that crap on Gally and taking off his helmet. Agree subby should have grab throrton from the bench…and when there was no hope of winning this game Weise, Moen and Prust played like little girls.

    A team with heart would have at least tried to nail these guys to the boards.

    I still have faith, but man this is a tough situation for them. See you Monday.

  11. HabsFansince49 says:

    Losing is bad enough but losing as I watch CBC is deathly. I usually tune in to RDS although I speak no French but last night at a friend’s house I was forced to endure the CBC. And we the taxpayers pay for this utter bias crap. Why not move the bloody cooperation to the US?

    • JUST ME says:

      I was forced to listen to the CBC yesterday and outraged by the comments we had to suffer. It sounded like the New England sports network NESN. Honestly i felt like throwing up.I just wish they all lose their jobs.

    • Strummer says:

      What is your problem with the CBC specifically?

      “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

      • JUST ME says:

        In all honesty Strummer i do not consider myself expert enough in CBC to post a judgement but i know enough that there is something wrong when you either are an all Leafs Network or an all Bruins network and nothing in between. I do not really care whether they root for the Habs or not or for that matter are anti Habs but i feel that since my tax dollars are paying for what i consider a pile of crap for moi, it is my duty to express myself on the subject when actually the whole raison d être of the CBC is being questionned. Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with it ? Something like a canadian identity from one ocean to the other ?

  12. HankHardball says:

    The NHL is in denial if they think Thornton’s actions weren’t racially motivated.

    • Paz says:

      The action was disrespectful for sure.

      It’s an instigation to incite a fight, and should be an automatic ejection from the game.

      In the old days, before most of you were born, the Habs bench would have cleared to support their best skater.

      If the league does not want that to happen, and clearly they don’t, then they have to throw the book at Thornton.

      • Cal says:

        Boston gets away with a lot of shit. Marchand before the puck is dropped crosschecks Gally to the ice and …. no reaction from the officials. Marchand again, already having one penalty rung up for holding, crosschecks Eller and…nothing again. Thornton squirts water from the bench onto PK and….nothing.
        The Jacobs league rules. I wish there was some sort of reaction from the other Habs, but, as usual, nothing.
        Thornton will be fined a whole $10K (if that), but won’t miss a shift.

      • punkster says:

        That incident is the very last thing people should be up in arms about from that game last night. Yes it was the puerile act from a boneheaded player but entirely representative of the way the NHL wants to market their game.

        The calm analysis and controlled frustration expressed by PK in his 3 minute post game interview really says it all.

        Habs didn’t deliver, br00nz did…on to game 6.

        Release the Subbang!!!

    • Blade says:

      What about Marchand pulling Gallagher’s helmet off. Racist?

      Come one…those are two scum bucket players who are out to cause chaos. But relax on the racist stuff

    • JUST ME says:

      Everything about the Bruins is crooked. I just do not understand how they can stand there and do nothing against guys like Marchand and Lucic anyway so as far as Thornton being a jerk it`s just business as usual for the NHL. Sad but true.

      • Cal says:

        Hate to say it, but the Habs have to retaliate with vigor. Whining about it does nothing because the league is letting it happen.

        • frontenac1 says:

          Agree Cal. Expecting the Hall monitors or Principal to dispense justice is childish. This isn’t minor or Euro Hockey. It’s the NHL. I would put White and Parros in the next game and give Murray the green light to hurt people. Sit Prust and Vanek. Did you see Vanek the past few games? He doent give a sh#t! A real dog body.

  13. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ Chris

    Some of your points are certainly valid concerning Subban, such as losing zones and sometimes uncontrolled energy, but to come down on Subban because of a specific snapshot by a commentator is unwarranted.

    You say, ” Subban is trying to do it all himself right now.”

    Of course he is, because several others CAN’T or WON’T pay the price.
    His Compete and Caring levels are so high that he just can’t except what’s going on out there.
    Without his intervention, this series was over in 4.

    You can digest these numbers any way you wish:

    The Habs have scored a total of 12 goals in this Boston series…+ 1 empty netter (disregarded in the following).

    Subbban now has 7 points in this Boston series, meaning he has taken part in 58% of all Habs goals scored.

    Even more stunning, is that his 4 goals in this series represents 25% of ALL Habs goals scored in this series.

    The 19 other Habs skaters have scored 8 goals in 5 games – 2 of those goals by other Dmen Weaver and Bouillon.

    Subban has scored 4 goals, while the 12 Habs forwards have scored a total of 6 goals in 5 games (2 by Vanek)

    Subban’s energy and exuberance are the very least of this Habs team’s issues.

    • frontenac1 says:

      PK was the only Habs playing with any heart last night. Did you see him tangling wit Thornton last night? He didn’t give an inch after being targeted and hit all night. Viva PK!

    • shaw03 says:

      Amen to that , we’ll said … I also hope to see him do one of super slap shots on rask just bring all that anger for the next game

    • Chris says:

      Ron: I wasn’t trying to point out Subban as being a part of the team’s issues.

      I was trying to point out that when Subban gets this aspect of his game cleaned up, he’s going to be that much better. As good as he is now, he’s still got room to grow and managing his minutes better will be a major step.

      Unless Montreal’s forwards show up, the team will lose in Montreal on Monday. Nothing Subban can do has any bearing on that. Given that they all sucked due to not working, I thought I would focus on something where the one player that everybody agrees is doing well can continue to improve.

      There isn’t much point in analyzing guys like Vanek, Briere, Murray, Bouillon, Weaver, and perhaps even Gionta and Markov because they won’t be back next season.

      The only players on that roster who I can see stepping up their games next season are Subban, Price, Bournival, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, and Eller. The rest, we kind of know what they are and I don’t see that changing in any significant way. I could spend hours talking about how small David Desharnais is, but it isn’t going to help him add 6 inches and 35 pounds to his frame this summer.

      So why not discuss the changes that can actually happen?

      Eller can get his confidence. Bournival can get more game experience and learn to make better decisions. Galchenyuk can gain a bit more strength and learn to use it. Subban can manage his minutes better. Gallagher needs to work heavily on his defensive play and probably should work on developing his leg strength. We know his dad is a physical trainer, but I’m surprised at how easily he gets knocked off his feet. Price is already pretty darned good, so I can’t make any suggestions there.

      If people prefer to beat the dead horse and hope that Pacioretty suddenly learns to play a physical game after 319 career games, all I can say is good luck. I don’t see it happening.

      I do see Subban managing his minutes better, and he will become even more dominant when he does.

      • Maritime Ronn says:


        My opening paragraph to you both acknowledged and was in agreement of some possible flaws that could be fixed with time and maturity.

