A win and some cuts

As you read these words, Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau are meeting the players who won’t be making the trip to Mont Tremblant.

Matt D’Agostini.

Ben Maxwell.

Gregory Stewart.

Never a pleasant task, but that’s hockey … especially with a loaded team like your Montreal Canadiens.

"Nobody feels comfortable," Guy Carbonneau said, summing up the training camp’s Darwinian nature.

"When we started camp, we had 52 players. All of them want to be in the NHL. That’s where 21,000 people are yelling. That’s where they make the money."

For some, the roar of the crowd and ka-ching of the bank balance will have to wait.

But maybe not for long.

Headed up north for bonding: Yannick Weber (Francis Bouillon was injured tonight), Kyle Chipchura, Max Paciorett.

Still a Canadien: Mathieu Dandenault, who played more than 18 minutes on D, showcased, perhaps, for a pressbox full of pro scouts.

Audio from the room and Carbo’s press conference:

The coach

• The Captain, Parts I and II

Christopher Higgins on line chemistry

Jaroslav Halak on a solid start

Alex Tanguay (in the mellifluous language of Molière)

Very nice win.


Great cycling by Koivu, Higgins and Tanguay.

Could be a great line this season.

•  •  •

Tabarnac! Boston has 33 shots.

•  •  •

Gregory Stewart is an NHLer … but maybe not here.

•  •  •

Not a good O-zone penalty, Gui.

•  •  •

That PP is somethin’ else with Weber.

•  •  •

That Bruins D has more statues than Dominion Square.

•  •  •

Nice goal.

Chara had an open side on the PP.


•  •  •

Savard and Ryder both belted.

Big thumper Weber penalized.

•  •  •

My new fave: Robert Lang.

Super-smart player

•  •  •

Excellent PK.

And Halak is sharp.


Re Ryder:

Look, it didn’t work out. End of bloody story.

Not my favourite hockey player. But a good guy. And to his credit, he’s
has never trashed management or bitched about what happened here.

•  •  •

Bruins will start the third period on the PP.

•  •  •

Ron Reusch points out Canadiens have scored 20 pre-season goals, 11 on the PP.

•  •  •

Pierre Durocher of the Journal de Montréal: "Can you smell the Cup?"

Oh yeah, it hangs in the air like weed at a Grateful Dead show.


O’Byrne rescues a Weber giveaway by tying up Ryder.

•  •  •

Weber stepped into Kobasew on a goalmouth scrum.

•  •  •

I’m torn between wanting a shutout for a Halak and a goal for Ryder to shut those clowns up.

•  •  •

Two additions who are VERY good at passing: Tanguay and Lang

•  •  •

Canadiens are skating them into the ice.

Hey, is Patrice Bergeron playing?

Marc Savard?

•  •  •

Shot right on by Tanguay, Lats cashes the rebound.

That PP is sick!


Time for Julien to start a goon show.

•  •  •

Another PP, created by the line of Kovy, Koivu and Higgins


Dandenault flew to catch up to Lucic and negate a break. Great hustle.

•  •  •

Lovely rush by D’Agostini. Nearly finished off by Stewart.

•  •  •

Does Kovy work this crowd?

Goes for a skate on a delayed penalty.

Pavarotti at La Scala.

•  •  •

I like Chara.

He is a tough, honest hockey player.

If he had Pronger’s temperament, half the Eastern Conference would be on the DL.

•  •  •

Weber whips one off Fernandez’s pads, Breeze buries the rebound


•  •  •

What a blast!



•  •  •

Second period will begin with two Bruins in the box, and Jeremy Reich off for 3:49 or less.

So lots of PP practice.

•  •  •

Lang 4-1 on faceoffs. Chipchura 1-3. 

Chara played 8:34, Dandenault 7:15 (!!!)


The book must be Belt Yelle. O’B buried him.

•  •  •

Halak sharp on Kobasew.

Chara and Ryder on the PP: makes the booing easier.

•  •  •

No penalties through almost 15 minutes.

•  •  •

Pleks line is flying against the lead-footed Bs

•  •  •

Weber: two giveaways on one shift. He’ll learn to play D in Hamilton.

•  •  •

AK46 buried Yelle on the boards near the Bruins bench and they didn’t like it.

•  •  •

Shots are 7-2. Fernandez is solid.

•  •  •

O’B playing the left side again, with Weber

•  •  •

Great sequence starts with Tanguay scooting down to negate icing. Then he and Koivu and Higgins had the puck on a string.

•  •  •

Pleks stoned on a great feed from Kovy.Shot right at Fernandez.

•  •  •

The guy who yells KO-STO-POUL-OS! is in mid-season voice.

•  •  •

Man, that Wheeler is a big one.

•  •  •

OK, booing Ryder I can understand.

•  •  •

Booing Chara.

The point eludes me.

•  •  •

Saku Koivu will play his first pre-season game tonight when Boston visits the Bell Centre.

Koivu will centre Alex Tanguay and Christopher Higgins.

Last season’s top line will be reunited: Tomas Plekanec between Andrei Kostitsyn and Alex Kovalev.

