About last night …


Encouraged by the success of its Brendan Gallagher promotion, McDonald’s is introducing the Joonas Nättinen Trio:
One French fry, a glass of water and a bus ticket to Hamilton.
Hey, you’ve been a great audience.
We’re here till the playoffs start.
Try the veal.

Well, I guess Saturday night’s game taught Rene Bourque a lesson.

Coaches always talk about the importance of internal competition.

From his seat in the Air Canada pressbox, Bourque got to watch Nättinen play two first-period shifts. During his 1:45 of ice time, the Bulldogs call-up lost two faceoffs and spent the rest of the game on the bench.

The Finnish kid must have envied George Parros, who got to play four shifts and had 3 minutes of ToI.

And Bourque is thinking: “This is the kind of depth we have in the organization? Get the KY ready. I’ll be corking the Corgi until my contract runs out in 2016.”

What a difference a week makes, eh?

Last Saturday, Bourque played 13:31, had two shots and four hits as he and his teammates beat the Stanley Cup champions in the Game of the Season at the Bell Centre.

Three days later, the Canadiens were terrible in a loss to New Jersey. Then they stole two points in Ottawa before losing in Toronto, with Bourque and Nättinen looking on.

Carey Price has given up eight goals in two games … and if it weren’t for him, the Senators and Leafs would have scored 15.

Which is what the Penguins and Red Wings might total in the week ahead.

In his postgame remarks, Michel Therrien said “individual errors” cost the Canadiens the game at the ACC; and that was certainly true on the winning goal.

The puck hopped over Andrei Markov’s stick, which can happen – but maybe not in a 3-3 game.

Then as Tyler Bozak wheeled past Markov and toward the Canadiens’ net, Alexei Emelin took a quick look toward the middle of the ice and surmised that Max Pacioretty would be staying with James Van Riemsdyk.


Emelin was soft on Bozak’s diagonal pass, Pacioretty let JVR skate to the open side of the net and Bingo! That was the ballgame.

Therrien praised a “good effort” in which his team battled back from 1-0 and 3-1 deficits.

Anyone care to join the coach in a round of glasses half-full?

From where I’m sitting, the Canadiens have played mostly crap hockey since the siren sounded on the Chicago game. And the suckitude is not a recent phenomenon.

From Nov. 10 to Dec. 7, the Canadiens took points in 13 of 14 games. Their only loss in regulation was a 1-0 squeaker against the Rangers at the Bell Centre.

Since then, they’ve been a mediocre hockey team that’s managed only one pair of consecutive wins, in Nashville and Tampa Bay on either side of Christmas Day.

Fearless prediction: If the Canadiens continue to play this way, their season will end on April 12, when the Rangers visit the Bell Centre for Game 82.

The same problems persist in game after game.

The Canadiens can’t score at even strength.

Defence is an adventure and clearing their zone is a challenge unless P.K. Subban is on the ice.

When the opponents are cruising unimpeded through the neutral zone, gaps between the Canadiens’ forwards and defencemen are too large.

Back pressure is non-existent.

There is only one consistently dangerous forward line: David Desharnais centring Max Pacioretty and Brendan Gallagher.

For the rest, the coach keeps trying different combinations with little success.

McDonald’s would introduce a Michel Therrien Trio, but they don’t know whether it should include one burger, two burgers, a chicken filet, chicken fingers, fries, a salad or soup.

The coach has some decisions to make with his defence corps.

P.K. Subban played over 30 minutes against the Leafs. Markov’s ToI was 27:50.

Therrien had to play them half to death because Emelin struggled, again, and Josh Gorges – for all his hollering on 24CH – is not a Top Four defenceman on a good hockey team.

I liked what I saw of Nathan Beaulieu. Great wheels, accurate shot. A few screw-ups, but that’ll happen with a young defenceman.

Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi and Greg Pateryn are – in contrast to poor Nättinen and the other Bulldogs forwards – bona-fide NHL prospects. Maybe the future should be now.

Because unless something changes soon, we could see the launch of a Habs Fan Trio:

A beer, a shot and an antidepressant.

•  •  •

Nathan Beaulieu and Joonas Nättinen were sent back to Hamilton after the game.









  1. Lafleurguy says:

    Factoid. Carey Price made a final stop that won a shootout, couple of seasons back. Price did some showboating with a puffed chest/arms crossed pose after. It was mocked by the other team’s goalie in a subsequent shoot-out loss. Did Supreme Court Justice Cherry criticize? I believe not.

    “Bends but won’t break”

    • Strummer says:

      Any one who has paid even minimal attention to Cherry knows his biggest mantra is “don’t show – up the other team” or “rub their noses in it”
      This includes showboating, running up the score and puching an opponant in a fight after he’s down and at a disadvantage.

      Cherry’s response is no surprise to me

      “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

  2. habstrinifan says:

    OK! That’s enough! I am reading the posts and Therrien seems to have lost THIS room. Even some of his staunchest defenders are questioning the guy. Well not Jackal I think.

    That’s it. I am now firmly in Therrien’s corner. I got your back coach! Hickey and I will punch any guy who call you out.

    What’s that coach? You benching me?

    Well you know best.

  3. Wintercount says:

    Who does he think he’s kidding.

    ‘We’re a team of grinders”
    “Thought the team made a good effort”
    “Can’t criticize the players they are tired”

    Roughly translated – The “We put da pressure” coach has realized the message isn’t working so he’s covering his own ass by shining the light back on the gm.
    In the words of Freddie Princz – “Is not my problem, man”
    So, if Bergevin doesn’t clue in to how bad a hire MT was then the long haul just got a hell of a lot longer.
    Long story short the “CH” are lucky there isn’t a team competing in Quebec city right now. Remember how they went after the Stastny’s. They will put “Political correctness” on the back burner so fast it’ill make your head spin. Better start lookin’ over your shoulder Mr. Molson…..
    We once had a gm who let nothing stand in the way of the team, but he left in 1978 and now resides at the Reedsville cemetery in North Hatley.

    it’s been awhile.

    • habsfan0 says:

      We will never see the likes of Sam Pollock again.
      Speaking of which,why haven’t the Habs done something to immortalize this man’s enormous contributions to the organization? I’m all for renaming “Le Centre Bell” to “Le Centre Sam Pollock”.

      Or,how about changing “Blvd. Rene Levesque ” to “Blvd. Sam Pollock”?

      On second thought,that latter idea probably wouldn’t fly.

    • formerly known as the hc says:

      I think what he is really saying is this: “we are stuck with some questionable/bad contracts, we are a little short on talent on the big club, not much for talent on the farm, sure hope the gm is drafting the right players, cuz we are screwed ” or something like that

  4. Thomas Le Fan says:

    On another note, I was saddened to see that Chris Hadfield wore a Leaf jersey to (quite badly) sing the national anthem. I was impressed that he had a Larrivée parlor guitar in space but it might as well have been a baby Taylor. He is dead to me now! Heh 😉

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

  5. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    I like to criticize MT like the next guy but I can’t blame him for last night’s loss. He tried to win by playing his best players as much as possible. I don’t like Eller playing the wing but what choice does he have (e.g., Bourque sucks)? I don’t like Emelin playing the right side but what other options are there (other than bringing up Pateryn which they should do)?

    Last night’s loss was on the GM. The only relevant thing he did in the off-season was get Stephane Waite. If he did not make that move, the team would be screwed. Anyway, the team needed two power forwards (one for Pleks and one for DD) and a RH physical D-man. He got none. If you’re going to “style and profile” (suits, commercials, hair-gel, etc.) then put up or shut up.

    • habsfan0 says:

      I’d say getting Daniel Briere was a very “relevant” move by MB.
      Speaks volumes.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Oddly, I find it extremely easy to blame Therrien, at all times. I blame Bergevin for Briére, however.

      Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • rjcp says:

      Don’t know if I can agree with that. Fora while now, this team has come to play with a sub-standard compete level and attention to detail, the Chicago game an exception. MT is reaching his shelf-life expiry date. Yes, he did some good things taking over the mess he inherited, but the next levels are beyond his skill set. As to the players, I’ve always maintained we have the talent, it just seems that MT and his coaching staff can’t seem to devise a system that incorporates that talent wisely. Time to move on IMHO.

