About last night …

It was the season in microcosm.

A good start, and then a slump that had us worrying about what kind of team we’ve got in your Montreal Canadiens.

It all turned out well, with P.K. Subban supplying the Hollywood ending.

And maybe the season will have us smiling, come April.

But man, it’s never easy with this bunch …

For the second consecutive game, the Canadiens squandered a lead.

Last night, they squandered a rout.

Blame the Bell Centre fans for premature Olélation, but this team has trouble finishing – goals and games.

But the Canadiens put two points in the bank, lifted themselves up into sixth place and displayed some encouraging signs that the mid-season blahs are behind them.


There was a lot to like:

• The game ended a run of 13 in which the Canadiens scored three or fewer goals.

• Lars Eller played his best game yet on a line with Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec.

• Cammalleri finally popped one, after a 10-game dry spell.

• Jeff Halpern, whose offence has been MIA, scored for the first time in 18 games.

• The PK pitched another shutout.

• Andrei Kostitsyn scored again, the first time he’s had goals in consecutive games since a three-game run in late October.

• Max Pacioretty continues to skate and hit and look totally at home with his Yankee Doddle Dandy linemates.

• Yanick Weber was plus-2, played smart and did not get slapped around unduly by a big Western Conference team.

• The Canadiens went to the net on a consistent basis. Brian Gionta was penalized for it, nullifying a Pacioretty goal, but Travis Moen and Weber were in Mikka Kiprusoffs kitchen when Halpern scored.

• Carey Price was Mariano Rivera … Yikes, did I just cite a YANKEE? … make that Jonathan Papelbon, back when he was good.

• Roman Hamrlik, Hal Gill and Jaro Spacek continue to provide a safety net for their young partners.

And speaking of young defenceman …

P.K. Subban had more ToI than anyone on either team last night. And his 27:13 included 6:17 on the PK, with partner Gill.

He should have done a better job on the Alex Tanguay goal that made it 4-4. And Subban caused yet another Too Many Men call.

But man, the kid has magic.

And that plays big in this town.

You pretty much have to go back to Guy Lafleur to find a player who lifts the home crowd out of their expensive seats shift after shift after shift.

P.K. does that.

Mike Cammalleri calls the kid Prime Time. And as I wrote in Quick Hits, P.K.’s flamboyance – such as we saw in his winning-goal celebration – deeply offends the delicate sensibilities of the Ontario Orange Lodge spinster aunts who run the NHL and Hockey Night in Canada.

Know what?

Joke them if they can’t take a $%^&.

Montreal is not Kingston.

We LOVE our hot dogs – steamé and all-dressed.

Buffalo tonight.




  1. JohnBellyful says:

    Okey-doke. Just had to speak up for my idol. Sensitive that way. Just like you are about Kingston. And good for you for sticking up for Kingston. That’s where my family comes from — and Inverary. So no, don’t take any guff.

  2. heartandgoal says:

    This is PJ Stock BS.  Speculative do-nothing commentary.

  3. krob1000 says:

    I am not going to pretend it’s easy to follow my posts since I rarely edit and write them like I am thinking them not how they should be read….so no biggie.  Not a slight at Beliveau..cetainly not like the slight at Kingston.   To each their own is right..I like em all… Cherry,  Beliveau,Subban and Kingston..and even Montreal….but c’mon gotta stick up for my Ktown….especially when Montreal is being somehow praised as a hot dog loving town….not when hockey is involved they aren’t…they are the most traditional and conservative organization in the league…..please Bellyful…sleep well knowing I was not disrespecting Le Gros Bill…..but praising him as being the epitomy of dignified…and our poster boy…but also he is the furthest thing from “hot dog” the league has ever produced.

  4. Keith Anderson says:

    Not disagreeing you, but did you notice the way P.K. avoided Gomez to celebrate his goal?  Gomer was left by the boards looking like a deserted friend when Gionta offered him congrats for a great set-up.  I’m just wondering if Gomer was offended.  Isn’t that part of what caused P.K. to sit earlier?  His “lack of respect for elders, including on his team”?

  5. Ian Cobb says:

    Number 4 Jean Beliveau just sent me a picture signed by him in the mail today, after meeting with him and Reg Houle last week when we were in Montreal for the week.

    It is a 7″ X 10″ black and white, one of a kind shot of the boys in uniform just before practice. It must be from around the 1958 to 1960 team. Jean signed it and sent it to me.

    Great  group picture of the team standing on the ice. Toe Blake and Frank Selkie standing in the bench area and standing on the ice is J. Plante, Phil Goyette, Harvey, Provost, Pronaveau, Tom Johnson, Ferguson, Don Marshall. Dicky Moore, Jean Guy Talbot, Jean Beliveau, H. Richard, Bernie Geoffrion, and a few more that I do not remember who they are.