The other lines are Robert Lang centring Guillaume Latendresse and Matt
D’Agostini and Kyle Chipchura between Gregory Stewart and Tom

Yannick Weber gets another start on D, along with Mathieu
Dandenault, Francis Bouillon, Josh Gorges, Ryan O’Byrne and Patrice
Brisebois. The Top Three, Andrei Markov, Mike Komisarek and Roman
Hamrlik, have the night off.

This lineup would appear to punch Max Pacioretty’s ticket for
Hamilton. No surprise to anyone who knows how this organization
nurtures and develops its talent.

It’s an important game for Chipchura, who was very solid against
Detroit but was overshadowed by Pacioretty. It’s also a big game for
Stewart, who may have to step up and provide some muscle against the

•  •  •

Zdeno Chara is expected to make his first pre-season start for Boston.

The Bruins’ likely lineup: Marc Savard centring Michael Ryder and P.J.
Axelsson; Patrice Bergeron between Marco Sturm and Chuck Kobasew; big
horses Milan Lucic and Blake Wheeler flanking Stephane Yelle, and a
rock-’em/sock-’em trio of Jeremy Reich, Shawn Thornton and Vladimir
Sobotka. Chara will be paired on D with Dennis Wideman. The other duos
are Andre Alberts-Matt Hundwick and Mark Stuart-Shane Hnidy.

Manny Fernandez to start in nets, backed up by Tuuka Rask.

Red Remembers: Fisher’s take on Habs’ history.



  1. HabFab says:

    Eric ,you are my hero!!!Set these young whippersnappers straight ,monitor only during the day, get frustrated and then later when I can respond, you have taken care of it .Hope you were able to stream last nights game ,felt for you in that last half.

  2. krob1000 says:

    There is no doubt that Pacioretty will see the bigtime this year at some point…whether it is sooner than later ….the guys who are paid to make those decisions can make that one. I agree about the voicing the opinions and I was more addressing the Tanguay Samsonov bit and I just don’t want someone else to run with it and have it snowball fromthere. The reality is that we are so deep and there is only one puck….we will have several guys who have great seasons but on paper could have better ones in other places. Tanguay would do well to hit 65 points IMO but thta is not to say that will be a disappointment. It all depends on the pp time and the lineup making but personal glory has to take a backseat this yeat and I am quite confident that every player here wants to be here and that every guy is going to do what is necessary. Any player on this team if they bring home the Cup will be remembered for the next half century. I think t hey realize the pressure is higher than it’s ever been so adding fuel to the fire is what I am asking you don’t do….and especially please don’t start the fire. Thanks for the reply HabsProf I know your heart is in the right place but it doesn’t always come across in your posts because you do shoot from the hip.

  3. coutNY says:

    It is not a total loss if we unloaded him in a recall waivers situation at 1/2 his salary, I would not be a bad deal. There have been better vetrans that have gone through the process. If Max-Pac were to fill the void. Max-Pac would fit nicely in this case without effecting the current salary cap number. We have too many fourth liners with Begin, Kostop, LaRoque, Latondresse, Lappierre, and Chipchura that are ahead of him on the depth chart.

    And our D aready has a better options and back up.

    His roster spot is too value to have a “just in case vetran” that as we’ve seen last year he’ll have trouble accepting a pressbox role.

  4. HabsProf says:

    Isn’t your signature line a prediction?

  5. twocents says:

    I’m not sure how to take that. Cheese bungs some people up.

  6. HabsProf says:

    It can also be a case of “shopping” Dandy. If we aren’t going to play him every game, then we either keep him in a backup role for injuries (where his versatility is valuable) or we trade him. Sending him down ruins him for both: he couldn’t be called back up without exposing him to recall waivers. Keeping him in either role requires that he be played on a semi-regular basis.

  7. twocents says:

    I agree on needing one more player on D, for this year. IMO ideally, someone who can play a bit of an offensive role too, if needed.

  8. Habhopeful says:

    That First prediction is as solid as my stool after a large poutine @ the Belle…

    “We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.”
    ~Brad Park.

  9. krob1000 says:

    Ok Prof …I know your style and for the most part you are here to entertain and we have had our exchanges good and not so good but seriously….Tanguay and Samsonov….One is Fast and the other is Fat….one is Good the other is a Goof, one has won a Cup the other was Cut, one is a Star the other a Scar…..I think you get the idea and I know you are probably just rousing everyone like you like to do….it is entertaining at times. This year though I think we should all do our damndest to stay positive as part of our Centennial contribution and help build a tidal wave of enthusiasm for our boys and an atmosphere that will scare even the most seasoned opponents. We have the fans to do it but positivity and negativity are both contagious so who cares about voting your opinion won’t change anything lol but stay positive because it will make a difference this year in Montreal. You can take any 12 guys out of a pool of about 16 up front and ice a contender. Our defense is pretty solid but is probably our weakest point. I’d like to see another late 20’s or early 30’s stay at home defenseman appear from somewhere for this year anyway to bridge the gap.

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