About last night …


Two playoff games on the road in Tampa.
Two wins for your Montreal Canadiens.
The second W, on Friday night, was so convincing the guys on L’Antichambre described it as a “perfect game” for the Canadiens.
Coming home to what will be a loud, rockin’ Bell Centre on Sunday night, the Canadiens are just where they want to be in this Eastern Conference quarter-final:
They’ve got the Lightning by the bolts.

But while I hate to rain on anyone’s Easter parade, a brief history lesson may be in order.

To borrow a frequently used riff from the great Red Fisher, come with me now to the spring of 2011. The Canadiens, sixth-place finishers in the Eastern Conference, begin the playoffs in Boston, against the third-place Bruins.

Game 1:  Brian Gionta scores twice (assists on both by Scott Gomez!) and Carey Price makes 31 saves to shut the Bruins out in their own barn.

Game 2: Michael Cammalleri and Mathieu Darche (!!) give the Canadiens a 2-0 lead before Patrice Bergeron halts Price’s playoff shutout streak at 97:38. Yannick Weber adds an insurance goal, and the Canadiens head back to the Bell Centre with a stranglehold on the series.

Borrowing again the immortal Redhead, the rest you know:

Boston jumps out to a 3-0 lead en route to a 4-2 win in game 3. Michael Ryder’s overtime goal wins Game 4. Game 5 is double-overtime thriller in Boston, won 2-1 by the Bruins when their 51st shot, by Nathan Horton, beats Price.

The Canadiens win Game 6 to stay alive, but Horton’s goal in OT wins Game 7 and propels the hated Bruins toward winning the Cup.

Can you stand just a bit more playoff history?

In 2002, Michel Therrien’s second season behind the Canadiens’ bench – and his first playoff appearance – begins with a six-game elimination of the Bruins. On to Carolina, where Therrien’s team gets a split to start the Conference semi-final.

Back in Montreal, the Canadiens win Game 3 and have Game 4 under control when Therrien takes a bench minor to give the Hurricanes a 5-on-3 power play.

The rest you know: Three straight wins by Carolina, the last an 8-2 pasting on Bell Centre ice.

And in 2006: two wins in Carolina to start the series. Then the Hurricanes win four straight.

1998: Two wins in New York to start the series, then the Rangers win four straight.

Alright class, you can close your history books. And none of this will be on the final exam.

The point is, to quote the immortal Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

The Canadiens undoubtedly are in control of this series. Their Game 2 effort was darn near perfect. And the 2014 Tampa Bay Lightning are not the 2011 Bruins or the 2002 Hurricanes.

But until these two teams are at centre ice shaking hands, there’s hockey to be played.

If, however, the Canadiens play as well as they did Friday night, Tampa Bay will need a miracle.

Maybe on Easter Sunday they will roll back the rock on the visitors’ dressing room and Ben Bishop will skate out for the warm-up. But the greater likelihood is Anders Lindback will get the call to give his team some life in this series.

It won’t be easy.

As was the case in Game 1, the Canadiens got balanced effort from all four of their forward lines, three of which produced goals.

As was the case in Overtime of Game 1, carey Price was oustanding – notably with a second-period save on Cedric Paquette when the Canadiens were leading 2-0. If Paquette had scored, the Tampa Times Forum would have gone berserk, and then who knows?

But he didn’t.

As was not the case through 60 minutes of Game 1, the Canadiens defence was rock solid, led by a magisterial performance from Andrei Markov.

Memo to Marc Bergevin: Stop dancing and sign this guy. P.K. is a suoperstar in the making, and he was superb in Game 2. But Markov is the General on the back end – always calm, always controlling the tempo of the game, always making the smart play.

Markov’s partner, Alexei Emelin, was better than in Game 1. Just two hits for the Russian tank, but Emelin blocked five shots and, save for an early rush by Tyler Johnson, was not beaten by Lightning speed.

The Canadiens’  forwards did a terrific job in support of the D. On the rare occasions when a blue jersey was on the puck, there was a swarm of white fighting to get it back.

Every Canadien played well. Brandon Prust was better than in Game 1, Tomas Plekanec was customarily excellent and Lars Eller continued to prove he elevates his game in the postseason. Brendan Gallagher was at his buzzsaw best and scored his third goal in seven career playoff games.

Rene Bourque? What can I say … except to admit that as the playoffs began, I’d have happily traded Bourque for a dog.

And shot the dog.

But through two playoff games, Bourque has hustled and used his size effectively. And he demonstrated a scoring touch that produced a couple of 27-goal seasons in Calgary. Props to the Canadiens coaching staff for getting Bourque motivated.

But maybe it’s peer pressure.

In his postgame remarks, Therrien lauded a “complete team effort”. He praised his players for managing the puck, checking effectively and sticking to a game plan that stressed responsibility in the defensive zone and pressure on a Tampa Bay defence corps that was exposed as slow and jittery.

Therrien praised his players concentration on the task at hand. The coach said his team was “emotionally stable” and not looking beyond each successive game.

So far, so great.

But just to be on the safe side, I don’t think Therrien should wear the 2002 vintage mustard-coloured jacket for Game 3. 

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• The way they were: P.K. and Stamkos













• Couldn’t you just watch this over and over forever?


• And in case you missed the latest example of Milan Lucic scumbaggery:



  1. Kooch7800 says:

    Was just on Facebook and at the top right under trending it says Ray Bourque scored two goals. I didn’t realize Ray was still playing lol

    Happy to see Rene stepped up when it counts again this year

  2. JF says:

    Game One was a pretty wide-open affair filled with turnovers and defensive errors by both teams. The difference was that we capitalized on more of the Lightning’s errors than they did on ours. But I certainly expected them to play a much safer, more conservative, defensive game last night. Instead, while the Habs tightened up their defence, the Lightning played pretty much the same way as in Game One. Why? Was Cooper out-coached by Therrien, or did the Habs’ speed and aggressive forecheck prevent the Bolts playing a safer game that would have given them a better chance of winning?

    If Cooper does not make significant adjustments for Game Three, I like our chances. I think UCE, farther down the thread, is right in saying that the Lightning’s youth and inexperience are starting to show. Their defencemen are not all that mobile, and they’re making more mistakes and poor decisions than in the regular season. We did a great job of containing Steven Stamkos last night, keeping him pretty much to the outside. If we keep doing this, and with the loss of Ondrej Palat, the Bolts will be effectively missing two of their main offensive weapons.

    Despite the mess we made of the four-minute powerplay, I liked a lot of what I saw with the man advantage last night. After finally getting the breakthrough, we seemed to be moving the puck with a lot more confidence and speed.

    Pacioretty hasn’t scored yet, but I think he will soon. He was flying last night, beating the Lightning players on several occasions.

    Vanek is a superb passer. That blind pass for Bourque was perfectly placed and delivered with just the right amount of force.

    Speaking of Bourque, he is clearly a playoff performer. Last year, he was one of only a handful of our players who did not look bad against the Senators. This year he’s playing like a man possessed.

    I like P.K.’s game a lot better when he’s not being spectacular. Last night, he quietly did his job, making good decisions, not holding onto the puck too long, not going for solo rushes after his patented spin-around. He looked completely focused, and I think he’s regaining his confidence.

    Most of our core players were on the team that lost to the Bruins three years ago after taking a 2-0 series lead on the road, so I’m thinking they’ll have learned. If I remember correctly, they were a bit too relaxed at the beginning of Game Three in that series, taking an early penalty that got the Bruins started. Then there was a screw-up by Price behind the net, giving the B’s an empty-netter. I feel confident the team will maintain their focus this time and avoid this kind of error.

    It’s early yet, but I’m starting to think about where I can place an order for crow. I had the Bolts in six.

    • Captain aHab says:

      Their d-men are pylons…if their forwards don’t backcheck more, they’ll keep getting exposed by our forecheckers’ speed.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Woo Hoo! JF, your jubilance is almost showing, but it isn’t palpable yet. Way to channel Boonie by bringing up Price’s past gaff.

      The team doesn’t resemble the offense-challenged one that performed for weeks at a time during the regular season. Max’s GWG scoring prowess hasn’t been needed yet, but will be.

  3. Maritime Ronn says:

    One of the concerns going into the playoffs for the Habs was Secondary Scoring – and without that, it would be difficult to go deep.

