About last night …

Bjugstad scores

This was supposed to be the easy part of the December schedule for your Montreal Canadiens:
Philadelphia, the Islanders and Florida.
Three games in four nights, which is never easy, but against opponents who are sitting well below the Canadiens in the Eastern Conference standings.
But a funny thing happened on the way to three Ws.
Easy got hard.

The Canadiens salvaged an overtime win on Long Island. But they lost in Philadelphia and at home to Florida by identical 2-1 scores.

And now the Canadiens face Phoenix at the Bell Centre Tuesday night before embarking on a road trip that will include stops in St. Louis, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina and Dallas.

Any of those games strike you as easy?

The team’s problem is not difficult to pinpoint.

The Canadiens can’t score.

They’ve been shut out by the Kings, held to one goal by the Flyers and Panthers and garnered a point on Long Island despite failing to score in regulation against the most porous defence in the NHL.

On Sunday I watched two sports events featuring my favourite teams.

Liverpool, which had not an English Premier League match at White Hart Lane in five years, scored five times in the span of 71 minutes to trounce Tottenham Hotspur 5-0.

On this side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Montreal Canadiens have scored  five goals over their last 300 minutes of regulation-time hockey.

This team needs Luis Suarez on the power play.

Or Alex Galchenyuk when the goaltender is on the bench for an extra atttacker.

Galchenyuk, who had scored the Canadiens’ last three regulation-time goals, was not on the ice Sunday night as the Canadiens pressed for an equalizer to salvage at least at least a point from a dismal evening.

P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov were on. So were Tomas Plekanec, David Desharnais, Max Pacioretty and Brendan Gallagher.

No Galchenyuk.

But his buddy Gallagher, who hasn’t scored since Nov. 27 and looked, for most of his shifts against the Panthers, like an undersized forward on whom a compressed schedule may be beginning to take its toll.

I admit that’s nit-picking. Gallagher has the heart of a lion, and Michel Therrien probably wanted a forward who would happily engage Florida goaltender Scott Clemmensen as the seconds ticked down.

At least the coach didn’t use Daniel Brière.

It’s not like the Canadiens are blessed with a roster full of snipers. The goal drought has highlighted that deficiency.

But the list of lacuna goes beyond scoring.

The Canadiens are not generating good chances.

Odd-man rushes? Tic-tac-toe passing plays? Speed through the neutral zone?

All have gone MIA.

The Canadiens had 18 shots on goal against Florida.

In their own barn.


Unless P.K. Subban or, against Florida at least, David Desharnais is carrying the puck, the Canadiens labour to gain possession in the offensive zone. Dump-ins, ineffectual retrievals – usually against defencemen who are bigger than attacking Canadiens forwards – maybe a shot on goal but usually one and done.

On a snow-gripped day in Montreal, we saw no flurries of offence at the Bell Centre … other than those last few seconds of frantic action.

The power play was better than it had been on Long Island. The man advantage produced Galchenyuk’s goal, and there was better puck movement to counter pressure on P.K. and Markov at the points.

But with momentum swinging and a 5-on-3 advantage for 35 seconds, the Canadiens attack fizzled. No one in Clemmensen’s face. No one-time snipes from the slot.

Look, all is not doom and gloom.

Florida has been hot, winning five of six, including two over Detroit.

The Canadiens are still third in the Eastern Conference, 11 points clear of falling outside playoff participation.

The goaltending and defence are solid, the latter bolstered by Douglas Murray seeming to have won the sixth D spot over gallant-but-aging Francis Bouillon.

Galchenyuk is having a good sophomore season. Tomas Plekanec is quietly excellent. DD and Max shows signs of coming to life. The penalty-kill is fourth in the league.

This week has days off for practice. And there’s a six-day break after the visit to Nashville.

Nine days until Christmas, it’s too early to panic about the Canadiens or your shopping.









  1. The Dude says:

    On top of it all,man is 2013-14 Habs hockey boring…they’re like watching morphine. In the last 5 games I’ve been woken up at games end by ‘Le But !!!!’. Small fast skilled my arse Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  2. gmoan says:

    Eller should ask for a trade if he wants his career to go anywhere….

  3. kalevine says:

    This has probabky been said before but I just feel like repeating it. How did one of the toughest bravest players in history (Gainey) build one of the smalles and wimpiest teams? And why is Bergevin largely continuing that tradition, or at least giving no evidence of transitioning out of it.

    • ont fan says:

      You play 3 teams lower than you in the standings who have as much trouble scoring as you do. Tight defensive boring hockey. Better figure something out 5 on 5 because this is what is going to happen in the playoffs. Somebody is going to have to be brave and obstruct the goaltenders view or we have to win 1 nothing.

    • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

      Not exactly true … they were actually a big team in 2007-08 (the size chart is actually off – for every inch added to Saku, they took a few off AK46)


      But he felt that the key was more skilled/scoring leaders so he brought in Gionta/Gomez and Camilleri 2 years later … and everyone forgets the role the Gomez and Gionta played to get the Habs through the playoffs …

      “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  4. Sportfan says:

    Don’t worry guys out of 20 games I’ve been too since 2003 I’ve seen them lose 3 times. I’ll be at the Coyotes game haha so they’ll win!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  5. aemarchand11 says:


  6. Kooch7800 says:

    Man Dustin Penner must really love Anaheim is on fire this year. All of his best years have been there

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  7. Bill says:

    Punkster, “great minds”, etc., ha.

  8. 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

    Yikes! …. A group script for Prozac on the double!

    I get that for many posters here, the chance to b!tch is therapeutic and they have far too much of their personal lives invested on the day to day activities of an NHL hockey, but give your heads a collective shake!

    This is an 82 game season and there are a lot of ups and downs … right now everything and everyone on the team outside of the goaltending is off kilter. IT happens. It isn’t because DD is playing too much or if they were one foot taller and 40 pounds heavier, they would hit the net with their shots, they wouldn’t blindly turn over the puck, have shots slide aimlessly off the heels of their sticks or pass to the other team.

    The problem is not with body, it is the brain.

    The team, are suffering from depression causing lethargy. Like a baseball team swinging at bad pitches, they are not seeing the game and it becomes infectious … yet in the least likely place, something will ignite and the team will once again start to play better and it becomes exponential.

    The 2008 Detroit Red Wings …. you may have heard of them, won the Stanley Cup …. here is their February 2008, starting at game 56

    56 Thu, Feb 7, 2008 Los Angeles Kings L 3 5 41 11 4 L 1
    57 Sat, Feb 9, 2008 @ Toronto Maple Leafs L OT 2 3 41 11 5 L 2
    58 Sun, Feb 10, 2008 Anaheim Ducks L 2 3 41 12 5 L 3
    59 Tue, Feb 12, 2008 @ Nashville Predators L 2 4 41 13 5 L 4
    60 Fri, Feb 15, 2008 Columbus Blue Jackets L 1 5 41 14 5 L 5
    61 Sun, Feb 17, 2008 @ Dallas Stars L 0 1 41 15 5 L 6
    62 Mon, Feb 18, 2008 @ Colorado Avalanche W 4 0 42 15 5 W 1
    63 Fri, Feb 22, 2008 @ Calgary Flames L 0 1 42 16 5 L 1
    64 Sat, Feb 23, 2008 @ Vancouver Canucks L 1 4 42 17 5 L 2
    65 Tue, Feb 26, 2008 @ Edmonton Oilers L SO 3 4 42 17 6 L 3
    66 Fri, Feb 29, 2008 San Jose Sharks L 2 3 42 18 6 L 4

    Yep, 1-10 in that streak and they were in some cases, like the game against Columbus, absolutely wretched. But, eventually they put it back together.

