A more positive take on “striking” Price

Renaud Lavoie of RDS talked to The Franchise’s agent last night and Tweeted: Getting
closer but still work to do on the Carey Price contract talks. More
talks to come this week. Both sides hope to have a deal soon.

And this just in from the B.C. rodeo circuit. Hey, is all that riding going to stretch his five-hole?

• Arpon Basu looks into the salary cap crystal ball and wonders how hard it will be to re-sign Josh Gorges

Bill Guerin’s agent tells La Presse there have been no talks with the Canadiens

• James Mirtle’s updated free agent list – including you-know-who atop the RFAs

• Michael Farber on Chris Chelios, a “true original”:

In the summer of 1990, general manager Serge Savard was being
pressured by upper management to move Chelios because, well, in its
estimation, the defenseman was not exactly a choirboy off the ice. Denis Savard, whom the Canadiens had passed on a decade earlier to choose Doug Wickenheiser
No. 1 in the entry draft, was a local darling who seemed to have at
least some miles left on his undersized chassis. With an old-fashioned
Chelios-Savard straight-up swap all but set — a deal that favored the
Blackhawks given the relative ages of the players – Chicago coach/GM Mike Keenan called owner Bill Wirtz,
who doted on Savard, to inform him the deal was ready to go. Wirtz
didn’t want to make the trade, but finally relented, telling Keenan, “We
need to get more.”

And Chicago got it. Incredibly the Canadiens added a second-round draft pick to make the deal.

Damien Cox: The whole league is waiting to see what happens with the retooled Kovalchuk contract 


  1. derfab says:

    The Baron de Bettman will probably have a problem with the ‘spirit’ of this deal,  if he can locate satan befor 5pm and buy back his own.

  2. Storm Man says:

    Your method is weak and your not worth it.





    HardHabits is a blowhard.

  3. rocketsglare says:

    As the undisputed #1 netminder, Price is simply negotiating accordingly. There is no strike.

    Both sides understand what is really going on. He will sign because he understands that his

    future is in Montreal.


  4. HardHabits says:

    You wanna quit with the empty space in your posts. Maybe try some content and people wont pass them by.





    Storm-man is a waste of space.

  5. derfab says:

    Hence, the “re-invent” part.

  6. RGM says:

    It’s all about the appearance – if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, etc. – meaning that if the Devils provide the NHL with a contract that is structured that it looks as though it’s reasonable that the player will fulfill its terms, the League will have to accept it. Clearly Kovalchuk is motivated by money more than winning a Stanley Cup; his salary demands have virtually guaranteed that it will be difficult for the Devils to field a competitive roster that can keep pace with the other top dogs in the NHL, and thus by giving him incentive to play out those last years it makes the contract agreeable to the NHL.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  7. Chorske says:

    OMG, this is so yesterday.

  8. JD_ says:

    If that Kovy II salary breakdown is accurate, it’s almost too clever by a half. The day the NHL rejected the first contract, I suggested the Devils would lop two years off the end, which they’ve apparently done, and would raise the terminal salary to $1M per, which they’ve also apparently done.

    * light smatterin’ of applause *

    But, there’s a little twist in the final two years and the reasonin’ behind it seems relatively straightforward.

    My belief is what ultimately grinds the NHL’s gears is the gap between the cash salary and the cap hit. This, in effect, is the benchmark which most empirically exemplifies the notion of cap circumvention. In the case of Kovalchuk’s first deal, that gap was – and I’m goin’ from memory here – somewhere around $6.5M in his peak earning year. That was way, way beyond the most egregious gap already out there. In jackin’ up the salary in the final two years of the contract, money that is unlikely to be paid out, all the Devils are doin’ is tryin’ to tweak the cash salary/cap hit gap down by raisin’ the cap hit, presumably to satisfy some unwritten, albeit tacit benchmark the NHL tosses around when the doors are closed. The new gap is some $5.2M in Kovy’s peak earning year.

    If the deal goes through, and it’s obviously goin’ to be harder for the league to reject it, you can expect the next long-term deal for an elite player will have a similar gap regardless of how the rest of the contract is structured.

    That is, of course, until the next CBA is negotiated and the league pushes for harder language.

  9. Storm Man says:

    You mean EX Anchor of the CBC news Montreal. He was replaced by Andrew Chang.






    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  10. RGM says:

    I can’t speak for every player across the League, but I know of plenty of NHL’ers that enjoy coming home this summer to participate in events in their community. Pretty much the entire Kelowna Rockets alumni roster gravitates back to the Okanagan every summer to take in some fundraising events for the KGH and the Alumni Association. I know that Josh hasn’t missed a single Rockets alum event in six years. Shea Weber is another regular fixture at events. Maybe it’s just the BC boys… hmmm ….

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  11. cautiousoptimist says:

    Man, this new Kovalchuk deal has got my knickers in a knot.  What’s the world coming to when a team with a lot of money
    and cap space offers that money to the best free agent
    available, and the greedy jerk actually accepts?!  Even worse, they offer it to him for a long time, so that he’ll keep playing for their team well into the future.  Crazy.  I mean, I know they didn’t actually break the rules or anything, but it doesn’t matter what the rules actually say — what matters is what the NHL meant them to say.  Why wait for an opportunity to make the rules better, when you can apply make-believe rules now instead?

    Anyone who doesn’t see that is just a selfish money-grubber.  And a communist.

    1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  12. derfab says:

    Ilike Burrows. Luongo, no thanks. Another in the long line of overrated, overpaid goaltenders.

  13. Storm Man says:

    Joey that story is irrelevant now . It was just some blowhard in the Montreal press looking to stir things up.






    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  14. derfab says:

    Learning curve? Bad cbc anchor desperately trying to re-invent himself.

  15. derfab says:

    You are right about the kids being counted on, though using them as bait in a big trade for a top six forward is not out of the question.

    Markov is a real pro and will play hard. I just worry about losing him next July. If he remains usigned and, out of rational self interest tests the market, the KHL or someone like Detroit will undoubtedly offer him a crazy contract that the Habs won’t match.

    Knowing that he will recover, they should offer him the ‘C’ and 4 yrs at 25 milion+. If he doesn’t take it they have to move him.

  16. Storm Man says:

    You need to add Godbout into that mix also.



    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  17. joeybarrie says:


    So this pretty much guarantees that Price will sign in the next few days for 2.75 million…

    I don’t believe a word of the whole STRIKE nonsense. It says a VERY VERY close source… Pretty much proves to me its nonsense.

    But hey, don’t let hearsay stopp the Price bashers from coming out to play… I hear ST. LOUIS jerseys go on sale today so go ahead spend some money. YOU DESERVE IT…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  18. pic1983 says:

    Basu and Engels are both slipping IMO.  Maybe their increased popularity as habs bloggers is getting to their heads. 

  19. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Price and Gomez for Luongo and Burrows!



  20. StevieRay says:

    Nice to see Carey enjoying his summer .There is no doubt in my mind that the provice of BC loves this kid . Hard to imagine that a pro athelete in this day and age would enjoy taking part in small town events in his home province …

    I think it’s just great and it shows what kind  of character and person he is . If things don’t work out with the Habs I think he’s be a perfect fit with the Canucks…if that did happen…. only then would the hab nation realize what they missed …..

  21. pic1983 says:

    well if it was structured at 2 million/yr or 4/3/1/1/1 I would be inclined to agree with you (which would be rare because we rarely agree with each other).  But why would it go 1/1/1/3/4? To make it “seem” like they are adding “incentive” to play out the rest of the contract?

    Thats what I find curious. 

  22. W35T5ID3 says:


    …………..NEXT….      ……….. ……. ..

  23. Chorske says:

    Perhaps. But also with the Habs’ reputedly anemic offense lighting it up most nights, keeping up with some of the biggest powerhouse lines in hockey today. Everyone keeps forgetting how many gorram goals we scored against two of the best teams in the league.

    And here’s the best part- those goal scorers and playmakers are locked up LONG TERM.

  24. W35T5ID3 says:

    …Oh and another tidbit on LeClair….and i think people forget about this …but in games 3 and 4 in L.A. who scored the Habs  O.T. goals ??Why none other than LeClair.



    …Excuse me while i go and punch the sh!t outta wall in frustration…..FFFFFRIIIG!!!


    ……………a close second…well heck even worse trade was roys trade to the avs for the 3 stooges ….




    …if he looks like an idiot ,talks like an idiot , and acts like an idot….by golly it’s Rejean Houle!Trading the best goalie of all time for a russian kova-whut-now and a Ru-ching!-skyyyy off the postsies and cant bury my chancy’s ….and a skinny little prissy goaltender ,who,what?T-bo?OMG


    ….ok…i shall stop with this …my apologies to u all.But sometimes ya just gotta letter fly!

  25. Chorske says:

    I normally like Basu’s analyses, but this one is a bit weak. The Habs only have a problem if they are expected to pursue any more free agents- but it seems to me that Gauthier has made it abundantly clear that it’s time for some of the kids in Hamilton to graduate. Having significant salary tied up in 6-8 of your 21 player roster is actually pretty much par for the course- alll the cool kids are doing it. Also, as Basu himself points out, Gorges is the kind of unremarkable-because-he-does-his-job-so-well defenseman who never gets any real love as a free agent. Gorges is around for a while.

    Basu also tries to have it both ways with the contract-as-distraction argument- seems to me that Pleks put together a career year in the final year of his contract, which suggests that Pleks was more motivated than distracted. And seriously, based on the commitment and professionalism we’ve ALWAYS seen from Markov, what are the odds that he will give anything less than his best, every shift, this year- contract talks or no contract talks?

  26. SLONCOLD says:

    the nationals kept him on low pitch counts and didn’t rush him into the pros either. this is a freak accident. he blew out his UCL on a change up out of all pitchs… really sad

  27. SLONCOLD says:

    well maybe they think he’s worth only 2 million a year at that point in his career? makes sense to me

  28. TorontoHabsFan says:

    What’s the story with Dagenais? I’ve seen him referenced on these boards from time to time as a bad apple. All I remember of him is that he was a middling talent on a middling team.


  29. SLONCOLD says:

    a pro athelete greedy? lol and he’s different from every other star in what way?

  30. pic1983 says:

    I dont think the league will pass this one either.  Its still $90 million in the first 10 years, and $10 million over the last 5.  Why wouldn’t they have gone, 4/3/1/1/1 in the last 5?  Obviously because they have no intention of him playing past 10 years, and if theres an NTC after 10 years instead of the NMC thats in there for the first 10, its blatant cap circumvention once again. 

  31. W35T5ID3 says:

    ….i hope the league says F-U- Lou and does not approve this ridiculous contract.What a joke.Kovalchuk …what a bloody selfish money loving greedy hog.He’s thinking he’s won the lottery with this kind of paycheque.Man,lou lamiourello is getting old real fast and getting more stupid even faster.Shame on the Devils and their organization for doing such a ludicrous attempted contract….Ilya is laughing it up right now….He can score goals…WOW …thats it.Nothing more nothing less.He’s not gonna take you to the promised land.Im surprised he’s even getting the kind of money he’zs gettin offered.



                                                                           STUPID! !!! !!

                      WAKE UP GM’s….LOU….U oughtta know better.

  32. habstrinifan says:

    Agree 100% with you on LeClair…. hope Latendresse doesnt turn out the same. Although I cant see how. Leclair never looked incompetent on the ice.. Latendresse did. Guess we’ll have to wait and see but for my peace of mind please dont let it turn out to be another LeClair deal. I dont wish Latendresse ill.. just either let Pouliot match him stride for stride or they both remain just average at best. I guess that’s wishing him ill. Sorry I cant help it.. just cant take this sick feeling of another habs management fiasco.

  33. pic1983 says:

    Reported new kovalchuk deal:

    2010-11: $6 million
    2011-12: $6 million
    2012-13: $11 million
    2013-14: $11.3 million
    2014-15: $11.3 million
    2015-16: $11.6 million
    2016-17: $11.8 million
    2017-18: $10 million
    2018-19: $7 million
    2019-20: $4 million
    2020-21: $1 million
    2021-22: $1 million
    2022-23: $1 million
    2023-24: $3 million
    2024-25: $4 million

    Why the heck did they add 3 and 4 million in the last two years after the contract after it had already dipped down to $1 million? Is it to make it look like the devils are adding incentive to play out the contract? This looks like a 10yr/$90 million dollar deal to me.  Adding 3 and 4 million at the end I dont think will fool anyone.

  34. RGM says:

    It looks to me like a 15-year/$100M deal based on what you’ve posted. :)

    Of course the Devils are playing a little game of cap circumvention but they’re doing it in a way that will make it acceptable to the League to pass the contract and still hit the team with some form of punishment for its intent to circumvent the cap.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  35. W35T5ID3 says:

    ….the truth hurts…..



    ….CAN WE PLEASE GET A GODDDAMMMN G.M. in here THAT aint A BLOODY BONEHEAD???!!??!???!????