    • boing007 says:

      Right. Looks aren’t everything. Appearances can be deceiving.

      Richard R

  6. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Happy New Year, Loonie.

    Now that there’s one more poster present who is not known for holding back, I want to post the question I’ve been thinking about since you were all still asleep and the sun (I presume it was there above the perpetual cloud cover) was long up in Ireland:

    Just how much could we get in return for Pacioretty?

    I may be the weakest of armchair GMs, but here’s what keeps nagging at me:

    – we all agree you have to give in order to get. Therefore no combination of all the players we WANT to get rid of is going to fill the glaring gaps in our roster.

    – “he’s our leading scorer and therefore untouchable”. Are we enslaved by that bit of conventional wisdom? If he scored 80 this year would it guarantee us the playoffs? The 2nd round? Yes, we’d miss his sharp-shooting when eventually the masterplan comes to fruition and we’re competing for the Cup. But WILL the masterplan ever come to provision unless there are strong forwards in the corners and crease, and some big angry mothers on D?

    – he’s really, really good. And after the Chara episode I feel a special attachment to him and would hate to see him in any other jersey. But his streakiness might be more easily absorbed by another team than ours which is crying our for consistent scoring.

    My point is, we could surely get an awful lot back for him, pieces we urgently need. Do we need them more than 40 goals?

    And my question is, because I don’t know the league as well as most here, what’s available and what could we expect to get?

    And don’t hold back. Maybe it’s just a dum idea and I need to have my sorry-assed armchair gm’s ass kicked into tomorrow!

    • Loonie says:

      I think there are a lot of factors that would hold Marc Bergevin back from trading Pacioretty.

      The first being his size and skill. I think the team needs more players like Pacioretty, not less of them.

      Another being that(and I’m sure this will create backlash) Desharnais is useless without him. In the past many have enjoyed pointing to Desharnais’ time in Hamilton as evidence that he doesn’t need Pacioretty. The NHL is my concern, as is present day when it comes to this conversation. I don’t see an effective Desharnais without Pacioretty and if the coaching staff and management did they wouldn’t insist on having them together. Their best even strength forward with their biggest liability defensively at center.

      The last and probably most important point that I can think of when it comes to the prospect of trading Pacioretty is his salary and cap hit. They are both great value for him. There aren’t many positives to trading Pacioretty unless you’re getting a top five or ten NHL player.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Just what I need. Thanks.

        One question re Pacioretty’s size and skill? Where does the size come in? How does his size contribute?

        Isn’t size what we need and what a team with some to spare (West Conf?) might be willing to trade for all those goals?

        As for DD: package?

        • Loonie says:

          His reach and stature help him shield the puck both down low and up high in the offensive zone.

          The biggest mismanagement of him in my opinion is that he should be the player on the right halfwall on the powerplay instead of Desharnais. My reasoning is that he’s a threat to score and can pass the puck well too. Desharnais is only a threat to pass from that position.

          Pacioretty’s shot in a three high powerplay(similar to what Tampa used when they had Lecavalier, St. Louis and Richards) would create an untenable penalty kill for the opposition. They can’t cover Markov, Subban and Pacioretty up high and leave the front of the net uncontested.

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            Ok, I think I can stop scratching that itch now, Loonie. Thanks.

            (Aren’t you a little concerned that Lafleurguy remembers the exact date and time of your last post here?!)

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Agreed. DD and Max are joined at the hip. Would have to leave together.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Couple of things to analyze, TN: since you have G. Gordon Liddy-like restraint and haven’t posted here since Dec. 8th, how do see the team’s status now compared to 6 weeks ago?

        Has Eller plateau’d in his development, and is “this” is all we’re going to get?

        “Bends but won’t break”

        • Loonie says:

          I think that the biggest problem has been the number of defensemen used. The Bouillon, Murray, Diaz revolving door on defense hurts with chemistry in the defensive zone.

          Our reverses haven’t been clean, gap control has been bad(presumably because trust isn’t there among the defensemen).

          As for five on five play I don’t think there’s anything Therrien can really do other than put Eller back at center and move Bournival up permanently with Plekanec and Gionta.

    • habstrinifan says:

      May I answer you with 1 question. I considered your post very seriously and carefully.

      Bottom line you are trading a ‘bird in the hand’ of a proven ability/gift for 2, 3, or more birds in the bush.

      A very serious undertaking with huge possibilities either way.

      My question then is…

      Are you sufficiently convinced that you have the right coaching staff/system to get the most from anyone(s) you bring in.

      I am not simply being anti-Therrien here. But such a move must take into consideration the team leadership/dynamics as represented by the coach.

      If you can answer YES then consider it. If you cant then NO!

      I recently halfheartedly answered “wont fit” to a poster who wanted us to get Jagr… and he took my head off. I wasnt so much against acquiring Jagr but wondered about e and Therrien.
      Remember Jagr in Washington? Would Jagr fit into Therrien’s gameplan… notwithstanding Jagr’s history with Plekanec.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Cheers, Trini.

        Sigh… no, I don’t think so. Like to hold a little in reserve because I don’t know — none of us can — to what extent MT’s hands are tied. But how awful it would be if Pacioretty fetched us 1 or 2 Blues or Kings style forwards whose offensive fire-power was then muzzled by MT forcing them to play the system. Their presence would surely obviate or at least alter the need for the system. Couldn’t be sure MT would believe that.

        Conclusion: keep the one bird.

  7. Plekasuares says:

    Eller for Dubinsky. Thoughts?

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Buehler’s having another day off.
      Blue Jackets are playing their best hockey of the season. Tied for final playoff spot before last night’s results. May have more than zero interest, but then again, they may have zero interest.

      “Bends but won’t break”

  8. duffy says:

    Can we trade MB for Brian Murray ,not afraid to make trades,and when he does he knows how to pick players with talent .Unlike MB. who seems to like players no other team wants.

    • dr. gesundheit says:

      Not to complain too much concerning Hab gms of the recent past. (Patience and being cautious are good attributes). That said, I can’t recall any of them being anything but stiflingly (is that a word?) conservative and appearing to be afraid to make any moves even when an opportunity presents itself.

  9. FlyAngler says:

    So apparently Nathan Beaulieu did not make a favorable enough impression last night in Toronto since he is on a bus back to Hamilton. Does that mean that he’s doesn’t fit into MT’s “system” because he did not turnover the puck enough last night?

    The defense situation is truly getting way beyond ludicrous and management is squarely to blame. And say what you want about Rene Bourque, he has been underwhelming this year, but maybe if he is on the ice last night instead of George Parros he picks up his man and the Leafs don’t score that goal… just sayin’

    “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

  10. Reflektor says:

    Thinking maybe JJ Daigneault needs to be pointed out for managing the D corps. Markov and PK’s game aside the defensive play of the team is brutal. Pairings, clearings, out of the creasings, etc. The penalty kill has been a great defensive effort but overall I think he, like Therrien and his overall plan, has some explaining to do. Hopefully Bergevin isn’t as blind as he seems to be regarding the poor coaching but I’d like to know why Beaulieu is sent back to Hamilton. A cheap bus ride from Hogtown?

  11. Loonie says:

    Gionta, Gallagher, Desharnais and Briere among the nine forwards relied upon most for even strength scoring.

    At least one small guy too many. When you have to have two of the above on one line, you’re going to have trouble generating offense at even strength.

    On top of that our best scoring forward is playing with two players who are both under 5’9 neither of whom are able to sustain possession in the offensive zone.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Gionta,Gallagher,and Desharnais scored all the Habs goals last night.
      Maybe there is a method to MB’s madness.

      • Loonie says:

        Nice little aberration.

        We don’t have a single player who scores an even strength point at a higher pace than once every two games and there are around 150 players in the league doing it.

    • HabFab says:

      Happy New Years Tom!

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Gallagher’s production has probably dropped from having to play the “dirty” role on that line. His opportunities for one-time shots from the slot are much less given that Max takes those on this line.

    • Phil C says:

      I don’t think size has anything to do with generating offense. Two of the smallest guys are on the same line (Gallagher and DD) yet, it is the only line producing on a regular basis. If anything, it’s the Habs big guys who are not producing, the Habs are getting nothing from their bottom six.

