About last night …

No reason to panic … yet.

Mike Cammalleri may play in the Heritage Classic. Hal Gill could be ready for Calgary, as well.

The Canadiens are in sixth place, seven points clear of eighth-place Carolina, which has a game in hand.

Moreover, this team tends to play well in games it is not expected to win …. like the one on Sunday and the Tuesday visit to Vancouver.

Arpon Basu has some interesting analysis of line match-ups last night. The thrust of it is Scott Gomez, Travis Moen and Andrei Kostitsyn were playing against Andrew Cogliano and two rookies, Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall.

They should have taken advantage, and they had their chances: 10 shots on goal for the line, plus four blocked. But when the siren sounded, Gomez was minus-2 – he’s been on that side of the ledger in every loss of the current slide – and AK46 and Moen were minus-1. The line was on the ice when Eberle scored the winner.

The other top line – Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty and Brian Gionta – were each minus-2.

One of Jacques Martin’s in-game adjustments – along with playing his D half to death after James Wisniewski’s injury – was sitting two players whose skating couldn’t keep up with the whippet-fast Oilers. Down to four reliable Dmen, Martin needed back-end help from his forwards; David Desharnais and Mathieu Darche were deemed too slow to provide it.

But the limited use of Darche, ToI 5:40, and DD, 11:06, meant Martin was going with a three-line team that ran out of gas in the third period. 

The Canadiens had their chances. They outshot Edmonton 37-28. But open nets were missed, Nikolai Khabibulin outgoaled Carey Price and all the offence they could muster was one greasy goal by non-sniper Jeff Halpern.

And having lost to the goaltender ranked 39th in the NHL, the Canadiens face Miikka Kiprusoff (ranked eighth) and Roberto Luongo (No. 2 … and he’ll be trying harder against the team from his hometown).

When they get to Vancouver, the Canadiens will be facing a team with a D corps more depleted than their own. The Canucks, who lost to Nashville last night, had Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff on defence, plus four guys I’ve never heard of: Yann Sauvé, Chris Tanev, Aaron Rome and Evan Oberg.

It’s crunch time in the NHL season, and everyone is banged-up to a greater or lesser degree.

Canadiens fans can be thankful that after the Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges injuries, P.K. Subban and, increasingly in recent games, Yannick Weber have stepped up.

P.K. has played more than 29 minutes against Buffalo and Edmonton this week. After Wiz went down last night, Weber played 27:38. Alexandre Picard played a season-high 23:23 and did not look out of place.

They’re young and can handle that kind of ToI – although a shot of the bench during the third period last night showed Subban gasping for air.

Roman Hamrlik will be 37 in April. Keep playing him 27-plus minutes like he did against Edmonton and a U.N. Human Rights tribunal will file charges against Jacques Martin at The Hague.

And now your injury-ravaged Canadiens play the Heritage Classic.

No one ever gets hurt in an outdoor game, right?

•  •  •

The first penalty – a Dustin Penner hook – wasn’t called until the game was 33 minutes old.

And an oddity: with their two top penalty-killers – Jeff Halpern and Tomas Plekanec –  in the box, the Canadiens held Edmonton’s PP off.

•  •  •

Is Tomas Plekanec running out of gas?

Pleks hasn’t been his usual speedy self in recent games, and Jacques Martin played Pleks 18:34 last night – less than Scott Gomez’s 20:51.

•  •  •

Guest Comment from PeterD:

Seems every day we talk about and lament the
loss and our two best defencemen – Markov and Gorges and that somehow
that provides some solice for why the team is not winning or how the
team shows such spunk and character game in and game out.  But really,
we should not be bringing up the loss of these two great players as an
excuse for current or future team performance…they are gone for the
season and no lamenting or head hanging will bring them back.  So we
need to move on as if they are not part of this team – because for all
intents and purposes they are not.

Cammi, Gill, Spatches and Wizi
will return soon I hope.  But even they will not fix what is wrong with
this team right now.  We do not have goal scoring finishers on this
team.  This comment may or probably will alienate some on HIO, but
seriously, how does a team get so many shots game in and game out and
not put some in the net.  The answer is very clear, we have skilled,
fast skating players but they lack the natural goal scoring creativity
that puts goals in the net.

