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The Philthy Flyers win the last three games of the season series.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

Quick Hits and About last night …

Hickey and Arpon Basu on Kirk Muller’s imminent departure

Sean Gordon on Mathieu Darche

Cam Cole on Wayne Gretzky


  1. fbkj says:

    pants buzzed: white back to hamilton

  2. Storm Man says:

    4 years ago maybe. If the Flames have no room for him why do you think we do?


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  3. shiram says:

    So I guess Cammy will be back after th ASG, and Eller will pilot the 3rd or 4th line once more.


  4. Hobie Hansen says:


  5. HabFanSince72 says:

    I agree. Every team has a 20 point scorer. No one usually offers anything for them in a trade though.


  6. HabFanSince72 says:

    2 goals this season. EIther there aren’t amny clutch moments, or Kovalev is one hell of a cooler.


  7. habsguy says:

    What would Neil do for our team,  we NEED someone (or two) who can put the puck in the net,  plus a couple of solid d-men before we need a cement head like Neil.   And they ain’t going to come cheap.  I can see where you are coming from,  and I can see the need for someone with Neils heart to protect our scorers and keep the other team honest,  BUT we don;t have any scorers to protect!!

  8. HabFanSince72 says:

    I wouldn’t give up too many draft picks, for older players. Gotta think of the future too.

    Chris Neil is 32 and has 11 points (2 goals) in 50 games this year. I know you guys all want a goon, but he is really in the twilight years of a not very distinguished career.


  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    Calgary is not doing themselves any favours by racing back into the playoffs, a Top 5, Top 10 draft pick would help them out a lot more than some ego-boosting playoff appearance that won’t actually take them anywhere. It’s time to start over in CGY so they can at least hope to be somewhat on pace with the Oilers rebuild.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  10. SeriousFan09 says:

    Good idea, not sure if Muller would go with it if NHL offers were coming from around the league but it could certainly work out. Not a fan of the Habs being the training ground for rookie head coachs anymore, too much blowback without any real returns.

    Having Muller and Boucher out there as potential returning HCs isn’t the worst thing ever is what people seem to forget, Pollock at one point let Bowman walk from the organization and go coach in St. Louis before bringing him back to the fold. I hear that worked out pretty well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  11. CanadienBoy says:

    At 31 Chris Neil is by far one of the best choice good speed ,good fighter and score at clutch time went involve which he is not anymore in Ottawa ,call it the Kovalec factor

  12. Hobie Hansen says:

    I believe last night’s game is a clear example of just where the Canadiens stand against some of the top teams in the league. The big question is, do we bother making some trades this season to try and inch closer or let the season play out.

    The chances of making a run for the cup without Gorges and Markov are pretty slim. Without those guys we still have a pretty good team but to compete against a healthy Flyers and Penguins team, we need all hands on deck.

    Baring a Patrick Roy like performance by Price in the playoffs or a total collapse by the above mentioned teams, I think we’re out of the picture. Missing a couple key players and our current lack of size and grit equals a quick exit.

    If Gautheir can pull off some sweet deal for a large scoring forward, like he did for the Wiz, I say he should do it, otherwise, shut it down until July 1st.

    On another matter, we should add another player on the 4th line who can play the game and drop the gloves. It was nice to see White stick his nose in last night for a change but he’s no heavyweight, either is Moen.   

  13. HabFanSince72 says:

    I wonder if there are any differences between the NHL and the mafia.

    Less bling in the NHL, a bit more honour in the mob? Otherwise they’re the same.


  14. Storm Man says:

    I would like Regehr and Moulson out of the player you’re talking about.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  15. Caballero says:

    We need players with size and grit on our 3-4th lines. Travis Moen doesn’t have it. Lapierre didn’t have it. Part of having a well rounded hockey team is having a few mean sobs, Mr. Gauthier make it happen!!!!!! After being eliminated by the Flyers last year you would think priority numero uno would be to find at least one enforcer, and I don’t mean Green George Laraque

  16. SeriousFan09 says:

    1-2 year deal, at about 5 million per, he has missed a lot more than he’s played in the last two years so the onus is a bit on him to show he’s still got it and his problem knee isn’t going to throw him off.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  17. Storm Man says:

    How much and how long do you want the Habs to sign Markov for? I would like 2 years 12 mil and see how he does.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  18. CanadienBoy says:

    Like to have a Regehr or less exp. Vendermeer for D help ,forward Penner less exp. Moulson and more upside and for grit Niel and or Ruutu .those players are say to be available just at what cost ? 

  19. PrimeTime says:

    Oh well, we have lots to look forward to and hopefully all our good young players relacing all our injured regulars gained some experience last night. We have a good core of youngs players with skill and even size. They will develop and we have our year few good years just like the Flyers are enjoying now. At some point they will need to bust their group up just as Hawks needed to last year to remian under the cap. They will need to make a difficult choice between Giroux and another player and maybe others. I still think their goaltending is too weak to win it all but Hawks and Wings won it without a star in goal, so who knows. A few years ago the Flyers were not contenders…..all teams can’t be every year. Our time will come if PG continues to build the proper way. I think he is and I will continue to follow and watch this team get better and wish for the best.

    Go Habs Go!

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    Got to love some of the upstanding citizens Gary found to buy into NHL teams, a tale of Len Barrie, formerly of TBL ownership.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  21. Mattyleg says:

    Here’s a mini-response for people waving the ‘Down-With-JM-Up-With-Muller’ flag:

    Do you remember when Carbo was assistant coach? I thought the same thing as many people here: He’s so dynamic! He’s always chatting with the players, motivating them, banging them on the back, taking charge of the timeouts, etc.

    That’s what assistants do. They can take the time to speak to the players one-on-one while the coach is watching the run of the game. The coach is like the Captain of the ship, while the assistants are the First Lieutenants, getting the best out of the men, keeping them focused and in line. If the coach was doing that, he wouldn’t be paying attention to what was happening on the ice.

    We all remember what happened when Carbo took the reins: he wasn’t a good communicator. We’ve heard that many times. I couldn’t believe it at first, considering how good he’d looked as assistant, but then I realized that it’s a different job. Carbo became as passive-looking as every other coach.

    Don’t be fooled by the talk and the bluster behind the bench. Once Muller becomes a coach, he’ll look much like all the others.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  22. W35T5ID3 says:

    Dude bobonmynobsky is a rookie.He is not the answer to their cup aspirations.They need an upgrade.They know it too.But such has been the case for the cryers now for years and years and years…….Wheres Leighton these  days????oh ya..minors…..


    i go bed now

  23. BJ says:

    After watching last nights game it establishes fairly clearly where we are as a team. Still struggling to establish ourselves as a top 10. No way we can beat the Flyers in a playoff series. We could steal 1 at best. They are truly an elite NHL team right now, strong at each position (including goaltending). I don’t really know if Martin is getting the best out of everyone? If so we are a number of players away from competing for our elusive 25th. I feel good about our young core of players. At the start of the season I was concerned about size and toughness and that still stands. So where do we go from here? Good question this morning. 

  24. HabFanSince72 says:

    Arpon Basu’s article is excellent as usual.

    It’s interesting this idea most people here have that everything bad about the team is Martin’s fault and everything good is thanks to Muller.



  25. Mattyleg says:

    Okay, that sucked. Getting beat like that sucked the bag.

    God, that sucked.

    Now, I’m not one to get angry and wave flags and demand people’s resignation, and make promises (à la “trust me, next year he’s outta here”), but there’s one thing that’s been nagging at me. Bugging me. Poking at my CH confidence.

    Lars Eller blows.

    He’s not playing NHL-quality hockey at the moment. I’m sure it all has to do with his confidence, but he’s not winning battles on the boards, he’s making tentative passes, he’s hanging on to the puck when he should be shooting quickly…

    I’m not saying the kid’s a dud. Not by a long shot. But I wish we weren’t in such a tight spot with players, because I’d love to see him go back down to the minors for some conditioning. Get some goals, feel like a big-time Charlie again.

