About last night …

Have the Price-bashers ordered their special STFU tee-shirts from Hockey Inside/Out?

Through five starts and the early stages of his relationship with goaltending guru Stéphane Waite, Price has a GAA of 1.81 and a save percentage of .941.

Price pitched a 36-save shutout at the Jets. Combined with his 4-1 in Vancouver Saturday night, Price has stopped 75 of the last 76 shots he’s faced.

That’s pretty good goaltending. And the Canadiens are going to need Price at or near that level for the rest of the season.

Winnipeg was held without a shot on goal for the first seven minutes of the game. The tide seemed to turn when Pacioretty was injured; and in addition to Price’s saves, Canadiens skaters blocked a season-high 26 shots.

And it wasn’t just Josh Gorges and the usual rubber-repelling suspects. No fewer than 13 Canadiens skaters blocked Winnipeg shots.

Raphael Diaz, whose 24:08 of ice time was second only to the 25:07 of that superman who wears number 76, blocked four shots. David Desharnais blocked three. The kids, Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk, each had a block.

In his interview with RDS’s Pierre Houde before the game, Gorges said the Canadiens did some soul-searching after their loss in Calgary. The consensus was “we have to do better as a group,” with a focus on team structure and playing as a five-man unit.

Gorges could have mentioned discipline, a virtue that was on display in Winnipeg. With the Canadiens protecting a 2-0 lead and the hometown team dominating the game territorially, the Canadiens took only one minor penalty over the final 40 minutes of the game – and it was a cheesy hooking call on Daniel Brière.

In his postgame remarks, Michel Therrien singled out Desharnais and Brière for praise. Frequently the whipping boys of talk radio and the HIO Commentariat since the season began, the diminutive Québécois homeboys were each plus-2 in Winnipeg.

DD meshed nicely with Brandon Prust and Rene Bourque. Relegated to the fourth line when the game began, Brière was bumped up in the personnel shuffling that followed Pacioretty’s injury.

Tomas Plekanec, who began the game centring Gallagher and Galchenyuk, ended up between Bourque and Brian Gionta as Lars Eller (13-9 on faceoffs) was reunited with the kids.

On L’Antichambre, Michel Bergeron gave top marks to Therrien for adjustments the coach made in the course of the western road trip:

• Shuffling his top three forward lines, including the gutsy move of cracking the EGG.

• Pairing P.K. Subban with Andrei Markov. Teams had been pressuring P.K. with the intention of forcing his Gorges, his season-opening D partner, to handle the puck, which is not his forte. That doesn’t work with Markov playing the left side.

• Starting Peter Budaj four games into the season. Budaj was excellent in Edmonton, and Price has been lights-out ever since.

Loss of Pacioretty for a lengthy period would be a problem. Who joins Galchenyuk and Bourque as Top 9 LWs?

Travis Moen?


The Subban-Markov pairing is as good as any. But fans have to hope that was the real Raphael Diaz we saw in Winipeg.

Nathan Beaulieu played 10:32 and didn’t do anything egregiously awful. If you were to combine his skating and puckhandling with Jarred Tinordi’s size and physicality, the Canadiens would have themselves a helluva defenceman.

Oh, wait! They’ve got one already.

P.K. is playing 25 minutes a game. His eight points – including two goals – lead all NHL Dmen.

That 70-foot tape-to-tape pass that found DD near the Jets’ blueline? Otherworldly, man.

Eight years, $62 million. Do it, Marc.

The Canadiens play their next five games on home ice. They don’t face another extended road trip until late December. The California-Phoenix trip is in March.

An early-season hurdle has been surmounted in fine style, and home cookin’ awaits.

The Habs were given the day off on Wednesday.

Price shuts out Jets in Manitoba, by Pat Hickey

Win costly as Pacioretty goes down, by Pat Hickey

Canadiens vs. Jets photo gallery, montrealgazette.com

On a roll, Canadiens.com




  1. Garbo says:

    Has anyone else noticed the first few sentences of each article only appear on the main page, but do not appear in the article for that thread?

  2. krob1000 says:

    Does Atwater St have its own exit when I come from Kingston? Directions keep giving me exit 2…don;t recall this last time..what is teh exit number for atwater st to go to lionel groulx station

    • pottymonster says:

      I assume you’re coming in on the 20 heading to downtown. If so, there’s an exit called Atwater. You get off there and take your first available left, you’ll see Lionel Groulx on your right side shortly thereafter.

  3. Un Canadien errant says:

    To say that Don Cherry is a good man because he supports minor hockey and his charitable works only goes so far. The Hell’s Angels toy drives for kids and propaganda spring to mind. In essence, Don Cherry is not all bad, but he is a bigot, a blowhard, and does more harm to the game he claims to love than good. He has spent his broadcasting career trying to justify his own mediocre playing career, and his ultimately unsuccessful efforts at coaching in the NHL. If he loves NHL players so much, he should see the light on head injuries and concussions, not continue to propound the Boston Bruin way.

    … you know, because there’s no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.–Bill Simmons


  4. Habcouver says:

    Our prayers out to Rebecca Sedwick’s family.
    Thanks to Chris Nilan for reminding us there’s no place for bullying.

    Waiting patiently for #25

    • sweetmad says:

      That is right, no place for bullying.Wether it be one country against another,or one family against another,or kids in the playground,or teams in sport.

      I would like to point out,that in recent history,the 2 people who have made the some of the biggest impact,were pacifists,.Ghandi who changed the attitude, to imperalism and set his people free.Mandela who suffered years of abuse, and yet still became one of the most revered men in history.There are many more examlpes I could name,but these are 2 of the mostwell known.
      GO HABS GO

  5. jrshabs1 says:

    Price has looked both focused and intense the last 2 games. I don’t think I’ve seen Price show both those attributes at the same time before. It never was skill with Price..the problem has been between his ears. Maybe MB and Waite have finally gotten through? Price looks more confident with his glove hand, plus, he seems to be tracking the puck better. Bobby Lou and Price were tied in the bad goal department… Bobby Lou pulled into the lead on Saturday.

    Go Habs Go!!

  6. christophor says:

    Carey Price hardly played better last night than he did in Calgary or against Toronto (though I do think he was particularly sharp in Vancouver). Team defence is improving and not letting opponents get wide open second chances and loads of odd-man rushes, even in Winnipeg where Montreal allowed Winnipeg too much possession of the puck. Also, Price and the Habs have had better puck luck recently than they did against, say, Toronto (whose crest should be a horseshoe).

    A good portion of Montreal fans never fail to break a game down to goaltending. It’s getting old and it’s hardly more sophisticated than telling ghost stories around a fire. The shallow overemphasis on goaltending in Montreal drowns out the thoughtful (and quieter) segment of the fan base that appreciates the details of the game more than any other segment of any other fan base does.

    • L Elle says:

      Over the years I have read tons of comments re price – you brought it down to the lowest common denominator, very eloquently.

    • Phil C says:

      Not sure that is unique to Habs fans. Look at Philly and Tampa: both franchises have ran goalies out of town who have gone on to have success with other franchises. Bobrovsky went on to win the Vezina and Mike Smith was agruably the best goalie in the playoffs two years ago after being on waivers the year before with Tampa. And that’s not just the fan base, that is professional hockey executives who overemphasized the importance of goaltending. A hockey market like Montreal tends to amplify everything good and bad.