      But I do agree they have too many small guys up front for defensive reasons. It’s fine when they have the puck, but when they lose it, that’s where it gets tough with too many small guys on one line/team.

      • Loonie says:

        Gionta and Plekanec are generating as much offense as Gallagher and Desharnais.

        And one of those pairs has Pacioretty with them.

        The issue isn’t the small guys not scoring, it’s possession time as much as anything else holding this team back. Since its influx of players who are smaller in stature its been a one dimensional offense. It only scores with regularity on the rush or on the powerplay for the most part.

  12. Maritime Ronn says:

    Have a great sports afternoon HIO
    In 30 minutes it’s the Bruins in Chicago followed by 2 great NFL games.
    Goodfellas is on A&E right now and kind of reminds me about the Van-Calgary game last night. Some similar characters…

  13. fastfreddy says:

    Punkster, I agree with your analysis that both the Leafs and Habs are mediocre teams, but, the Leafs always seem to out- hustle and out- hit us. That’s gotta change!!!!!

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  14. habsfan0 says:

    If the Habs get throttled in Pittsburgh and Detroit this week,which is a distinct possibility the way the team has been playing recently,something major is going to happen no matter the spin that MT chooses to put on it.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Or maybe not.
      How about, Every team goes through slumps?
      Or, they were fatigued after the emotional loss in Toronto?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      So your saying they may recall Joonas?

    • JUST ME says:

      I do not believe anything major will happen. They will stick with the plan wich may involve a few changes (hopefully) but nothing inspired by the team`s performances. I think it is pretty obvious where the weaknesses are but do not expect other g.ms. to think that our garbages are worth gold.

      Kids should stay in Hamilton until the end of the season at least and we should consider letting go a few veterans. If we don`t then , expect the same team to be around next season. That is what i am afraid of that for sentimental reasons we decide to keep players that should go.. If we want something good in return then one must be able to give something good.

  15. Phil C says:

    For argument’s sake, let’s assume that Parros did what he was brought here to do. Orr was neutralized, playing only 2:44 instead of running around concussing Bourque and taking a run at Plekanec’s knee like last year. By making Orr a non-factor, Parros did his job.

    The real question would be, is it worth it? He was -1 in only 4 shifts, and a couple of the other shifts the Leafs came very close. Every time he was one the ice, he was an obvious liability. I’m all for having a goon, but Parros might be too far behind this year. He was a fringe NHLer as it was, then had to rehab a shoulder in the off-season and recover from a brutal concussion. Is there not another enforcer out there somewhere in the AHL who can also take a regular 4th line shift? The Habs essentially played 3 lines all night, which doesn’t seem like a recipe for winning over 82 games.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Yah, as much as I like the guy, I am not sure he brings anything to ice anymore.

      • Phil C says:

        He is very slow which is a liability in itself , but so is Murray, yet he makes up for it with outstanding positioning and reading of the play. Parros always seems out of position and a 1/2 second late on where he should be, so he is also slow reading the play. I like the guy and the fighter, but not the hockey player. I think they should just get another middle weight, have a real 4th line and use Murray to handle the heavy weights if required.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I can’t answer that awkward question, Phil.

      I would suggest, however, that Parros only did half his job. The other half was to pick up Kadri by the nostrils and scrotum and launch him into the reds, this following the multiple cross-checks to Pleks’ head when he was already on all fours and the refs stood by.

      • Phil C says:

        Now that I’d pay money to see. I would love to see someone like Eller drop him, you don’t need Parros for that.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Second time I have read that, second time I am chuckling, last time I almost spit coffee all over the computer. Now that I am at work I wished I had, would have been an excuse to call it a day!

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          I used to have secret love for Kadri (not like Cherry’s, I hasten to add). It’s long gone now.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Kadri has talent, did grow up a Habs fan, and would help us talent wise. Just not sure how that ego would fit on our team. Of course, to quote Timo, MT’s personal development school probably has room for an enrollment or two. But I don’t know….. After a loss grass always looks greener.

            We definitely need some talented forwards though.

            Diaz for Kadri?

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            I just hate cheapshot artists. He’s a punk. Nuff said.
            Btw, I’m trying to work as well…

      • cliff rashotte says:

        Hello Mike…finally somebody that thinks like me…Really if you are going to lose the game do it with some pride….princess sat on or fell on Gally in the crease gives him a couple of cheap shots and no one to answer too..friggin Lupoul slashes Max and yips and Max just skates away …Lupoul …Im not tough but I would kick the shit out of him..Just no fight back other than Prust…When I played hockey I wasnt that great but when our team lost the other guys knew they were in a hard fought game…Then theres Kadri…Slow Burn…My sister would straiten him out

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Hey Cliff!
          Not sure I really think like you or did I just give in to my inner rage about Kadri. However, I remember the other incidents you mention, and NHL logic would normally dictate that if the ref won’t impose sanctions, then you have to do it yourself. That, to my mind, is Parros’s job.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Parros did his job last night. The Kessel goal was a “bang-bang” play off a Gorges turnover. Very few players can handle Kessel in that situation let alone Parros. Credit goes to Carlyle who got the mis-match.

  16. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    I don’t blame Fonzie for snapping last night. That was disgraceful by Hartley. He should get suspended not Torts. He clearly sent out players to fight. That’s why Bieksa had to take the draw instead of a rookie who was about to get jumped. I’m sorry but sending out guys to fight right off the bat is NOT a hockey play. It is basically WWE. I like Hartley as a coach but lost respect for him last night. I guess it is easy to send out guys to brawl but not to stand up for yourself when the other coach is confronting you…not cool.

  17. juniorsfarm says:

    Can someone tell this team that it’s not a short strikened season – Lars Eller where are you? How about Bourque for Cammalerie again. Oh to be 1978 again – Robinson, Savard, Lapointe – sorry but I digress.

  18. Plekasuares says:

    Don Cherry. What a frickin joke. Imagine the Habs without PK. I hate that asshole Cherry

  19. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Neumann, Boing007. I extended our exchanges on the previous page, not really worth turning back for. But just so you know.

    Careysubban — good story about your coach. Hope you had him for more than one season. I always think similar things about Scott Norwood.

    As for your question, in the next game after a Leaf celebrated scoring against us last time, would I be offended and furious? You and I are different, because you’re expecting Yes and I’m saying No. I’d be furious at losing the game, yes, but I can absolutely love with a guy letting loose in what must be a moment of intense elation.

    Agree to differ?

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Our 1st line should be!
    Galagher, Plekanics, PK

    I once saw PK play up front in the OHL and He got 4 points that night with two or three goals!

  21. Timo says:

    401st. Yes!!!


  22. montreal ace says:

    I have to close my eyes when Parros fights, and now I have to close them when he plays. I am going to have a hard time telling when he has a good game

  23. piper says:

    To move ahead to next year and the future the Habs need to move DD and Bourque now for what ever they can get. DD may have some value at this point but don’t wait too long MB.
    At the deadline Markov, Gionta and Briere must be moved. Markov should have some value if he doesnt continue to slide. The other two get what ever you can.
    I’d move Emelin too if possible, he reminds me of Komi.
    Time for the youth movement.

    • The_Truth says:

      Right now I would be reluctant to move DD. He is the only one providing offense on a consistent basis with Max and is playing quite well. I would wait until after the season is over to see what things look like.

      I actually would be more inclined to move a guy like Eller, if we could get an equally big body, but one who actually goes to the net. DD is half Eller’s size and goes to the net 10x more often! Maybe some kind of package deal for a Matt Moulson or less likely a Blake Wheeler/ Andrew Ladd. Even a Ryan O’Reilly.

      I wouldn’t be adverse to moving Emelin in that package either. He is 28 in a few months and is just a mess out there. He never has been very goodpositionally or awareness wise since he came into the league. There just is no excuse for being a -11 in 28 games on a team like this.

  24. WindsorHab-10 says:

    If you can’t win with Sidney Crosby then Asta La Vista Baby.