I for one am very concerned with our
near term future.  We can play team defense better than most teams in
the league, but we need some offensive finishers.  Without that we are
unable to beat the Oilers, Islanders, and Sabres…how do we think we
will do against the elite teams that make the long run into the

I have been a real Gomez, AK basher all season, but
tonight and the last few games they have been putting in the effort and
show they care and are trying…But, trying and caring and putting in
effort is not scoring goals and winning close games.

Gauthier needs to be looking right now towards what this team will look
like and how they will perform going forward over the rest of this
season and for the next two to three years and if he is willing to be
bold, he should make some trades now that increase our offensive finish
around the net.  Questions he needs to be asking now are… Does he have
scoring talent in the system that can make the jump next year?  Can he
find a scoring gem before the trade deadline this year?  How much is he
willing to pay for that talent if he finds a willing partner? 

is one very tough job he has…and again, good luck with that Pierre. 
Right now, my bias is overpay if you have too for that scoring forward
who can finish around the net consistently.



  1. Habnofear says:

    The truth is you two muses suck and I called it last summer:)

  2. Shiloh says:

    Kaberle to Boston announced on Canoe Sports – then the big yellow banner disappeared. Not sure what’s happening – TSN has nada.

  3. RiverviewCanadien says:

    As many have argued about the Gomez sucktitude, he was better than Pleks last night, who does look tired lately. Scott gave Gionta, Kostitsyn, you name it, great feeds, but nobody could cash in on them.

    I have always been an Andrei supporter, but I think he needs to find a new team. I feel that would benefit him greatly.

    And yes I will be lambasted for this but, PG should really bring Kovalev back, he will produce goals.

  4. JF says:

    I liked the effort last night after the first period, and I thought Gomez and Kostitsyn in particular looked very good.  But you can’t win hockey games if you don’t score goals.  Scoring goals has been a problem for us for a few years now, and it doesn’t seem as though we have the players in our system to solve it.  At the moment we have one player (Gionta) with more than 20 goals, and several with 10 or more.  Gionta is the only player likely to hit 30, few of the others will even get to 20.  Even with JM’s very effective defensive system, these numbers won’t get us far.  Before the latest wave of injuries to our defence, we were winning more close games than we were losing; the reverse is likely to be the case now.

    So I agree with PeterD that Pierre Gauthier has to do whatever it takes to bring in some serious offensive talent, not necessarily for this year but certainly during the off-season.  Otherwise I can’t see us being more than a bubble team, which, after a promising start and a recent surge that had us hoping for third place, looks like being the case again this year.  Meanwhile Edmonton, which has sucked for years and stockpiled high draft picks, will get yet another this year and, two or three years down the road, be an elite team.  As long as we continue the way we are, the Habs will never draft higher than the middle of the pack, so Gauthier will have to pay, and likely overpay, for serious offensive talent.  But I think he has to do it.

  5. Cool Ice Price says:

    All these blown games will come back & bite the Habs in their collective Arses. They should be comfortably in a playoff spot right now if they did not squander those games. We all know that the Habs playoff chances due to their inability to score goals rest on the broad shoulders of Cary Price. He has to limit teams to two goals allowed in the regular season for the Habs to win. In the playoff that will go down to one goal per game. My point is, Price needs to be rested going into the playoffs. Right now he is not nor will he be rested come the end of the reg. season cause it will probably go down to the last 3 games to make the playoffs!

  6. Chris says:

    I have to agree with you and Peter on this one, Jane.  People consistently talk about the team being unlucky, but that explanation loses some weight when you look at the fact that the team hasn’t scored for the entire time that Martin has been here.

    I’m not sure who the team could go out and obtain, though.  The free agent market is notoriously fickle…we were fortunate two summers ago that the major FA powers were all cap-strapped and couldn’t bid on players like Gionta or Cammalleri. 

    I’ve posted it before, but I think the only avenue open to the team if they are serious is to go and try to obtain a major league star via trade.  And if we’re doing that, it is going to hurt:  we have to resign ourselves to the fact that there can’t be a single untouchable on the roster.

