A listless loss

Canadiens played like they just weren’t into it.

We know why.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

• Quick Hits and About last night …

Dave Stubbs on the Max-Pac ripples

Pat Hickey on Geoff Molson

Stephen Brunt on bumbling Bettman

Down Goes Brown’s suspension chart

Even gossip sites are on it

Last word (for now) to the great Charles P. Pierce of the Boston Globe: 

There is one good thing to come out of the NHL’s abdication of its duty to protect people like Max Pacioretty yesterday. That is – the fans of the Boston Bruins now have lost forever any right to complain that “the league” is out to get their team, and that the Montreal Canadiens have some kind of pull inside the NHL home office. That Zdeno Chara got a complete pass on what he did obviates that talking point forever.

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