    Next person that knows how to scan it that drops by, I will put it up
    to view on the site. But it has a thick backing on it. So I don’t know
    how to scan it.

  6. JohnBellyful says:

    I did read them all, but I lost the sense of context when Beliveau was drawn into the conversation in a way that seem to slight him by saying he lacked spunk. Cherry is flamboyant, Le Gros Bill is dignified. To each his own.

  7. krob1000 says:

    think you need to read all the posts to get the context….wasn’t a knock against Beliveau at all…more that it is hypocritical for Boone to be cticizing Kingston as an old conservative town when Montreal is the oldest and most conservative franchise in the NHL.

  8. TommyB says:

    Yeah, you’re definitely on to something there.

  9. patience is a virtue says:

    Ya, it’s best not to look at that.  The deal is done.  If he leads us deep into the playoffs again it will be worth it.  With the youth coming into form there are some strong playoff seasons ahead and Gomez will continue to be an important leader and play maker.

  10. bwoar says:

    Just fyi, there are more than 4 black players in the NHL.

  11. Habby_Haberton says:

    Geez are people just looking for controversy or what! Taylor Hall did the exact same celebration I watched one game and no talk of anything… Hating on this guy is just attracting more haters!

  12. JohnBellyful says:

    I want to make sure I understand the hypocrisy you’ve cited (the periods threw me off). Are you saying Cherry is derided for being flamboyant and Beliveau is lauded for being humble and lacking “spunk,” even though both men are conservative in nature? Spunk, according to my dictionary, is defined as “spirit, courage and determination.” So I think I’m right in thinking you’ve dissed my man. But rather than leap to conclusions I’d be interested in learning how you arrived at your characterization of Le Gros Bill.

    Perhaps you might think more highly of Jean if he shouted his opinions ad nauseam with little regard to substance and sensitivity, and scant evidence of reflection.

    Mr. Beliveau is not the entertainer Mr. Cherry is. But Mr. Cherry, who’s not without some admirable qualities, is not the man Mr. Beliveau is. Call me a hypocrite.


  13. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    Poor placement; see below

  14. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Habby birthday to the Captain – Brian Gionta!

  15. Shiloh says:

    Hi Ian. I’m sure you’re right. I’m very happy today with the win, especially because the team bailed out Alex Auld, who didn’t have his best game. Auld has a tough job coming in cold and hasn’t had a ton of work this year – not that I disagree with the use of Price who’s been hot almost the entire year. It was a terrific shot too – a wrist-shot laser maybe half an inch under the crossbar where no goalie could get to it. Gomer’s pass was a beauty – just wish he had gone over and embraced Gomer before the celebration. But no big deal – I just like the players who, after they score a goal or touchdown, or hit a home run, act as if it’s all a part of the normal deal.

  16. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    I heard Kingston had quite the Klan aka KKK membership  back in tha day….just sayin’.

  17. Shiloh says:

    Uh, Brady – 98% of the sentient population would have understood that I referred sarcastically to your CAPS LOCK message – sorry that doesn’t appear to include you at this time. BTW, there appears to be a few extra a’s in the latest incarnation of “suckaaa”. Is this the new form of plural or simply the intensive form of the noun “sucka”?

    Dis is da shit, comin’ back at you.

  18. G-Man says:

    The replay from behind the net showed what a great “no look” pass it was. But all people see is his salary.

  19. Ayan_SB says:

    “Asked whether he’s worried about retribution on or off the ice for daring to express his joy, Subban just smiled.

    I’m not afraid of anybody or anything,” he said. “I was just happy, that’s it.”


  20. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    I heard Kingston had quite the Klan aka KKK membership  back in tha day….just sayin’.

  21. CBrady12 says:

    man you are dumb…first of all it is impossible to tell that you are being sarcastic when reading one line of text, second, I never apologized for calling you sucka, cause thats what you are, I was apologizing for using all caps. and you aint da shit, ur just shit….


    BTW in my 7 decades of existance, I’ve heard plenty of people being called suckaaa

  22. Ian Cobb says:

    Don, I know the kid, its not about him, that he is celebrating, its his team and fans that he is sharing with. Got to get out and hug a little more my friend.! And I don’t mean your priest.!

  23. ZepFan2 says:

    lol so true.

    I bet if Dryden was a rookie today in the “new NHL”, he’d be scrutinized over the way he leans on his stick. I’m positive that would be construed as Dryden being bored with his opponent.


    “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.”

    ~Serge Savard~

  24. HardHabits says:

    Oh, oh. Shiloh dah shiznit iz in da hizhouse boiiiii!!!!