  25. Frank2468 says:

    Everywhere I read it’s all about what P.K does how he acts how he celebrates so on and so on. But it’s OK for Leafs JVR to react by pulling on the sweater cause P.K taunted him earlier. What P.K did in Ottawa was just pure emotion and happy they won after an awful game. It’s obvious why it’s OK for JVR and thought as funny by Leafs fans and others and not OK for P.K!!!!!

    I still remember the freudian slip by Darn Pang in the 1st intermission couple of years ago concerning P.K. My jaw drop when he said and I quote “P.K needs to learn to play the white way”!!!! Now Pang was mortified and offered apologies in the second intermission but it came out and that’s the problem with P.K as far as the NHL is concerned. There are so many players in the league that instigate and yap and taunt and care on and people due complain about them but not with the ferocity in which they go on about P.K. Now if he played his game with little to no emotion and did his job well and obeyed all the little rules like he’s supposed to then the league would have the perfect house boy!! But he’s very very skilled has flare for character speaks his mind wheres his emotions on his sleeve and plays with passion and wants to win. So I say keep it going P.K keep doing what you do you have all the tools and use very dam tool in that tool box. You play with passion on the ice and are respectful to others off the ice. I have met P.K before and he is a very nice young man and I can’t believe this stuff still floats around today in the 21 century!!!!

  26. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Listening and reading all those TO PK bashers…what hypocrites. They bash him but would trade for him in an instant. If PK ended up on the Leafs there would be a #$@#^ parade. Only Jesus would get a better reception. Good on PK for not speaking to the media last night…#$$@%^ them.

  27. Ian Cobb says:

    Don Cherry, is a pot calling the kettle black! What a complete fool!

    The biggest clown and show boat in the history of this game, Don Cherry, is jealous of a kid, who can at least back it up!!
    This game after all, is a customer entertainment business. 30 teams in this league would die for the likes of the greatest entertainer in the league today. PK SUBBAN!

  28. Dunboyne Mike says:

    I just received the Toronto Star headlines email. The sports lead is the Flames-Canucks brawl, not the Leafs beating the old enemy.

    • frontenac1 says:

      It was a pretty good one amigo! And Torts flipping out was hilarious! You should have seen PJ Stock foaming at the mouth in the first intermission. Man, that whole thing was great. Saludos!

  29. punkster says:

    I was disappointed with the result but can’t really say I was surprised. This was two mediocre teams with some strengths, some weaknesses, both hoping to make it to the playoffs. We’re not talking powerhouse lineups here.

    I believe that “on paper” the Habs have an advantage both in goal and on defense but are weak on scoring. Loafs have one damned good scorer but are weak defense and goal tending. The rest seem to cancel each other out from a basic stats (nhl.com) point of view.

    What galls me most is the coaching of the Habs. It’s inconsistent and at times nonsensical. This team could/should be better if it could find a way to score more particularly during 5 on 5. But the dump and chase, the blenderized line combos, the unbelievable D pairings, the continued use of consistently non performing players who are given ridiculously high TOI yet contribute astonishing low production (and I’m not just talking points production) and make endless errors, well, that’s all on the coaching staff.

    The Habs themselves, for the most part and with a very few exceptions, are good to excellent NHL caliber players and should reasonably be able to produce more goals, win more games. It’s the coaching that’s crippling this team.


  30. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Sometimes the solution is staring you in the face. I, however, have no problem grasping the obvious, and so respectfully submit my D pairings for the rest of the season:


    Problems solved. Cup here we come. Didn’t PK play the entire 2nd last night?!

  31. HabFab says:

    For the womens team.

    Luc Gelinas – Che les dames, bravo @couellette13 qui sera capitaine du Canada à Sotchi. Wickenheiser, Hefford et la Montréalaise Catherine Ward ont un “A”

  32. HabFab says:

    Sid to Captain Olympic team with Toews and Weber as A’s.

  33. HabsCentralO says:

    Attended the game at ACC. Agree with many comments, D weak, Therrian out-coached, bad defensive pairings & how was Parros on the ice vs. Kessel? D needs to be better, bring up the young guys, Boullion too old, Emelin has turned into a pylon & has apparently forgot the physical part of his game. There is no way PK or Markov can continue to log the minutes they are logging, & what happens after they participate in the Olympics? Scary. Grant Bergevin 1 bogey = Briere. Bourque & Gionta not any better. Things better change or it will be a long summer. Price rocks & continues to get hung out to dry. Hopefully he flourishes in Sochi with a full set of quality D in front of him.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Brilliant. Thanks for posting from the front line — really valuable for us confined to the screen.

      And it seems pretty much like a consensus from those who were at the ACC.

  34. John Q Public says:

    On a full-moon day in May, he sat under the Bodhi tree in deep meditation and said. “I will not leave this spot until I find an end to suffering.” During the night, he was visited by Mara, the evil one, who tried to tempt him away from his virtuous path. First he sent his beautiful daughters to lure Gautama into pleasure. Next he sent bolts of lightning, wind and heavy rain. Last he sent his demonic armies with weapons and flaming rocks. One by one, Gautama met the armies and defeated them with his virtue.

    As the struggle ended, he realized the cause of suffering and how to remove it. He had gained the most supreme wisdom and understood things as they truly are. He became the Buddha, ‘The Awakened One’.

  35. Tis Himself says:

    Let’s be honest about things. The hockey gods/godesses were so appalled at the season opener when Lafluer passed the torch to Briere that you just knew deep down this was gonna be another crapper of a campaign. Hell, that was akin to Beliveau handing it to Jose Charbonneau!

  36. Maritime Ronn says:

    If nothing changes between now and Trade Deadline on Defense, the Habs are going to have some Roster problems (Max 23 + injury replacements.

    Remember Davis Drewiske?
    He started skating and should be ready to return after the Olympic break.
    Barring further injuries between now and then, that will give the Habs 8 Dmen with 1 way contracts – the bottom 4 being Diaz-Murray-Bouillon-Drewiske.

    Without movement/trade, there will be no room for ( Beaulieu-Tinordi-Pateryn) as call ups.

    The other Habs option is to send 1 or 2 down to Hamilton and they would first have to pass waivers.
    If they did, the Habs would still incur a Cap Hit of the player’s present Cap Hit minus $925K….yet Mr. Molson would still have to pay his NHL Salary even in Hamilton.

    • Forum Dog says:

      This is actually an amazing (and confounding) statement/observation. You have an organization deep in defensive prospects with real upside, and you bury them under a bunch of journeymen with 1-way contracts. Obviously you want to make the playoffs, and if you feel that the youngsters aren’t quite ready you have to sign some depth, but so much that the prospects can’t get a sniff even if they are the better option? Its hard to rationalize….

      • Strummer says:

        I don’t have too much of a problem with leaving Tinordi, Pateryn and Beaulieu in the minors this season. They’re still young and rushing them in would be a mistake.
        After this season though its time to fish or cut bait.
        Two of the 3 need to move up NEXT season.

        “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

        • Forum Dog says:

          I agree that rushing them would not be good, but if they can offer more than what is in there now, isn’t holding them back unnecessarily also a mistake? Tough one, ’cause you don’t want to see them come in and fail, but it is tantalizing to see what Beaulieu is capable of one shift, and disappointing to watch Gorges and Bouillion fumble around the next.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          This means that you are one of the patient ones, prepared to watch Bouillon — popular but past it — lose his man and our fwds avoid the crease like it’s radioactive until the inevitable end, preferably April in this scenario.

          Can you please turn up regularly and remind us that this is what we must expect and accept!

    • CJ says:

      I’m looking forward to Drewiskie. I think he’s an upgrade over Bouilion, Murray and Emelin given his recent play.

  37. newbrunswick troy says:

    i’m normally just reading the bitchfest around here but today i feel compelled to join in! it seems to me that all the work ethic has dropped on a team that can’t afford to lose an oz. of it , they are already tired at the halfway mark from being undersized in a league that has just as many and just as fast and tallented players on other teams . what this team needs NOW not later is some clearing of the dead wood (Bourque and Brierre) hopefully that will spark the rest of the Team to dig the lead out of their asses !!!!
    The team as it sits just now are waiting for that olympic break to recharge , they will get the break but will also be on the bubble of losing a playoff spot by then .

