About last night …

Happy birthday, Jaroslav Spacek.

He’s 37 today.

I don’t know what Jaro, one of the team’s media-friendly good guys, has planned by way of celebration.

But tomorrow night the Leafs will give him the bumps.

Because Hal Gill was out of the lineup with an undisclosed injury to that long upper-body, Spatcho played 20:38 against the Islanders. He was teamed with P.K. Subban and was on the ice for only one New York goal, Michael Grabner’s first, erasing a 2-1 Canadiens’ lead.

When Jacques Martin spoke about the Gill absence putting a strain on his older Dmen, he included Spacek. But Roman Hamrlik played 27:07 and was on for two Islanders goals, finishing the game at minus-1.

New York cycled effectively, spreading out the Canadiens’ defence and working the puck back to the point, maintaining possession for long periods and wearing out the Canadiens D, which looked tired in the third period.

P.K. was, as usual, one of the best players on the ice. Yannick Weber played well against a team that was nothing like Boston in terms of physicality. Alexandre Picard had three giveaways (Hamrlik had four), but finished the game at plus-1.

James Wisniewski nearly gave the game away, passing inexplicably to Matt Moulson which resulted in a scoring chance with 41 seconds left.

I’m harping on the D, as usual, because without Andrei Markov, Josh Gorges and, now, Hal Gill, the Canadiens’ blueline has become the team’s area of greatest vulnerability.


After the Beantown Beat-down (love those alliterative phrases), I thought the Canadiens’ greatest need was more size up front to cope with the hulking Bs, Flyers, Rangers and other potential playoff opponents who enjoy significant grit advantages.

It would still be nice to pry David Clarkson out of New Jersey. But if Gill is on the shelf for a while, Pierre Gauthier has to go D hunting again, as he did after Gorges was hurt and the GM acquired James Wisniewski.

Trouble is, the trade deadline is 17 days away. A lot of shoppers have crowded into the Mall, and demand is driving up the price of supply.

There are rumours Brian Burke wants a first-round draft choice, a prospect and a roster player for Tomas Kaberle. That’s ridiculous, but the Toronto GM could probably snag two of those elements from a playoff-bound team that needs help on D.

Chris Phillips? Less expensive, better on the back end than Kaberle. But Bryan Murray’s phone must be ringing off the hook.

The game on Saturday looms large as an indicator of where the Canadiens, losers of three straight for the first time in 2011, are at.

The team has given up 15 goals in the three losses. Three times last night, the Canadiens failed to hold a lead.

They are still comfortably ensconced in sixth place, four points up on the Rangers with a game in hand. But the schedule is about to get scary.

After the Leafs Saturday and Sabres next Tuesday, there’s a western swing to Edmonton, Calgary for the outdoor game and – gulp! – Vancouver.

February ends with home games against Toronto and Carolina.

March starts with three on the road: Atlanta, Florida and Tampa Bay. The Canadiens play 15 games on 30 nights, including two sets of back-to-backs.

If the D is still depleted during March …

Well, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

So let’s dwell on happier thoughts, like the steady improvement of David Desharnais. His line, with Benoit Pouliot and Ryan White, was the Canadiens’ best last night.

The team is getting ongoing excellence from its young players. That augurs well for a promising future – but how much of it will Pierre Gauthier have to sacrifice to help the present?

•  •  •

The Sporting News has named the 10 greatest NHL teams of all time, selected by a panel of former players, coaches and execs.

Numero Uno: The 1976-’77 edition of your Montreal Canadiens. Guy Lafleur had 56 goals and 136 points, Steve Shutt scored 60, Larry Robinson was plus-120, the team went 60-8-12 and swept the Bs in the Stanley Cup final.

Second best? The 1955-’56 Canadiens, who went 45-15-10, led by Jean Beliveau’s 47 goals, 38 from Maurice Richard and Jacques Plante’s 1.86 GAA in 64 games.

After the 1983-’84 Oilers, the ’81-’82 Islanders, the ’51-’52 and 2001-’02 Wings and 1969-’70 Bruins, the ’64-’65 Canadiens were ranked eighth best of all time. In Sam Pollock’s rookie season as GM, they won a 13th Cup for the franchise … and were led in regular-season scoring by Claude Provost, with 64 points.