        Here’s believing that once Subban believes he has a supporting cast around him, that his game will change, yet it’s rather obvious – he absolutely hates to lose

  14. habsfan0 says:

    I really don’t understand all of the negativity on this board.
    Habs were due to play a stinker in Boston,because it’s been ages since they played one there.
    The fact that it was Game 5 in a tied series only magnified the outcome.
    No matter.
    The Canadiens won’t play a stinker again in Game 7.
    Which they’ll win.

    • JUST ME says:

      I am sorry habsfan0 but as long as we consider the presence of guys like you know who entertaining …we will have to accept negativity as part of our every day life on HIO. Most of the regulars here are very positive about the team and what it has achieved . The ideas and analysis are all worth the thoughts and we can make the difference when some not so solid ideas are emotionnaly motivated wich is O.K. by me. But when it is on the only purpose of being negative then i am out….But again i guess the group decides that some belong here so…It only takes one rotten and stinking apple…

    • CranbrookEd says:

      . . . and this is the attitude that is required in order to support our team! 🙂

      Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . .

  15. shaw03 says:

    When I saw P.k subban jump up and depended that puck like a boss gave the slap shot of his life and scored then started talking to himself .it’s then I told myself man P.K you got majorrrrrrr heart bro

  16. JF says:

    I really don’t know what to say about last night’s game, nor is there much point in saying anything. Maybe the whole team, coaches as well as players, were just due for a stinker. I think the last time we had one was before the comeback game against the Senators.

    It started with some dubious and puzzling decisions by the coaching staff. Why was Brandon Prust playing when it’s clear he’s at no more than about 50%? Why was Brière not playing? When he does play, why does he get only about six minutes? Why Douglas Murray in Boston? Why Bournival on one of our top lines? Why keep our first line apart when the change hasn’t produced any results?

    Apart from these coaching decisions, the team simply did not seem prepared, although I thought the first couple of minutes were OK. But after that, we were second on the puck all night. We were out-worked, out-muscled, and even out-skated, despite our vaunted speed.

    But the Habs often give their best effort when we least expect it. We’ve played some outstanding games this season against the top teams in the League, including the Bruins. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us rise to that level on Monday and force a seventh game. But even if we don’t win, I certainly expect the effort to be better.

  17. munch17 says:

    DD has become the productive center he was at the beginning of the season. It is not from a lack of effort, rather a lack of size,speed,and strength.
    He currently sits 12 th on our team with playoff points in spite of first wave pp time and more minutes. 10 forwards have more points and he is tied with MIKE WEAVER!!
    He has no points 5 on 5 after 9 games. Yet he still gets offensive zone face-offs.
    It’s enough already. He is not a number one center.
    Even give Danny a chance with 20 and 67.
    And next year give that chance to Chucky.

  18. Blade says:

    Our boys look tired….even PK who is playing his guts out as usual.

  19. HankHardball says:

    McGuire was standing right beside Thornton when he sprayed PK.

    Are you going to take a stand against racism, Pierre?

    Or are you going to white wash everything that goes on in the league that puts food on your table?

  20. Habsbill24 says:

    The reality is that we wer lucky Bishop got hurt in round one and we stole game one against the Bruins. MT never should have screwed around with his first line Max is effectively playing in his first extended playoffs and is learning. The team is too small to play aginst he Bruins and it was a huge mistak not to have advanced our young D all season Tinori, Beaulieu and Pateryn and instead played extensively three guys who will not be back next year in Cube, Murray and probably Weaver. Add to that list Markov who as showed hs age in this series. So will be left with inexperienced D in he playoffs again next year. Top scorers have bad payoffs. Should the Rangers scratch Nash? Shoud have TB benched Stamkos, the Bruins Krecji? San Jose Thornton and Pavelski? The answer is no, and Max is having similar issues. The problem is we have a bunch f small rewards that cannot pck up the slack.

    • Ganderhabfan says:

      Absolutely!!! Well said.Now we’ll give Markov 5+ million for 3 more seasons, and likely resign at least one of Boullion, Cube or Weaver! I’d be ok with Weaver, but not for 3+ mil and not for > 2 years

      ” the Torch still burns “

  21. Fansincebirth says:

    Just back from Varadero late last night. Managed to watch the first game and about 20 minutes of last night’s game but got to see the scores down there. From what I’ve heard, this series should have been over after game four with us moving on and the Bruins gone golfing. Last night gave the Bruins their first lead in the series. Tomorrow night we take it to them, win the game and head back to Beantown for game 7 where it’s winner take all.
    Go Habs Go!!

  22. Chris says:

    Here in Montreal, we worry about whether kids like Beaulieu and Tinordi could possibly handle the pressure when inserted onto the third defensive pairing.

    Meanwhile, Anaheim has a veteran goaltender in Jonas Hiller, who was their starter for most of the season and has played reasonably well with a 1.99 GAA and 0.918 SV%, and he’s sitting on the bench as they play 20 year old rookie John Gibson, who they just called up from the AHL playoffs instead.

    Bergevin gave Therrien the option to be a conservative coach by signing both Bouillon and Murray at the start of the season. The acquisition of Weaver at the trade deadline nailed the door shut on any more action for either of the kids for the rest of this season.

    It will be interesting to see how many of Tinordi (114 career AHL games), Pateryn (107) and Beaulieu (124) are in the line-up next season. All have certainly paid their AHL dues by now, but I can’t see the Habs rolling 3 rookie defencemen next season.

    • Paz says:

      It would have been much better to have moved one of the three slowly into the lineup this year. Then we could have added a second one at the start of next season.

      If you need big, aggressive, in your face players to push back when the other team is intimidating some of your smaller players, 4 th line forwards should be used, in my opinion.

      Using a dman for key defensive zone face offs in the playoffs, who is clearly on the ice because of his physical, non skilled attributes, is flat out, BAD coaching.

      • Chris says:

        Most of those D zone face offs have been the result of icing plays, unfortunately. Therrien has been trying to insulate Weaver and Murray from getting hemmed in, but there isn’t much he can do when the unit on the ice gets trapped in their zone and ends up icing it.

  23. Paz says:

    My biggest question concerns Daniel Briere. Wow. Before the season Mario Tremblay and Gaston Therrien agreed that he would lead our team offensively, and predicted he would lead the team in scoring.

    Clearly, no matter what you think of Briere, and I was adamantly opposed to the signing, he was brought in to help the team score goals, and especially in the playoffs.

    He plays very few minutes, contributes on winning goals in the playoffs, we can’t score, and he is scratched from the lineup for game 5?

    What is Bergevin thinking about this?

    How will Briere come back and play another season here? Just for the money?

    Very puzzling.