  36. habstrinifan says:


    “As often as not, in the penalty box in the last two minutes of a game is no way to create a legacy”.   You may not like Chelios but to denigrate his career like you have…WOW!

    No wonder there was a “bring back Kovalev” protest and movement in Montreal. Fans are losing the ability to appreciate great players because we have been stuck with the fake goods for much too long now. 


  37. doug says:

    Please don’t post stuff by, to use Boone’s terms, that cretin Damien Cox.  He’s all bluster, no humor, and a total jerk.  Follow on Twitter (@Damospin) or read the stuff on his blog if you want unfettered arrogance.

  38. W35T5ID3 says:

         My gut tells me that Strasburg and that cannon of an arm of his aint gonna have a very long career.When a guuy throws 100mph fastballs like he does is there a chance he’s gonna have a long and healthy career???NO.


        He’s done….Tommy John surgery…aye yaye yaye…..grab some pine young man and some big league chew cuz you aint playing for a while homeboy….Poor Stevie……Such great POTENTIAL……its too bad he’s not gonna meet nor exceed (not even close) expectations.

  39. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Man, I live in Toronto, nobody will ever let me forget it!


    (well that and the Roy goal from centre ice)

  40. RGM says:

    “Star power by butt”

    Kim Kardashian was on the team?

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  41. RGM says:

    And then getting up and winking over at the Bruins’ bench. That was a proud moment in Habs history. So glad we got right of that little punk and the other “two amigos,” Dagenais and Theodore.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  42. forskis says:

    A Gold & Sons…now there is a name I have not heard in a LONG time…are they even still in business?

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  43. Storm Man says:

    I was having a good day till you made me recall that trade.




    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  44. PeterStone says:

    Anyone interested in joining an established Rotisserie Hockey Pool ? Currently involved in one with about 15 owners ( give or take ) , and I believe they are looking to add another team or 2.  In case you arent sure what a Rot. Pool is , it involves bidding in an auction format ( with a cap ) on players and building a team that competes in various categories , like goals, assists, PIMs, GAA, Wins ( we have 7 categories )

    Its pretty simple, but , it has certain complexities. 

    It will also run you 200$ give or take ( depending on the moves you make ( yup, we have a minor league and an active roster ) and winners have taken around 1K$

    If you want additional info, contact me at the email listed here.

  45. W35T5ID3 says:

    …..dude…where’s my car dude????DUDE??!!!Wheres    the    CARRR???

  46. forskis says:

    I did not read the postings in the 500-post “Price Strikes” entry…but I figure a “very, very reliable source” was more than enough to get the Price-haters ready with the tar and feathers and burning effigies…meanwhile, this entry with RDS speaking directly to the agent was probably ignored by the Price-haters…I guess they would rather believe a mystery source with bad things to say rather than an ACUTAL source with something more substantial since it would affirm their “feelings” towards Price.

    In baseball news…Strasburg is undergoing Tommy John surgery today…12-18 months on the shelf…talk about bad luck for someone who was supposed to be a franchise savior…the Nationals must be glad they paid him $50MM to blow out his elbow.  I am not sure if it is really bad luck or the Nationals mis-handled him or he pushed himself too hard.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  47. W35T5ID3 says:

    ….remember him writhing around in pain against the bruins in a playoff game some years back????….Ribiero….lol…..hilarious.

  48. Caper says:

    Ribeiro? Dallas can;t rid of his contract. Latendresse? LOL. Sure-see Ribeiro. The Wild will be wishing he was history as well.

  49. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Yeah, I think that in the near future any team that wins the cup (or even has any playoff success) will have to have at least three players that greatly outperform their contracts.

    Philly last season had at least 4 (Van Reimsdyk, Leino, Giroux, and Leighton).

    Chicago had at least 2 (Niemi & Hjarlmarsson).



  50. W35T5ID3 says:

    DUDE the biGGEST mistake was trading LECLAIR and DEEEEESSSJARDIIINSSSSS   …(i remember that desjardins hat trick goal call by bob cole in game 2 of 93 playoff overtime match like it was yesterday)…


    ….granted Recchi is a fine player,no doubt,but, not seeing and realizing just what LeClair was to become was a collassal miss managing of the team and set us back 5 years or so.

      Oh ya and what did leClair go on to do???Oh just put up back-to back-to-back 50+ goal seasons for the Flyers and also forming 1/3 of the (in my mind)  1 of the most dominant trios in league history.LEGION of DOOM was the ULTIMATE habs KILLER…..

    …DONTCH’ALL REMEMBER THIS?????MAN o MAN…what in deee phuckkkk was habs brass thinking pulling off that deal?????And Desjardins…..lol….wow we gave him up too!….

    ………………..to quote Benoit Brunet: “aye yaye yaye “

  51. TorontoHabsFan says:

    dude…I, like, totally agree 😉

  52. W35T5ID3 says:

    ….dude….Guerin ain’t coming to montreal.

  53. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I get the feeling that those who want Montreal to sign Guerin are basically hoping that he’ll be another Robert Lang.

    I’m not sure that’s likely to happen – Guerin is 2 years older than Lang was when we signed him, and he looked pretty old to my untrained eyes during the playoffs.

    I have a sneaking feeling that if Guerin plays this season it will look a lot like Hull’s last season in Phoenix – ineffective for a few weeks followed by retirement.

  54. Mark C says:

    Right you are, plus there is little “dead” money in that $30M, assuming no large regressions from Cammi, Pleks, Gionta, and Spacek, maybe only $3M-$5M is being spent without getting a good return on it (mostly Gomez). I would guess every team has at least $3M-$4M plus dead money on their books.

    It’s all about just how good the young talent will be, if Montreal wins a cup in the next few years it most assuredly will be because of a great impact from the prospects. 


  55. alestar says:

    What? Price is a Broncos fan…that’s it, I’m burning my shirt!

    “nothing cleanses like fire…”


    XXIV…and counting

  56. LNev says:

    What about them ignoring Lidstrom and Datsyuk and Zetterberg and everyone else that was ever good that they didn’t draft!  Oh what sheer ignorance!!!

  57. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Let’s also not forget that Dallas is desperately trying to trade Ribeiro at the moment – he’s a $5m a season bust under Marc Crawford.


    plus, I just never liked the guy – he always had the look of a smug prick about him 😛

  58. Tighthead says:

    I remember Wickenheiser (RIP) being the consensus #1.  Savard went third after Dave Babych.  I always thought the Habs kind of messed up on the development side and may have done the same to Savard.

    Yes we won a cup with Savard, but he was wearing a suit from A Gold & Sons when the buzzer went.

  59. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Shhh…don’t go ruining a good ol’ fashioned Gauthier/Gainey hatefest with facts and stuff!


    Montreal’s cap situation is actually pretty good compared to other teams who spend to the ceiling. And the Markov situation is actually far from onerous – he’s already making elite money ($5.75m/yr), I would be astonished if his next contract was more than $6.5m/yr – in other words, $750k extra per season.

    With Hamrlik coming off the books and a slew of young players coming up the ranks (Pacioretty, Avtsin, Leblanc, Kristo, Weber, Carle, Tinordi) we should be able to manage our cap very well (plus let’s not forget that in a couple seasons Gomez’ lowered salary and higher cap hit could be very appealing to a team looking to hit the cap floor – a situation NYI found themselves in this year)

  60. RGM says:

    I am shocked that we’ve made it over 50 comments and nobody’s read into the Denver Broncos hat as some sort of symbolism that Price wants to get out of here so that he can play in Colorado. Remember when people went ballistic over the Washington Nationals hat? That was some funny stuff.

    Anyways, glad to see that a legitimate reporter actually contacted somebody involved with the negotiations instead of just posting some random tweet based on second-hand information. To see over 500 comments based off a rumour that may as well have come from Eklund is amusing. I’m fully confident that the deal will be done by the time we hit training camp in 3 weeks. Yes, how awesome is it that the first preseason hockey starts in three weeks?!?!

    Regarding the future captain, $3M per year sounds expensive for a guy that doesn’t score a lot of goals and is, as somebody on the Internet recently put it, “a throwback” and a real defensive defenceman. But if he’s got a letter and continues to remain so important to the team’s success on the PK while shutting down top-line opponents, that figure is not at all out of the question. I’d love to see him locked up long-term. Great guy.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  61. SeriousFan09 says:

    Riberio and Latendresse played themselves out of town by themselves, they had their chances and promptly threw them away because they couldn’t grow up.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  62. observer says:

    In 7 with Halak stopping 50 shots a game.

  63. habaddict_andy says:

    Star power by butt.  It’s amazing our useless players kicked Pittsburg’s behind.

  64. observer says:

    2 of the biggest mistakes by Habs GMs (and there have been and continue to be many Ribeiro, Latendresse, Halak recently)! NOT drafting Savard and picking Wickenheiser instead, then when Savard was nearly done giving up a young already star defenseman for him.

  65. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pittsburgh’s got 60% of their cap committed to 6 players, I’d say their cap situation is far less well-managed than ours, not to mention contract No. 7 on their list, Chris Kunitz (at 3.725 a season) can’t even hit solid numbers playing next to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

    Montreal’s situation has a much better grouping of prospects coming up than PIT, who doesn’t know what to do if they don’t have a 1st or 2nd overall pick. You need cheap prospects to supplement a contender these days, which MTL has in the works right now.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  66. Mark C says:

    The cap situation isn’t so bad, those six players represent 4 top six forwards, a starting goalie, and 1 top four D. Pretty much all teams have a breakdown like that.

  67. pic1983 says:

    Not really about star power.  Pittsburgh had the exact same star power last year and we took them down.  Pittsburgh has over $20 million tied up in 3 CENTERS.

  68. Caper says:

    Come on Thomas. The day that trade was made you must of thought WTF?

  69. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Yeah we got robbed. Except that we won a Stanley Cup in ’93 with Savard and Chicago … uh … didn’t. For the record, I’ve never liked Chelios. As often as not, in the penalty box in the last two minutes of a game is no way to create a legacy.  

  70. Caper says:

    Agreed. I love my team but things went our way in 86 and 93. Last spring had the same feeling as those years until the Flyers series of course.

  71. SmartDog says:

    Moving a powerhouse like Chelios because he was a bit of a playboy and then adding a 2nd rounder to the deal was classic poor priority Montreal Canadiens decision making.  Image over hockey. Sad. 

    But closer to home today (in the sad deparment) Arpu notes:

    Gainey and Gauthier’s spree last summer will still hamper the club next
    season….  looking at upwards of $30 million tied up in six players.”

    And that DOESN’T include Markov. 

    This is Pittsburg style financial management, but without the star power to show for it. 

    Sorry we lost Halak and Moore?  Wish we coulda signed a free agent? For all you “Bob had to get Gomez” evangalists…. four more years of being screwed by the cap is for you.  


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  72. SeriousFan09 says:

    Chelios and the 80s, 90s guys were moved were already great for the most part. Chelios still holds a probably unbreakable 55 assist in his rookie season among the team’s own player records. Everyone praises Serge Savard for the 23rd and 24th Cups, but he significantly weakened the clubs with poor drafting after the mid 80s and a series of weak trades.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  73. sholi2000.com says:

    Vokoun always comes to mind.

    Can’t keep em all.

    They Call Me Shane

  74. madmat411 says:

    I always thought personally, getting rid of Chelios was a bad idea..like our curse, people we trade away always turn out good! Go to the Canadiens website and SEE who were once habs, even for one game….I know when i looked, i couldn’t believe some of the guys we had, who became big name stars after trading them (tho i still think sergei will be an exception)

  75. Seppo says:

    IMO it’s an attempt from that guy from CBC to get some fame. Even CBC at least last night even reported that ”news” (well last night, i dont know if this morning they mentionned it anywhere).

    my take on it in french : http://tinyurl.com/28pdrud

  76. SeriousFan09 says:

    Last night on Hockey’s Future, discussion started about a ‘take back’ on a single pick your team made. I went with 1980 but rather than Denis Savard, I chose Larry Murphy. Yes, Coffey was arguably the better player but he seemed to bounce around the league a bit due to conflicts with coachs and I think Murphy would have been a more viable player to stay long-term in Montreal. Reconstitute a Big Three of Robinson, Chelios and Murphy and I would argue the Canadiens would have stayed a more dominant position during the 80s and naturally, the 90s as well.

    Further reasoning for Murphy: Murphy still stands 5th all-time for defencemen scoring, a +179 career and he didn’t exactly play on great teams for his entire career either.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  77. derfab says:

    Good choice. Savard was an overrated cherry picker who many people have already forgotten. Wick was also a better pick at the time but got rushed and ruined by stupid comparisons.

    The Chelios deal is the only trade that rivals the Roy dumping in terms of its stupidity. In hockey terms it makes no sense whatsoever; explained only by unsubstantiated rumours of adulterous carryings on in the Habs entourage.

  78. adam76 says:

    The Franchise’s’

    Way to make me vomit in my cornflakes.