    If the team is to become a serious Stanley Cup contender, I truly believe a major roster shake-up this summer will be necessary, because the scoring issue has become glaring.  We’re not going to get a star player via the draft from where we are drafting, and I have a hard time believing that we’re getting one via free agency with so much tied up in Gionta/Gomez/Plekanec/Cammalleri.  That means at least one of those guys has to go the other way to make it work, and Plekanec has the most value.

    I think Malkin is probably the most available and is far and away the best bet, but Plekanec would have to be involved in that deal for it to make sense for the Penguins.  They would almost certainly want a couple of first round picks (at least) plus a young roster forward (Pacioretty or Pouliot?).  Are we willing to pay that price? 

    Other stars are going to be hard to pry away from their teams.  You would need to look at a team that is currently spending close to the cap but that is looking at a firesale due to ownership troubles.  Atlanta might fit that bill, but they don’t have anybody that fits our need.  Lecavalier’s name is going to come up, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 20-foot pole due to his own inconsistencies.

    Tough decisions await Pierre Gauthier this summer, and I don’t envy him.  But if we aren’t one of the teams that are most active in pursuing Malkin, I will be disappointed.

  7. notbigbird says:

    Pleks seems to be fading late in the season again. He is a great pk guy, but someone has to figure out that it eventually wears him down. This is not a new thought but one that I’ve had — although unexpressed — for a long time.

  8. Chris says:

    I agree…losing points to the bottom feeders is always frustrating.  But we have to temper that frustration with the reality of the team’s injury woes, which are pretty severe, and the fact that everybody goes through stretches where they bomb against teams they should handle easily.

    Montreal is a team that relies on airtight defence and stellar goaltending to win games.  When 4/6 of the defence corps regulars are injured, the impact is huge.  That the team also struggles to score and has been missing its only true sniper should have been a death knell for this season, yet they are still in the mix thanks to Price nad the better than expected contributions from the team’s young players.

  9. rbby_habs says:

    GOMEZ:   It astonishes me how people are saying Gomez played well last night.    OK – Sure…he played better than usual, with more effort.  But at the end of the day……he still did nothing, and even went -2.    That’s playing a good game?  Hmm..maybe for Gomez standards that is.    Gomez is a waste…..people say he’s a playmaker;  he doesn’t pass the puck, he throws the puck at a teamates direction regardless if he’s covered by the opposing team’s defensemen, and hopes for the best.    

    Gomez is a third liner.    Put DD on the second line to centre Cammy & Pouliot.    Cammy and DD would be interesting…I think DD can set him up nicely. 

  10. Cool Ice Price says:

    Even with a healthy team the Habs have been for yrs losing to bottom teams!

  11. Hammer says:

    Must admit I had a tinge of compassion for gomez last evening. When you put the ” hands of stone” on one side and the ” enigma” on the other and watch Gomez set these guys up time after time to no avail, one must wonder what is going on. If JM benched DD or was not confident in him, move Pouliet up to #11’s line and move Moen down. I haven’t coached in 35 years but that is what i would have done.

  12. Chris says:

    Before this run of injuries hit a couple of weeks ago, the Habs had actually been doing very well against the bottom feeders. 

    One of the peculiarities of the human mind is that we tend to over-focus on the bad things and defocus the good things.  Probably part of our evolutionary survival instincts.  The result is that we remember those losses to the bottom feeders far more than we remember all the wins.  The Habs have a very good record against the Northeast Division, for example.

    There are bottom feeders that give us trouble.  Edmonton has the speed to skate with the Habs, while the Leafs are always up to the challenge against the Habs.  But overall, the team’s record against the bottom half of the league is still pretty strong.

  13. RetroMikey says:

    I, too am very concerned where this team is headed in the future as also stated by Peter D’s comments.

    If you can’t beat the lowly young Oilers with the so called skill players we have in Pleks, GIonta, AK, and Gomez to name a few, you just are not worthy to be an Eastern playoff contender at this stage of the season.

    Injuries are a part of the game, and if you have cracks on the team, time for Gauthier to realize Bobby’s mistakes and be aggressive on the trading deadline.

    The young guys are impressive but do you really want to play the kids so much ice time and burn them out as the regular season dwindles?

    Bring in some big unskilled  boys from Hamilton and see what they can do.  Call this season an experiment and work on the summer on who to bring in.