  7. Un Canadien errant says:

    Something most Canadiens fans may not be aware of, but Yannick Weber is realizing that ‘plus ça change, plus c’est pareil’. Our young friend wasn’t qualified last summer, the Canadiens deciding that paying a million dollars for another year of his services was not good value. They couldn’t find anyone to trade him to, not at his qualifying wage, so they let him become a UFA, and he quickly signed with the Vancouver Canucks at a bargain basement $650 000 for one year.

    The Canucks seemed to have a more likely opening for his services. They have a relatively strong Top 4 on defence, but the third pairing was wide open, with youngsters like Frank Corrado and Chris Tanev taking turns last season, along with bruiser Andrew Alberts. The Cam Barker experiment was not a success and he was let go.

    The thing about the Top 4 though is that while Alex Edler and Jason Garrison are great on the powerplay, and Kevin Bieksa is a decent option, Dan Hamhuis is a bit of a stretch. Further, all of these guys are lefties. Since the Canucks ill-advisedly let rightie Sami Salo take his bomb to Tampa, the powerplay hasn’t been the same. Jason Garrison struggled to get good shots on net last season, the setups seemed off.

    So the narrative was that Yannick would walk in, win a #6-7 job out of camp, pull heavy powerplay minutes, and restore the threat of their man-advantage squads. It kind of worked in pre-season, with Yannick scoring a couple and picking up assists, and I read bloggers idly speculating whether he was the key off-season pickup, and what a find he might become. There were countervailing voices though, who pointed out how he struggled at killing penalties and in general defensively.

    The plan seemed to be, after the addition of Andrew Alberts as a late signing, to rotate him and Yannick in and out of the roster based on the opponents, with Mr. Alberts taking on the more physically tough teams, and Yannick sitting out those games. Frank Corrado would be sent back down to the AHL to get more playing time and work on his game.

    Then, at cutdown day, the Canucks claimed leftie Ryan Stanton, a journeyman undrafted defenceman, from the Chicago Blackhawks. He’s got decent NHL size, around 6’2″ and 195 lbs, and is good on defence and can play with the puck. Apparently he was the most improved player on the Rockford IceHogs, and ready for the NHL, so we can think of him as a fully developed Morgan Ellis.

    Claiming him seemed to negate the need for a platoon at the #6 D-man spot, he would pair with rightie Chris Tanev and give the team a more stable third pairing.

    But still, it would be nice to have that bomb of Yannick’s on powerplays, the Canucks coaches thought. And, to be sure, their third and fourth lines are nothing to write home about, what with Zack Kassian suspended and all…

    You guessed it, Yannick started the season playing right wing on the fourth line, getting few minutes but lots of powerplay time. He is, again, the seventh D-man plunked in on an awkward forward line with Dale Weise and Zac Dalpe and duct tape and spackle.

    He’s had a chance to play defence with the Alex Edler suspension, but judging by his icetime, he’ll go right back to being the accidental fourth-liner as soon as the Canucks can manage it. Which will be when Mr. Edler returns to the lineup on Saturday.

    I kind of wished things would work out for Yannick in Vancouver, hoped that with the right team and the right mix on defence he could be the #6 powerplay specialist. He’s often derided as being too small, but the guy is really stocky, powerfully built, and he obviously doesn’t stint on the off-ice conditioning.

    Some have compared him to Gaston Gingras, who was a bit of a one-trick pony too, great shot from the point, but with serious deficits in other areas. It seems like a valid analogy, but I still hope he can work on his game and put together a decent career.

    … you know, because there’s no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.–Bill Simmons


    • The Jackal says:

      Luckily for Weber, PP specialists tend to find work despite their deficiencies. He is still a young player with a lot to offer on the PP so if they can use him well they will get good value. If he doesn’t have success on the Canucks, I think there will be teams interested in his services.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  8. Timo says:

    Drewiske had a shoulder surgery, out 5-6 months. Whatever are Habs going to do now?!


  9. Max says:

    Last night,Price seemed to have some of that old school Patrick Roy aggressiveness about him and even looked like Roy on a few shots. He seems to have lost that non-chalant demeanor.If he keeps this up,I may start to like him! He had that snarl going under the mask and looked like he meant business and he delivered!

    • christophor says:

      Who you like and dislike seems completely unrelated to thoughtful analysis of on-ice performance. Carey Price hitting Mark Scheifele doesn’t make him a good goalie. If anything about his attitude helps him, it’s his calm (not nonchalant) demeanor. But these points about attitude are overstated anyway.

      • Clay says:

        I (kind of) respectfully disagree Christopher. The biggest knock on Price has been his lack of fire and nonchalant (call it calm if you will) attitude. I would much prefer to see him playing with an edge, and hope this comes across in his competitiveness during game time.
        I’m not saying he should channel Billy Smith though – just act like he cares. 😉

        Matty said it a little more eloquently below.
        ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

  10. Habfan10912 says:

    I know Timo will be disappointed to hear but Drewskie needs shoulder surgery. Out 5 to 6 months.

  11. twilighthours says:

    Hobie with the fighting thing again….

    Hobie, you claim that 90% of concussions come from hits and (presumably) 10% are from fights.

    So far this year, 599 players have combined to throw 4286 hits.

    And 80 players have combined to engage in 107 fights.

    So, the total number of concussion-causing events: 4393. Hits comprise 97.6% of these event, fights only 2.4%.

    If only 2.4% of events cause 10% of concussions, it seems strange to me that the NHL wouldn’t want to figure out this issue.

    Unless, of course, the NHL doesn’t want to figure out this issue. But since the NHL is, in theory, trying to remove dangerous hits shouldn’t the league also try to remove dangerous fighting?

    Wait, I’m confused. I’m not sure what the NHL wants anymore.

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      You are not kidding….you are confused.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      The 10% number is disputable too. All the stories we get from the enforcers is that they ‘get their bell rung’ regularly, but don’t report it as a concussion to the coaches or doctors out of the fear they’ll lose their job. Read Derek Boogard’s story, or Rick Rypien’s, they all spent a few days in the fog, playing through it, taking on other enforcers, gutting it out.

      So this number is only based on the reported concussions, not all those sustained on a regular basis by those whose job it is to absorb fists with their face.

  12. Habcouver says:

    Radio heads out here are saying Price is the front runner for Sochi. That’s a obvious statement considering we are early in the season. What surprises me is they say Jonathan Bernier should be considered; that should change when the Leafs come back to earth.

    Waiting patiently for #25

    • Cardiac says:

      I heard that on 690 this morning. I believe it was McGuire who brought up Bernier. He said Bernier was considered a candidate at the beginning of the season, which was met with a mixture of laughs and the question, “By whom??? Besides the Toronto media…”

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

    • krob1000 says:

      I am a huge Price fan obviously and he may very well be the frontrunner but remember the context…you are in Vancouver the city that loves to hate Luongo and also the home province of Carey “The Grass Is Greener” Price (from a Vancouver perspective).

  13. HabinBurlington says:

    Less defensive breakdowns leading to great scoring chances and Price playing with more confidence, are the things I have noticed the most in why Price is getting the results he is.