  79. HabFanSince72 says:

    I bet you just kept on eating.

  80. derfab says:

    Nietzsche would require as much or more.

  81. sholi2000.com says:

    YOu _____ disturber MIke, looking forward to meeting you media types in person (The Summit).  Three shots of Jack should fix ya, or is that what you guys drink for breakfast :)

    They Call Me Shane

  82. sholi2000.com says:

    I thought it was more political than that? He wanted to leave Quebec? Regardless, it would have been nice to have him on the ice a few more years (back then, not now).

    They Call Me Shane

  83. derfab says:

    The boys on that team spent alot of time in the meat market bars on Crescent and elsewhere, often cruising oneanother’s squeezes. Chelios also loved to talk, which could easily have wavered towards (how shocking!) political commentary on the regular and ordinary frustrations of living in Quebec.

  84. habstrinifan says:

    You are right Wickenheiser WAS a better pick at the time. But dont blame the habs for ‘wrecking’ him. He just didnt turn out. Sometimes the player’s makeup or personal goals do come into play detrimentally. No one else is to blame.

  85. habfan53 says:

    Nice piece on Cammalleri was almost a LAFF  http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Hornby/2010/08/31/15203211.html

    What I appreciated was his TIME with special need children and families  I know what he is talking about. 

  86. smiler2729 says:

    Thank the Good Lord Carey Price isn’t signed yet… or else there’d be really nothing to talk about here.

    Thank the Good Lord our baseball team is in Washington cuz the Stephen Strasburg surgery/catastrophe would just be another hard luck story to add to Expos’ lore of heartbreaks.

    I was listening to Chris Chelios on FAN590 yesterday afternoon and he was talking about the trade to Chicago. He said he was very upset leaving Montreal cuz he said he wanted to spend his whole career on Crescent, er, I mean on the Habs but was elated that it was his hometown of Chicago and added that Serge Savard told him it was either that deal for Denis Savard or another he had in place to Winnipeg for Dale Hawerchuk.

    Have a hot day.

  87. habfan53 says:

    OUR baseball team is in Washington????  My team was murdered  and I’m still in mourning!

    They are 1 of 2 teams I hope LOSES every time out. Unfortunately the other team is also a NL team 

  88. habs33 says:

    Aren’t Price and Gorges best buddies? Isn’t Gorges 100% a “team first” guy? and isn’t Gorges name being thrown around as a potential to wear the next “C”?

    If so, I’d suggest Josh pick up the phone and call Carey and talk some effing sense into him.


    If the “very, very” reliable source is true, and if Carey is contemplating striking, what do the Habs do next?

    Find a replacement/upgrade ASAP – Theo? Niemi? or coddle the kid a bit more and pay him what he wants?



  89. byrneoNL says:

    I saw this coming, and even mentioned it to some friends last week. Truth is, I see it as a test.

    Negotiations may not be finalized going into training camp, what will Price do? Passing the test, in the organization’s eyes (any my eyes) would be to show up to camp, get into game shape, bond with the team, and demonstrate your commitment to the organization. This shows your good faith, determination, dedication, etc, and puts all the pressure back on the Team, and makes other teams see you for the stand up guy you are.

    To fail the test, I said, he would have to go all Diva and refuse to show up at training camp til his contract demands are met. So in my estimation (if this rumor is true) he has failed the test, and this holdout position will not serve him well in his future endeavours be them with this team or another.

    Now, before you all say it, I _know_ .. who among us would go to work for a company, possibly for weeks, without having a salary agreement in place. I get that. But rest assured, it would never come down to Price not getting paid, weeks into the season. If he doesn’t have an agreeable contract offer from Montreal (or someone else) by end of training camp, well I’ll eat his goal pads.

    Anyways hopefully this was all a misquote, or was said in jest in response to a “what if” scenario … “I’m going to on strike then, lol!!” 


  90. habstrinifan says:

    The Price saga is deflating! I wish it would go away! I cannot muster any optimism for this situation anymore. Even if he signs here tomorrow I will be wondering re his dedication.

    I am gonna ignore it from now… until something ‘final’ happens.

    In fact the entire “Intro” of stories and articles on today’s HIO is deflating.

    The Chelios/Savard deal story. The lack of any initiative by habs GM to simply check out what Bill Guerin may be asking? The unconvincing assurances from Price’s agaent. The Kovalchuk mess. To be honest I am more mad that Habs dont have a player with the gonads of Lou to try stuff like this than I am at the story itself.

    Drop the F******G puck already before I go POSTAL!!!!!

    I wanna see PK deke the sh**** out of Komasarek!


  91. habfan53 says:

    The problem is not NOT GETTING PAID the problem is if he practices with the team and gets injured

    say a cut tendon  he is not insured.

  92. pic1983 says:

    I dont think the PA would allow price to attend training camp without a contract, or they would at least be very against it. 


  93. sholi2000.com says:

    Alright HIO fans, I need some help here.  I love my goalies, but for the life of me I can’t figure out who this guy is.  I know Bunny, Myer and Thomas never wore 31 in the 70’s, and I don’t believe it’s on the Canadiens history site.

    They Call Me Shane

  94. smiler2729 says:

    I think that is Michel Larocque. He wore 31 briefly that season were he was part of the trio while Ken Dryden held out. Michel Plasse wore 1, Wayne Thomas wore 30 and Bunny wore 31 but switched to 1 when Plasse left.

  95. habstrinifan says:

    I have been generally receptive and open minded re the moves of PG so far. But if the story is true that the Canadiens have not even given Bill Guerin’s agent a call to say “hello we have you on the back burner let us know before you do anything” then I fear the same laziness in due diligence that pervaded the Gainey regime is still present.

    Habs management has to become more proactive!

  96. avatar_58 says:

    Huh? We don’t *need* Guerin. So why bother saying anything?

  97. fun police says:

    ??? He’s been a UFA since July1st and the habs are lazy?  teams couldn’t wait to snatch him up.  did you not watch him in the playoffs against us last year.  he’s not the same player that he used to be.

  98. pic1983 says:

    Why do you want an aging veteran whos lost a step and is on the decline, even if he signs for only $1 million? Thats a roster spot you are taking away from a young player who is going to be with this team long-term.  Also, we dont need any more cooks in the leadership kitchen.  We have enough as it is.

    I dont get everyones love affair with signing billy guerin.  He rode shot gun to crosby last season and only put up 40 pts.  How much can he possibly put up in montreal on the third line? 25-30 pts? Im sure a guy like eller could put up 25-30 points and hes young with much more room to grow. 

  99. observer says:

    Re: “Gainey regime is still present” — Exactly! It has never changed – that press conference “stepping back” was a sham.

  100. sholi2000.com says:

    Looks like his mask, thanks for the help.  RIP Bunny, I miss Ya.

    They Call Me Shane

  101. AndyF says:

    I thought it was the other way around — it looks like Michel Plasse’s mask.   I’m probably wrong, but that’s the first name that comes to mind when I see that mask.  It’s a Jacques Plante-style mask, when he started commercializing his wedge design.


    Edit:  Never mind — it’s  Bunny Larocque. http://habsgoalies.blogspot.com/2007/06/michel-larocque-1974-81.html



  102. smiler2729 says:

    I thought that too, Michel Plasse but I’m not sure he ever wore 31 (he could’ve) and I knew Bunny wore 31 at some time so I went with Bunny but it could be Plasse.

  103. smiler2729 says:

    As a former Expo fanatic like you, I still despise the Dodgers, Phillies and Pirates…

  104. habfan53 says:

    Phillies yes but not the other team.

    As for the Dodgers  I watched a game on Sportsnet Monday and Vin Scully was doing the play-by-play

    HEAVEN  reminded me of Dave Van Horne

  105. smiler2729 says:

    Yeah I watch Dodger games just to hear Scully… he also did the play-by-play for the baseball flick For The Love Of The Game with Kevin Costner as a veteran Tiger pitcher throwing a perfect game in his last start.

    “D’ya know what we get to do today, Brooks? We get to play baseball!” – Dennis Quaid as Jim Morris, The Rookie.

  106. habfan53 says:

    Have not seen it I’m not a big Costner fan is it worth renting??

  107. smiler2729 says:

    Any baseball flick is worth owning. The Costner trilogy (Bull Durham, Field Of Dreams, For The Love Of The Game) are probably the best.

    Put it this way, my 78 year old father-in-law in Ohio, who was a minor league pitcher in Kentucky in the ’40s, lives, breathes baseball and never saw For The Love Of The Game until I showed it to him 3 years ago and now he says he watches it every month.


  108. habstrinifan says:

    Sorry but I think Guerin at the right price is a good addition.

    But let’s say I agree with you. I just feel that someone in habs management should have the responsibility of phoning UFAS like Guerin etc and just touching base. It does two things. It helps habs management keep their eyes on the ball.. always open to potential tweeks and engenders good resouceful thinking in the habs front office. Calling and touching base with UFAS, especially veterans like Guerin and previously Shanahan may come back to work in the habs favour in the furture.

    I am tired of hearing “habs never even called”. It’s not as if we have been the gold standard for great management lately.



  109. avatar_58 says:

    You’re speaking as if every other GM called him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t even have a job next season come Oct.

  110. habstrinifan says:


    I have always been anxious to read your posts because of your realistic view. So it is surprising that you you can justify Montreal management for not doing what may be good for The Canadiens by the excuse that other teams have not.

    In order to regain the top and remain at the top Mtl. must show initative above the run of the mill team. Fans should expect no less.

    It is the same type of due diligence or readiness that I hoped would have been already done when I posted months ago that I have faith in PG … and that he is looking at all ‘outcomes’ re Carey Price and is ready to explore all options.

    I call it good management. Lately I am not so sure.

    I still look forward to your posts but on this issue we will have to agree to disagree. Remember the issue is not actually signing Guerin. While I think it may be a good move it wont take much to convince me that it isnt.

    The issue is habs management style. A ‘kick the tires’ phone call to Guerin’s agent reassures me more that habs are always looking to see what’s out there. I dont normally like to quote Pierre MaGuire but I am beginning to believe that his characteristic of “habs management under PG” as homogenous sheep may be true.

  111. avatar_58 says:

    Hey no arguement here for poor management. The way they treated Halak, regardless of a trade, bugged me. The way they waited to tell Moore/Metro they weren’t resigning them…..I don’t like it either. Bad mojo.

    We’ll have to wait and see whether his style pays off, but I wish he wouldn’t burn bridges so much.

  112. Mark C says:

    Exactly, Guerin had underwhelming production while playing with Crosby and Malkin and getting tons of PP time last season. Adding his age to the equation, even if he was given top 6 minutes and PP time it is not unreasonable to think he’s now just a 15 goals and 35 point player this season with the Habs. Both AK 46 and Benny are better options than Guerin, I don’t even think it’s that close.

    I will say that if Montreal signed Guerin for around $1M I wouldn’t have a problem with it. His RH shot would be a nice addition to the PP, even though he has become a volume shooter at this stage of his career (about 10% SHCT last 3 years). That being said, I think the best option is not signing Guerin, or any other veteran, and saving the cap space for the possibility of a large deadline deal. 


  113. observer says:

    Is he better than Darche even at his advanced age? Darche who was signed in JUNE? Just like Moore who signed for just $1.1 million was let go.

  114. Mark C says:

    Darche signed for $500,000 and is no more than 12/13th on the depth chart. His spot is just waiting to be taken in camp or early in the season by a younger player. If Moore or Guerin were signed they both would have had far different roles than Darche. I don’t see any reason to compare signing Darche to Moore or Guerin other than using it as a concoction to wrongly blast management. 

  115. Psycho29 says:

    And dont forget 88 and 47

  116. HFX-HabFan says:

    The Chelios-Savard swap today would be like Chicago dealing Duncan Keith to Tampa Bay for Vincent Lecavalier.

    Toss the cap hit aside for a minute (as we know the Hawks’ cap situation, think player for player straight-up.  Would you do it if you were Stan Bowman?

  117. observer says:

    Halak makes $3.75 mill this year and higher in following years. BUT Gauthier told Price by his actions that he thought Price is the better goalie and so traded the worse one away. And if Halak is worth $4 million then at the very least so is Price. Put yourself in Price’s shoes. I don’t think he even wants to play for Montreal anymore knowing the fans.
    Since January 1, 2008 until now including playoffs – in Price’s last 69 won/loss decisions (including OT and SO) Price won 20 games and lost 49 games. This trade of Halak before signing Price should get him fired from a job he never had done any good at anywhere.

  118. HFX-HabFan says:

    Halak’s cap hit is the same (3.75mil) for the next four years.  The bottom line isn’t what he makes, it’s what his cap hit is (see the deal regarding Kovalchuk, Ilya).

  119. Ian Cobb says:

    St. Lewis got sucked in and we came away with good assets. We would have never signed either goal tender for that kind of insane money.

    Those days are very much over. For unproven talent we will not pay more than 1.8 to 2 million for two years. And I think that is to much.

