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  1. Kristopher7 says:

    I think if Markhov starts the season or not will factor into it as well. If #79 starts, Price will go 5-1-1. If #79 doesn’t, or God forbid, he gets his ankle or another part of his body injured on the first game of the season, Price goes 1-7-3.

  2. Rudy says:

    I agree, was completely pathetic and ignorant.

  3. Clay4bc says:

    Not at all…I think he will be a good player – well, hope, at least.  20 to 25 goal man likely. Second line at best though, and there are lots with his potential. More likely a defensive forward with some offensive upside…Like Chris Higgins, that year he played well. I remember when everyone here was talking about Chipchura, and a host of others that somehow just didn’t pan out. I hope Eller never makes that list, but he might.


    Carey Price killed my dog.

  4. lenny says:


    Prediction Price signs 2yr 5 million contract in a couple of weeks, gets off to a 3-7 start, and then HIO website spontaniously combusts! Meanwhile Halak is off to a 8-2 start and, well you can only imagine!!!!!!!!

  5. Kristopher7 says:

    That royally pissed me off, when I saw those douches in blackface last year.

  6. avatar_58 says:

    So hey – let’s have the habs wear the barber polls versus the calgary ronald mcdonald sweaters. Now THAT would make for some entertainment.

  7. avatar_58 says:

    I had hoped they’d give Halak what he needed to be our #1 next year, while offering Carey – an RFA – backup money. Carey hasn’t really earned a raise. He gets one by default now because he’s our #1 due to the trade. However I don’t understand why they couldn’t sign Halak. At the very LEAST talk and see what he wanted.

    We don’t know for sure Halak would have demanded what he now has in St Louis. We can’t know this, as they never talked. Maybe he’d have taken a hit if he was guarunteed the job in Montreal. Instead all we can do is look to Carey and hope to GOD he rebounds next year.

  8. Kristopher7 says:

    Apparently LA, ATL and NYI have over 20 mil in cap space left? Do they not spend because it’s just a cap and they actually don’t have the money?I think they’re all missing 2-3 players.

  9. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Well said.

  10. smiler2729 says:

    “We” are the old idiots here who actually spend time writing about stuff like wanting to see traditional sweater numbers…

    76, hey didn’t Flozell Adams, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys use that number?

  11. Clay4bc says:

    Well thought out, and well said.

    I honestly think this was handled very poorly, and in the wrong way,but I respect your opinion – especially as you said it respectfully – something that is increasingly becoming a rarity here. We seem to be as polarized as US politics…



    Carey Price killed my dog.

  12. Mark C says:

    You think Montreal should have kept both Price and Halak?

  13. avatar_58 says:

    Isn’t it a loss? His salary could have been tacked onto another player. Metro is gone, as is Moore. That won’t change if he’s sent down. That’s all I’m saying. Darche never wow’ed me beyond his strong work ethic…..which unfortunately didn’t help much most games.

    Moore, on the other hand, changed the team. The third line was on FIRE. So…..why exactly was he let go for just a few mil? Really unwise. I mean add Picard + Darche and some extra coinage and we keep Moore or Metro….

  14. Clay4bc says:

    I am aware of the “Chicken Little” story…

    Aside from that…let me rephrase it to alieviate your concerns then…

    The agent says they are “far apart”

    This means one of 2 things:

    1) Price wants more money/longer term than the team wants to pay.

    2) The team wants to give Price less money/a shorter term than Price thinks he is worth.

    Note that these 2 things mean essentially the same thing. Subtleties aside…what do you think it means?

    The subtleties go like this —> Either Price is overvaluing his worth, or the team is undervaluing his worth.


    Carey Price killed my dog.

  15. RGM says:

    Not close in a bad way would suggest irreconcilable differences, that both sides are getting frustrated, and one, the other, or both parties are on the verge of walking away.

    Not close in a good way would suggest that, hey, we’re looking for this, you’re looking for that, but there’s room for both of us to make some concessions here because ultimately we both want the same thing.

    Do not be afraid. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. You need only look around these boards to see that there is much fear. What is going on between Price & the organization is a negotiation process so that both sides can ultimately maximize their position. It’s mutually respectful – the Habs and presumably Carey see Price as their #1 goalie of the future and as such both likely want to emerge from the process feeling that they’ve won both as an individual and in the interests of the team. If Carey’s happy, that helps the team. If the team is happy, it will reinforce their support for Carey. Win-win-win.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  16. avatar_58 says:

    Hey I didn’t say anything about not being friends. ;) Any hab fan is automatically a step above other folks to me. Well except the “special” fans that do things like boo Price or wear blackface. I can’t be friends with those “fans”.

    Let’s share a virtual beer. Actually maybe I need a real one, this work day sucks….

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