  14. Maritime Ronn says:

    Gerry H says: October 16, 2013 at 12:50 pm
    Something that’s been puzzling me is the way the guys on RDS have been characterizing the tweaks to Price’s game since Waite came on board. What they’re saying is precisely the opposite of what I’ve observed and I’m curious to know what others think.
    hi gerry-hope this helps

    Stephane Waite’s quotes and philosophy:

    From Waite:

    – “I like a goalie that is technically strong, and Carey is one of the best technical goalies in the League”

    – Waite talks about in his coaching evolution is an increased emphasis on battle and compete levels.
    ” It doesn’t have to be pretty. I don’t care about that anymore. I need a better reactor, even if it’s not very cute. If you battle, it’s important.”

    – “I like a goalie who can also leave his technique behind — he shouldn’t be a robot,” he said. “I like a goalie who can use his instincts; it’s very important, and I feel it’s been lost for a lot of goalies in the League because they’re too worried about technique.”

    – “I believe very strongly in positive reinforcement,” Waite said. “Every day in my video sessions with my goalies, I would say 70 percent are things they do well and 30 percent are adjustments or things they need to correct or they need to watch for.
    *** I believe in that, that he sees how good he can be, how he’s square, how his rebound control is good, how he’s technically good, how good he is.

    – ” When a goalie starts thinking, he’s not sure because he thinks one thing and his coach thinks another, that creates hesitation, and that’s the worst thing for a goaltender to be caught in between the two. With us, it’s going to be clear.”

    • Mattyleg says:

      I have seen exactly what he’s been talking about, and it’s what I have been saying since last season:

      Price doesn’t have to work on technique anymore.
      He’s got that in spades.
      He’s a technically awesome player, which is exactly why Sid said that Price was the goalie he hated playing against the most.

      What Price needed to work on was his aggression – going after the puck, challenging the puck carrier.

      The problem with playing an aggressive style is that it puts you out of position. This means that your natural reflexes have to be tuned in to recover your position and deal with unexpected changes in the play.

      Last season I said that Price’s positioning was so good that it made people think that most of the goals he let in were ‘stoppable’. For the most part, they weren’t. His problem was that he let the puck-handler choose what to do rather than force his hand.

      The goal in Vancouver was the type of goal I’d like to see scored against us; goals where Price isn’t even in the net. He actually has NO chance on those, and was doing his job by challenging the puck-holder, and leaving his D to clean up the latecomers to the play.

      Price needs to add some Hasek and Thomas (and Quick) to his game.
      And it looks like that’s what Waite is after too.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Seps says:

        I chuckled at “that’s what I’d like to see, goals where Price isn’t even in the net.”

      • Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

        Post of the day! Good job Matty.

      • Gerry H says:

        Yes, exactly. Those quotes fit with what I’ve seen, Ronn, and Matty captures it, too. He seems less like an automaton and more like an athlete.

        Not sure why, but Houde and company emphasize his tighter positioning around the net, which is an odd thing to focus on if true at all.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        hey Matty

        A Coach can only coach.
        A Goalie has to buy in…and Price may just be buying in according to all reports.

        Compared to last year and so far:

        1) How many times have we seen Price on his knees for 10 seconds or more?
        2) How many times have we seen Price slide laterally across the crease where he ends up 4 feet outside his goal post?
        3) How many times have we seen Price drop to his knees this year BEFORE the shooter has made a shot?

      • krob1000 says:

        matty can’t find yourold post where you got me to atwater interesection from kingston to lionel groulx andhome…how do I search by user? been thourgh a weeks worth of posts and not found it..your directions were very simple

  15. Sportfan says:

    This is a heck of a photo! Flower and the Kid

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  16. Mick says:

    Little David made a pass to PK and he scored. David also back checked twice and made a good play.
    Lets not trade talk him anymore.
    He’s great!

  17. Hobie Hansen says:

    The defence in front of Price has been clearing or pouncing on rebounds extremely well the last few games. Price has had to make the fist save and unlike before, has only had to make the occasional 2nd huge save. Here’s hoping they can keep it up.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Hobbie, doesn’t Price seem to have better rebound control as well?

      • Propwash says:

        Price’s rebound control has always been pretty good since he came to the NHL.


      • Pucks to the corners, and into the netting, Carey is playing the exact same way right (stands up more this season) now a he was in 2011 and 2009. So saying that I still am not happy with the look of our defense. But time will change all that. Just have to get through all this. I just hope the Habs defense gets better before Carey turns 30. Carey’s been there 7 seasons, the offense is a little better, and we have PK now, but 7 years to build a sound defense is too long in my opinion AND defense helps goaltenders shut down playoff teams.

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures
        Summit Member

  18. Habfan10912 says:

    Nothing like the day after a Habs win and spending my last unsupervised visitation babysitting job with my Grandson. Long story but the words chocolate, giving him everything he wants and spoiling were mentioned.

    There are a lot of things I know nothing about, goaltending among them. I’m sure that this is just some sort of illusion, but it looks to me that Price is attacking the puck and not letting the puck hit him. I’d love to hear from a goaltending expert to hear if I’m nuts or if there is a reason I’m seeing this?

  19. sweetmad says:

    Krobb,I missed your reply to me,on the last page,so I am replying to your reply here.
    I was simply stating, that the impression I got,as a newcomer to hockey of Cherry was a very bad one,and that as an ambassader,for hockey it was not good.
    I didn’t get personal or call people names.

    I have seen lots of very good games, without fighting or punishing dirty hits.You say that maybe in 30 years,I will see the kind of hockey I like,I very much doubt I will be around that long.But I think it will be alot sooner than that.If you saw the video,the other day of the young man on the ice,having convulsions,I am sure the sport cannot take having an image,like that for too long.How many young mothers vowed, that their children,will never play hockey.

    I respect anyones opinion,and I did apoligise for disagreeing with you at the start of my post,but calling me names and making this personal,because I dared to disagree with you.You sound just like your idol.


    • krob1000 says:

      Calling you names? you were calling him names but I did not call you any names?…have to look at my post again but I thought I avoided any of that….apologies if I did..don’t like to do that…will look again and change after if I find that.
      I agree re the games being good but there will always be someone to push things beyond the edge to gain and advantage..and if they cannot fight they will instead hit a player from behind who hit another player from behind…and the stars will be the targets…is that better?
      People are hurt in sports all sorts of ways…there have been divers concussed, athletes in all sorts of sports hurt, fishing is the most dangerous sport out there, basketball players, football players,baseball etc. Kids playgrounds are an accident factgry yet there they are in every school…what exactly is a monkey bar other than an accident waiting to happen? yet they ban a frgging tennis ball from some schools?
      All I was doing is pointing out that Don Cherry does not deserve all of the hate he gets on here…ironically he gets hated by people who appear to hate hate or so they claim. He is their target…but it is ok for him to be a target for some reason becuase he has an opinion that differs from yours or someone elses? Sorry but I think his opinion is just as valuable as anyone elses..in fact more valuable..as has been proven over time because he has been in all of the roles, played, coached, been a fighter, a parent to hockey players, in the media, and is a fan …not many can make that claim and of the ones that can…he is the one who most people listen to…

      • Bigdawg says:


        Rude or not Rude?
        Idiot or Idiot Savant?

        Feel free to debate those things.

        Without a doubt the man is a hateful racist. Don’t try to deny it cause those who watch him can see it far to often. Perhaps he does not go after your ethnicity so maybe you don’t see it.