  24. CF says:

    Out coached is what I see. How can you have Bournival playing top six minutes?? Boston must be saying the same.
    Desharnais and Gallagher together on the top line against the Bruins cannot work.
    Weise would be a better fit on the second line and put Vanek back with Pacioretty, this is why he was picked up. Vanek just doesn’t work with Plekenacs.
    Briere should center the fourth line, his touch is needed, we can’t score right now.
    Here’s how I see it. Therien blew last game, Bournival works his tail off but we need higher talent on that line.
    Vanek DD Patch
    Wiese Eller Gallagher
    Gionta Pleks Bourque
    Moen Briere Prust or Give White a Chance if Prust is hurt
    Gio has to play third line, period. Pleks should be demoted. Give Eller a shot. Wiese deserves a promotion, he’s scored two huge goals, can skate, and go to the net. Vanek is dead with Pleks. Briere is needed with his puck skills. MT blew game five, I wonder if MB will have questions for him. As soon as I saw Bournival on second line, I knew we were toast. A rookie playing second line minutes in the biggest game of the year, come on man. It’s like watching Darche all over again. Brutal.

  25. Chris says:

    I still have nothing positive to say about any of the Habs players, so instead I will point out something positive about Craig Simpson.

    I finally saw a colour commentator call out P.K. Subban for how much energy he simply wastes. When you look at the elite defencemen in the game (Weber, Suter, Lidstrom, Chara, etc.), one thing that stands out is that they rarely get particularly cute with the puck. Subban does something spectacular on every shift.

    The Montreal fan-base loves it. People point to that stuff and crow that nobody else in the league can do what Subban can do. That last sentence is where they are wrong. Many of these guys absolutely can go end-to-end. We know Doughty can do it, because he was doing it through his first 1.5 seasons. The difference is that they have now adapted to playing 25+ minutes every game, and managing your minutes is a skill that all elite defencemen learn.

    Simpson illustrated this on the play where Subban simply fired the puck down the ice for icing, forcing Therrien to call a time-out. 20-30 seconds earlier, Subban had been curling left, curling right, circling back to his blue-line, deking through two Bruins, only to get to the blue line and dump it in. The fans love it…watch how well he can skate!

    Meanwhile, 4 Habs players are forced to a stop. They have no hope on that entry play because none of the forwards have any speed built up.

    This is simply maddening, and it is the type of thing that Subban does not do when he is playing his best. You didn’t see a ton of that in the Tampa series. But suddenly, he’s doing it on every rush. Subban is trying to do it all himself right now.

    Subban has all the talent in the world to be a top-3 defenceman. As good as he is now, he will be that much better when he finally learns that managing your energy for those moments when you truly need it is more important than getting the fans out of their seat on a meaningless dump-in.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      He was doing much better last series and early in this one, but I think he has been reverting in the last few games. Perhaps because he’s the only one that seems to care or is actually capable of doing anything? In the past few games, when he’s not on the ice, it seems like we have less than a zero chance of doing anything.

    • Paz says:

      Good morning Chris, of course you are right on this point. Subban should look to move the puck, as quickly as possible, to a forward who has speed.

      But where are the forwards? Are they circling back to support the play, and crossing with speed in front of Subban? Where is the center, who is supposed to make this play, in theory, and skate through the neutral zone with speed? Are they there? Because I don’t see them.

      • Chris says:

        Ed, I agree. But watching many of his breakouts in the past few games, he absolutely has passing options when he reaches the Habs’ blue line on but he continues to carry the puck. I’ve noticed this for a couple of seasons…you can tell from the Habs’ goal line when Subban is rushing at how it is going to go. When he has the bit in his teeth, there is simply no way he is passing the puck off.

        I have no problem with him continuing the rush when it is there. He’s so dangerous that taking the odd one keeps the threat alive in the opposition and prevents them from giving him too much space.

        But if you are going to dump it in, if that is the only play that is available, do it early while the forwards have their momentum. When you force them to a dead-stop at the blue line and then dump it in, they have zero chance of getting there.

        I’m not absolving the forwards. They were absolutely horrendous last night, as they were in Game 3. There is no point discussing that horror show.

        But this remains a weakness in Subban’s game. When he cleans it up, he’s going to be so dominant it isn’t funny.

        As for the Montreal breakout, I honestly don’t know what the players are supposed to do because there aren’t too many teams that breakout the way the Habs try to. Most teams have a centre circle deep in the zone and either take the puck with speed, or they streak up and more often than not get the puck from the defenceman when he skates out the opposite side.

        Everything in Montreal’s breakout these days is predicated around the defencemen. Subban, Markov and Bouillon (when he is in the line-up) are expected to carry the puck out, and the forwards are simply decoys. I think the rest of the NHL has caught onto the fact that the forwards almost never get the puck in the defensive zone, so they are ignored.

        Markov and Bouillon usually dump it in from the left near centre, while Subban almost always looks to carry the puck through the middle and then he drifts to the left boards as he enters the zone. The coaching staff have implemented a system that, in my opinion, is too predictable and doesn’t take the forwards’ strengths into account.

        • Paz says:

          Man, your last paragraph is bang on! And this is what I was suggesting. There is a systematic problem here.

          Best way to correct Subban’s problem, force the system on him, and force him to change.

          Sweep that center right in front of him if you have to, which will correct our breakout, and force Subban to make the correct play.

    • piter says:

      He wouldn’t have to “hotshot” if his forwards were open for a pass. He seems to only do that when our forwards stop skating. He gets pissed and voila….

  26. Maritime Ronn says:

    FlyAngler says:
    The 71 edition of the Habs was a lot more overmatched in their series against the Bruins than this club is. That Bruins team was a powerhouse and an offensive juggernaut. And yet, the 71 team trailing 3 games to 2 after game 5, won games 6 and 7 to beat the heavily favored Bruins and Bobby Orr.
    While the Habs may come back and win, that was such a different era and team.

    The guys that played for the Habs back them were supremely talented and tough, yet perhaps more important, they ALL had the CH tattooed all over their bodies.

    They didn’t play for the Love of Money – They played for Love of the Game, Love of the City, and Love of that CH logo.

    A quick look at some on the roster and the combination of skill-size-toughness:
    Sam Pollock always said the team had to have strength down the middle

    Goalie: Ken Dryden-all world.

    Centers: Jean Beliveau-Henri Richard-Pete Mahovlich.

    Wingers: Yvan Cournoyer-Jacques Lemaire-Frank Mahovlich-John Ferguson-Marc Tardif-Claude Larose.

    Dmen: Lapointe-Laperriere-JC Tremblay-Terry Harper and Pierre Bouchard…


    • FlyAngler says:


      I agree that the 71 team played for pride and the logo on the front of that jersey, but that Bruins team finished first in the Division and the Habs finished 4th.