    C’mon kiddo, you alone hold the hopes of aaaaaaall of Denmark in your gangly hands.

    Make Hamlet proud.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  26. joshua94k says:

    Well two bad games out of 11 in January with a record of 6 – 2L -3OTL is pretty good. That 15 pts out of a possible 22pts. They are just two points out of the division title.

    Some things to consider during the break:

    Is there a replacement for Josh Gorges in the market right now that GM Gauthier can acquire. Gorges is a player that we really miss.

    Also the Canadiens must keep Kirk Muller with the team. If plans to keep Martin as coach are for a long time, then let’s hope Muller stays on as assistant the same way Jacques Laperriere did. Or if Martin is going to be replaced then let’s get Muller to coach the team and hire a translater to accompany him during media briefs until his French gets better. Keep in mind Scotty Bowman’s French wasn’t the greatest, it was adequate at best.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  27. W35T5ID3 says:

    Habs will be relatively healthy (ithink and i hope ) come playoff time.Anyone know whens the timeline for markovs return?Gorges?2nd rnd playoffs or ?…anyone know….???


    The Cryers yah they beat us but we’ll have the last laugh.Regular season aint mean squat…wait till when it counts.The boys will leave it all on the ice like last season….and i cant wait!

  28. SeriousFan09 says:

    Markov and Gorges are finished for the season, don’t expect them to make some miracle return for the later playoff rounds. They will be spending this season and all summer rehabbing their injuries, but do expect to see them both back next season.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  29. W35T5ID3 says:

    halfway season awards for habs as voted by me:

    MVP….plekanec…..cuz hes consistent.

    honourable mention :Price…..hes had a few stinkers.But all in all a good season to date.

    UNSUNG AWARD :Darche and Gill….Darche is showing everyone he belong and has a little touch and not HANDS of stone.Gill,is so unappreciated .he does so much .But as soon as he has a little mistake its pointed out by the idiots who think he is too slow and stuff.But he’s actually a superb defensive dman.Hes the man.

    …and those are my awards…..lol….im goin to bed now   ZZZzzzzzZz

  30. twocents says:

    It’s too hard to go from assistant to your first head coaching job without a break from the same roster. Just ask John Maclean, Dave Lewis, or Denis Savard as recent examples. Why give Muller a handicap and extra challenge like that when this is already the toughest coaching job in the NHL?

    He should be offered the head spot in Hamilton or let to go elsewhere with the intention of having him return in the future when the opportunity arises.

    I’d love him to coach Hamilton for one or two years and then move up to Montreal right after. The Habs should offer him big money to go to the A. If he’s wise and patient he’d take it knowing it will hard to learn the head coaching ropes in the big show on the fly.

    Cunneyworth could move up here and take his spot with the Habs. That would be great for the youngsters he already knows.

  31. W35T5ID3 says:

    I got news for everyone:Jacques Martin is a GOOD coach.


    Remember playing against his Ottawa teams back in the day??Yeah,they’d hammer us all the time and wouldnt give us a sniff!And now???Well look no further than our 7-1 dismantling of sens ……



    i go bed now 

  32. W35T5ID3 says:

    Tnx for the update.

  33. Mark C says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Martin gets blamed for all the too many men on the ice penalties. These penalties can be the player’s or coach’s fault. If it needs up being the coach’s fault, there is a good chance it was an assistant’s mistake in the communication of which line is up next.  

  34. avatar_58 says:

    But remember – he doesn’t like Balsille because he’s aggressive and honest. He’d rather give teams to people who don’t actually have the money, have been in prison at one point, and generally have no idea what they are doing. Oh but hey – they talk nicely to him and the other owners! That counts right?

  35. HabFanSince72 says:

    Enforcers don’t play in the playoffs, unless they’re also decent hockey players.


  36. jimmy shaker says:

    First step for PG…..

    Chris Neil for a 3rd rounder and tom pyatt

    2nd step for PG….

    Robyn regehr for a 2nd rounder or a third rounder and any of our D not named Gill, subban, gorges, marky.

    That should help a little bit!


  37. Hobie Hansen says:

    You are 100% correct!

  38. Hobie Hansen says:

    Not sure we’d get those guys for that cheap, especially now that Calgary is 4pts out of a playoff spot but yes, those are the exact type of players we require.

  39. Hobie Hansen says:

    Nobody wants a goon. Neil is not a goon. He is not in the twilight of his career either. He could play another 3 or 4 solid years. Every team in the league as at least one player like Neil…. 

  40. Hobie Hansen says:

    Ottawa is a brutal team. Throw Neil on a decent 3rd line on a good team and he would make a good impact. Many people around hockey were saying that the third line in Ottawa consisting of Neil, kelly and Ruttu was one of the best in the league at shutting down and agrivating some of the league’s top lines, before injuies and all hell broke lose in ottawa…

  41. shiram says:

    How much cap do you save by sending a guy, making about 600k, for a week? I guess every little bit can help though.

    Still I’d rather have Cammy back with Plekanec.

  42. avatar_58 says:

    So hey – the Tim Hortons I go to has this sweet heritage classic framed poster up. After feb 20th chances are they take it down yes? What do they do with it? I want it :(

  43. Timo says:

    I say Neil would have a few decent fights and would knock some teeth out in case somebody desides to cheapshot one of our midgets (right, we don’t have scorers). I mean, yeah, it sucks that we have midgets that can’t protect themselves, but since these are the cards we’re dealt, Neil could improve the team at least in this regard. Also, as far as I remember, he is more than capable of putting the puck in the net. If given same amount of time on top line as Moen, I am sure his production would be double or triple that of Moen’s.

  44. Timo says:

    I would say we need 6 top 6 forwards… the ones we’ve got are just not good enough.

  45. Hobie Hansen says:

    Ok people…Listen up! Nor trying to be a jerk here but this is how it goes. Montreal has a very one-dimensional team. If we don’t score on the PP, we don’t win.

    If teams like the Flyers or Bruins decide to take the body to us we quite often crumple up and lose the game. We need another big body that can put the puck in the net on the top lines and a couple agitators on the 3rd and 4th lines…end of story. We’re not going to have offensive players on all four lines.

    Not every game is a speed and skill game and we need to adapt our style from time to time. Plus it would be nice to have a couple of guys on our team to piss off the better players on the opposing team. The best way to win a game is to put the puck in the net, nobody is disputing that, but it also a good idea to prevent the other team from putting the puck in our net. That can be accomplished by knocking other players on their rear ends or taking them off their games… thank you.


  46. Mark C says:

    It would save around $20K on the daily cap, I think this has more to do with allowing White to play in the Bulldogs’ two games in the meantime. Why have him sit around in a hotel room for 5 days when he could be playing in the A.

  47. Mark C says:

    By the sounds of it it will be awhile before Cammalleri is back, a lot can change by then, so who knows what the lines will look like.

  48. jennifer1984 says:

    just ask them about it.

    i remember when i worked in a grocery store during highschool, in the photolab people always wanted those cardboard cutouts……first person to ask got it. including customers.

    so it never hurts to ask. you could also say you would be willing to make a small donation to the Tim Hortons Camp Day or whatever to sweeten the deal.

  49. Hobie Hansen says:

    Yes the flyers are the class of the NHL right now, so should we not be trying to better them so we can be the class of the NHL?


    I don’t think we’d have to mortgage our future to pick up some grit for the 4th line?


    Yes we had a great run last year but you’d be a fool if you didn’t think that we had a lot of luck and a goaltender who put on the show of his life to get us there. It would be nice to accomplish the same result or better in the future with a total team effort.  


    Nobody is a hater, we just want our team to be the best and we’re not far off if we add some grit on the bottom lines and a top 6 forward with size…

  50. Gormdog says:

    You mean the one time in all of the 2000’s (1-3) the big nasty Bruins, with their amazing size, were able to beat the Habs?


    That centennial team was a disaster, filed with injuries, bad coaching, and inconsistencies. Otherwise, the habs OWN the Bruins, regular season, and Playoffs, in recent memory.