    This team will not go far int he playoffs, I guarantee it!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  14. punkster says:

    There it is folks. The absolute proof that the Habs will do well in the playoffs. Because RM guarantees they won’t.


  15. mjames says:

    Enough with all this team analysis. The real reason why  we lost this game is because of AK46 . He was directly or indirectly responsible for all 4 of the Oilers goals. If he had not played we would have easily won this game. As a matter of fact Gomez would be having a career year if not for AK46. The same can be said for Pleks, Gionta and Cammy who would all be over 30 goals by now. Price’s GAA would be less than 2 if not for AK46. If PG were smart he would trade AK46 to Nashville for one of their pending UFA ( a Moen type player) . If he can’t get an UFA then maybe a 12th round draft choice.

    I am surprised Boone did not point to the real reason why we lost this game  —–AK46.




  16. Shiloh says:

    Kaberle to the Bruins – breaking.

  17. HardHabits says:

    News Flash: Tha Habs aren’t winning the Cup this year.

    Get used to it!!!!

  18. Cool Ice Price says:

    Why teams take these very soon to be UFA’s is beyond me. If Boston thinks that they will make a run for the Cup then they are sadly mistaken! 

  19. joeybarrie says:

    So last night’s loss hurt. Really sucked. We could be sitting in 5th and tied for 3rd right now. NOT TOO SHABBY considering our season.

    That being said I did like Gomez last night, but as his whole season seems to be going, they could not get it done. AK missing an open net, and hitting the Khabibulin dead in the crest on every other shot.

    The Habs have always had trouble with a hot goalie. Blame Price all you want, when you can only put in one goal (after about 10 attempts at it) against the Oilers, you have bigger problems than your goalie missing a few shots he probably should have stopped. (I will give him a break on the last one as it was a 4 on 1).

    Besides our crippled D corps, missing 5 and our top scorer, we need more help up front. Another top 2 player who can score. Gio has 10 assists for a 6 year low. Cammi has been slow this year on the goals and AK and Pouliot are tied with him, despite AK playing 14 more games and Pouliot 12 more. Pleks’ production is a bit slow this season, and Gio is our only scorer who has more than 20 goals…. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    I know we can beat Calgary and Vancouver, but we really should have taken the easiest game. But 2 goals in 15 seconds, and our team leaving Price out to dry time and time again is taking its toll. When you have 4 D out, and a 5th leaves the game, the players (ESPECIALLY the D) have to be more careful about getting back. Last night in the 3rd we were not.

    But in the end what can we really expect out of a team that is missing Markov, Gorges, Gill, Spacek, and Cammi. AND with most of these guys coming back and the addition of Mara… We are still in a great spot considering. Thats a testament to JM, PG and the entire team.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  20. Cool Ice Price says:

    Is Burke silently employed by Boston?

  21. punkster says:

    HH. You and I look like genius GMs on this one. We called it in October 😉


  22. joeybarrie says:

    Its not like he missed an open net last night or anything.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  23. rhino514 says:

    Don´t understand why Boone would post that commentator´s comment about lack of finishing. Cammaleri and Gionta are natural goal scorers. Pacioretty is finishing quite well. A couple of natural scorers is about what most teams have. The knock has always been that we are too small, but now it´s that our small forwards don´t finish? What exactly do they do then? Don´t agree with the comment. We WOULD be a few games ahead without all the key injuries, and for sure first in the division. Heck we are only 2 points out of first in the division as it is. And we´d be a higher scroing team if we didn´t play such a defensive system. No one would be complaining about our lack of finishing then.

  24. shootdapuck says:

    Finishers don’t have shooting percentages below 12%



    For Example:

    Crosby      19.9%

    Staal        13.3%

    D. Sedin   16.3%

    Kesler      17.7%

    Burrows    15.7%

    Datsyuk    19.3%

    Stamkos   19.6%


    Compared to:

    Cammalleri  10.3%

    Gionta          9.2%

    Plekanec      11.0%

    Finishers hit the net and subsequently score.


    “I only like to watch and takes notes” JM

  25. HabFab says:

    Be careful guys or you will end up on the IR… with dislocated elbows!