        Why the CBC tolerates his behaviour is shameful. I am ashamed of Cherry and the CBC.

        That’s all I have to say about that.

        Sweetmad I agree with you.

      • sweetmad says:

        Krobb,this is not worth bothering about,we will have to agree to disagree,there are much more important things, to have an in depth discussion about,like is war worth it and does making young children into soldiers seem right.

        To me that sounds just like some peoples attitue towards hockey,I do not see a difference.There are no degrees of war,fighting a war is no different to fighting an opponent.
        I am not a hypocrite,which was what you said,and yes I am a pacifist and proud of it.
        GO HAB GO

    • krob1000 says:

      Read it again..still don’t see where I called you any names..called you a pacifist because you called yourself that. No worse than you implying I am joking for defending Don Cherry and recognizing what he has done for the game? I can tell you this…if your child ever got hurt playing hockey Don Cherry would be the first one to wish him a speedy recovery. I can also tell you Don Cherry would not give me the time of day likely…but if a child wlaked up to him wearing a hockey jersey he would talke to them..he is a good hearted guy.

      Don Cherry may have already helped your son if he does play he was the biggest advocate for the Stop Sign on the back of all kids jerseys. He has been trying to change icing for decades, mentioned protecting goalies years ago, is a big advocate of respect and eliminating of cheap shots, warned against removing the red line….seems to be he was on most of this stuff long before it happened. He does not have issue with two consenting adults fighting…most often as a result of standing up for someone else…even the “staged fights” serve a purpose…we may not get it but the players do….does this make him bad?

      I could not fight my way out of a wet paper bag yet I understand the role it has in the game….is it right? maybe not…but until a better solution comes along it will remain as liberties will be taken. Whenever someone gets hurt…the reality is …people discuss the issue for a while…and then they go back to wanting their team to win, the inured players are at home drinking out of straws, rehabbing while their teammates are being blamed for not picking up the slack…another team is winning, selling tickets and making more money, those inners will get paid more and be perceived as more valuable on the open market now as they are dubbed”winners”…that is the reality…a lot more to change than people think.

  20. Strummer says:

    For goalies with 5 or more starts, Price ranks fifth in save % at .944 and 7th in GAA at 1.81.

    Keep it up CP!

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  21. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ Hobie

    Allow me to qualify the following by saying I despise the staged fight, and dislike the fight caused by retaliation of a good, clean, and legal body check.
    Contrary to Mr. Cherry, I don’t get up and cheer…if anything, I flip channels to something else until that nonsense is over.

    That mentioned, getting rid of fighting in one fell swoop opens up the opportunity for some bad “Unintended Consequences” of which NO ONE knows what they would, or could be at the NHL level.

    A few posters here were/are convinced the game would be better with an immediate and complete total ban, and then followed up with weak statements that there is no proof that either spearing-high sticking-cross checking…or any other type of ‘ratting’ would increase.

    Those opinions were based upon other leagues – all not Pro, and certainly NOT what could potentially happen in an 82 game NHL season where some highly paid athletes and coaches/management make it their Life long challenge to push the envolope and find any type of advantage to win.
    Also, comparing that to a few game Round Robin Olympic tournament becomes is an apples/oranges scenario.

    NHL Hockey is a unique game on this planet.
    It is not NFL-NBA-MLB or Soccer (Football) or Rugby or whatever.
    It is a lightning fast sport where supremely physically tuned athletes are called upon to perform in long spurts of ice time – not earth time, when both emotion and contact are part of the game.

    Anyone who has played at a Pro level understands – watching from the comfort above in the seats, or having maxed out in bantam or midget is quite different…
    Stuff happens…and a spontaneous ‘dust up’ has always been part of the game – “Spontaneous” being the operative word.

    • krob1000 says:

      Spontaneous isn’t always the operative word. In MLB you get a 95MPH ball to the ear for faking a bunt if the count is 3 and 0…or if you just pulled two over the fence on mistakes to the inner hal of the plate yo get some sweet chin music. In football they have “bounties” and target stars…NFl tries to protect the QB’s and is trying with the head shots thing to protect everyone but there is no way to protect everyone….easy to fall on a key players knee in a scrum…it happens. Soccer I don’t see it very often but admittedly hardly watch it. Basketball has very little contact but the guys who foul hard on a fast break or get their elbows up in the paint aften get into heated disputes..and you can be sure the next chance they get they return the favour. There is a lot at stake for these guys….people put their lives at risk in the ordinary work force for a lot less so as long as the amount of money that is involved is around then people will scratch, claw and fight their way to it.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        hey krob
        Hockey has the exact same thing concerning payback (see Bertuzzi)
        The question becomes the ‘Flow’ of the other games.
        As for the “ordinary work force” well…you already know that answer

  22. HabinBurlington says:

    Maxim Lapierre will be having an in person meeting with Shanahan. Could mean a 5 game or higher suspension.


  23. Dr.Rex says:

    @ Boone

    I think the Habs out shot Calgary 12-5 in that first period. That’s what made being down 2 goals all the more frustrating.

    At least that what I remembering being upset about.

  24. Curtis O Habs says:

    Where is all the ‘ Max Pac and whomever for Vanek ‘ trade rumours?

  25. Max_a_million says:

    Good Trade suggestions:

    (1) David Desharnais for Scott Gomez
    We made the conference finals with Gomez. He is signed for one year at 900k while DD is 4 years at 3.5. He could be our 12th or 13th forward, and would instantly be the whipping boy sparing our other players lots of grief.

    (2) Erik Cole for Daniel Briere
    They both have the exact same contract for the next two years. Cole brings in some grit, and we can see if he will change his name to a french one like Ecole as he takes people to school with pounding checks. I thought MB wanted us to be tougher to play against, so that makes sense right.

    (3) Maxime Lapierre for Travis Moen
    It’s funny to have a yappy player no one likes on the team. Lappy is signed for 2.3 million over the next two years. Travis 5..5 over the next 3 years. He might have persona non grata status out west now. Jack Edwards would lose his mind.

    (4) Marc Andre Bergeron is a free agent. I’m thinking 12th forward/power play specialist. 🙂

  26. Strummer says:

    San Jose is undefeated at 6-0 and has the best goal differential in the league at +21.

    Hands up if you forgot they have Big Bird coaching their D this year.
    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  27. Gerry H says:

    Something that’s been puzzling me is the way the guys on RDS have been characterizing the tweaks to Price’s game since Waite came on board. What they’re saying is precisely the opposite of what I’ve observed and I’m curious to know what others think.

    I find that Price has been a whole lot more active in his crease and somewhat more acrobatic. For the last couple of years, it has seemed that he was over-relying on his technical positioning and not reacting to shots as much as he might. It often seemed like he was being caught flat-footed. By contrast, he now seems livelier in the net to me, taking more chances and reacting more. The RDS guys are saying the opposite is true.

    What do you guys think?

    • mksness says:

      truthfully the biggest difference is he’s not cheating right now. this goalie coach thing is ridiculous. price for the most part hasn’t changed his game nor would he. goalie coaches work on positioning for certain types of shots and angles and it’s all about repetition and practice.

      if anything he’s not going down as fast and not guessing.