    So folks, remember that the only way Brian Gionta is not a member of the 2014 year of the Habs is if they lose every game between now and the trade deadline, there is very little trade possibility in the league this year until and we have LOTS of time to right the ship so don’t Timo, be happy.

    “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  9. Bill says:

    Take a deep breath, people, it’s gonna be a long year. You’re gonna all have aneurysms if you don’t have perspective and just keep riding the roller-coaster.

    We’ve all followed the team since the Flintstones hunted Brontosauruses, so we all should know that there are ups and downs, winning streaks and losing streaks: it happens every year!

    As tempting as it is to flip out whenever the Habs lose a game (last night) or even just win unconvincingly (Saturday night), you’ll feel better if you take a long view. The agony of defeat happens about 30 times a season, even to good teams.

    The Habs have played tons of hockey in the past couple weeks, and you could see they were wiped last night, between the schedule and the late plane. They are struggling to score and that happens. Next thing that happens will be that they win a few laughers against good teams. It’s a weird sport like that.

    The Habs are in good shape in the standings and I don’t see how they could not make the post-season at this point. Let’s hope that Bergevin makes a couple of moves to make them more of a “playoff team”. I’m in waiting mode until then. So far, I have to say the team has exceeded my expectations.

  10. punkster says:

    Habs lose games = crank up the blame machine.

    Hard working, effective players get slagged and talent-less slugs are held as sacrosanct.

    And everybody piles on the usual suspects…the old, the small and those perceived as the weak.

    Heaven forbid you should point out anything positive or the collective will destroy you and your contrary views.

    Does anyone here have any new suggestions to offer or will we just go round and round with the same old vitriol?


    • HabinBurlington says:

      I’m trying very hard to come up with someone new to blame. GIve me a few hours please.

    • --Habs-- says:

      Yup I have a suggestion! If they’re fatigued…..Sit them out a week or 2 and bring up some players from Hamiltion Hey at least we won’t have to listen to the coach crying his players are fatigued when we loose! BTW – so you think with AHL players it will look any less emotional on the ice! The first sign of problems in the system is when players are looking at each other before deciding who’s going to go in and forcheck. Or passes to players standing still. Or players flat footed while one of his teamates takes possesion of the puck and he decides to jump into the play. Those 2 or 3 seconds of thinking is all timing. Thats not fatigue! Thats a broken offensive system.

      “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

      Gotta say that ever since they gave the Zamboni driver a 4 year deal, the ice has been tilted against the Habs …. time for him to sit up in the pressbox to get that “hunger” back in his game.

      Pretty sure the guy in Hamilton would do a better job …

      “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  11. habstrinifan says:

    Krob1000: DECEMBER 16, 2013 AT 9:24 AM

    “I watched the most recent edition of 24ch and heard him tell the guys “we are a grinding team…accept it”.

    Anyone who read any of my post will know that I see this mindset as a problem. But let’s leave that ‘philosophical’ debate aside.

    Do you see the hidden indicators in the message. When a coach has to say “accept it” in that context it should give us a clue as to the dynamics between team and coach and message.

    • Luke says:

      Is the coach implying that the team needs to work harder and stop making cutsey drop passes and backhand flip passes that go to no one? That instead, they need to put their heads down and create chances through effort and force of will instead of hoping a trickly little low % skill play from the perimeter with no one at the net and no one moving will be successful?

      • habstrinifan says:

        oK .. you obviously hit the nail on the head. Your comprehension skills exceed mine and so do your eye for the players ineptitude.

        Strange though how your comment flies in the face of Therrien’s assertion that the players did work hard.

      • krob1000 says:

        I think that is what he was trying to imply..but I am not sure that si what was received as the message. In the same episode Purst is seen telling Markov that “all the keeps playing in head is go to the net, go to the net,etc” ..that is peerfect. What is bothering me though is the approaches to the blueline and resultin sump ins and no puck support. The HAbs are not a team built for constant puck retrieval and when they do retireve it there has to be a net presence. I think MT has the right idea but like I mentioned below…that statement jsut bothered me because I know some guys might not like that mindset. I think it was probably more of a slip up and some fancy editing that may have made it see like that and that is how I am hoping it waent because the HAbs are NOT a grinding team and if they try to be one they will be in trouble. I think they were best off when they had one “grinder” on each line and spread things but that is about the extent of teh “grinding ” IMO. I would like to see Gallagher moved from Dd and Patches line until he gets healthy…he looks like he is battling some bumps and bruises right now. I like him there at 100 percent but if that line is ogng to be the lne that ges all of the best starts,etc then they need a healthy body in that role. Maybe even try Gionta and let him try and find his ofense and give Pleks a shot with Galchenyuk/Gallagher, Have Eller play the d role for a bit and see if that generates soemthing. The team is very d focussed and I am thinking the drop off defensviely will nto be as significant as the increase offensively. Also having Gio to be a bit more responsible may help Dd an patch as well. Gio is also a pure shooter in the o sone so DD still has two targets.

  12. --Habs-- says:

    Fatigued? Just those words from a coach concern me! Its only December! What are they going to be like in March when everyone is playing hard every game for that last playoff spot.. These guys are world class atheltes. I understand they’re human and they have an off day but…….Fatigued! Working 15 to 25 minutes a game or a practice a couple of hours a day………Fatigued? I’m trying to fathom that word. I traveled to London every week for 18 months. At the end I was fatigued with the time change and work hours and the travel away from my family but I still performaned my job with energy.

  13. Strummer says:

    From Bruce Garrioch yesterday (I know, I know Bruce Garrioch he says dodging flying debris thrown his way)

    Montreal GM Marc Bergevin has been working the phones with an eye towards making a move. Ideally, he’d like to get a skilled finisher for up front. The issue is the Canadiens don’t have a lot to offer in return. They have tried to move captain Brian Gionta in the past, but he’s not going to fetch the kind of return they want ..

    Bergevin knows the problem but in a salary cap world he’s effed at the moment

    “It’s Christmas- not “The Holidays”

  14. SteverenO says:


    Looks like you are now agreeing what I have been saying for over a year now; Therrien is very week when it comes to ice time management ,especially on the power play.

    Looking only at the center ice position:

    PP TOI- PPGs scored- Minutes Per PowerPlayGoal-

    Eller,……… 63 mins TOI / 7 PPGs scored / Avg = 9 MPPG – .
    Desharnais 66 mins TOI / 7 PPGs scored / AVg-=9.5 MPPG-
    Plekanec: 63 mins TOI / 11 PPGs scored / Avg-=5.7 MPPG

    Using 1 minute as tehavergae shift length; When Plekanec’s line is on the HABs get a PP goal every 5.7 shifts, With Eller’s or DD,S line its one goal every 9 to 9.5 shifts.

    using 2 minutes as the base , the “PP Success percentage” for
    Eller is .220, , Desharnais is at .211 and Plekanec is .349.

    The real question that needs to be asked of Therrien and his associates is why does the center with a 35% PP success rate have an equal number of PP minutes than the cthers with a 21% and 22% success rate?

    or why did you stop utilizing Plekanec,s line as the number one PP unit when they were always the ,most successful?

    Or seeing as the PP is struggling of late, did you ever think of putting Bournival back with Plekanec and Gionta, considering those 3 players were on for 3 PPGs in 13 minutes of PP TOI? (An average of one PP goal every 4.4 minutes, and a success percentage of .451).