  120. mbplekfan says:

    Your reasoning is off base.

    Halak was traded because of contractual constraints and the quality of the players coming the other way.

    It was not a referendum on either goalie’s play.

    No one said Price is better than Halak. No one said Halak is better than Price.

  121. otter649 says:

    Don’t you ever get tired of repeating the same stuff over & over in different forms & usernames………

  122. christophor says:

    price would have signed a low-money contract as a backup for halak?

    so he’s holding out in negotiating a starter’s contract but he would have signed a backup contract quickly?

    i can’t believe people are still on this nonsense. i’m thinking price wants to be a starter this year and could get it on lots of teams. if he were given the impression halak was staying, he’d want to be moved.  no cheap contract.

    move on.

  123. RGM says:

    “Since January 1, 2008 until now including playoffs – in Price’s last 69 won/loss decisions (including OT and SO) Price won 20 games and lost 49 games.”

    Try again.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  124. HardHabits says:

    Standing. Pat. 88. 47%.

  125. mbplekfan says:

    Im getting kind of sick of the Price is not worth much talk going on here.

    The guy hasnt reached his potential because it is so high. People are expecting the kid to steal every game he plays and pitch no hit baseball in the ones he doesnt.

    The guy is good. If he plays ordinary hockey he will be better than half the goalies in the league.

    If he plays good he will be a top 10 and maybe a top 5.

    If he lives up to his potential people are expecting Roberto Luongo on his great days.

    He is a more than competent young goalie, who is working his way into his professional form.

    He is not a bum, he doesnt suck, and we arent dead unless he plays like Halak in the playoffs.

    Cut the kid some slack and lets see him play before slagging him. If he’s terrible after xmas then its time to be concerned.

    The contract will get done and it will be a compromise between Agent and GM.

  126. observer says:

    But fact is the pressure HERE is now even worse than before on Price because Habs had an excellent young goalie and Gauthier/Gainey went and traded Halak away. Mediocrity from Price is a non-starter here anymore nor was it from wasting a #5 overall pick on him. The #4 was a flop too AND he’s here too – unbelievable.

  127. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Since January 1 2008, until now including playoffs – in Price’s last 69 won/loss decisions (including OT and SO) Price won 20 games and lost 49 games.  I don’t think that is helping his negotiations for more money.

  128. observer says:

    Bottom line? Bottom line is Halak is getting what he is worth and if Halak is worth more than Price then Gauthier traded the wrong goalie away.

  129. HFX-HabFan says:

    You’re entitled to your opinion.

  130. Wamsley01 says:

    No, Halak had arbitration rights and was a UFA next season. Therefore his negotiation leverage.

    Price has 4 more RFA years and is not arbitration eligible.

    Don’t be condescending when your point has ignored the complexities of the CBA and is common sense in it’s simplest form.

  131. observer says:

    Using your logic a team should only keep cheap players on their roster. But the game is conducted on the ice and Gauthier traded away the better player and it will show in both St. Louis’ and Montreal’s records this year.

  132. mbplekfan says:

    Using the logic of the cap system is the only logic you can use.

    How good is MTL with Halak in net and Plekanec playing somewhere else?

  133. Wamsley01 says:

    No again. 

    My logic dictates that the salary of a player does not determine his worth. Which was your simplistic assertion.

    Just like Hossa wasn’t a better player then Toews or Kane in 2010 even though he made twice their salary.

    Your logic would maintain that the Hawks should have traded away Kane and Toews because they make less then Hossa and are therefore inferior players, when in reality them outperforming their salary by 3 times is why the Hawks won the Cup.

  134. mbplekfan says:

    Very nice smackdown.

  135. punkster says:

    There are some who just will not take the time to think and learn. You have just entered the Tony Zone, a place where all disbelief must be suspended. Go on at your peril.


  136. HardHabits says:

    Well played!

  137. Chuck says:

    Game, set, and match.

  138. 123456 says:

    you juest entered the tony zone.

    please mio stubbs boone someone remember this phrase when (if) you do a weekly or monthly best post review.

    You just entered the TZ.

    Hey do you know where you are? You’re in the TZ baby (there’s a guns and roses remake to be born there).

    YJETTZ or Y-JETT-Z (although as a bill’s backer…see NFL… i do not like the letters JETT in that order)


    secret mod

  139. adam76 says:

    Price played well below “ Mediocrity” in 2010.

  140. mbplekfan says:

    OK genius, tell us all:

    1) Do you trade Price instead of Halak and lose Plekanec due to cap constraints?

    2) Do you keep both and lose Plekanec due to cap constraints?

    3) Do you trade both and sign Turco?

  141. The Cat says:

    Thats a bit harsh. I thought he improved this past year over the year before.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  142. adam76 says:

    4 and 10 in 2010.

  143. The Cat says:

    Youre assuming Price will get a lesser contract than Halak. If Im Price’s agent and I hear Gauthier say he kept the better goalie and all the other emboldening factors that Gauthier created in Price’s favour; it may very well be a higher contract.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  144. SeriousFan09 says:

    Well hey, with that fantastic 2.12 GPG support Price got from the team I can’t imagine why he might have had trouble posting wins in 09-10.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  145. StevieRay says:

    If only we could move Gomez somehow ……..that would free up some cap space.  Why is Carey taking all the heat for what he did. What did Gomez do ??? for that kind money …get real folks .. the argument that Gionta would not of come does buy it for me ..as we idi pay him 5 million /year don’t forget .

    Evan Pleks @ 6 mil is a lot of money ..

  146. HardHabits says:

    The Cat = PrimeTime = Nahsly

  147. 123456 says:

    it’s almost too easy to understand right?

    both keepers were not an option. i certanily believe price will come for $1M (or more) less than Halak. every player is not judged by a GM on their talents alone – it’s talent weighted with cap hit.


    secret mod

  148. Mark C says:

    Who is the second line center without Gomez? I’m gussing player X does not play for free. Also, Pleks signed for $5M AAV.

  149. The Cat says:

    The main problem in that arguement is that their english is better than mine no doubt.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  150. observer says:

    whatever i do – i first sign one of the 2 rfa goalies BEFORE i trade the other away IN JUNE HE MADE THE TRADE!

    i dont raise pouliot who performed terrible his last 26 games a half million and give darche a half million IN JUNE. knowing full well that price will cost at best a million or so less than thst $3.75 figure AND  i would have kept the better young goalie who played great had a winning record had far superior stats and who the fans here loved while like it or not many fans here hate price. because gainey put him in this exact spot today 5 years later in a situation i dont blame price for wanting to get out of.

  151. observer says:

    yes, every gm makes some mistakes, some more than others, some quite frankly are not very good like gauthier for one example a man of close to 30 years of nhl management experience and 3 different gm jobs with different teams. not a single team in his entire 30 year or so career that he worked for ever even went to the stanley cup finals in any year gauthier worked for them.

  152. observer says:

    do you think any nhl gm is that stupid to trade for gomez’ cap hit? oops – this genius pair here did.

  153. observer says:

    le chat is right!

  154. 123456 says:

    so each year there are only two good gms, those which are employed by the team that gets to the finals. every other gm in that said year is “not very good”.


    secret mod

  155. observer says:

    bogus argument – about half a goal support worse than halak got IS WASHED OUT by about half a goal less goals against average by halak vs. price

  156. SeriousFan09 says:

    There was a .37 GAA difference, but again you are twisting your facts to favour your own arguments.

    Halak had 2.77 GPG when he was in nets, Price had 2.12, one of these goalies had significantly better offensive support during the course of the year.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  157. Storm Man says:

    So what is your point Tony after about 20 posts? Did Halak win anything? or did he do what Steve Penny did in the playoffs for the Habs also.




    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  158. habfan01 says:

    Everyone believes in something. Some people here believe in Halak, some believe in Price. I bekieve I’ll have another beer.

  159. Caper says:

    Bekieve? You’re cut off!

  160. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Yo habfan….there is no more Halak and it make’s me laugh  when the Price cult still brings Halak up”stupide no?” Now ,what I do believe is the Goalie combo of Price and Auld is very weak to say the least and won’t carry a team going through a youth movement. Question …Has Price signed yet????? that also say’s a lot!

  161. dicktracy says:

    Make it a B Kieve Ale

  162. adam76 says:

    Stop using facts and logic, they are not welcome on this message board.

  163. RGM says:

    He is using neither facts nor logic, given that Carey Price has won far more than 20 games since January 1, 2008.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  164. Storm Man says:

    I understand you have a symptom Adam. I think Preparation H should help you out.


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  165. observer says:

    Wonder how you got those facts?

  166. observer says:

    well then you list them.

  167. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    don’t wonder too hard Tony,  you may hurt yourself.

  168. RGM says:

    Be happy to chart them for you.

    January 1, 2008 – April 7, 2008 (regular season) – 15 wins
    2008 Playoffs – 5 wins

    2008-09 regular season – 23 wins

    2009-10 regular season – 13 wins

    Looks to me that since January 1, 2008, the parameters set out by you well below the page and faithfully reproduced by your lapdog here, that would amount to 56 wins. That’s a little bit more than 20 wins, I’d say.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  169. RGM says:

    Check it out, the troll is creating a fight with himself to make it look like there’s two of them! Wonders never cease around here.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  170. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Are you insane?  Get some help dude, please.  I saw those stats posted on the TSN forum, if they are incorrect then I stand corrected, no need to get your panties in a bunch and start throwing about acusations like a pathetic fanboy.  You and Sholi should just move in together and get it over with, you are both pathetic.

  171. B says:

    Price has won 20 games since Jan.1 2009, I don’t know about your other stats, but perhaps you just made a typo posting 2008 instead of 2009?

  172. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Yup, and pyscho fanboy below is going nut’s about it. 

  173. RGM says:

    You’re not very nice. I point out facts and in response: I’m called insane, told to go have carnal relations with myself (boy would that ever be awkward here at the office), and told I should move in with Shane? I’m sure Shane’s a nice dude and all but our respective wives probably wouldn’t approve. It strikes me that in the overreaction department you’ve got me beat by a good country mile, and maybe you’re the one that needs to loosen up those knickers a little bit. But hey, if you’re happy with yourself, good for you, tiger.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  174. RGM says:

    Did you know that when in a hole, there’s actually no such thing as “digging up” to get out of it?

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  175. LA Loyalist says:

    Hey! No using facts! That doesn’t fly around here. The moderaters will be on you.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  176. HabFab says:


                         W- L – S     W-L-S

    2007-2008     24-12-3      5-5-1

    2008-2009     23-16-10    0-4-0

    2009-2010     13-20-5      0-5-0

    TOTAL           60-48-18    5-14-1


    Price certainly has more then 20 wins since January 1, 2008. On the other hand, he may have 49 losses during that time. However count over 50 victories during your time frame, so please confirm your information first.

  177. adam76 says:

    More grade school smack talk.  Do you have your backpack all set for your first day of grade 10?


    Hemorrhoid jokes bring the funny.

  178. HardHabits says:

    Obviousky had one too many.

  179. jimmy shaker says:

    From one Caper to another…..Cheers!   We’re never cut off!


  180. Caper says:

    Hey Shaker. This is true. Cup a tea or a beer?

  181. jimmy shaker says:

    Whatever tickles your fancy? Keep the tea for the AM and the ice cold bevy’s for the PM in my stance!


  182. punkster says:

    I, for one, am ticked that Christian Hanson signed a one year deal with the Leafs. Habs management asleep at the switch, AGAIN!


  183. HFX-HabFan says:

    Yeah, why didn’t Gauthier offer sheet him for 4 mil a year??  That kid plays with truculence!

  184. pic1983 says:

    Im assuming that was a joke?

  185. rocketsglare says:

    Most contracts signed today are also based on potential and not just on performance. When a player/

    performer is signed, their potential to generate future titles/revenue is also evaluated and calculated.

    Carey Price is no different than any other player or performer. The Canadiens apparently see in Price

    a future #1 netminder based on his physical attributes and raw potential and have accommodated him

    because of this potential. He like any other gifted talent will require the time and space to develop that

    potential and the only way is to perform on a daily basis. This season will say volumes about Price and

    will go a long way in his overall development and hopefully future stardom.



  186. LA Loyalist says:

    Your analysis is entirely fine but the reality is that Price has struggled the past two years and more importantly for this year our plan “B” is a journeyman at best.

    That’s the problem. If all goes as planned then’s it’s pints all ’round lads but if he chokes again what do we do?


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  187. avatar_58 says:


    I’m getting major withdrawl symptoms here. I can just feel my jerseys in my closest, wishing I’d wear them and scream ET LE BUUT!


  188. pic1983 says:

    we’re so close yet so far!

  189. habinypsi says:

    I have been thinking about Gomez.  I like Gomez and think he is a great #2 centre but is over paid.  But i when look at the remaining years of his contract and i see a opportunity for the habs.  In the last two years of his contract 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 he will be making 5.5mill then 4.5mil, with a cap hit of$7,357,143.