    • Timo says:

      I observed that he stops the puck a bit more often. I don’t particularly care how. The real test for Price will come if Habs make playoffs. He will have to be their MVP for the team to go anywhere.

    • krob1000 says:

      I think he is staying up longer and then battling more. He is not as far out of hsi crease and has stopped sliding to extremes as much (got lucky when DIaz got Schiefles stick last night, he aslo got lucky on the breakaway…if that puck doesn’t get mishandled he has the wholeroof of the net). I think he is staying closer to home unless there is a clear lane and while I get what you mean about him being active (see my battling part) I think hsi reactions are less exaggerated or committal if that makes any sense. There is no recovering from slide going in one direction or if you are out of positinon and on your knees. HE seems to be trying to be in a position that is adjustable (at least one skate or both being able to push again to get across). He gave up an absurd amount of empty nets in the past and he seems to be getting across better now…have to think some of that is due to what he is doing before the need to move is there.

    • veryhabby says:

      Gerry H- I totally agree with your observation.

      I think what the boys at RDS may be talking about is that Price would go down in his technical position…but he would either overslide into position or something, he’d at times slide right out and not even be in front of the net. This happened in the Leafs game. There is one goal where he comes across fast and into a butterfly position but the puck goes right by him and when he stops sliding, he isn’t even in front of his net, he is off to the side. And the commentators talked about that, and they are like, “Look where he stopped! He’s not even in front of his net. this is one thing Waite will work on with him, to not be “so busy” in net.”

      But what Waite is asking of Price is actually to be more busy in net. To not just get in technical position and if it hits you great. Instead he is asking Price to not give up on the shot, to also to the reactionary save. To dive, move in the direction of the rebound instead of just staying in his technical position and seeing the puck go in on the rebound in the opposite area of where he is still sitting in his technical butterfly.

      So he is moving more to make secondary saves, and not over moving when he gets into his technical positions.

  28. B says:

    Ryan Clowe 5yr $24.24M 1 pt -5 93:37 TOI
    Daniel Briere 2yr $8M 3 pts +2 92:59 TOI

    –Go Habs Go!–

  29. Danno says:

    I’m going to have to continue not watching the games…

    Habs Blank Jets


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • Alex_425 says:

      Just keep telling yourself “it’s for the greater good”.

      But I’m no expert….

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Where’s the fun in that? If I actually thought I was so powerful that I could influence the outcome of events from a distance, I’d … be a Leafs fan! Now, where’s my lucky hat?

      There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

    • shiram says:

      I actually got a reverse jinx going last night.
      A buddy of mine bought me an NHL T-shirt on a trip to the states, as they were on sale for 5$ each.
      I don’t wear it out, but it’s nice for comfort clothing.
      So last night, I get home, prepare dinner and eat, then I switch to comfort clothes to watch the game.
      During the first period I realize I’m wearing the tshirt my buddy gave me, a Ladd tshirt, by then the Habs were already up 2-0 so I figured I’d stay with it.

      • Timo says:

        And Ladd promptly missed 2 pretty good chances. Good. Remember to wear it next time Habs play the Peg.

      • Alex_425 says:

        Well, you just have to do that 76 more times this regular season, and we’ll be all good, won’t we?

        76 x $5 = $380

        Your buddy is willing to work a lil’ overtime, right? For the team?

        But I’m no expert….

  30. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    If you’re going to propose a trade, propose a trade where the players being traded are replaceable. Trading guys like Max and Price makes no sense as there are no replacements for them (unless the trade brings in a replacement but then what is the point of the trade?). Guys like DD, Plekanec, Gorges and Diaz should be trade bait as they are replaceable.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Ghosts of the Forum says:

      Gorges is probably be a guy that the Oilers would be interested in. No idea what sort of return we’d get. Certainly not advocating it, but that’s exactly the type of dman they probably want (besides Shea Weber or something, obviously)

      • Timo says:

        Gorges should be ok as Habs 5-6 dman. Bergevin should work a little to get Habs another 3-4th dman which would relegate Gorges to the last defensive pair until Tiny and Beaulieu ready to play full season.

        • veryhabby says:

          Habs do have another 3-4 dman…his name is Emelin. till then everyone else has to pick up the slack. In my humble opinion, if we are talking elite team these are the numbers I hand out:

          #1- PK
          #3- Markov
          #4- Emelin
          #7- Bouillion, Murray, Tinordi, Beaulieu (our rookies still have a learning curve to go thru. They both can be #2-4 types in a few years)

          Too much lower end talent at this point that need to move up
          and play out of position.

          • Timo says:

            I accounted for Emelin and assumed that he is Habs #3 dman this year. So PK, Markov, Emelin, New Guy, Gorges and any permutation of Tiny, Beaulieu, Murray, Diaz, Bouillon. (Better not be Diaz and Bouillon)

    • Timo says:

      I disagree. DD is irreplaceable. Is Gomez coming back to Mtl? I didn’t think so.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      No, most folks around here only propose trades that would take a total idiot of a G.M. to accept or offer players we can’t afford to lose for players we don’t need.

      There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  31. Stevie.Ray says:

    I’m going to play devils advocate and argue against using P.K. on the PK, and that he doesn’t need to play more than 25 minutes.

    First, I have to start with asking what kind of game does P.K. play? He is an offensive defenceman who likes to jump into the rush, carry the puck through the neutral zone and take chances by pinching. In short, he likes to go.

    Now how does one appropriately play the PK? They stay. Not go, stay. They find their lane and they plug it up. It’s a lot of quick starts and stops, and is mainly about positioning. Could Subban play on the PK. Yeah, probably. But it’s not really his game either.

    So if you eliminate him on the penalty kill that will result in lower minutes than any other number one Dman in the league clearly. However, I also think this should be considered. If P.K. plays 25 minutes in a game, and Chara, or Suter, or any other of the “elite” defenceman also play 25 minutes, who do you think travels further in total distance skated? It may sound trivial, but I bet Subban, because of his style, plays a more plays a more tiring game simply because he is always up in the rush and is back checking hard.

    So in conclusion I would say his style of play doesn’t fit with a penalty kill, and 25 minutes a night for him is just as physically taxing as 30 minutes for other defencemen. Is that fair?

    • shiram says:

      It’s an interesting thought, but I think of Subban as a 2-way D, he can play all zones on the ice, and do great in all of them.
      We see a different use of Subban with Therrien than we did with Martin, but back then Subban was playing tough defensive minutes and the PK to great success.
      Therrien figures to use Subban in more of an offensive role, and that’s fine, he can do it, but I would not cut a part of his game, I think he can do it and do it better than most other of our Dmen.

      And the Habs PK has not been as good as it was a few years ago.

      • Stevie.Ray says:

        There PK just moved into the top 10 in the league though.

        I think PK can do it all too, but he can’t play the whole game. I also read that one reason Therrien doesn’t play him as much is because he thinks Subban makes more mistakes once he gets tired. So at the beginning of the game he is lights out, but once he is fatigued, moreso than other players, he makes those brain fart moves. I’m not sure if I can attest to that since he doesn’t play 30 minutes enough for me to notice.

  32. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Blue Jackets, Nashville and Edmonton the next three games. Keep the pedal to the metal and this can be a six-game winning streak pretty easily.

    Man, DD was flying out there last night. Hope that wasn’t an anomaly.