    Case and point about how nutty and short sighted Habs fans can be. Was your response, to point to playoffs as some sort of telling sign, some sort of legitimate counterpoint? A scary case of revisionist history? An inability to percieve anything that is good for the Habs? An inability to see back more than 2 seasons?


    You guys are unreal…

  51. merlin_24cups says:

    PK to the ALLSTAR GAME!! WOOT!

  52. Mark C says:

    In the last 10 seasons Montreal is 3-1 against Boston in the playoffs, and 1-1 in the most recent meetings, with the #1 seed winning which time. Yes, Boston swept Montreal in 2008-09, but Boston might have been the best team in the league that year and Montreal was a crap team missing key players during that series.

  53. mrhabby says:

    Playoffs you wants Playoffs.

  54. HabFanSince72 says:

    Don’t forget that this time last year the Caps were annointed with can’t miss status.

    With the Pens not far behind.


  55. Gormdog says:

    4th line players arent going to make the difference though.


    Lots of room for improvement, but these elusive, gritty 4th line guys are generally not particularly great hockey players. Good hockey players, with, size, grit, and ability to skate (Habs prerequesite) are normally way up on a teams depth charts. The only guys you trade for in that category are has beens like Neil who people stuck in 2005 think would be an awesome pickup.

    I dont think any 4th line presence will make any difference to this team. The days of the goon are over, the Habs THRIVE (er, give or take) on the PP it’s the exact game they play: patience and non idiotic goonery (gomez notwithstanding… what was he trying to get all of our munchins eaten alive By Carcillo?!?).


    The big, strong forward is legit. Has been for years. But they don’t come here as FA’s and any trade for a big strong, signed, scoring winger, will cost us an arm and a leg. Not little bits and peices, players no one would give any return for a la weber, A kost, tom pyatt (yes, ive seen his name thrown around as having value). To solve the scoring problem, or, at least, put a player in a position to have us THINK he could do it, would require picks,  actual players with actual untapped potential (leblanc kristo tinordi Subban etc). To me, not worth it.


    If every team was able to fix all their problems… We would have 30 cup winners every year. Each team has their own strenghts, habs have Defence, coaching, Goaltending, and two legitimate “young stars”. Can’t have it all!

  56. TheDagger says:

    I wonder if he will be on that donkey Mike Richards’ team.

  57. shiram says:

    He is probably only there for the rookie part.

  58. JIMVINNY says:

    He’s going as a rookie, so he won’t be participating in the main game, only the skills competition.

  59. Mark says:

    Amen! Like I said in About Last Night, “the Flyers are playing like the big wheels in the NHL right now, and like my dad says, “you know what dogs do to big wheels, right?”

    The whining and moaning on this site is really irritating sometimes!

  60. TheDagger says:

    I see now he is only there for the rookie part, but more importantly, that skid Richards wasn’t selected. Respect

  61. Timo says:

    Hey, I bet you another round of golf that if he were on the Habs he’d score more than Gomez.

  62. Hobie Hansen says:

    A classic example of what I’m talking about are the 94 stanley cup winning Rangers. As you know, their team was loaded with firepower but were knocked out of the playoffs the previous couple years due to a lack of heart and grit.

    They went out and picked up Noonan, Matteau and Mactavish at the deadline to play on their 3rd and 4th lines. Those guys were not know for scoring but scorred some clutch goals in the playoffs and fired up the team with big hits and physcial play. That’s exactly waht  montreal needs. NOBODY WANTS A TOTAL GOON!!!!!!

  63. Propwash says:

    If Muller goes, all the naysayers are going to blame the Habs management for letting him go, even if it was from his own free will. Gotta have excuses to blame the management.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  64. punkster says:

    Definitely. Gotta love the over-dramatization of the situation whenever we lose. It’s like a drug for some. All the extremes show up, yours included 😉

    These pretzels…are making me thirsty!


  65. avatar_58 says:

    That’s funny because I could have sworn management gave Martin the long contract. Wasn’t Muller also here BEFORE Martin arrived?

    Much like the Halak ‘problem’ – choices they made backed them into a corner. Maybe giving Martin a smaller contract would have made more sense? Maybe giving it to Muller from the get go?

  66. punkster says:

    Haha…OK, if he does manage to get to our team then you’re on! With lunch at Benny’s to follow up.


  67. avatar_58 says:

    I actually was going to but I felt like kinda of a tool…..but really if it’s going to be tossed anyway why not?

  68. punkster says:

    Yep, that’s just what this team needed. Another rookie head coach. Would have taken us to the Cup for sure last year. And we’d be leading our division this year too and a guaranteed Cup again. Yep, JM has been poison to this team.


  69. Gormdog says:

    It’s not that easy. We picked up Moen for that exact reason and he has been less than enthralling, certainly when it comes to the physicality dept. True sizeable skatable 3rd 4th line guys, the REAL ones, who help their teams on every shift, will not be had for a 5th round pick. I know the exact point you are trying to make, i would LOVE to have a 4th line all over 6 ft and 200 pounds who can all skate, hit, and score here and there… But it isnt as easy as saying “do it, PG, make em appear”.


    You dont think that every single team in the NHL knows MTL wants some size? And holds them hostage in any negotiations once a player is over 5’11?

    I think the wolski deal is a perfect example. If PG had been interested, i think Pheonix would have asked a lot more for him than the Roszival they recieved in return from the Rangers. Its not always about the asset you trade, but what it would mean to the team they are trading him to…


    If PG called you looking to take one of your talented 3rd 4th line guys, who can skate and shoot… What do you say? “sure, i’ll hand over a valuable asset for a 5th round pick!” It’s alot more like “How about that Subban? or Pacioretty? Or that Leblanc kid?”.


    It’s not as easy as it looks!

  70. shiram says:

    Firing Martin while he has a winning record with the team, and the team is in contention for the playoffs to replace him with someone who has next to no experience as a head coach would not look good.

    And I like Muller, but you have to be realist

  71. Mark C says:

    There would have been money for Halak had Montreal and Halak wanted to go there. Montreal decided (rightfully so) to cash in on Halak. One could also argue that Halak would have demanded a trade knowing Price was still going to be here. It’s all done and in the past, what matters is that it clearly seems that Montreal kept the best goalie.

    It’s just money if Montreal wanted Boucher or Muller they could fire Martin at any point, the only difference is they would have to pay him more, I don’t think that’s an issue in Montreal. Just because Boucher and Muller are due doesn’t mean Montreal thinks they should change coach’s, just because another team wants these guys. Every offseason team’s take coach’s without the firing their head coach to keep the assistant.

    Based on your reasoning Montreal should have signed Martin for one year and then promoted Boucher as soon as another team showed interest. What happens when another team wants Muller, do the Habs fire Boucher?  


  72. Mark C says:

    What Halak problem that backed them into a corner? Giving Martin a longer contract doesn’t mean the Habs can’t let him go, it’s not like NHL coaches never get fired before their contract run outs. It seems to happen 3-5 times a season.  

  73. Storm Man says:

    On here?? No way when does this happen?.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  74. Propwash says:

    The Habs have gone through alot of coaches through the past few years, it doesn’t look good on a team to hire/fire coaches left right and center.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  75. Gormdog says:

    I’m not even sure I want a guy on my coaching staff who passes up a head coaching job elsewhere to stay with me.


    Theres something to be said for loyalty, but theres also something called “drive to be the best”.


    All asst. coaches should strive to be head coaches, and then Jack Adams winners, and then Stanley cup champs. Muller is doing the natural thing and i expect any other coach (Boucher et. al) to do the same.

  76. SmartDog says:

    Dontcha know Martin is a winner.  We don’t need anyone else let alone some wet-behind-the-ears AHL coach like Boucher or some perrenial back-up whatever like Muller.  The Habs will win the cup with Martin, even if the whole team falls apart under him.  He’s that good.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  77. Malreg says:

    “If Kirk Muller thought we were even close (2 years) from being an elite, contending team, would he leave?”