    During the season, the 1st line of Max, 51, and ( Vanek-Gallagher) accounted for 42% of all Habs goals scored by forwards only.

    While it’s only 2 games, the top line has scored 2 of the 9 goals, while the other lines have chipped in for 7 of the 9 goals… included 4th liner Dale Weise in OT.

  4. smiler2729 says:

    Boone’s right to invoke the Yogi Berraism cuz it really isn’t over.

    I look at the playoffs as a shift to shift thing but I do have 2 crossed out of 16 in my ultimate Stanley Cup mind.

    We’ve won this whole thing before and we’ve also stumbled after looking great, that’s hockey, the game of mistakes.

    I remember ’93, the separatist peegs from Quebec City had us down 2 games and then Patrick Roy woke up and the ‘diques were done and we easily rolled the Sabres and Isles (Healy lol) before the miracle of Jacques Demers (McSorley’s curve/Desjardins’ magic hat trick) propelled the Habs to an eventual 4-1 Cup series win when it looked like the Kings were headed back to L.A. with a 2-0 game stranglehold.

    Just sayin’… yeah, one shift at a time.

    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
    The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • Captain aHab says:

      As someone mentioned below we are 49-5 historically when taking a 2-0 series lead. No it’s not over but I still like our position better than TB’s.

      Reading Boone’s piece, it feels like our record is 5-49…..

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

      • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

        Being up 2-0 in the series is like leading 2-0 at the 9 minute mark of the first period. Still potentially a lot of hockey left to play. All I ask id that they stay focused and to step on the Bolts’ throats with freshly-sharpened skates.

        X X 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

        • Captain aHab says:

          I know but do you really think that TB’s thinking right now is “we have them right where we want them?”

          Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

          • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On says:

            No, but what they have to tell themselves is that all they need to do is to win the next game and the entire complexion of the series changes. You’d figure that the Habs will have to win at least one home game this series.

            X X 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

        • Mad Habber says:

          Yeah I can understand Boone’s perspective. Yes Habs have a 2-0 lead, and the team has looked good winning those games. Now over the past few years and even this season, the Habs have tended to let off the gas when they feel comfortable, so many stinkers against weaker teams. So paint me as cautiously happy.

        • smiler2729 says:

          X X 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
          I like that!

          Jack Edwards is a clam.
          Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
          The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

  5. Bash says:

    I’m sure someone mentioned this
    but the second spear to the pills by Lucic has me wondering when this guy goes down to a nasty and dirty retaliation.

    I hope.

    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  6. Lafleurguy says:

    The opinions contained in this post are reflective of the author’s. Any agreement with those held by others, whether or not they live in irrelevant boonies, is strictly coincidental.

    Boonie (the person, not the suburb) is a stylist, and writes at a cerebral and artistic level. True, his style leans towards pessism on the what’s-in-your-future meter. But what is not disguised, not even thinly, is his passionate zeal for his beloved team. Boonie is authentic. He knows that the many zealous fans and posters/readers were ecstatic by the ten minute mark of the third last night. That was and is a given. What I see Mike reaching for then, is depth, nuance, undertone, overtones and many of the other sensitivities that over-ride sensibilities. Loved the reverential reference to Mr. Fisher. Not fond of the dog joke. Peace to all on this the second day.


  7. careysubban3176 says:

    I would love to read Boone’s ALN post the day after the Habs win the cup. It would probably go something like…the Habs are back on top of the hockey world BUT I’m still pessimist about this team. You know they still got to sign pk and Markov and maybe vanek. Yea they won’t make the playoffs next year. God love ya Boone.

  8. LeGrosBill says:

    I would like to make a few comments praising the coach. Bergevin and all the players have received well deserved praise, and I still think Michel Therriewn looks like a doorman at a Laval stripjoint, but there is no denying that players that he’s been accusing of mishandling this season performed very well yesterday, i.e. Subban and Eller (and the 1st game too in Larry’s case). The bulk of the credit goes tot he players themselves of course. All 4 lines have been playing well and contributing even though he didn’t have last change for the match-ups he wanted at all times. The team has been very well prepared, to the point where TB’s lack of experience show and they were largely dominated. Even the PP is getting back on track, after significant practice time devoted to it. Yes Cube and Weaver haven’t been our best D pair this series, but they played 12 & 14 mins compared to 20-26 mins for the top 4. And if we beat TB and face the Bs, I expect to see Murray and/or Tinordi in the 3rd pairing. Right now I think the only way TB has a shot at winning is if they get Bishop back. Not sure they have any hope otherwise.

  9. Cal says:

    Hi folks, with ALNs like that you’d figure the Habs are down by two instead of the other way around.
    This one is for L Elle. A little Three Dog Night

  10. boing007 says:

    Boone’s a rabat-joie. Shame on him.

    Richard R

  11. 44har48 says:

    Woooohoooo. Great game last night! I’m cautiously optimistic that they will keep playing like this. I wondered how Gionta and Briere would do after pacing themselves and staying healthy, that’s answered. I’m now wondering what changes MT will make for tomorrow when he owns the last line change. I think we can afford to play a Murray when we can match up. Then again, this lineup is playing very well together as a unit.

  12. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all! Before the negative poster wake up, that was as good of a road game I’ve seen from an NHL team in a long time. What was esppecially welcome was that some of our struggling players had huge games.

    Price was not going to lose last night. The best goalie in the world was on his game and played gold medal hockey.

    PK was once again the best player on the ice. It’s been a while since anyone has been able to say that. A huge game for PK.

    Rene Bourque has given himself a mulligan on the regular season and appears to want to rewrite his season during the playoffs. He was flying out there.

    Emelin has recaptured his game from 2 seasons ago. After struggling to find his game after his knee injury, it appears Emelin is back. Working with Markov, we have a very solid front D pairing.

    Although Prust still isn’t 100% his 2nd game back was much better then his first. Someone eluded to the fight as a “don’t mess with us” moment. Could very well have been.

    Worth repeating is the job “the dancing GM” has done filling holes and adding depth. Vanek, Weiss, and Weaver have transformed this team from a pretender to a contender.

    And finally, Gallagher. Have we all been desensitized to his game? Game after game the little guy goes to the net, goes into the corner and battles and battles every second he’s out on the ice. Every once and a while we should just take notice and be thankful he’s wearing the Hab sweater.


  13. It’s like I completely forgot how playoff hockey is played, every single player is playing like it’s their last game and

    -Plus Markov is looking for a contract.
    -Gionta is looking for a contract.
    -Bourque is more confident after a serious concussion (the hardest part is getting back in the game, so are so scared all the time that it will happen again).
    -and the rest of the horses ares are trudging away.
    -Price, well he’s CAREY FREAKIN PRICE, our Savior who got us to the show.
    – PK was super. That hit he took to get the puck up ice and then on to Vanek’s stick (with a little help from TB) was a team play and in the regular season PK may have taken a penalty after the hit but it appears he gets it.
    -Therrien is making a lot of great line matchups and Turk’s system of possession and pucks to the net is working (I had a talk with him about that).
    -Emelin was about the only defenseman who stood out as off. He wasn’t reading TB’s speed very well, but at least he tried to keep them to the outside.

    Great great game, super happy over the results and yeah I’m cheering for the Red Wings, at first I was hoping to see the B’s sometime this post season but it would be fitting for those clowns to get knocked out early. Long way to go for us and the Wings but it’s the playoffs and anything can happen.

    Great work on reporting the results of past first two game sweep, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” – E Burke and Shane O

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  14. Habfan10912 says:

    Stan Fischler ‏@StanFischler 9h
    Absolutely dirty from behind #MilanLucic stick between the legs. Disgraceful. Dept. of Safety had better respond to this. Dangerous.

  15. Dunboyne Mike says:

    I just did a little search for Kronwall hits on Lucic and couldn’t find one. Whether or not the league sanctions Lucic, it would be nice to see Kronwall obliterate him with an open-ice hit. If not Kronwall, which Wing?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      He is truely a disgusting, cheap shot artist, Mike. The league in its wisdom failing to take supplemental action against Lucic after the Emelin spear obviously was seen by him as permission to do again.

      We’ve seen some wonderful hockey the last few days. Guess what they’re showing on ESPN nonstop? The NHL with its want-a-be WWE crap.