The ninth and 10th spots were the 1991-’92 Penguins and ’46-’47 Leafs.

Let the arguments begin …

•  •  •

Guest Comment from Displaced:

When the Flyers traded for Pronger, I thought, they
WAY paid overpaid for an older defenseman with rapidly diminishing
skills…  I was wrong.  But I missed the big picture.  They have a
singular goal – win the Cup.  Not “make the playoffs”.  Not “be
competitive”.  Not “make money”.  Win the Cup.  They spun their wheels
early last season and brought in Laviolette, a coach with a Cup winning

What is our goal?  Seriously…

and PG have had success (hell, lots more than most) but they seem to be
making the safe moves rather than going for it.  And our team seems to
be inheriting that conservative trait.  Let’s review our recent major

– Our major acquisition for last year’s
playoffs was Moore.  Nice pick up.  Cost us a second rounder.  He
certainly contributed to our unexpectedly good playoff success.  But is
that a Cup win move?  No. 

– We lose Markov and
Gorges and replace them with Wiz.  Again, nice pick up.  Moderate
cost.  Is that a move that will win the Cup? 

Two years ago, we added Cammi, Gio, Gomez, some older D, and bring in
JM to coach.  Are Cammi and Gio really first line forwards on a Cup
winner?  Probably not.  Gomez top line on a Cup winner – sort of.  He
was a rookie when the Devils won their second and scored 55
regular-season points on their most recent Cup winner.  Again, nice
additions and perhaps the best players available that offseason.  Not
really Cup winning stuff.  

– JM is the Volvo of
NHL coaches.  Nice guy.  Safe pick.  Long tenure.  Lots of wins.  Good
organizational guy.  Never won a Cup.  Hell, he had to buy tickets to
get into the Cup game.  He has  the second most regular seasons wins
without a Cup appearance.  Second to Ron Wilson… ouch. 

is becoming our trademark.  I’d be more optimistic that there’s a Cup
in our future if we rolled the dice, swung for the fences, or reached
for the brass ring.  If this team isn’t going to win it all, break it
up.  If it has a shot, make the big moves.  Until we start taking
chances are theme song as fans might be Stuck in the Middle with You. 


  1. light_n_tasty says:

    I dunno.  Smart trades that didn’t sacrifice competitiveness?  The Perry pick came from Dallas and the Carter pick came from Phoenix.  I would love to see who they gave up for those picks but I don’t have time right now to look it up.

  2. jhaze says:

    I completely agree! The NHL is killing the great game of hockey by not enforcing its own rule book.  It’s crazy to think that fans would prefer to watch the Cookes’ of this world than the Sidney Crosbys’. I understand hockey is a fast, contact game but come on!! Most fans want to see the skilled players do their thing, not MMA on Ice.

    Don Cherry can go to Hell! 

  3. light_n_tasty says:

    Nice to have you on board.  But eaaaaaassssyyy with the tank talk!

  4. Displaced says:

    Goring definitely helped the Isles win their first Cup.  But he played there for five years, won 4 Cups and a Conn Smythe.  Torrey made a great long term move that paid immediate dividends.  I think most GMs forget the rest of the story as they run around at the trade deadline picking up UFAs and older players with a lot of mileage.


    And… Harris and Lewis were 27-28 years old (I believe) when they were traded.  So Torrey didn’t give up young prospects or picks for Butch. 


    Who’s leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?

  5. G-Man says:

    Ever since Buth Goring “put the Islanders over the top” there has been the sense that contenders should buy at trade deadline time. Or, conversely, that also-rans should sell.
    How about developing the team from the ground up that can compete, with a blend of veterans and youth? Making a trade to get on the sports pages doesn’t help. The “Wiz” is a case in point. Other than his shot, there’s not much of a Dman there. Habs could have brought someone up and given him a look rather than trade for an over-priced MAB.

    The knee-jerk reactions to Gomez’s season are laughable. There is not 1 player in the league that doesn’t have a couple “bad” seasons. Throwing every player in the midst of a slump under the bus all season long is tiresome and changes nothing. We can all bitch and moan about contract sizes, but every team has someone on it that is overpaid.