      SIX out of the NHL’s top 8 scorers during the regular season were Bruins- Orr, Esposito, Hodge, Cashman, Bucyk, McKenzie. That Bruins team during the regular season was among the most dominant of all time.

      That 71 Habs team definitely had heart, and character, but talent wise they were far more overmatched than this year’s club. My point is that we should not be quick to give up on this series and this team because they lost a game 5.

      “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

      • Maritime Ronn says:


        Even though I was ony 16, I still remember it well.
        That series actually came down to goaltending and some extra heart that those very together CH winners always found.
        No one backed down.

  27. Curtis O Habs says:

    We will win Monday. Grapes said so.

  28. 123456 says:

    chill folks – maybe (just maybe) the habs rally and win game 6 – then it’s a toss up for game 7. plus it would be sweet to beat them in 7 on their own ice……….

    habs are better this year then last – and while it’s not the time now I think there are a few easy moves to make to field a stronger team next season.

  29. FlyAngler says:

    The 71 edition of the Habs was a lot more overmatched in their series against the Bruins than this club is. That Bruins team was a powerhouse and an offensive juggernaut. And yet, the 71 team trailing 3 games to 2 after game 5, won games 6 and 7 to beat the heavily favored Bruins and Bobby Orr. Part of being a TRUE Hab and a TRUE Habs fan in my view is not giving up and fighting to the end. This group is capable of winning the next two games if they show up and play like they are capable of playing. They need to be prepared. Last night, I don’t think that they were, so the coaching staff needs to do a better job today and tomorrow. Briere definitely needs to be back in the lineup. There would be some risk associated with playing Beaulieu, but ironically, perhaps less than playing Frankie or Crankshaft. No offense to anyone. Don’t give up!

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

    • habs001 says:

      Everytime the 71 team is mentioned many posters indicate that Habs team had about 7-8 futute hall of fame players…somehow i dont think this years version is in that category…

      • FlyAngler says:

        Fair point, but a number of those players, Beliveau and Henri Richard for instance were well past their prime and while Serge Savard was tremendous at the time, he was not P K Subban.

        “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  30. habs001 says:

    The reality is that if we were not so biased as Hab fans and were able to look at the roster as just any other team and critique it that way i dont think too many posters would expect much more from this team than what it has done…

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Really? One of the best goalies in this league. One of the best dmen, a lot of depth up front. What´s missing? One natural RD for the second pair and good coaching.

  31. Dunboyne Mike says:


    Gipper, not Kipper!

    I laughed and laughed! Many thanks — all corrections always welcome!

  32. Dunboyne Mike says:

    On the morning of the Christian sabbath, here is a violently un-Christian suggestion:

    Brad Marchand needs to hospitalised.

    No, not for revenge. As a preventative measure: the foul and dangerous plays which are part and parcel of his despicable modus operandi go unpunished by officials, league and opposing team-mates. I am not a supporter of goon hockey. However, if the league is really prepared to stand by while this putz jeopardises other players’ health and careers, then I see no option but to send someone to pound him.

    If Parros were still capable, I’d send him. (There’s no point in saving him for dances with his goon-coounterparts). Someone large needs to grab him by the lapel, hold him off the ice, inform him — calmly, in cold blood — that if he sticks, jabs, facewashes, trips, and knee-caps a team-mate, then this is the personal cost. Then break his face and hurl him over the glass. The dictionary will confirm that the word “enforcer” has to do with this kind of rough justice. It has nothing to do with dancing.

    Failing the signing of a goon, there’s always that play many of you may recall from high school hockey, football or rugby. It’s the one where there is a special signal for your five baddest bastards ALL to convene on the one punk who’s playing outside the rules and make sure he plays no more, inside or outside them.

    While we still have Murray, who is cost-free suspendable, I would like to see Marchand schooled.

  33. habs001 says:

    The majority of the Habs are 27 plus age players..so we cant even say that this was a great learning experience for the team going into next year…

  34. JUST ME says:

    I really am not in the mood to go into a deep analysis or to be the doom type à la Timo the AH ,i am just puzzled by the sudden death of our fire power. I give credit to the Bruins for shutting part of it off but what about the rest? Injuries ? No more energy ?

    I understand that appart from yesterday both team were competing and not that much dominated by the other but still i feel a let down of some sort and nothing that we have off ice would change this so when we say win as a team and lose as a team , it takes all it`s sense.
    I do not think that any move from M.T. made or would have made the difference.
    We still have tomorrow to play and get back into this and i will be there until the end in faith and cheers.I would go for the same lineup because we got up to here with it and we go `till the end ! I just need everybody to be honest and play if they are able to give 100 % .There are a few that i think are not able to do so in the present time…

    I had to listen to the game on the CBC stream , my usual RDS stream lagged too much for such an important game. What an outrageaous coverage from the CANADIAN broadcasting corporation. You would have thought you were listening to the New England sports network NESN. Simply disgusting and unnacceptable. I am a bit (a lot) pissed about it and will have to take the punjabi feed from now on so i do not get mad anymore. Do not care about not understanding what they say it`s just that as long as my tax payer`s money pays for buffoon like the english CBC crew i feel like i have my word to say about it. This morning i wish that Harper`s cuts would wipe all those jerks in the street.

    And to help with the feeling of complete ready to throw up type of evening after the game on HIO there was this Bruin fan , you know the type …Where do they get such type of jerks that gets to reproduce and have more of those little babies bullies ? So typical but thank god HIO reacted pretty fast and flushed the guy and most of you were in a sombre but fair mood so it helped…a bit.

    But still there are a few of the regular posters you all know that i would send to Boston that already came out with the i told you so attitude ( pinch your nose while talking here) and were just waiting for this kind of problems to happen even if we had lost in the cup finals . To those i say…

    Hey ! I began by saying i was not in the mood to go into a deep analysis but got to spill my guts ! Feels better ! Thanks ! …i guess ! Have a nice day !

  35. habs001 says:

    Habs goaltending stats in the playoffs GAA 2.49…PCT .915 okay stats but not good enough to win in the playoffs…If your goaltender has played great yet these are the stats than it tells a lot about your team…

    • 123456 says:

      read your first sentence and was going to disagree with your post – read the second sentence and totally agree. price stole the first game and almost stole the second – his numbers are a reflection of the number of quality chances given up by the team.

  36. jrs10069 says:

    That f’n sucked. Hopefully that was everyone getting their stinker out at the same time.

    Prust in for Briere was a bad call but how was MT to know that the game 1-2 reffing was going to be in effect? Still White would have been better.