  25. HardHabits says:

    PK and Price are young. Let them exude their exuberance. Eventually Cammy’s coolness and the examples set by the other veterans will rub off on them. That’s what the new leadership presence on the team is for. Give it time.

  26. HardHabits says:

    Go into any greasy spoon in Montreal and order a “chien chaud, vapeur, toute garnie” and all you’ll get back are vapid stares. Yes Mr. Boone, it truly is a “hot dog, steamé, all-dressed” world.

  27. krob1000 says:

    it just doesn’t add up…sorry it doesn’t…and yup…I am defensive of Kingston because you have to be on here…Cherry is public enemy number one on here so Kingstonians are all guilty by association…..but c’mon when Montreal is calling Kingston or anyone for that matter conservative when a hockey related discussion is taking place….it is completely laughable ….. I’m a victim of municapalitism and it…sob..sob…hurts sometimes…and what in the world are you doing being the defender here? Ktown is your new team…are you a Kovalev..is your heart still in Montreal? lol

  28. Shiloh says:

    Brady – I was employing sar-cas-m when mentioning the capital letters. As to being called “Sucka”, I was not offended. Does that make me “Da Sh*t”?

  29. notbigbird says:

    But we’re Canadian! Even the Cammy mini pump is considered a little too expressive.

  30. patience is a virtue says:

    Lots of excitement last night, eh?  Some things to worry about, more things to be happy about.

    One of those that has been neglected this fine morning is Gomez’s hold up move and pass to PK.  Loved watching the play-making in his eyes on the replay.  This is the Gomez we need for the stretch and the playoffs. 

  31. twocents says:

    Well, Rob, it’s one of those things, you either get it or you don’t.

    I certainly don’t have the time or skill to express it here.

    Man, are you defensive when it comes to Kingston stuff!

  32. krob1000 says:

    Tucker and Domi were two of the hotdoggiest weiners the NHL has ever seen…..and TO loved em…as did HNIC, as did Don.  Yet Wendel Clark and Gilmour were very respectful but played with every bit the fire.  I can’t count how many people I have known that have named pets or even children Tucker or Domi ..never met anyone who named a kid or pet Gilly or Wendel…

  33. Fant-HAB-ulous says:

    Are you upset with Chara’s “hat’s off” gesture after his hat trick yesterday?

    Did Ovechkin’s “hot stick” dance from a couple years ago fly with you?

    I love to see emotion, and I hope these over the top celebrations continue…


  34. krob1000 says:

    On ahockey note…did anyone see that shift by Iginala when they were way down…he jsut wentaround to a few different HAbs…hittting them and giving them extra shots…he understood his teamw as asleep, needed a wake up call and he did something about it….it was both exciting to see as I loved what he was doing as a hockey fan…but I worried right away….he changed the complexion of the game with his one shift…the team then responded…then when he scored….you knew it was on for the third.  We got caught eearly and momentum was on their side…good news is though that we took it back….and Calgary really only had the one good chance late….but what Iginlas did there late in the second is what we have needed so many nights …especailly nights that ended 3-0 for the other guys…but many times it seems so obvious we need a spunk shift…..when a guy like Iggy who is their best player does it…it is fun to watch and has to be motivating…..

  35. ZepFan2 says:

    I’ve always loved the Tiger Williams celebration. lmao


    “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.”

    ~Serge Savard~

  36. avatar_58 says:

    Oh what a shame, other teams hate the habs. I for one, welcome that scenario. Who wants to be liked? I want to be feared

  37. joeybarrie says:

    The kid just scored an overtime goal. For the life of me I cannot understand why people get upset ove an individual celebration. He wasnt thinking WOW look how great i am. He was thinking that was like shooting an arrow, and Im am an archer……. MANY MANY MANY players has done individual celebrations.

    God forbid anyone want to make hockey more exciting, and more colourful. NO NO, just hug your mate and bow to the crowd…….  WE ARE LOOKING FOR HEROS TO FOLLOW.

    Look at Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball…. Lots of individual celebration. Also LOTS OF FANS. Quite a few more than Hockey… Its ok to be different. Its ok to be loud.

    Reminds me of the Molson Canadian commercial. CANADIANS ARE RESERVED……….. HUH??? Remember Savard.

    Watch these…..




    I YEARN TO SE SOME EXCITING CAPTIVATING HOCKEY. And all the celebration that it brings……

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  38. ZepFan2 says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict you’re in the minority here when it comes to PK’s celebration.

    I looooooved it.

    Then again, aren’t you the Yang to Boone’s Ying?!


    “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.”

    ~Serge Savard~

  39. Max_a_million says:


    Find something positive to say, it will be good for your heart.