    Yes, he probably would.  It’s not really about how competetive we are.  If he continues to stay on as an Assistant coach, he could be labeled as only an assistant for the rest of his career.  He needs to get head coaching experience, somewhere, as soon as possible.  The longer he waits, the harder it will be for him to become an NHL Head Coach.

    “How do we evaluate managements’ commitment to winning look if we lose both Boucher and Muller?”

    I would be questionning their commitment to winning if they would have fired JM to hire Boucher.  Why would they replace the coach who after 1 year brought an entirely new team all the way to the conference finals, without it’s best defenseman, for a Coach who’s only professional experience is 1 year in the AHL?

  78. Mark C says:

    Coaches move on vertical opportunities when the fit is right, and they feel they are ready for the next challenge. I have no idea why an Assistant Coach would pass on an opportunity solely based on the team being elite in a few years, the risk is too great.  This is like turning down a dream job opportunity to stay with a girl you met three months ago.

    Sports organizations very rarely, if ever block a person from a vertical promotion. They might try to stop them, but it is always up to that person if they stay or go. I can’t say Montreal isn’t committed to winning because they aren’t blocking people’s career advancements.


  79. Propwash says:

    So, if Muller decides to go and coach somewhere else, it’s the management’s fault?


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  80. LA Loyalist says:

    Dumb question du jour:

    “If Kirk Muller thought we were even close (2 years) from being an elite, contending team, would he leave?”

    Supplemental question:

    “How do we evaluate managements’ commitment to winning look if we lose both Boucher and Muller?”




  81. Storm Man says:

    No, we will all blame you for Muller wanting to be a head coach.

    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  82. A. Berke says:

    Minor correction:

    Hector (Toe) Blake won 8 cups, all coaching the Habs (he also won as a player playing with The Rocket & Elmer Lach).

    Ali B.

  83. LA Loyalist says:

    The point is to hate losing. To have the drive to at least compete and honour our heritage and your pay check by showing up. 

    Montreal isn’t an expansion town where the fans are happy just to have an NHL team and have Habs and Detroit show up every two years.

    Are you ok with our effort last night? You think last night won’t matter if we play Philly in the playoffs and go into their rink remembering what happened last night?

    We’re going to be posting to each other all summer (and trust me, it’s going to be a long one): “what? what happened? I thought we had intangibles.”


    P.S. Note that the puff piece on the Habs on TSN today about how great we’re doing isn’t even signed by a person. “Canada Press”. What does that tell us?



  84. fbkj says:

    the effort wasnt what hurt the habs last nite, it was the penalties…

    “P.S. Note that the puff piece on the Habs on TSN today about how great we’re doing isn’t even signed by a person. “Canada Press”. What does that tell us?”

    it tells us that canada has a national equivalent to the AP

    what does it tell you?

  85. PrimeTime says:

    I guess we all see what we want to see cuz your viewpoint of the teams effort last night is very much different from mine and most others who watched the game. This team is a lot of things but lack of effort or lack of character is not one of them.

  86. LA Loyalist says:

    Nice point, I remember that — and the bad feelings that went with it.

    I suspect from recent results that Lemaire has learned his lesson and unleashed Kovalchuk a little.

    Kovalchuk live (I saw them in LA) looks like he wants to please – he wants the puck. Lemaire is no dope and to have a weapon like that would be pretty exciting – even to Lemaire.

    Sorry I missed your Irvin/irvine joke, I did miss-spell it. it was actually pretty funny.



  87. fbkj says:

    it took you THAT long?

  88. LA Loyalist says:

    Please allow for the 3 hour time difference when timing jokes to impact. Also hang-overs.

    thank you.

    P.S. many of you will get great pleasure out of the imminent destruction of Santa Monica by aliens in “Battleground: Los Angeles” I think it’s opening March 11th.

    Luckily, I will be disintegrated before the playoffs.

  89. Storm Man says:

    The ducks will miss you.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  90. Storm Man says:

    Im trying to get a trademark deal out of it. :)


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  91. fbkj says:

    just out of curiosity, do you keep track of everytime you type something thats wrong? process it, then try to do a better job at not being wrong the next time you post something, or is it just pedal to the medal, facts be damned (serious question)


  92. Storm Man says:

    LA it is not a jab at all btw. In reading your posts you come across as not much of a fan of the Habs and most here put you in the troll category. I understand not been a fan of management i booo Rex Tillerson all the time as Exxon has only a 73 billion doller gap ahead of Apple. It would be nice to see you post something good about the players of the Habs. 


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  93. LA Loyalist says:

    Hey guys – pls read the Sean Gordon on Mathieu Darche “Darche Knight’ article.

    A very good story to take into the break (and a quick read).



  94. LA Loyalist says:

    That’s fair enough. In fact I just recommended the story up top about D’Arche, it’s a great story.

    I guess my position is I’m a fan of the historical/conceptual model of the Habs, firewagon hockey, run n gun with great goaltending and tough defense. Of course we are not going to hit that ideal every year, especially now with the cap situation and injuries.

    But I think it’s important to honor that history that no one else in hockey has, so that when new guys come in, they grow an inch and gain 10 lbs just putting on the jersey. And Habs have historically been pretty good at that, I often mention the story posted here some months ago about how the Big 3 were brought up from Nova Scotia so carefully and we should model that with PK, Tinordi, LeBlanc, etc.

    But when management/players look like they are accepting mediocrity, like in Philly the other night, or so many other nights this year that we’ve just mailed it in… I’m going to squawk about it. But yes I will try and post good things, too.

  95. LA Loyalist says:

    That it was a PR puff piece that no one wanted to accept responsibility for and therefore has little credibility.

    If there was a name and I missed it I apologize.

    If Damien Cox or Jack Todd or Stephen Brunt or Red or Boone for that matter write something it has their name on it, that’s all, there is accountability.

    As for penalties, go ahead and argue that Gomez took a necessary penalty to start the Philly game.

    My point is that we are supposed to be a disciplined team with a system, that’s what I keep reading.

    But we take a lot of stupid offensive and neutral zone penalties and put ourselves in a hole, and then the posters blame the refs. So which is it?


  96. fbkj says:


    pr fluffpiece… ON TSN??? its the AP in canada… dude your insufferable

  97. citizenSanto says:

    he’s just:

    too repetitive, too humourless, too boring




    Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are. — Augustine of Hippo

  98. PrimeTime says:

    Ya but who is Dick Irvine was the sarcastic question.

  99. PrimeTime says:

    Yes, indeed. :)

  100. ZepFan2 says:

    Oh, I know who Dick Irvin is.

    I asked you who Dick Irvine was? Also, what does he have to do with the Habs?

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  101. LA Loyalist says:

    Dick Irvin:

    James Dickinson Irvin, Sr. (July 19, 1892 – May 15, 1957) was a Canadian ice hockey player and coach in the National Hockey League.

    Born in Hamilton, Ontario,[1] Irvin was one of the greatest players of his day, balancing a torrid slapshot and tough style with gentlemanly play. He played junior and senior amateur hockey in Winnipeg, Manitoba, winning the Allan Cup in 1915 with the Winnipeg Monarchs. He began his professional career in 1916 with the Portland Rosebuds of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and was the fourth leading scoring rookie tallying 35 goals. Following a brief stint in the Canadian Army, he was reinstated as an amateur, but turned professional again in 1921 with the Regina Capitals of the Western Canada Hockey League. In 1926, at age 34, he entered the NHL, signed by the newly formed Chicago Black Hawks. Irvin was made the team’s first captain, and had an impressive campaign, finishing second in the league in scoring. In their first season, the Black Hawks led all NHL teams in scoring, led by Irvin and Babe Dye. Irvin’s second season turned to tragedy as he fractured his skull, which led to retirement after the 1928–29 season. The Hawks had finished with the worst record in the NHL in both of his last two seasons as a player.