      • CJ says:

        Good morning gentlemen.

        Well Jim, all I’ll say is at least ESPN shows it. TSN danced around it, and didn’t mention it once. If they don’t report it, it didn’t happen right?

        There are aspects, back room deals so to speak, that will haunt this league if they don’t become more consistent. The cloak of invincibility that the Bruins adorn needs to be pulled off and thrown into the Charles River.

        I watched a number of Lucic clips on youtube last night. The guy can’t take a hit. He considers a body check a personal attack, and seeks revenge. When the wires touch he’s a maniac. What comes around goes around though. In 2-3 years, when our lineup includes Tinordi, Crisp, Thrower and Nevins justice will be served. I hate to say this, but the best way to manage a bully is head on.


        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Re. the personal attack.
          You are bang-on, and Chara is the same. Which is why it’s good to hit those two early and often. Yes, NESN and HNIC will go to town singing “Look out! Look out! You’ve awoken the beast!” (Nocturnal emissions all round for those muppets).

          But the fact of the matter is, neither bozo plays his best game when his dander is up, and they are more likely to take penalties. Hit, hit, hit.

          Lucic’s utter lack of class is based on his assumption that no one is brave enough to take him on. Therefore I look forward to seeing him embedded (as in, bring in the Jaws of Life gear) in the boards, or wedged head-first in the Jumbotron.

          Who’s going to do it?

          • CJ says:

            Good morning Mike. Great points. I hope Detroit puts them on the run. If not, we will take them out in the second round.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Hiya CJ! Glad to see you back! There are some here that poo poo the Bruin bias theories but I’m not one of those. Good point.

          As for the Chara Lucic disliking hits and seeking revenge, the whole team is like that. They’ll spend an entire game chasing around a player just to extract revenge. It’s part of the coaches culture, the organizations culture and may I say the Bruin fans culture. Sick!

          • Loop_Garoo says:

            It’s also a good part of how we regularly beat them. When the habs play their game and the Bruins run around looking for that crap, we win.

          • CJ says:

            Agreed. My brother was telling me that in his opinion, most Bruins fans are from south Boston. It’s a completely different crowd. He lives in Brookline and says there doesn’t appear to be much interest in his part of the city. Having been to a game at the TD garden, I can’t begin to tell you how vile, rude and otherwise on edge these fans are. I love a few beer, but it’s like the majority of fans try and get as drunk as possible and then throw their inhibitions to the wind of the screaming crowd. It really is mob mentality. The fans egg on the players, the players egg on the fans. It all starts in the owner’s suite and filters through the entire organization. I can’t wait to meet them in the second round so that we can pop their balloon.

        • CJ says:

          Update, TSN mentioned it during their highlight package this morning, flashing back to the incident with Emelin. It was not included in the highlight package last night, but has been added in.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      I’ve got nothing to say, but I wanted to join the company of this pleasant trio. Oh yeah, Bertuzzi is the only one who can kick his butt, but that would be playing into the Bruins’ hands.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Bonjour, Guy.
        To make the point with the utmost emphasis, my preference would be for Lucic to be rocked — preferably repeatedly — by monstrous but clean hits. Plan B would also be acceptable: for him to pick a fight with someone he believes he can take and but end up thoroughly humiliated and schooled. If the NHL won’t mete out justice, then I’m wishing for justice Old Testament style for biggest punk playing the game.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Dun is allowed violent imagery, because it is after 11 there.

  16. JUST ME says:

    I`ve got to admit it , they have got the Lightning by the Bolts was a good one Boone !

    Very impressive game yesterday ,very. I will repeat what i wrote two days ago, if from one end to the other sniper hockey is the only side of their game then they are no match for the Habs that can match them and more and add,skills,finesse,speed,grit and what else ?

    Now i know we will see many many justified comments about not being overly confident and look at our recent past to understand that a 2-0 lead in the serie is no guarantee of succes but i have one killer question/fact. Name me one team that can beat Carey 4 times in 5 games ?

    If there is no penalty given to that neanderthal Lucic by the NHL then this guy will be a target. How can you explain giving $25.000 bucks fine to coach Quenneville for grabbing his own crotch and nothing for a hypocrit /coward like Lucic for what he did (again) yesterday?

  17. Old Bald Bird says:

    Les Boys were pretty impressive last night — gritty and tenacious. I wasn’t expecting this kind of performance, but I am very pleased.

    I like Boone and Timo as they stick to their schtick. Just figure it out folks. No need to knot your undies.

  18. Captain aHab says:

    Does anyone know where we can get the Habs’ full record when leading series 2-0? Just guessing we haven’t lost 75% of those series. Just a guess.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  19. HabFab says:

    Bulldogs mathematically eliminated from making the play-offs with an Oklahoma victory in the AHL last night.

  20. Roger Ramjet says:

    Great game last night. Onward and forward!

    On a side-note, according to this dick-head, what Lucic did to DeKeyser is a way to say “welcome to playoff hockey” and “giving someone the business when the ref is up ice is all in the game”.

    You can read this piece of trash here:


    ……..I don’t recall Boston playing Montreal in any playoff series this year when Lucy pulled the same stunt on Emelin.


  21. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Courtesy of Sholi (way down).

    A 2-minute feature on Milan Lucic, including his own thoughts on why scrotum-spearing is an important part of his game.

    A very revealing interview.


  22. Captain aHab says:

    After hearing the stats about the Habs leading a series 2-0 on TSN last night, I knew this was going to be Boone’s article. I’m with Burly…..mention it in passing maybe but 75% of the article on it? The Habs played great, period.

    Nobody is raising the Cup yet but can we be happy for a bit?

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  23. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Between 2 and 3am Irish time, as I watched the game alone in my Habs jersey, my wife appeared having woken up to the smell of smoke.

    “Did you burn toast?” she asked.

    “No,” I answered. “It’s Sami Salo.”

    “Oh,” she said, and went back to bed.

  24. Marc10 says:

    I won’t allow the Luchicken on DeKeyser cheapshot or the Kadri on HNIC stories to ruin what was a pretty great night for hockey for me.

    The Habs put on a clinic and the Bruins lost to a skilled team. I’ll drink to that. Saludos… to borrow a popular phrase from Front.

    Go Habs Go!

  25. Un Canadien errant says:

    A thought about the revolting decision of Hockey Night in Canada to have Nazem Kadri sitting in on their panel tomorrow night. Why they would ask that cheating dirty punk to be a part of their show demonstrates how far out of touch they are, how they think their market consists of Toronto and the irrelevant boonies.

    Why not a Jet like Andrew Ladd or a Canuck like Kevin Bieksa, a Senator like Chris Phillips? Why does it have to be a frigging Leaf, like we don’t already suffer from overexposure on those guys?

    Is it the Team Canada at the World Championships angle? Like I said, there are other Canadian boys out there who’ll be on that team and who we barely ever hear from on HNIC or TSN. Mark Giordano had a tremendous season for the gutty Flames, yet we don’t know anything about him. Let’s get him in the studio.

    Do you want to dissect the soap opera that was the Leafs this season? Well how about a young Oiler, a Taylor Hall or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, they’re camera-friendly and well-spoken, and can touch on the tumult at Northlands this winter, if it’s the drama you’re after.

    But no, again with the Nazem Kadri, I bet Don Cherry is already salivating.

    HNIC is circling the drain, but is determined to go down in a blaze of suckiness, and wrap itself in the most mediocre hockey team in the nation, resolute to abdicate its role as a national broadcaster.


    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • The Jackal says:

      Hopefully the future iteration of HNIC is a lot more national in its coverage.

      BTW UCE, if you’re still around – any recommendations for places to watch game 3 in Whistler (in the village)?

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Jackal, good to see you’re in Whistler, hope you’re enjoying the Festival.

        Good places to watch the game will abound, maybe check with your bartender that they’ll have the sound on, often they’ll just do so for Canucks games.

        Offhand, I’d say Citta’s would be a good spot, especially if my buddy Jeremy is working, he’s a huge Habs fan. Another good place to watch is Brandy’s, the lounge for The Keg. Two of my buddies work the bar there, Geoff and Adam. If you end up there drop my name, pretend we’re old friends, see if you get a drink out of it.

        The Cinnamon Bear in the Hilton is very nice also, if you’re with a date. More blue collar, but heavy into sports is Tapley’s, they’ll have the sound on for sure.

