About last night …

Four elimination games.

Four wins.

The Ol’ Blogger does not know what to make of this.

And it’s not like your Montreal Canadiens are playing the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Down 3-1 to the number one seed in the East, they rallied to force a Game 7 and win it in Washington.

Down 3-2 to the Stanley Cup champions, who were determined not to repeat the run-and-gun mistakes of the Capitals, the Canadiens force ANOTHER Game 7 with a come-from-behind W that had fans roaring the roof off the Bell Centre.

Something is happening here, and I don’t know what it is.

The Commenter known as dicktracy (which betrays his age) captured the spirit: 


Maybe I’m getting old but as far back as I remember cheering the Habs…1966…all those great teams, players, cups,…I never ever remember being so emotional!


CBC had a great game intro:



In the jam-packed and joyous Canadiens’ room, Mike Cammalleri talked about “playing hockey when you’re a little kid and dreaming about this.”

A dream-like quality has permeated the Canadiens’ postseason – and it’s bringing out the little kid in all of us.

And no one wants to wake up and realize this is an eighth-seed team that barely made the playoffs and had NO F. Chance against Alex Ovechkin and Friends or Sidney Crosby and Friends.

But a couple of funny things happened on the way to an ignominous exit.

The Canadiens got brilliant goaltending from Jaro Halak.

Mike Cammalleri started scoring – 11 of the 34 goals the Canadiens have in the postseason. His game-tying backhander electrified fans who cheered all the way through a commercial timeout, rocking the Bell Centre to such a degree that PA announcer Michel Lacroix had to wait till the end of the break to announce AK46 and Roman Hamrlik had assisted.

Scott Gomez, a graduate of Lou U in New Jersey, began to flash the skill set that made that damn fool Glen Sather sign him to an insane contract.

Max Lapierre, coming off a poor season, is recapturing the form that made him the Canadiens’ most improved player in the ill-starred 2008-’09 season. His goal was the winner, and it came as a result of a brilliant sequence in which Lapierre – trying to eat minutes – made a series of superb, heady plays.

Even Andrei Kostitsyn got into the act in Game 6. Jacques Martin went out of his way to praise the much-maligned AK46 for passes that figured in both both of Cammalleri’s goals.  And how about that crunching hit on Jordan Staal?

And the D – suffering a casualty rate to rival Ypres – has found new heroes every night.

Jacques Martin used two pairs to protect his lead in the third period:

• a former undrafted free agent and an untested rookie: Josh Gorges, who played 25:51, and P.K. Subban, who led BOTH TEAMS with 29:11 of ice time.

• the reunited Czech connection: Roman Hamrlik, who looked like a spent force in the latter games of the regular season, and Jaro Spacek, seeing his first action since Game 3 of the Washington series.

In a humane 18:25, Spacek scored a goal, blocked three shots and made some brilliant, extra-effort defensive plays to deny marauding Penguins clear paths to the Canadiens’ goal.

Key stat:

The champs had 37 shots. Jaro Halak is 16-1-1 in games when he faces more than 35.

The Canadiens, Cammalleri said, are “by no means a great team.

“We’re trying to be as good as we can.”

That’s good enough to force a seventh game against a no-longer-swaggering team that really doesn’t want to play one.

Because in Game 7, you never know …

“We’ll be ready,” Martin promised.



  1. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    As much as I want to believe, I would be shocked if Markov is an option.  I still feel sick from the memory of watching him hit the ice.  Maybe next week…


    “The good thing about drinking during games is if they lose, you’re too drunk to care during and too hungover to care after.” – J.T.

  2. 24 Cups says:

    Careful, Andrew.  The last captain we had who fit the Gorges mode was Mike Keane.  We all know what happened to him:-)

  3. 100HABS says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime. He was left in Mtl for a Pitts trip for asking to join his country. That’s punishment enough – I’m sure it messed with his head and he got the message.

    Now, we could use him. Could you honestly say that SK could help us more than Darche? Even Moen or Pyatt? Or lately Pouliot?

  4. Rugger says:

    After asking permission to leave the team for the Worlds?  No way do you put him in game 7.

  5. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    Agreed.  I was all about Gionta until, well, probably tonight.  What a ballsy effort by everyone, but WOW Gorges has been unreal!


    “The good thing about drinking during games is if they lose, you’re too drunk to care during and too hungover to care after.” – J.T.

  6. Chuck says:

    That’s a great way to look at it. And I sure hope that we can have his discussion mid-June.   🙂


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  7. likehoy says:

    but that’s not answering the question 😉

    numbers aside, it is what it is. in a 7 game series, the only 4 games that matter are the 4 that you win, the other 3 is hogwash cause it doesn’t carry on to anything. if a player scored 3 hat tricks in all 3 games that were lost, those hat tricks don’t mean anything. i would say a player that scores the game winner in all 4 wins more of an MVP than the player who scored 9 goals in 3 losses. that’s how i see the 7 game series, and it feels like that’s how jacques martin and the rest of the team sees it. they don’t carry over anything from a loss, and they forget about it quickly cause the loss means very little to the cause.

    when we get down to deciding who will be the conn smythe winner (very premature at this point)…it comes down to who made the biggest contribution to a winning cause, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

    – What if Jaro Halak’s hand was indeed shaking? What if you took the CHOKE out of Ovechkin? — History Will Be Made

  8. Chuck says:

    I’d definitely consider it if I had the right bits and pieces!


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  9. FSUPhi1584 says:

    Thats a really good comparison, although those fancy dekes were rather reminiscent of “The Flower”

  10. 100HABS says:

    I had the same line-up. I like what OB does, but someone’s gotta and in this case, it’s him. He barely played in the third and we won…  and MAB for the PP.

    Then again, Subban and Marky could probably man the points well. Take MAB out too, and play a real 4th line… with SK!

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