  40. Max_a_million says:

    I would much prefer it if he never loses his exuberance.  It’s a big part of why we are so enamored with him.

  41. smiler2729 says:

    P.K.’s celebration was fine, man, he was pumped, he had just scored the FIRST game winning goal of his NHL career and it came in a tense must-win OT situation (and it was a beauty shot!)… you need to lighten up.

    If his jubilant style upsets you, maybe you should root for the staid, boring, just awful Maple Laffs who play in a quiet library-like mausoleum where polite applause is barely tolerated.

    This is HOCKEY! This is the 21ST CENTURY!! Every other sport has colourful hot dogs, the NHL needs to liven up!

  42. krob1000 says:

    He is referring to PK ..and hot dogs…and saying Kingston is crusty and conservative…and since this is a hokcey forum…I would assume it applies to hockey.  Cherry is as flamboyant a character as there is..yet he is viewed as conserative….Beliveau is as conservative as they come….he is the teams chief poster boy….yet he is lauded for his humble attitude and lack of spunk? a little bit hypocritical if you ask me…Montreal is by far the “stuffiest” organization out there…we are “traditional and old school” as they come…and I reread boone’s post and that seems to me to still be the point….I am not sure how else Kingston gets involved.  Is Kingston a more conservative town than Montreal..yup….is this true in a hockey sense…..don’t think so….is Cherry conservative….politically…yes….hockey wise…debatable…yeah he loikes old school traditions on celebrating and respect…but he is a far more flamboyant character….hot doggish if you will than any Habs personality I can recall except maybe Patrick Roy, Guy Lafleur …and maybe someday PK Subban.   I like visiting Montreal….I love living here….not sure of their relevance in this blog.  Montreal loves their hot dogs? who? who does Motnreal love that is a hot dog? Sergei? Ribeiro? Tucker? Montreal media has been giving PK as hard of a time as anyone..when he is down that is…then they are high on when he succeeds?…Montreal likes winners….that played for MOntreal…that simple….nothing wrong with that…but leave Kingston out of it thanks…especially in a discussion about conservatism when Montreal is the most conservative organization in the NHL…..Montreal is the “kingston” of the NHL…..old team like Kingston is old city….and it shows every bit as much relatively speaking.

  43. CBrady12 says:

    no i pushed the caps on purpose…sorry was I showing too much emotion for you??? I’m sorry if it offended you, or maybe hurt your eyes or something

  44. CBrady12 says:



    here ya go old timer…welcome to the 21st century

  45. Shiloh says:

    Two quick things:

    1. Your Caps Lock appears to be stuck in the ‘ON’ position.

    2. First time in my 6 decades I’ve been called “Sucka”.

  46. Shiloh says:

    I love this player and I saw his comments after the game. He’s learning the game – in giant leaps. I don’t think he celebrated the way he did because of selfishness – he was just over-the-top happy. It’s good that he realizes it – but other teams won’t forgive and forget so easily. 

  47. CBrady12 says:




  48. christophor says:

    Everyone who thinks this is a problem thinks its because it mocks the other team. 

    That’s BS. It has nothing to do with the other team.

    Listen to the Tanguay interview for some common sense.

  49. TommyB says:

    If Toronto had a hot dog to get excited about, you better believe there would not be enough mustard or relish in the entire province to pile on it.  (Hmmm, is it just a coincidence that we keep hearing about tainted meat from a packing plant in Toronto known as Maple Leaf?)  Anyway….

    Nothing wrong with PK’s exhuberant celebration last night.  An overtime winning goal for a 21 year old, what’s not to celebrate?  I can only hope that he scores so many overtime winning goals that he becomes indifferent to it!  Good on ya, PK.  And I won’t mention the goals against that you were on for.  You’re forgiven, for now.


  50. RGM says:

    Next win will equal his career high from 07-08 and the one after that will break it.

    If he does hit 40 this season, it will also be his 100th career victory. That would be a fantastic milestone for a goalkeeper not yet 24 years old.

    Go Habs Go!

  51. twocents says:

    Rob, I think you’re missing the point with the Kingston/Montreal thing. It’s not about hockey specifically and certainly not about the history of hockey. Boone is referring to the disparity that exists in the way the citizens of these places view the world. 

    Kingston, I’ve lived in Montreal, I’ve lived in your borders too, Montreal’s my home town. Kingston you’re no Montreal. 

  52. oshawahabsfan says:

    Hey Boone, your pal Michael Farber did a nice piece for sportscentre. It aired yesterday for Martin Luther King Day. He interviewed the four black players on Atlanta and visited Dr. King’s memorial site with them

  53. Big Ted says:

    I’ll throw out the counter to that and say that it’s refreshing to see a young player who enjoys playing the game, and his actions were in no way disrespectful to the other team. It was a spontaneous reaction of joy, and he’s far from being the only player in the league to do this. I think people are making way too big a deal out of this. PK was one of our best players last night, he scored the winning goal in OT, and guys like him and Price, who win games for us, should be allowed to celebrate.