  6. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Typical….nobody had/has any praise for WHITE… a tough rugged NAG player who was instrumental in Pouliots goal.

    you see, thats the problem here, good players that do non-flashy work and get lost in the blur of ignorant analysis. The Habs have lost that Blue Collar tough attitude, more precisely from bigger players. When it appears, we need to promote it… or have we already forgotten 2-9-11…

    1:The N.A.G.S. (North American Grit Speed) Youth Movement will bring us respect. 2: 02/09/11 never forget the masacre 3. ..call up WHITE/SHULTZ/HENRY/PAX now.

  7. danimal3000 says:

    Sooo, I have been thinking about that Bruins game and listening to the “pundits” on the subject.  Everyone is saying that the Bruins put out the playbook on the Habs the other night, but I really don’t get it.  How is depending on Blind Refs to not call suspendable actions a game plan?  The B’s should have had a third of their line up suspended for their BS that night.  The pundits, including Macguire, who I now realize has no integrity whatsoever as a journalist because he wants a job in the NHL and so will not call out the real issues, were all saying the Habs had it coming or this is what you do to beat us.  What about the freakin’ rules of the game?  Macguire got up on his soapbox on team990 right before the game about disrespect and headshots and then during the game on TSN he used those exact qualities to go on about what a great player Marchant is, including showing a clip of BM hitting Subban from behind, and then saying “What a great young player.”   !!???  WTF??!!  Isn’t that the opposite of what he said just hours earlier.  Such Bull.  He says “The League” has to do something, but the league can do nothing if their police  (refs) will not enforce the laws.  I grew up watching wide open hockey in Edmonton, and quit watching hockey in the clutch and grab era because it was sh*t hockey.  What is the point of all these rules, of the “New NHL” bull if the refs won’t call THE F’N RULES!!!!  They are making me not want to watch hockey.  I am not being a homer here, Boston should have had 9 the other night except for a blind call and I watch other games too.  The reffing in this league is SOOOOO F’N BUSH!!!       

  8. G-Man says:

    The NHL is as laughable as the CFL when it comes to officiating. When “star”players get special treatment, lie Crosby, Ovechkin, etc, to the detriment of all other players it makes the league a joke. When the “disciplinarian” of the league Colin Campbell does NOT suspend his son even after being videoed pummeling Pyatt with his elbow pad, the league is a joke.

    Many here say hockey is not for the feint-hearted. It appears to me that the NHL isn’t for any people who believe in rules, because the refs throw them out every game.

  9. forskis says:

    I agree with the poster below about Maguire having little integrity and just wants attention and an NHL job:

    During a Carolina game on TSN, Gord Miller was taking about a Connecticut minor league team that named itself in homage of the Whalers and Miller said to Maguire “your old team” or some such effect and Maguire answered, “I don’t associate myself with the Whalers, I consider myself a Pittsburgh Penguin.” or some such effect….

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  10. RetroMikey says:

     Our Habs have a singular goal – not win the Cup but have an entertaining team for the fans to be happy..   “try to make the playoffs and just maybe eke out of  the first round to make the fans happy”.  “be competitive on some nights to make the fans happy  ” sell out the games to all those suckers buying tickets and make money”.  and………..not win the Cup.

    This is going to happen every year by year.  We need major changes….let’s start trading if we want to rebuild this team and bring a winner to Montreal!  This team does not have enough gas or talent to go very far this season.

    Pierre Boivin, you made your money and can retire nicely, but you destroyed our franchise along with others in the organization.

    It’s all about money in this organization, not about bringing home Lord Stanely to Montreal.


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  11. HardHabits says:

    The bottom line is that to succeed talented young players are needed. These players are acquired via the draft and only via the draft.

    How are the Habs going to get to the next level? Is there a way to get there without dropping a few notches to draft lottery territory for a few seasons and trading assetts for picks.

    Is Ottawa now in a better position to rebuild than the Habs? At least they can tank. All this a few years after they made a Cup appearance. They can trade Fisher for a 1st round pick. When was the last time the Habs traded for a 1st round pick?

    3.5 years more of futility and the Habs may finally concede defeat and become sellers.

    Meanwhile other teams get the cream of the crop and the Habs are forced to luck out in the later rounds.

    I am also beginning to have serious doubts that the Habs can win the Cup with Cammy, Gionta, Plex and Gomez as it’s core, especially with JM coaching them. Plex is not a #1 centre, neither is Gomez, heck he’s below Plex on the depth chart. The Habs need a bonafide #1 centre. They need to tank or trade away players for 1st round picks. Otherwise they’ll always be pretenders, merely playing for a play-off berth and the extra earnings. The Cup it appears is an after though to Habs management.