    Has the coach ever considered using a forward on the point for the second wave considering with Diaz the HAbs have averaged one PP goal every 15 minutes a success rate of .133, and with Boulllon its an average of one PP goal every 20 minutes and a success rate of.097.

    I would also like to know why he (Therrien) consistently breaks up successful line combinations; here are some of our most successful trios from this season:

    Gally 27/ Eller/ Gally 11 – no longer together
    Bournival/ Plekanec/ Gionta ; no longer together
    Briere/ Plekanec/Gionta: no longer together
    MaxPac/ DD/ Gallagher: no longer together

    How long will it take to realize that MaxPac, /DD/ and Briere is NOT a good combination?

    Considering the HAbs rarely score a PP goal when Subban and Markov are not on the ice, and almost never score an even strength goal, when their two best defenceman are NOT on the ice, did it ever occur to you to try splitting them up for a game or two ,just to see how it works? ( perhaps against weaker competition like the Islanders and/or the Sabres).

    My “hunch” is that the team will score goals at even strength with Subban on the ice, (they did last year) even if Markov is not his partner and the same would probably hold true for Markov. Putting the two best (only?) offensive defenceman on together means that for over half the game the best we can hope for is to break even.

    Finally, You (therrien) claim that the team is showing signs of fatigue, so why have the only line up changes been rotating ‘Murray and Bouillon, and the 4th liners. Why not give some of the tired and fatigued players a nite off every now and then? The number one goalie, who has shown no sign of fatigue, is given a nite off when playing back to back games, why not others?


    Steve O.

  15. artartand says:

    I was at the Islander game and if he meant everyone was playing hard and no one was coasting, then he is right. However, it was like watching two high school teams. No passes connecting, pucks hopping over sticks…maybe the ice was bad. The PP was horrible. They need to find a way to counteract the pressure on the points or we`re in for a long remainder of the season.

    Once a Habs Fan Always a Habs Fan!

    • SteverenO says:

      @ Artartrand; they have found a way to counteract the pressure on the points; simply by utilizing the Plekanec line . It (This line) has been consistently successful on the since the beginning of the season. The reason that the PP is “slumping” of late is because the most successful PP combo is now treated as either the second, or third wave, and rarely plays with Subban and Markov as a PP unit.

      One thing that you said is true; if Therrien and his staff don’t start doing their homework we are definitely in for a long remainder of the season


      Steve O.

  16. habstrinifan says:

    Boone’s ALN is one of the better ones’ He goe sinto detail on the woes of the Canadiens.

    He also referenced soccer and Liverpool. I dont know if there are many English League soccer fans here. Do you remember the days when that league consisted of kicking the ball into the penalty box area and hoping that in an ensuing scrrum there would be a goal. there was very little skill play or bending of the ball et cetc. But that league learnt. And every player seems to be a graduate of the Coerver school of coaching. Skill techniques abound.

    The Habs play the way that league used to play. Dump the puck in and chase.

    Habs will regain elite level status when the organization strike a better balance between offense and ‘system’ in its approach.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think you see that style of play you speak of from many of the import players in the league. Because English football seems to still revolve around long kicks and set pieces hoping to score. The national team is proof of that.

      • habstrinifan says:

        I am gonna beg to disagree here HabinBurlington. While the other leagues, (Spanish.Italian) are still more dashing so to speak, the English league does not rely on that game anymore. It is however still behind in coaching.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I am not discussing the league per se, the players. Watch which players are doing all the creativity in the Premiereship, and and then watch how the English National club plays.

  17. montreal ace says:

    When the NCAA hockey season ends, will there be any players the Habs can pickup that are good. It might be a nice way to get a guy with the highest bid money wise. I noticed that the Bruins got Krug this way and he is playing well.

  18. krob1000 says:

    Re Dd…I am still hopeful the team is overplaying him right now trying to increase his value to move him at some point.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      Despite the best linemates, exploitation and PP time the guy who is a 1-dimensional offensive player is on pace for 26 pts in 80 games.

      That’s 4th line production.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

      • krob1000 says:

        If we discount his early struggles he has been better of late and other teams would take note of that…his production over the last 14 games is 10 pts. That is around what he should be producing.

  19. Maritime Ronn says:

    Here is wondering whether or not the uncertain contract status of several Habs may be a factor moving forward if not dealt with in the very near future.

    Is it both a good and bad thing?
    Can this uncertainty keep players hungry, or can it negatively impact their play?

    For fans, hockey is a sport – yet for the players, it is their job(business) and livelihood.

    Seeing how the game has turned vicious, a player never knows when the next blind side hit will end his career (Eller-Max)
    For several players, hockey is all they know and have been trained for all of their lives.

    The question becomes, is this uncertainty helping or hurting the following players?
    Teams have the ability to resign their own players anytime during the last year of their contract that started last July

    Subban-Eller-White…and to another degree in Hamilton with Leblanc and Pateryn

    Markov-Gionta-Diaz-Murray (disregard Parros-Bouillon)

    • JUST ME says:

      I do not think so or if it does play a role it`s a minor one. Don`t we say everytime that when a contract is at it`s final season the players regains energy to make sure he signs another one ?

      Although the Habs are under a new management it has been known that those issues are not delt with during the season .

      I will not fall for the sentimental reason of them being worried about their livelyhood. They are more scared of the end of the world than the end of the month if you want my drift…

      I think that those not coming back within the ones you cited know already that the end is near but this is business, the same business that gives them ever more generous deal every time.

  20. HabinBurlington says:

    So how does this years crop of draft eligible players look?

  21. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Price would have shutout the Panthers last night. MT dropped the ball there.


  22. Steeltown Hab says:

    My biggest pet peave of this BS little streak is Therrien actually trying to say the team played well in some capacity against the Islanders…what the f*** was he watching?


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

    • kalevine says:

      hasn’t he basically said that the past 3 games? Just on the surface of it, losing to 2 teams well below in the standings and needing OT to score against an even worse team is bad. But to anyone who watched it, this team is struggling big time. He reminds me of Bobby Valentine, coach of the Red Sox during their last place finish in 2012. They would have an awful game and he would be in the press conference saying how they played hard blah blah blah. He knew they hadn’t and he knew that everyone knew that he knew that. So it was very disrespectful to all concerned, and disingenuous. He was fired after the season

    • --Habs-- says:

      I’m not sure hat they’re watching BUT I hope/assume they’re watching the same game we are. I’m sure Therrien is saying look we have 20 wins on the season and beat the Bruins and Leafs. I look at the 20 wins on the season and say holy crap look at how we had to win most of those 20 games and for beating the Bruins! Well it wasn’t exactly pretty and memorable! As for the Leafs who’s not beating them.

      “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • JUST ME says:

      I agree with you. Defensively the team is o.k. but without goals being scored you can`t say that the team played good. It`s not either that we got robbed by the opponents goalers. We just have not been focused and hungry enough.
      Fatigue may be a reason but i think it`s more mental fatigue wich can be causes by many things…
      I am not going to throw the coach under the bus cause he tries and changes things maybe too much but at least he tries to kick a..

  23. krob1000 says:

    I have been and will continue to be a backer of MT..I think he has done a great job and built NHL quality habits in many of the kids since last year. I do however have one gripe…I watched the most recent edition of 24ch and heard him tell the guys “we are a grinding team…accept it”. I did not like this message..I knwo his intent was probably to tell them they need to grind more and get into tough positions but just the way it came across has bothered me since I saw it. Seems to be how the team is playing. Several of the players ont eh HAbs are not built for ginding hockey and have talenst to be more of a puck possession team…especially agaisnt weaker team. I think sometimes the team is just palying similar no matter who they play…keeping the score down and tying to as he said get 3 and keep them to 2 or under. Great…I agree with this philospohy when you are in theory outmatched or in very tough…BUT…when youare the better team offensively I think this approach plays into the oppositions hands. You are essentially shortening the game and leaving it up to bounces and mistakes….this is how you approach a team better than you not those teams that you are substantially better than…or that is how I have always viewed it anyway. Anyone else?