    Irvin was hired as head coach of the Black Hawks in 1930, and in his first season behind the bench led the team to 24 wins, 17 losses and 3 ties. Upon seeing his success as a coach, Toronto Maple Leafs owner Conn Smythe convinced Irvin to coach the Leafs. In his first season coaching the Leafs (the first in the brand-new Maple Leaf Gardens), he achieved immediate success by winning the Stanley Cup. However, Irvin was unable to deliver another Cup for the Leafs, despite taking them to the finals six more times.

    By the end of the 1939–40, Smythe felt that Irvin had taken the Leafs as far as he could and forced him to resign. Soon afterward, Tommy Gorman went and picked him up and drove him to Montreal to become coach of the then-moribund Montreal Canadiens.[2] Irvin’s hiring was actually engineered by Smythe, who was concerned about the Habs’ future after they only won 10 games during the 1939-40 season—still the worst record in the franchise’s storied history. Smythe feared that the league wouldn’t survive the loss of the Canadiens, and suggested that Gorman hire Irvin as coach.[3]

    Irvin found his greatest success in Montreal, leading the Habs to six finals and three Cups. Helped by star players Elmer Lach, Doug Harvey, goalie Bill Durnan and a young Maurice Richard, the Canadiens were just beginning to blossom as an NHL dynasty. Irvin, however, came under fire for encouraging “goon” tactics, especially after Montreal fans rioted in protest of Richard’s suspension for the 1955 playoffs. He was already well known for looking the other way when stick-swinging duels broke out in practices.[3] Although they made it to the finals (losing to the Detroit Red Wings), internal pressure forced Irvin to step down.

    He returned to the Black Hawks as head coach for the 1955–56 season, taking the reins of a moribund team that had only made the playoffs once in the past 10 years and finished last in the past two seasons. Irvin was unable to turn the team’s fortunes around, and the Black Hawks again ended the year in last place, despite the emergence of Ed Litzenberger as a scoring star. Irvin was to coach the Black Hawks again in 1956–57, but he became so ill with bone cancer that he had to retire before the season began. He died a few months later at age 64.

    A year later, Irvin was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame. His coaching career included four Stanley Cups with 692 regular season wins, results surpassed only by Al Arbour and Scotty Bowman.

  102. fbkj says:

    cool story bro, now do the same for dick irvine

  103. fbkj says:
    Richard Irvine (Imagineering)
    Inducted 1990

    In 1952, Walt Disney hired art director Richard “Dick” Irvine away from 20th Century Fox to act as liaison between Walt Disney Productions and an architectural firm that was being considered for designing Disneyland. After a few preliminary meetings with the architects, however, Dick (along with Walt) concluded that the people who could best design the Magic Kingdom were members of Walt’s own staff.

    Senior vice president of Walt Disney Imagineering John Hench recalled, “Because Dick had worked with movie set designs, creating structures and settings, he understood our needs more than standard architects, such as “forced” perspective, making things smaller to give the illusion of being farther away and other optical values.”

    Dick was convinced that the motion-picture artists, art directors and technicians, with their imaginative know-how and theatrical experience, could produce an outstanding theme park. And so Walt proceeded with his own staff and formed what is now known as Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), the design and engineering arm of the Company charged with developing theme parks.

    In launching the world’s first theme park, Dick helped establish and lead the new team of artists, architects, designers and engineers, known as Imagineers. With such a brilliant staff of dreamers and doers on board, anything seemed possible as Dick once recalled, “Heavens! The dream was wide open.”

    Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on April 5, 1910, Dick moved with his family to Southern California in 1922. The son of a prominent Los Angeles ophthalmologist, he attended Stanford University and the University of Southern California, followed by Chouinard Art Institute.

    In the early 1930s, he entered the motion picture business and earned an Academy Award® nomination for his art direction on “Sundown,” a United Artists film directed by Walter Wanger in 1941.

    Soon after, Dick joined The Walt Disney Studios where he worked for a short time on such films as “The Three Caballeros” and other productions that combined live-action with animation. After World War II, he went to Fox, but returned eight years later when Walt asked for his helped with Disneyland.

    Until his retirement in 1973, Dick headed design and planning for all Disneyland attractions, ranging from the Haunted Mansion to Pirates of the Caribbean. He also guided creation of attractions featured at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, including It’s A Small World. Dick went on to help shape the master plan and attractions at Walt Disney World and in 1967, was appointed executive vice president and chief operations officer of WED Enterprises (Walt Disney Imagineering).

    Dick Irvine died on March 30, 1976, in Los Angeles.


    he died in LA


    how meta

  104. ZepFan2 says:

    Exactly. What does Disney have to do with the Habs. Aren’t they affiliated with Anaheim?

    Oh, I get it now. 😉

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  105. habs365 says:

    as long as the Habs keep bringing in faces instead of players we will be fighting for a playoff spot for years to come..as for when we will win a cup..for a million dollars I would never get that question right..really I have no idea..all I can say if you’re more than 20-25 years old..the way the team is managed right now..you might not be around to see it….

  106. Storm Man says:

    You know… The team LA cheers for. He is trying so hard to be at the head of the troll table with his posts. But as you can see with the chart I have up now he is making his way to the top.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  107. LA Loyalist says:

    Hilarious – except I think Zep2’s head might explode and that would not be good. 

  108. LA Loyalist says:

    that’s hilarious – is that a technical chart? I’m glad to be up-ticking on something!




  109. ZepFan2 says:

    You do realise Philly is first overall, right? They’ll do (and have done) it to other teams as well. Also, we’re missing three important pieces of the puzzle.

    I know, I know. On one hand you realise we have major injuries, on the other, we can’t use it as an excuse. Nice contradiction. Just wondering, does that same rule apply to the Penguins?

    One last thing. The other day you posted about how Jacques Lemaire was letting Kovalchuk play freely. Then tried to cite Lemaire’s linemate ( Lafleur) as to why IK was getting said freedom.


    Lemaire was the reason Lafleur retired. He tried to change Lafleur into a defensive forward.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  110. ZepFan2 says:

    From what, making you look like a tool?

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  111. zak says:

    There used to be a time in MTL that it didn’t matter if the coach or GM was french or english as long as you won cups. Too bad that’s not the case today.

  112. Storm Man says:

    You’re the bottom right if you want to follow your progress on the troll chart. You have a ways to go as manApart,Triple and everylasting 1 have a big step on you.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  113. fbkj says:

    cant make it out… i can haz bigger?

  114. Storm Man says:

    I could make it bigger also, But one of the trolls could try a defamation of character lawsuit… And lose as they have no character. Just short sighted, pointless, Drivel.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  115. Propwash says:

    You could email it.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  116. LA Loyalist says:

    The joke is that it can NOW take 2 hours to exit Santa Monica, there are only 3 main roads to LA and 1 way to Malibu and the population is far larger than 10 years ago. If there was an alien attack I’m not sure anyone would notice.

    As for your jab, I can be a Habs fan (27 years) and not support current management, just like I can own Disney or Apple stock and not support current management. Or like I can cheer for Crosby when he plays for Canada and boo him when he plays for Pittsburgh.

    My friend has two kids on different teams in the same league. They play each other often, even face off against each other. He hasn’t had an existential breakdown over it – yet :)




  117. LA Loyalist says:

    Actually it would be great to be able to see the abbatoirs larger, or to upload lo-res images with the posts.

  118. Storm Man says:

    Is that 1 or 2 cups of facts I need to process things better??……….. I know the post was not for me :).


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  119. LA Loyalist says:

    It’s true. Large skates to fill….

  120. fbkj says:

    you would probably have an easier time having general chit chat with the people who post here if 90% of the crap you write wasnt thoughtless, lazy, bitching

    just a thought

  121. LA Loyalist says:

    Hey, I’m trying to be nice here. I didn’t want your head to explode because you quote Serge Savard.



  122. fbkj says:

    but the problem is you are seldom right with your posts, you always get shown where  and how you are wrong… and instead of taking in whats been shown to you, you refuse to concede, then you regurgetate the same crap again, prompting people to not want to do anything but retort with hostility, because of your absolute innability to apply reality to your thoughts.