  33. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ mfDx

    You said, ” I like Max Pacioretty….He should be included in all of the trade talk on this site…..I say, if you want a good return in a trade, a Pacioretty-Diaz package can generate a good return. Better now than after his next injury.”

    Pacioretty is an integral part of the Habs core now, and for the near future.

    His Cap Hit of $4.5M for this year, and the next 5 years, is one of the BEST deals in the NHL now, and in the future.

    The Chara hit had nothing to do with any downward spiral in Max’s production.

    He followed up with 2 seasons of:

    2011/12: GP 79: 33 G/65Pts.
    2012/13: GP 44: 15 G/39Pts…and that equates to a 28 Goal/73 point 82 game season.

    While Max is not Crosby, does Pitt get rid of Sid because he has had concussions?
    A team wins a Cup by keeping its good core players that they drafted, developed, and know all about – character and will to win being very, very important.

    With a known core, they then tweak via trades, or outstanding UFA signings to meet some specific needs such as the Prust signing that is turning out to be a wonderful deal for all parties.

    As for injuries, you may wish to take a look at the NHL injury report not only now, but as the season progresses.
    That is the nature, and sometimes luck of the game.

    There are presently 84 players on the NHL Injury List, and that list will grow as time moves on.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Agreed. It would be really foolish to trade Pacioretty considering his strengths as a player, the position he plays (LW), the points he puts up and his amazing contract.

      A team should build around guys like that.

      • Fransaskois says:

        If you trade Pacioretty for another top-line forward with size, no issue (i.e. E.Kane). Packaging him off to fill other holes in the roster doesn’t make sense (i.e. A.Edler).

        We either upgrade on him or keep him. We need that position filled either way (Big, goal scoring LW).

        Simple as that?

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Good post. Thank you!

      24 cups and counting….

    • mfDx says:

      As Fransaskois says below, if you can get another power forward for our power forward +1, that could work.
      Max might be the wolverine today, but he’s a harder sell if he’s more like inspector Clouseau

      Sent from my CHphone

  34. Hobie Hansen says:

    Food for thought. Max Lapierre. Apparently he was skating around the ice during warmup and telling the Sharks players that he’s going to get them. He then goes out and drills Dan Boyle and gives him a concussion, one of the 90% that don’t come from fights.

    Lapierre will get his suspension but we all know the next time the Blues and Sharks play that someone from SJ is going to go after Lapierre. Now, say there’s no fighting in the league, do we actually think the Sharks are going to try and get him with a clean check? If there’s no fighting, you’re going to have a handful of guys on the Sharks attempting to injure Lapierre, with head shots, knees, sticks or by whatever means possible.

    Or the alternative, someone drops the gloves and fights Lapierre and the tensions immediately subside. There’s still going to be a few guys looking to line up Lapierre but the thirst for blood will have somewhat deteriorated.

    • Timo says:

      Even if there is fighting in the league, I doubt Sharks will be going after him in a “clean” way. Not like Lapierre will ever drop the gloves anyway.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Lapierre is a rare breed. If he doesn’t drop the gloves he’ll leave himself wide open to get run at all night. I think even Lapierre in this situation will drop his gloves when he comes back, just for his own safety.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Hey Hobie! I bet the Sharks are going to miss the Crankshaft Murray now. Can”t wait till he”s back. Saludos and Enjoy this one!

    • habs-hampton says:

      Hobie, how did that work for Steve Moore? He fought one guy early in the next Van-Col game, and then got mugged/assaulted by Bertuzzi after he got out of the box. They were not going to be satisfied until Moore was injured. I can almost see similar thing playing out with Lap.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        The Bertuzzi/Moore situation has to be attributed to Marc Crawford. Crawford was out of line and should have settled down his players after Moore was already in a fight. He kept pushing them the get after Moore. A smarter coach would have handled things differently.

        • Mattyleg says:

          Could he not have settled down his players before the fight so that the fight never took place?

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • greenfield says:

            Not only did Crawford NOT settle thing down, he encouraged the opposite. Moore fought Cooke and had the gall to actually handle himself quite well. This further infuriated Crawford and the players. When the game got out of hand, things turned ugly. We all know the result. But this was discussed and planned long before the rematch. And please lets not forget the involvement of tough guy Brian Burke. He was a guilty as anybody.

    • shiram says:

      You point out a fundemental wrong in the NHL to justify fighting, players should not feel the need/want to injure other players, but that’s the culture of the game for now.
      The principles of retribution and players metting out their own justice are just so flawed, you should not leave such things to a biased party.
      That said the refs blow so we get to another issue in the NHL…

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      An example of this being Rene Bourque’s second or third game with the Habs when they faced the Caps. This was Bourque’s first game against the Caps after his unnecessary and vicious elbow on Backstrom. After he fought the issue was put to rest.

      This was a best case scenario. Habs-Hampton brings up a worst case scenario.

      Generally I agree with you Hobie.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Fighting as a means of justice is just an excuse for the NHL to not do anything about illegal headshots, boardings and other dirty plays. It’s a smokescreen.

      What happens when a team (like the Leafs) use fighting to commit dirty plays, i.e., the enforcer is used to run other players and injure them? Then how is justice decided? Fighting? What if the other team (like the Habs) doesn’t really have a fighter? They’re basically screwed, and the other team can basically take any liberties they want because they can back it up with their fists, and the NHL sure isn’t going to do anything.

    • mksness says:

      the hit wasn’t that bad. if there was no injury there wouldn’t even be a hearing. it’s a penalty but not even a major he pushed a player form the side/behind.

      did the fighters prevent the hit from happening? no

  35. rhino514 says:

    I would like to put forth a question which is just bound to elicit tons of disagreement.

    Who is the Canadien´s Second Best Defenseman?


  36. DipsyDoodler says:

    Your morning smile:

    TimTom has a 5.1 GAA after three games.

  37. The Dude says:

    So if the HIO server wasn’t crapping the bed last nite I would of been able to say it was nice to C Price playing in his ‘zone’ for 2 games now…..so I’ll do it now.

  38. krob1000 says:

    Who knew Petr Nedved was still playing all of these years?



    Pk is gonna break the bank next contract. if MB was smart they would have signed him to a max contract at 4.5 – 5.5 mil. before the half a year we had last season. now they are gonna have to pay him 7 million or more . cause u know even though he is a RA, a team like LA and NY will want all the jersey sales he brings, oh plus the fact hes a norris winner. the racist habs who only want players who are french or a have a french name.

  40. sweetmad says:

    I think Waite said to Carey,just forget everything you have been told to do in the last 4 seasons,and play like you did when you first came up,because that’s what Carey looked like last night.All the talk about his play last season,he was doing really well,untill the night he tried out his new goalie pads,and it all went downhill from there.I don’t care what anybody says,you are not one of the leaders in wins,for most of the season,then fall off like that, something was wrong,he let in a lot of 5 hole goals after that,which was not like him.We still finished second in the conference,so Carey was doing lots of things right for most of the season.

    Diaz just played last night,like he does most nights,not a bit suprised.
    DD was back checking last night,like there was no tomorrow,never seen him backcheck like that.I don’t complain about him too much, but last night he played well.

    Can’t wait to see how they do,in this home game stint,against some better teams,but I m not worried,as long as we don’t play too much JM hockey, like we did in the third last night.