  24. krob1000 says:

    I think PK has proven he is a more complete player…but when the team is struggling…unleash the beast!! I have seen him absolutely dominate games at ttimes…I ahe also seen him wander too far outside of himself and cost the team. I think MT and the coaching staff have done a wonderful job at ensuring theat he understand the defensive side better and use a little more caution…I think teh leson has been learnt…time to let him go a bit more3 and split PK/Markov. Go back to 4 lines with scoring ability and split MArkov/PK please.
    The team was doing very well rolling out a 4th lne that had Bournival or Briere, or Bourque on it. As it stands the 4th line has virtually no chance of scoring…so there goes 1/6th of teh game. Then 3/6ths of teh game you have d pairings with no offensive ability on them and are leaving the forwards in a difficult spot with no real bonaifde puck mover or in best case abelwo average puck mover and stay at home guy. You are4 now down to 2/6 or 1/3rd of the game with a real chance to score before the puck is dropped each shift…..

    That makes it tough IMO.

  25. munch17 says:

    In the 13 games since Gally got DD Max going he has had 1 goal and assist.
    The managements obsession about getting DD going is destroying this team.
    I don’t know how guys like Eller,Pleks,Chucky,and even Briere can figure out why DD, who has 3 PP points ALL YEAR gets first PP unit time and is out there on the 5 on 3.
    It is no coincidence that our PP has gone south since Davey is on the first unit.
    He can’t win battles,carry the puck,retrieve the puck,or play defence.
    He will make a cute little pass every 4 games and everyone will say” quelle passeur”.
    It seems that Pacs is saying play me with Davey or I won’t play.
    I can’t believe he wouldn’t be more effective with Eller or Chucky at center. It may be that we have to trade both for another top 6 power forward.
    Thanks for listening to this rant.
    It’s getting really hard to watch this team.

    • third generation haber says:

      Plus 1!

      With 3 years left on his deal, I guess they’re desperate to make him look good no matter how badly they need to shelter him.

      j.p. murray

      • Steeltown Hab says:

        This was going on well before he got his extension, that’s what’s really annoying.


        Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

        • third generation haber says:

          From one steeltowner to another, I completely agree. The day they signed him I wanted to smoke my lap-top. How the hell could I see this and the management team couldn’t??? With Galchenyuk, Eller, and Pleks in the line-up already they really had no desperate need to sign him either.

          j.p. murray

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      Pacioretty being friends wish and pushing for Davey = chemistry apparently.

      I agree it’s getting tough to see DD get the sheltered minutes and PP time that should be reserved for a Galchenyuk and doing nothing to deserve that spot.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

  26. third generation haber says:

    What would y’all say to a trade to bring Bordeleau into the mix.

    He’s 6-6, 225, and has 4 goals (one more than DD and one less than Briere, he earns 1/3 of these ladies earn too), 5 points, a plus 4, with 61 hits. Oh yeah, he can fight too.

    j.p. murray

  27. Ian Cobb says:

    After reading these stats, please leave a 3 word description of what you think our problem might be at the bottom reply.!

    League points—43, For 10th place. Last week 41 For 7th.

    Conference——-43. For 3rd place. Last week 41 For 1st.

    Division ———–43. For 2nd place. Last week 41 For 1st.

    Goals For———-88. For 19th place. Last week 85 For 10th.

    Goals Against—–75. For 5th place. Last week 65 For 3rd.

    Goal differential+13. For 10th place. Last week +20 For 6th.

  28. gmur says:

    So, hypothetically, Brière gets bought out by the Habs…

    You know what’s insane about buyouts in the NHL? You’re basically giving a player that isn’t good enough to stay on a team, a raise. If the Canadiens buy out Brière, he’ll probably get an offer from some team next season… even if it’s base salary, he’ll have the Flyers’ buyout (technically worth 2 million for next season), the Habs’ buyout (4 million), and the regular salary he’ll be drawing from whatever team takes a chance on him (à la Scott Gomez, $900 000 this season).

    You aren’t good enough for two NHL teams, Mr. Brière. You were earning 4 million for 2014-2015. Instead, you’ll take home the equivalent of 6.9 million.

    Ain’t it wunnerfull?

    • gmur says:

      Obvious question: What incentive does a player like Brière have to play like Gallagher and get beat up? Play poor enough to get bought out! You win in terms of wear on your body and in terms of salary!

      winner, winner, turkey dinner!

  29. third generation haber says:

    Okay, M.B., stop, think… U resigned DD to a 4 year deal….. u signed Briere… u traded Kristo for Thomas….. as u can see, our team is extremely soft and undersized. Diaz is about to become a free-agent….. think for a moment…. what should u do???

    j.p. murray

    • Luke says:

      It’s obviously to resign Diaz, but I don’t think that’s the point you are trying to make here.

      • third generation haber says:

        Seriously? What do u see in him? Is it the way he sprawls on the ice or swings his stick like a sissy rather than playing the body? Or is it the fact that he provides extremely little offence for a soft d-man? Why on earth would you not want to replace him?

        j.p. murray

        • Luke says:

          Replace him with who?

          Diaz is fine. If he goes looking for 4 million a season, take a pass.

          He’s a decent defender. A decent penalty killer.

          He’s really bottom pair defender, and surprisingly his impact on the game is minimal. He doesn’t hurt the squad as much as some folks say, his ‘sissy stick swinging’ instead of taking the body could also be interpreted as “not running around looking for hits when he’s a crappy hitter”.

          I’ll be happy to replace him with someone better.

          Truth is, you’re looking at replacing him with a similar player. And truthfully, that type of player, on any other team, is someone who’s name you don’t know.

          Quick, and no looking: Who’s the #5 defenseman on Nashville?

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      With Beaulieu, Tinordi, Pateryn on the brink can’t think of a reason to sign Diaz. He’s even overrated offensively, like can’t get a shot on net.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin, Bournival, De La Rose – @J_Perez22

  30. formerly known as the hc says:

    After a brief interlude, it’s back to the familiar: Fire everyone and trade everyone else!

  31. CSIASN says:

    If we are ever injury free this is the way our #1 & #2 lines should look for the remaining games we have left;

    Pacioretty Galchenyuk Gallagher
    Bourque Eller Bournival
    Prust Plekanec Gionta
    Moen DD/Briere (Alternate in the pressbox) White

    …Win or lose with these lines nothing more to choose from…
    If Bourque is not gonna be back anytime soon move prust to the 2nd line, Moen to the 3rd line and bring someone with a little toughness up from the BullDogs.. there’s very little scoring from the 4th line anyway.

    • piper says:

      I agree with everything you wrote except for the 4th line. It should be Moen, White, and a real enforcer via trade.

    • third generation haber says:

      Love your line combos!! Love the idea of the Olsen twins (DD and Briere) sitting games out.

      As for toughness, since we’re not exactly cup contenders now (not anywhere close), I’d like to see Tarnasty get a chance. Yes, I know he can’t skate. I’m just hoping he’ll keep players honest for 5-7 minutes per night.

      j.p. murray

  32. montreal ace says:

    We have 3 goals, at even strength from our defence in 35 games, PK has 2 and Gorges the other. I don’t understand how these numbers are acceptable.