  26. oshawahabsfan says:

    Gionta probably has about 100 more shots on goal than these guys as well. He, like Ovechkin is a high volume shooter, so of course he will have a lower percentage. You seriously think some of those guys are better pure goal scorers than Cammalleri, give your head a shake

  27. StevieRay says:

    What sucks JB is losing to the Islanders and the Oilers the 2 worst teams in the NHL ….
    What also sucks is 3 dudes making making close to 18 million dollars that show little consistency

  28. Mike Boone says:

    I posted it to annoy you. And it worked!

  29. New says:

    The reason Gomez is getting a rough time is because he is on the ice for more goals scored against than for. He is like minus a million. That is because he quit. Watch him instead of listening to the play by play guys chatter.

  30. Hali_Hab says:

     hahahah now what have i told you about drinking in the day time?  cammi and geo MAY be “finishers” but they are of the inconsistant varity. A true finisher has consistant numbers and  a few more than 21 goals. The numbers are there to support this.. looks at our goals for… its shamefull.  The lack of scoring on this team has been masked by good defensive play and great goal keeping..




    “After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two.“ Guy Lafleur.

  31. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I agree, I’ve been watching Gomez pretty close and it boggles the mind when I see people write, “oh he’s having a good game”.  The guy has been god awful.  I also love the comment “he’s really trying out there”.  I mean really?  The apologists are really reaching when they spout crud like that.  He’s “trying”?  I mean that should be a damn given for any NHL player, this isn’t a goddamn peewee league, of course he’s trying.  Like it or not it’s the NHL, and a top six guy making top six money like Gomez needs to put up points which means goals AND assists.  Some of these posters seem to have a really naive view of the NHL.

  32. NightRyder says:

    Nice to see Gomez getting nearly 21 minutes last night.


    Don’t you know he “doesn’t need” to score because he’s so responsible defensively (just don’t ask his wingers who are often left to cover up for him when he goes on one of his useless forays behind the opposition net).

    If that argument doesn’t fly, they’ll toss out the Stanley Cup experience (without mentioning that he was essentially a  passenger on his three deepest runs with New Jersey, scoring 36 points in 72 games). He went 17 games without a goal on our run last year (“yeah, but look at those second assist totals, he DOESN’T NEED to score goals).

    If that doesn’t fly, out comes the “he’s a good teammate” BS (ask Subban or anyone he played with in New York).

    He is farking terrible. I have been barking up this tree for some time, and it’s nice to see the needle at least flickering in the right direction as even the Pollyannas begin to lift their rose-coloured glasses.

    He has NINE goals in his last NINETY games. He doesn’t even win 50% of his faceoffs. He is exceptionally easy to defend. He appears to have forgotten anything Jacques Lemaire may have taught him.

    Yes, because he wears a CH on his chest, I cheer for him. I’ve said 4,233 times that I wish he would score 30 goals and get 85 points. But he won’t. And I am baffled my anti-Gomez bandwagon hasn’t filled to overflowing before this.

    I watch people (as they still try to suckle on Jaro Halak’s mighty nards)  throw Carey Price under the bus when we fall behind 2-0. But Gomez still either draws relative indifference or (barf) loyal defenders.

    It’s high time this pud was sent packing. Paul DiPietro could produce similar numbers given Gomez’s ice time. Mike Boone could probably come close.

    Your move Pollyannas…


  33. Hali_Hab says:

     can some one explain the logic of  sitting darche and DD on the bench and giving ice time to moen??? for as much as we crap on gomez you have to admit that him playing with the enigma and moen doesnt exactly bring out the best of his abilitys as a set up man because lets face it thats what he is. He set both of those guys up numerous time last night with no finish. What has moen and ak for that matter done all year to warrant that kind of ice time. There is no justification to having darch and DD on the bench and giving great ice time to those two.



    “After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two.“ Guy Lafleur.

  34. doug19 says:

    Well great we get Paul Mara for our playoff run and Boston gets Kaberle. This is always the year for our playoff run. There is no next year or year after when Price will be a free agent possibly. I hope PG can think that far ahead.

    Their is no point now ever diving for a draft pick as we probably would have never picked Stamcos or developed him if given the chance, instead we probably would have choosen some obscure under the ice I mean radar college player.