        Not sure if you’re with a bunch of people, but if want company, I could be persuaded to get out of the house and watch the game socially. You can reach me on Facebook, my name and Whistler should work for your search. My profile pic is that of my hero and inspiration, Kenny Powers.

  26. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …sacre Bleu …I think Boone or one of His under the sheets henchmen MODDED Me !

    …o Well, I’m already in bed and too tired to make a coherent fuss

    …good night Y’alll 🙂

  27. Un Canadien errant says:

    I tried to post my take on the dirty Bruins and dirty, dirty Milan Lucic, but there were too many links for it to work. You can follow the link below if you’re interested.


    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • Da Hema says:

      That is a good post UCe. I consider neither Chara nor Lucic tough in the normal sense of the word. Chara likes to slam players’ heads on the ice, and Lucic is simply a rat-prick scumbag piece of $hit as a human being. Since I know the NHL will not discipline Lucic for his stickwork, I can only hope to God that some player maims that slime bag permanently. It’s bound to happen, and I’ll be cheering vociferously when Lucic is carted off the ice.

    • CynicalHabsfan says:

      We already knew that he’s a classless goon, but Milan’s also a complete idiot for doing that in a tied playoff game. His teammates must have been really impressed.
      Imagine the reaction from some members of our “national” media if Subban pulled a move like that. I’d like someone to explain to me why he’s booed in every arena and Lucic isn’t…

    • Gilbert Perreault says:

      Yeah, good points UCe. I’m pasting my response here to the post you referenced to your always excellent blog, especially in light of your other comment above.

      As Habs fans we get a perspective on the Bruins that no other fan base does. We’ve seen Chara take out Montreal’s hottest player at the time in 2011, come damn near to killing him–Max Pac was hot at the time–and thus the Bruins win in game 7 overtime. There’s a different conclusion to that series with Max playing. There’s a different conclusion as well if the person in charge of handing out suspensions isn’t the father of one of the Bruins marginal thugs.

      Not to mention the rest of this lineage of sub par professional hockey personalities(sic)–big mouths for the most part–who I think you have justly looped in altogether, including Cherry, Ferrence, Julien, Milberry, Stock, etc.. The league is changing the last few years. Fan bases in other parts of the US, away from Boston and Philadelphia, are liking clean hockey. The biggest holdouts, apparently, are the Hockey Night In Canada crew with their rah-rah Boston alumni and their let’s make NHL hockey like real hockey, like how it was played in the 1970’s AHL. (Actually, I’m kind of surprised sometimes that Jack Edwards isn’t calling the CBC games.)

      Anyway, regardless, this Bruins cabal on Hockey Night in Canada is now coming to an end, thank the gods. And that was probably inevitable. Not because our national broadcaster had the taste and good sense to kick them out but because of politics. The sad thing is that we’ll remember the last ten years of Hockey Night in Canada as a disgrace to all the great hockey people who were associated with the show in the past, as well as some of the good ones still on the show. I’m not sad the broadcast is going off the air, I’m just sad that I don’t care about its fate so much, as, between the Bruins and Leafs bias, it had lost all integrity. It’s hard to mourn something that had already asphyxiated itself.

      As for the Bruins, how many games and series have they lost to the Canadiens because of bullying and poor sportsmanship? Which only seems to make them more and more angry. And the only cup they did finally win in my lifetime they cheated and bent the rules, with a complicit NHL turning their eyes the other way. (As you noted in another post, I believe that also that season Colin Campbell was found out for reprimanding referees who gave his son penalties. And isn’t he still in charge of officiating for the NHL?) In my eyes, the Chara assault on Max Pac will always be footnote to the Bruins’ last cup.

      Anyway, thanks, excellent post. It was interesting to see you connect Lucic’s antics and bullying, largely condoned by the league, and Hockey Night In Canada, to the greater thug-Bruin philosophy given so much air time on our national broadcaster. Those gravy sucking scumbags…

  28. Clay says:

    @ RAD:
    Here’s the context of that quote – proof that your speculation was unwarranted;
    “Nobody likes to be suffocated,” Subban said. “It’s pretty frustrating if you got a bag over your head and you can’t breathe. It’s not the best feeling the world.

    “It is tough when you turn up the ice as a defenceman and you see three forwards, two defencemen and Carey Price standing in the net.”

    Clearly he was talking about the Lightning being suffocated, not himself. So relax.

    ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

    • The Jackal says:

      Good digging.
      I don’t like that pretty much anything to do with PK is spun into a negative tale or made to mean more or something other than what it actually means.

      That being said, good game from PK tonight, it will help his confidence going forward and he showed how he can be a key contributor (as if we didn’t know). Just has to keep his game simple and make the smart play, he’ll learn when the time is right to make the skill play or the big hit, but lately he has been forcing things. Tonight he stuck to the basics and it paid off for him.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Rad says:

      Thanks for your concern, but I am always relaxed when it comes to hockey. FYI, I will speculate all I want. It’s part of the fun of coming to HIO. I certainly don’t come here to get chastised by you or anyone else. Your statement that my speculation is unwarranted is itself unwarranted. Cheers!

  29. The Jackal says:

    Burly has a point about bringing up the Habs’ record when leading a series 2-0.

    Those were different iterations of the team, with different players, coaches, and GMs. It would be relevant if it was the same team that lost to the Bruins in 7 after leading by 2, but this is a different team and that factoid has no predictive power. It’s a bit annoying to see that little stat bandied about as if it means something.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I think Monseigneur Boone was trying to warn us not to get carried away, that history shows that it’s not an insurmountable lead, and some of us are not taking it very well. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I take the headmaster’s warning to heed.

      One thing about the lead against the Bruins in 2011, we had won the two games in Boston, but Zdeno Chara had been ill with the flu. Once he came back, the Bruins won four out of five close games, aided by the corrupt refs, but now you never hear about that, how the Bruins were weakened for the first two games, and that their comeback wasn’t so shocking.

      • Peter Young says:

        Yes, those comebacks against the Canadiens are only relevant as a warning to demonstrate that the team ought not to count its chickens before they’re hatched. Hell, in the 1966 Stanley Cup finals, the Canadiens themselves lost the first two games at home against the Red Wings and then, wham, won four straight to take the Cup.

    • habcertain says:

      There is no voodoo magic involved, just citing some past history, isn’t that what writers do? We all love the Habs but it is just a sport, he is not condemning someone to die.

  30. BJ says:

    Most dominating performance by this team I have seen in a long time. I was actually feeling the same confidence watching as they displayed. Great team effort. Enjoy this one and get back to it one game at a time.

  31. The Jackal says:

    Someone posted earlier that PK’s brilliant slap-pass was not in fact a slap-pass but a deflection. Well, after seeing the up close replay in the highlights, it is clearly a pass to DD rather than a fortuitous bounce.
    I think tonight we witnessed PK turning the corner.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  32. Timo says:

    OMFG! Reimer and Scrievens are goalies for team Canada. Kadri and Reily are also on the roster. Too many laffs and sens if you ask me.

  33. Cal says:

    A totally solid 60 minutes by the Habs tonight.
    Tampa looks like the pace is too high and the forecheck is too tough to handle. No team can play a this pace and level all season long, so seeing the Habs go to it now is great.
    This is how they played against Chicago both times. Speed and suffocation. Discipline and physicality.
    2 to go in this best of seven. Not quite over the hump yet, but no reason to despair over past failures. This team has nads. The only question is do these horses have the wherewithal to keep the dream alive.
    We’ll find out Sunday and Tuesday night.


  34. HabinBurlington says:

    Great Game by the Montreal Canadiens, absolutely loved and enjoyed watching it.

    So hoping team can keep it up and win Game 3 in Montreal.

    Go Habs Go!

    Great effort keep it up boys!

  35. CH Marshall says:

    I don’t know what to think about the Subban situation anymore. Because the more I think about it, the more I worry he’s actually going to bolt for another team. And that would SUCK SHOT

    • Da Hema says:

      Subban isn’t going anywhere. Bergevin isn’t Rejean Houle (or Bob Gainey for that matter re: Ryan McDonough) — he knows the future of this team’s defence corps is PK Subban.