    Now i think there are several “budget” teams that could really use that cap hit to make it to the cap minimum, yet still not spend the $4,714,286 difference. This will also coincide with the possibility of prospects such as Eller and Leblanc could be ready for top six duty.

    What do you think?

  190. 123456 says:

    like your thinking but no teams are out there looking for overpaid players. i’m not saying gomez of overpaid (although he is) just that a team that really really really needed to take a cap hit of $7M would go sign a kovygate type player for a year….or at least that is what i would do.


    secret mod

  191. RGM says:

    This is a plausible concept, actually. I like it. Good thinking. With those budget teams that look to make the cap floor, it would be a way to reach it wiithout actually spending the money.

    That said…

    I like Scotty Gomez and I don’t hold it against him that he signed the contract that Glen Sather presented to him. He works his butt off, has the vaunted Cup experience, can zip up and down the ice, all of that stuff that you want in a player. If he were a cap hit of only $5M people would love the contract as much as they like and respect the player.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  192. blu3chip says:

    Great idea. I’m just worried that since Gomez is tagged as a grossly overpaid player, teams may not want to trade for him and upset the small fan base they have.

  193. habstrinifan says:

    Is this allowed under the CBA. Is there no provision to ensure that when a player is moved in the waning years of his contract and his actual salary is lower than the cap hit that some sort of provision is made to prevent this.

    If not what a loophole allowed by the players union. By ‘inflating’ the real expenditure of the team it has a deflating impact on salaries and jobs… in the long run. 


  194. RGM says:

    Who is say and what does he/she have a lot of?

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  195. observer says:

    there is no more Halak – no and no latendresse too BUT gauthier is still here HOORAY!

  196. crabvader says:

    Ok seriously, PG, talk to Billy G. He needs a good home and would be a good fit with our team.

    We don’t have many guys who want to get their noses dirty in the top 6. Bill is a proven player.

    At least talk to the guy, man!

  197. observer says:

    on team 990 this morning marinaro said gauthier wont let timmins or other employess talk to the media. this man is one piece of work who in 30 years in the nhl never worked for a team that even made the stanley cup finals in any year he worked there.

  198. Mark C says:

    Are his likely 15 goals and 35 points really an upgrade to the top 6?

  199. Chorske says:


    You know what Billy Guerin wants for his 40th birthday? To finish out his career without having to deal with all the crap that comes from being a veteran free agent acquisition with a french last name on the Habs. Why would he bother? Please. He’s thinking beach, short term contract, maybe Florida?

  200. avatar_58 says:

    Jesus H. Someone sign Guerin already so we don’t have to hear this nonsense anymore? Tampa Bay too – that way the bees can really buzz

  201. pic1983 says:

    Not only do you want him, but you want him in our top 6? Thats a little silly IMO…the guy scored 40 pts with pittsburgh playing on crosby’s wing, you think he’ll match that or do better with pleks or gomez as his center? Also, AK46 and Benoit Pouliot have the potential to either match or even beat guerins point totals, and its also not like this team is lacking in leadership…


    I wish i understood all you guys that are lobbying for guerin, but I really dont. 

  202. habinypsi says:

    But they would have to pay Kovy all the money, Gomez is not over paid at 5.5mill for one year and 4.5 for the next year.

  203. 123456 says:

    understand you are talking cash and i was focused on cap hit. so yea there is a situation where a team needs say an extra $7M in cap hit to reach the floor but they only have to pay say $5M to get it. whiel i do not think that woudl really arise i see the point….although there are some cheaap-aZZ owners

    secret mod

  204. habaddict_andy says:

    There are cheap a** owners, and then there are those leaving in Pheonix, Florida (Tamba Bay) and so on.  Those last teams have been losing money.  It’s not a matter of being cheap all the time.  Although Tamba already has an over paid player in Vinny.

  205. Morenz7 says:

    I see E.J. Hradek at espn.com has posted his “Summer Skate” prospectus on the Habs. Anyone with a subscription seen it? Feel like giving us the Coles Notes?

  206. SeriousFan09 says:

    Guerin is old, he’s out of gas and he was a non-factor in the playoffs against us. Maybe if he was 3 or 4 years younger but we have plenty of veteran leaders on the team already and need to have room for the kids.

    Gauthier probably doesn’t think the organization should have people who are not very experienced with the media talk to them, as they can have what they say misinterpreted, intentionally or unintentionally to the disadvantage of the franchise. Not every GM decides that every little thought popping into their head needs to be shared with the world unlike the Toronto FO. And again, he hasn’t been a GM for 30 years, his not working for a Cup team when he was a scout is utterly irrelevant and is misrepresenting the truth to favour your biased view towards a GM who hasn’t had nearly enough time on the job to definitely marked anything but a ‘maybe’ as a good or bad GM.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  207. Mark C says:

    What’s wrong with that? A lot of sports organizations have a gag order in place, even for high level employees. The biggest knock against it is that it stops employees from gaining exposure, which decreases the employee’s chances of outside job offers. Seems to be working huh? 

  208. K-hab25 says:

    You should take your own advice.

  209. Tony000 says:

    Do you ever get tired of spouting off like an ignorant fool?

  210. LA Loyalist says:


    if someone stats a statistical fact, how can you argue with it? Opinion you can argue with, but facts, dude, last time I checked, were actual, factual and sometimes contractual. The guy posts a fact and you flip out?


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  211. volcano62 says:

    Ummm he stated facts….get your glasses checked!

    Go Habs Go!

  212. RGM says:

    While what you are saying about Gauthier and his timing is true, let’s at least be fair: Anaheim made the Stanley Cup Finals using a team that he largely built, only a season after he left. Plus, we’ve all slagged “Cup winning GM” Brian Burke numerous times for his success with Anaheim; well, it was Gauthier that built most of that group.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  213. The Cat says:

    The Anaheim team that went to the finals was largely built by Bryan Murray if my memory serves me well.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  214. Bill J says:

    Perhaps it is YOU who needs new glasses.

    I do not see ANYTHING stating those facts as being false.


  215. Bill J says:

    What statistical fact was stated ?

    The post you replied to – was addressing Tony’s constant negativity.

    Remember what I said yesterday about Tony & his conspiracy theories ?

  216. K-hab25 says:

    I love the Halak fans that claim Fleury stinks. The guy is the same age as Halak and what he’s accomplished is alot more than anything Halak has ever done. Yet Halak is elite and Fleury stinks. Ya right!!

  217. pic1983 says:

    I disagree with you just because I dont think carey price ever choked.  He let in some bad goals, sure, but the team never went out and won a game for him.  I can say that because i watched 79 habs games last season. A goalie with a 0.917 in the NHL in a season with over 35 starts is a damn good goalie.  Dont just look at the win/loss record and GAA.  Also, how would pittsburgh fare if they got rid of fleury when he struggling back when he was price’s age? 

    You’re right that price can falter, and our back-up options are weak, but as someone who follows the habs, you should know that we always manage to pull great goaltending out of nowhere.  That being said, you can say the same for every team in the league.  If the team in front of price improves on our abysmal goal per game totals from last season, price will win a lot of games, and probably steal many for us on the way.   

    Have faith.  He didnt win a Calder Cup with MVP honors and a WJHC Gold medal with MVP honors because hes a bad goalie.

  218. SLONCOLD says:

    1. 912sv%

    2. fleury still stinks lol ( god i hated those yellow pads) helps to have a 3 superstars on your team though.

    i don’t think carey had a bad year last year just he was outplayed by halak; you can talk about shot blocking and goal support but at the end of the day price will have to find a way to make that step to an elite goalie. i think he do it but boy o boy it’s gonna be hard in this city.

  219. habinypsi says:


    Apparently Ak and Benny P are not as bad as we thought.

  220. K-hab25 says:

    Well if you believe a) that Carey asked for 3 mill b) if you believe Niemi is as good as Price. I don’t believe either!!

  221. Storm Man says:

    So some fool wants to blow up the discovery channel HQ. His manifesto is the planet does not need humans. I was thinking on here we have a few nut jobs, But this guy takes the cake. Tony this does not mean you try this at the bell centre ok.



    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  222. Tag says:

    Niemi a Shark as per Team990 in Montreal. 

    1 year deal, 2 million.

  223. avatar_58 says:

    2 Million??? Wow. Bargain.

  224. chilli says:

    I’m coming in late here on all the Price talk but boy is this kid losing the PR battle. He needs to hire Britney Spears’ publicist who has somehow made that batshit crazy person seem normal again. 

    The problem with losing the PR battle is that the moment Price lets in a Komisarek twisted wrister in that first game against TO, the fans will boo him until Chritsmas. 

    Goalies are a dime a dozen these days. None of them control games all season the way Patrick used to do. Luongo who is heralded as the best….umm, not so much. Who would have thought Halak would be the best goalie in the playoffs last year. 

    Either way, no matter what Price signs at this point, this will either be the year he silences his critics or slinks out of town.





  225. Tag says:

    Yes, great deal for the Sharks.

    Confirmed by RDS btw…


  226. SeriousFan09 says:

    What he’s worth more or less.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  227. Chuck says:

    His manifesto should be “This world doesn’t need Ice Road Truckers and American Loggers”.

  228. keepthefaith says:

    Its impossible for the kid to silence the critics in Montreal.  Everyone is an expert.  All people see is numbers and the numbers can lie.  Too bad all these so called experts, using all these negative Price numbers as a reason we should have kept Halak, didnt have any knowledge of the salary cap or how it works.  Halak or Pleks?  That is what it came down too.  We have a very compentent replacement in goal.  Who would replace Pleks?  Exactly.

  229. avatar_58 says:

    Better deal than giving Nabokov a raise.

  230. SeriousFan09 says:

    Definitely,  Nabokov’s aging and he hasn’t proven he can win in the big situations. Going cheaper with two-goalie system in SJ might work out.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  231. RGM says:

    You mean they weren’t sold on the idea of Nittymaki as their #1 guy?

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  232. RGM says:

    NHL & NHLPA announce extension of deadline for Kovalchuk ruling – Friday @ 5pm now.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  233. Ian Cobb says:





    support our fund raiser Nov. 6th at 2:45 by bringing an item to raffle
    and by purchasing raffle tickets at the Baton Rouge pre game dinner for
    the Gainey Foundation. Please give generously from our special fan

    Everyone is welcome to the dinner, just let me know on the Habs Inside Out Summit page if you are going so I can advise numbers.

    Fan Summit Updates–Click here


    The Gainey Foundation donates the bulk of its annual
    disbursements to Camp Kawartha near Lakefield Ontario.  It is an
    outdoor education centre that does very good work:

    The Gainey Foundation is not a huge charity, having disbursements of
    only $97,000 last year.  You can see that from their annual return
    filed with CRA. You can go to this page and type in Gainey
    Foundation.  From there you can see their financial information:

  234. RGM says:

    He’s losing the PR battle only in the minds of people that believe all the negative things being said about him during this process. Those who understand that there is a process involved? No problem. Both parties have the same endgame in mind, the rest is just details.

    I really wish this site existed back when Theodore was an RFA going through exactly the same process. It would have been fun to see how many people would have been saying the exact same things back then.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  235. SeriousFan09 says:

    Got the signed 8×10 bench photo of Henri Richard in the mail, will bring it to the Summit without fail.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  236. Morenz7 says:

    Certainly makes Carey’s supposed asking price look pretty high

  237. SLONCOLD says:

    i’m ticked off at our GM not price. i still think 3m for a starter is a good deal.

  238. Xtrahabsfan says:

    The only reason he’s losing the PR battle is those end O games floaters he has a history of letting in…..Price has too prove his worth for one whole season  before he can make status and pay demands and until such time should be solely focused on said matter!

  239. Xtrahabsfan says:


  240. The Cat says:

    Price has an agent, its his agent’s job to squeeze out every penny he can from the habs -its a business not a love story, and Price’s agent is as well positioned as any agent can be.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  241. BJT says:

    Don’t forget that one that’s like ice-road truckers but with airplanes… and freakin’ How it’s Made. Can’t stand that show.


    Formerly known as Camel_Larry

  242. Chuck says:

    Ah, the irony of your post.

  243. terrygain says:

    Halak is being paid 2.75 million this year and 14 million over 4 years. Unless Price signs for less than 2.0 million the it was necessary to trade Halak to sign Pleks will be show to be nonsense.  A smart GM would have traded the overrated, still unproven,  #2 goalie to anyone who would have taken the  5.5 million millstone who wears 44. 


    Did anyone notice how those Maple Leaf fans are such sheep? They support management no matter what. It’s no wonder they haven’t won in 43 years.

  244. Chuck says:

    How can you be both overrated and unproven?

  245. Storm Man says:

    Xtrahabs… Sniff Sniff you smell time for you to hit the showers.