    League continues to embarrass itself with officiating. Just be consistent please. On 3 of the boston calls, should have been 2 penalties. Bruins get one then try to start shit to get a return call. Have to give them 2 and then it’s done.

    Gionta and Eller are top on the list of responsible for that loss. I don’t understand how you can be so lazy and stupid at this point in the season.


  37. habs001 says:

    If the Habs lose in the next round or in the cup final the same negative comments would be posted regarding MT and the players…But the truth is that this team is not good enough to be a cup winner…too many flaws…

  38. Habfan10912 says:

    When a coach talks about intensitity in the second round of the playoffs we should have realized we were in trouble. Sigh.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mom’s out there, JF, L Elle, Mavid, Sweetmad, Rudy, Secretdragonfly and all! Here’s hoping you get the day to be spoiled!


  39. JohnBellyful says:

    — Prust is playing hurt. Is Therrien coaching hurt?

    — Don’t worry about Molson finding the money to sign Subbanman. He’ll hand him a bag filled with pieces of coal and say “Squeeze!” (and forgo the traditional handshake).
    The team will also make a point of registering PK’s contract with the league before he turns the coal into diamonds. Will do wonders for the salary cap.

    — the Bruins are to humanity what dumb jokes are to Shakespeare. Complete with punch line.
    (And face wash. And cross check. And …)

  40. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Here’s what I’m calm about:

    Us, at HIO. Those who’ve been predicting our demise at the hands of the Bruins are re-stating their position this morning. They are entitled to: based on how both teams look on paper, Boston winning the series is the logical and most likely outcome.

    Equally, however, those who stick unflinchingly to the Habs-in-7 position are likewise entitled. Not for some tree-hugging notion that all our welcome here (even though that’s true), but for the much more pragmatic reason that sometimes, in the playoffs, the unexpected occurs.

    As long as everyone’s more or less gracious about their position, I feel calm. My own — which I suspect is shared by the majority here — is NOT either extreme, but rather a fluid, swinging position in which hopes are raised — we’ve already beaten “the best team in the league” twice, therefore we can do it again — and dashed — Boston really did own us in Games 3 and 4, therefore we’re doomed.

    Swinging thus between opposing feelings, you are compelled to watch to see what happens next. Which is the whole idea, right?

    Whoever wins this series will have deserved it. And it ain’t over yet.

    (I have less calm thoughts to share also)

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Hiya Mike! Many point out to the OT game as the “we’ve lost the series” moment. For me I go back to the 2 goal lead in game 2. Sometimes when you get a team down and let them up they eventually rediscover themselves. Now the Habs are the ones that need rediscovering.

      Oh well, they say the 4th game is the hardest one to get. Let’s hope that proves true in game 6. CHeers.

    • Mike Boone says:

      I envy your serenity, man

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

  41. Stanley Cup or Bust ! says:

    Stinker last night.
    No doubt about that.
    Worrying is MT’s failure to do anything about it.
    We will see how much character we really have.
    Go Habs GO

  42. CJ says:

    Nothing like Mother’s Day, Toopy and Binoo cartoons with the little men and the anticipation of 18 holes to shake off last night’s loss. It’s early and I’m tired, but it’s going to be a great day!

    I checked my phone but I received neither a text, call, or email from the Canadiens asking for help with further personnel decisions. Alas, I’m destined to watch and hope my unlikely superstitions carry some bearing on the outcome Monday night. I trust we won’t give Boston the satisfaction of ending the series at the Bell Centre.

    Have a great day everyone. Let’s make the day special for those ladies in our lives. Cheers, CJ

  43. Cal says:

    The “I told you so” rats are out in full force. Instead of playoff glory being showered on the Habs, it’s the same old piss and vinegar being delivered by the same old crowd.
    The Habs last night, as a team, weren’t very good. Throw in 3 penalties to Pleks (who did his best Dr. Plekkyl and Mr. Hyde imitation), a not-so otherworldly Price, and a lack of top line scoring and, voila!, we are delivered the lump of coal that were the Habs last night.
    Just as a note, Boone- wasn’t that Patches missing the open net from in close last night in the 2nd period?
    Looks very much like the last game could be Monday, so enjoy it instead of crapping on the team.
    In the two years since his arrival, MB is in the midst of transforming the team. I don’t see Vanek, Gionta, Markov, Murray, Parros and Boullion returning. That’s 6 openings to fill, giving room for Tinordi and Beaulieu and (perhaps) Pateryn. 3 forwards will be needed for secondary scoring and some toughness. It should be another year of transition. If the players I mentioned are let go, there likely won’t be playoffs and Timo will get his wish come true, like he has every 2.5 years since 95.

  44. Stooof says:

    As I ponder the series, I look at the first two games and the production of boston top line. Zilch. Ours did the exact same, but therrien decided to split them up. The same line that lit up the league with epic plays was a little slow to start the series. Diffence being theirs stayed together, plugged it out, and has now scored some goals. ours on the other hand is still disjointed, and now noone is producing. wtf is up with therrien’s bi polar line changing. Brutal.

  45. DipsyDoodler says:

    The young ones won’t remember this, but in 2011 we also had them where we wanted them, and we let them wriggle free. And they went on to win the cup that year. And now the names Claude Julien, Brad Marchand, Zdeno Chara are forever inscribed on the Stanley Cup. Nothing will ever alter that fact (except for some global cataclysm).

    For God’s sake, Canadiens, pull yourselves together!

    Moving. Forward.

  46. Black Horse says:

    Montreal BLEW this series ….

    Montreal should have been up 3-0 in the series to start.

    PK should have grabbed Thorton buy the helmet & yanked his sorry ass over the boards .

    White should be playing & Prust sitting, hell sit Moen as well.

    Max is Max? Invisible for extended amounts of time.

    Therrien is an idiot!

    Montreall is soft as butter!

    This series is over. Montreal needs to come out to injure. Take out knees. Do everything in their means to INJURE. Fck it!

    ” and the fun begins” – Carey Price

  47. harrow15 says:

    There’s one thing we do have as a team… speed.

    I call the Flying V.

  48. Marc10 says:

    OK. We need goals. Gotta play Beaulieu… and PK up to 28 minutes. Have the D support the attack.

    Up front, put Danny B back in and give him the PP. Play three lines. Ride your scorers and dare them to get it done. Double shift Max and Vanek. They don’t deserve it, but you go down giving them the opportunity to finally do right by their teammates.

  49. johnnylarue® says:

    When the Bruins went up 2-0, I switched the TV off, turned to my girlfriend and said, “We’re going for ramen.”