    I have conceded defeat to the Gomez bashers. It is my new opinion that the Habs need to unload the Gomez contract over the summer and start from scratch. No big signings. Let’s tank baby!!! Just once or twice. Stock up on draft picks like Philly did. Make a run at acquiring a bevy of young players and really rebuild.

    The Habs are spinning their wheels. Their cute little Austin mini wheels. Meanwhile the Flyers and Bruins are taking their pick-up trucks for high speed fun in the mud and crash banging the little Smart Car around like bumper cars do.

    Who knows? Maybe that little thing will sneak under those big wheels and cross the finish line 1st. Dont hold your breath.

    I’d rather a team that can crash and bang with the best of them. The Habs are far from being that team.

  12. forskis says:

    Not surprised to see some posters posting the same message over and over again only after a winless streak starts….also not surprised to see some posters jump ship and change their tune only after a winless streak starts.

    These things happen….the B’s loss was ugly, yes…but they have lost ugly before, as have other teams…it will not be the first time, nor will it be the last for ANY team…they will lose ugly EVEN IF the team was built the way YOU wanted it.

    So, bring on the Leafs and let’s see if they get back on their feet…if not, then let’s see if they do it against Buffalo…and on and on…the only way to figure it out is on the ice not online and let the bosses do whatever they are going to do.  Look at the Green Bay Packers, they are a public trust and I believe, a publicly owned team…did they ask the fans to draft Rodgers in the 6th round?  No…MANAGEMENT did and they stuck with him DESPITE the fans when Rodgers was still learning to adapt to the NFL.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  13. HardHabits says:

    If Jonnyboy’s wish below comes true and the Habs can unload Gomez to the Idleslanders (typo intended) and the Habs can sign Brad Richards in the offseason then tanking isn’t needed. Otherwise explain me how the Habs are going to acquire a bonafide #1, something the Habs haven’t had since ’93, some say since Bobby Smith.

    It took the Flyers and Ducks one draft to land 2 franchise players in the same 1st round. The Habs need to think about grabbing top 1st rounders. Whatever it takes, and tanking is the quickest route, because I doubt the Islanders or Oilers are going to make a 5.5 million dollar offer sheet for AK46.

  14. light_n_tasty says:

    Yah, the Flyers and the Ducks did great in the 2003 draft.  But they didn’t “tank” to get those picks.  Philly finished the previous season with 107 points and Anaheim made it to game 7 of the stanley cup finals.  So…tank??

  15. ABHabsfan says:

    Eric Brewer is the guy we need. He fits our needs perfectly and he should be signed min 3 years if he is willing. I am trying to start a ground-swell, is it working yet?

  16. HardHabits says:

    How did they get those picks?

  17. Hammer says:

    I believe the revolution which is the status quo in Habsville is starting to perculate. It is now evident that there are a few passengers on the bus and they can not hide under the seats anymore. The youth on the team has exposed the lollygaggers such as #11 and #46. They are taken up bench space from youth that are slowly but surely pushing them out. Time to bury #11 in purgatory ( Hamilton) maybe he will be claimed on rentry wires, and let #46 go south with his brother. At this time I would give either of them away for a bucket of KFC. I for one was a supporter of Gomez though it was waning and blew up the other night when I saw him and POPGUN46 yucking up on the bench when others were been pounded. Could you imagine what a coach like Pat Burns would have done to those two acting that way?

  18. P St. Pierre says:

    I’m not going to jump all over Martin for his handling of Ryan O’Byrne, but seeing the kind of minutes he’s been playing with the Avalanch and being an impact on their blueline, makes me wonder. Did they give him enough of a shot? He’s a terrific skater for his size and maybe with some more confidence, he would have shown the kind of mental toughness as well as aggressive behaviour that he’s displayed in Denver. I think he would have been good to have around in that Boston game and being young, you aren’t asking as much if you get him to play significant minutes.


    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I just think that when you don’t give a guy a chance to prove himself, you don’t really know what you have. As much as Chris Pronger is an idiot, he’s extremely effective. I was hoping that O’Byrne would develop into a similar player someday. Again, I might be mistaken, but man, we need some size and stability on the back end now.