    Stats page has us 10th in the league at 667%
    GF 3.33 6th
    GA 1.67 3rd
    5/52.00 5th
    PP 26.9 5th
    PK 84.0 9th
    S/G 32.7 4th
    SA/G 31.7 17th
    FO 50.5 Joint 14th
    Not happy with the shots against, nowhere near as good as last year, but I will take it,not bad for a team that is supposed to perhaps scrape ino the playoffs,just as long as we can keep it up.

    • Hopefully those shots against will come down a bit if their performance in the ‘Peg is an indicator of the renewed commitment to blocking.



    • Un Canadien errant says:

      A lot of the complaints about David’s defence has to do with the fact that he can’t muscle players off the puck. What he does do well is be smart and quick with his stick along the boards, and he wins his share of puck battles that way, it’s not like he’s getting shut out.

      After he was called up and there were features on him in the ‘press’, he mentioned that for his entire hockey career he has been doubted, so to win over the trust of his coaches, whenever he joins a new team he focuses on and learns a team’s system. He doesn’t worry about offence and points, just his positioning and doing what the coaches want, and after he’s got that down and they have confidence that he can do what they want, then he starts thinking offence.

      Pretty smart player.

  41. krob1000 says:

    Everyone on here all the time knocking Don Cherry….I have disagreed with many things Don has said over the years but I am not in denail over his role and importance to the game. I agree with Orr…he should be a no doubter in the Hall of Fame in the builder category.
    He is out at a rink every week supporting Bantam and Midget age players, he introduces the country to future stars every year and he is often the only guy to give praise where praise is due to the grinders and unsung heroes of the game as well. He is outspoken and downright stubborn at times….but I think he has earned the right to be and quite frankly someone has to be that voice…I worry when he is not that voice at who will be that voice. You will never tell him he is wrong…BUT….noone ever mentions how many times he is right. He sees the game as a coach, a player and a fan..he watches more hockey than anyone on this site and he picks up on things that we do not and he is sure to make note of anything that may help some kid watching down the road. The game has changed and will continue to but his voice is still strong and needs to be considered.
    He will make mistakes and he will be wrong…as anyone would …but over time he has been one of the greatest non playing ambassadors of the game as there is. Who out there is better at promoting hockey? Who out there supports the young players as much as Don? Who out there commands the countries attention like Don? Like him or hate him he is as big of a figure as there is out there for the game. Who else quiets a room like Don? You all have minds of your own…you can agree and disagree with what you want but everyone should at least listen to what he has to say(and most of you do)…form your own opinion but the hatred towards Don is over the top and uncalled for.
    I agree with Bobby Orr… at some point Don will be in the Hall of Fame…..the fact he speaks out against everyone…including the league at times probably means it won’t happen for a while…but it will…and it should.

    • Sometimes I like Cherry, sometimes I don’t. Sort of an Almond Joy relationship.

      When he’s not being a loud-mouthed idiot, he occasionally has something valuable to say and really does play the hockey ambassador role to a ‘t.’

      When he’s annoying, I treat him like the old uncle who tells stories all the time about things that never really happened. Smile and nod.


    • sweetmad says:

      I am sorry Krob, but I have to disagree with you,I know nothing about Cherries histoy,but as an outsider coming in,my first impresson,was one of amazement,perhaps I caught him on a really bad night,but he was rude,he was racist,and for a pacifist like me,his talk of fighting in the game disgusted me.

      Percentages say if you talk enough,and spout your opinions,you will be right sometimes,and he never fails to tell you,even when RM tries to tell him that wasn’t what he said.Cherry may have many good qualities,I don’t know him personally,so I can’t say,but as an ambassader for the game,you must be joking,he nearly put me off for good.

      It’s about time HNIC,improved their image,it’s old fashioned, and a piece of wallpaper shouting at the top of his voice,putting down anybody who doesn’t agree with him,ignoring any other opinion but his own,wanting to see people get injured and fight.Will not do it.

      It would be nice to have a coach, to do coaches corner,who knows todays game and can give a well rounded agument for and against,any topic,and actually do some good coaching tips.
      GO HABS GO

      • krob1000 says:

        Rude? have you ever heard any dialogue between players? hate to break it to you but if you microphoned 99 percent of NHL palyers for a day then you would not be a fan. To say he does not offer good coaching tips…lol…that is pretty funny stuff. If you want a well rounded argument you need more than one opinion….he speaks his…that is basically what the Hot Stove is and I personally much prefer Coaches Corner. I think it is apparent that anyone who has the view that fighting should be in the game would disgust you…fine, that is your opinion and he speaks his. I am sure your opinion disgust others too as does mine.

        A pacifist like you must hate virtually every player out there trying to hit people…surely anyone who has fought and every coach (even the ones you thnk are good at advice in the modren game?). Who puts those fighters out there? Some day your wish may come true and others will have to accept that reality…but for now the game is what it is and what you are saying sounds awful hypocritical to me.

        “It would be nice to have a coach, to do coaches corner,who knows todays game and can give a well rounded agument for and against,any topic,and actually do some good coaching tips”
        They have these…all over the NHL in Pierre Mcguire, Marc Crawford, Mike Keenan,Guy Carbonneau, Mike Milbury,Jacques Demers, Michel Bergeron,etc,etc …but noone in the business has the respect that Cherry has…noone….out of all of those coaches you are referring to…noone cares to watch or listen to any of them in the same way they do Don. To your amazement though ALL, EVERY SINGLE one of those coaches…has put a fighter in the lineup or on the ice…to FIGHT…when necessary…what you have is a wish(you are not alone and who knows maybe 30 years from now it is the way it is)…and you are entitled to that…but to knock a guy who is honest about the reality that is todays game whether you choose to acknowledge it or not is unfair….sounds to me like you like the sport, but dislike the sport, like the guys who do the bad things but not the guy who comments and supports them for doing those “bad things”.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        I know it’s popular here to dislike the guy, but I think saying that he wants to see people hurt is just a load of crab that you’re saying to support this image you have of the guy. I’ve never seen one person talk more about changes for the sake of player safety than my boy Don Cherry. He talked about getting rid of stancheons before Pacioretty was hurt. He also supported putting more give in the boards and glass, softer pads, no-touch icing, ankle guards… I bet there’s more that I can’t even think of right now

        • UnkleGary says:

          I remember he was once criticizing PK, saying his yapping would get him hurt. He got high sticked behind the net, and Cherry showed the clip on Coaches corner. Cherry said he deserved it, like getting an accidental high stick to the face was justified.


    • Cal says:

      Builder of what exactly? A bunch of lunatics that drool over his weekly bullspit?
      He should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame as that idiot clown the CBC has had on the air for 30 years too long.
      His best before date expired in 1980, along with those clown suits he wears.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Does the HoF have a Carnival Barker category??

      If so, then I agree that he’s HoF material.

  42. krob1000 says:

    Sidney Crosby….unbelievable. I would love to see him put up 150 plus points this year. To me if any player can put up 150 now it would be like 200 back in the Lemieux/Gretz days.
    To think he is putting up the points he does playing with Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz is even more impressive.


    Take notice:

    Michel Therian puts all the french players on the ice when they have an empty net to shoot at!!!

  44. Feraco says:

    For the record since Price has been on the team…correct me if I’m wrong but they have made the playoffs each years aside from a last place finish. Not to shabby. They are a good team playing under the most pressure in the league.