    I don’t feel great about “walking out on my team” (who, granted, isn’t even aware of my existence), but it was nice to get the grieving out of the way early enough to be able to salvage a fine early spring Saturday night, replete with a bike ride, some ridiculously good gelato and fancy cocktails.

    Point is, folks: it ain’t ALL bad… 😉

    • The Jackal says:

      Amen JLR.
      Pardon my earlier douchyness, but folks…. keep the faith.
      Either way this team is a big improvement from last year and it is only getting better,

      Still… Habs in 7.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Black Horse says:

      The Habs walked out on us!

      ” and the fun begins” – Carey Price

  50. CHicoHab says:

    Let’s just win our next game at home. Then it’s pins and needles for both sides game 7. How hard can it be to beat them a 3rd time this series. It’s not that monumental guys. Have the faith.

  51. munch17jr says:

    Boone. I’m sorry. It’s laughable you’ll call out half the team and not our NUMBER ONE LINE CENTER. The guy tries hard, sure. He’s a good story, sure. But, he’s a top-end AHL level talent being insulated with top-level NHL talent. He is not good. He’s been AWFUL in the playoffs. He starts EVERY powerplay and is completely ineffective. We’ve scored 5 PP goals against Boston – he’s been on the ice for one of them despite getting twice the PP minutes as 14. You call out 14? Really? One bad game. The guy has done whatever is asked of him for 13 years with this franchise. 51 is a joke. I’m so frustrated we keep putting this guy out there on the top Pp unit while we scratch a bonafide playoff stud and leave 81 on the 3rd line while he’s done nothing but dominate in the playoffs. Complete lack of meritocracy. So frustrating.

    • harrow15 says:


      Sometimes you just cant milk blood out of a stone.

      Why the hell cant we put those under performing on the 4th line? Its the most common move worldwide as a coach. Your top players aren’t performing after multiple ice time of chances?

      Demote em.

      Everytime Eller was a healthy scratch in the regular season he played great the immediate next few games.

      And FFS put Briere (playmaker) on line a top two line with Weise (hard skating grinder) and Vanek (sniper).

  52. harrow15 says:

    In recent history we always get beat in playoff games that count against the Bruins.

    I am Michel Therrien. I don’t give two sh*ts that we just swept Tampa who, lets face it, weren’t the same when St. Louis left.

    I find out we face the Bruins in the second round. I still don’t give a damn about anyone other than the name on the front of the jersey.

    I must adapt.

    Bournival[W] DD[P] Vanek[S]
    Gionta[S] Plek[P] Gallagher[G]
    Weise[G] Eller[W] Briere[P]
    Parros[F] White[G] Moen[G]

    PK[O] Georges[D]
    Markov[O] Emelein[D]
    Tinordi[D] Frankie[W]

    Scratched: Bourque, Pacioretty (no shows against big bad playoff teams).

    By adapting to new opponent and recent historic facts of both clubs, I generate offence in my top three lines in an even blend.

    > All three have a [P]laymaker.
    > Top two have a [S]niper
    > Lines 2 and 3 have a [G]rinder that gets into the dirty areas in front of net/corner
    > Lines 1 and 3 have a player with [W]heels that can setup/carry rushes
    > Line 4 is used strategically in each game to either dish it out as we be getting dished, generate momentum spark for the whole team, rough up Bruin scorers or… all of the above.

    > Each defensive pairing has a stay home [D] with either an [O]ffensive minded D or someone with [W]heels.

    I dont even need to call them lines 1,2 and 3… Ill just call them lines Red, White and Blue because I have full confidence in all three of them and by naming them colors with no fundamental order I avoid any precieved notion that “Line 1 is better than Line 3” in the players mental well-being.

    By sitting Bourque and Pacioretty I constantly remind them that their intensity and offensive production need to significantly improve at this point in the playoffs without actually giving them a chance against the B’s nor speaking publically about it in a post-game conference because I am after all Michel Therrien and I give no f*cks, I’m just here to win.

    Adapt or die.

    Someone please fax this to Marc Bergiven.

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      Marc Bergevin is not going to be terribly interested in advice that begins with benching your only 39-goal scorer.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

      • harrow15 says:

        You mean a regular season 39 goal scorer who has a history with the B’s, one that tragically left him injured and I bet my bottom dollar still mentally scarred.

        If the Bruins can bring up Matt Fraser and pull something from their rear-end why cant we? We called Subban up a few years ago when we beat washington and pittsburgh and it proved to be the right call.

  53. rogieshan says:

    I truly hope the team hasn’t lost all of its confidence because it was doing so well as a group up until the OT loss in Game Four.

    The only thing I would change for Game Six is to reunite Vanek with Pacioretty & Desharnais. Therrien needs to challenge them to assert themselves as the team’s number one line. Breaking them up as a unit may have put more pressure on each of them individually to produce and their frustration is wearing on the entire team.

  54. kalevine says:

    Can’t really sat they are blowing the series. They blew game 2 but, in a long series, the better team wins. There has been some improvement, but Bruins are still better

  55. montreal ace says:

    Well if we go on a 2 game winning streak, we win the series. I just can’t give up hope when that goal is very attainable

  56. Timo says:

    The sad part is that when the season ends on Monday or Wed (doesn’t matter) it will be considered a “success” because Habs did “better” than last year. No one is going to mention that Tampa was like Habs to Senators last year… not really an opponent. When the going got tough the same things happened again:
    1. Therrien is a moron who can’t coach to team’s strength
    2. Pacioretty is a perimeter kitten
    3. Desharnais is too tiny
    4. Habs don’t have secondary scoring
    5. Habs don’t have toughness
    6. Habs don’t have anything really to think they could be a contender in a near future.

  57. CrankFSU says:

    If we lose the series it’s not because the Habs blew it…it’s because the Bruins are better. It’s abest of 7 series and the Habs are more than capable of winning Monday night.

    The lineup I would like to see:

    Patch DD Vanek
    Briere Plek Gallagher
    Boutique Eller Gionta
    Bournival White Weise

    PK Georges
    Markov Emelein
    Weaver Frankie the Bull


  58. Timo says:

    Are those the same pal’s who said Habs in 6? Or in 5?

  59. habkin says:

    Brooins expatriated their energy tonight. I will eat crow with eggs and bacon in six (I predicated). I WILL REITERATE Tinordi and White should have played tonight, Now, you must keep relatively the same line up. There was only one person I crapped on periodically this year…look it up…our coach.