      • CynicalHabsfan says:

        Exactly. Even if the PK isn’t signed by July, Bergevin will likely match any offer he gets. I suspect this will be given priority over resigning Markov, Vanek or Gio. Unless for some reason Bergevin wants to become the most hated man in Montreal.

    • The Jackal says:

      WTF makes people think he is going to leave the Habs?
      All that talk is BS and pure conjecture – just the media trying to get some crap to talk about. It’s so infuriating that PK is some kind of lightning rod for this kind of crap talk.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        I agree, he’s not leaving. Even if there is a rift between him and the coach, he’ll be around long after MT leaves. The worst case scenario if MB having to match an offer sheet.

  36. Habcouver says:

    It was a great evening of hockey. Our Boys are up 2 zip coming home, the Goons lose home ice advantage, and we have good family & friends this holiday weekend.

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

    Btw, where’s CJ and missed his words of wisdom today?

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I second that about CJ.

      CJ, if you’re still reading, HIO is better when you’re around. A usually positive member took your posts the wrong way (P.K. posts are frequently polarizing) and let you have it, but you shouldn’t let it get to you. If he’s going to call anyone out, there are many other posters who contribute nothing here but negativity and bad grammar, these are the ones which he should target.

      • Timo says:

        I remember when CJ was clearly “a little tired” to continue and his wife jumped on… a true classic moment. Perhaps it’s the same case here.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          I remember that, I thought it was a foolhardy move on his part, to not log off the computer before going to bed.

          Either that or he’s an honest man with a clear conscience.

          • Loop_Garoo says:

            Probably a clear conscience. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he comes across as a stand up guy, to use a Don Cherryism

    • HabinBurlington says:

      He did provide a nice post earlier today.

  37. HabinBurlington says:

    I feel real bad for Timo, this must hurt watching the Habs win. I couldn’t imagine how tough it must be to watch a team coaches and players he Hates win games. All the best Timo…..

    DD, Bouillon and MT love you just as much as you love them.

  38. CH Marshall says:

    Master Boone strikes again.

  39. sweetmad says:

    No need to worry I am here,
    You would know if I was gone never fear.
    I am here winter or summer every day
    I get here late so theres nothing left to say.

    Sometimes the envy and negativity,get me down
    Lifes too short to be wearing a frown.
    After the great game tonight there are still complaints,
    What do you think our players are,they are not saints.

    Someone complained Wies tried to help his mate,
    Being there for each other makes our team great.
    The opperative words are being a team,
    Makes life better you know what I mean.

    I want them to win as much as any of you,
    But just seeing the bad I cannot do,
    When they lose and you feel bad, I feel the same,
    But I always remember its just a game.

    At the moment I am flying high,
    At 5 ft nothing I could reach the sky.
    We have to keep our feet on the ground,
    We have two more to win before the next round.

    I have to give credit where it’s due,
    They have shut down Patches and covered Vanek too,
    We have to find a way to get them loose,
    We might need them to cook the Bolts goose.

    What a joy to watch our boys go,
    Nows the time to let the rest of the world know,
    The Habs are here they are for real,
    This I know this is how I feel.


  40. Un Canadien errant says:

    This is the Tampa Bay Lightning you kind of expected at the start of the season, having lost their captain Vincent Lecavalier, and especially once they traded away Martin St. Louis. A good young team, with two pillars in Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman, relying on skating and youth, but which would need a couple of seasons to get back into contention realistically.

    Except they had Ben Bishop in nets this season. Whereas the atrocious goaltending in Tampa led to Guy Boucher being fired last year, it made Jon Cooper look like a genius this season, overcoming the loss of frontline players, injuries, and leadership to charge to second in the division. We expected a fade in the standings when Steven Stamkos went down with a broken leg, but they kept it together, kept plugging along. Much was made of their team spirit, how many of their rookies had played and won under Coach Cooper in Syracuse, and how that carried over to the NHL.

    With Ben Bishop sidelined, the Lightning are showing cracks. Their defencemen, who look good (read, ‘big’) on paper, are shown to be slow, inelegant, and poor in their decision making. They made the same errors tonight that they did on Wednesday, allowing the Canadiens to gain position on them. Putting a knee down to block a putative shot, and taking themselves out of the play.

    Their forwards are speedy, but may not be ready for the big leagues, at least not all at the same time. Michaël Bournival is the only Canadiens rookie forward, and his icetime is judiciously managed, playing as he does on the fourth line, whereas the Lightning have Tyler John-son on the first.

    Their offence is lagging. The loss of Ondrej Palat, their leading scorer this season, certainly doesn’t help in that regard. Tonight, with the Canadiens committing to blanking Steven Stamkos, no one else was able to step up for the Lightning, who lost 4-1 and went down 0-2 in their series.

    While Anders Lindback didn’t play badly, exactly, he again had a poor outing, and didn’t provide his team with the one or two extra saves that Ben Bishop has chipped in this season. The RDS crew mentioned that this kind of performance affects everyone on the team: defencemen play more nervously, forwards can’t take off on breakouts, fearful that any mistake will end up in their nets. Everyone grips his stick a little too tightly, and rushes his play.

    Meanwhile Carey Price was back to his usual form, after a shaky game Wednesday, in which he’d let four goals in on sixteen shots in regulation. He made up for it with a strong overtime period to earn the win. Tonight he built on that, and had a shutout going until late in the third, when he surrendered a meaningless powerplay goal.

    There was much discussion after the first game about the importance of the save percentage statistic, specifically when it’s looked at over a short time span. The argument goes that it should only be considered when you have a significant data sample, namely twenty games or so at least, since there is too much variability from game to game. Further, there’s an argument that not all shots are equal, some are more difficult to stop than others, notably those on two-on-ones, or from the stick of Steven Stamkos.

    While there’s truth in that, I don’t think it’s correct to say that we shouldn’t look at save percentage for a single game, in the same way that it would be incorrect to say a pitcher’s ERA in a game of baseball is irrelevant. These stats allow us to gauge how effective the player has been in the crucial, central matter of how well they did at preventing the other team from putting up points. Sure, only one game isn’t statistically significant over a season or career, but it does allow us to distinguish a good outing from a bad outing.

    So Carey had a better game, and so did P.K. Subban, and I wasn’t the only one to notice. During the game, I unfortunately would become a little tense when P.K. had the puck on his stick. I observed though that he would quickly move the puck, either to a teammate or off the boards. He was making quick decisions, opting for the safe play more often than not, and he was rewarded for his steady game with two assists on the night.

    The CBC crew also praised P.K.’s game, but did show a couple of situations when he grew agitated at the referees, and where Assistant Coach Daigneault, as well as Alternate Captain Andrei Markov and veteran Francis Bouillon were taking turns talking to him on the bench, obviously trying to calm him down. So not a flawless effort from our intrepid young defender, but a much more focused game, and we can hope that it’s a portend of things to come, that he’ll regain his focus and his touch as the playoffs advance.

    Another instance of me being Captain Obvious was how often I noticed Alexei Emelin being outskated to the outside, and he having difficulty keeping up with the play. It seemed glaring, and sure enough, the HNIC crew spent a good amount of time on this subject between periods, showing the ‘lowlights’, and even having P.J. Stock demonstrating in-studio the difficulty for a left-shooting defenceman having to play and defend onrushing forwards on the right side.

    It wasn’t all bad though, Alexei played well with Andrei in terms of puck retrievals and zone clearances, and laid a crushing hit on J.T. Brown. So he’s contributing, and we can hope that this is a blip in performance. He’s been getting better as he recovers from his knee reconstruction, he’d played much more steady hockey in the last few games of the season. Hopefully next season he’ll be even further removed from the injury, and that much stronger and agile.

    René Bourque had a strong game, and not just in terms of buzzing around the net this time, he actually produced some tangible offence. He scored two goals on strong individual efforts. Is this the dam breaking? Because I’ve always thought that the effort was there for René, as far as that goes for him. The problem has been confidence, he seems lost sometimes, like he’s unsure what he should do.