    • Luke says:

      Any solutions?

      • Habfan17 says:

        For one, stop making it easier for opposing teams to cover both Subban and Markov and split them up. Second, give Subban the green light to be a little more creative, let the leash loosen a little.


        • Luke says:

          Too easy to key on one of them if you seperate them.

          Too easy to keep the puck away from both of them on a dump in when they are seperated.

          Too easy to work the side of the ice that Gorges or Emelin is on.

          Best defensive pair in the league and people want it broken up. I dunno, if you want to weaken the best pair you have (an A+) so you can have two weaker ones (B’s). so you can choose… A+, B-, C or an A- (Markov/Emelin), B (PK, Gorges), C.

          That’s about what you’d get and it’s what people were complaining about before MT united Markov & PK as a pair. They may be easier to cover when together, but they are easier to play against when apart.

          PK leash is plenty long. He get’s stopped at the blueline a lot and he forces to his forwards to stop. His end to end rushes are way more Gomez-ian than they are Orr-esque. Look I love PK, but his run and gun rushes are the kind that work in the OHL.

      • montreal ace says:

        Pateryn, Beaulieu, or Tinordi getting called up. I am surprised that we have not tried to work one of them into the lineup.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Use two pucks at a time!

    • JF says:

      Markov has a couple as well.

  33. piper says:

    Bergevin needs to find a way to turn Desharnais and Briere into cap space. They are holding this team back and must be moved. MB needs to swallow his pride and cut his losses. Galchenyuk, Eller and Bourneval need the icetime that is being wasted on these two.

  34. Maritime Ronn says:

    Some questions I would enjoy asking coach Therrien to better understand:

    1) With 1 minute 9 seconds left, you chose to put Desharnais on the ice for the last shift instead of a rested Lars Eller.
    If it was because of fear of Plex getting thrown out of the Faceoff circle, Eller has a Faceoff win of 54% and Desharnais 49%.

    In that final minute, a person would guess that you want a player that can protect the puck, win a puck battle in the corner or behind or in front of the net, crash the net…and a player that can put the puck in the net.
    If that is the criteria, how do you justify the choice of Desharnais over Eller.

    2) With 1:09 left and after a goal review time out, you chose to put Gallagher on the ice instead of Galchenyuk who had time to recover from his shift.
    That was going to be Gallagher’s 9th shift of the 3rd period totaling an almost outrageous 8:50 in that final period.
    If as you say fatigue was a factor, what was he doing on the ice instead of Galchenyuk?

    3) Desharnais had the most minutes played for all Habs Centers last night (20:38) and the most PP time for Habs Centers (3:23).
    When you are looking to score goals, and the 107th NHL ranked scoring center gets that much time, the odds would seem to be against you? Do you agree or disagree and why?

    4) As a follow up, with 3 goals and 11 total points that ranks him 107th for scoring by NHL Centers, why does David Desharanais continue to play top 6 minutes and 1st Unit Power play minutes?

    5) On November 4th past, you said, ” “The positive (in this game) is the adjustment we made with Galchenyuk playing centre with Pacioretty and Gallagher,” …“It’s something we’ve been thinking about and we decided to do it in the third period and I was really pleased. This is an experiment that we’re going to repeat again.”

    When is “Again” and why not now?

  35. adamkennelly says:

    Briere and DD on the same team…in the same group of 9 forwards which already includes Gionta and Gallagher….hahahahahahah….great idea MB – you da man…

    • adamkennelly says:

      also – lets hand Briere the faking torch at the opening ceremony…talk about ridiculously stupid….that was someone’s idea – whomever it was – FIRE THEM…

  36. montreal ace says:

    Murray and the Cube are minus 21 between them with 0 goals, if we don’t have a prospect better then that, we have big problems. I think Murray has improved lately, but talk about no production.

  37. Old Bald Bird says:

    Many posts about MT. I don’t know if MT is a good coach or not although I suspect it may be the latter. However, our last three coaches have been line jugglers. Why? Most likely because there is a poor complement of players and one must forever juggle lines to try to patch the holes, but there are so many that it never works for very long.

    When they play their best the boys can compete with anyone, but if they suffer any sort of letdown the weaknesses become apparent. I don’t know what coach can fix that.

    I do wish that the organization was taking a longer view and at least developing one of the three young defencemen this year. But if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

    • 24 Cups says:

      You’re right, MT seems to be taking the brunt of all the criticism. However, when you look at the Eastern Conference, the only coach with a stellar record during the past decade is probably Claude Julien. All the other coaches have had their ups and downs or have just been the flavour of the month (like Guy Boucher).

      The Habs have scored just 8 goals in their last 6 games. During that span, they have picked up 6 points in 6 games. Add a well placed goal or two here or there and they would be 4-2 with no real sense of doom and gloom.

      There’s no doubt that the team flat lined last week but I think it’s best to wait until the new year before making any real harsh judgements. And when it’s judgement time, HI/O fans need to be sure to include the actions of MB along with those of MT.

    • third generation haber says:

      Does it matter much what decisions he makes when he can’t do a thing about the group of softies he’s been given to work with??? He’s not the GM, so it’s not really his fault. Since Bergevin is still dealing with a lot of old contracts, it’s somewhat not his fault either.

      j.p. murray

      • 24 Cups says:

        The contracts for Bouillon, Parros, Drewiske, Briere, DD and Emelin are all on MB. The only laborious old contract from the past is that of Gionta.

        • krob1000 says:

          Gorges contract to me is the DD of the dmen.

        • Luke says:

          Parros’ isn’t as it was trade, but regardless, his, Boullion’s, Drewiske’s contracts aren’t factor’s at all. Such low dollars and short term that they are meaningless. It’s what you’d expect to pay any bottom roster guy in the NHL, and it’s what they provide.

          DD’s fine. Even with his awful performance this year, he is right in the middle of the group that he should rank with, and he makes less and has equal (or better stats) than many of them. The Bailey’s, Weiss’s etc etc (I went over the list more exhaustively last week). – Full disclosure: I thought resiging DD was a real odd choice due to the make up of the team at the time. It’s still not a bad contract though. (Clarkson at 5.2?!!!)

          Briere’s was an odd call. He’s redundant. Not sure why he was added.

          Emelin’s is a good deal.

          I hacve a feeling today is just going to be a big ol’ gripe session on here, so perhaps I’ll sign out.

  38. Habfan10912 says:

    If DD is your best option (see PP TOI) on the powerplay then you’re in trouble. Here’s a solution.

    Our top 3 centers should be Galchenyuk, Eller and Pleks in that order. Let Pleks play third line minutes in a checking role with Gionta and Prust.

  39. Cal says:

    Adding Brière to a team with DD already on it was, to be blunt, rather short-sighted and stupid. Pretty much everyone watching this team knew that adding another SMURF was a mistake. The unbalance created with 4 of the top 9 forwards being too small gets you these results every year heading into Christmas. Too small AND too slow to compete.
    The Panthers ate the Habs for breakfast and shat out both Brière and DD before the 3rd period ended.
    Blame it on too many games crowded together, but EVERY team has the same bs to deal with.


    • Habfan10912 says:

      Agree Cal. Funny thing is Bergevin was telling us how he needs to get the team bigger and add more grit and this was his big move. I guess that torch ceremony was really important to someone because this guy is Gomez 2. Now we hear rumors that he’s unhappy? Join the club Danny boy, join the club.