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  246. Habsforlife 1959 says:

    Price strikes back or not? Price sits or not? Neimi is the man or not? Neimi for Price and the Hawks win. Hawks win!!! Hawks win!!! Hawks win!!! Neimi is an average goaltender at best. Habs will not make the playoffs with Niemi in nets. You heard it here first on HI/O.

    Carey Price is the real deal. 3m is pretty cheap and anyting else below that is a bonus to the club. Get over it and get behind your team. Carey Price is our man and will signed and take this team to another great run this season.

    Habs will make TSN eats its own crow and watch their Leafs sink to the bottom again this year as bottom feeders. PK Subban and Anrea Markov will have a great season together. Habs will be 1st in PP goals and be at the top at their division.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  247. ooder says:

    if Niemi is on a 1 year 2 mil contract that is a pretty good deal for the sharks.

    at this point i see no way how Price or his agent deserves more then 2.5 mill (and even that is pushing it).

    Halak had one playoff oppurtunity and the team went way further with him then it ever did with price.

    please don’t give me this crap about “ohh ur a halak a fanboy he’s gone get over it”.

    i’m just stating a simple fact.

    i know Price’s agent is supposed to get the best deal for his client, but at one point a player and his agent need some integrity instead of just trying to fleece the organization that is giving u a job


    88 is the new 23

  248. scrowe21 says:


    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  249. scrowe21 says:

    I agree, but prepare to get shit on by crazy Price fans, you’re not allowed to state your opinion on this site. lol

    I think the issue with Price is contract length, hes holding out to get a shorter contract..PG wants him on a long term.


    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  250. Bill J says:

    How do you know what is the hold up ?

    You are speculating…

    THAT is why Price supporters go ape-shit when Halakites speak on the subject.

  251. scrowe21 says:

    Hahaha…that was quick.

    you just proved my point, i said “I THINK the hold up is”… just my opinion

    I didn’t say I KNOW what the hold up is.

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  252. Bill J says:

    You edited it… Do not deny it.


  253. Bill J says:

    More like his diaper needs changing…

    He has a poopie.

  254. Bill J says:

    The overrated still unproven Goaltender WAS traded.


  255. scrowe21 says:

    Yeah? i added quotation marks to prevent further confusion. I didnt really change any wording.

    and it still doesn’t change the fact that you proved my point lol. I dont even know why I check the comments still after yesterday, its just a bunch of price and halak fans getting their panties in a bunch. you were the guy who told me to take my “he fcked my girlfriend glasses” off because I said he was an average goalie, shoulda known youd be the first to call me out.

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  256. ooder says:

    man… this needs to be the HIO theme song:


    all the arguing and fighting.. i think everyone needs a big hug


    88 is the new 23

  257. Bill J says:

    What point exactly do you think I proved ?

    Did I go Ape-Shit on you ?

    Yeah I said that, because you called him an average goaltender, and you clearly have some beef with him.

    Price is NO “average” goaltender… and again if you took your “He fked my girlfriend glasses” off…. you might see it too.

    God knows Halakites like yourself (not saying you said this, just a generalization here) have said to me “Take your rose coloured glasses off”

    IF my little statement hurt your fealings, perhaps it hit close to home ?


  258. Favorite Son says:

    You’re absolutely right, it would be ridiculous for Price to get more than $2.5M.

  259. Bill J says:


    for the record ooder, while I know who you would have preferred to stick around.

    You go about it in a classy way, I respect you for it.


  260. Favorite Son says:

    At this point in time, yes he is average at best! And yes I know potential blah blah blah. We’ve all seen what he can do and how good he can be but right now there’s no denying he was very inconsistent in performance. We’ll see what he does this year, but I’m tired of hearing people mention “potential” to justify a hefty raise!

  261. scrowe21 says:

    Lol what are you even talking about? I wish Price all the best this season, I dont have any beef with him…frusterating to watch sometimes because he makes all this great saves and then lets in softies…anyways my point was how no one can post their opinions on this site…and how funny it was when you said “How do you know why price is holding out?”….and all I really said was…I THINK hes looking for a shorter contract..etc. I have no idea what the real issue is.

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  262. Bill J says:

    Did I say potential ?


    Because he HAS proven himself, and I am not a fool who thinks a 23 year old can be Vezina level consistent.

    As you stated, let’s see how this season plays out.

    Till then ?  Why bash him in any way at all ?

    Bash Management if you disagree with the “trade” Price is just a player on the TEAM.  😉

  263. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    That’s a very thought provoking article. Very. Sometimes when you are close to a team and you see a player like AK, he can drive a fan crazy. What you don’t see is fans of other teams being driven crazy by their own versions.

    The NHL we watch is, to a significant degree, a mix of the NHL and the AHL, with a lot of the latter. Deep teams and skilled across the board teams are rare, given the dilution in talent in the creation of the sunshine teams. I guess every team has its Glencross to bear… and our Habs do have some serious potential at forward. I hope they score like madmen to make up for a lack at the other end.

  264. Bill J says:

    If you do not know what I am talking about.  Why not READ again, somehow you seem to think I “jumped” on your post.

    Is it a crime to say you are speculating ?

    Dude…. You need the chillax…. As it is not me who is over-reacting here.

  265. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Whats your nose doing up my @SS again stupid,lol

  266. blu3chip says:

    If he states the opposite, he will get shit on by crazy anti-Price fans, so you get shit on either case, what a wonderful place we have in HIO 😀

  267. scrowe21 says:

    Ohhh mann..haha..seriously? All I did was laugh about it and say that you proved my point about not being able to state my opinion without some drama, and now here we are argueing about nothing. Im done now, have a good night Carey. 


    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  268. Favorite Son says:

    Exactly how has he proven himself?? We’ve only seen glimpses of talent from him. I’m not a Price basher, I just don’t think he should get more than $2.5M. I really hope he does well, for his sake. I wish him all the best because his success also means the success of the team. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, he has not proven anything yet.

  269. ZepFan2 says:

    A hefty raise?

    Wasn’t he earning (with bonuses) 2.2 million last year?

    How is getting 2.5 to 2.75 or even if it is 3 million, “a hefty raise”?


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  270. Bill J says:

    Bye Bye.

    & I still maintain NOTHING was proven, because all I said was you where speculating.

    That is not some insult, nor did I go Ape-Shit.

    So yeah I resent the implication that I went batty on you.

    Good night

  271. Bill J says:

    Look at the first 1.5 yrs of his career in MTL.


    Goaltenders at this age are VERY rarely consistent, Roy despite winning the Cup was VERY inconsistent for 2 years after winning that Cup.

    Brodeur ?  yeah look at his stats at the beginning of his career.

    As a matter of fact, Price’s stats over his first 3 years are better or on par with some of the greatest goaltenders to play the game.

    So unproven ? Not a chance.

  272. showey47 says:

    I think robertL posted on his site that price only hit 2 or 3 of his 6 bonus clauses last year so he earned something like 900,000.

  273. Mr-T says:

    I see that you made a reference to matter. In Physics, sorry I know that it is a foreign subject to you, however it is something that has mass and exists. Then there is inorganic matter, it does not contain a combination of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon in other words is not a living thing, which ironically describes you.                          


    Support Carey Price       “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                         

  274. Favorite Son says:

    I’m talking about base salary here, I don’t include bonuses when referring to a certain player’s valuation.

  275. Favorite Son says:

    Yeah well, if Price had won a cup in his first year like Roy did, then I would’ve let it slide.

  276. Storm Man says:

    I see that you failed geography. I can smell your stink here in Alberta.


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  277. Danno says:

    Or maybe this one.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  278. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Obviously virgin best describes you,:?

  279. ajpursell says:

    stupid duplicate post penalty.

  280. ooder says:

    heh thanks man.

    no denying i like halak.. i think it was a nice story and his play was awesome.

    as it is right now i cheer for the habs… and wish halak nothing but success in st louis.


    88 is the new 23

  281. ajpursell says:

    Given how other professional sports teams feel about their potential stars doing risky things in the off season, are the Habs holding out on making a real offer to Price to see if he injures himself?

    “No no, Carey, go a head. Please, ride the bull.” pause. 6 seconds later “oh, that’s a shame. Well, see you around, come clean out your locker.”


  282. Bill J says:

    I had not thought of this angle.

    And although they would never admit it.

    Sure COULD be a legitimate speculation.


  283. Don Carnage says:

    In all fairness to Price and Halak we did not and dont have the team that Roy had in front of him in his rookie year.

  284. Bill J says:

    Never mind the duplicate post.

    You deserve a penalty for having a picture of Youpi! in your avatar that does not involve you beating the crap out of that Orange Mutant.

  285. ZepFan2 says:

    I didn’t get to read Robert L.’s piece. I’m going by what’s on capgeek. It has Price at 2.2m.

    I like to know who exactly has it right.

    FS: I don’t care how it works, but, 2.2m is still 2.2m, in my books.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  286. Bill J says:


    Which only adds value to the fact that Price has comparable “first 3 seasons” stats to some of the greatest goaltenders to play the game.


  287. Psycho29 says:

    What is wrong with this town?

    Had CKAC on this afternoon, and they were complaining about the fact that Pierre Gauthier lives in Vermont and pays taxes there? It was an article on the site Rue Frontenac?

    Of course the usual rhetoric about identity and “How can we hope to attract free agents here if the GM doesn’t live here”.

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but it’s his personal life, he can do what he wants….


  288. adam76 says:

    Nothing confuses Prices number one fan like logical and factual arguments.  Well done.

  289. Bill J says:

    Fully agree…. Off-season is OFF-SEASON.

    Living in Vermont, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, riding horses.

    ARE all fine by me.

    So long as they do not go skiing when they are supposed to be injured (let’s see who knows who I am talking about)



  290. Storm Man says:

    Adam your the number one Price fan on here. I like the fact you always have pics of him. Keep up the great work.



    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  291. Bill J says:

    You mean like you where confused when you replied to MY post ?

    Thanks for playing A-Troll.

  292. habstrinifan says:

    I admit to being one in the “bunch of price and halak fans”… I will let my posts identify which I am. But I do not get my panties in a bunch. In fact I have gone the Kramer route and now the boys wander recklessly out of their crease more than that guy rodeo guy… what’s his name?

    I should have a contract here with his name on it but dont right now.

  293. Storm Man says:

    VM….. Vladimir Malakhov


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  294. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Geography is my forte…Alberta ..hum…Your breathing and drinking too much sour gas and tar sand residue! How that ya cow pattie;{

  295. Mr-T says:

    Well that definitely is an unsubstantiated impute to give to Price and his agent. Of course the organization would never succumb to such a depth of immoral conduct.                                                                                                


    Support Carey Price       “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                                                               

  296. adam76 says:

    In 2010, the NHL is a 365 day a year job.  Most of the modern players understand and follow that creed – those that don;t are judged and looked down upon.


    You wanna smoke, do blow at club super sexe?  Do it in retirement.  The average NHL career is 6 years, if you cant stay on track for that small amount of your life – you don;t deserve to be a millionaire professional athlete.


    Bill, your thinking is 1970s – time to get with the rest of the world on this one.  The crap lafleur and Fuer pulled just doesn’t fly in 2010.  Cammy, PK and the rest of the team are working hard getting ready.  You think any of the mentioned players would embarrass the franchise by playing cowboy?


    Take off the rose coloured glasses for your boy, and at least UNDERSTAND why the fanbase is upset with Prices actions.

  297. HardHabits says:

    After reading some of the garbage here the last few days no wonder I stopped posting. This place used to be either insightful or funny, now it just incites bull and is phoney.

  298. Xtrahabsfan says:

    You know what? Let Price sit out the whole season  instead of this black-mail bs ….besides Alex Auld is just as good as Price,heh heh heh ……….

  299. Storm Man says:

    You have a forte? You failed again as I live in Calgary.


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  300. K-hab25 says:

    I thought you said I was his #1 fan? :-(

  301. punkster says:

    Every year, same time, same idiocy. Classic withdrawal symptoms.


  302. HardHabits says:

    What’s up? Didn’t that answer need to take up half the page?

  303. punkster says:

    What blackmail?


  304. Sheldon says:

    You need to spend more time here: http://www.seussville.com/

  305. kirkiswork says:

    I don’t know why Pierre would want to sign Price long term. Take a chance and sign him for 1 year and if he does not pan out we will not be stuck with another long term contract. 

  306. HabFanSince72 says:

    From bleacher report:


    “Mike Boone of Habs Inside/Out Blog is reporting that Carey Price wants $3M a season or “he’s going on strike.” Strange to say the least. “




  307. Xtrahabsfan says:

     That’s too bad double H,I think this blog should one up by using Skype or something of the sort….so we can see whats behind all this….oh ya baby,bring it on:)

  308. Sheldon says:

    I take it you didn’t see the pictures Price has. Pretty rude stuff if you ask me.

  309. HardHabits says:

    That place is reality by comparison not that you’d know the difference, Sybil.

  310. SeriousFan09 says:

    Because you don’t like Price and Halak was traded. That’s why you’re pushing this whole wounded how dare he nonsense, you don’t like him and you’re grasping at straws to try and get people on the same page.