  19. Richrebellion says:


    I dont see your logic here at all first off Pronger is one of the best d men of all time, the guy just wins! He got edmonton to the cup final, then helped win Anaheim a Cup and then took Philly to the cup final but it wasnt a trade dealine move. We signed Gio, gomez, gill and Moen all stanley cup champions and we made it to the eastern conference final. BG rebuilt the team in a year and thats playing it safe??
    As for trade deadline moves name me one team since the lockout that made a huge trade at the deadline and won the cup? Not one team, Pens got hossa and still didnt win only to win it the year after when they didnt go after the blockbuster! The little trades like moore are the moves that help you win a cup

  20. Rob says:

    i suppose it was too much to expect a leopard to permaently change its spots .

    The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  21. SeriousFan09 says:

    Philly’s Top 10 draft picks from the last 10 years.

    James Van Riemsdyk (At present, Max-Pac is on a better PPG pace he is this season and seems to have more balls) and Joni Pitkanen. Philly is where they are because just about all their 1st-rounders flip into NHL players and even if they don’t keep that player, they flip that guy into a trade for their benefit. Habs haven’t gotten much out of their 1st-rounders in the last 10 years. Hainsey lost for nothing, Marcel Hossa to the KHL. Komi walked as a free agent, Higgins moved as a spare part in the Higgins deal. AK, well we know he’s not bringing back much unless we have pictures of another GM with farm animals. Chipchura was a 4th-round pick back and Fischer’s return is the 2nd-round compensation pick that now belongs to NYI for Wiz.

    Habs are building up, but unfortunately for most people it’s not fast enough for them. Jarred Tinordi drafted “Well he won’t be ready for 3-4 years” well that’s a draft for you when you don’t have… a Lottery pick. We are only now seeing on the fourth year from what is now seen to be a very, very succcessful 2007 draft by the team what the they wrung out of that average draft class, three NHL talents in Pacioretty, Subban and Weber. 2008, Danny Kristo will be in Hamilton next season, along with 2009’s Louis Leblanc and late-round steal Alex Avtsin who’s already building up there. We must wait at least 2 more years, perhaps 3 for enough young players to develop into what we need for a Cup to really be in the cards. I said this all season, it’s not a Cup Year even with all hands on deck. It’s a development year for our young players and just going with what the team has.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  22. HardHabits says:

    2007 is the best year in a while for the Habs. They need to hit like that more often since they rarely have dibs on 10th ot higher. Since tanking only happens in New Jersey, Ottawa, the Isle, Carolina, Edmonton, etc. It appears the Habs will never get a blue chip forward let alone centre. The other option is trade players for picks but the Habs are more habitual to trade picks for players.

    The sad thing is they missed out big time on the 2003 bonanza.

    If the Habs are not a top 5 team by 2014 and I mean looking like a top 5 team for years to come then a good 3-4 year tank is in order.

    If not prepare to become the Montreal Maple Leafs.

  23. Habnofear says:

    This is the Hard Habits I know …nice.

  24. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    you’re not wrong..Obryne was going to be a stellar defenseman for us..but the organization made another error.

    1:The N.A.G.S. (North American Grit Speed) Youth Movement will bring us respect. 2: 02/09/11 never forget the masacre 3. ..call up WHITE/SHULTZ/HENRY/PAX now.

  25. The Cat says:

    Well said.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  26. PeterD says:

    Wow!  What a busy and sad site today…everything from we suck as a team, we should tank and go for high draft picks, to Management wants to play safe and not go for the Cup.  Wow!

    I am one of those that think managment neds to go out and make some bold moves, right now.  This team needs to improve and it needs more scoring size and youthful strong big D-men.  And we need these moves today so that we can build some chemistry and competence towards the play-offs.

    Let’s not forget that this franchise has won 24 cups, and every game we have the likes of Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard and other hockey greats sitting in the stands watching the recent version perform.  Let’s not forget the history of this proud franchise that we had an overload of information about last season.  This is a great and proud franchise!  The most honoured and respected franchise in professional sport of any kind…maybe the Yankees rival us in that regard.