      • kalevine says:

        Yes MB was dumb to sign Briere, and Briere was kinda dumb to come here if there were other options. After watching him, while I agree he is not what he was, if he was on a team or line with bigger guys he would still be potting some goals. This isn’t the team where he can do it, and that should have been as obvious to him as to MB. The difference is that Briere still gets 4M

  40. JF says:

    The last few games the Habs have been playing exactly the way they were before they went on their 9-0-1 roll. Lots of dump-and-chase, not much puck support, no flow through the neutral zone, little pressure in the offensive zone. JM hockey in fact. Zone clearances are laborious, shots and scoring chances are down, and our goaltender has to stand on his head for us to have a chance to win. For some reason, the team always plays this way when things aren’t going well, either because of injuries or because of lack of confidence or some other factor – maybe tiredness as Therrien suggested.

    Last time this happened, we exploded for six goals against the Wild, and things were OK for a while. I don’t know whether there will be a similar explosion this time, but I think the team will turn things around sooner rather than later. The return of Rene Bourque should help a bit, and there’ll be a break after this week. The one positive last night was that the powerplay looked better.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Yeah, Bourque’s been a friggin ball of fire since he got here. Sorry JF I can’t help my sarcasm today.

      • JF says:

        That’s OK, I felt pretty sarcastic myself after last night. I guess I’m clutching at straws, but Bourque had some jump in his step the couple of games he played between injuries.

        I think the truth is Bergevin has to make some kind of deal. The way the team is made up right now just isn’t working consistently enough. Too many smallish, similar forwards, not enough net-crashers. A few names have been tossed around here, but I’m guessing that if there is a trade, it’ll be one no one saw coming.

  41. --Habs-- says:

    Don’t want to rain on the parade here but! This little situation called the Habs wasn’t exactly impresssing me even when they won 9 of 10. SO to call this a slump loosing 3 of 4 where the Habs’s didn’t show up is a bit of an understatement. In the 9 of 10 wins the Habs probably won half of those due to mr Price. NOW some will say every good team needs a good goaltender! My point is every good team shouldn’t have thier goaltender breaking them out of prison every night and on most nights even through the winning stetch thats what the goalies had to do.

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      You’re right about Price masking many a weakness on this team but for crying out loud, there is a tremendous difference in the way this team is playing right now then 3 weeks ago. There is no energy, no puck support, no imagination and worst of all no or little effort.

      A team with PK, Galchenyuk, Markov, Patches, Gallagher and Eller should not look like this. Somethings up and its not just because we’re tired.

  42. Habfan10912 says:

    Since Briere has now become Gomez II and the coach is going to play him regardless of performance, I have a question about the ramifications of releasing him.

    @Ronn and other CBA experts. I’ve read post talking about a possible Briere buyout. My understanding is the team has already used their 2 buyouts. I know you tried to explain to me some other cap saving method the Habs could employ with Briere. Would you or anybody else care to explain it one more time for me as I don’t think we’ll be needing another torch holder until next season?

  43. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning friends. Not very happy with the team this morning so be warned. Some interesting stats from last night.

    Powerplay time on ice:
    DD – 3:23
    Briere – 1:43
    Eller – 1:43
    Bornival 0:00

    Shorthanded time on ice:
    Diaz 2:33
    PK 0:00

    Overall TOI:
    DD – 20:28
    Gionta 16:33

    Galchenyuk minus his PP time? a bit over 13.

    • Cal says:

      Chucky being the only one scoring in regulation lately and he’s plastered to the bench. More stellar work by MT.
      Kind of stunning that a younger, fresher player that’s able to score doesn’t get a chance to tie the game.

  44. cashbagg says:

    Jagr has 28 points.

    Briere has less.

    That is all.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      The Briere signing has now put MB in the “What the heck are you doing?” category.

      Like Gomez, the problem gets multiplied by the coach giving him important ice time at the expense of others more deserving.

  45. Maritime Ronn says:

    Good morning

    Lots of doom and gloom floating around because of a bad week, yet what does the Big Picture say so far closing in on half a season?

    Before the year began, most ‘experts’ had the Habs as a bubble team that may or may not make the playoffs.

    In the Habs Division, there was supposedly NO WAY they would finish ahead of the Bruins-Red Wings-Ottawa…and that the Habs would be fighting it out with the Leafs-Rangers-Philly-Caro for those final 2 spots.

    So where are the Habs today?
    2nd in the Division/3rd in the Conference and a clear 10 points ahead of the team vying for 8th place.
    From here on in, .500 hockey in the next 47 games gets the Habs to the playoffs.

    As mentioned before, during the last full season, the 8th place finishing Sens had some brutal streaks during the season.
    Here are just 4.

    – Started the year 1-5-0.
    – In November, they picked up 1 point in a 5 game stretch
    – In December. they went 2-4-2 in 8 games.
    *- A late January-Feb stretch saw them go 0-6-1.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Morning Ronn. I understand what you are saying but right now this team looks like its lost. The defense offers zero support to the forwards on offence even though it features the offensive talents of PK, Markov and Diaz. This team looks more and more like its coached by Coach Bowel Movement again. Perhaps the players are sick of it as well.

    • TommyB says:

      Kinda have to agree with you. The Habs are not an elite team. There will be nights when they win against teams that are considered much better than they are, and there will be nights when they lose against teams that are considered an easy two points. Here’s a newsflash for the hand-wringers…it happens to pretty much every team. Are the Leafs better than Chicago? Are the Leafs better than Boston? We know the answer to that question, and yet both Boston and Chicago are considered among the elite teams and they each lost to Toronto…who can be considered among the group that Montreal falls into…or, we like to think, lower. There’s lots of hockey to be played yet. Habs will win their fair share, I think.

      Therrien mentioned the hectic schedule being a factor, and I agree. It’s also tougher on smaller players who are getting banged around every other night. Now I know that someone is going to point out that every team has a hectic schedule. And they will be right about that. But will they take the time to closely examine the other teams and notice that most of them also have had some bad stretches, or low points, in their season to this point? I tend to think it happens to everyone.

      As a Habs fan, I know I have to enjoy the good stretches, and I have learned to tolerate that low points. Things will even out and the Habs will make the playoffs. When you look at the makeup of the East, and the Habs division in particular, making the playoffs cannot be taken for granted, but I think they will make it. When they get there, they will have to work their tails off to advance a round or two. They are not among the NHL’s elite.

    • Cal says:

      The worst is yet to come, Ronn. The pre-Christmas swoon will lead to the Boxing Week blues and the New Year blahs. I’ve seen this movie too many times. MB has to trade, and hopefully it’s DD and Brière.

  46. JUST ME says:

    I suppose it`s a fair deal to leave the place for negative posters. They have not been able to express themselves a lot lately.

    As much as being over optimistic is not in order really, the opposite attitude is not the one to take either. Not true that when Price is not in goals we have a bad team, that Therrien is the worst or that our team is worth nothing. There is a middle of the road that is difficult to achieve when you are fan and hungry. I guess that this is normal in Montreal.

    I just noticed lately that included when i was a very young young fan i witnessed 12 Stanley cup for the Habs. So i can understand why some of you would want one at any price but personnaly i have lived through such a situation and right now it`s not that bad.

  47. HabsFanInSaintJohn says:

    You can’t justify re-signing a guy like gionta for the money he will be asking…trade hopefully before the deadline

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      IF the Habs sign all of Subban-Markov-Eller, there is no Cap space for Gionta unless there is a Briere buyout…and even if there is, would the money be better spent on some other younger UFA player?