  45. Feraco says:

    One step at a time! It’s VC who is not what they used to be and Winnipeg. They tend to look good at the beginning of the year and then Christmas comes and beats them up.

    I’m hoping its different this year as well have Murray, Emelin and a combination of Tinordi and Beaulieu after the holidays.

    Perhaps even a trade for a defenseman like Coburn in theory

  46. DipsyDoodler says:

    Last night on RDS Pierre Lebrun claims that no one but Toronto made a pitch for Bernier when he was put on the market (this comes from the Kings GM).

    This is fairly shocking given how little Toronto gave up.

    Teams that should have been in on Bernier include Edmonton, Calgary, the Isles & New Jersey (see how much they gave up for Schneider). Are those teams all incompetent?

    (NJ is possibly the worst managed team in the NHL right now – either Lou has dementia or he isn’t pulling the strings)

    • shiram says:

      Florida too, though I guess they are ok with tin foil Tim.

    • Bill says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s “shocking”. This is a 25 year-old goalie who prior to the start of this season had 62 games of NHL experience. He had average/decent career stats with an excellent LA Kings team.

      In return, the Leafs sent over a decent winger in Frattin, a goalie with comparable career stats to Bernier – but on a much worse Toronto team – in Scrivens, AND a second rounder. I wouldn’t call that nothing.

      Maybe the other teams just weren’t interested in parting with two roster players and a good pick for an unproven goalie?

      The Leafs have a history of establishing sudden and complete faith that the goalie they have just acquired will definitely be an elite goalie. They do it all the time. Maybe other teams just don’t have that faith.

      Right now, Bernier looks great with stats way above what they used to be with LA. Being on Toronto now, I do not expect that to continue. We’ll see.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • arcosenate says:

      For Philadelphia and Edmonton not to have made offers should result in a house cleaning of their front offices.

      That’s a dereliction of duty.

  47. mfDx says:

    I like Max Pacioretty. He’s a big, fast skater with a great shot. He has led his team in points the past two seasons. He’s only 23 yrs old.

    He should be included in all of the trade talk on this site.
    I hate to say it, but the Boston Bruins have a Vader-esque choke hold on this team. They have affected the careers of many Habs throughout the years, and there’s no real cure for that snake bite. Max looked to me like the next Beliveau when he got Chara’d. Since then, neck, gut, shoulder, wrist, now groin.
    I say, if you want a good return in a trade, a Pacioretty-Diaz package can generate a good return. Better now than after his next injury.

    Richard Zednik wasn’t the same after being elbowed by Kyle Maclaren. Sure, he had a 50point season the following year, but he seemed to be headed for a 30point playoff when he got hit.
    Komisarek has never been the same since he got Luciced. Not even close.
    Spacek lost interest in the corners after he got Luciced.
    I know many won’t agree with me, but i can’t fix that either.

    Sent from my CHphone

  48. Fab K says:

    Would any of you be crazy enough to do this?


    To EDM – Price and Desharnais

    To MTL – 2 of the following: Yakupov, Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins or Hall

    Rational: confidence in Budaj to last the season, and knowledge that Fucale is the next up and comer for the following seasons…

    go ahead, rip me apart, lol… my only concern is, would Edmonton go for it, and do we have the cap space to take on 12M and give up only 10M (may have to move some players around). Edmonton would definitely love to have a top quality caliber goaltender, finally, especially now since he is ripping it up, and our offence would be top notch…

    This is just random, and wanted to see what some of you would think of this…

  49. Hobie Hansen says:

    I have to say Markov and Diaz and especially Gorges were on their game last night. Gorges was under the skin of the Jets players, mainly Evander Kane. As soon as Kane picked up the puck, Gorges was right in his face.

    Diaz was taking hits to chip the puck ahead and was jumping on the puck quickly and moving it along. Diaz even threw a few hits to separate his man from the puck. It remains to to be seen if he can do this consistently, against elite teams, but last night he was good.

    And of course our two best players were our two best, Subban and Price.

  50. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Pacioretty? I won’t say the guy is fragile because he bounces back so quickly and I hope he does this time but crikey he gets hurt often. Mostly on freaky kind of plays. What’s up with that?

    Does Patrick Roy do anything beside win, by the way? Man, I wished we had hired him. Go Habs!

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Speaking of coaches who got away, anyone know what Guy Boucher is up to?

      He got a raw deal in Tampa I think. Should’ve gone to Columbus I guess.

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        Not sure I care, he didn’t impress me in Tampa that’s for sure, and while MT is doing a decent job although I disagree with some of his decisions, I would have liked to have the Habs hire Roy.

        There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  51. Danno says:

    Any update on Max?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  52. Me4GM says:

    PK WAS the league mvp last year . Why he wasn’t considered is beyond me Tman

  53. shiram says:

    Good effort last night, and it paid off.
    Price might not have stolen the game last night, but he bought it on clearance.
    It was also another example of the benefits of having 3 lines that can score regularly.
    DD and DB played like we expect them to, and I hope they are both managed closely, I think if they fit somewhere on the Habs roster is where they were last night, top9 with PP time.
    Pleks and Eller can handle the top6 duties.

    Diaz also put in an impressive game.
    I’ll enjoy the fewer trolls a series of win brings to this place!

  54. Timo says:

    “You might also like” is back. Now I feel better. The captain is still crying in Michael Therrien’s arms.

  55. habsfan0 says:

    Any news on Patches?

    • shiram says:

      Dave Stubbs ‏@Dave_Stubbs 1h
      #Habs Pacioretty, #Leafs Clarkson have signed multi-year endorsement deals with Warrior Hockey. No word yet today updating Max’s health

  56. JO says:

    I look at PK he does more good than bad and that’s the kind of “D” I want on my team. I won’t say he’s the best but differently one of the best.
    Injury prone players will be our demise during and after the regular season should we make the playoffs. For some reason we seem to have a lot of soft players. Lots of skill and speed but that’s where it ends.
    Every team have injuries but not the same players all the time. Pacioretty, Gionta, Bourque that seems to be our steady one’s.

  57. Timo says:

    Despite this more less successful trip I can’t wait for Emelin to come back. What a boost would that be to Habs defense once he regains his form.

    Bergevin might want to look at adding another top 9 forward to the team, but given that he wasted all the money on the idiotic Briere contract it would have to be done via a trade.

  58. habs-hampton says:

    So Don Cherry sends out a tweet to prove once again they he knows everything and everyone else know nothing.

    He said Chicago won the cup because they blocked 26 shots last night and then he listed “all” of the other teams and their totals from last night, with all of them less than 20 blocks. He conveniently left off Montreal who also had 26 blocks.

    What a moron!

  59. Not planning the parade or anything, but I have liked their play for the most part.

    Getting that early jump on teams was probably the biggest part of their success last year. It was good to see in Winnipeg. I just don’t want them to take any periods off–if they do that, Price or Budaj will have to steal games to cement the wins. Though Price at least seems to do better the more shots he faces.

    Still confident they’ll make the playoffs–and not just as a wild card either.


    • mount royal says:

      Briere now has more points and a better plus-minus than Pacioretti, Gionta, Moen, Plex, Prust, White, DD and Bourque (who has fewer points, but is tied on Plus-Minus)

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