  54. wd40 says:


    i’ll take his heart any day. it was pure unadulterated excitement from a 21-year old who just scored his first game-winning goal (in OT no less). He admitted his celebration was over-the-top during post-game interviews, and how can you not forgive that?       



    Next! Suivant! 

  55. Shiloh says:

    I am certainly not a product of True Blue and Orange Masonic Family Compact Ontario. I am a Catholic grandson of European immigrants to Ontario. I do not yearn for the old, plodding style of hockey and I certainly love to see progress.

    But I hated PK’s celebration as much as I hated Price’s pose the other week. Throw your arms up, cheer, hug your teammates – but don’t mock the other team and don’t make it all about you. While PK was shooting his arrows(?) he wasn’t sharing the moment with his team, and he wasn’t embracing Gomez and saying “Thanks, man – what a pass!”

  56. krob1000 says:

    Montreeal not kingston? just caught that….Kingston is every bit the hockey town that Montreal is…the game is severy bit as old here and the talent per capita is likely every bit as good too.  The town is right in the middle of TO, Ottawa and Montreal and used to be a farm town for th BRuins….Cherry is and was a Bruin, now he essentially works for the Leafs…..of course he is going to play to them.  I have never had  a problem with PK’s attitude….I have no issue with his celebration…I have no issue with Price’s reaction either….I did get a little upset with Ovechkin who seemed to go crazy over his personal goals over team goals early on …he would go nuts for his hat trick in a 5 goal rout…that is a little offside and disrespectful…but I think he has learned from that.  As for the Montreal is not Kingston quote again….is there a fanbase  in the NHl that is more old school and more traditional than Montreal…if there is please let me know because I am not aware of it. 

  57. patience is a virtue says:

    As a Kingstonian (born and raised, gone and back again) who lived in Quebec for seven years, I can say that Boone is bang on about the old crusty conservative side of this place, as compared to Montreal.  There is an Orange Lodge from the 1840s just around the corner from my place.  Its shadow still lingers on the city’s culture.  But it is an interesting hockey town with plenty of young talent, outdoor rink culture, and a hockey heart pulled between the Leafs, Habs and, more recently, the Sens.

    PK is the kind of exciting future star who will yank all but the crustiest old heart strings up towards the beaufitul Island City and its boys in BB&R. 

    The team in the making in Montreal combines the best of youth and experience, defense-first and exciting offensive flair, speed on the attack and steadiness in net, calm and steady (JM) and passionate (KM) coaching, etc.

    If you get off the injury-riddled, emotional roller coaster of the months since BG blew up the team in 2009, you can see a clear picture of a true contender coming into focus. 

    Plenty of us Kingstonians will be along for the ride these next few seasons!


  58. redgorf says:

    SUBBAN is good ,the refining is’nt finished yet. But to compare him to Mr ORR is abit much.It seems that afew gaols and the CH are done, they don’t have the killer instinct, when it happens they play like they’re 2 dehind.

  59. RS says:

    As someone (with Orange Lodge forefathers) stuck in the heart of the city they used to call “Toronto the Good” when it was run by the Orange Lodge, I loved that line!

    Uptight Protestant Ontario has changed, but the NHL (and hockey in general) but especially HNIC, is still dominated by a stiff bunch of small-minded people who’s heads are stuck in the past.

    I generally agree with the saying that you should act like you’ve actually scored before, but OT winners in a crazy game like last night do deserve a little more.

  60. Barts says:

    Orange Lodge??? Really. I thought this was a forum for sensible hockey discussion. I wonder what a certain assistant coach would think about the ‘Montreal is not Kingston’ quote. And Montreal is not Barcelona either, so when you score, take a cue from Sweetness and act like you’ve been there before.

  61. Kappy says:

    Carrie Price now has 23 W’s on the season.  He is on pace for 40 W’s (knock on wood).  That would be a huge accomplishment as not to many goalies get that many wins in a season in there entire career.  I think he is going to do it and really hope he does (knock knock on wood).



  62. smiler2729 says:

    Price was more like Ron Davis, a late ’70s Yankee reliever who use to come in to protect the lead in a set up role, give up the tying run, the Yanks would pull ahead, bring in Goose or Sparky for the save and Davis would hawk a win out of it, I think he wound up 14-3 that year… now Carey didn’t give up any tying score but he did hawk the win!

  63. Rugger says:

    Mike, cover both your yankee & sox bases:  Carey Price was Sparky Lyle!