  38. HabFab says:

    A trivial side note to last night shenanigans between Calgary and Vancouver was that Yannick Weber got to play 28 minutes on D. Also JT has a meeting Monday in NY with “the judge”.

  39. Ian Cobb says:

    This time of year, most teams that are moving up in the standings have put their lines and D pairings together. And it is all about improving line chemistry and team play.

    We are still throwing balls in the air to see where they land. It is now time to find out if what we all have thought of Bergevin is correct or not. At least 6 of our players are not of NHL caliber, and are eating way to much cap to be able to move them out of town and back to their mothers.

    It is now up to the GM to figure it out, as we slowly sink out of playoff contention. There is not much left in Hamilton to draw from.

    Maybe a 6 for two trade? And throw in the 3 coaches!

    • Adidess says:

      I don’t know, I’m scared of the idea of seeing this management group make any significant trades. As one radio commentator mentioned last night, it would be the same group of pro-scouting that brought you Danny Briere, as a fit and upgrade on this roster, who would be deciding on giving away prospects for some veteran help. It worries me.

  40. munch17 says:

    We are starting to look more and more like the 2012 team.
    Price can’t save when we are playing like this.
    Our 2012 team had DD and Pacs as our number one line.
    DD put up 60 points.
    As long as DD is getting number one line minutes and PP time we will not win. Too much soft time on the ice. I don’t care how many points he gets.( and 60 is not enough for you number one center).
    Gallagher is not nearly the player he was earlier ( yes, I know – he scored a PP goal last night.
    MT is ruining Eller – he is the only forward who actually can carry the puck into the opposition zone – and he plays with Prust and whoever ( last night Bournival ).
    It’s time to put Bourque on right wing with DD and Max and put Gally back with Eller – they played one game when DD was sick and Gally scored ( OK technically he didn’t because the goal was ” kicked “in).
    And we we really miss Chucky – although like Eller MT does not give him the opportunity to succeed that he gives his pets.

  41. frontenac1 says:

    Was pissed off at the loss until I saw Torts lose his sh#t. Man that was funny. Hey that Line Brawl cheered me up too. A Fine afternoon of Football at the Saloon coming up. Go Niners! Saludos!

  42. John Q Public says:

    Get it over with and make Briere captain.

  43. Mavid says:

    Quinn and I had a great time, we are disappointed that we lost, but all and all it was a fun game to watch. He loved the room and as promised I took some pictures for his mom..

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  44. HabFab says:

    Beaulieu and Nattinen sent back to the Bulldogs, White is due back this week;

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Ryan White would have been a very effective player in last nights game. We can live I think with Parros getting little to no shifts, but you can’t have a second player not playing. Just too much on the rest of the lines, particularly when it is a smallish group of forwards.

      I still think this team needs a healthy Ryan White regularly in the lineup.

      • Eddie says:

        A small group with a flu bug in the room as well. Last night we needed 4 balanced lines, as much as possible, to even out the work load.

        The pro scouting on Naatinen was way off. He is not quick enough, tough enough, or anything enough to play 4th line in the NHL.

        Where are our pro scouts? What is Bergevin doing or thinking bringing up someone like that for such a tough and important game?

        Unlike the cheerleaders here at HIO, I believe in accountability, and that holds true for the coach and Bergevin as well.

        If that makes me “negative”, so be it.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Unfortunately the two shifts Nattinen got they were other end of the rink from me. I was unable to really see much, but he looked like a nice person on the bench Ed! 🙂

          Yah, I really believe Leblanc should have gotten the call. Parros if he can’t fight holds no value on the bench either.

          • Eddie says:

            Unreal. Imagine what’s going on in that young man’s head this morning. And what’s the message being sent out to Leblanc, as you point out?

            I would have brought up Leblanc and used him as a full time 3rd line player. This would have balanced the 4th line as well, and given the 4th line around 10 minutes last night.

            Then, if Leblanc played decently well, I would have Kept him up with the team, and kept Bourque in the press box next week against Pittsburgh, thus sending a real message.

            It seems from point of view that the decisions yesterday regarding the personnel were really off. And that’s not X and O of offence and defence on the ice. That’s relatively simple management decisions, with Bergevin discussing with Therrien how the call ups could be used.

          • HabFab says:

            “he looked like a nice person on the bench Ed!”

            Gomez has certainly set new “standards” for Hab fans… “sigh”

  45. montreal ace says:

    I just want to point out, that our goal scorers last night were 5ft 6, 7, and 9, they are also in our top seven point leaders.

  46. Mike D says:

    Regarding Natinnen’s ice time last night:

    I understand the questioning of why he was called up if he was only going to get a couple shifts and less that 2 min. TOI, and I’m not defending MT, but here is my take on what happened.

    They wanted to send a message to Bourque by making him a healthy scratch – which I suppose they did, but to a lesser extent than they hoped due to JN’s minimal ice time.

    When JN did play he lost the two faceoffs he took and we were scrambling in our zone the whole time. To compound the problem, we were playing from behind most of the game and never had a lead. If MT felt he was a defensive liability (which was likely true based on the little we saw), how could he justify putting him out there again?

    If we would have had the lead for part of the game I think JN would have got to play more than he did. It maybe wasn’t fair to the kid, and it diminished the “message” they were trying to send to Bourque, but MT did it to try and get the win so I don’t see it as being all that bad.

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  47. habstrinifan says:

    The question begs to be asked.

    Eller under Therrien!

    Is he a better player and a better fella?
    Is he a poorer player but a better (quieter) fella?
    Is Eller, the fella we see now, the player not quite stellar?

    And what about Gallagher. I posted decades ago that MB’s and MT’s call to an impressionable Gallagher to be the ‘character of the team’ will too narrowly focus the young man’s mind and reduce the versatility of his game and development. I think I was right.

    • neumann103 says:


      I think it is fair to say that the only players who have benefitted under the michel therrien personal improvement program are Bouillon, Murray and perhaps Desharnais.

      His work with the youts has been disastrous. I was a Therrien skeptic from the beginning, and doubted even the ‘he was good with the kids in Pittsburgh ‘ narrative.

      His first moves as coach were to bench Eller and misuse and malign Subban.

      This team is not going anywhere under Therrien. I always thought he was a experienced short timer while Bergevin got his legs under him. The initial exceding expectations was a concern. Now I am more worried that Bergevin just does not see it

      “Et le but!”

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Hopefully Bergevin read about how Gauthier undermined Cunneyworth upon his appointment and is trying to avoid similar gaffs. Hopefully, while he’s not saying ‘MT is only here until I can get a good coach’, he’s at least thinking it.

  48. CHicoHab says:

    Its official. I just looked it up. PK is the first player ever to chirp at the opposition bench after a goal. But who knows if that chirp wasnt a response to a previous chirp. We need a dozen or so more PK’s on this team.

    “take your time and hurry up”

  49. John Q Public says:

    Obviously Chicago was hung over. It’s all very clear now.

    Highlight of the night was RDS showing Blysma and JM had it out.
    The pad!

    “As above, so below”
    Takes on new meaning with the Habs.

  50. Plekasuares says:

    Last nights game in a nutshell watching in person. When the defense makes one bad mistake the whole team starts to scramble leading to blown coverages and a goal against. Nathan had some bad plays but he is young. Emelin on the other hand was brutal…Refs missed at least 20 interference calls but nothing new right. Plekanec was being mugged all night, thats when Parros or somebody needs to step in. Gionta played well actually. ACC fans are also the most clueless bunch in sports possibly. When we breakdown we breakdown bad that reallllly has to change

  51. Puckdoc says:

    Pac – Chuck – ____
    ___ – Eller – Gallagher
    Prust – Plek – ____
    Moen – White – ____

    Emelin – Subban
    Beaulieu – Tinordi
    Markov – Pateryn


    Until those blanks up front are filled and that defense corps becomes a reality, we are not going to be a cup contender or a team that actually looks like it deserves home ice advantage.
    As much as MT is a shaky coach, he is our transition coach much like he was with the Pens, he’ll instill professionalism and get the youth to the cusp and ready to explode for the next coach whom will actually use the talent appropriately. Habs are 2 years away. This is a transition season. We all knew it in October, don’t let that hot streak in November fool you.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Agree with you. I think we would be beyond blessed if indeed all three Pateryn, Beaulieu and Tinordi can make the NHL. Having said that, even if only 2 make it, Gorges can be fine in a #5 or #6 dman role.