    I can’t remember what the situation was exactly, but as an example, there was a scrum after a hit, I think it was when Steven Stamkos went after Andrei due to his late, post-whistle hit on Ondrej Palat. René was second on the scene, and could have tried to pull Mr. Stamkos off, but a linesman was kind of in the way, so he tried to go to his right around him, but that wasn’t any better, so he kind of turned around and looked for someone to hang on to, but there were only smaller Tampa players around, so he tried to skate around the now rapidly growing pile, couldn’t find anyone to rip out of there, …

    We can imagine how much different this would have gone had Brandon Prust or Brendan Gallagher or even Tomas Plekanec been in René’s position. They would have barged in and grabbed Steven Stamkos, or someone. With René, there’s lots of confusion, indecision. We can hope that the two goals tonight give him confidence, give him wings, and he can contribute this post-season, and the next two years his contract runs.

    Our top line scored a goal, on the powerplay no less, on a clean faceoff win by David Desharnais that went to P.K., who walked the line, waited for a lane to clear, and slap-passed to David for the tip-in. Again, Thomas Vanek, Max Pacioretty and David have to contribute, and not just when they’re rolling and getting hat-tricks in a 7-1 laugher, but also in closer games where they’re being checked closely. That line is stacked, by design, and they need to perform in proportion.

    Thomas Vanek also competed in other ways, by standing up to Lightning fourth-liner Cédric Paquette, who he thought was taking liberties. Thomas isn’t expected to goon it up, but he is a bigger forward, and it’s entirely appropriate that he assert himself in these situation, show the opponent that we’re not going to be ottawa’ed this series.

    The Canadiens’ powerplay itself was also a good sign, in that the previous game, they had trouble just setting up shop in the offensive zone, whereas tonight they were a constant threat, passing the puck at will and getting lots of shots and lots of chances to score.

    The Antichambre boys thought that Brandon Prust shouldn’t have fought with Radko Gudas, to preserve his possibly fragile health, and also to not offer the Lightning a chance to spark things up. Personally, I felt Brandon was sending a message to the Lightning’s bruiser to not stray over the line, as he is wont to do. The AC crew were fearful of the tactic, but I applaud the result.

    So we do sweep the opening two games, and do get the opportunity to step on the Tampa team’s collective throats this Sunday. Let’s be coldly efficient about it, and be in a position to dispatch them quickly, so we can get ready to face the Red Wings in the next series.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige


    • Rad says:

      Calling the Tampa defensemen “inelegant” is a euphemism if I ever saw one 🙂

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good morning, UCE (from 8 hours into your future).

      Nice summary, lots of incisive observations and comment.

      One thing. I thought Boucher’s firing had less to do with goaltending than with stuff like this:


      … which is why I, for one, am glad he’s not in Montreal at the moment.

    • Peter Young says:

      An excellent game review.

      Certainly one should look at the save percentage in a single game in assessing how a goaltender has performed. But I disagree that the save percentage in a single game, standing alone, allows one to make a safe determination as to whether the goalkeeper has had a good game or a bad one. Precisely because all shots, all goal-scoring opportunities, are not equal, the save percentage in a single game does not by itself indicate whether a goaltender has had a good or bad outing. To make that determination in a single game, you have to look at the circumstances the goaltender faced.

      In some cases, a poor save percentage will reflect a poor performance, but certainly not in all cases. To take an extreme example for the sake of making the point, a netminder on a team making an all-out offensive effort could face four breakaways and four 2 on 1’s in a single game and give up four goals while facing few other shots, all of which he saves, some of them brilliantly. In that case, the save percentage may well not be a safe indicator of a goaltender’s performance.

      The save percentage, standing alone, will have definite value in determining a goaltender’s quality of performance only after a few games when it is safe to say the quality of the scoring opportunities has evened out.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        I have spoken out against using single game save percentage as meaningful for exactly the reasons you outline. A goalie can face 10 difficult shots, and let in 3 goals, or 30 easy shots for the shutout, in one game, you still have to make a judgement call over and above the statistics to decide whether the % is a good indicator of that game, which means you decide “played well” or “played badly” before you look at the stats, so why bother looking at them at all.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          We disagree on a matter of degrees, meaning we mostly agree.

          To use my pitcher example further, a pitcher could face a lineup filled with Rodney Scotts one day, and another filled with André Dawsons the next. So yes, the ERA would be misleading, and you’d need to account for it in your analysis, but it would still be instructive to know the number and compare against the lineup.

          Same with a goalie, one game played against a hot Penguins or Blackhawk team is different than another against a Flames or Sabres roster, but again, you’d like to know how they did against each roster.

          And we both agree that the number has more meaning when it’s one derived from multiple games, and even more over a whole season.

  41. Timo says:

    Holy crap… who pi$$ed in Burlington’s cornflakes?

  42. HabinBurlington says:

    Thanks Mr. Boone for dedicating so much of your ALN towards reminders of the past failures. Given the fact so many of us are on this site, we have zero memory, if not for your parapgraphs of beautiful negativity we would have no idea that this Habs team has had past failures.

    No doubt that this team still has not accomplished much, but you continue to set the bar as low as possible. Perhaps this is your true feeling, you are worried and fearful the team can’t possibly do anything good and don’t want the heartbreak again.

    But can’t help but think that tonight you couldn’t have given this team a freakin’ break and actually complimented them without a fricking huge kick in the nuts ffor transgressions committed by others. But alas, who am I to question your motives, perhaps hits on the website are the ultimate goal and for that your ALN will solicit a variety of responses.

    So I suppose I too should dislike this team and assume they will fail, seems the easier way out……


    • CH Marshall says:

      have you read any Mordecai Richler? Boone is pretty much the Habs equivalent. Be thankful we have him still writing for us in retirement. And the negativity is still negativity… but in a positive way 🙂

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      1) See my response to canadiens26 below.

      2) I did see your post where you asked me about Dale Weise’s goal, probably alluding to my comments post-trade to his lack of offensive skills. Know that I cheered his goal loudly, was happy and proud for him.


      Take note how he almost hit the goalie dead-centre in the chest, but missed it by six inches, so that the puck skittered under his armpit and into the net. I formulated the thought at the time that, although wide open with the puck on his blade right in front of the net, he almost made Anders Lindback’s save for him.

      So yeah, now that Dale is on our team, I’m a big fan, love what he’s done so far, but I remain realistic, he’ll create lots of opportunities, lots of pucks will skitter through the crease, but he’ll have trouble cashing them in, or connecting on a pass.

      As he did tonight, when he nobly tried to feed René for his hat trick. But couldn’t quite get it to him…

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I have called the NHL officials, they can’t take back Weise’s goal, even though indeed his shot went off the goalies chest it does indeed count. I have contacted all my family in Winnipeg and asked them to disregard this goal. He is indeed a dud with some spunk.

        COme on UCe, he has been a wonderful addition, regardless how many goals he scores, he can never score again for the Habs and have been a positive addition.

        Not sure why you are so adverse to him helping the Habs.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Know that I cheered his goal loudly, was happy and proud for him.

          So yeah, now that Dale is on our team, I’m a big fan, love what he’s done so far, but I remain realistic

          I think we’re on the same page Burli.

    • CynicalHabsfan says:

      The last three times the habs have come home with a 2-0 lead they’ve blown it. Which, when you think about it, is insane and quite possibly a record.
      Nobody’s saying you should dislike this team or that they will fail. Just that everybody should hold up on planning the cup parade. I hope Therrien is saying the exact same thing to the team. We need to come out Sunday playing like we’re down 2-0.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Just who the heck exactly planned a parade? Maybe people are just happy the team did what it needed to do? Why crap on a team for doing what it needed to do?

        • CynicalHabsfan says:

          Who’s crapping on the team? Seriously, I will personally fight anybody who’s crapping on the team after these two stellar road games. And I will resist the urge to fight those saying that the series is over. I’m just saying that it ain’t.

    • Peter Young says:

      Mike Boone is no nattering nabob of negativity, to quote words from the mouth of Spiro Agnew and the pen (or typewriter) of William Safire. It’s just the way he approaches things. My feeling is he’s actually as full of hopes as the rest of us, but he’s not going to express them publicly lest they be dashed. He’s taking a paternal role in his warnings and cautions; this time he’s merely advising us kids on this forum not to get our hopes up too far because there’s still a job to be done. He speaks from the voice of experience with the CH over the past 21 years, which have given CH fans many bitter disappointments. And then there’s the whole reverse jinx thing. I think he views that as sort of a good luck charm for the Canadiens. Anyway, I enjoy his negativism because I take it that, like Lafleur in 1979, he comes out gingerly. He couldn’t change the way he is even if he wanted to. Carry on, Mike, you do a fine job.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        “advising us KIDS on this forum”
        My emphasis. Nice one, Peter! Age doesn’t matter, does it? We are all children when we watch this game!