    • third generation haber says:

      You won’t need to justify it because there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that he will get resigned. He’s the only midget who’s contract is ending and is on pace for 12 goals ( $416,666.00 per goal!). He’s had both of his biceps torn and isn’t getting any younger.

      The problem is he may get replaced by another midget; Thomas, and Andrighetto have played well this year…..

      WTF do we have so many midgets on our team…… on our farm team…. and in our prospect pool??????

      Are we inspiring a lot of fans by gutting out a play-off birth, getting bounced early and drafting mid-late in the first round again?

      Is there a prize for cutest or nicest team???

      Didn’t mean this to turn into a rant, but it’s all connected.
      Signing off now, I need a drink…

      j.p. murray

  48. PeterD says:

    Serious question here…

    Gionta will be a UFA at seasons end…he’s now 34..should have some good years left…but given his performance this year…does MB resign him for $5M+…Gio is going to want a retirement deal…years and $.
    But does he really fit into the teams next 3-5 year plan? Or does MB move him for prospects or picks or does he let Gio walk like Koivu?
    My hope is he is traded on or before the deadline so the Habs can move further past the old Gainey regime and open space for talented youth.

    • jols101 says:

      I’m guessing you mean Gionta not Giants and no I wouldn’t re-sign him. The Habs are in desperate need for a legit number 1 RW. They need to buy one in FA or trade for one.

      • PeterD says:

        Thanks for reading through the typos…damn auto-correct changes words on me….more headaches to try and edit a post…
        Yes I did mean Gionta…and I agree MB should be putting a Gionta ++ package together for a legit RD. ..and given our inability to score he needs to pull the trigger on a trade soon.

    • CH Marshall says:

      First thing I did was look for the Devils standings.. but realized that perhaps the Canadiens management won’t trade away their captain like that… So my guess is that they will let him walk. He’s made some pretty good money over the years

      • PeterD says:

        Actually I think the Habs have historically traded their captains…like Kirk Muller and Guy Carbonneau and a few others in the past. ..teams will pay up for leadership.
        I think Koivu was an exception that Gainey just mismanaged.

      • HabsFanInTampa says:

        How old are you, CH Marshall? The Canadiens are notorious for trading their captains through the years.

    • JUST ME says:

      I think that Gionta is one of the valuable assets that we will have to part with in order to get in return something worth building on.

      We will have to consider trading quite a few players that we value in our team cause if we could not make it with them then we have to make significant changes. For once we have a core on wich to build on. Young stars that need veterans to complete their game.

      In order to have something strong you have to have at least one elite caliber player at every level on the ice,goals,defence,offense. I think we do .

      It is still too early in the process to expect the farm team to supply NHL ready players so our main changes has to come from trades.

      • aroma says:

        the way Gionta has been playing, he could easily be replaced by any of the Bulldog Smurfs. Wouldn’t make a difference. Leadership? Pass the C on to PK once his new contract is signed… which had better be soon.

    • third generation haber says:

      The extremely obvious answer to your questions is NO!!!!!

      And, Yes, of course we trade him. Any picks or prospects we could get for him would be better than nothing.

      j.p. murray

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      IMO Habs will not trade Gionta if they are in a playoff position. Even then, I am not sure that any other team would want him or most of our players. I think he will become a UFA and not be re-signed.

  49. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    A hilarious reaction to Lucic’s street fight.


    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

    • Marc10 says:

      That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing that!

      You know the writer had a satisfied grin on his/her face after being thrown a softy like that by Lucic…

      “Do you know my friend Jeff…?” LOL!

  50. Captmax says:

    Wow you guys turn fast. Yeah there’s some problems. The Habs spend money from the goalie out so they build a defence mentality only to turn around mid season and say “damn we don’t score much”.

    2 weeks ago we /everyone bragged how great our Def is. And it is. But you can’t win with 19 shots on net.

    We beat New York bc of PAC and Lars Eller keeping Tavaros in check.

    Galchenyuk is the future when he gets more confidence. They moved him to learn from the veteran, no to stimulate those two who are playing on past glories. He scored but only cause he’s pushed to the net not bc of playmaking.

    Right now I feel Bourque needs to come back. Back in the line up with Gionta and Plek would be best. But what we need is stability. Learn where the line mate will be not trying to figure out where he might me.

    The only muscle we have on the front is Eller. He’s 24. 24 and he’s just getting mature but he is doing it alone. His line wasn’t on the ice for any goal against tonight but Therrien sat them and went with DD. That guy might pass well but he has never dominated.

    Some times I wonder what the coaches see that we don’t. Every time Therrien changes the line combinations mid game he shows his hand. He doesn’t trust his combos or the players. It reeks of bad coaching.

    Again I will say 3 years we are serious contenders but not until Gionta is gone and we get another solid forward over 5’10.

    We will win some and loses less but we won’t dominate until we start shooting and passing in the offensive zone. We saw very little of that tonight!! Sad.

    • third generation haber says:

      We haven’t turned! The streak was an indication of what we can do when everything goes right and teams don’t get physical with us. Reality is what u see now. For further evidence refer to the past 2 seasons where we iced many of the same players and got our buts kicked.

      j.p. murray

  51. HabsFanInSaintJohn says:

    Therrien is quite bad but I wouldn’t say the worse IMO

  52. scotland says:

    better question JOEY … who is worse than therrien?

  53. scotland says:

    worst coach “pure stupidity”

    well tell us then litt’l “Joey” … who is the worst coach to get behind the habs bench….iyo……..imo its therrien

  54. Habilis says:

    I have nothing nice to say. When Price doesn’t play, we’re basically a bad hockey team. Not a recipe for success.

    I don’t like MT but I also don’t think that firing him will help right now. Though I don’t think it would hurt either. Still, this falls on the players. I get the fatigue thing, but everyone is playing a compressed schedule, not just us. No excuses and all that.

    And I just don’t buy the “we’re still 3rd in the East” line. That’s only because the East is just terrible this year. Look at the stretch the Leafs have been on. They haven’t even come close to dropping out of a playoff spot despite a terrible recent record. Being at the top of a garbage heap isn’t that impressive.

  55. HabsFanInSaintJohn says:

    Lol yea he sounded pretty wasted…would of loved to have seen him laid out…must admit :p

  56. scotland says:

    lol. just saw the lucic incident outside the bar. looks like they were about to go but cops were on the scene quick. wonder what went on prior to camera action. lucic looked alright but sounded a a bit drunk

  57. scotland says:

    “the captain was crying in my arms when he found out his play off was over” (therrein on gionts injury first round play offs)

    “they are very tired so mentally you are drained and cannot execute” (therrien after team does nothing against kings,flyers,isles,panthers)

    “we are very very demanding so i know what we put them through” (therrien after team fires 1 shots at panthers back up on home ice)

    he is the worst coach this fan has witnessed in 43 years as a hab fan……………….yes that includes trembly

  58. HabsFanInSaintJohn says:

    Lol Milan Lucic fighting outside a night club in Vancouver last night…


  59. scotland says:

    “the problem is they dont have guys who score consistently”

    been hearing that since 35 goal kovelov left over 5 years ago.

    the problem is they are a bad hockey that is missing

    good coaching
    vetren leadership
    three good defenceman

    all they have is price, subban and markov. the true contenders in the nhl would healthy scratch the other 18 guys on the canadiens

  60. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    240 minutes of regulation hockey,,2 goals. One on the power play,one in the dying seconds of a game and 3 out of 4 were crap teams. Holy shite,that’s just pathetic.
    No excuses except for all the excuses.