      If indeed that occurs, given the blanks you point out, some can be filled by UFA’s, and perhaps others filled by one or two of Collberg, De la Rose, Leblanc, Crisp, McCarron, etc…

      Also if indeed we see 2 or 3 of the dmen you mention attain the level we need, we are then in position to trade other D prospects like the fellow who recently went back to Sweden, or Bennett in Michigan. These are legit. prospects and can bring back a 2nd or 3rd line player.

      The reality as I see it, is if our Defence is solved with the present prospect, filling in a few forward spots becomes much easier as that is a specific position which MB can go find, via trade, UFA etc…

      I still remain hopeful that a Gionta can be traded for a decent draft pick or a forward prospect. Maybe we get lucky trading Diaz for something as well.

      BUt indeed this year the team will not compete without a big trade, and a big trade for this years team, puts us right back where we were a couple years ago. I don’t want to see the team sacrifice the future for this years playoffs.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      That D could be good by the end of next year but might involve some growing pains. However, things couldn’t get much more painful than they are now.

    • Alvin says:

      I like what you’ve got there however I think Prust should be on the 4th line with Moen and White and I think Pleks with Bournival and another good winger would be great.

    • CJ says:

      I think by adding LeBlanc and Bourival, we really need to target two players. I’d suggest Vanek as a UFA, Joe Thorton or Patrick Marleau. I really like Ryan Callahan, who could also help.

      Amazing how much better this team looks with two additions and shuffling around existing personnel.

  52. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Earth to Don Cherry. This team needs MORE not less Subban. I wish the entire team would play like that. Get the other team going??? Are you insane? Who cares if you p.o. the other team? Get them off their game for a change. He acts like we’re in danger of winning, if only, PK would tone things down.

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

  53. Maritime Ronn says:

    A question:
    Compared to other teams and organizations, does the Habs coaching/management put rookies in the best positions to succeed?

    Take the case of Nathan Beaulieu last night.
    They stick him on a 3rd pair D with Bouillon.
    With respect to Frankie, most realize he would not make the NHL roster of 20 other teams, and if he did with the other 9, it would be 7th-8th on the depth chart.

    So how do other organizations treat their rookie Dmen?
    Do they play them with good partners and put them in positions to succeed or fail?

    Some on this list are 18-19 year old pure NHL rookies, while some are in their very early 20’s.

    Rookie – Veteran

    Seth Jones – Shea Weber
    Hampus Lindholm – Francois Beauchemin
    Jacob Trouba – Tobias Enstrom
    Ryan Murray – James Wisniewski
    Olli Maatta – Matt Niskanen
    Radko Gudas – Matthew Carle

    The list is much longer, yet the pattern is clear.

    The question becomes:
    Is the present Habs coach more ‘comfortable’ playing his bubble pet vets vs. giving a guy like Beaulieu (Tinordi-Pateryn) a fair chance to succeed and shine?

    Does it become all about making the playoffs and getting blown away vs. allowing some of the younger guys precious development minutes at the NHL level?

    • Timo says:

      I am afraid you already know the answer to your questions, Ronn.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        I won’t even get into Galchenyuk.
        This was a #3 overall – most likely would have been #1 overall had it not been for the serious injury in his draft year, and he needs to’play the right way’ and ‘learn this and that’

        Anyone looking around the NHL can easily see how other organizations treat their top rookie forwards – that is they play them with the best the team has to offer and allow them to make mistakes.

        The list is endless.

    • montreal ace says:

      Your right Ronn, I would think that on our team Markov would be that mentor, as our most experienced veteran.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        True, but Markov is no longer fast enough to cover rookie errors. Is Beaulieu with PK tempting at all? Might be good for both of them. As well as fun, for them and us both!

        • montreal ace says:

          Mike I was hoping PK and Beaulieu would partner up last night. I see so much more control in PK’s game, that the opposition has to give him special attention, so other players have more room to move. Markov is getting slower, but at his salary if he signs next year, would be a requirement to me.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Therrien’s decision making in regards to lines and defence pairings continues to suck. Surprised?

      Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      The Habs have always brought rookies along slowly from time immemorial although I checked out for a decade or so, so maybe I shouldn’t say that. PK seems to be one exception, but he was so good so fast and was really needed because Markov injured for so long.

      I am not convinced that this is the best approach in this era. So many other teams seem to insert their rookies into key roles. Compare McKinnon to Galchenyuk for example. Will his future be dimmed by getting less time now? I don’t know but am asking the question.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        The NHL has become a young man’s game.
        The youngsters arriving are much more talented than before along with a more diluted NHL.

        Now if the Habs were the Blackhawks or Kings with few if any holes, that would be more understandable for a rookie breaking in..but the Habs are far from that.

        As for PK, he always had the confidence and perhaps no one works harder than him. He wants to be THE man.

        Others such as Beaulieu-Tinordi-Pateryn may just need a pat on the back to help their confidence, instead of a bus ticket to Hamilton if they make a few mistakes.

        • Thomas Le Fan says:

          Correct. It’s a young man’s game run by dinosaurs. Oddly enough, their idea of innovation is “the gimmick” which, in fact, is a detriment to the game. Apparently some GMs and coaches, who shall remain nameless, protect veteran players to the detriment of all. Hard to believe Tinordi is worse than Boullion or Beaulieu worse than Gorges at this point in their careers.
          On the other hand, there’s next year.

          Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Are we drawing a distinction between inserting them in key roles and inserting them with top linemates/partners? Maybe there’s no distinction, but surely if you want a D man to learn AND to feel that there’s a bit of a safety net, you put him with Markov or PK and nowhere near Bouillon who can barely manage his own responsibilities never mind covering someone else’s.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      It was his first game up in a long time. Lets not assume the pairings are cast in stone just yet.

      MT (in his defence, can’t believe I’m doing that) needed to try and maximize his pairings that included Markov and PK. Perhaps with Beaulieu showing some mettle last night, he can indeed get a pairing with someone else.

    • rljmartin says:

      Ronn… Could not agree more… Toronto was pressing hard and Joonas goes out for his first ever NHL draw in the defensive zone with Moen and Parros on the wing…. I could not believe my eyes…. MT will ruin any prospects Habs have.

  54. RetroMikey says:

    Many invisible players such as Pleks, Markov, Gionta, etc. to name a few who cannot play against the bigger, grittier, unskilled team in Toronto.
    Who has improved as a team more Toronto or Montreal in the past 3 years? We know it’s the team who won last night, they wanted it more than the fragile Habs.Is there anyone that punches, holds and grabs a stick more than Subban?
    Wow, PK, you are hurting the team as well along with Gallagher diving all the time.
    What are we waiting for Bergy????
    This is year 2 of 5 of your plan.
    You control this team, not Therrien.
    We need a Tortorella type of coach who won’t take any crap from his players or from the media! I love this guy!
    Start calling up Tinordi, Pateryn and Blunden as well to go with Beaulieu and make those friggin trades for our needs.
    These kids will learn much more with the second half of the season than in Hamilton.
    We don’t have much depth in Hamilton and better start shopping on the phone for whoeover wants those invisible players I mentioned.
    You have to give to receive Bergy.
    You know it, we know it if this team makes it in the playoffs, a first round exit will happen again.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      Torts is not French, so he’s not on the list of “possible future Canadien’s coaches”

      • Timo says:

        Man, can you imagine Torts just loving questions coming from the likes of Luc Gelinas or Bertrand Raymond? He’d have to give press conferences being chained to a desk so that he doesn’t snap and just take their heads off… literally. For that reason alone I would love to see Torts coaching the Habs. THey would suck just as bad but the post game entertainment value would go up 10 fold.

      • RetroMikey says:

        Let’s once and for all, break this tradition of hiring French speaking head coaches once and for all!
        Torts can teach the media some good Italian slang words which would make the media back off.
        Oh marone!

        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • Plekasuares says:

      Gionta was fine last night

    • Forum Dog says:

      It is true that PK doesn’t do himself any favours with his diving and reactions to the other team’s digs. Teams know they can get him off his game, they take jabs at him, and it works. He spent at least one shift there last night chasing guys all over the defensive zone seeking some sort of ill advised retribution.