    To think that management is playing on the safe side of the street because they don’t care about winning the Stanley Cup, or that the team is simply happy to put in enough effort to get into the playoffs is outrageous and possibly bordering on mindless.  This is the only franchise in the league where hockey and the day to day, minute to minute activities of the team are looked upon with religious fervor.  Where the balance of French-English politics is ever present.  Seems that if an Anglo-phone player is more productive than a Franco-phone player the media seems to think that the Anglo player is somehow treated to more opportunities than the Franco player…GIVE ME A BREAK!

    The fans and media for this team have a way of “eating” the confidence and life force out of any player that puts on the sweater.  Why do you think Saku Koivu is enjoying life in Anaheim?  He is not subjected to the constant glare of the media and fan base and the constant criticism that goes with that.

    Pierre Gauthier, in my opinion needs to make one or two big name moves, spend the picks, prospects and roster players needed to get the big named players in return that will be here for at least 3 years…so build for today and for tomorrow.  Not rentals.  The team core we have now is not good enough to sustain a play-off drive and win the cup by only adding a small piece or two at this point.

    I say, swing for the fences and make a bold statement.  Just because we have certain players on our roster now, does not mean they need to be there tomorrow.  There is not a prospect in the system that should be considered untouchable, however, I think we have two or three current team players that should be considered untouchable.   Price – Patches – PK Subban…all others should be considered movable parts.

  27. Rad says:

    I like the David Clarkson idea. He would give us a spark. 

    Elsewhere on the trade front, I would try to get a deal done with Atlanta: Kostitsyn, Pyatt, and Wisniewski for Zach Bogosian and Anthony Stewart. I think Bogosian may be available for the right price. Both those boys are tough, exactly what we need. I would throw in the kitchen sink too, to make that deal.

  28. Rad says:

    I agree with your comments about Ryan O’Byrne. A big, physical defenseman, with character, exactly what we needed, was shipped for yet another undersized player from the Quebec league. We developed him for 5 years, and just when he was ready to play, we unloaded him. Martin never gave him an opportunity to prove himself. 

    No wonder we can’t win a cup. We don’t have the right decision makers at the top.


  29. The M says:

    I hope you have a heckuva shiny kitchen sink.

    Atlanta would have to be completely insane to make that deal…. This type of offer belongs on the HF boards forum. 

    Atlanta would get an enigmatic Belarussian, a fourth liner with zero offense and a powerplay quarterback defenseman who is a UFA at seasons end.  Montreal gets a potential franchise defenseman and a breakout powerforward…

    Sorry to jump on you but that deal couldn’t be pulled off in EA NHL 11

  30. The M says:

    And where is Colorado in the west conference standings? six points out? bringing back Forsberg? O’Bryne as a top pairing defenseman? They’re not as good as some people think.


    when you say:

    3. ..call up WHITE/SHULTZ/HENRY/PAX now.

    does PAX mean pacioretti? and White is called up.  has schultz even scored in the AHL this year?


    And keep posting man, your posts are hilarious…

  31. Rad says:

    I see you share my high opinion of the Atlanteans. However, their coach doesn’t, and recently benched Bogosian. Have you never heard of a team getting fleeced in a trade? All you have to do is look at Montreal picking up Gomez last year for the aforementioned “potential franchise defenseman.” And have you seen what the enigmatic Belarussian’s brother has done after a change of scenery? Some of these players just need to play in a different city to reach their potential, and that is why trades are often made. That’s how/why we got Monsieur Pouliot. I’m telling you, Andrei would look good in a Thrasher uniform.

    Make me a counter offer, Mr Atlanta GM. Maybe we can still make a deal. How about just Bogosian? Or just Stewart? How about I throw in a draft pick? No? That’s alright, I’ve got a call in to L.A. for Wayne Simmonds.

  32. billylove says:

    Yes, after the Sabres visit on Tuesday, the schedule gets real scary. 15 of the last 24 on the road. We need to get as many points as possible when on home ice or else the playoffs may be in jeopardy. Our road record sucks. Think the playoffs are a lock? Not at this point. The Sabres are playing strong hockey lately and have three games in hand, they scare me. Not making the playoffs would be a f-in disaster!

    These next 2 will be tough, physical contests. You know the Leafs would just love to beat us at home and the Sabres will contest center ice all night long. We really need at least 3 points before boarding the plane. C’mon boys, no lazy shifts allowed. We’re at the beginning of the stretch run.      

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