  64. matraque says:

    Who actually know what a steamé is?  Montreal is THE PLACE to be… I feel sad about the outsiders that visit this site and envy us.

    PK, launched his first arrow last night!  Sucks that some habs players didn’t enjoy PK’s celebration… Seems like he also regret doing that.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  65. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Well I love my visits to Montreal but calling people who visit this site “outsiders” is pretty narrow minded. This is the internet and HIO is for fans from all over the universe. Some snobs give a great city a bad name.

  66. Clay4bc says:

    You can’t be serious…do you really believe that “outsiders” are dying of envy? Lmfao.

    I am flabbergasted by you and your delusions of grandeur. Montreal is a great city, no doubt, but anyone who thinks like you has clearly not travelled the world. Please get over yourself.


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  67. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Price is more like your ace starting pitcher who has to come in in relief on an off day! I can’t name any names. Nolan Ryan perhaps.

  68. smiler2729 says:

    Steve Rogers… ouch!

  69. krob1000 says:

    JM seems to have loosened the risgns on the kids….Eller layed great and then turned a puck over…earlier on that would have been it for him…he continued to get his minutes.  Pacioretty had a horrible turnover that led directly to the third goal…..he came back with him, and PK had a couple of really, really bad shifts late in the game…..ahe came back with him.  I think in these cases it is actually the “Martin destroying kids crowd” who get the last laugh because JM has obviously had someone put a bug in his ear because any one of these three would have been nailed to the bench earlier on…..Martin has been letting them go far more…and it is paying dividends….so right now everyone is happy…..but ….it doesn’t mean he wasn’t completely out of whach with the severity of his actions early on with several young players and young players only.

  70. twocents says:

    Great finish, PK’s a gem.

    Do you think we’ll have heard the last from the Martin will destroy Subban crowd?


  71. habs-hampton says:

    JF, I don’t think people wanted Eller in Hamilton because he wasn’t scoring. They wanted him there so he could play 20 minutes a night and excel. On nights when he plays 5 minutes or sits in the press box, he’s not learning much.

  72. JF says:

    I can’t feel completely satisfied about the win in light of what happened in the second half of the game. Teams blow 1- and 2-goal leads all the time, but to blow a 4-goal lead is hard to digest.  It’s easy to say Auld had an off night, which he did, but our defence pretty well melted for a while.  Yet we should have seen it coming, since the Flames had hit three posts before scoring.  Still, I have to give the team credit for not panicking; once Price came in, they settled down and limited the Flames’ chances.

    Eller had a great game, skating hard and getting several chances.  The play I liked best, in addition to his well-deserved goal, was a sequence in which he deftly stole the puck from a Flame who was breaking in on a two-on-one.  There are people who think he should be in Hamilton because he hasn’t been scoring, and I’ve thought at times that a short stint there might help him, but last night he put it all together and looked great.

    Andrei Kostitsyn seemed re-energized and motivated.  There was more confidence in his skating, he was shooting more, and he seemed to have found an extra gear.  If JM can find a way to keep him motivated – maybe a weekly chat? – we could see a stretch of dazzling play from him.  

    I loved P.K.’s goal.  It was a perfect shot, something he should try more often from the point rather than his huge wind-up.

    Cammalleri seems to be settling down, as though whatever was grinding his gears earlier has passed.  Not only is he playing better, but his comments to the media are less edgy.  It was good to see him wire that shot home, since he’s been missing the target lately.

  73. twocents says:

    i agree that Cammy’s comments are less edgy, however something still seems amiss with the guy. He barely cracks a smile and is no where near as enthusiastic as he was last year. Remember in pre-season when he slashed the Islanders’ kid? This started early.

    Any way you slice it, it concerns me some.

  74. nick says:

    Cammy has been in a funk all season.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with not being named captain.

  75. avatar_58 says:

    Maybe it’s because he’s no longer the center of attention? If he pots a few he’ll be it once again.

  76. 24 Cups says:

    Nick – Gionta didn’t need to be named captain in order to perform well in Montreal.  Naming Cammy captain might have just pushed him over the top so he would have excelled beyond expectations.

    Gomez was never in the running and Gill is too old.  Markov had the language and personality issues.  That left Cammalleri and Gionta with Pleks as a dark horse.  The club also had the luxury of making the choice.

    It’s not that Gionta was a poor choice, but rather that Cammalleri would have strategically been a better selection.

  77. twocents says:

    Interesting theory, but if Cammy’s not a glue guy, then he’s not a glue guy. I have no clue if he is or isn’t, but your theory adheres to that fact.

    Your point about Gionta not needing the motivation is spot on.

  78. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Seems to me that he excels whenever he plays for however many minutes it may be.