      Eller was also a -3 last night. Not that it is a particularly telling stat, but he moved all over the lineup, was on the ice for 3 goals, and is playing a confused game. The need more from him, but I honestly cannot tell if it his play, or the way he is being used that is the problem.

      • Alvin says:

        Absolutely nothing wrong with Eller.Give him a stable line with some skilled linemates and let him shine. This guy has done all asked of him by Habs Management. On the other hand Habs Management has done nothing to reward him. Understanding this Eller would not be wrong in asking to be traded, much to the detriment of the Habs.

    • Alvin says:

      Mikey…take your meds !!! Pleks has never had trouble playing against anybody. Don’t know what you’re seeing but it sure ain’t Pleks.
      Toronto is unskilled ? What are you watching ? Or do you know?
      Your critiquing of PK and Gallagher is like..WTF are you talking about?
      Habs need a Tortarella.? No.!
      Rest of your post is ok though.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I agree that in some ways at least the Leafs are ahead of us, but not in the standings, so who really knows for sure. Games with them are close, and they are only up 2-1 this year. Besides, they do seem to play their best against us while the reverse is not often true, so it’s hard to tell sometimes.

      To say that PK is hurting this team in any way is shallow. He almost was the team last night.

      I do agree that at least one more guy should have been inserted from Hamilton by now. If Beaulieu’s “send down” is permanent or even semi permanent, I will be disappointed. This does not seems like a team in a development mode.

      Yes, we all know that Habs need to be bigger. The recent additions such as Briere and Murray are head scratchers. I know they are temporary, but there had to be better alternatives.

  55. montreal ace says:

    I wonder how good our AHL coaches are, when MT was not confident enough to play Joonas more last night. I found that when our Swedish prospects left, there could be a problem. Its easy to rag on MB and MT, however the talent level is what it is, and overall they have gotten as many points as possible out of this team. Money is not a dirty word, so I expect Molson wants the team in the playoffs, and it MT’s mandate to do so anyway he can.

  56. Forum Dog says:

    It was noted last night during the game that the Habs are 28th in the league in 5-on-5 scoring. A stat like that is going to make getting to the playoffs a struggle, and winning in the playoffs (where there are few power-plays) near impossible. That has to get fixed fast, and since trades are hard to come by, it’s likely gonna have to be through a change in strategy.

    Montreal’s got about two or three players who are playing with intensity, and a lot of players who are soft on the back-check, afraid to take a hit, and not willing to lay a hit. Players are watching the puck instead of going through their man, and that happened more than just on that first goal. Everyone is standing and watching.

    • Forum Dog says:

      EDIT: Another point made by the commentators last night was that Pacioretty was on pace to score 39. If he made it to 40, he would be the first Hab in MORE THAN 20 YEARS to reach that total. Hard to imagine that some of us have watched this team for 20 years without seeing a 40 goal scorer….

      • HabsFanInTampa says:

        Not to imagine at all for me. It all started with the Chelios for Savard trade and went down hill fast after that. We sent Super Roy and Captain Keane to the Colorado Nordiques for 3 useless players. And so o,n and so on……

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        When I heard the commentator say that, my immediate reaction was, If Patches scored 80 this season, would it guarantee that we get past the first round of the playoffs?

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      We’re going to win in the playoffs because the brain-trust acquired Daniel Briere specifically for his extraordinary playoff play. (tongue pressed firmly in cheek).

    • mrhabby says:

      Good point…i read somewhere that the coach in Hamilton was doing less than a stellar job.

  57. Hobie Hansen says:

    The Leafs fell a sleep for long stretches of last night’s game but when they woke up the Habs defence was too feeble to stop them.

    There were two extremely unlucky breaks for Montreal when all was said and done.

    The first was when the score was 1-1. Subban was trying to clear the zone and the official got in the way of his clearing attempt and the puck stayed in, Toronto scored 10 seconds later.

    The second was Desharnais passing the puck back to Markov and the puck hopping over his stick.

    We really missed Galchenyuk last night but as a whole this team is too damn small. Especially the defence. Even Gorges and Markov who are 6′ tall have trouble against a lot of forwards in the league. Emelin might have the size but his head isn’t back to where it was last year.

    This team badly needs a shakeup trade.

  58. habsfan2014 says:

    As a fan who has been watching Habs for last 25yrs and has paid thousands of dollars to watch a mediocre team at best, I’m getting tired for the same old.

    I agree since the beginning that Therrien is not the coach that will bring our team to the promised land. That being said, I point my criticism towards the GM. He has yet to show me the talent he was suppose to have acquired in Chicago. He took a gamble not locking in Subban longterm and now he will have to pay through his nose. He may have hired Therrien but he will have to recognize his mistakes such as hiring of coach, Briere signing and not having cleared Bourque.

    I still believe this GM has the potential to bring the winning stability that we have not seen since Serge Savard but ONLY if he demonstrates he has the “colonne” to make some moves.

  59. John Q Public says:

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”― Albert Einstein

  60. The Leafs were horrible, The Canadiens defense was horrible, the Habs fans until the last 5 minutes of the game were loudest in the rink (loved the Carey Carey Carey), and had Yummilin, and Gorges played a better game we would have won.

    Plek, Gio, and Briere should not be allowed on the ice at the ice time and they most certainly not be allowed on the Powerplay together.

    Add Eller, subtract Briere, and freakin go with it until JUne.

    Got that Therrien? It’s not rocket science. 😆

    OK good talk, time for a nap 😆

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  61. Lafleurguy says:

    Good thing Jared Cowan skated hard to get into position, otherwise today’s posts would be done upon the trail of a three-game downer.
    What would this team’s record be if Bob Hartley, or Mark Crawford were coaching it?

    “Bends but won’t break”

  62. Timo says:

    Another person calling us the uninformed. What is it, mot de l’annee? I mean how can we possible understand such complicated topic of “what’s going on in the dressing room”. Do they have a degree for that? When I see Hickey sticking his mic to a players phase I know – he is informed. He understands.

    “I thought my players responded tremendously,” said Tortorella. “Listen — it shouldn’t be in the game, that stuff. I don’t want it in the game. But I have to protect my team, too. So all the pundits, all the people pissing and moaning, they don’t have a clue what a locker-room’s about. They don’t understand the whole circumstance involved in that type of situation.”

    • Captain aHab says:

      Same as when politicians make a completely ridiculous proposal that gets panned unanimously and then inform us that it’s not because the idea is bad, it’s that people haven’t received enough info to truly see how gloriously fabulous it is.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  63. Strummer says:

    From Steve Simmons column this morning:
    “… Keep hearing that Paul Romanuk is returning from Europe to take the No. 2 play-by-play job with the new Rogers Sportsnet team. That gives Rogers a nice 1-2 punch with Jim Hughson is expected to be the No. 1 man.”

    I always liked Romanuk.
    So folks you better get used to Hughson.
    Hopefully Rogers will squeeze the “CBC” out of him.

    “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

    • OMG MR “ALL HANDS ON DECK” is coming home?

      Every single Team Canada tournament and every single last minute of a close game for a decade that’s all I remember of Paul. “All Hands on Deck” , man oh man classic Paul! Good for him though, I like England, but I couldn’t live there that long. Not enough -50 weather.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Summit Member

  64. montreal ace says:

    I think PK Subban, is a better player then I thought. I was never sure, if he could reach the level, of being the teams leader. I would have felt comfortable, seeing him with a rookie last night and being the mentor. I feel the biggest requirement for being considered truly elite, is to make the players around you better. It might be too early to make him captain, but he is going to be the guy, who younger players will look up to.

  65. Lafleurguy says:

    The depth on this team, over the course of the past three seasons, has improved a lot. Back then, Serious fan 09 would write about Brock Trotter, J.T. Wyman, Maxim Trunev, and the still relevant Steve Quailer, along with a few others (Ben Maxwell?, Danny Kristo?, Anders Enqvist?).

    The depth of this team still needs improvement.