  43. canadiens26 says:

    Me. Boone,

    I love you to death but why are you so pessimistic? Are you unhappy at home? We are up 2-0 in the series. Show some love.

  44. Rad says:

    If the Habs win in a short series and the Boston/Detroit series goes 6 or 7, the Habs will be well-rested and in great shape for the rest of the playoffs. The NHL post-season is a war of attrition, and any extra rest pays huge dividends for a team as it advances further along in the playoffs.

  45. Rad says:

    Did anyone see this quote from Subban on the CBC web site:

    “”Nobody likes to be suffocated,” Subban said. “It’s pretty frustrating if you got a bag over your head and you can’t breathe.”

    This has to be concerning if you’re a Habs fan. I would strongly recommend the coaching staff allow our wunderkind to breathe, occasionally.

    • Clay says:

      Ok…that quote was posted at the very bottom of the article with absolutely ZERO context. And without said context, we have no way of knowing if he was talking about his own situation in Montreal, or something else.
      In fact, the only other quote by P.K. from the article has him talking about Stamkos. Thus one could just as easily assume that he was talking about suffocating Stamkos there…
      I don’t really like to speculate without evidence. This is how foolish rumours get started.

      ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

      • Rad says:

        I don’t know about speculating, that was the actual quotation. Regardless of whether those words were spoken in reference to Stamkos or himself, it is telling that P.K. has those kinds of ideas in his head. Considering his verbal jousting with Daigneault at the Montreal bench, when P.K. had to be restrained by Markov, those thoughts could just as easily apply to his own situation. One more thing, “speculate” is all we ever do here, at HIO. None of us are insiders that know what is REALLY going on.

  46. habs001 says:

    MT haters should rejoice as this is a win win for them..If Habs win great but if Tampa comes back and wins this series i think it would be very difficult in bringing MT back after winning the first 2 games on the road…

  47. Timo says:

    HIO mods… be useful for a change. Watch out for the S-word and delete the post immediately.

    • Adidess says:

      Timo, my man. You, of all people, wouldn’t want to give mods the power to delete posts that happen to go against the grain, would you? -)

      Go Team CHanada!

      • Habcouver says:

        Hey, Timo is trying to be positive. Let’s roll with it for the sake of the Habs! 😀

        We Are (Not) All Canucks.
        Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  48. habs001 says:

    If Habs sweep they may be off 10 days before the next round…

    • Timo says:

      Man, come on. Don’t say things like that. Seriously. Let’s get past game 3. I don’t see Habs winning it. Coming back home on high, first playoffs game at home… pressure will be crazy. There will be inclination to make pretty plays, get fancy in order to please the crowd. I think this will be the toughest game of the series.

    • Habcouver says:

      Apparently you didn’t read The Jackel below regarding the other S-word.
      For shame!

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  49. CynicalHabsfan says:

    As much as Lucic’s cheap shot was cowardly, classless, bush league, etc (and it was all those things), it was also incredibly, incredibly stupid. I don’t know what the call is if either ref sees that. I’d like to think it’s a game misconduct, but even if it’s only a minor, that’s giving the other team a free pp in an incredibly tight playoff game. If any of our guys did that they’d probably spend the rest of the game riding the bench

  50. Timo says:

    So no suspension for Lucic again? Was that a hockey play even though a recipient wasn’t a Habs player.

  51. habs001 says:

    If everyone is healthy i think Detroit has better forward talent than the Bruins…Hopefully that series goes 7 games..Not sure who is a better matchup for the Habs…

  52. Timo says:

    Forget signing PK. Sign Bourque!!!8 years at 7 mil per. Now, in now way do I think Bourque will sustain his play but he did bring it and credit where credit is due.

    Did anyone see Subban telling JJ “What the F was I supposed to do?” Good for PK. Shut them up these buffoons.

    Price had a great and Lindback… wasn’t. I hope Price is just warming up.

    Liked the Emelin was able to get a couple of crashing hits. Also, as much as I love Bouillon, and do LOOOOVE him, he needs to sit.

    Did I say Habs must sign Bourque? He was just saving himself. Very shrewd.

  53. RiverviewCanadien says:

    So Price never has back to back bad games, unreal how great he has been all year. Such a treat to have a top 5 goalie again. He was just awesome tonight. ’07-’08 Price all over again, this time with a complete team out front.

    What about that 2nd goal from Bourque. Just ran the gauntlet from the red line. Pedal to the metal, balls out, scores.

    Now I just wonder how many goals this team will have when Pacioretty, Vanek, Subban, and especially Briere start scoring at home.

    PS – I have always noticed Chuck’s posts and the win count come ‘payoffs’ season. I say we all add it. Only 14 more wins…


    Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

  54. Storman says:

    Ryan Getzlaf is a complete stud of a hockey player,

  55. SmielmaN says:

    Cooper reminds me of the principal from Billy Madison face, voice, intonation. It’s uncanny!

  56. Storman says:

    LMAO officials are horrible.. Ryan Getzlaf just got the imaginary tripping call , almost as bad as DD’s tonight,, 2 minutes for your opponent’s inability to skate.

  57. The Jackal says:

    Great win tonight, good team effort once again – let’s keep it up!
    With the Habs playing how they are, they can hopefully dispatch the Bolts and make some noise, just got to keep the intensity, hunger, and compete level up and not get distracted.

    That being said, let’s not say the other S-word (sweep) nor allude to it. As with shut-outs, let’s not jinx it or count the chickens before they hatch. We’ve gotten a good lead in the series and are going home and we are playing good hockey, but the moment you start thinking it is over is the moment you let the opponent in.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Habcouver says:

      Would you think all the positive karma on HIO is helping? Even Timo’s vibes are supportive.

      Awwwww…. you typed the other S-word!!!

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  58. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …listened to Jon Cooper’s post-game presser

    …he looks very much like My family physician here in Vancouver …a very decent, likeable, smart, competent person (and a McGill grad)

    …can’t imagine him cussin’ and f-bombing away in the dressing room like Therrien

    …well, like him, or not …he’s gotta go down ! 🙂

    • chanchilla says:

      I think it’s all about how a person uses language in every day life, I think we overreact to the way therrien speaks because it’s a little unexpected, i don’t think it’s as unexpected from a hockey player. What do i know though, i only ever played houseleague!

  59. Habcouver says:

    Great picture of PK and Stammer.
    Pals forever?

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  60. Caesar is along for the ride for 25 says:

    Sooo is Therrien fired yet?
    Also I’m eating crow on Briere. Not too shabby and yes it’s only 2 games but I thought he’d have made me hate him even more by now. The cube is impressive also, he’s way out of his league but giving 100% and not looking too slow or old out there.

    Does anyone know what if anything is hurting Emelin? Was the season too much stress on the knee?I hope he can get some rest between our last game of rnd 1 and the first of rnd 2. I totally think we will make it, but nothing has been won yet.
    great watching Gally tonight. He and Prust are the secondary guys you need to win cups.

  61. Les Canayens says:

    Rene Bourque uses the wrong cliche during an interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtEKcisBNWA

  62. SmielmaN says:

    What a game by the Habs! Clogged up the middle, chipped pucks out, tape to tape neutral zone passing, Prust finally quiets that punk Gudas, every line playing with a purpose. Oh, and Price was back to normal. Just a excellent game!

    As for that coward Lucic *pukes a little*… Something has to be done. That’s bushleauge cowardice and if that was my nuts he would be getting a chop to the head a la McSorly on Brashear. League has to upset big daddy Campbell with this one and sit him out for one game. Such a joke.

    I can’t wait for the pregame festivities on RDS Sunday! I got 4 generations of my family (all Habs fans) coming over all day for Easter and another great game like tonight with the roar of the Bell Centre would be the cherry on top of a f’n awesome sundae! pun intended.

    Go Habs Go!
    and no I wouldn’t put Chucky in until there’s a injury. No need to rush him at all as of now.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Where do you live?!
      If I bring a few bottles of Jameson and a case of Guinness, can I come over and watch the game with your 4 GENERATIONS OF HABS FANS??!!
      Oh MAN!