  61. scotland says:

    when two best forwards on a nhl team are names gallagher and plekanic…..and your number 3 d in names gorges….add a guy names therrien to coach. recipe for last place. without price the habs would be a lock for 30th.

  62. Steven says:

    A lot of you on here are clamoring for a big-time sniper for this team. I don’t think that’s the best route to go down, as scoring by committee is much more logical, and that’s exactly how this team is built to score…

    …Only problem is that we don’t have enough guys that can score consistently. I mean, on paper we do, but in practice it falls very short. We have two rising stars in Gallagher and Galchenyuk who both know how to score, Plekanec who is a consistent 20 goal scorer, Gionta who is a consistent 25-30 goal scorer and once a near 50 goal scorer, Briere, who was an offensive powerhouse, Pacioretty who is one of the best scoring LW in the league, Bourque who can consistently score 20 or so and Eller and Desharnais who should be able to chip in about 15 each, if not more.

    The reality, though, is that Gionta and Briere are way past their primes, Bourque is streaky, and Desharnais and Eller aren’t getting the job done, this year. That leaves us with three guys who can score, and they reasonably can’t be scoring all the time, so then we get nasty slumps like this.

    Though a big-time sniper would be welcome, I’d like it more if MB was able to put together a deep forward unit that had consistent 20 or so scoring throughout. Not the easiest thing to do, I guess, but it really only takes a few free-agent signings. Mason Raymond, for one, has about as many goals as our leading goal scorer and he was picked up on FA.

  63. jols101 says:

    The media (Boone and the folks interviewing Galchenyuk post-game) are all mentioning Galchenyuk not being on the ice when we pulled Budaj but he had just come off a shift at that point. The real question and coaching error was why he wasn’t on for the 5 on 3. That was the game right there. Forwards on that 5-3 should have been Patches/Pleks/Galchenyuk and of course Subban and Markov on D. When the game is on the line and you get a glorious opportunity like a 5 on the 3 you put your best on the ice. Therrien’s biggest mistake of the night.

  64. CHicoHab says:

    Oh that’s right Timo. I now remember doing cartwheels after that acquisition.

  65. CHicoHab says:

    LL had his chance. He’ll be traded before he ever comes back.

  66. CHicoHab says:

    Parros, Briere, Prust, Bourque,Murray,Ryder are the last additions I can recall. Probably missed a few. I think only one of these panned out.

  67. NCRhabsfan says:

    The Habs simply have too many guys that cannot score. Gionta, one of their “snipers” has scored 1 goal in the last 21 games and is on a pace to score something around 10 on the season. LL could give them that, be bigger and save them over 5M in cap space. DD, his recent breakout notwithstanding, has scored 1 goal in 10 games and is on a pace to score about 6 all season. Moen, 1 in 13 and on a pace to score 3, Prust is on a pace to score about 7 or 8, White and Parros are on a pace to score none all year. Eller has 1 goal in the last 15. Is it any wonder they have to try and win 1-0 all the time. This may be the worst single collection of forwards in the league.

    • CH Marshall says:

      Personally don’t see anything wrong with LL replacing DD. I think Louis could be alright on 3rd line. But boy, would love to pry Giroux or Patrick Kane away from those cold dead hands. We are weak on RW. Instant scoring right therr

    • Garbo says:

      Nothing about LL in any of the games I’ve seen him play suggest he could fill that need your suggesting. Although I haven’t watched him much lately.

  68. CSIASN says:

    consistency has been the main problem. Put the best players with the best players and leave the Damm lines in tact. Changing lines all the time isn’t doing any good. JM tried that Bs how did he make out and the same thing is happening all over.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      As much as we hate Brian Burke, he is right with respect to line theory: 1st two lines scoring. 3rd line shutdown/two-way line, 4th line energy crash and bang line. Habs have three lines that are not really offensive nor defensive. Only the 4th line makes sense (Moen-Prust-White).

  69. Ian Cobb says:

    League points—43, For 10th place. Last week 41 For 7th.

    Conference——-43. For 3rd place. Last week 41 For 1st.

    Division ———–43. For 2nd place. Last week 41 For 1st.

    Goals For———-88. For 19th place. Last week 85 For 10th.

    Goals Against—–75. For 5th place. Last week 65 For 3rd.

    Goal differential+13. For 10th place. Last week +20 For 6th.

  70. CHicoHab says:

    Subban is 59th in the league in scoring stats. And our leading point getter. Is this not an indication what this team is lacking?? A scorer?? For like the last who knows how many years. Why doesn’t this team management have some balls and move some players?? They need a bonifide scorer. What are they afraid to give up?? A scorer?? No one producing. A 5 on 3 tonight was indicative of the power house scorers we have. Yes I loved the 19 out of 20 points run. But reality is that was a streak most likely not be seen again this year.

  71. rogieshan says:

    Fearless prediction: Habs will trade Lars Eller to Columbus in a package for C – Ryan Johansen. Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen was the chief amateur scout in St. Louis who drafted Eller. Habs would probably have to include one more top prospect (one of Jarret Tinordi, Nathan Beaulieu or Sebastien Colberg) in the deal.

  72. CH Marshall says:

    I’ll say this about the 2007-08 campaign with Kovalev:, we were soft, but at least we could score

  73. Timo says:

    Habs can’t score now. Habs couldn’t score when Bergevin took over. It’s been over a year and still absolutely no improvement in that area. And the way things are going there won’t be any either.

    People say Habs is a team build on speed, but who of the Habs tiny tikes are real speedsters? DD, Briere and Gionta could probably beat Murray in a foot race but not by much. Plekanec is also not overly fast. Pacioretty, Eller and on occassion (when fresh of the bench) Gallagher have wheels but that’s about it. So, Habs don’t have muscle up front, don’t have speed, don’t have good snipers… what the F do they have? And whose fault is that?

    If Habs are drained after 30 some games what are they going to be after 80?

    Oh and who was Plekanec busy shadowing tonight (or last night, since it wasn’t Tavares) that he hasn’t scored?

    • The_Truth says:

      All I can say is it’s Gainey’s and Gauthier’s fault. The team is still composed in their vision.

      It will take a few more years to see how MB digs himself out of the hole that the former had dug.

      • Timo says:

        Problem is that, at least on attack, Bergevin hasn’t shown that he is headed in a different direction. There is not reason why you can’t build for the future AND improve now all at the same time.

        • The_Truth says:

          it’s really not easy to turn things around overnight. Not much on the trade market and a bad decision in signing Briere hasn’t helped. Going for Bobby Ryan could have been a good play (or even Perron), but MB thought Briere was an easier solution.

          I’m not really impressed with MB so far, but he seems to have a plan to stick to building within and taking it slow. That kind of plan takes time and we will see how it plays out.

          • NCRhabsfan says:

            How did signing the ultimate smurf in DD to a long term contract for offensive player money advance that building plan???? Then he signed the backup smurf in Briere. Sorry, that’s a bipolar approach to team building. At this rate MB leads the Habs to the promised land in 2033.

        • Garbo says:

          Typical. We want everything … now! Get real.

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        Do we have to blame only a couple of people as to why this team is in disarray? Or we can start cheering for them despite their losses.

        If we blame the Gainey/Gauthier era as the sole reason for Habs’ inconsistency, I do not think that’s even fair. Let us not forget that if it wasn’t for what happened in 1995 (Demer’s firing and Roy leaving), that is where the domino effect all started.

  74. slyCH says:

    Non mais vraiement, quel bebe lala.

  75. Timo says:


    Hahah!!! Yes!!! Screw the Habs. This is what it’s all about, baby!!! The night’s been saved. Booyaachaka!!!!

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