  123. notbigbird says:

    I went off hockey for quite a long time, partly for the reasons you mention. To me at the time, even the last two cups were somewhat disappointing because they were grind-it-out wins and lacked the flair of bygone days. Those days are gone, never to return. If and when we ever win, it will never be like those glory days.

    We have a team that generally gives a good effort. They are not the best team in the league and will not likely go very far this year. The pieces of the puzzle aren’t right yet. Philthy’s seem to be, but they haven’t won anything yet, and if I can count right, the Habs have won six cups since the Phlyers last won, thity-six years ago. Talk about overdue.

    Look, on a good night, the Habs are competitve with anyone. Last night was not a good night, but there are still lot’s of them. I suggest that you learn to enjoy the good matches before you drive yourself crazy — to say nothing of the rest of us. :)

  124. Mark C says:

    Right, Subban’s penalty only lead to the 2nd 5 on 3 and the 2nd goal.

  125. shiram says:

    We are 6-2-2 in the last 10 games… 27-18-5 for the season, so it’s not just “one game”, also the record is much improved from last year, so yea i’m pretty happy about that, considering the difficulties the team has to go through. I’d love to have the team sit alone atop the nhl, but thats not an easy feat to accomplish, so I take the good stuff and I enjoy it, and it take heart in knowing the team is improving.

    I am not ashamed, embarrassed or angry with the team, but I do get those emotions when reading some of what the people on here post.


  126. PrimeTime says:

    You’re right….about the fish thing. What type of fish are you? Sorry “our” team is not undefeated but they are a lot better than you and the other fish predicted. How are your Ducks doing?….pretty much the same and they have your hero in Saku for character and leadership and we’re stuck with Gomez. I guess you’re wrong about that too but with the rotting head and all I won’t hold it against you. Happy trolling.

  127. ZepFan2 says:

    “I know we have grave injuries and talent shortages, but there is no excuse for last night in Philly.”

    Do you know the the meaning of contradiction?

    Who is Dick Irvine?

    Once again you prove to be NOT a Habs fan.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  128. PrimeTime says:

    Did you watch the game? Just curious as I know you’re on the west coast.

  129. PrimeTime says:

    Yes, but PK is a rookie and will continue to learn from mistakes. It was his slash that lead to the 1st 5 on 3. (if I recall correctly). Up until that point the Habs were playing right with the Flyers. The game was set after 3 penalties in a couple of minutes….and with Philly being the better team, it was pretty much game over from there but, as always, there were no quitters from the Habs on the ice. They may not be the leagues best team, but lack of effort and character is not a tag they own.



  130. shiram says:

    The team is 2 point out of 3rd place, so right now we are not just making the playoffs, we’re battling to get a top spot.

  131. LA Loyalist says:

    Sorry I get upset, but I would rather go to battle with 20 guys like Kostopoulos, Steve Begin, Bouillon  —  who might not have all the talent in the world but at least they show up, even if they get carried out on their shields.

    That’s all. Not to misquote Dick Irvine, but he said something like you can’t win until you hate to lose.

    We are too damn comfortable with just making the playoffs. I know we have grave injuries and talent shortages, but there is no excuse for last night in Philly.

    We didn’t make them pay for anything, not even popcorn.

  132. Gormdog says:

    Your made up team REALLY sucks though…


     Heart and grit mean absolutely nothing if you cant win games (which the habs are doing) or advance in the playoffs (which the habs did last season.

  133. LA Loyalist says:

    I have the NHL internet package on my iPad at work, and at the rink on the weekend they always have the NHL games up on big-screens.

    Obviously I can’t see everything, and the NHL on the fly doesn’t tell the whole story.

    All I ask is effort, not checking with one hand on the stick, not floating.

    Is that unreasonable? Sheesh.

  134. fbkj says:

    and all i ask from you is effort in your criticism

  135. ed lopaz says:

    wrong. it was Spacek’s penalty that lead to the 1st 5 on 3.

    But there is not 1 mention of Spacek on this “HABS” forum.



  136. olematelot says:

    First of all I don’t think PK has an over blown ego, but that’s just my perception. I think it’s great he gets to show off his skills. Price won’t be the last goalie picked and even if he is I don’t believe it will bother him at all

  137. J_P says:

    I dont think he’s in the actual game, just the rookie game or skills competition.

  138. Gormdog says:

    RE: PK at the all star game.


    Am I the only one who isn’t head over heels about this?


    He gets enough attention as it is. An all star snub could have gone a long way to putting his ego in check.


    Great move by the league, mind you. They would have really missed the boat with the chance to market a future NHL star ASAP… But as a selfish Habs fan I think I would have preferred him not participating…


    Also… Pretty sure Price wil be the last goalie picked. Not that it is at all merited for his play, its just something I see happening based on the other goalies available. Could that actually mess with his head?

  139. HabFanSince72 says:

    I understand that the language police in quebec play a big role in hiring coaches and GM’s


    You understand nothing.

    And anyway Bowman and Pollock both spoke French.



  140. PrimeTime says:

    McGuire over PG?? Really?? I will cross my fingers that McGuire gets a gig with the Sens or any other team if only to get him off the airwaves.

  141. Gormdog says:

    Muller source?



  142. Ron in Ottawa says:

    I will hate to see Kirk Muller go. Just like i will hate to see Pierre McGuire end up in Ottawa. I understand that the language police in quebec play a big role in hiring coaches and GM’s but in my fantasy i would see McGuire as the GM in Montreal- he can speak french and he is a native- and Muller as the coach.

    McGuire is contraversal but he brings a huge understanding of other teams in the nhl, the minors and in Europe. To keep PG over McGuire simply makes no sense.

    And Muller was the brains behind last spring’s wild ride in the playoffs. the team had stopped listening to JM when they wer down 3-1 against washington and all the inside stuff says Muller stepped up and the players responded. Sooner or later- hopefully in my life time- the Molsons will have to decide if they really want a winning team. in the past coaches like Bowman and GM’s like Selke and Pollack would not pass the language tests but they did produce winners.

  143. avatar_58 says:

    Can I buy some crack from you

  144. fbkj says:

    Bowman is a montrealer with a strong enough command of the french language to handle the job. FYI

  145. J_P says:

    Pierre Mcguire GM in Montreal? Please no… I just want him to get the job in ottawa so I dont have to listen to him on TV anymore.


    The guys ideas are always “perfect world” scenarios.  IF he ever gets a GM job i am certain he will come to realize it is a lot harder than he thinks.  I think he should earn his stripes as an assistant GM somewhere first if anything. 

  146. Gormdog says:

    I would throw your short sighted, pointless, barely thought out reply as yet another notch on the “things Habs fans do to embarass themselves” list…


    But from reading your posts you arent even much of a fan… So you will be filed into the troll category until you can contribute to a bigger, more embarassing, more annoying role for Monteal Canadiens

  147. Storm Man says:

    Amaheim is in good shape at this point LA. I understand you would be heartbroken if they miss the playoffs by one or two points. If that does happen maybe you can run Anaheim and still be the hockey genius we all think you are.


    ” Not everyone can afford a brilliant stock advisor like storm”. TripleX 01/25/2011.20:16

  148. LA Loyalist says:

    Yeah, Martin prepared the team so well for the game last night.

    When we miss the playoffs by one or two points will you still be a genius?

  149. Mark C says:

    It seemed he did, Montreal played as well if not better than Philly until the penalties. Are you really blaming a lack of preparation for slashing, holding, and slashing calls? You can’t blame a coach when a player slashes another player. Montreal takes too many penalties, but based on Martin’s manta of the importance of special teams, I’m sure he’s telling his players to cut down on the penalties, like all coach’s do.

  150. J_P says:

    Give JM credit? No chance.  Just like with Halak last year, the habs record is padded by stellar play from a goaltender.  The habs rarely win a game where goaltending hasn’t stolen the show, and because of that, I will not give Martin credit.