    We need size  many say but have you noticed we have traded away mostly bigger players? Now I admit I was not a Laps fan much of late but he was one of the larger players. We suck at drafting players especially larger ones. Good strategy of Pg trading for other teams draft picks. I must take solace in Paul Mara’s 6′-3″ and 207 lbs and prayerfully his rebirth.

    A stinky loss and we fans go crazy!

  35. solomio says:

    Malkin ? Get real !

  36. solomio says:

    Kovalev ? Get real?

  37. bolder says:

    The “count collapse” system sucks! F*** that 5 goalie system … We need goals!

  38. shootdapuck says:

    No give your head a dunk in a lake!

    Take off the rose coloured blinders the Habs do not have a finisher even when Cammalleri is healthy.

    He is way too streaky.

    Stamkos, Crosby, Datsyuk, Sedin, Kesler, Burrows have all outscored Cammalleri this year last year and next year.

    Why cause they score from all over the ice not just one place on a one timer and they score all the time.

    If he was such a pure goal scorer why hasn’t he won the Rocket Richard trophy …..yet.

    UNFORTUNATELY this is the world we live in.



    “I only like to watch and takes notes” JM

  39. doug19 says:

    Talking of prospects what ever happened to Gregory Stewart. He looked good briefly could skate could fight if needed.

  40. Sheldon says:

    It’s a great mind experiment to think what Lemaire and Robinson could have done with the Habs. Jacques has totally turned around the Devil’s and Kovachuk’s seasons.

  41. shakey says:

    have to agree – he sucks. he needs to sit.

  42. shakey says:

    the gomez, ak46 and whomever experiment has to stop! they are all terrible together. gomez and ak bring out the worst in each other, as evidenced by their plummeting plus/minus. please, break up this line. maybe dd can resurrect ak46.

  43. HardHabits says:

    First Kovalchuck and now Malkin. Dude. If it was Crosby you were aiming for I’d be onboard. Malkin. Ha. Not unless the Habs fly in his parents for all playoff games.

  44. The Cat says:



    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  45. beaverislandguy says:

    i am okay with continuing with the team and sticking with what we got until the end of our season .  I would hate to see us trade the farm like we did with John LeClair, Desjardins, Dionne, etc for Mark Recchi back in the day –  it put us in a tailspin for years.   i would love to see AK46 off on the bus for someone else, but that don’t seem too possible – other teams watch gameflims as well as we do. Yes Gomez has been trying of late…but he is too predictable, has trouble backchecking and is in a funk.  That recent shootout loss we had was so painful…AK46 then Gomez….hurl…both shots into the goalie’s pads.  nothing with intensity or creative thought.  

    hopefully Plekanac will find positive energy soon, that 20 goal barrier is elusive it seems.  Seeing him in the box late in last night’s game, i saw frustration in his demeanor.  Why not,  two men short, there was only 5 minutes left and we have had no puck luck all game. Rest assured Plekanac will be charged for the next one. Thank goodness  Subban has been finally allowed to let loose and go end to end at will.  i makes for exciting hockey.

    According to the experts, we ain’t gonna make it to the cup final this year.  Maybe excitement is all we got to look forward to, hopefully we will make the playoffs.  and run as far as we can without Markov and Gorges. I suggest cutting our losses and tinker for the following season.  Some of these players need seasoning and only time will provide the skill to score consistently in bunches.  Maybe with Cammy coming back, he could ignite a sparking offense.  Just in time to meet the Canucks.  or not.

    oh yah, meeting them Bruins again would be fun stuff to watch as well.

    go habs go



  46. zak says:

    JM is no genius behind the bench. Lots of his moves are headscratchers.Does coaching make a difference? Look at Tampa, NJ,Coyotes. To bad we’re stuck in this bilingual business. No one would care if we won a cup.

  47. zak says:

    Peter D all our shots are from the perimeter. Lots of shots on goal no one in front on the net because of JM’s system. Quite often I’m wondering where the third guy is and he’s practically back at the blue line.Every guy that has played with Gomez has his production go down.He’s not a give and go guy. He like to skate to the blue line , turn and make a pass.AK was having a good start to the year with Plec and Cammi untill the genius behind the bench decided to break up the line to get Gomez going. It’s been down hill ever since.

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