A stroll down memory lane

Remember when …



  1. CalgaryHabsFan says:

    It will be a tough series but I think we will beat Philadelphia.

    They may be more physical than either Washington or Pittsburgh but we are faster up front than either of the teams they have beat and we should be able to take advantage of that.


    ___________ Jaroslav Halak does not wear a watch. HE decides what time it is!

  2. Jbird says:

    They won’t win – 😉  I really want them too.

  3. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …this won’t be a walk in the park

    …French-connection …Giroux, Briere and Gagne …3 guys I wish were on Ourside

    …a lot of skill & physicality in Pronger, the rest of their D, …Richards et al

    …question-mark remains goaltending …Leighton …but unlike the Capitals and Penguins, the PhilthyBoyz have a tight robust D in front of Him

    …I will be more impressed by Our Habs beating the Flyers than Pittsburgh or Washington

    …it will be another test for Halak …will He hold up ?

    …now We will have serious coverage and hits on Our smaller Players …will They hold up ?

    …be ready for a War

    …hopefully JM is mapping His strategy well for the Philthydelphia Visagoths


    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  4. Exit716 says:

    I’m not worried about Gagne or Giroux.

    We have Eric Chouinard and David Fischer to counter their impact.


  5. badbalance says:

    Im not worried, if we play exactely like we did against Caps and Pens, discipline, mistake free hockey.. It will not be as hard as Pens or Caps thats for sure. Can’t underestimate them either, but we still find ways to win in the most unlikely situations. Boston choked,,, Pens and Caps were playing as hard as possible against us. Halak had to face massive shots in the two series, Philly doesn’t have the depth that Pens and Caps did…

  6. ShangaDoo says:

    How cannot you believe after watching that?


    Go Habs

  7. JasonM says:

    Boone, you mean to tell me our last cup had Racicot as our backup goaltender if Roy went down?

  8. ManApart says:

    I hear your point! You mean to tell me , this team has Price as the back up goaltender if Halak goes down!?? Yikes!

  9. DrA says:

    Overtime will be important in this series.  Both teams are solid in overtime.

    Path to victory:


    Attacking and wearing down their Top-4 D

    Solid D play in front of Halak

    Special Teams




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A stroll down memory lane

• TSN has unearthed a video of Red Fisher talking to Dave Hodge about the Canadiens’ move from the Forum to the Bell Centre. It’s in colour. And there’s sound! And U2!!

• Stephen Brunt on the mess in Phoenix. How about they just fold, hold a dispersal draft and send Shane Doan to the Canadiens?

• The Hockey News Fantasy Poooler doesn’t think much of our new-look team. He rates the Canadiens a C+, down from A- a year ago.

• Lions in Winter, a Canadiens blog we really like, has interesting pieces on Guillaume Latendresse, Jaroslav Spacek and the genius of Scotty Bowman.

• Robert L. writes about a Canadiens’ prospect with a funny name.

• Big shout-out today to the blogger’s muse. The bodacious barrister is getting married this morning – not, as she would have liked, at centre ice of the Bell Centre with 21,273 singing Here Comes the Bride, but in the wedding pavillion of Disney World. Warmest congrats to the awesome avokitten of Section 301 from all of us (and one of us in particular) at Habs I/O.


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