    In ’07-’08, the team overachieved by garnering 104 points, after 90 points the year before, and 93 points in its centennial year (yes, yes, Gainey let 11 RFAs and UFAs walk with nary a draftpick in return).

    This team is what its record says it is. A contrast is that a 25 year old is its top sniper instead of the 35 year old magician in ’08. Markov is no longer the no. 1 D, but the top 4 D in ’08 seemed stronger: Markov/Komisarek/Streit/Hamrlik.

    In the next couple of seasons, this wouldn’t be considered one of the more optimistic posts. And…..I’m with MattyLeg. Anyone seen my donkey pal?

    “Bends but won’t break”

    • Timo says:

      I don’t see it. There is nothing as far as forwards are concerned. Not a single player in AHL who can step in and replace (hopefully) party Gionta. On D… I am not so sure either. The fact that Tinordi, Beaulieu or Pateryn are still in A in favor of Bouiilon and Diaz isn’t really inspiring lots of confidence in these players either.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Any possibility you dont want to see it? I mean afterall you are far happier when the team loses than wins.

        Did you happen to notice Beaulieu last night, it was an NHL game afterall, I realize you would then have to see something positive in a loss, which may be completely out of your realm.

        • Timo says:

          I said “isn’t inspiring” not impossible. I am very much hoping that both Tinordi and Beaulieu will be in the lineup full time next season.

          As for forwards, yes, I don’t see it. Tell me who is there waiting at (on) the wings to grab that NHL job? Do you see it there in your realm?

        • Lafleurguy says:

          Easy Burl’. Timo is different in 2014, in that the gist of this post, and last Sunday’s 12:34am post were genuine expressions of candid observations of the moment, and not an eruption of deep-rooted cynicism. I mean this respectfully, Timo.

          Anyone seen that donkey of a donkey friend of mine?

          “Bends but won’t break”

  66. Timo says:

    So let me guess… day off today? And perhaps Monday too? I mean, afterall, they must be fatigued trying to avoid physical contact all night like that.

  67. 4m3y2j says:

    THERRIEN-HAS TO GO!He has lost control of the ship,makes inconsistent,non sensical decisions,continually rewards underachievers and banishes young talent for petty errors.His constant line juggling puts an exclamation point on the fact that he is desperate,lost and does not have any long term vision.Even if they get out of this seesaw cycle they are in this dolt will not get us anywhere near the promised land,cut him loose MB,the experiment is over-WTFU !!!!
    john slattery

  68. boing007 says:

    Eller needs a stellar winger. Find one, MB. Or, bring up LL to play with LE. Do something. Please.

    Richard R

  69. John Q Public says:

    The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey.
    Art imitating the Habs!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  70. Psycho29 says:

    Good morning all…
    Just did a quick scan through the comments from last night. Geez… overreact much?
    Watched the game with 3 buddies, one’s a Laffs fan and all 4 of us (including the Laff fan) agreed the Habs played better than the Laffs.
    And maybe with a bit of luck it would have gone to OT. Remember the puck off the glass…off Bernier’s head, and then the crossbar and out.
    The Habs certainly played better last night then they did against the Sens….and they won that game.
    Yes they’ve been in a funk….a slump lately, but they’re still 4th in the conference….reading a lot of the comments, if I didn’t look at the standings I’d think the team was in 15th….

    • HabinBurlington says:

      THe problem as I saw it, was when we broke down defensively, we break down real good . All four of the Leafs goals became glorious scoring chances leaving our goalie out to dry with opposing players having wide open looks at the net.

      Yes for other long parts of the game, the Habs played well, but when we break down, yup we break down Real Good.

      Hopefully this can be improved upon. Agree with the gist of your post.

      Also, for some reason my hand is very sore this morning, when Markov missed the puck and the Leafs went in to score the game winner, I may have punched the steel rail in front of me, seems to me that wasn’t such a good idea. Stupid me……

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Hey Burly! On the game-winner, Desharnais chipping the puck, turns out to be a first-rate quasi-pass to Bozak, Markov gets trapped, Emelin was his 2014 self in defending and Pacioretty was far behind JVR. No Gallagher, although there was a roundball-like switch, and it fell on Pax’s shoulders to defend the right wing. Defense first, would have been prudent in hindsight.

        “Bends but won’t break”

    • New says:

      They could win 80 in a row then lose the last two and some worlds would come crashing down. There are people still upset over the 70’s season they coasted and only lost 8 games claiming they should have won at least four of those.

      Sometimes it helps to look at the team’s record over the last 20 years before jumping up and screaming about this one. Then ask yourself “Why would I expect that this season would be different…what has changed to make me believe that?”

      Then you can actually celebrate what this team is doing. They are in almost every game. They compete. I am really proud of them.

      Right now the team is well ahead of where they should be on paper. By season’s end they could be right where expected. It is like having a fantastic retriever. He is supposed to bring the bird back, now I should want it plucked as well?

  71. JERM says:

    I was at the game last night and from my vantage point and I gotta say the ACC is a really nice building to watch hockey. Great site lines everywhere. Anyways from my vantage point here were my observations:
    1. The habs are not a bad team. There were moments in the game when the habs had the puck on a string and were throwing it around the Toronto end with the leaf players scrambling around having no clue how to get it back.

    2. At no point in the game did I see the Leafs capable of that type of skill. They are just a much bigger team and were able to knock alot of the habs players off the puck and they capitalized on glaring mistakes by the habs defense. They were opportunistic as usual.

    3. The habs defense is atrocious. Emelin and Gorges have regressed. I agree Gorges is not a top 4 defensemen. At this point I would argue if he is even a top 6. I did not notice him at all on the ice. He does nothing well. Doesn’t hit (too small) doesn’t do a great job of boxing players out. Has no clue when to jump into the rush and when to sit back. Has no shot from the point to speak of. What’s the point of shouting in the locker room between periods “Boys this” and “Boys that”. Time for Emelin and Gorges to sit in the press box for a while. Play the likes of Tinored, Pateryn, and Beaulieu. I can live with any mistakes those rookies make and it would hopefully light a fire under the veterans’ butts.

    4.Thierren sucks as a coach! The team does have skilled players he just has no clue how to use them, how to game plan and how to motivate them. Emelin made a huge one on one mistake on the first goal. He was responsible for the 3rd goal with that bone head interference penalty. At that point his ass should have been nailed to the bench the rest of the game.

    As a side note, Kadri is a really good player being handled by another “past his prime”, stubborn, bone headed coach like Thierren. If the leafs plan on trading him a way he would look really good in a Habs jersey.

    • piter says:

      Hold your tongue, we don’t want Kadri!!!!

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Great post, Jerm.

      Agree with most of it but would add that all that good offensive control is maddening without finishing. The pre-game discussion here concluded the Leafs top 6 fwds are superior to ours. Did you feel that the game proved it? Looked that way on screen.

      No reservations on your assessment of our D!

      Tempted to vent on MT, but holding back because of the possible mitigating circumstance about which we can never know. Can fully agree that right now he certainly looks like a complete f’n eejit.

      Finally, Kadri. Last year I would have agreed, even suggested it here. Now, despite his considerable skill and competitiveness and childhood Habs devotion, I think he plays like a putz and I prefer him stay where he is (or further away). Don’t know if you saw my post re. enforcers on the previous page!


  72. jo_maka says:

    Since day one of MT’s hiring, I had the nagging suspicion that he would be used to groom some of the kids but also the coaching staff, just to lose the reins to a Gallant or a Daigneault 2 or 3 years down the road. That feeling is still there.
    Beaulieu looked OK from where I was sitting, and I liked the chemistry with Subban and how he was used when we needed a goal. The kid is no Norris, but damn if he doesn’t have a nose for offence. A Mike Greene in the making.
    Some people think MB made a mistake by having Murray-Bouillon-Drewiske on roster instead of letting the kids play. But I think last night was prooved he didn’t. Clearly, playing significant role in the A benefits the kids more. To our short term dismay, but our long term satisfaction.

    • boing007 says:

      Really? Who cares about the Hamilton Bulldogs’ season? It’s a farm team for crying out loud. Maybe Sylvain Lefevbre doesn’t hack it as a coach? Maybe MB’s Master Plan is not going to pan out? Maybe they should have kept the coach they had before?

      Richard R

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