    You have no idea what any of the rest of the Habs might have done that doesn’t pass the adam76 test of acceptable off-season activities in the last decade or two. They don’t publish everything they do and you can’t claim to know that what Price has done is any riskier than all the things the rest of them might have done. You want me to spin a few things about what those BioSteel campers might have been doing at night? I’m sure I can manufacture a few ideas about what some millionaires would get together and do when they’re bored. After all, you just need to make a story up to be an ‘insider’ about Carey Price nowadays.

    Funny how no one talked about Price doing drugs until you did, nice way to insert that the kid might be on drugs when there’s no proof of that beyond extreme hearsay or suggesting that Price is a chain-smoker who drinks to excess constantly, you have no proof just idle speculation. Doesn’t matter what these guys do in the off-season as long as they’re ready to go by training camp generally, it’s their lives and an NHL contract is not indentured servitude. They’re paid entertainers and they have the freedom to conduct themselves as they wish, within the letter of the law and that’s all Price is doing right now.

    Take off the blinders that make everything about what Price has is a personal insult to your compromised ethics considering you use unsupported facts and rumours to argue why he’s a terrible person when you’re down in the gutter making these arguments.

    No one here knows what his off-season training regimen has been, so it’s impossible to argue he has worked any less harder than anyone else on the team, Price doesn’t have the benefit of a few YouTube videos to say he’s obviously one of the three hardest-training candidates in Montreal.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  311. Favorite Son says:

    lol, hard to disagree with you on this one. Although you are obviously exaggerating with your claims of Price doing blow and what not. But I totally agree with the comparison made between Cammy, PK, Gomez’ work ethic and dedication versus that of The Franchise.

  312. SeriousFan09 says:

    Bleacher Report, register an account, you too can be an official ‘contributor’, no fact-checking required of course.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  313. Sheldon says:

    Frankly, I have found the idiocy on HIO continuous and differentiable everywhere.

  314. K-hab25 says:

    His cap hit was still 2.2, no matter what he actually made. So 800,000 isn’t some huge raise as you put it.

  315. punkster says:

    Hey, they resent that comment.


  316. Sheldon says:

    Don’t call me Sybil! I was perfectly happy being Chris Nilan until they Timonized him for exceeding the Speedo limit!

  317. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Booner strikes again,lol

  318. Storm Man says:

    I save the whole page for you.






    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  319. zak says:

    Price won’t last in Mtl with his demands and Jaro’s heroics last year. If he doesn’t have an outstanding year he will be booed out of town

  320. K-hab25 says:

    I know what was Halak doing to that goat? That’s just not right!!

  321. adam76 says:

    I never said Price did drugs, I was using that as an example as how players in the past abused their power and influence.  Interesting how you read that.


    If any player on the Habs were risking his season playing cowboy, i would be just as upset.  You can believe that or not, 

  322. Sheldon says:

    God knows everyone has seen Carey on his knees with bad results so you ain’t gonna get no quid hawking those!

  323. doogmac says:

    there are so many different factors to signing a contract. why wouldnt pg want to sign price for 5 years at his current value if he thinks price will have a lot better numbers for the next years. lets say price gets a 1-2 year deal and he plays amazing and now instead of signing him for 2.5-3 per season long-term, he wants 4-5 long-term. that would screw up the habs cap-wise

  324. Mr-T says:

    This must be an aberration of logic. Surely you do not give credence that is so nonsensical.                               


    Support Carey Price        “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                              

  325. HardHabits says:

    I was perfectly happy broadcasting the truth until they Timonized my underground radio station.


  326. K-hab25 says:


  327. Sheldon says:

    You give him a year? I give him 15 games max!

  328. punkster says:

    Well I’m not going to add to tonight’s bag of bull. Out of here for a bit of blues at Smoke Meat Petes. Have fun but keep the peace.


  329. Sheldon says:

    What is the World coming to when you can’t broadcast freely from St. Albans, VT?

  330. K-hab25 says:

    I choose, NOT

  331. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Well that explains the smell cow tick:0

  332. HardHabits says:

    The Glorieuxgois crushed the Timonist revolution.

  333. Sheldon says:

    I’ve got about five more minutes of this stuff before I go watch the BBC documentary on the history of math.

  334. Sheldon says:

    And, they are preventing The Breezer from making his Napoleonic return. B@$T@RD$!

  335. adam76 says:

    somehow, by the grace of god – I’ll sleep tonight.

  336. HardHabits says:

    It’s called outlet pass and flowing, wavy hair envy.

  337. SeriousFan09 says:

    Bill argues Price is allowed to have a bit of a life, you suddenly invoke hard-partying retired NHLers and talk about drug use, funny how Bill didn’t suggest Price should be allowed to do any of that stuff you just grab outlandish examples about what players shouldn’t be allowed to do as you complain about a guy who’s spent a few hours at a rodeo in the past couple weeks.

    I would say that given your utter lack of objectivity towards Carey Price, your argument of non-bias is pretty hard to prove considering your distaste of him is not exactly a state secret before he began his most heinous campaign to upset your sensibilities.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  338. HardHabits says:

    You give him 15 games? I give him 15 shots max!

  339. habinypsi says:

    Man… the moderators should just delete all the posts that have the words Price, Halak, or goaltender

  340. adam76 says:

     The average NHL career is 6 years, if you cant stay on track for that small amount of your life – you don;t deserve to be a millionaire professional athlete.

    Any players who risks the regular season by taking foolish risks and not working every single day, does not deserve respect.  You feel Price is not taking any risks (even when statics prove he is) that is your point of view.

    You don’t have to agree – but at least understand why so many in the fanbase are upset with the young man.  The thing with so many of you Pricebunnies, you act like he is somehow above criticism.  You can;t even question his dedication without being labeled a “untrue” fan.


  341. HabFanSince72 says:

    There aren’t many places where you won’t here complaints about a wealthy man finding a way to dodge taxes.


  342. Storm Man says:

    You can count that high?



  343. Rugger says:

    I wasn’t aware that Price has made any demands public.

  344. Storm Man says:

    Adam face it you want to play cowboy with Price.



    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  345. likehoy says:

    the wikipedia of sports.

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  346. adam76 says:

    More grade school smack,  very sad.

  347. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Isn’t that what Gauthier has done?

  348. likehoy says:

    wow so clever.

    – I support Carey Price as the Number 1 Goalie!

  349. saskhabfan says:

    So,do you solely represent the “whole upset fanbase? Cause i don’t see anyone else bitch about it. Maybe other then the rest of your dutch rudder clan who bitch just about everything unless brian burke did it.


    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  350. Storm Man says:

    What is sad is the fact your not a man of your word. You said you would not bash price on this site anymore and guess what you LIED that is very sad.




    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  351. Bill J says:


    You win! lol

  352. SeriousFan09 says:

    Not one of the “Price bunnies” and again, this only frames your argument as someone who doesn’t think anyone outside of a small group of hardcore fans of the player can honestly believe he’s a good goalie and can be a great one, so you try to marginalize the player’s supporters. I’m tired of seeing young men get thrown under the bus for being young men and doing the occasionally risky or foolish things young men do.

    What Price does off the rodeo events, again you don’t know what he’s doing and since he doesn’t spend full days at the these events he could very easily be fulfilling a full training program. Is he taking a risk? Yes but it’s a risk to drive in Montreal for most of the year, especially when you’re under 25 and statstically speaking, at a very high risk for an accident. It’s a risk to shake hands with any number of fans, any of whom could pass on a communicable disease or infection. It’s a risk to cross the street in Montreal.

    I question why I have to be labelled as an irrational fan with a partisan agenda for questioning unfounded accusations and incomplete reports about what he’s doing with all of his time. You don’t know what he’s doing all the time, so you cherry-pick when he does something you don’t approve of and use it to frame an argument that what you consider to be irresponsible activity is all he ever does and he can’t possibly be taking anything seriously.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  353. Bill J says:

    LOL – Glad you caught the humor in my post.

    When it comes down to it, it is ALL speculation.


  354. scrowe21 says:

    Random question..anyone know if they are keeping Vertigo as the goal song? Man I wish they’d change it.

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21


    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  355. Storm Man says:

    I was at Mont-Tremblant that day and my friends and I were lol when we saw him. He did his part we traded him for Souray.


    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  356. Bill J says:

    Agree 100% – don’t tell anyone though 😉 😉

  357. Exit716 says:

    I read your post about doing blow and I took it as a clear reference to Price. I think you might want to get a decent lawyer before you continue making your libellous posts. Or maybe the good folks at the Gazette should tell you to back off before you get them sued as well.


  358. Bill J says:

    LOL for Adam, anyone who disagrees with him – they MUST be Carey’s #1 fan.

    Not seeing the truth of the matter.

    Adam is Carey’s #1 Hater.

  359. saskhabfan says:

    Great response elmer fudd


    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  360. Storm Man says:

    The smell is you donkey.

    The main ingredient in stardom is the rest of the team.

  361. Bill J says:

    I remember the post.

    Was something like:

    “I promise to never talk about Price again after this post”

    A-Troll is a man of his word <cough, cough!! BS>

  362. gexx says:



    like i said before…he wont sign.. i liked the kid he is very talented and maybe somewhere else he will be number 1 but here in montreal the number 1 left…thats only my opinion,,watch and see he will either go to Washington or Philadelphia…if he doesnt get 3 million per year he’s gone…I just think for that cash we should have pushed for Niiemi…but thats too late now..

  363. K-hab25 says:

    God, never heard of it. What is it? Some sort of drug that helps you sleep.

  364. Bill J says:

    First of all… Why do you start your posts with your “signature” – it’s kinda weird…

    “like i said before…he won’t sign…”

    Has training camp started & I was unaware ?

    I wont touch your opinion that followed that, your entitled.  I hope you are pleasantly surprised and can “forget” about Jaro soon enough is all I will say.

    If he does in fact go to one of those cities… HE will win a cup if not more then one long before the Habs do again.  How is this good ?

    I hope he signs a long term 4.5 Million contract… 😉

    Niemi ? He will be playing backup to Nittimaki, mark my words on that 😉


  365. Mr. Biter says:

    “Hot as Saten’s balls’. Never heard that one before. Priceless.

  366. j2w4habs25 says:

    GO PRICE GO!!!



  367. HardHabits says:

    We, err I mean the Habs, did not lose anything. The Habs traded a good goaltender and got two good prospects.

  368. Bill J says:

    Adam – If you think the Montreal Canadiens #1 Goaltender HAS to be dedicated to Hockey 365 a year.


    This job, being #1 in Montreal, is absolutely & un-equivocally the hardest and most pressure filled job in the ENTIRE NHL !!!!!

    There is NOT one Player, Coach or GM in this league that has more pressure on his shoulders then the #1 goaltender in Montreal.

    NOT ONE!

    So if you think Carey is THIS bad, why the FCK are you not on Alex Auld’s case… ??? How’s HIS off-season training coming along.

  369. Omit says:

    Having a good night’s sleep is easy when you are already in a comatose state.

  370. ThirtyThree says:

    You can hardly blame the kid for trying to get the best deal possible. It`s a negotiation and Price has the upper hand. Any fault, if you must find any, is squarely on HABS management.

    But really, there isn`t any fault here. None whatsoever. This only becomes an issue if Price isn`t signed by training camp. Until then, it`s just (love this term) mental masturbation.

  371. adam76 says:

    frack it is hot in Cole Harbour!!

  372. K-hab25 says:

    I remember A-trolls post aswell, but we all know his word isn’t worth spit, so I didn’t expect much.

  373. Omit says:


    I hate asking a question from someone who is obviously not familiar with the CBA, but could you please tell us how Price is going to end up in Washington or Philly when he is a RFA?

  374. RGM says:

    Good to see the commentariat living down to standards tonight.

    I really can’t wait until the season starts. 3 weeks until the first preseason game…

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  375. gw says:

    You got that right. I’m downtown Dartmouth and it’s hot as Satan’s balls down here. Went to Conrad’s Beach for a dip tonight. Water was warm as a bathtub. Batten down the hatches for Earl. Now if only Carey Price would sign so when my power goes out in the hurricane I won’t miss anything.

  376. adam76 says:

    I feel someone who has the biggest honour in sports, someone who will become a millionare over his carreer – should make it their job a 365 days a year.  Take the odd night off, sure – but to risk injury on  activity that is 9 times more dangerous then riding a bike will raise flags.


    Sad you don’t get that.  You can disagree sure, but to be ‘amazed” that anyone would question / judge this move, is beyound RIDICULOUS.

  377. adam76 says:

    Never said Price did blow.

  378. adam76 says:

    Sorry, I did not get the secret decoder in the mail – thus could not decode your post.

  379. Bill J says:

    Screw that – I’m not waiting for that.

    Golf Tournament / Rookie Camp / Training Camp.