  63. 1010 says:

    This is the first time I`ve heard the media being unanimously critical of Lucics`antics. Sportsnet and TSN both calling it like it is. Will be interesting to hear CBCs`band of brothers talk about it tomorrow night. The biggest idiot of them all- that being Stock of course- may be fine with it and label it a love tap. As a matter of fact I will be surprised if he doesn`t take that stand. But I am curious to see if Don addresses it.

    GO HABS…

  64. Bim says:

    Was at the game tonite and enjoyed it thoroughly. Congrats to the bleu-blanc et rouge! Price was himself (whew!). Wasn’t sure after game 1. Even Rene Bourque looks like he’s on fire at last. Habs fans were everywhere and noisy too! Yeah! The Bell Centre should be rockin on Sunday. Go Habs! Also couldn’t help notice just how much MT has screwed up Yemmy. The guy looks like he’s been coached to death. The guy can skate but never rushes the puck. Instead he’s always looking to get rid of the puck everytime he gets it and to boot looks frustrated that he has to go off after every 10 second shift..and then there’s PK. Arguably their best defenseman. He’s been just reduced to a defensive stalwart and that’s just not his game. He hardly rushes the puck either anymore and that’s disappointing. He’s got great wheels but instead looks confused playing a role he’s just not used to. We’ll see how far these guys go this playoff year and if its not very far don’t be surprised to see MB dump MT.

    • Adidess says:

      This will not be a popular opinion on this site, especially tonight. Considering the season the team has had, I don’t know how you can quibble with MT’s decisions, however you may feel personally about them. This team is playing as a united front right now, and they seem well-prepared for the playoffs, better prepared than their opponents. If you can’t give MT credit at this point of the season, fine. But for dumping him, you really have no case.

      Go Team CHanada!

      • Mike Boone says:

        It’s a results-oriented business. 100 points for a team that was expected to scuffle for a wild-card playoff berth. No scandals or room eruptions. Up 2-0 after two road games. The coach has to be doing something right, no?

        Mike Boone
        Hockey Inside/Out blogger

        • Adidess says:

          I agree. I am not a fan of MT’s old-school approach, especially in terms of dealing with young players. But the team results do speak for themselves.

          It’s a funny thing. Many feel MT isn’t getting the best out of several individual players (Chucky, Eller, etc), but nobody can really say he could be getting more out the team he has. So, no question he is doing something right. I have come to accept his style, based on the unquestionably good results.

          Go Team CHanada!

          • CynicalHabsfan says:

            Funny moment on cbc tonight when the announcers said therrien “doesn’t seem to care” which pairing he’s matching up against stamkos. A nice way to say that he’s not bothering matching lines at all.
            Despite disagreeing with MANY of his decisions throughout the year, he does seem to have the boys “buying in”. He’s definitely not a tactical genius, but he might be a better motivator than a lot of people give him credit for

        • Bim says:

          Hi Mike! Absolutely he has done a lot of things right and I’m happy for them and would like to see it continue..right to the end! But I don’t feel they will get enough goals to carry them past the elite in this league. Maybe too early and expecting too much. No?

      • Bim says:

        Point taken Adidess! As a Habs fan personally I would like to see a little more offense and I think the guys have it in them. They just need the right guy to bring it out. That’s all.

  65. Mr. Biter says:

    Used to be Dr. Recchi on the Bruins , now it’s Dr. Lucic giving free Vasectomies.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  66. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Was at church so missed most of the game. Habs won as I expected. The sign of a good team is that they take advantage of favorable situations and beat the teams they are supposed to beat. When Bishop went down, TB was in huge trouble. The good week Lindback had was a mirage like the one Budaj had after the Olympic break. It was never going to last with a back-up; especially against Price. Time to get the brooms out.

    As for the @#!^~$ Bruins, not surprised by Detroit’s victory. The Bruins fear the Habs and the Wings because they stick to hockey and burn them on the PP. As for Lucic…what a disgrace. He’s a coward and so was the NHL for doing nothing the first time. It seems it always takes two offenses for a Bruin to get suspended. Hopefully he does it to some Leafs next year…

    Lastly, that picture of PK and Stamkos is phenomenal. That is what hockey is really all about.

  67. mark-ID says:

    Question, just to start discussion: If Chucky was good to go Sunday, who would you even take out to put him in?

    I love Galchenyuk, but as long as we keep winning, I would role with this lineup.

    It sure is nice beating Tampa two in a row….after they got the best of us during the regular season.

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  68. CynicalHabsfan says:

    Hey Boone, I hate to nitpick but the Habs were only up 2-1 the year of MT’s bench minor meltdown. We blew a 2-0 lead against the canes in ’06 and also against the rangers in 1996.
    ANYWAY, if I’m not mistaken, the last three times we’ve won the first two on the road we’ve gone on to choke away the series. Still way too early to take the foot off the pedal. We may have played a perfect road game tonight but let’s play a perfect home game Sunday and come out flying!

    • Mike Boone says:

      Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up.

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

    • kalevine says:

      you beat me to it. That is correct, they were up 2-1 in the series in 2002 and 3-0 in game 4, when Therrien basically blew the game with his outburst, and the series. You could hear the air deflating.

      And you are right – a 2-0 lead on the road has been the worst series lead for the Habs in the last 18 years, with an 0-3 record in such series’. I hope, and think, this one will break that streak

      • CynicalHabsfan says:

        Yup. I don’t think they’ve held onto such a lead in my lifetime. Must be why I’m still a nervous wreck while all my friends are celebrating hahaha…
        At least this year we’ve been pretty darn good at not blowing leads.

  69. Storman says:

    DD ‘s tripping penalty tonight was an exact example of officials guessing which is a huge no no at any level but especially at the elite level,, I sincerely hope that official apologizes to DD the first chance he gets,, he certainly will want to after he reviews his game and more importantly that hilarious call . 2 minutes for DD because Bolts defender cant skate when pressured.

  70. lizard ranger says:

    And shot the dog .
    Vintage Boone .
    I , for one, love it .

  71. Butterface says:

    I expect a fine for Lucic…. if not, I will write an impassioned letter to the NHL.

    Thought PK had a great game. One of his best in a long time. Not sure what the D-coach JJ was yelling at him for, but happy PK stood up for himself whatever it was.

    I can not complain about one player tonight. They all should be praised for their effort. Eller had another strong game. Prust looked much better tonight. Price was obviously better.

    The Bell Centre will go nuts (not a Lucic pun) when the Canadiens hit the ice for game 3.

    Marty Biron has slowly gotten my ear at TSN. I have agreed with much of his logic.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

    • Adidess says:

      You don’t want to see that kind of public display of dissension on the bench, no matter who is at fault for starting it. I didn’t like it. But since things are going well right now, this will not be a focus of discussion.

      It seems like PK needs to be emotionally engaged to play well (probably true for most players, but I’d say him in particular). Playing with confidence for him seems to go with feeling anger and passion. A true playoff performance tonight, he played within himself and was great defensively.

      Go Team CHanada!

  72. Adidess says:

    Repost from ended thread

    ‘I just saw the clip. There is no way Lucic gets away with this one. Not that I trust the guys in the department of player safety to do the right thing necessarily, but now he’s clearly looking to embarrass them and totally destroy what is left of their credibility. As partial as they have been to Boston, you know they want to keep it discreet and preserve plausible deniability. This one would give it all away. So no way, right!?

    I’m thinking they might even punish him for what happened the last time, while they’re at it, to over-compensate for their long-established, head-scratching leniency towards the Bruins. But who knows, maybe they want to wait until the next infraction or the one after the next to react. I’d only be minimally shocked, if they choose to look away one more time’ -)

    Go Team CHanada!

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      You are so right, Sholi.
      Excellent interview with Lucic: Hope you don’t mind if I re-post this at the top now that I’m up and you’re sleeping the sleep of the just in Winnipeg. (Except I’m forgetting it’s you, and reveille is probably in about 5 minutes!)

  73. JohnBellyful says:

    Was about to post this on other thread until I saw this one open…

    Here’s the difference between the top players and Lucic:
    Top players have a good reputation because they stick up for their teammates.
    Lucic has a bad reputation because he puts a stick up their teammates.

  74. naweed235 says:

    First on a glorious night!

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