  79. Ian Cobb says:

    Mike ! I warned you two years ago to get ready for this PK kid. Are you now saying the City is ready for him.!

    I told you he was a cross between Bobby Orr and Brad Park, and you ain’t seen the whole show yet my friend.!

    He will own this town, and the best part about it is, he won’t even know it. He will just take it all in stride having fun and being himself.

  80. matrags says:

    He is a gem , a bona fide superstar in the making, so good to have him on this team and in this city. Makes me smile when I watch him play.

  81. matrags says:

    I danced right  across the living room when he scored. Your dead on about the kid , he loves the game and shows it, a breath of fresh air , in a game that is sometimes over coached and bogged down by system play he reminds me of what it was like to play the game  just for the fun .

  82. RGM says:

    Loved the comments about PK and the way he plays the game. Let the nattering nabobs of negativity do their nattering – we’ve got a winner on our hands and he refuses to be broken down by the tired old cliche-spewing, mantra-ridden dinosaurs of years gone by.

    Go Habs Go!

  83. habs-hampton says:

    I hope PK realizes now that he doesn’t need the big windup for a huge slapper. He has a great wrist shot and can score with it. Great Finish!!!

  84. NoTinFoilCups says:

    And 30 teams including ours passed on P.K. in the first round of the ’07 draft and a few more passed on him twice. Think about that all you draft whiners!

  85. DearyLeary says:

    Exactly, is there one defenceman taken in that draft that we’d rather have?  #4 overall, Tomas Hickey, has yet to play an NHL game; #5 Alzner is fairly solid compared to the rest of his teammates in Washington, but that’s not saying much; #10 Ellerby has a tough time sticking in the league (at 6’3″ to boot); then after Mcdonagh not many have even played a game in the NHL, let alone logged 27 minutes in a game.

    The draft is a static moment in hockey history.  Decisions are made, and more than half the time they’re generally not good ones.  Good scouting teams and development organizations (see: Hamilton) produce NHL players who might not be superstars but important cogs on winning teams.  Weber, Pacioretty, and PK have all been contributing valuable minutes, and in some cases they’re the spark on our team when we’re looking out of it.

    It’s easy to draft Sidney Crosby and give kudos to your scouting team.  It’s risky to draft PK in the second round, because for all his inherent talent people wondered if he’d ever be able to play defense.  Whether we want to believe it or not PK was a bit of a gamble on our part.  In the spirit of last night’s game I hereby vote that Claude Giroux’s name never be uttered on this site again… unless, that is, that by some miracle he becomes a Canadien.

  86. nick says:

    If you want to talk about crappy drafts… They were showing on RDS last night the draft picks Calgary has made since 2001… Well correction, the players who have been drafted since 2001 and play in the NHL for Calgary… The list is very very short and unimpressive. MTL’s picks look like an all star line up by comparison.

  87. matraque says:

    Where are you from?

    No, it’s great that this site have habs fans from all over the world and i wish all of you would actually be here to feel the pulse of the city when the habs are winning/losing… You guys are really missing something special.

    That’s what i mean by it’s sad… You guys have to live here to experience this.


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  88. avatar_58 says:

    I want to visit one day and catch a habs game at the bell centre. Eventually…

  89. NoTinFoilCups says:

    I’ve visited Montreal so many times I have lost count. A wonderful place. And have seen wins and losses at the Bell Centre. I regret never having seen a game at the old Forum.

    Anyway I get your drift. Your choice of words could have been a little better.

  90. twocents says:

    Did you ever think that maybe Martin intended to make this shift as the season moved along? That maybe he was trying to lay the groundwork for good habits early and develop a high sense of team responsibility before he gets out of their heads and lets the second half unfold a little more naturally? That perhaps he used the first half to assess who is willing to take responsibility and then allots ice time based on what he learned? He certainly didn’t interfere with Subban last spring much.

    I can’t say if this is the case, I also can’t say if it’s not. But, I am not going to easily believe that any adjustments on his part come from someone else getting into his ear. He’s coached a lot of NHL hockey and I am sure he is aware of how to vary pressure on a player. He may make mistakes in doing this, but I doubt he is unaware of them after the fact.