    All will suffice for me now…  :)


  380. gexx says:

    just taking a wild guess so frustrated at the outcome that we lost a very good goaltender,,,and now we have to wait and be playing a guessing game with

    price,,so i mentioned some teams your right i dont know much but im entitled to my opinion,,i never insulted anyone here just trying to be a part of the group…

  381. Dr-Watson says:

                                        I thought you lived in Stoogeville?

  382. adam76 says:

    I forgot – anyone who questions the greatness of your “boy”, is a trool or a poor fan


  383. HardHabits says:

    I realize 15 seems like a lot to you but if you work real hard you’ll be able to reach 20 one day. Here’s a hint: use your toes too when you count, not just your fingers.

  384. Bill J says:

    Your entitled to your opinion :)

    Price is a sensitive topic, sometimes being part of the group involves reading what has been “topic-du-jour”

    You presented your opinion in a fair way.  But if you read below, there was some rather flamboyant things said.  So sensitive issue.

    Don’t take offense if people miss-read you, is all I’m saying.

    But I respected the way you presented it 😉  Hope you can respect my counter-points too. :)

    BTW – Price COULD end up in Philly or Washington… even WITH the CBA, a trade can happen.  Would be FKN crackers if that happened, seeing as Jaro was traded though.

  385. RGM says:

    Anything to get us beyond this perpetual inane bantering about which goalie is better, how Price is going to flop and be run out of town because he lost the PR battle, anything coming from the fingers of the shirtless avatar guy, and all the other blah blah blah blah blah.

    Josh Gorges for Captain!

  386. Bill J says:

    Take a REALLY big step back & put yourself in the shoes you are expecting Price to fill.

    He deserves time off, no matter HOW much he gets paid.

    Expecting him to be 365 a year Hab.  Is RIDICULOUS.


  387. adam76 says:

    This proves me base:
    If she first meet the curled Antony,
    He’ll make demand of her, and spend that kiss
    Which is my heaven to have.–Come, thou mortal wretch,

  388. adam76 says:

    Other players seem to have no issue with it?

  389. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Gexx,HIO needs all the posters it can get and everyone’s opinion ,so don’t let the GESTAPO GET TO YOU…cause their f’d up  fanatics of a yet to be star.

  390. Omit says:

    To what GESTAPO are you referring?  Whose comment are you associating with such a ridiculous remark?

  391. Habs Proud says:

    Smokin hot in the Valley tonight too!

  392. Dr-Watson says:

    Halak is gone and Price will sign. Getting frustrated, angry or upset over something that you have neither direct or indirect control or influence over is futile. Direct that energy into something productive. Do not be offended or get discouraged, sometimes insults are a part of the core of this group.

  393. Bill J says:

    Name me 3 goaltenders in the NHL that have dedicated the ENTIRE off season to training.

    And further to that, did not engage in a activity that would be considered dangerous in some way.

    Your expectations are unreasonable.

  394. HardHabits says:

    Price is a restricted free agent with no arbitration rights. He has nothing but work ahead of him. The Habs own him and hold all the cards.

  395. j2w4habs25 says:

    Sounds to me that there is going to be a deal done by the end of this week. I just hope its not crazy as that one from yesterday rumoured from crazy CBC 😛 Maybe 3mills for 4 seasons yeah!! 😉 but not 3mill a season. lol

    I think its going to be a short term – 2 year contract for maybe 2.5 Mills

  396. HardHabits says:

    The only thing ridiculous is your mickey mouse haircut.

  397. j2w4habs25 says:

    the trade couldnt have been better.

  398. Mr-T says:

    If Gauthier traded Price this year, he may as well put his head in a guillotine. Your last thought is the prime deterrent.                                                 


    Support Carey Price        “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                  

  399. BJT says:

    Song almost nobody’s ever heard of, but Fire it Up by Thousand Foot Krutch (look it up!) would be sweet.


    Formerly known as Camel_Larry

  400. Mr-T says:

    Nazism…You have exposed yourself.                                                                                                           


    Support Carey Price        “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                                                                          

  401. Bill J says:


    Go Habs Go!

  402. Mr-T says:

    Montreal lost any advantage or negotiating power the moment PG traded Halak. In fact if anyone has leverage, it is Price for that obvious reason.                                                                                                                


    Support Carey Price         “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”      

  403. HardHabits says:

    Wrong. Price is a restricted free agent with no arbitration rights. The Habs own him. Carey has leverage it’s true as do all up and coming young talent but to say that because Halak got traded all of a sudden Price can dictate his terms is ludicrous. You are out of touch with reality. The Habs hold the upper hand in the current negotiations not Price.

  404. HardHabits says:

    I think many people here, or perhaps the same person hiding behind many accounts, believe that if they wish it or post it enough it’ll be true. These people probably still live with their parents. The classic dude was demigod. Buddy just flipped right over the edge. But beyond his lack of hockey knowledge his political views were akin to kindergarten crayola drawings.

  405. Mr-T says:

    Eller is the only one that has any “potential” to play in Montreal  this year. Of course he has only played in seven NHL games. Maybe he needs to play a few more games before this “prospect” can be evaluated as been good. The other “prospect” will play in the AHL for at least the next two or three years. Even on the remote possibility that he could play for Montreal, it would be on the fourth line. What is that six or seven minutes a game. The Habs sure got themselves a valuable asset in that trade. So it would be fair to say the deal was Halak for Eller. Wait I almost forgot, Halak has already shown that he is NHL material. Who outsmarted who here.                                                                                                           



    Support Carey Price        “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                                                                          

  406. PrimeTime says:

    You do realize there a salary cap, right? Should PG have signed Halak to sacrifice Pleks? Halak earned a higher contract than Price. Pleks and Price figures a stronger tandem than Halak and a lesser forward than Pleks. It’s the smarter move! ………………………………..

    “People build teams in certain ways. I’ve always traded for futures – not pasts.” – Sam Pollock

    The reason we are Hab fans http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=1476

  407. Mr-T says:

    It is not about trading Price rather then Halak or Pleks and the salary cap. The issue is the valuation of the trade from the Habs perspective. The salary cap is not a liability or straitjacket. Be innovative and enterprising. I also noticed that you are blessed with having foresight.         


    Support Carey Price        “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”          

  408. Mr-T says:

    First of all I did not state or imply that he could dictate his terms, what I said was that if anyone had leverage it was Price. 1/There is a big difference. 2/That is what you interpreted. You put too much emphasize on the RFA and arbitration rights issue. Suppose Price does not sign, where does that leave PG. He has very few options. What does he do trade Price and get nothing for him or let him sit or Price signs an offer sheet that Montreal will not  match and they get draft choices which is of little use to them at this time. Maybe Price would not even attempt to negotiate with another team, instead he could force the pressure back on PG.

    Now the only goalie PG has to start the season with is Auld and no backup. PG could try to trade for a starting goaltender and may have to give up a high-end player and/or draft choices or he can sign one of the UFA except who is still available that is considered to be a viable starter. If one of them even qualifies. It is even possible that PG could be fired long before this even gets to this point and he probably knows this if he fails to sign Price. I would assume that PG keeps that in mind during the negotiations. I believe that he is well aware that it is in his best interest to compromise with Price if he has to in order to sign him. You are right the Habs do indeed hold the upper hand.

  409. StevieRay says:

    I thought you’d be swimming with the mayor at Black Rock Beach ….. ” the water is fine ..come on in ..y’all “


  410. nunacanadien says:

    One good goalie is worth more, all we had to do was watch Halak carry the team over the year of injuries.  Losing Pleks and keeping Halak and guaranteeing wins is more important, or so most people would think.  If Halak carried the team last year when all of our snipers were hurt or shooting blanks, and we managed to get further into the playoffs than we have for some time, then I would imagine at any price, Halak is worth it.  Especially if the faith is that the group Gauthier assembled will gel one day.  If Price is not winning, it is hard to keep the team spirit up, and teamwork and team pro ethics, notice I say team pro ethics as opposed to just ethics.  Letting everyone go just to keep Price though is wrong.  Gauthier did not trade Halak to make room for Pleks, it was to make room for Price’s demands.

  411. Storm Man says:

    Good job clap clap clap. I see your very special you use your fingers and toes to count. Next you should try and act sophisticated so you don’t have to be a misfit anymore.

  412. nunacanadien says:

    This is tedious, we are as pathetic as Laff fans planning a Cup Parade route early in the season with this Carey Price thing, and Carey Price will be better in the future.  Heck, since when did the Habs goalie position come with a lifetime appointment?  Senator Carey Price we might as well call him.

  413. HardHabits says:

    Not too brag but my IQ puts me in the top 99 percentile which based upon your penchant to get attention with white space is higher than you can count with or without your toes.

  414. habstrinifan says:

    Willing to wager on that Mr T? I am saying Price is traded from Montreal before the season ends. If Price is traded you donate $50.00 to a charity of my choice. If he is not I donate $50.00 to the charity of your choice.



  415. Storm Man says:

    The fact that I pay 29% in federal tax per year means I must be doing something right. I hope you have something better to post next time.

  416. HardHabits says:

    Dude. I live in Quebec so I am not proud of how much I pay in taxes.

    Let your salary and something righteousness also shine in showing some restraint. Placing a few centimetres of empty space between your comment and tag line is not a sign of class, regardless of your income.

  417. Storm Man says:

    Just learn to spell Cristal Champagne right next time ok. You should try some restraint next time when talking about something you don’t know. IE how to spell Cristal Champagne.

  418. HardHabits says:

    I am human and do make errors. Cristal champagne. Never heard of it. Sounds like a drink good enough for girlie men though. I’ll stick to single malt whiskey TYVM.

  419. Storm Man says:

    The reason could be it is out of your price range. Whiskey you say I was thinking you where more sophisticated. Oh well Im human also and make mistakes. 

  420. Bill J says:

    I am not Mr T. 😉 lol

  421. pic1983 says:

    It is totally allowable.  In fact, Ive stated that fact numerous times in the past.  Gomez may not be tradeable now, but he certainly will be in the last two years of his deal.  However, we wont get to that point, because gomez is going to have a killer season for us this year, and we will all be happy to pay him $7.3 million (maybe thats a bit of a stretch, but we wont be AS upset).

  422. j2w4habs25 says:

    I always thought, still today and the future that Carey Price is going to be a very good goaltender – I just dont get why people choose to hate and put him down after all hes put on his resume – think Halak was better, tell me if that was just a wonder year wonder and the league has seen that many times. After hearing so much hate against this young guy and not giving him another chance – I wish they traded him now so everyone that said crap about the trade and about him can kiss his butt because he is going to win Cups in the furture and as passionate Hab Fans we should be cheering him on anyway – regradless what hes done or what hes going to bring. Stay home if you feel like your going to be spending money a lost – save money and watch it on tv. This is a team effort game, and if the players in front arent playing then he goes too.

    think positive; just because Carey didnt have a good season last season, maybe due to his injury then dont let that stop you from supporting our Canadiens goaltender.

  423. PrimeTime says:

    I’m not sure why all of you are concerned. Price will sign like it or not. We have a pretty decent team building for the not so distant future. The fans who grew up in the Roy era all think we need the “best” keeper to win. How many teams have won the cup without a “Roy”??? Plenty…..you don’t build a TEAM on one position or the shoulders of a single player!………………………….

    “People build teams in certain ways. I’ve always traded for futures – not pasts.” – Sam Pollock

    The reason we are Hab fans http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=1476

  424. HardHabits says:

    I agree. The bottom line is many people here have set their ideas in stone and are unable to see both sides of the argument. Most people on this site would get skewered in a debate let alone the real world. Classic example is Tony the Troll and his many aliases.

    I commend you for being a fan who tends to look at the brighter side or keeps a sense of optimism and cheers on his team for better or worse.

    I am not necessarily calling for a truce between us but I will acknowledge points you make that I tend to agree with.

  425. PrimeTime says:

    What fun is there in a truce?? :) You and I are not so different but,hell, no truce please!………………………………..

    “People build teams in certain ways. I’ve always traded for futures – not pasts.” – Sam Pollock

    The reason we are Hab fans http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=1476

  426. nunacanadien says:

    As long as Gauthier continues the downsizing of Habs size and expectations, we’ll always have to rely on the goalie.  The Habs figured this out, get one hot goalie and you don’t have to spend a lot on stars.  One hot goalie who can stop all the shots and win like Halak did, all but reinforces the downsizing.  However, that is a crap shoot at best as all your small players can’t fight it out, grind it out, and basically outmuscle and outplay the other players, all we had to do was look at how the Habs were so small in comparison to say a Chris Pronger skating into the Habs zone.  This is why there is so much emphasis on whether Price can make it or not, because in reality, we are stuck with always relying on our goalies, cause our team size is small or below average to most NHL teams.  All we have to do is watch a road series in the West to see just how outmuscled and how much smaller the Habs players are.  Of course you’ll get the inevitable, Gill is tall, but really, one tall guy on the team doesn’t make up for a team of shrimps.

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