    This team needs to play run and gun, not defense first.  The best thing that could have happened to the habs is all the injuries, because now MArtin has no choice but to let the young guys play, make mistakes, and learn from them.

  151. Say Ash says:

    We’re two points out of third, man! And Boston could lose their game in hand tonight.

  152. shiram says:

    We are in 7th position right now, 2 points behind the Rangers, but they have played 2 more games. If we win one of the 2 next game, or go to ot in both, we catch up to them.

    We 4 points ahead of Atlanta and they played one more game.

    Yea last night looked pretty bleak but thats just one game, and the Habs are still 6-2-2 in the last 10, which is pretty decent, and all that with injuries galore.

    With a team having such defficiencies as lack of scoring, huge Gomer salary, no grit etc.. you gotta at least give some credit to JM for keeping the team competitive throughout this tough season. Of course Price has some to do with it, but if not for a great defencive style, you have to wonder if he would post the same number, just look at Halak now.

  153. LA Loyalist says:

    Well, you’ve diagnosed the problem precisely, brilliantly. Inadvertently. “Pretty bleak but that’s just one game.”

    It’s always just one game.

    One game that gets us into the playoffs.

    One game that loses us home ice advantage. One game that knocks us out of the playoffs.

    Maybe you guys think it’s ok to be “2 points behind the Rangers in 7th place.”

    I don’t think it’s ok.

    I don’t think it’s ok to show up in Phily with an opportunity to make a statement, even if we don’t win — and we just mail it in like we’ve got a plane to catch.

    This is the team with intangibles, character, leadership?

    Is it? 

    If we win one of our next two games, we’ll be tied for 7th?

    This is the Montreal Canadiens? 

    Aren’t any of you ashamed, embarassed, angry?

    A fish rots from the head. Why do you all think JM is such a freaking genius? 

    You know the joke line “40 is the new 30”? Apparently mediocrity is the new excellent. 

    Have a nice all-star break basking in the glow of averageness.

    The only way we’re going to see another cup is to visit it in The Hockey Hall of Fame.

  154. Gormdog says:

    The system helps a goalie just as much as a goalie helps the system.

    Yes, Halak was a huge part of it, but we have had other goaltenders put up just as strong seasons as Halak (see Huet, Cris and Theodore, Jose) but went absolutely nowhere in the playoffs without a system in place to PROTECT the goalie and play a defence first game where everyone is responsible.


    It’s a 2 way street.

  155. shiram says:

    Well you also have to look at the quality of the shots taken, if all the shots come from the outside, or are weak shots, the shots total means alot less.

  156. J_P says:

    So halak getting shelled for 40 a game in the playoffs is called playing defense? Interesting…

    Last time i checked, “let the other team own the puck and take all the shots they want while we attempt to keep them to the perimiter and pray that our goalie doesnt let in a softie” is not a system.

    I think the point totals for Cammy, Gionta and Gomez are also telling signs of Martin’s skills a motivator (or lack of skills). 

    But hey, if you want to give him credit, knock yourself out. 

  157. J.J. of Turku says:

    Gotta love that “The Darche Knight” nickname. :)



  158. fbkj says:

    first i heard of it, but pappa like

  159. Gormdog says:

    I was more (un)impressed by his ability to piss of Carcillo so badly that he looked like he was going to eat Gionta on his next shift…

  160. SmartDog says:

    Was Gomez the player who “jumped on the ice” when the other guy “wasn’t even close”?  If so that really does make him our leader in dumb penalites in a game where that cost us the match. 

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  161. avatar_58 says:

    Who were Gomez’ linemates on that shift? Don’t know? Neither did he or anyone else on the bench. Maybe rapid fire line changes isn’t the answer?

  162. CP31 says:

    P.K., P.K., P.K., P.K., P.K., P.K., P.K!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of upset Flyers fans today after hearing the news of P.K.’s addition to the ASG Skills Competition…………………………BEAUTY!!!!!!



  163. Danno says:

    Do you really think they’re smart enough? I’ll bet most of them can’t even spell PK.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  164. Say Ash says:

    enough to make them throw up

  165. LA Loyalist says:

    I love PK, I think eventually we will win a cup with him and I’m sure he’ll do great this weekend. Nice to have some happy news.

  166. SmartDog says:

    If Gomez had the cahones to finish the job that would be fine. but instead he took a stupid penalty and showed how macho he was – to no effect.  The guy shouldn’t wear the A.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  167. shiram says:

    +1 to that.

    It would be great to hae either Boucher or Muller come back in some distant year, after they had some experience as HC.

  168. smiler2729 says:

    I think after 20 years of the Habs hiring INEXPERIENCED head coaches, they’ve learned something.

    So between the two Jacques (Demers and Martin), there have been nothing but gambling on rookie coaches and ultimately cutting them loose and watching some of them flourish elsewhere (Vigneault, Therrien, Julien)…

    And then there’s Guy Boucher who got away before getting the big gig in MTL and is shining in TB. Well, there’s was no guarantee in the pressure cooker here that he’d have the same initial success so we’ll never know if he could’ve been the next Burns or the next Carbo.

    Now Kirk Muller wants the head job somewhere, oh well, as with Boucher, we gotta let him go but maybe, someday either of them come back when the TIME is RIGHT.

    Until then, I’m perfectly content with Jacques Martin’s experience and track record, lumps and all. I keep reminding myself of Jacques Demers’ great season/poor playoff rep until he came to Montreal so maybe… just maybe…

  169. Cool Ice Price says:

    Martin will not win a Cup. Not ever. He had great teams in Ottawa & couldn’t win one.



    Habs Passion unites us all

  170. Gormdog says:

    For a smart dog you sure do have a short memory. Best run since 93, lost two back end MVPs and still right in the thick of it.

    Theres a reason why, in 1 season, JM did more with this team than any of the inexperienced predecessors. Of course Halak played great but JMs SYSTEM (Defence first, shots from the outside, everyone comming back) had just as much to do with Halaks numbers as halaks number had to do with the Habs success.


    But you want to give the reigns to Muller because… He’s well liked? He’s played the game at an NHL level? He’s always chatting to the players on the bench?


    I’m guessing you must of been just THE BIGGEST Carbo supporter, through and through… right? right?

  171. LA Loyalist says:

    That reminds me of a fine Polish expression: “Fatal, but not serious.”

  172. 24 Cups says:

    Great article by Cam Cole (Mike’s last entry).  Well worth the read.

    Difficult to believe that Gretzky is 50.  Time waits for no one.


  173. Gormdog says:

    You have no idea what Boucher would be doing now, with this team. Tampa has always had the talent, do you think its really Boucher who turned Stamkos and St louis into top 5 NHL players?


    Look at their goal differential, SD. The Lightnings record is a mirage. They are, just like the Habs, somewhere between the Flyers of the world and the Leafs of the world. 

    Your second guessing frustrates me because, well, that’s just what it is. It MUST be better the other way.


    You ability to see the future and purport that boucher would be doing any better with this Habs lineup… Is boreding on lunacy. Do you really believe this stuff or just spicing up your posts to get replies?


    That logic “well HE would be doing a better job coaching here” is the EXACT type of talk i was outlining when i said Habs fans have become the laughing stock of the league. Expected more out of you SD…

  174. SmartDog says:

    I was thinking there is one thing I like about PG more than I liked about Bob.  Bob had rose-coloured glasses.  He always saw things as just needing some tinkering (until he got so frustrated he had to total obliterate his 5 years of tinkering work). I mean, the man actually thought that Carbo was the best decision he ever made.  I’m not bashiing Bob but his vision was I think biased to the positive. 

    Gauthier I think sees things more coldly. I have more faith he will see this team needs changes and make them. I hope at least.

    And plleeeeaaassseee don’t come back later and say that I posted that Gautheir was the best thing ever. The guy has made some good moves, I think he’s got pretty good sense.  But then again he was apparently in on the Scott “love me because I am funny” Gomez trade, and let Boucher go over Jacques “7 men” Martin.  Two mistakes that have hung this team up.  I’ll put money we won’t win a cup with Martin or Gomez in two.  If you’re game, let me know.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  175. Propwash says:

    SD, let’s sum some things up…..