  91. krob1000 says:

    well that isn’t how it went down last year…..it was actually worse for OB, Sergei, Dagositini,.Max PAc was banished for good,etc….so yeah ..thought about it….never happened before so why should we have expected it now. On Subban last year…you are right he didn’t interwere too much…but then again he didn’t really have a choice ..the kid played incredibly, the span was so short and Markov was down and Subban was the “replacement”.  I can’t say for sure either but I have definitely noticed him letting guys go as of late with the benchings….currently he is not benching young guys for one bad play or shift  depsite having a good game or work ethic otherwise…that is a noticeable change…that much I can say for sure……the rationale behind it..dunno…hopefully it is that he wants to win more games and keep morale high..because I think it does both. I do think someone has said something to him because the trend was getting out of hand and perhaps seeing all of our castoffs succeeding while we were floundering, seeing the change in atmosphere, etc did the trick…who knows? but I like what I am seeing…or should I say not seeing …and that is no nailing of young guys to the bench for one error or one poor shift if they are working and otherwise playing well….and that is the way it should be…now if a guy is consistently playing poor or worse showing a consistent  lack of effort…go ahead…but the only way to get NHL experience and learn the NHL game is to play it…not watch it…if watching it were all it took there would be a heck of a lot more NHL players.  All I care about is winning and to a pound of feathers weighs as much as a pound of bricks……and 2 points in November is the same as 2 points in March….so there is really no time for “lessons” if they come at the expense of the team as a whole.

  92. twocents says:

    I think there is a time for lessons, but these need to be balanced with the need to win, especially when some of those mistakes lead to loses that could have been wins.

    With regard to last year, and Sergei and D’Agostini, I think perhaps Martin just didn’t like what he saw when they were tested, that’s the point of tests, to assess. I don’t blame him, I didn’t like what I saw either. And when it comes to Sergei I had been in his corner for a long time. You might remember some of my posts two years ago defending his play. Remember Carbo had run out of patience with him too, so it’s a bit weak to be pinning it all on Martin’s approach. D’Ags in my opinion is simply not good enough to knock anyone off our top 6 and is pretty inconsequential in the bottom six. If that’s the conclusion Martin came to, I agree with him, and his production while St. Louis has injury issues doesn’t change that view.

    The handling of O’Byrne, I will not defend. Losing him was a mistake, the key to the mistake was placing Picard ahead of him on the depth chart. The one thing that I can’t just ignore is that Ryan never seemed to return from a benching or layoff with an I’ll show them response, which would have been nice to see. His mistakes were often more than minor, but anyway you slice it, a way should have been found to integrate him and build his confidence. It would have been great to have him move into Gill’s role next season and save some cap space. 

  93. krob1000 says:

    Sergei should have made the team out of camp…I don;t blame himfor being pissed. Dags was doing fine on the depth lines,etc.  Martin just decided he wanted a to six and a bottome six….we aren’t good enough in our top six to survive that…we need at least three lines contributing.  Carbo made that fatal mistake too.  This is why Phily scares the crap out of me….more than Pittsburgh in the playoffs.  I don’t see how Martin could not liked what he saw early on out of PK, Eller, Pouliot,etc…..they were playing great…but the second they messes up ti was apparent he was waiting for them to. Yet the same ol turnover machines are given passes…I believe that it was causing animosity…you can choose diff’t but to me it only makes sense.  If you are saying that the vets deserve that  which I don’t think you are but some do…then how does that attitude apply to the Cherry comments and Kingston comments…is Martin a Kingstonian? hmmm….maybe I should rethink my position…nah…we have a kingstonian on the staff….Martin doesn’t like hot dogs….not one bit..

  94. JF says:

    Excellent post.  I mostly agree with you.  Overall JM is doing a good job with the younger players.  Yes, P.K.’s confidence took a hit when he was benched, but he’s certainly been improving rapidly since coming back despite some glaring errors, although the number of these has diminished.  JM shown a lot of patience with Eller, not demanding too much and not putting too much pressure on him; last night was certainly one of Eller’s best games, so this approach is paying off.

    Losing D’Agostini didn’t hurt.  After his first few games as a Hab, he’d stopped scoring, didn’t play physically, couldn’t hold onto the puck, and was pretty invisible.  I’d like to have kept Sergei, despite his alleged attitude problems.  We’ll never know exactly what went on last year, why he became persona non grata to his teammates late in the season and the playoffs, but he played with the kind of edge the Habs need, and I would have thought that a way could have been found to deal with his attitude problems and help him mature. 

    The O’Byrne trade is certainly looking like a mistake now, although when it was made no one could have predicted we’d lose both Markov and Gorges.  What puzzled me was that O’Byrne played well late last year and in the playoffs, but wasn’t rewarded with ice-time, so he never gained much confidence.  I guess it didn’t help that every time he did get on the ice he seemed to put the puck over the glass or take a bad penalty. As for Picard, in the very early part of the season, he looked a lot more solid than he’s proven to be, but if he doesn’t play too many minutes, he’s not bad.


  95. twocents says:

    D’Ags did all his damage here playing in the top six when injuries came up.

  96. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Actually no I don’t want to talk about crappy drafts. That topic is discussed here ad nauseum.

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