  60. CAPSLOCK DAN says:



    I think it’s time for PK to stop trying to impress the no-gnads PC crowd and the racist CBC cretins at the same time. Time to turn off the nice guy act and become a bit of a heel (to the Bruins at least) and fight fire with fire. I felt sick seeing Thornton get away with spraying him like that. Thronton scares NO ONE, two years ago I get it but right now I think DD would whip his ass, he’s washed up, shot, practically comatose and he can’t fight anymore. PK should have made a huge statement and cross checked him through the floor on the next shift, a “I’m madder than hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” moment. It would have sparked the team and Thronton wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing about it – I can’t remember the last time he’s been in a fight, let alone won one. Time for PK to take off the collar, it’s bound to be chafing, unleash the anger. Only then will players truly fear and respect him. He doesn’t have to fight, I don’t remember Vladdy Konstantinov fighting hardly at all and he was one of the most feared players in the game.

    Time for him to stop seeking approval and start seeking success. He damn good already, could you imagine how dominant he would be if he stopped fearing the establishment?

    same goes for Carey, He should have thrown the hell down after getting hit in the head by Rask, no one would blame him if he did. I lost a bit of respect for him after that.


  61. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    A lot of my friends are raking Murray over the coals on social media, but to me, he’s the least of our worries right now. The same old issue that plagued the team all season has returned: we can’t score 5-on-5. Even earlier in the series, goals weren’t coming from our scorers, but from unlikely sources (Bourque, Weise, Bouillon, Weaver). Even Vanek’s two goals were close-in tip-ins on the power-play.

    The Bruins figured out what every other team realized half-way thru the season — that if you pressure the points and nullify PK’s slapshot, the Canadiens have no one on the half-boards to threaten with.

    I have defended wee Davey all season because I love his heart and his creativity. However, while he is still working hard, I have to admit that he is ineffective against a team like the Bruins who give him no room down the middle, and who easily take the puck off him along the boards.

    Meanwhile Max…. Oh, Max! There is so much to love about him: size, speed, and a goal-scorer’s touch. But there is also so much to dislike. In every interview, he says that he needs to dig deeper. Even Knuckles Nilan has told him that he needs to drive to the net. Yet, there he remains, on a straight-line trajectory, a foot off the boards, then launching a wrist shot from 20 feet out. Just once, I want to see him drop his shoulder, hold the puck wide, and try to drive inside. I don’t even care if he fails. He is NEVER going to get wide on the Bruins defence if he doesn’t at least make them worry that he might cut inside once in awhile.

    It’s not the time to panic or shuffle up the lines willy-nilly. But the coach should consider reuniting Vanek with DD and Patches. And return Gally to Pleks’ wing with Briere on the other side. Leave the Eller line alone. It is the only one that is working. Drop Bournival to the 4th line where his speed helps that forecheck. Or alternatively, leave Bournival with Pleks and Gally, for an energy line. And reunite that Briere/Weise/Moen line.

    I love Prust, but he is clearly not the player he was prior to his shoulder injury (and then ribs, wrist, head, what else?).

    Finally, yes, I would put the Cube back in. And that’s not a knock on Murray. But Bouillon is much better and executing the Habs’ transition/speed game. And we desperately need that now!

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  62. Timo says:

    Just to make you all feel better “I told you so”.

    Hopefully Monday will be Therrien’s last game as the Habs’ coach.

  63. jctremblay says:

    They lost this series when they choked in Game 2, then lost a goalie battle with Boston in Game 4. Tonight they wimped out…didn’t rise to the occasion/not willing to pay the price/got the Boston flu. I expect a good effort back in Mtl but it’s not going to result in a win. I expect the Krejci line to break out..finally..and that will be that. Always fun to be a sparring partner for Boston so that they might hone their game on the backs of our hapless Habs..this is getting old. Play the kids next year..find out what you have. Stop picking up over 30 hacks who make you look better than you are in the reg. season because it becomes obvious when the 2nd and real season starts that it was all an illusion.

    • Timo says:

      When Bruins scored to tie the game in game 2 I said “series over”. That was the breaking point. Can someone pour some pink champagne for me?

    • 24AW says:

      some players are not playoff players. Decent during the season but they hide in the playoffs. Gotta get rid of those Guys as well as the injury prone to have a good chance at winning the cup.

  64. montreal ace says:

    The thing about Thornton and his spraying liquid on PK, is it could be seen as a sign of encouragement for fans to do the same. I doubt anything will come of it, but its pretty lame behaviour on his part.

  65. Habcouver says:

    Habs can not and will not let the Gooins beat them at the Bell on Monday.
    This series is going 7!

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • montreal ace says:

      Habcouver I really hope we don’t exit the playoffs, on home ice at the hands of Boston

      • Habcouver says:

        It’s time the Habs think about winning the next game for the city and fans of Montreal. I can not fathom the thought of a hand shake line at the Bell Centre on Monday. Our Boys can not let that happen. I believe they’ll come through.

        We Are (Not) All Canucks.
        Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  66. CJ says:

    I tried to sleep, but awoke following the most unpleasant dream – something about snakes, bears, biased officiating and rabid fans. A real blood thirsty group. It was awful I tell you, just awful. Hopefully the humanity will be restored to order on Monday night. Otherwise, surely planet Earth will spin off her axis. We can not lose to this team. We simply can not. Well, actually we certainly can, I really just don’t want to.

    Lots to discuss tomorrow. Hopefully someone can find Pleks and Gionta, shake them down and remind them that this is the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I will continue to call out any player who appears afraid to take a hit to make a play, is lazy on a back check or simply isn’t working hard, raising their game when it matters most. Bourque was great against Tampa. Of course, in typical fashion, he is once again MIA.

    Sorry to be this guy, but I really must ask; Has Ryan White personally wronged a member of the coaching staff? Prust is at 50-70% health, yet we go back to him again. If we wanted to pull Briere and add another dimension would it not stand to reason that White gets the call? Secondly, and now I’m rolling so you will need to be patient, what is with the smoke and mirrors…. Therien stands at the microphone following game four and tells the world how pleased he was with Murray, how much he trusts his game. Seemingly, for no other reason but to validate this point, he dresses Murray again, than proceeds to sit him. Could Beaulieu not add an element that we are sorely missing? We are starved for offense, yet we sit a potential break out player. I can only scratch my head…..

    In closing, no it’s not all doom and gloom. This is a best of seven series, and we are not done yet. Although last night’s performance lends the kind of confidence that surrounded Evil Kneival before he attempted to jump the Snake Canyon, we are still alive, returning to the Bell Centre. A win forces a deciding game seven, which surely can not be any worse than game five….. I hope.

    There are few certainties in life – death, taxes and the emotions one feels following a playoff loss to the Boston Bruins. Kind of the equivalent of getting gum on your new suit, or having your young son poop on your new duvet. I just hope this has a happier ending…..