    First of all, you don’t fire a coach that takes you to the ECF, no sensible hockey team would ever do that, ever.

    Second, Gomez isn’t a bad hockey player, as much as some people here make him out to be. The only thing that sucks about Gomez is his salary.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  176. HabFanSince72 says:

    Maybe, but let’s not foget it was AK46 who started the whole ball rolling last night with his terrible penalty.

  177. Mark C says:

    AK46 has the best vision and passing on the team, really? How have I missed this? He also averages over two minutes a game on the PP, go figure.

    If he’s so good, how can a coach hold him back from scoring an extra 20 to 30 goals, like you say he will?


  178. HabFanSince72 says:

    Like the Leafs?

    They have a run and gun approach mainly because their players are undisciplined  – there’s a reason almost their entire team are castoffs from other teams: Grabbo, Phaneuf, Komi, Kessel, …


  179. terrygain says:

    Why would you try to build a defensive-minded system with undersized players? Their strength is speed. They should use it.

  180. craz11 says:

    This could be fun:

    Habs All-Star Break ratings:

    Carey Price : A

    Desharnais (since callup) : B+

    Everyone else : C-

    Scott Gomez : D

    Injuries : F-

  181. HabFanSince72 says:


    (Darche, Pacioretty and Pleks certainly aren’t C-)

  182. Mattyleg says:

    This is precisely why fans shouldn’t be choosing the 3 stars.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  183. jimmy shaker says:

    Wow, the smack down in philly town was layed last night.  5 on 3 goals were killers, but it’s only the players fault.  The flyers toyed with the boys all night long.  Even in the first period where it the score was still 0-0, the flyers looked more dangerous almost everytime down the ice.  When they made it 3-0, they took there foot off the pedal and still toyed with the habs like they were a minor league team.  As soon as the flyers scored the 2nd one, the game was over.  The habs needed to pitch a shutout or a single in order for them to win as I said yesterday.  Even with Marky, gorges and Cammy back, this team would not be able to beat the flyers in a best of 7.  They might squeak out a game or two, but against the depth and skating of the flyers, there is no way the habs beat the flyers in a series.  I don’t know if something can be done to address the situation at the deadline or if it will have to wait until the summer, but the only way we get by the flyers in the dance is if some other team does the K.Oing for us.  Was that the wiz out there or MAB last night?  I’ll give him another mulligan on last night, but that’s about 4 now, that I’ve had to give him…….And at least Spacek went up to Hartnell last night and told him “Don’t do that, not very nice”, on the hit on DD.  Good stuff……..let this one simmer for a week.  Laviolette, richards, hartnell, pronger, briere……they all smoked the boys and laughed at them all the way to the dressing room……how do those apples taste habs and brass?  Sweet or sour?

    Shaker, and I’m out!

  184. aemarchand11 says:

    The habs need two things in order to be a legitimate playoff contender:

    Big Defensive D-man

    Power Forward

    If only it were that easy to acquire them.

    Go Habs Go! 2010-2011

  185. Julie H says:

    Agreed. I think we should all travel to Florida for some fun in the sun too.

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  186. Kooch7800 says:

    after last nights game I think the fans need a week off so we can forget about it.


  187. coachdoug says:

    Rough one last night…probably a playoff preview…We all have seen that one before and it sucked last year like it sucked last night.

    Habs number one issue is forwards who aren’t scoring…AKost, Cammy (I know he’s injured), Pouliot, Eller….We need some guys who can find that back of the net and these guys have not this year…Others are having to get the scant points we get.

    If the Habs want to have a better chance than 28/1 to win the Cup this year PG needs to make some Cap Space to get some scoring at the trade deadline.  

    AKost needs to go now…can’t watch him anymore….he just doesn’t give a sh#t.  As big as he is he should be winning battles and making guys pay as well as scoring.  He is doing nada.

  188. terrygain says:

    You don’t watch him as closely as I do. Kostitsyn works very hard. He sees the ice better than anyone on the team and is easily the best passer but is not on the PP. Go figure. Kostitsyn sets up his linemates but rarely gets a good pass back. 

    He will score 40-50 goals next year. Unfortunately it won’t be in Montreal. Jacques Martin’s legacy is going to be something to behold. 


  189. 24 Cups says:

    A point to ponder as we take a week off from hockey.

    “Tuesday night, Martin will coach his 151st game as coach of the Canadiens, including last season’s 19 playoff games, and Andrei Markov has played in only 60 of them. In spite of that, Martin has a 75-60-15 record through his first 150 games as coach of the Canadiens, winning more than half his games even though his best player’s been injured 60 per cent of the time.” (Arpon Basu)

    On a team without star players, I believe the loss of Markov has a greater impact on the team than  some of the other long term injuries around the league.  Any assessment of Martin’s coaching performance has to be made with that point in mind.  You also have to consider the impact Markov’s injury has had on the playing time of Spacek and Hamrlik.  It really shows during the 16 times we play back-to-back games.  Not to mention the play of Markov’s replacement, the Wiz.  He’s a solid addition on the PP but a bit of a rocky horror show in his own end.  Lastly, with Markov out of the line-up, PK Subban has been prematurely thrown into the limelight which is unfair to any rookie, regardless of their skill level.

    All these factors eventually take their toll.  Something to remember when evaluating Martin’s reign as head coach.

  190. SeriousFan09 says:

    A point worth keeping in mind, JM is here to coach a defensive-minded system that is missing the player that would help him execute such a system to it’s best effect. I said before this season started, Habs were a 100-point team with Markov, still paced for around 97-98 points despite Markov only playing 7 games this season and now Gorges is out for the rest of the year as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  191. 24 Cups says:

    “Darche a really easy guy to play with, he always does the same things, he’s a dependable, hard-working guy, he goes to the net, he goes into to the corner, he always makes the smart play.” (Benoit Pouliot)

    It all sounds so simple, in fact these are the traits that the Habs having been looking for in their forwards ever since this site was created. 

    Do we need to bring in some players to fit this criteria?  Maybe.  Or just maybe, guys who are already here, such as AK46 (26), MaxPac (22) and Pouliot (24), can step up and fit the bill on a regular, long-term basis.

    Hope springs eternal.

  192. 24 Cups says:

    J.T.’s greatest hits.

    “Measuring hope for a comeback in this (game) is akin to measuring the distance between the hull of the Titanic and the iceberg.”

  193. Habfan29 says:

    I think that the Habs should ship Martin upstairs to be PG assistant and make Muller the new head coach. I think that Muller is a better communicator and motivator than Martin (although that is not hard). We have already lost Boucher and I think that we can ill afford to lose Muller. Are the Canadians becoming the Coach development team of the NHL, like the Expos were a feeder for MLB. Come on Mr. Molson do the right thing and keep Captain Kirk where he belongs.

  194. habstrinifan says:

    I read all the posts up to this one feeling rotten till NOW. Thanks for the laughs, shortlived as it is .. cause I cant stop feeling utterly dejected when I think of what Les Glorieux has become.

    It is reflected in the mood of this site. Not one of us is REALY EXCITED about our team. 

    And that’s the shame of it all…. Somebody, Somewhere step in and take charge and return this franchise to elite status with stars and elite level hockey.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  195. Mark C says:

    Stamkos and St. Louis score 34% of the team’s goals.

    Of the last 160 playoff teams, only 12 had negative goal differentials, it took a 5 game winning streak to get Tampa even.

    5-2 in shootouts, yet have the 25th lowest scoring %, somehow their crappy goalies have been great in shootouts.

    Lead the league at 17-3-5 in one goal games.      

    Tampa is good and it seems Guy has done a fine job, but this team’s record is a lot of smoke a minors. They could easily have a similar record as Montreal or be worse.


  196. shiram says:

    Yea, just trying to post some positive stuff amist the sea of gloomness that a loss bring on this place.

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