    Good night all. Best wishes, CJ

    • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

      Briere back in, with White, Bealieu and Tinordi announced in after the pre-game warmup on Monday. I’m not saying that it would be the right thing to do, but man would it ever make a statement.

      X X X X X X 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • HabsPooch says:

      What i don’t understand is playing PK 22 minutes at home and then 28 minutes on the road? Didn’t trust him with big minutes on home ice but plays the heck out of him on the road?
      Also, White would be the logical insertion as he can win a darn faceoff…especially in his own zone…something the Habs are getting killed at!
      As for Murray, Therien took the risk and won game three with him in the lineup. However after game four, it was pretty clear Murray should have sat out the rest of this series. Besides the odd thundering hit, the ice is tilted in the Habs zone when he’s out there. I’m almost counting down the seconds until he gets off.
      I think we’ll see Bouillon back Monday but I would have slotted Tinordi or Beaulieu in the third pairing with Weaver.
      The Habs basically have one effective offensive defenseman performing in this series, and Pk can’t do it all alone.

    • Habcouver says:

      Incredibly well put, CJ.

      The beauty of true Habs fans is hanging in there despite the highs and lows. It’s all worth it.
      This management has their plan in motion. We may not agree with their decisions which gives us reason to B & C here but this year, I believe our Boys achieved more good than bad results.
      I look forward to enjoying the remaining two games of the series. Yes, I said two games! 🙂

      Don’t forget our mothers all!

      Pleasant dreams.

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • Dulljerk says:

      Look, the fact is Beaulieu is not even close to being at the level to play in this series, the Bruins would exploit and eat him alive. Therrien and all the asst. coaches know this.

      No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

      • CJ says:

        Maybe you’re right…..

        That said, did you happen to catch the Ducks Kings game tonight? Did you happen to notice 20 year old John Gibson, playing his FIRST NHL playoff game, pitch a shut out on 28 saves while beating the Kings on the road? Catch Fraser’s performance in game four and five? I can go on and on, but won’t. Fact is we won’t know because we won’t try. We won’t beat Boston unless we try something different. They currently have us figured out and are now dictating the play. They force us to play a style of hockey that suits Boston, playing to their strengths and our weaknesses.

        Sorry, you will have to excuse me for being so direct, but I simply don’t see how we can be so sure of something without ever trying. If we played Beaulieu and he stunk, I’d be the first to say so. I have to ask though, what are we afraid of? That it might work? Continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result is a far crazier notion, IMO, than the concept of introducing your best defensive prospect into a lineup starved for offense. Just my two cents…. Cheers, CJ

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Look, the fact is Murray is not even close to being at the level to play in this series, the Bruins would exploit and eat him alive. Therrien and all the asst. coaches unfortunately don´t know this.

    • habstrinifan says:

      You guys have a duvet? WOW how freakin fancy! What the F is a duvet anyways. And good on the lad to poop on it. Y ou shouldnt leave your duvet lying around with small children in the house anyways.

  67. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Darren Dreger tweeting Thornton may be fined for interfering from the bench

    • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

      Ooooo… that’ll teach him a lesson!

      X X X X X X 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    • D Mex says:

      No desire to shoot the messanger here, but :

      Another fine, another joke in the Boston dressing room.
      Unsportsmanlike and a game misconduct – whatever it takes to trigger a suspension. It’s entirely unacceptable, as is spearing another player between the big toes.

      Fine my a$$.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

        The problem is that no one saw him do it (I’m assuming that’s what the referee told PK when he was arguing his point).

        X X X X X X 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

        • D Mex says:

          Cameras all over the place, Chuck, and there’s always at least one on the puck carrier.
          There are about 15 different angles of Lucic doing surgery with his stick, with the result of a $5K joke. It’s unworthy of a league that calls itself best in the world – it’s bush. Changes nothing in the game outcome, but its pure bush …

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

            A fine, yes, I could see that. But you can’t retroactively give him a penalty, nor is that circumstance reviewable. So there’s no way that he could get a game misconduct.

            X X X X X X 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

          • D Mex says:

            Supplementary discipline (?)

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

    • Dulljerk says:

      I don’t understand why that wasn’t a penalty.

      No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

  68. 24AW says:

    I wouldn’t sign Vanek for big money, not really a good playoff player. another Gomez in the waiting. Get the big money, take it easy till the contract runs out.

  69. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …another possibility play 7 D-men …let Beaulieu play/swing on the fourth line

  70. D Mex says:

    Bush league move by Thornton with the water bottle.
    Minor league move by the NHL to do nothing about it.

    Buttman, Daly, and too flippin’ many franchise owners who grew up worshiping the greenback instead of an outdoor rink, a wooden stick and a net to bury a puck into. Too many who couldn’t stand up in a pair of skates to save their lives.

    It’s an issue, and it’s not insignificant : they don’t know where the game began or have a real understanding of what it takes to play it. Buttman makes me ill any time he spouts off about ” our game “, or flips his limp little wrist when pretending he knows more than he does. He knows nothing about the game, so he hasn’t a clue that spraying water at a player who’s carrying the puck is akin to a coach impeding a ball carrier running down a football sideline.

    If Buttman had any appreciation for this game, and what it means, or how difficult it really is to win the Stanley Cup, he would be directing that stupid grin be wiped from Thornton’s kisser, and fining his owner’s ass at the same time.

    No knowledge of the game, no integrity, no credibility. Get this game into Canadian hands – soon, or kiss what’s left of the NHL’s credibility goodbye.

    Right now, I could’t give a flyin’ eff about the loss in tonight’s game. This league is devoid of discipline, respect, or consist application of its own rules by those who are paid to do so. Its CEO wouldn’t know how to select a pair of skates, and couldn’t tie them anyhow. And it really p!sses me off.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  71. Say Ash says:

    F Therrien.

  72. HabsPooch says:

    Imagine had Bergevin signed Jagr instead of Briere…would have solved the problem of having a first line right winger with size as well we would have maintained our blue chip prospect Collberg and kept our second rounder in this year’s draft. Bergevin really messed up on that transaction.

  73. Habitant in Surrey says:

    #BringBackOurGirls !!!

  74. habs001 says:

    Habs may consider Tinordi on Monday

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …AND Beaulieu if They want to get the offensive spark We desperately need

      …love Weaver, but Beaulieu and Tinordi should be trusted to provide a new wrinkle to Our game

      …the old one ?, the Beans have already figured out

      • habs001 says:

        The old Habs D players were not that good when they were in their prime….I wrote before if the Habs D was the Bruins D how many posters here would not feel total confidence in winning the series…The D would receive so many negative comments….

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      Never gonna happen.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

    • byrneoNL says:

      It will never happen but:

      Beaulieu for Murray
      White for Moen
      Briere for Prust

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